The INCOG Fashion Report: That’s Too Tre-Jew!


ZANA ZOEY REPORTING! Of course, Zana’s not my real birth name, I changed it as soon as I turned 18 since “Brenda Goldfarb” is just a little too Westchester Jewish, you know. My filthy rich father, some kind of Goldman Sachs global accounts manager, didn’t like me doing that, but momster thought it was very tre-chic. BTW: She’s dead now, from HIV or something equally gross, picked up while on a sex tour vacation to Kenya (don’t tell anyone).

Isn’t it just so humongous that us smart and beautiful heebsters rightfully run Jew York city, the Fashion and Financial theft Hub of the Planet? Thank your lucky stars this hip Jewess wasn’t born in fly-over country!

Dada-freaks, I must confess my behavior on the town this past weekend was so totally outrageous and out of control! Or should I use my newest, bestest, favorite word: Debauched? To prove it, I’ll now share with you Internet junkies (or just plain junkies) my latest digital imagery.

I took them with my new 12.3 megapixel Nikon SLR that cost me only $999 shekels at Shapiro’s Locksmith, Electronics and Israeli Sayanim Operations (Midtown, 39th and Broad). They usually run over $1600, but uncle Bernie does a ton of legal work for them and cut me a sweet deal if I would mention the place on INCOG MAN. Done!

[Note: INCOG MAN is now under HasbaRAT Control (operator #15689) and will only be publishing “socially conscious” and “transformative” articles from here on out, i.e. the same kind of tiresome Jew crap you see everywhere else. Sorry, Nazis.]

Here’s one of my favorite pairs of booty shoes. I paid $580, so I’m quite sure they are quality. And at that price, it was a steal! They’re very black, just like most of my shoes, clothes, accoutrements — or the occasional lovers my SO (significant other), Joey Glickman, brings home so he can watch me do them.

And here’s my ultra-decadent, leather harness — perfect for those times you want to add just a whiff of S&M porn to your outfit!

I make them myself. Or I should say I design them and have a sweatshop in Chinatown put them together for about $11 per unit, which I then sell on the net to suckers… er, fashionistas… for $600. After-all, my name is on it and that’s worth tons!

Speaking of porn, here’s me shopping at my favorite adult store in the whole wide world! Catch the sign over my head. I just love their budget bins of midget tranny XXX DVD’s and hardly-used strap-on dildoes. So does Joey!

Freida and Arial Rosenberg. Living in the Big City makes us Jews street-wise — which really means staying inside the taxi or limo while going through certain neighborhoods. But we so love looking like tough commie Jew secret police!

When we do manage to get out of the Big City, it kind of makes Joey and I go a little spastic. So much open air and real-life nature stuff!

Before hitting the town, Joey and I had some scrumdelicious hamburgers from a place we know about over in Williamsburg (that’s in Brooklyn, not Virginia, silly). They should call it the Hannukah Hamburger because they serve it with a potato latke and a dollop of sour cream. Um, so good!

I wanted to go to the bathroom before going out but worried about my “pooformance anxiety” problem. Thank god my new fiber diet came through and I had myself a big old Joo-Poo, as you can see. Stop me: I can go on for hours about BM stuff!

Ahhh, glad I got that out of the way, now I’m ready to hit the scene!

We ended-up at this really happening party in Tribeca for Timmi Goldstein, fabulous designer of gold face jewelry — what us rich cutting-edge Jews so like to wear when no bothersome Goyim are around!

Most of my friends are indeed from the Tribe, African-Americans, some sort of Third-world brownish people who look Filipino, along with a few Goy (I think) Gays, who may as well be Jewish. Come to think of it, all of my crowd are flaming Jew faggots or metrosexuals, like my live-in SO, Joey!

Awesome hair Eli was there too! The shiksas so dig his grunge schtick.

Victor sharing a Pabst with his current lover, Manny. Everybody is drinking Pabst these days. They say it’s truck driver cool but really it’s because all us Jews are cheap as hell. Thank goodness my Goldman Sachs daddy gives me a $20,000 monthly allowance!

Then I stumbled on daddy holding court in the kitchen, excitedly explaining how Goldman Sachs fleeced the Greek government out of billions. I guess I should ask for more allowance, huh?

I still have mommy and daddy’s lovely wedding album.

Even my little brother showed up from the West coast, taking time off from his oh-so-important job as a Hollywood director, producer or whatever it is he does out there!

Madame Lady Fag put in an appearance. I went to yeshiva school with this guy!

It’s funny: Us beautiful Jews so want to look as different as possible from White bread America, yet we all somehow end-up looking like the same sleazy demons from hell. Oh well!

— till next time, Shalom from Zana Zoey!

HasbaRAT Control operator #15689 signing off.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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263 Responses to The INCOG Fashion Report: That’s Too Tre-Jew!

  1. Jake says:

    I have a feeling that they’re blackmailing or somehow coercing his wife to remain quiet; she was trying to get him out of the jewdicial black hole before.

  2. Flanders says:

    Thanks for the link to that “Reds in America” book, Hoff. It looks difficult to read in it’s format there, but I’ll check it out closer when I get the time.

    One thing that people have a difficult time understanding is that things can happen in America just as they have happened elsewhere – and that the patterns used for oppressions in other countries are being placed into America with everyday which goes by. No one can deny that (without lying). When plans are properly laid, and the conditions are deemed “right”, no amount of saying; “That would never happen here!”, or “What would anyone gain?!” or, “They wouldn’t do that!”; means a damn thing. When your ass and your families lives are on the line, and are there as a result of massive apathy and neglect, however caused, it is too late to wish that “someone” had paid attention earlier. Many of the White people in Russia probably felt much the same way – prior to 1930. They paid that price. So will you, if you aren’t careful to overcome apathy and undertake to obtain some education in the real world – the actual world, based on history.
    Much of the below material is from the earlier comment indicated. Conditions for Americans are not that much better than the White Russian had in 1930.

    “Why is it that some people can have no fear – when they should have fear?

    What are the conditioners built in to our society which allow some otherwise very reasonable people to be oblivious to a dangerous disease which is intent on killing them?

    Why is it that people who are otherwise reasonable and rational cannot experience a fear from alien invaders or from the leaders of a group which states openly (although understandably not very much publically) that they are intent upon killing or enslaving them?

    Is TV that important to some “reasonable” people that they choose to disregard the warnings which are available with only a very little thought and research? Is it that they feel they have transcended to a nirvana existence where nothing can truly affect them (I will do good – so that everyone else will do good – and the whole world will be happy!)? Are they really so educated that no further imput is needed from evidences easily obtained by opening their eyes or reading an “anti-semitic” material which warns them about the earlier experiences of some of their ancestors who tried to warn them that the disease was deadly if effective action was not taken to arrest it?

    Why is it that when Count Cherep (or Incogman or many of us here) try to show them:

    “The Jews Did This!

    GO HERE. [***To the Count Cherep links in the upper left column]

    Famine – Genocide in Ukraine 1932 – 33


    The rest of this earlier comment is here:

    Another link follows this comment

  3. Flanders says:

    Has the center of the “evil empire” always been in New York? Many people, including myself, think so. At least since the early 1900’s. There are plenty of factual indications of this and the below is only one of them. Who were those Marxists opposing those supporters who were trying to draw attention to the dire plight of the White Ukranians? Open your eyes and see. They were predecessors to the same jews and Marxist fronts who are now the ones pushing expanded invasions into our own nation, as they feverishly work to make away with America’s resources.

    “On November 18, 1933, when 6000 Ukrainians gathered in Washington Square in New York City, they knew something about evil. It took fifty years and President Ronald Reagan to call the Soviet Union what it really was. On March 8, 1983, in his address to the National Association of Evangelicals he stated that the United States was at war with an “evil empire”.

    Soon after they declared their independence on January 22, 1918, Ukrainians realized that their days of freedom were numbered. The banner of Russian chauvinism, imperialism and oppression was now in the hands of hammer & sickle wielding atheists. On November 19, 1933, the New York Times reported that “Three hundred policemen, including a score of mounted men, were called out to enable the marchers to reach the opera house and to conduct a meeting there in peace”. Why were three hundred policemen needed?

    The Ukrainians were merely holding a “parade” from Washington Square to the Central Opera House at Sixty-seventh Street and Third Avenue. On November 16, President Roosevelt embraced “Uncle Joe” Stalin by recognizing the USSR. Ukrainians were merely “asking President Roosevelt to demand that the famine in the Ukraine would be alleviated. The resolutions charged that the food shortage was a result of a deliberate plot by the Moscow government to starve the Ukrainian peasants into submission”. Who could possibly object to this urgent and merciful mission.

    While Stalin’s genocidal famine was starving millions, communists, disciples of bolshevism were waging a battle for America’s soul. On the morning of November 18, 1933, they mustered 500 followers. “The first clash occurred at the southern end of the square. There was a free-for-all fight, during which Patrolman Edgar Denham.said he was beaten and kicked by Communists. Patrolman Denham arrested a man who identified himself as Dolia Mishna”.” [The parade continues at the link]

  4. Flanders says:

    “The Holodomor stands as a permanent warning of what happens when unlimited state power destroys God-given rights.”

    One of the ending quotes of this easy to read, but informative article gives an indication of what preceded the Holdomor, and provides some benchmark for present conditions in the US. It’s well worth reading. While the article talks about the Soviet, remember Hoff’s definition that the takeover of Russia and the Soviet state was a Jewish Revolution, and Hoff is correct! – Flanders

    “Many Americans are barely acquainted with Ukraine, even though it is Europe’s second largest country after Russia, and has been a distinct land and people for centuries. One reason for this unfamiliarity is that Ukraine has rarely known political independence; it was under Russia’s heel throughout much of its existence — under Soviet domination prior to 1991, and under Czarist Russia before that. Many American students heard little or nothing of Ukraine in their history classes because the nation had been relegated to the status of a Russian “province.”

    Stalin accomplished genocide against Ukraine by two means. One was massive executions and deportations to labor camps. But his second tool of murder was more unique: an artificial famine created by confiscation of all food. Ukrainians call this the Holodomor, translated by one modern Ukrainian dictionary as “artificial hunger, organized on a vast scale by the criminal regime against the country’s population,” but often simply translated as “murder by hunger.”

    Ukraine was the last place one would have expected famine, for it had been known for centuries as the “breadbasket of Europe.” French diplomat Blaise de Vigenère wrote in 1573: “Ukraine is overflowing with honey and wax…. The soil of this country is so good and fertile that when you leave a plow in the field, it becomes overgrown with grass after two or three days. It will be difficult to find.” The 18th-century British traveler Joseph Marshall wrote: “The Ukraine is the richest province of the Russian empire…. The soil is a black loam…. I think I have never seen such deep plowing as these peasants give their ground.”

    In the aftermath of the 1917 Russian Revolution, Ukraine became part of a bloody battlefield of fighting between the Bolsheviks (the group that eventually became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union), Czarist Whites, and Ukrainian nationalists.”

  5. Flanders says:

    Jake and T-bone, Sorry about the gap in your discussion on J. Edgar Steele. I’m not surprised that the statements may have tapered in accord with a lawyer’s advice. I don’t know that as a fact. Here is the latest posting (April 5), “Has your Bonner County Jail postal mail been returned?”, at what seems to be the primary blog:

    “Dear Supporters:

    It’s come to the Defense Team’s attention that one (and likely more) individual(s) have sent Mr. Steele standard USPS mail to him while he was housed in Bonner County Jail, Idaho, only to have their communication returned. Others have reported sending a letter some time ago and have not received any response. If you had sent ANY USPS communication between February 4th and April 2 – and have not heard any response or had your mail returned, PLEASE contact us via the Contact page. This will help us document the magnitude of interference between you and Mr. Steele.”

  6. Lynda says:

    So nu Joey aka Anonymous (says fuck you Incogman you sick fucking kike faggot).

    You Hillel boys having fun over there at the internet cafe?

    Obviously mama’s bubbaleh Joey speaks for the entire White Race. In one masterful paragraph we have:

    2 shits
    3 faggots
    2 fucking
    1 fuck
    1 scum
    1 ass.
    April 5, 2011 9:19 am

    With Yiddishkeit like this, someday the bubbaleh will be a lawyer or a goy toy presidential minder or an IT commando. I predict he’ll write a spaz code to scramble every cyber communication by the goy on the subject of the Jew.

  7. Barney says:

    Citizenfitz (April 5th @ 5.45pm) – I saw this somewhere else, but didn’t read it all the way through until you posted it here.

    Looks like something from “The Gulag Archipelago” to me. Categorise everyone as a “terrorist” and you can arrest, torture and incarcerate literally anyone you choose – with the support of the sheeple.

    I believe the writer is mistaken in thinking we can vote the terrorists out of office though. Read “The Gulag Archipelago” and be prepared to DO what Solzhenitsyn WISHED the people had done. ZOG WILL fight back, probably turning entire neighbourhoods to rubble in cases of serious resistance, but they’ll do that anyway.

    We can die on our feet, like men, or we can die on our knees as slaves. I know which I prefer.

    Good WILL ultimately triumph over evil. The devil has had his way for long enough. The forces of darkness have kept us all in the dark, but not any more. Their greatest mistake was in giving us the internet, and it’s too late now to unlearn what we know. They’re going back to hell.

    Kevin – I feel exactly the same way. To do to them what they do to us would bring us down to their level and turn us into the next generation of jews, but we MUST do what needs to be done. Like you, I’d be willing to blow myself up if I could be sure of taking every one of the “top” vermin down with me.

    One other thing we MUST do once we seize power, to avoid crashing whatever survives of the economy is to take all physical “money” into public ownership, eliminate the concept of “electronic money” and cancel all fraudulent debt.

    Arrest the bankers and money lenders, empty their bank accounts, ban usury forever and take OWNERSHIP of money WE ALREADY OWN. It’s ours already, so why pay “interest” to a bunch of crooks?

    I’m not disagreeing with you Kevin. You’re right. I’m just adding my own thoughts.

    Jake – Keep up to date with the news about Edgar J Steele at the Steele family website

    Unfortunately I think you’re right. The current trial date is April 26th, but ZOG will never let him go. Dissidents never get a “fair” trial, and in this case even a blind man can see there’s no case against Ed. It’s the most blatant frame-up I’ve seen in a long time.

    Having successfully downloaded “They Live”, I stayed up last night and watched it again, and all I can say is I’m completely out of bubble gum (see the film).

    Flanders and John Carpenter are right. Unless we take control of the media, we’re screwed. If the talMUDvision says something, it “must be true” according to the sheeple. We’ve got to get those masts and dishes down somehow.

    I read in connection with the jewcrime known as 9-11 that thermite can be painted on. Would a ring of thermite “painted” onto the power lead be enough to sever it? Just a thought. Perhaps someone could try it on some of those “cell phone” (= mind/crowd control?) towers?

  8. loki says:

    “Woe to you . . . hypocrites! On the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of wickedness” Matthew 23:27:28

  9. Rich says:

    Hey Jewlianne get some tissue and clean that Incog shit off of your nose you Suck Ass! And American Born You can tell us why you hate niggies….. Its cuz they Buggered ya in the joint…HAha just kiddin.

    Go Johnny Reb 🙂

  10. Hoff says:

    Br Nathan: “I have many books on the HoloHoax …”

  11. Bailey says:

    ZOG is at it again, interesting article.

    Look at what Mark Potok has to say , Fuck him!

  12. Bailey says:

    Freedom; something you can not have unless it benefits jews.

    “In September 2006 U.S. Mint informed Liberty Dollar users that federal prosecutors had determined circulation of the medallions is a federal crime.”

    “In 2007 about a dozen federal government agents seized nearly two tons of coins that featured the image of Ron Paul, a Texas congressman. They also took about 500 pounds of silver and 40 to 50 ounces of gold.”

    What’s next, will bartering become a federal crime?

  13. Marshall says:


    Mark Potok has seen your comment and is NOT HAPPY.

  14. American says:

    Seems like just yesterday we celebrated crossing 3 million hits, and now we can add another quarter million to that figure.


  15. Bailey says:

    Thats classic Marshall, That little mutt would piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining and then bite me for being anti-semite.

  16. Flanders says:

    Bailey, It’s bad enough when the jews can print counterfeit paper and call the paper by the name “fiat currency” and get by with it as they charge full value for it – plus recurring interest. Then the jews charge a competitor who has some “value” attached to his precious metal coinage.

    “Bernard von NotHaus, 67, was convicted last month in federal court in Statesville on conspiracy and counterfeiting charges for making and selling the currency, which he promoted as inflation-proof competition for the U.S. dollar.”

    But, the worst thing is that people – the ones who could and should make the difference – allow themselves to moo along – all as if nothing is wrong!

    Hoff disagrees with my use of the term revolution (my 3:49am comment above) in reference to the jewish coup in the next Incogman posting. I agree that he is right. There was no revolution in Russia. There was a jewish coup. That comment of mine above should be amended: “Coup! Coup! Coup!

    Try the definition below, Hoff, for the process we are going through in our own countries.

    The primary difference is that the militaristic overthrow of legitimate government by jewish coup is called “communism”, while the Marxist process involves obtaining control over the state and the people by using non-military “stealth” methods to attack the state and to obtain control over the people. Communism is the quelling by militaristic means of all legitimate resistence to the jewish coup, and the attainment of total jewish control over the state and the people.

    Marxism – the process leading to the jew’s stealth control of the state and the commonly-held resources, and the implementation of administrative control over the people, the legitimate citizens of the state.

  17. Randall says:

    I shit thee Not-I Randall- tell you the truth: it lives and lives not!

    4673) Night Of The Living Jews (Runtime: 21 min – 20 Full Sources)
    Genre:Comedy / Horror / Short
    Release: Oct 18, 2007
    Rating: 5.50/10
    Views: 1,185
    Comments: 0
    On the first night of Passover the residents of a remote Jewish bungalow colony are turned into flesh eating zombies by matzoh with a dark history. In the hunt for human flesh, the zombies descend on an unsuspecting family in their quiet farmhouse. Watch Movies Online for Free on 10StarMovies.
    Director:Oliver NobleActors:Alenandra Angeloch, Sierra DeCrosta, Valerie Fanarjian, Adam Forrest, Steve Heller(View All)

  18. Randall says:

    Is eating goy kosher?
    As long as they slit our throats-yes?
    Blood libel/vampires/zombies- the jew in “myth” through out history?

  19. GTRman says:

    Randall – the “Goy” family in that shit-yid-flick-snickerfest have a pet pig in their house.

    Very droll.

    By the way , if you didnt catch it TWICE before : Great guitar playing.

  20. Randall says:

    Thanks GTRman- your praise rings louder than most, as we’re fellow plank spankers.
    I’m almost ready ready to get a team together to FREE Edger Steele.
    Wouldn’t it be the coolest First Strike in a white revolution?

    I would even give up my stupid job – of whatever_ to do this.
    Goddammit, I want to do one thing in my life that means something.
    I admired the German solidarity during WWII- and I want to kick off something here.
    Damn it, he’s already gone through too much physical BS, and If we could get him out, what kind of victory would that be?

    You yourself would be excluded of course…

    I’ve got enough knowledge of certain things- I can get 1500 at a notice. Fuck any FBI reading this- I’ll do it under your fucking noses, you jew kiss ass baby burning assholes.
    Does anyone think JB Campbell hasn’t been saying the same thing?
    Man up- it’s time.
    Break his ass out of jail- I can’t think of a more appropriate act.
    If I had 3 trusted people right now, who knew how to use weapons/explosives, I’d
    be on a bus tomorrow.
    WE need this.
    I know that I drink, and smoke and whatever, but I come from the heart.
    Anyone with kids don’t apply.
    And I swear-no alcohol, weed or anything for me on this- I know how one has to be.
    IRA baby- I’m a McCloud ’til the end.
    Let’s get this guy OUT!

  21. JamesTheJust says:

    Is eating goy kosher?
    As long as they slit our throats-yes?
    Blood libel/vampires/zombies- the jew in “myth” through out history?

    The jews are known to only drink the blood or eat the flesh of White Christians. They can never be us and they know it. It is the closest they will ever come to us.

  22. JamesTheJust says:

    With Yiddishkeit like this, someday the bubbaleh will be a lawyer or a goy toy presidential minder or an IT commando. I predict he’ll write a spaz code to scramble every cyber communication by the goy on the subject of the Jew.


    Your jew-dare is in fine working order. If only more of our people had such a skill.

  23. Randall says:

    I’m just getting sick of it.
    I m persona non grata in the family.
    I want a victory in this fight. Is it possible to orchestrate ?
    It would be impossible to do myself.
    Listen, the fbi are a bunch of cnts, that can’t collate shit if/when it’s given to them on a plate.
    We’re dealing with a bunch of over paid amateurs, who don’t know their ass from a hole.
    They have to manufacture threats.
    They are our primary enemy?
    Give me, I randall, a fucking break !

  24. Randall says:

    Give me just 3 people who get a green light from just this community-just 3.

  25. Hoff says:

    @ Flanders: Good to see a Hoff Tune Up is working 9o)

    The “it was a revolution” is jew codeword for – a succesful jew instigated COUP to make the jews take control of the state. “Revolution” is in essence jew propaganda bullshit. There was never a “revolution” by the (m)asses.

    Everytime the jews propaganda claims “it was a revolution” it was in fact a jew instigated COUP. The JEWS COUP is the only correct way to tell what really happened!

  26. Randall says:

    fuck off hoff… thai’s all…
    You wanna join Me?

  27. American says:

    You got that right, Hoff.

  28. American says:

    “There’s plenty of people who have and are now starting to get it about these people. Don’t concern yourself with “direct” action now. Just use your voice to awaken those around you, whenever possible.”- Incogman

    Exactly. That’s where we stand in this fight, awakening as many people before jew Lieberman and cabal shut down the internet. There is no doubt it’ll get nasty in the future, but right now I help as many find as possible each day, it’s therapeutic! 🙂

    Don’t forget to DUMP ISRAEL!

  29. Marshall says:


    It takes a lot to freak me out completely, BUT!!!

    INCOG…………..EVERYBODY………..go catch Pastor Wickstrom’s Talkshoe Podcast show TONIGHT!!!

    WHOA….WHOA!!! WHOA and WHOA AGAIN!!! Hold onto your freaking HATS!!!

    OBAMA a multiple FELON??? CIA fake IDENTITY, drug MULE, male PROSTITUTE???

    Episode #129 LIVE right now. This is HISTORY in action Incogland…don’t miss out!!!


  30. Hasbarat Hunter says:

    Old news. You left out a few things too. yawn

  31. t bone says:

    more jew filth

    I bet its mainly a jig clientele

  32. Marshall says:


    I saw that short movie a couple of years ago and posted it here in Incogland LMAO!!! (I got no responses really from anyone, but that was awhile back when Incog was allowing video links to post immediately, which can distract from the topic at hand I suppose, and I apologize for overusing it then…but like I’ve said before…

    “Typing and reading” moves pretty slow, which is why I can’t find the time to read everything Hoff and Flanders post, although I wish I had the time to. 🙂


    Randall… The “savior” in that short turned into ANOTHER earlocked freak right there at the end too, didn’t he, after he bitch-slapped the gentile girl a couple of times?

    Scama-lama-ding-dong. That’s what happens when people…


    1.) They cause family discord
    2.) They show up to solve the problem they created

    Classic recent example: “Desperate Housewives.”(AHEM) Not Ozzie and Harriet by any stretch, is it? I bet a Jew lawyer not only is making money off the broadcast of that show, but he’ll sue anyone who claims they actually acted in it, since it was his “artistic creation” to start with. That’s the way the Jew works. They’re everything Jesus Christ said they were a long time ago, and they’re still the same now.

    You can say…OH…I wouldn’t let a Jew in my house…OH REALLY???



    You’ve ALREADY let the bastard freak spawns of hell of the world run rampant in YOUR VERY HOUSE for FIFTY FREAKING YEARS Randall. FIFTY YEARS…constantly bombarded day and night, night and day…by Jewgrams on basically every form of mass media communication there IS.

    JEWGRAMS!!! They’re like SCHWARTZICLES. (Incog-people have to recognize this phenomenon 🙂

    Two Jews, “supposedly” arguing with each other, (when they aren’t) and wiping your face in the dirt and making money at the same time!!!


    You don’t even have to watch “Poltergeist” 1,2, or 3 Randall…you’re LIVING IT every time you turn on the TV. 🙂

    Hmm…maybe that little “wise” homunculus JEW woman “Tangina Barrons” can show up with advice about to take you to the “other side,” well I’m SURE SHE can, no doubt, take you to the “other side” of HELLYWEIRD JEWVILLE.

    Anyway, her REAL name is “Zelda Rubenstein,” BOING, and “the other side” she’s talking about is probably, sadly…the same side that Jim Morrison was so infatuated with.

    “Out here on the perimeter, there are no stars.” The outer darkness. Hmm. I think Jesus said something about that particular situation Jim.


    Jim lost his freaking mind in LA. Jew media scumbags billionaires will continually try to drive you nuts, just so they can say you are nuts!!!

    They make more money either way. After they drive you nuts, their shrinks will make CELEBRITY SHRINK MONEY…oh yeah. Their game never ends, until you absolutely REMOVE them from the positions they’ve wheedled, bought, bribed, blackmailed, intimidated, or murdered themselves into.

    The thing about a JEW is…

    They’ll murder you in cold blood, and THEN make a movie about you after you’re dead, and make even more millions!!! Jews dwell in the land of the dead…or undead, or whatever they call it. They like their vampire movies quite a bit obviously, don’t they?

    I call it the-

    DIASPORA, and there’s a reason why these unspeakably depraved slime get kicked out of every decent country in the world throughout recorded history.

    Well, the WORLD is starting to catch up to them now…(it always does, but it’s much faster now and I LOVE IT!!!)

    Deal with the head of the snake if you’re ready to. STOMP THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF THEM. If you beat them mentally…they suddenly feel very threatened, and they start to whine and call up their reserves of bullshit. Interesting how Steven Spielberg was one of Bernie Madoff’s “clients,” Hmm? WHERE IS THE 65 BILLION?

    Case in point: “Saving Private Ryan,” WTF!!!

    Another “Jew” gives us another BULLSHIT story about WW2, in which very FEW Jews ever fought in or died for, because they were manipulating the goyim to fight the whole time, sort of the way that Amschel Rothschild was getting news from the front in the Battle of Waterloo with…

    CARRIER PIDGIONS. They fly alot faster than any soldier running from foxhole to foxhole with a message back from the front don’t they? That has to go from that soldier if he lives) to the rear and then go through the normal chain, getting all fucked up in the process.

    That’s called INSIDER TRADING the last time I checked.

    This KIKE “Rothschild” KNEW the outcome of Napoleon vs. Wellington because he probably instigated the whole thing to start with.

    After all, why would I fight a Frenchman? Frenchmen are so freaky, I can imagine all the French girls are looking for a guy who at LEAST doesn’t wear frilly shit every day, a turtleneck sweater and a faggoty beret, as if they ever were part of the French underground partisans to resist that most eveeeeellllll Hitler. BULLSHIT LMAO!!!!

    That aside Number two, Rothschild. He got both sides to commit their resources to their armies, which is a huge mistake in itself.

    I don’t think it takes “rocket scientists,” to see that there is a certain strain of people who make money from wars at this point.

    YET…meanwhile back in “JEWaLITY WW2″…

    “Private Mellish” was the big Jew dogface hero we should all feel sorry for, because he played hardball with Nazi troops and got stabbed in the chest until he couldn’t con his way out of it, couldn’t make a deal, and the German soldier finally said DIE.

    Maybe this regular German soldier had been fighting Soviet Bolshevik troops before in his brief military career. What really motivated him? He seemed to just walk on by the “combat journalist” character, whatever his name was. Maybe he recognized that JEWS were his enemy, not WHITE GUYS. I have to say, I was glad that freaking Jew was shut up.

    When you examine the actual M.O. of the Rothschild’s…

    “Where the carrion is, you will see them.”

    There was something Jesus Christ said about that situation, or an angel did…to me one time. I don’t intend to be some stooge soldier in an absurd game of chess that nobody ever wins. YOU NEVER WIN. Only the JEW does…very temporarily.

    God help Jim Morrison-

    Marsh!!! 🙂

  33. Lasher says:

    To James the Just: Re: Your post asking Lasher “Why such extravagance?” Why not?

    You may see no need for concentration camps, but I do. I want a place where I can pick out some Jews every day to exercise my wrath on for all they have done to this world in the past millenia. Lasher is no pussy when it comes to retribution on the “World Conquerors.”

  34. Lasher says:

    What does
    “Tre Jew” mean?

  35. Lasher says:

    What is “Tre Jew?”

  36. INCOG MAN says:

    Just a take off on “tre chic” or fashionable, stylish, cool, — very smart.

  37. Flanders says:

    Here is some more “Tre Jew” for you, courtesy of those Rothschild Lieutenants’, the Rabbi’s, who preside over and direct those various disparate sects of the international jew army – aka – ”The ‘Chosen’ Flotsam”.

    Why are you paying an extra tax every time you go to a grocery store (or other places and covering many products), almost every time you make a purchase, just so that jews can eat cows killed like this (and have you pay the salaries of those Rothschild soldiers)? Look for the symbols of insanity on all of the products you buy!

    “Block Horror on the Kosher Chopping Block” – This link goes to a website which has the video since jewgletoob doesn’t think it is “kosher” for everyone to see it and *requires a sign-in. NOTE of warning: Graphic in some parts. [The video title is, “PETA Targeting Shechita Again”].

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