“We Minorities Should Stick Together”

Congressional Candidate Dan Adler and His Racist Ad

by Ralph Iver

The title of recent news articles say Jewish congressional candidate, Dan Adler “targets Asians with bizarre ad.” That title should instead read “Dan Adler Targets Asians with Racist Ad.”

Tell us about it, Adler.

It appears that he is stereotyping Asians and faces flack for his condescending approach to them. Perhaps the thought should occur to people that much racial impropriety by people who appear “White” are actually done by people who are Jews.

Adler states in his ad that “I definitely approve this message.” What does he approve? With this video ad [embedded below “Continue reading”], expressing that he is Jewish, he approves that minorities “should stick together”– and the unspoken is against, who else, but majority Whites; implying that White people should be excluded; that he will represent minorities over Whites; that minorities should encourage thoughts and acts of racism toward Whites, at a minimum denying them adequate representation. Dan Adler’s campaign presents a clear message of his intentions to disenfranchise a majority group of people based on their race: people of European descent.

In the past week, mainstream media has released that in ten states, White children under age 18 are now the minority. How does Adler’s ad, a thinly veiled statement of prejudice towards Whites, fit in with that reality? Adler is a supporter of immigration reform and the DREAM act, which will hasten the demise of Westernization, Western values, and yes, White people as a race. His intent clearly is to make a shrinking race of Whites utter strangers in their own land. Indeed, for many of us, we already are.

Adding to the seriousness of all this is the fact that Whites are disallowed any claims to being victimized on account of their race – ever. It is extremely difficult to win an argument that Whites are often victims on account of their race, let alone stop actual disenfranchisement, loss of equity, and violence.

YouTube Preview Image

Adler uses his Jewishness (not his White skin color) to ally himself racially with local constituents, Asian people. However, do Asians understand that the creator of the atom bomb that decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki was Jewish?  J. Robert Oppenheimer, a communist, stated of his part in this genocide of Asians, “I carry no weight on my conscience.” Alder seems to carry no weight on his conscience in using Asians and other “minorities” to promote his racist agenda to exclude White people from representation by their government officials. He carries no weight on his shoulder for his part for the coming loss of the United States as a Western nation. He carries no weight on his shoulders for promoting minorities to “stick together” as a group, deepening the wedges in the American identity and hastening balkanization.

But we are not looking solely at a racial issue. We have here an equally deep problem in the loss of Westernization. People have differing worldviews along racial and regional lines. In the grand scheme are the two major world views, the Occident and the Orient. The Occident, Westernization, is shrinking fast due to the flood of non-European immigration into European homelands. What will not be annihilated by the homicide of anti-White policies and laws will be completed with the suicide of socially-promoted “White Guilt.” In their own countries, Koreans are the majority, Chinese are the majority, and Japanese are the majority–and proudly so; however, the United States, which had a 90% majority of Whites in 1960, has fallen so far since the 1965 immigration act that we will have no majority race in another 30 years. This is unimaginable in places like China and Korea.  Floods of non-Asian immigration do not happen in Asian countries, yet, it is aggressively promoted in Western nations, even by law. Asians have protected their racial integrity and guarded their right to their non-Western world views. We are rapidly losing ours.

Pat Buchanan wrote in the introduction to his book, Death of the West,

“[N]o nation in history has gone through a demographic change of this magnitude in so short a time, and remained the same nation.  Mr. Clinton assured us that it will be a better America when we are all minorities and realize true ‘diversity’.  Well, those students are going to find out, for they will spend their golden years in a Third World America.  Uncontrolled immigration threatens to deconstruct the nation we grew up in and convert America into a conglomeration of peoples with almost nothing in common–not history, heroes, language, culture, faith, or ancestors.  Balkanization beckons.”

Who is Dan Adler, anyway? He is a member of the American Jewish Committee’s National Board of Governors. He is also on a board of directors at the Israeli Policy Forum, a diplomatic organization that supports a two-state solution between the Israelis and Palestinians, and has been accused of being pro-Palestinian.  Adler concurs with the two-state solution that might be in the interests of Palestinians. However, he takes the expected hard-line that “America’s responsibility to Israel is an unshakable one.” One of one side of his mouth he supports negotiations; on the other side negotiation is not possible, and America’s loyalty must be “unshakable.” He also stands against Iran – one more war positioned to wipe thousands more innocents off the map.

From the news, we find he is a former executive of Disney. Why is this important?  Walt Disney cleaned up fairytales for children and promoted wholesome values for families, at a time when the nation was a majority of devout Christians. At the time of his production company, as a Christian he was a minority in a very Jewish Hollywood.  Disney, a hardened anti-communist, was inconclusively rumored to be an anti-Semite (in other words, there is not enough evidence to this, and we will never know for sure). After his death, Disney productions was overtaken by the very people he purported held in contempt, and who have lead the company steadily away from Disney’s values of old fashion commitment to family and decency.

The following is an excerpt about the transfer of power to Jewish bosses after Walt Disney’s death, by William Pierce:

The real problem, of course, was that Walt Disney’s vision of the world, as reflected in the films he produced, was wholly different from that of the Jewish film producers around him. As long as Walt was making Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck cartoons, this problem could be overlooked. When he began animating feature-length fairy tales like Snow White and Cinderella, the Jews in Hollywood became increasingly nervous. The world of Snow White was an entirely White world, a European world. It stirred racial memories in White Americans, and the aim of the Jewish media bosses then as now was to make White Americans forget their roots. They wanted to begin promoting multiculturalism as soon as the Second World War was over, and Walt was in their way. They couldn’t push racial mixing in their films and have someone as popular as Walt Disney refuse to go along: the contrast would be obvious to the public. Even Disney’s extremely popular Nature films were resented by the rest of Hollywood. Films which promoted a love for animals and the natural world were viewed with suspicion by men whose view of life was entirely economic and urban.

These may seem like subtle differences, and in fact most people outside of Hollywood were oblivious to the ideological and cultural conflict between Walt Disney and the other film producers. The closest that the conflict came to attracting public attention was during the 1940s and early 1950s, when Walt Disney’s total lack of sympathy for Communism and his refusal to let Communist propaganda be introduced into any of his productions set him apart from the rest of Hollywood. While Walt was alive, however, there wasn’t much that Hollywood could do about him. He was too popular with the American people.

After Walt died in 1966, however, the situation changed. His company had depended on his genius for its prosperity, and without him it had a difficult time keeping up with the competition. After Disney company profits had declined for several years, Jewish corporate raiders Saul Steinberg and Irwin Jacobs moved in for the kill. In 1984, after Steinberg had milked the company of $32 million, Disney family shareholders were too weak to resist a takeover by Michael Eisner, the Jewish boss of Paramount Pictures. Eisner in turn brought in as his second in command another Jew, Jeffrey Katzenberg. The company that Walt Disney built — the company that gave us Snow White and Fantasia — has been in Jewish hands ever since.

During his first day as chairman of the Disney company — his first day, believe it or not — Eisner ordered the production of an R-rated film, about the kinky sexual misadventures of a typically neurotic Jewish family in the Los Angeles area. This was the first R-rated film ever produced by the Disney company — but certainly not the last.

Speaking of R-rated, Adler, backed by his former Disney colleague, Michael Eisner, produced two more video ads making use of R-rated language, having his 11-year old son use foul language for the cameras. Disney would have rolled over in his grave over how his vision, which was also America’s vision in a more unified time, has been profoundly undermined.

Article source:  Heresies Examined

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184 Responses to “We Minorities Should Stick Together”

  1. Silvernickel says:

    Cellphonenika hates all you rude crackas, and plans to vote for the nice Adler man!


  2. Silvernickel says:

    This article by Iver is to the point, instructive and well written. Great post

  3. Mad JEW B*tch says:

    More and more, I can see that Prez Osama is your dream come true. Your dear leader has SPOKEN!

    “Go back to 1967 borders”

    This is your MAN, incog. 😉 He is YOUR dream come true, David Duke as well. Give yourselves applause.

  4. Citizenfitz says:


    This article is very interesting. It makes a lot of sense. But imho the personality type we see everywhere today is the “egoist”. For the egoist truth, reality and falsehood are subjective terms. Something is true or not, not because some outside authority says so but because the egoist feels it’s so. Of course it’s a delusion, but there are lots of people who find lies preferable to truth – because they confirm the egoist’s view of himself as intellectually and emotionally more evolved. Truth on the other hand is like a hard ass prosecutor. Who wants that? Anyone can see and understand the simple truth of the matter – but it takes the mind of the egoist to discern all the permutations, penumbras and complexities of “truth”.

    When a lie that egoists prefer rebounds on them, they’ll go to great lengths to not have to admit it. Just look at all the mental gymnastics the Obamanites have performed to defend their boy! Admitting you got suckered isn’t easy for anyone, but for egoists, such an admission is a painful moment indeed. They’ll deny that two plus two equals four before they’ll admit they were ever wrong. You can count on it. I’ve heard them do it myself! They’d rather go to the stake than admit they were wrong. Such people are an easy mark for even bigger egoists. And so on….

    It’s interesting that egoists flock together the way they they do. You’d think that being egoists they couldn’t stand being around other egoists who all think THEY are the pinnacle of mental and moral evolution. In fact they will fall out eventually, but their sense of a common enemy: Goyim, men, Whites, the bourgeoisie, Tea Party’ers, “homophobes”, Christians… is the negative glue that binds them. Take all their “enemies” away and they’re like shadows in search of a light.

    Jews are the world’s biggest egoists. They see themselves as genetically better and smarter than everyone else. Oh, they may not be able to defend their position on an issue, but that doesn’t stop them from attacking yours… or you. If you ever challenge a Jew (or a liberal) on something, they’ll immediately try to turn it back on you. I have some experience with American commies… they *always* dodge an accusation against communism by pointing to some real or imagined evil in America. Of course the way to answer them is to say, “We’re not talking about America… we’re talking about communism.” Repeat it however many times you have to. It shuts them up. The same approach is good for debating with Jews.

    Goyim are the boogeymen who focus the Jews’ egoistic energy; and if there were no Goyim, it’d be necessary for Jews to invent them. Israel has created little of value in the world. Why? Because they’re around a bunch of other Jews 24/7. What an ordeal! They do better when they have Christians lurking behind every tree waiting for the chance to jump out and holocaust them. Such thinking stimulates their already nervous minds. In fact Jews can’t seem to agree on much of anything and are forever involved in petty, internecine squabbles. But they *do* unite in a primeval hatred of Christianity.

    Being the world’s premier egoists Jews are able to recognize, use and manipulate the lesser egoists – e.g. liberals and neocons. But whereas they once did it from the safety of the shadows, now it’s done more and more in the broad light of day. They even brag about it. But, taking the rote of history into account, we can be certain that they will once more overplay their hand… with disastrous results for themselves. It’s the same as it ever was.


  5. Citizenfitz says:

    Jewbitch… time to find another doctor.

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    Beck is on a major Jew suck-up roll and lying his ass off for the Zionists. He said the Balfour declaration was in 1912, when Britain controlled Palestine (it was in 1916 and the turks controlled the place before WW1).

    He also is letting people believe Obama is calling for the West Bank to be Pali only (Obama said the Jews “settlers” can stay — only Israel must give up the same amount of land).

    Anyone who’s seen the prime real estate stolen by orthodox Jews from the Palis knows this is all total BS.

    Mad Jewess: I can’t stand Obama or the GD JEWS. Can’t you get that thru your big fat head?

  7. JamesTheJust says:

    You’re jew-wise INCOG.

    You know how they operate. You’ll silence that bitch with the truth and then tomorrow it will be the same recording as if you had not said a word.

    That’s why I never debate a fucking jew. They are snakes and liars; haters of the truth.

    There is only one solution to the jew problem. THE final solution. And it will be their own fault when it comes.

  8. Julian Lee says:

    Phil’s posts are as full as Flanders’ fields.

    “There is only one solution to the jew problem. THE final solution.”

    Genocide? A bunch of butch-queers already thought that one up and got their country bombed to oblivion for it, without making so much as a dent. The genociders have always been Jews. I’m not going to become like them. Time to grow up.

  9. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, JTJ.

    The lousy Jews are going bat-shit about Obama now. Obama is proposing the “settler” Jews stay where they are — big mistake. The “settler” Jews outright STOLE Palestinian land and both America and Israel funded them.

    This is so stupid as to be beyond belief. Chances are, the Jews will use this as an excuse to get rid of ALL the Palestinians. It may be part of a set-up to begin with.

    I EFFING HATE THESE LOUSY JEWS. And no, I’m not a “lefty” as that dumb mad Jewess says. Jews always use the “Left/Right” paradigm to pigeonhole Jew enemies.


  10. GTRman says:

    Lets not forget the power of sarcasm . This is ramZpaul , and her’s his channel

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    The jews always create this false dichotomy. Its either THEM or some boggy man of the day that THEY have created.

    Right now its the jews or the muslims; as if those arrogant deranged psychopaths have the right to determine OUR course. We Saxons are superior in EVERY way to the other races and the jews look like amoebas compared to us. How dare those arrogant THINGS tell US what course to take.

    We do not need any of them. But first and foremost, the jew has got to go!

  12. JamesTheJust says:

    I will not be drawn into a shouting match with you Julian for the sake of our kinship, however, I know what is GOING to happen.

    It is inevitable precisely because it is genetic.

    You will not be looked upon favorably for sitting on the sidelines. In fact, once things really get cooking, you will either fight or you’ll die.

    Our Saxon forefathers were great warriors. Still are; just sleeping.

  13. Dianna says:

    Obama warned Palestinians that they would never gain independence by denying the Isn’trael regime the “right to exist,” claiming that efforts to “de-legitimize Israel” would fail.


  14. Julian Lee says:

    “The lousy Jews are going bat-shit about Obama now.

    This is getting interesting. Obama suddenly a loose cannon for the Jews.
    On the other had, it could be nothing but more staged theatre. =\8o/=

  15. GTRman says:

    Jewish Holocaust Hoaxer Irene Zisblatt Still Brainwashing
    BY ERIC HUNT, ON MAY 18TH, 2011
    Holocaust promoter Irene Zisblatt’s insane, idiotic, and scatological Holocaust lies are still being spread in public, this time at Ohio State University.

    Second Draft Done
    BY ERIC HUNT, ON MAY 16TH, 2011
    The Second Draft of The Last Days of the Big Lie is done and will be released within a day.

    There is an interesting blog entry on one of the “survivors” in The Last Days I chose to focus less on – Bill Basch, on the Scrapbook Pages Blog.

    I CANT WAIT !!

  16. Julian Lee says:

    I suppose if some kind of bad news comes out for Obama — like an honest, sane response to an obviously fake B.C. — we’d know this is Obama-the-loose-cannon.
    Or, if he gets whacked.

  17. Julian Lee says:

    Eric Hunt’s a great teacher! All arise!

  18. Dianna says:

    Remember guys, it’s election time and the Jews foot the bill. I’m afraid we’re gonna be stuck with Obongo for another four years and this country will become totally destroyed.

  19. JamesTheJust says:

    Thanks GTRman. That site looks promising. Bookmarked.

  20. GTRman says:

    Great observations on the ego and the egotists , Citizenfitz.
    Mine is my biggest enemy , its a two-sided coin . Can keep you deflated as well as puffed up. My remedy was always a hearty dose of Liberty Caps , freshly picked .

    Not for everyone , maybe.

    As for Kapner : At the very least , like “Morris 108” , or Gilad Atzmon , or even Makow , its a lot easier INTRODUCING newbies to this stuff by saying , “See , this guys a jew and he’s saying the same things “.

    Im in the most liberal , the most Green , the most gay part of UK . I literally have no friends anymore…and I know why . Im the “jew guy”..sniff….

  21. GTRman says:

    This is “Morris108″ , like Mark Glenn he bends over backwards to the 2Islam can do no wrong ” , whereas I think its just a strand of Orthodox Jewry , but , aside from that , says some good things. He sees what British “culture” is now : Alcohol and homosex .


  22. Julian Lee says:

    “I’m in the most liberal, the most Green, the most gay part of UK.

    Hah! Here I thought you were an American. I was told Jimmy Page was playing old acoustic instruments incognito at a certain Renaissance Fair in Michigan or the midwest, by the way. Only a few recognized him last I was told. That’s pretty cool if true.

    I literally have no friends anymore…and I know why . I’m the “jew guy”

    That’ll change. Everything changes. One day your persona non-grata, next day you’re a hero. Simply do duty according to your best lights, and all will be well. When a man does his duty he can like himself. But all the praise in the world won’t comfort a good man who didn’t try to do his duty.

  23. GTRman says:

    Julian , I know with certainty that I will soon be able to say , loud and proud , ” I told you so “.

  24. GTRman says:

    ‘Thanks GTRman. That site looks promising. Bookmarked.’ JTJ

    WHAT !!!! You havent seen it ? A 2 hour doc that rips apart the liars in Spielbergs horrorco$h fantasy till it plays as a comedy ?

    Might as well hang on for version 2. Out tomorrow , god willing.

    Julian Lee sent him some mikes etc.

  25. Tuff Guy says:

    Yes indeed, “We Minorities Should Stick Together.”

    In terms of POWER. MONEY, POLITICS, and THE MEDIA everyone who ISN’T a jew is a minority. I’ll say it again….anyone who isn’t a jew is a “minority” in terms of power, money, politics, and media.

    Imagine what could happen if “the 97 percent” turned against “the three percent.”

    Imagine what could happen if we “minorities” stuck together……

    Imagine what could happen if we “minorities” figured out the REAL deal…..

    We “minorities” would soon realize….”Hey wait a minute here! We’re actually THE MAJORITY!”

    We could actually OUST the jews!

    Yes indeed…maybe we “minorities” should stick together after all……….

  26. INCOG MAN says:

    Good comment, Tuff Guy. So true.

  27. Hoff says:

    Some new communist jews here.

    “Judeo-Bolshevism Discovered”

  28. funnyshit says:

    LMAO. Just 4 words:
    David Sassoon Opium War

  29. Hol Schliebe says:

    “I see that many folks in certain quarters of the anti-zionist movement link to David Duke videos. His latest Wicked Witch Osama and Wizard Obama! makes some very good points but as usual he gives us the line of Osama and the Arab hijackers did 9/11. Check out the comments at the video. Many are calling him out on it. Duke is not stupid. He knows the impossibility of the official story and yet he persists in lying about it, mixing in facts with fiction. Why would that be? Is he allowed to expose any number of crimes of the U.S. and Israel except for the one that would really pull back the curtain? Being on the payroll would explain it.”


  30. Hohl scheibe says:

    If you can remember a couple of facts, you should then find explanation to all of the weird happenings, decadence and collapse:

    (1) This is a jewish state; bought by jews and run by jews for the benefit of jews. Please look past the goyim prostitutes believing they are “us”.
    (2) There is no way this side of hell that “white” people are in the majority, or that jews are less than 10% of the population..
    (3) White working people are second class citizens except for the race-mixers who have prostituted themselves.
    (4) Voting is a fraud. No one has a choice beyond tweedledum and tweedledee. Any legitimate 3rd party will be shut out.
    (5) Nearly 100% of the “news” you see has been filtered through the kosher hate screen.

    I personally see no hope for White working people if they continue to believe in the rules which brought them to their present disaster. An abrupt change of mind must occur before anything useful can be initiated.

  31. GTRman says:

    ‘White Folks Have Enjoyed Majority Rule’? Wrong.
    Whites Have Not Ruled Recently.
    Thus, Whites Are Not To Blame

  32. GTRman says:

    Bashful: It’s bankers. It’s zionists. It’s Israelis.
    Not Bashful: It’s jews.
    Not “all” jews. A huge subset of jews. Jew bankers, jew zionists, jew Israelis, jews in government, jews atop corporations, jews atop foundations, jews in education. They conspire every day in their vast network of organizations. Just look. Nonjews tend to look but not see. In your own town, your state, and your country, who is at the top of banking, government, “charity,” education, jewelry, clothing, medicine, insurance? And media! Since jews own and control the upper levels of all of the above, they simply withhold the truth about their own.
    Just look. That’s all I ask. Just look for yourself. If you can look for Christians and you can look for Muslims, why can’t you look for jews? One reason only: jews say you can’t. Why? Because those wealthy conspiring owners of everything are “victims!”
    I used to be bashful.

  33. Marshall says:

    Absolutely riveting GTRman. I am wiping away a tear as we speak. Poor Pugsy just can’t figure that strangeness out. Those rabid rabbis are beyond canine comprehension. It’s time to call in Cujo. 😀

  34. Julian Lee says:

    The taciturn Hol Schliebe: (Posts some Duke-bashing comments by some sideline hisser.)

    Duke-bashing and rumor-fantasizing is a cheap activity. I know Jews hate him, though. That’s why they don’t let him onto their mainstream networks much any more even as a whipping boy. He’s crossed too many lines now.

    For the record: If there were 30 teachers out there of Duke’s type, I’d defend them all unless they had something egregious about them. (Such as being queers, proven Zog informants, etc.) The only “dog” I have in a “Duke fight” is that Duke opened the minds of my own family members towards a pro-White attitude in ways I couldn’t have pulled off. He speaks very well to average people.

    I myself could never put Duke into “leader” status in my head, simply because I don’t respect men much if they’ve never married and never became fathers. But that’s just me. But he’s a teacher, one with some leadership influence (simply by speaking out, one of his videos inspired my own last video), and we need more. Meanwhile, I’ll defend any decent teacher — and 100 of them — from stone-throwing corner hissers. We really need to clean up our act and grow up.

    Incogman: Maybe you could create a separate forum for Duke-hissers, Duke-obsessives, all who throw mud from shadows based on nothing but conjecture.

  35. Julian Lee says:

    Pugs are charming dogs, no doubt. I once had one around, an inheritance from one of my children who moved and could not take it with. It was a big waste of time having to walk him all the time, however, and I’m glad I’m now pet-free.

  36. Jo Jackson says:

    William Prynne: Fighter Against Re-admission

    From a 1992 issue of Gothic Ripples, published by Colin Jordan

    By the mid 17th century, England had been without Jews (apart from a few infiltrators posing as Gentiles) for over 350 years, since their banishment by good King Edward I in 1290. This had been inspired by their persistent wrongdoing, including extortionate money-lending and clipping the gold and silver coinage. The banishment had been greeted with universal rejoicing by the thankful English people.

    Cromwell wanted to accede to Jewish appeals for readmission, spiced with financial assistance for his cause, but was sensitive to public opposition to the idea, plentifully shown during an assembly to discuss the subject which he convened. So he abstained from any formal revocation of the banishment, and instead allowed Jews to enter the country on the sly, contrary to the law; and this has remained the position up to today, various parliamentary measures in the past 200 years giving recognition to this return by stealth without ever formally repealing the expulsion.

    William Prynne was a distinguished lawyer of Lincolns Inn, London, in the forefront of resistance to Cromwell’s proposal for readmission. His book Demurrer was published in 1655. In it he cited various authorities for his contention that the expulsion had been by royal decision in Parliament, not royal edict outside Parliament; even though in those days of royal government an edict was fully as much a promulgation of law as a statute enacted in Parliament.

    He cited in support of this Henry de Knyghton, a Canon of Leicester in Richard II’s reign (1377 – 1399) whom he termed “a most diligent Antiquary” and quoted him as speaking of “the same Parliament that the Jews were exiled.” Next he cited “Our learned John Bale” that “by the publick Edict of the Parliament assembled in London, and by a publick decree; They were all commanded to depart the Realm with their goods…” Next he cited Raphael Holnshed’s Chronicles, Vol. 3, p. 285: “In the same year was a Parliament holden at Westminster… It was also decreed that all the Jews should avoid out of the Land… and so herupon were the Jews banished out of all the King’s Dominions: and never since could they obtain any priviledge to return hither again.”

    Prynne then, on pages 48 and 49, summarized his knowledge as follows:-

    1. That all the Jews were then banished out of England, never to return again, at the special instance, and request of the Commons in two several Parliaments, as an intollerable grievance and oppression under which they groaned.

    2. That the principle grounds of this their perpetual banishment were, their infidelity, Usury, forgeries of Charters, clipping and falsifying of monies, by which they prejudiced the King and kingdom and much oppressed and impoverished the pople [sic].

    3. That this their banishment was so acceptable to all the people, who oft-times pressed it in Parliament that they gave the King a Fifth and Fifteenth part of their moveables to speed and execute it.

    4. That this their banishment was by the unanimous desire, Judgement, Edict, and Decree both of the King and his Parliament; and not by the King alone: and this Banishment, total, of them all, and likewise final, Never to return into England. Which Edict and Decree not now extant in our Parliament Rolls (many of which are lost) not printed Statutes; yet it is mentioned by all these Authorities.

    He added to this his important conclusion (p. 50) that the banishment is of permanent effect, and not restricted to the Jews involved in 1290:-

    So none banished the Realm by judgement or Act of Parliament, can, may or ought, by the fundamental and known common Laws of England, to be restored and recalled again, but only by a like judgement, Act and Restitution in full Parliament…

    Therefore the Jews being so long since by Judgement, Edict and Decree both of the King and Parliament for ever banished out of England (never since repealed or reversed) neither may, nor can by Law be readmitted, reduced into England again, but by common consent and Act of Parliament: which I conceive they will never be able to obtain.

    The Jews in England, if not the whole of Britain, today are illegal immigrants. The enforcement of the Expulsion is the only satisfactory solution to Britain’s grievous Jewish Problem.

    _______________________Main Directory_______________________

    The Heretical Press
    PO Box 1004, Hull, Yorkshire HU3 2YT

  37. Lynda says:

    This latest Prezidential speech on Israel going back to pre-1967 borders is Yiddish theatre and we have seen this stupid routine before.

    In the ‘Palestinian State’ schtick, which AIPAC runs from time to time, the Prez of ZOGUSA, (recently Prez Ziobot Obama) has the role of the schlemiel. It is the job of the Prez to stand up and pontificate on mutual impossibilities for the sheeple.

    They run this exercise prior to elections so all the concerned and edjewmacated inDUHviduals can make up their minds about important political issues. None more so to ZOG than – sacred Israel. So it is important to get all the sheeple on the same page here before the election.

    Recently the Jew Overlords had told the Prez to address the nation on the subject of ‘the Palestinian state’ and 1967 borders. The settlers of course will stay on ‘their’ land but for the Palestinians, there will ‘land’ swaps complete with ‘settlers’.

    Those who can still think logically will see that all of the above is impossible. You can’t have 1967 borders with all the settlers remaining on ‘their’ land. So these people will comment and helpfully point this out.

    Cue the Jews screaming ‘Auschwitz borders’ in their MSM machine. This will give the goyim the real message and it will then run 24 / 7 for weeks on all channels and in all the ads. Then all the pundits and Jew ass kissers will discuss every conceivable permutation of ‘borders’ with reference to all of the above.

    In the end it will be discovered pre-1967 borders, a Palestinian state and Israeli ‘settlers’ rights to ‘their’ land are all mutually exclusive realities. The Prez will get brownie points (literally in his case) for effort. A ZOG booty call will be dispatched to Israel, to lay the wreath at the holy of holies, kiss Bibi’s ass and sit down and listen to Israel’s solution to ‘the problem’.

    I think it would be fun if Obama went on the next booty call. I can see some terrific photo ops at the Wall and some great head banging. I can see Obama now flanked with the rabbis who are shepherding him.

    This is pre-election theatre. Pass the bagels and don’t forget the cream cheese.

  38. When I start my carrier in social media.we are help full to know about the information.As of my knowledge Del.icio.us is the best of social book mark.

  39. Annie Oakley says:

    This commercial made me sick. Especially the old gook who told the Hebe politician we should all stick together. Here’s something Ms. Gook, you’re only here because dumbassed white men and women allowed you to immigrate here. If it weren’t for the white man, you’d be sucking a GI’s dick for money in a buy me drinky bar.

    I LOATHE these people with a passion. I no longer smile or act nice to non-whites, especially POS like this. Smiling at gooks, illegals just encourages them to stay here. If I HAVE to make eye contact with these freaks, I give them good old Hawaiian stink eye. I want them to know they’re not welcome in my society.

    Solutions. White men and women must get off the grid, period. Have your own business where you can earn a lot of money in cash, buy second hand from garage sales. Even if you’re buying cheap Chinese shit, you’re not buying from ChinaMart who hires anti-white drones for employees. Buying from garage sales puts money in your white neighbors hand.

    Local farmers market. Usually organically grown and it’s usually white men and women who are selling fruit. Non-whites are too lazy to do this.

    Keep your kids out of college. It’s all degrees in worthlessness. A college degree doesn’t mean jack squat if you’re working at McDonalds.

    Practice white racial loyalty. This is what I do when I go into a store and a white man or woman is working. I said you know I’m happy and they’ll give me a puzzled look and say what is that? I said I’m happy because another white man or woman still has a job. I’ve had people ask me are you a racist? I said yes I am. They’re stunned for a little bit and many of them say I’m racist too.

    If I get flack for being a racist I tell them so what? So what if I’m a racist? So what? I repeat it over and over again like the sheboons do on talk shows where they repeat the same sentence over and over again.

    Also in the postage paid envelopes you get with credit card invites or other shit? Black out the barcode and put in flyers from this website or some other website that promotes white racial loyalty. Or you could put in a post it note the URL from this website or others.

    We can talk about the problem over and over and over again. But we need solutions.

    I’m giving y’all some.

  40. Silvernickel says:

    TeutonicWarriorChick says on Youtube:

  41. Julian Lee says:

    This article gives White European people a lot of food for thought.

    “I Missed My Chance To Become A Jew”

    Sufficient strength will only be found in real-life bonds and networking, from solid families on up through networks of families. That’s how they do it, and that’s how we used to be.

  42. Jeff says:

    From the news, we find he is a former executive of Disney. Why is this important? Walt Disney cleaned up fairytales for children and promoted wholesome values for families, at a time when the nation was a majority of devout Christians. At the time of his production company, as a FREEMASON= JEWISH Mystery Babylon Base he was a minority in a very Jewish Hollywood.

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