FEDS Frame and Deny Defense to White Activist

by James Buchanan

Edgar Steele

A recent news article reports “A North Idaho lawyer accused of plotting to to kill his wife and mother-in-law failed to convince a federal jury Thursday that he was the victim of a government conspiracy to silence him. The jury of 11 women and 1 man convicted Edgar Steele on all four counts, which alleged he’d hired a hitman-turned-FBI-informant to kill his wife, Cyndi Steele, and mother-in-law. Federal agents foiled the plan, though a pipe bomb later was found attached to Cyndi Steele’s sport utility vehicle. Cyndi Steele, however, stood by her husband throughout the case. ‘He’s innocent,’ an emotional Cyndi Steele said after the verdict was read. ‘He did not do this, and we have the proof, which was denied in the courtroom.’ ”

One of the biggest fears of Edgar Steele’s supporters was that a federal judge would simply rule out all evidence and testimony from witnesses and any expert testimonial that pointed out flaws in the alleged government recordings of Steele and Fairfax.

The Feds claimed to have a tape of Edgar Steele talking with Larry Fairfax about murdering his wife and his mother in law. The murders for hire reportedly depended on money from an insurance policy according to Larry Fairfax. The Steeles however had canceled their insurance policies so the very basis of the murder plot did not even exist.

Edgar’s wife, Cyndi Steele heard the government tapes and observed that whenever her husband was allegedly talking about the murder plot the background noise would change and that there was no inflection in Edgar’s voice.

Edgar Steele’s defense team hired audio experts to analyze the government tapes and to find out anomalies. The judge arbitrarily denied use of the expert testimony questioning the tapes.

The only thing the jury got to hear were the (fabricated) tapes of Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax. The judge told them that Larry Fairfax was a reliable, paid FBI informant, leaving out little details like the strong possibility of Fairfax stealing a large stash of silver from the Steeles. Fairfax placed a live bomb on Cyndi Steele’s car, which resulted in Fairfax being locked up for most of the last year. I wonder if the jury knew about that detail.

Steele was probably allowed to deny the charges, much like a defendant in the Soviet purge trials of the 1930s, but with no evidence allowed on his behalf and the government fabricating evidence against him, his situation was bleak.

Edgar Steele had just survived a ruptured aorta in November of 2009. His wife was the only person helping to take care of him at his home. Plotting to kill his wife would have been the equivalent of an invalid plotting to kill his nurse.

Both Edgar Steele’s wife and mother-in-law believe that Edgar has been framed. Larry Fairfax had been spying on the Steeles, posing as a handyman for six months. He apparently didn’t find any evidence of any illegal behavior, but he apparently did discover a large quantity of silver stashed at the Steeles’ home. (He may even have built some of the hiding places for the silver as a handyman.)

According to a letter from Edgar Steele, Larry Fairfax stole the silver from the Steele’s home and then put car bombs on both of the Steele’s cars to try to kill both of them. When that murder attempt failed, Fairfax then told his FBI handlers that Steele was plotting to kill his wife and mother-in-law. Someone with considerable audio expertise must have helped Fairfax fake the tapes. Curiously, Israel fabricated a fake audio that they tried to use to discredit the peace flotilla that they attacked a year ago. (Steele frequently criticized Israel in his columns.) Fairfax had just gone bankrupt in April of 2010 as his logging business had failed so Fairfax was in dire financial straits and had a very strong motive to commit a very large theft.

A federal judge however can rule out all of that circumstantial evidence pointing to Edgar Steele’s innocence which gives the government a tremendous edge especially when they’ve done the framing.

Edgar Steele Denied Defense, Framed on All Counts

Go HERE for further information on Edgar Steele’s trial.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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197 Responses to FEDS Frame and Deny Defense to White Activist

  1. American says:

    Thanks to great men like Flanders and Hoff as well.


  2. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Damn, I almost feel sorry for you Flanders. But I don’t. hehe Here Flanders this is a little before your time here and will help you get some perspective. btw, where IS shalom? Oh well.


    No apologies necessary, White Master. Just don’t want readers to get too lost here.

    My blog is dedicated to awakening other Whites, first and foremost. That’s why I’m sometimes a little more optimistic sounding than a few other people here. My goal is to instill a little backbone.
    March 28, 2008 at 8:37 pm


    “You might be able to squeeze the trigger once or twice, but by the looks of your fat rear end, you’ll move too slow. Once you’ve given away your pos, whites with years of hunting and war experience (considerably less cowardly Jews have such experience) will riddle your bloated hide with steel-core and full metal jacket.

    And I’m quite certain that your rich fantasies of expertise are just that: Fantasies. Best run along and slobber down some more blintzes and matzoh ball soup while you got the chance Fatso, because — sooner or later — it’ll be black bread and sewer water for your kind when we have you holed up in your SINagogues.”
    I’m sick and tired of all the BS out there.
    Got that?

    Government traitors blatantly lying to us about 9/11, the North American Union and Iraq; the private monopoly parasite called the Federal Reserve; Wall Street Elites solely out to enrich themselves; anti-White Mestizos taking over the Southwest; the violent and Affirmative Action-spoiled Blacks; Corporate Globalist whores uprooting the country’s manufacturing to make a buck; the media controlled by Zionist Global Elites; Neo-cons and Israel-Firsters leading us into Mideast wars over the precious State of Israel and Pax Americana; The ever-profit hungry Military-Industrial Complex bilking world-wide conflict; Politicians corrupted by American Zionists and Corporate/Military lobbyists; Illegal Immigrants spitting on our sovereignty and getting benefits that even we don’t get; Mossad Spies openly stealing US secrets and blackmailing our politicians; Sicko Homos and Transgenders openly parading their filth; Pornographers addicting people to smut; Jew supremacists attacking Whites in the media and education; Jew Multicults promoting interracial and homosexual sex for the Goyim sheeple; Christian-Zionists supporting those that seek their eventual demise; braindead Whites who believe all the BS fed to them by the “talking heads” on TV and last, but certainly not least – those lily-white, deluded Liberals, who work so hard as enablers for the above – all trying to prove how sensitive and caring that they think they are.

    What a joke. What a big, fat lying joke on America, anymore.
    I’ve had it with all of this BS,
    How about you?

    And this is where I’ll say whatever the HELL I want to about it all, regardless of whether you like it or not.

    And I know that a lot of it might tick some of you off — GOOD!

    —>>>Then you must belong to one of the aforementioned groups. <<—

    If you can’t see or understand where all of this is really going – what the White race is allowing to happen to themselves – then you’re a part of the problem. We may very well, one day soon, find ourselves and our children as minorities in some nightmarish, Third World cesspool, ruled over by a Police State and what was once America, will be a long, distant memory…

    – INCOG MAN, 2007 End Quote

  3. Hoff says:

    Flanders says:
    May 8, 2011 at 1:54 pm
    “6,000,000 Jewish families were expelled from Russia between 1890 and 1902?.


    Very, very good find Flanders.

  4. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Here’s two more scenarios to cheer you up Flanders. Talking time is over. It’s time to put a stop to this shit. You will have plenty of time to talk about history, the history of jew eradication in the united States, after we’re done. If you somehow survive, that is.

    The Zombie Apocalypse The most frightening threat will come from other people.

    In Death Osama bin Laden Causes Another War
    “There has never been such an opportunity for the US government to stage a false flag event in order to start yet another war as there is today. The set up is obvious to libertarians and some sane others, but it eludes most all Americans who are busy dancing in the street after the so-called killing of Osama bin Laden.”

  5. WHITEMAN says:

    WHITE PATRIOT – most of the folks posting at Incogman.net haven’t got a clue about what is coming and they’ll probably start making preparations the day the bad news shows up on CNN. They’ll starve and or be killed by the thugs that will be filling their neighborhoods when the SHTF. However, I do enjoy watching some of the Youtube videos that they post. Get ready to burn your dollars for warmth or use em’ for toilet paper – coming because of the Jew.

  6. Hoff says:

    “During the war the WJC had created an institute of Jewish Affairs in New York (lts headquarters are now in London). The directors were two great Lithuanian Jewish jurists, Jacob and Nehemiah Robinson. Thanks to them, the lnstitute worked out two completely revolutionary ideas: the Nuremburg tribunal and German reperations.”

    “… if, as we hoped, the Jewish state was created, the Germans would pay compensation to enable the survivors to settle there. The first time this idea was expressed was during the war, in the course of a conference in Baltimore.”


    Zionist leader Nahum Goldmann, co-founder of the World Jewish Congress alongside fellow arch-Zionist Rabbi Stephen Wise (who stated in 1900 that 6,000,000 suffering Jews was a good argument for Zionism), admitted in his book, The Jewish Paradox (published in 1976), that a number of Jews planned the Nuremburg show-tribunal and “German reparations” years before the war’s end.


    Nahum Goldmann signing the Reparations Treaty with Germany 1952
    Pic top right.

    Goldmann later recounted a humorous episode from that period of intense informal negotiations (1945).
    ‘The car stopped in front of the porch and at the sight of us, Roosevelt said: “Just look, Sam Rosenman, Rabbi Stephen Wise, and Goldmann are having a discussion. Go ahead, Sam will tell me what I have to do on Monday”. His car started and Roosevelt had it stop again to say: “Could you imagine what Goebbels would give to have a picture of this scene. “The President of the United States is getting advice about how to behave from the Three Wise Men of Zion”.’ [25]


  7. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    WHITEMAN- Totally correct. It appears that many or most of them are fictional Persona characters and/or shalom himself. Others seem to think they are impressing somebody by posting loads of obsolete crap or using kikepedia as their source. WTF, what a fucking joke. Are Whites really that fucking stupid or are the disinfo posters just pretending so by reinforcing each other characters bullshit? It is exactly the same strategy used by the kike filth spit and spewed by kike scum on the kike so-called ‘news’ broadcasts. IS THERE AN OBVIOUS PATTERN HERE? hehe Answer: YES

    btw, Where the fuck IS shalom? hehe

  8. Flanders says:


    The Pattern:


  9. WHITE PATRIOT says:

    Here is more evidence pointing toward the upcoming possible false-flag. Anyone that is genuine and capable of defending what’s left of our country should take heed.

    As for you Ned, I think maybe you need to find yourself a woman and stop spending 18 hours a day on the internet. But otherwise I don’t give a flying fuck- you are a loser. Bwahahahahahahaha *plonk*

    Want to know about HAARP , VLF, UHF and weather modification? Want to prove it to a non-believer? Here you go! http://www.dutchsinse.com/blog/?p=660

    New Madrid – Gas – Yellowstone and The Gulf of Mexico Pt 1 of 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8H5o6AnwW0&feature=player_detailpage

    5/7/2011 — St. Louis MO, Springfield IL, Paducah KY, Evansville IN = 24 – 48 severe weather http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TzGyQ7SEzA

  10. Hohlscheibe says:


  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Cottage News posted this article. I forgot to mention it last night.

  12. A Real Man Speaks says:

    All you take notice of this brilliant piece of writing by a real man saying what needs to be said:

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011
    The Martyrdom of Edgar Steele

    “This is a transcript of my recent Radio Free Northwest podcast on the Edgar Steele case. I am publishing this transcript to prevent any possible future alteration or tampering with the audio by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The podcast may be downloaded from


    * * * * * * * *

    Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. It’s May the 12th. 2011, I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.

    This week’s podcast will be shorter than usual, and there will be no musical interludes, because what I have to say this week is of vital importance. I want to keep it short and simple, and avoid any potential distractions.

    On Thursday, May the 5th, Edgar Steele was found guilty of all four charges against him. The media has reported that he now faces thirty years in prison at sentencing. They’re wrong. Edgar Steele is a man of 65 with severe medical problems. Whatever the judge gives him, the sentence will be death.

    It’s customary to wait until someone is dead before burying them. Edgar Steele will be buried alive. This elderly man, who spent his entire adult life serving the law and the judicial system which betrayed him and destroyed him, will be warehoused in a box somewhere in the GULAG archipelago of the vast slave labor system which the American government and American corporations run for their profit, and there Edgar Steele will wait to die.

    The so-called trial of Edgar Steele was an unmitigated horror. The so-called trial of Edgar Steele was arguably the final degradation of the once proud and vibrant legal system we inherited from our ancestors in Great Britain. It is a tradition spanning eight centuries, which began in June of 1215 in the meadow of Runymede with the creation of the Magna Carta, the Great Charter that above all established the rule of law as the basic underlying principle of Anglo-Saxon society.

    That tradition of almost eight centuries came to an end on May the 5th, 2011, when a sick and elderly man was murdered by the courts of the United States, because those who rule us did not like what Edgar Steele had to say and decided to destroy him, out of no reason that anyone can determine other than petty, vindictive, senile spite.

    With one bang of a federal judge’s gavel, the world has returned to the thirteenth century, as if the previous 800 years had never been. Once more we are back in the days when the king, or the local baron, can simply command his henchmen to drag a peasant away into the castle dungeon so that the lord may take his home, his cow, his daughter or his life at will.

    Edgar Steele’s defense was simple: he didn’t do it. He did not say the things that the alleged audio recordings have him saying. Nor was this mere paranoia on his part. There is in fact extensive electronic and forensic evidence that the recorded conversations between Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax were tampered with and altered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    But the jury was never allowed to see that evidence. Two electronics experts were willing to swear in court to the fact that the audio tracks had been tampered with by the FBI, and were fraudulent. These experts were not allowed to testify by order of the judge.

    The precedent has now been established that henceforth no one will be allowed to question the veracity or authenticity of any evidence presented in court by the FBI; from this point on, the American secret police are free to come up with any piece of fabricated rubbish they feel like, in order to frame someone that the government finds inconvenient for crimes that he or she did not commit. There have been others before Edgar Steele, but now that the FBI has been given the green light by the judge in the Steele case, there will be many more to come.

    The grotesque and vicious Edgar Steele case has further established that no American any longer has the right to present a defense against whatever absurd and deranged charges some U.S. Attorney sees fit to bring against them, without first obtaining permission from the very system and the very government functionaries who seek their destruction. What’s wrong with this picture?

    I’m severely hampered here, because I am unable to say publicly what really should be said. The First Amendment, the right to express any opinion and to do so without punishment and retaliation by those in power, the freedom of speech and of thought which was once this country’s crowning glory, is no more. In Obama’s America, white men who say or write things which the regime or certain politically protected minorities find disagreeable are now subject to harassment, legal persecution, and in Edgar Steele’s case, to judicial murder.

    It’s been like that for quite some time, of course, but last Thursday’s verdict has finally stripped the last veneer of legality and legitimacy off the criminal power structure that rules us. It cannot be denied or ignore anymore that the government of the United States is no longer a legitimate or lawful government, for they have finally violated their own laws and their own standards so egregiously that the social contract that allows them to rule us is broken for all time. From now on, the government of the United States is just another gang of thugs, no different from the Crips and the Bloods, only better dressed and better armed.

    Nor are they particularly brave or manly thugs. America is a coward that shows its prowess in destroying old men.

    In the same week in which Edgar Steele was crucified by the same system he so foolishly spent most of his life serving, another elderly man was murdered in a house in Pakistan by gunmen from the United States who broke into his home and shot him dead, unarmed, in front of his family. without even the shabby sham of a trial that Edgar Steele got.

    Many years before, in the same Idaho that perpetrated this ghastly outrage against Steele, the same gunmen murdered 14 year-old Sam Weaver by shooting him in the back and later on shot Vickie Weaver dead in the door of her home while she was holding her baby in her arms.

    The government that framed and murdered Edgar Steele are the same people who burned children alive at Waco and continue to fire multi-million dollar Predator drones at elementary schools and Muslim weddings in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The United States and its thugs are really good at killing old men, women, and children. I can’t help but wonder just how big and bad and tough all these FBI and BATF and U.S. Marshals would be if they ever came up against grown men who had the skill and the courage to shoot back. In fact, I’ve written several novels on the subject. America is not an eagle. America is a rat, with a yellow stripe running down its back.

    They need not worry, though. We who remain will not deal with the judicial murder of Edgar Steele as we should, as upright and honorable free men should, as our own ancestors not too long ago would have done. We will not deal with the destruction of Edgar Steele as decency and justice demand because we lack the will, the self-respect, and above all we lack the courage to do so. All we will do while Edgar Steele is dragged away to his tomb is to whine on the internet. No one will hear us, and no one would listen to us if they did, because our craven acquiescence to this monstrous act renders us unworthy of notice.

    So be it. One has to play the hand one is dealt.

    But at least I’m going to say what has to be said, and if you FBI and Justice Department reptiles who are listening to this are displeased by what I have to say, I promise you won’t have to alter and falsify this recording like you did the recordings of Edgar Steele with your informer Larry Fairfax. I’m going to say what needs to be said, and if you don’t like it, you can all go straight to hell.

    Edgar Steele used to end all of his articles on his Conspiracy Penpal site with his signature phrase, “New America: An Idea Whose Time Has Come.”

    He was wrong. The solution is not a New America, Ed. It’s No America.

    America must end. It is a diseased, leprous thing. There is no health or goodness in it, there hasn’t been for a long time, and the ultimate interest of all humanity lies in this rotting and poisonous monster called the United States being removed from the earth. All of us know in our souls what has to be done. The problem is that out of our own weakness and cowardice, we’re just sitting around waiting for some one else to do it.

    But that won’t last forever. Eventually someone will do what has to be done and expunge the United States and the worms and grubs who serve it from the earth. Tyranny such as this inevitably becomes intolerable, and at some point even the most supine and cowardly of people will reach a point where the chains of fear and intimidation and brainwashing and bullying will not hold, and they find that they would rather die themselves than live one more day like this.

    It is virtually certain that Edgar Steele will be dead in body as well as in law by then. I wish I could promise you all that someday the prison doors will be blown open, and Edgar Steele will be brought out into the light again, but I can’t. I cannot make that decision. Only you who are listening to this can.

    What I will do, as a kind of epitaph for a fine and decent man and a damned good writer and commentator who has drawn the short straw and must now descend into living hell never to return, is I will read an article of my own that I wrote a few years ago. It’s called Let’s Talk A Little Treason.

    * * * * * * * *

    In Ireland, when a man has an old friend over for dinner, after the meal is over he will generally tell his wife the traditional Irish tale: “Love, Seamus and I are going down to the pub and talk a little treason.” (That’s from Brendan Behan, I think.)

    Oh, hell, let’s come right out and say it. Us White boys need to be talking a little treason.

    I notice that the great state of Oregon is about to pass more grotesque “hatecrime” laws in favor of sodomites, making perverts who commit the filthiest acts imaginable (people don’t seem to realize what it is that homosexuals actually do) a politically and legally protected class. Better than me, in the eyes of the law. Better than any white man who likes girls, because they will have specific legal protections that we are denied.

    There is no more equality under the law. Some states are even worse; in Idaho all women, period are considered a special politically and legally protected class under these deranged hatecrime laws, effectively meaning that only heterosexual white males are without legal protection against “hate” and only white males can be victimized only on the lowest level, as mere Americans. Less than a woman of their own race, less than a Mexican, less than a faggot, less than a black. Three-fifths of a man, at best.

    I’m going to say something now to all my fellow girl-loving honkies, and I’m dead serious. I think we need to start re-evaluating our relationship with the United States of America, with a view towards bringing that relationship to an end.

    America gives us nothing except ridicule, hatred, contempt and oppression. America ignores our interests, laughs at us and reviles us, picks our pockets, discriminates against us with affirmative action and racial quotas, and kicks us in the teeth when we try to protest or petition for the redress of just grievances. America rigs the electoral process so that no one without ten million dollars in the bank should even think about running for office, and so that only criminals, incompetents, and mentally unbalanced mediocrities can win. America passes laws that give foreigners who are in our country illegally, and perverts who literally wallow in their own filth during sexual acts, a preferred and privileged status over us.

    Every time we turn on the television we see grinning black and brown monkey-faces mocking and reviling us, mincing faggots waving their limp wrists mocking and reviling us, toilet-mouthed Jews like the loathsome Sarah Silverman spewing hatred and abuse at us, pathological liars in the White House and Congress pissing down our back and assuring us with solemn faces that it is raining.

    Thanks to the media and the Jews who control the media, when the world thinks of White males they think of revolting cartoon characters. George Washington, Daniel Boone, and Charles Lindbergh have been replaced by Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.

    White women are in their own way just as much victims as White men are, although some of them haven’t quite seen sufficiently through the feminist horse shit to understand that. If we can ever succeed in de-programming our sisters and making them understand what has been done to them, so that they realize that their place is by their menfolks’ side and not with the Jews who hate them and hold them in just as much contempt as they do white men, calling them shiksas, etc…well, if we can ever succeed in doing that, you kikes had better start running.

    White people do the real work in this country; Mexicans and blacks do nothing that couldn’t be done twice as well and at half the expense by a good cart horse. Robotics will eventually make the black man and the brown man completely obsolete.

    White people pay the overwhelming percentage of the taxes that finance the grotesque horror show that is America. White boys, and increasingly girls, are dragged into the military and come back from the Jews’ foreign wars with their bodies mangled, to rot in the filthy Army hospitals like Walter Reed, because the influx of illegal aliens has taken all the entry-level jobs in their home towns and there is no future for White kids where they grew up.

    White people, especially boys, are denied access to college education, to employment, to workplace promotion and job stability because of their skin color, because of their gender, and increasingly because of their age. I could go on and on, but if you’re White, you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re not White, I’m not talking to you anyway.

    Guys—and gals—let me ask you something. What the hell do we owe a society that treats us like this?

    The neocons wave their red, white, and blue Masonic dishrags and babble about all this “freedom” we’ve got. Bullshit.

    What freedom? The freedom to never be able to get any kind of decent career because you’re the wrong color and you’ve got convex genitalia? The freedom not to be admitted to college because their quota for White boys was filled by the sons of the wealthy elite long before you even applied? The freedom to spend thirty years in the workforce and see incompetent affirmative action employees promoted over your head year after year?

    What freedom? The freedom to pay one third of your income to support stupid wars in the Middle East to protect the Jews from the consequences of their own behavior? The freedom to “vote” in elections where half the time these arrogant swine no longer bother to conceal the massive fraud?

    What freedom? The freedom to have your children corrupted by the endless tsunami of filth from the television screen and taught sodomy techniques in school? The freedom to have your son and your daughter come back from Iraq in a plastic bag or minus some limbs because all of the jobs in their home town had been gobbled up by illegals and the military was the only place they could get a paycheck?

    What freedom? The freedom to be insulted, belittled, and spat upon every time we turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper? The freedom to eventually be carried off to the living hell of some state-run “nursing home” when the government finally finds some way to steal the Social Security and Medicare fund and piss it away in the deserts of Iraq or blow it on the stock market?

    What the hell kind of loyalty do we owe to a government that has made us third-class citizens? What the hell kind of loyalty do we owe to a state that uses us like toilet paper and throws us away?

    Why, exactly, should we respect the “rights” of media garbage people who give us nothing but insults, contempt, and vilification?

    Why, exactly, should we allow our country to be taken over by millions of Mexican mestizos and all the overflow from the Third World’s sewers, and never raise a hand in our own defense because the tyrant’s law forbids it?

    Yes, yes, I know the United States of America is “the law.” Of course it is. Tyrants always are the law. That’s why they’re tyrants and not simple gangsters. The difference between Barack Hussein Obama and John Gotti is only a technicality of paperwork.

    (Except that Gotti dressed better and killed a lot fewer people.)

    When the law is cruel and uncaring; when the law is vicious; when the law is oppression wrapped up in paper and forced down the throats of the powerless, the coerced and the cowed; when the law is enforced by steroid-popping bullies with badges and jackals with briefcases and reptiles in black robes who use it solely to maintain their own power over other human beings and to squeeze them dry of every last wretched penny they possess; when the law is being used to do you and your family harm, then you are under no obligation to obey it.

    In every society there is a social contract that cuts both ways. The United States Constitution was an attempt to create such a contract, and until 1861 it worked. But we need to be very clear on this: the White American has upheld that contract and is even now upholding it as the blood of our young men is spilled in the Iraqi desert. It is the federal government of the United States and the squamous alien things who have stolen it away from us who have violated that social contract, again and again and again over the past century.

    Like an abused wife, White Americans have put up with it all from our cheating, lying, thieving, murdering government—the beatings, the drinking up the rent money, the lipstick on the collar, the constant bullying and browbeating. But even the most abused spouse eventually decides it’s time for a divorce. That time has come. Enough! Fuck the United States government, fuck democracy, fuck America! We’ve seen enough, we’ve had enough, and we want out.

    Yeah, I know. Our ancestors tried this in 1861. Well, it’s time for a re-match. Here in the Northwest, and anyplace else where White males are tired of being treated like dogs, and finally decide to show the Jews that dogs have teeth.

    And you know something? I think if we ever do pull off the old Macbeth trick and “screw our courage to the sticking point,” I suspect the world will discover that as far as the baby-shit brown Barack Hussein Obama goes—well, he damned sure ain’t no Abraham Lincoln.

    * * * * * * * *

    The United States has murdered Edgar Steele; he’s just not physically dead yet. There is one thing and one thing alone that we can do for him: we can make sure that his work continues to be read and that his name is never forgotten.

    The Americans are fools: they have taken from us the lives of our martyred dead, but they have left us their names and their memories, and from those memories and from that martyred blood will spring a force that someday will unleash the fury of hell upon the vile tyranny that has done this, and on all those who have served that tyranny for a monthly direct deposit paycheck into their bank accounts.

    Someday, at the hand of someone most likely as yet unknown, the filth that is America will be purged from the world with fire and sword. The darkness that covers this land will be lifted, and a new generation of White children will be born and grow strong in the light.

    And when they do, they will remember the name of Edgar Steele, while the dogs who devoured him will be consigned to oblivion.

    Well, our time is up and so that’s it for this week’s edition of Radio Free Northwest. This program is brought to you by the Northwest Front, Post Office Box 4856, Seattle, Washington 98194 or you can go to the Party’s website at http://www.northwestfront.org. This is Harold Covington and I’ll see you next week. Until then, Saoirse an dath Bàn – Freedom!”

    posted by The Old Man at 9:42 AM http://downwithjugears.blogspot.com/2011/05/martyrdom-of-edgar-steele.html

  13. Julian Lee says:

    Yes, men who stand for Whites in their real name and face are real men, indeed. Or, those who do serious works anonymously such as Incogman. At this point we need an 80/20 mix before we turn into Canada.

  14. Julian Lee says:

    Harold Covington is a great writer and teacher.
    And I don’t care much what is personal flaws may be (I am sure they are far less than those of the current U.S. president): He’s putting out a message helpful to Whites.

  15. Lynda says:

    Are you two jewboons having fun throwing scat and fag on Messageboard? Perhaps you bois should retire now and take your auto-erotic activities to your room. Too much wanking at the computer will definitely whack you in the head ( even more than normal wanking ) because of the positive ionizing radiation.

  16. Lynda says:

    Oh. I see you have gone and Incogman has deleted your comments. Good.

  17. jack orr says:

    cointelprotoday.org The police and FBI are terorrist they are torturing thousands all over the U.S. They are killing some citzens that dont even know they are targetted.

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