Obama Refuses to Show Dead Osama Photos

I’M SURE YOU’VE now heard that Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, is not releasing any photos or video evidence of the supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden.

First off, we already know Obama is a lying sack of crap (is that racist?). With his little birth certificate gambit now totally exposed as a fraud by computer graphics experts, so we know he lied his skinny mulatto ass off BIG TIME just days before this event.

They tell us Obama won’t release a photo of the dead Osama because it might offend Muslims and put us in retaliation danger from the evil Jihadis. OK. Funny, word has already leaked out that the shot of the dead Osama cleaned up before dumped into the ocean doesn’t look like him very much, yet a gory shot taken at an Afghanistan airbase shortly after the assassination does. Now, why would that be?

Obama’s people says “biometrics” proved it was him. FOX news brought out a retinal eye scan expert to demonstrate how they could do it that way. But guess what? If it was done like so, Osama would have to have been in the system in the first place. Hmmm, maybe the original retinal scan was taken when his code name was “Tim Osman” while working for the CIA in the Muhajadin?

That leaves facial recognition biometrics. This is computer measurements of the position and size of various elements of the face, like the distance between the eyes and the length of the nose. Very possible, even by using news photos and videos of the known Bin Laden.

But any DNA evidence could actually be faked. What you say? Yep, Israeli scientists have recently revealed (they so love to brag) they could manufacture DNA sequences artificially. They already had samples from his mother and brothers to cobble something together.

So basically, we really haven’t got JACK SQUAT. Just word from Obama and we know he lied up the ying yang over his birth certificate only 3 days previously.

REUTERS bought some gory shots (above) taken by Pakistani police within one hour of the raid, presumably the bodies of his couriers and son, but we don’t know that either. The photos were NOT released by Obama, contrary to what FOX news said earlier tonight during the Bret Baier segment, but later reported correctly by Shepard Smith.

His young Yemini wife, 29 year-old Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah (right), is now said to have been shot in the leg and survived, instead of being killed outright like the men. Obama’s people at first said she was used as a human shield, implying dishonor on Bin Laden — just like the Israelis always try to say about the Palestinians, coincidentally.

In the room were many children, too. His 12 year old daughter reported her father had been captured before they shot him dead. That’s believable, even that young. And Obama may have slipped up Monday night, saying Bin Laden was “captured and shot.”

Osama Bin Laden may have realized the jig was up and was willing to surrender to the Great Satan with so many children around. His wife may have been shot after going hysterical when the Seal team ignored Bin Laden giving up and “double-tapped” him in the back of the head. This possibility is born out by descriptions of a large gruesome hole in the man’s forehead and one of his eyeballs shot or knocked out, clearly indicating exit wounds to the front.

The raid also cost us a stealth Blackhawk helicopter. Something mechanical went wrong on landing, so they decided to blow it up. I wonder how many tens of millions that baby cost? I’m certain the Pakis will sell parts of the wreckage to the Chinese, no matter how small, for them to reverse engineer and maybe use against America down the road. Great.

You couldn’t help noticing this killing set off a huge round of media 9/11 talk, including some new documentaries on National Geographic. They even have a “terror” marathon scheduled for Saturday. It’s like they were ready for it. Of course, every single media outlet supports the company line, even uses some patent lies long exposed. When you know both sides of the story, you can see how they carefully avoid certain aspects, knowing all the holes they can’t explain about 9/11.

Apparently, they are now trying their best to use the Osama Bin Laden killing to drive the terrorist business home, perhaps fewer will be susceptible to “conspiracy theories.” Osama Bin Laden was probably was out to get us, but 9/11 itself was certainly the doings of secretive people on “our side” — dead-set on making that day a nightmare for America, so as to give them an excuse to invade the region. We’re still over there, in case you have forgotten.

So, we really don’t know if the body dumped into the sea was Osama Bin Laden. I know that sounds so conspiracy, but it’s the damn truth, if you stand back and look at it. Plenty of good sources say he was killed at Tora Bora in late 2001 and his digital likeness milked for propaganda ever since. In this day and age, it’s technically very possible.

The compound’s inhabitants could easily have been innocent people selected to take the fall. That remains to be seen and probably hinges on the testimony of the supposed wife shot in the leg and in custody of the Pakis. The media may be passing veiled backroom threats to the Pakis on how much money we give them (never do they report on what we give the Israelis); going on and on over their lack of “war on terror” efforts and what they knew of Bin Laden’s location. 

It could also be Bin Laden after-all. If it was, the way they did it still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. This is something the Jews would do. Hell, everything we do anymore here and abroad is just like how these murderous, Goyim-hating bastards might do things.

The morality and honor of this country has been turned so far upside down by this race that American citizens have little understanding just how far we have gone. They suspect things are not right somehow, but choose not to look in the mirror and see what the Jews have turned us into.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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