Obama Refuses to Show Dead Osama Photos

I’M SURE YOU’VE now heard that Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, is not releasing any photos or video evidence of the supposed killing of Osama Bin Laden.

First off, we already know Obama is a lying sack of crap (is that racist?). With his little birth certificate gambit now totally exposed as a fraud by computer graphics experts, so we know he lied his skinny mulatto ass off BIG TIME just days before this event.

They tell us Obama won’t release a photo of the dead Osama because it might offend Muslims and put us in retaliation danger from the evil Jihadis. OK. Funny, word has already leaked out that the shot of the dead Osama cleaned up before dumped into the ocean doesn’t look like him very much, yet a gory shot taken at an Afghanistan airbase shortly after the assassination does. Now, why would that be?

Obama’s people says “biometrics” proved it was him. FOX news brought out a retinal eye scan expert to demonstrate how they could do it that way. But guess what? If it was done like so, Osama would have to have been in the system in the first place. Hmmm, maybe the original retinal scan was taken when his code name was “Tim Osman” while working for the CIA in the Muhajadin?

That leaves facial recognition biometrics. This is computer measurements of the position and size of various elements of the face, like the distance between the eyes and the length of the nose. Very possible, even by using news photos and videos of the known Bin Laden.

But any DNA evidence could actually be faked. What you say? Yep, Israeli scientists have recently revealed (they so love to brag) they could manufacture DNA sequences artificially. They already had samples from his mother and brothers to cobble something together.

So basically, we really haven’t got JACK SQUAT. Just word from Obama and we know he lied up the ying yang over his birth certificate only 3 days previously.

REUTERS bought some gory shots (above) taken by Pakistani police within one hour of the raid, presumably the bodies of his couriers and son, but we don’t know that either. The photos were NOT released by Obama, contrary to what FOX news said earlier tonight during the Bret Baier segment, but later reported correctly by Shepard Smith.

His young Yemini wife, 29 year-old Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah (right), is now said to have been shot in the leg and survived, instead of being killed outright like the men. Obama’s people at first said she was used as a human shield, implying dishonor on Bin Laden — just like the Israelis always try to say about the Palestinians, coincidentally.

In the room were many children, too. His 12 year old daughter reported her father had been captured before they shot him dead. That’s believable, even that young. And Obama may have slipped up Monday night, saying Bin Laden was “captured and shot.”

Osama Bin Laden may have realized the jig was up and was willing to surrender to the Great Satan with so many children around. His wife may have been shot after going hysterical when the Seal team ignored Bin Laden giving up and “double-tapped” him in the back of the head. This possibility is born out by descriptions of a large gruesome hole in the man’s forehead and one of his eyeballs shot or knocked out, clearly indicating exit wounds to the front.

The raid also cost us a stealth Blackhawk helicopter. Something mechanical went wrong on landing, so they decided to blow it up. I wonder how many tens of millions that baby cost? I’m certain the Pakis will sell parts of the wreckage to the Chinese, no matter how small, for them to reverse engineer and maybe use against America down the road. Great.

You couldn’t help noticing this killing set off a huge round of media 9/11 talk, including some new documentaries on National Geographic. They even have a “terror” marathon scheduled for Saturday. It’s like they were ready for it. Of course, every single media outlet supports the company line, even uses some patent lies long exposed. When you know both sides of the story, you can see how they carefully avoid certain aspects, knowing all the holes they can’t explain about 9/11.

Apparently, they are now trying their best to use the Osama Bin Laden killing to drive the terrorist business home, perhaps fewer will be susceptible to “conspiracy theories.” Osama Bin Laden was probably was out to get us, but 9/11 itself was certainly the doings of secretive people on “our side” — dead-set on making that day a nightmare for America, so as to give them an excuse to invade the region. We’re still over there, in case you have forgotten.

So, we really don’t know if the body dumped into the sea was Osama Bin Laden. I know that sounds so conspiracy, but it’s the damn truth, if you stand back and look at it. Plenty of good sources say he was killed at Tora Bora in late 2001 and his digital likeness milked for propaganda ever since. In this day and age, it’s technically very possible.

The compound’s inhabitants could easily have been innocent people selected to take the fall. That remains to be seen and probably hinges on the testimony of the supposed wife shot in the leg and in custody of the Pakis. The media may be passing veiled backroom threats to the Pakis on how much money we give them (never do they report on what we give the Israelis); going on and on over their lack of “war on terror” efforts and what they knew of Bin Laden’s location. 

It could also be Bin Laden after-all. If it was, the way they did it still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. This is something the Jews would do. Hell, everything we do anymore here and abroad is just like how these murderous, Goyim-hating bastards might do things.

The morality and honor of this country has been turned so far upside down by this race that American citizens have little understanding just how far we have gone. They suspect things are not right somehow, but choose not to look in the mirror and see what the Jews have turned us into.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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182 Responses to Obama Refuses to Show Dead Osama Photos

  1. t bone says:

    marx wrote ‘das capital’ and ‘the communist manifesto’.
    I always wondered why he wrote those books.

    ‘Where the connection?’ I asked myself.

    I started to understand a few years ago but now I’m convinced.

    The capitalist jews can only remain that way as long as the societies they swindle are under communist control.

  2. Steve says:

    @ Julian

    Powerful creations Julian. Thank you.

    1. “White People Are Cool 2: Who Wants Whites To Race Mix?” by Julian Lee

    2. “The Western Sky” by Julian Lee

  3. warrior.hun says:

    Dear Incogman and All,

    guess who were the first to “find” the new “Al-Qaeda” threat video confirming the death of Osama Bin Laden, on “jihadist forums”?
    Surprise, surprise: Rita Katz and her famous siteintelgroup, aka. SITE, aka. Mossad Lohamah Psichlogit.
    Yep, the israeli producers of all of the fake “Al-Qaeda” videos.
    As “Al-Qaeda” is threatening with revenge, in my opinion that means the Mistaravim pseudo-terrorist units of IDF are training right now to pull of their next false-flag terror attack…

  4. JamesTheJust says:

    I’m with you Warrior. Also notice that Michael Chertoff (a.k.a. Son of the devil) has been seen in the spotlight a lot lately. Hardly the norm for FORMER Homeland Security Chiefs unless it is strictly in an advisory role.

    If their plans are not already finalized, I will be surprised.

    Pray for the best but prepare for the worst.

  5. Julian Lee says:

    Thanks Steve!

    (Geez Louise, I just listened to that Western Sky. Needs a remix! I’ve learned a lot about EQ since that mix. You got me inspired to do that this week.)

  6. Julian Lee says:

    Jake: “I know that it’s jew theater, but if one plays along like the jew theater is true, and watches the audience, it really blows my mind how people act towards his death; instead of mourning victims, they celebrate the death of the perpetrator. It reminds me of the way a certain someone was treated by the jews 2,000 years ago.”

    That’s an important observation.
    You know, I cannot imagine Hitler, the Nazis — or the German nation as a whole — acting in that barbaric manner and celebrating anybody’s death.

    So guess what’s happened to White Gentiles under Judenreich (de facto Jewish rule via media control and control of our government):

    They’ve turned into people just like the barbaric Jews of the Old Testament. So there is something to be said for the Marxist/Jewish theory that they can turn people into whatever they like, whatever they like, and whatever they like — via conditioning, environment.

    On the other hand, the blood and even more the soul/jiva have their own reality and impulses. (Think of all those former noble German soldiers killed in the last great Jew war. Those jivas/souls still exist. Probably many already back here.)

    Take away the overwhelming power of conditioning that the tribe has via media control and money-control of Washington, and many things will rearrange themselves into more natural patterns. The present condition of American contains distortion and conditioning impressed upon them. Conditioning is powerful indeed. Jews set great store by it and work 24-7 to condition us their way from birth, especially using TV/movies and the schools. But it is attested in the Aryan Vedas/Upanishads that conditioning of the mind and individual entity (jiva) can wear off and be overwritten. They can’t turn White people into Jews indefinitely because it is against naturalness, and everything changes.

    My two cents plus a little bit of opportunistic instruction about ideas in the ancient Aryan religions, real basis of Christian religion. =9.)=

  7. Silvernickel says:

    Incogman, check out this freaky negroid teacher. He lost his job, so he deemed it enlightening to show “all da chillren, muh dick!” I hope the Obongo Mulatto puppet goes off the deep end and does this shit in pubic….err….I mean in public. haha!


  8. American says:



  9. Mrs. Brown says:

    Thanks for your work, whoever you (incog) are.

  10. American says:


    That negro teacher’s inflatable lips remind me of sharing cigarettes in high school. If the butt came back wet with spit, the last guy “nigger-lipped” it. lol!!


  11. Silvernickel says:

    LMBO, American.

    Yeah, I wouldnt share a cig with that schizo jig.

  12. t bone says:

    16,439 jews a day.
    In one year, that would be a shade over 6 million jews.
    Do the math, johnny.

  13. t bone says:

    You think gas prices are high now?
    If the jews ever get full control of the middle east…
    …Whites will be humping around rickshaws.
    real math-gas=4.00 per gallon
    jew math-gas=14.00 per gallon ( 3.99% finance charges for qualified customers)

  14. Silvernickel says:

    “jew math-gas=14.00 per gallon ( 3.99% finance charges for qualified customers)”

    Haha, and Tbone and maybe we’ll be required by new Judeo-Obongo laws to have mandatory Credit Cards strictly for gas purchases. The Wall Street jews can then bundle/stratify our card debt up and create financial instruments (CDOs) to sell and speculate with. Oy! dat is the vey to get more from Christian whitey. A very safe dumb-a$$et backed security for sure.

  15. Flanders says:

    “Churchill’s beliefs regarding “international Jews” had validity: certain groups of Jews from one continent did engage in political actions that served the interests of Jews on other continents. As historian of the American film industry Neal Gabler pointed out in his An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, Jewish screen writers and movie executives in Hollywood USA were concerned about the plight of their Jewish brethren across the ocean in Europe.24 These important Hollywood figures held a meeting in early 1936 during which they discussed what was to be done to combat Hitler’s Germany. Film producer David Selznick wanted to fight against Hitler “in the usual Jewish way of being on the fringes and not letting yourself appear as involved in it.” He further suggested: “Don’t get too public. Do it quietly. Behind the scenes.” Apparently, other screen industry figures present wanted to conduct a more open and straightforward campaign.25”


    About those early jews in “American” media – important information to know:


    “Only the blind cannot see that whoever controls the cultural apparatus … also controls the destiny of the United States and everything in it.” – Harold Cruse, black author, The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual, Kostelanetz, p. 107

  16. Flanders says:

    From the Who We Are section of this site (the same one as carried the Churchill article above).

    “This site seeks to revive the true spirit of the historical revisionist movement; a movement that was established primarily to foster peace through an objective understanding of the causes of modern warfare. Slightly over 30 years ago, James J. Martin, one of the deans of revisionist history of the twentieth century coined the term “Inconvenient History” with his collection of essays, The Saga of Hog Island. Martin explained “inconvenient history” as:

    “a literary enterprise and an exercise in intellectual curiosity intended primarily for the record, and which is not in the service of or dedicated to the welfare of any specific group or force, as well as being a modest indication of what can be done using none but materials which are part of the public record.”

    Today we have crossed over from a time of “political correctness” to one of outright Orwellian “thought-crime” where certain historical studies are strongly discouraged and in many once-free democracies even outlawed.”


  17. Snowy Smith says:

    See Photo Attached.
    Please Forward.
    From the beginning I always thought this OBAMA was an idiot.
    He has just confirmed my original observations.

    OBAMA assassinates OSAMA
    OSAMA Bin Laden the Islamic terror masterminded the deaths of 3000 innocent people in the September 11 attacks on the twin towers in 2001?
    The above statement has been put in almost every newspaper and TV world Wide.
    What BULLSHIT, this is a blatant lie and they all should be sued for defamation.
    There is absolutely NO evidence whatsoever that OSAMA Bin Laden was involved in 911.

    What happened to Bin Laden’s constitutional Rights?
    INNOCENT until proven guilty in a Criminal Court of LAW.
    In a CRIMINAL Case they have to prove a person guilty beyond all reasonable doubt and if there is any doubt the accused is entitled to the benefit of that doubt and found NOT GUILTY.
    The onus of proof is on the Criminal Court and the Prosecutor to prove their case.
    I suggest they still do the Criminal Trial and let them bring their conclusive proof and evidence.
    Anybody with more than two brain cells knows Osama Bin Laden had absolutely nothing to do with 911.
    It would have taken between 2 to 3 weeks with dozens of explosive experts to put truckloads, tons of explosives and wire then in the implosion of the 3 buildings.
    Did anyone see Osama Ben Laden and his men walking around the Buildings pushing dozens of wheelbarrows with tons of explosives for 2 to 3 weeks? IMPOSSIBLE.
    Airplane fuel cannot melt steel or burn concrete. IMPOSSIBLE.
    Do this simple test, get some structural steel and some concrete put them in a fire of airplane fuel.
    I am prepared to bet you my house that Airplane fuel cannot melt steel or burn concrete.
    You can put airplane fuel on them for a YEAR and the steel will still NOT melt and the concrete will NOT burn.
    Airplane fuel at the top of the buildings cannot implode the buildings and cut all the massive Structural steel support columns at 75 degrees and melt the Structural Steel columns in the basement.
    Airplane fuel at the top of the buildings cannot make massive explosions in the lobby and basement of those buildings. IMPOSSIBLE.
    Airplane fuel at the pentagon cannot melt the massive steel and titanium engines of the plane and make the complete plane disappear. IMPOSSIBLE.
    Mr. BUSH You are insulting my intelligence
    This is an absolute insult to the public’s intelligence.

    So who did the 911?
    The evidence is overwhelming.
    Zionist JEW “PUPPET” George Walker Bush and his Zionist JEW “PUPPET MASTERS” planned, orchestrated and paid for the complete controlled demolition implosions of all the buildings, all the incidents of 911 and MURDERED the +-3000 who were killed in 911.
    They all should be CRIMINALLY Prosecuted for MURDER.
    Every person who was aware of the plans, who withheld information, who did nothing to stop it, who did not contact the Police should be prosecuted as they are all accessories before the fact.

    It’s easy to find out who did the 911
    SUBPOENA the Security Company to supply records of all the names of all the people, explosive experts and their vehicle registration details who were allowed into the buildings for 2 to 3 weeks prior to the incident.
    SUBPOENA to give evidence under oath the Security guards who were on duty for 2 to 3 weeks prior to the incident.
    A massive amount of explosives was used in this implosion and some manufacturer must have supplied them.
    Thousands of detonators and kilometres of fuses must have been used to rig all those buildings.
    SUBPOENA all the manufacturers to supply their sales records for that period.
    SUBPOENA all the Companies who do that type of work to supply their purchase records for that period.
    Someone paid for all these explosives.
    SUBPOENA all the Companies who do that type of work to supply their bank records for that period.

    OBAMA ASSASSINATES OSAMA and falsely accused him of committing the 911 murders.
    THE ZIONIST JEWS have been involved in too many ASSASSINATIONS.
    The American people have gone from the most loved in the world to the most hated in the world because of their association with these ZIONIST, Freemason, Illuminati JEWS.
    Thousands of American and British soldiers, Gentiles have been killed in unnecessary WARS planned and orchestrated by the ZIONIST, Freemason, Illuminati JEWS.
    USA Military bases in more than 50 countries, more than 60 FUSION Centres, invading our privacy.
    Stealing the oil and all the assets of all these countries.
    Fraudulently pushing this Fascist, Socialist New World Order dictatorship Police State through the United Nations.

    Obama’s reputation World Wide
    Obama’s reputation World Wide at present is rock bottom as he has been exposed as a liar and a fraud.
    The sole reason for the assassination is to try and make Obama into a hero for killing Osama. This has all been done for the elections 2012.
    It has NOT worked; Obama is still a liar and a FRAUD.

    The American people must disassociate themselves from these ZIONIST, Freemason, Illuminati JEWS and prosecute them all before it’s too late.
    What would happen if one of OSAMA’S MEN ASSASSINATES OBAMA?
    The American people must disassociate themselves from this Zionist Jew “PUPPET” OBAMA before it’s too late.
    The American people need to URGENTLY rebuild their friendship with other nations and regain their trust.
    The LIES
    Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.
    That LYING Bastard George Walker Bush.
    The TRUTH
    Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September 11th, malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from that LYING puppet George Walker Bush and his New World Order Zionist JEW puppet masters themselves, away from the guilty.
    There is only ONE group of TERRORISTS in the World today.
    The Terrorists are the Zionist Freemasons, Illuminate JEWS, New World Order Satanic Occult.
    Their Motto “By Deception We Will Make WAR”.
    The ENEMY is a Radical Network of Zionist Freemasons, Illuminate JEWS, New World Order TERRORISTS and every “PUPPET” Government who Supports them.
    NWO New World Order Satanic Occult 666 Terrorists.
    The UNITED NATIONS USA is their Headquarters.
    Banish the United Nations to Israel.
    The New World Order is a Fascist Socialist Police State, a Military Dictatorship.
    Don’t believe the New World Order propaganda.
    The New World Order is NOT a time of Peace.
    The Zionist Freemasons, Illuminate JEWS, New World Order Satanic Occult have been behind every WAR for more than 100 YEARS.
    Now these very same WAR MONGERS are trying to brainwash us with their peace propaganda.
    The New World Order is going to enslave us all and steal all our assets.
    The New World Order is a Fascist Socialist Police State, a Military Dictatorship.

    The American people have gone from the most loved in the World to the most HATED in the World as a direct result of the WAR MONGERING of the Zionist Freemasons, Illuminate JEWS, New World Order Satanic Occult.
    Banish the United Nations to Israel.
    STOP buying Zionist JEWS Newspapers.
    New World Order, One World Government, Socialism, TYRANNY.
    The ZIONIST JEWS plans are to Fraudulently steal all the Assets of the World.
    So now that you know who the ENEMY is you know what to do.
    We need to rid the World of New World Order, Socialism, TYRANNY.
    This is a National Security Emergency.
    We have an imminent threat.
    Its time to do some very serious planning and spread the word before they close down the Internet 2012.

    Gentiles of the World are awakening and the “PUPPET GOVERNMENTS” of the New World Order Occult have been exposed.
    The secret is to “see” what is going on behind the Governments, who are the New World Order “PUPPETS” and who is pulling the strings.


    You are either with us or against us.
    Gentiles of the World UNITE.
    Unity is Strength.



    Absolute Must Watch Full interview video

    1996 movie video clip: “We will blame it on the muslims”

  18. Flanders says:

    Off topic

    “A lawsuit seeking class action status accuses rent-to-own retailer Aaron’s of spying on its customers through special devices installed in leased computers.

    The complaint was filed by a Wyoming couple who were confronted by a local Aaron’s store manager with a picture of them using the Dell Inspiron laptop they leased.”


    DesignerWare LLC named in class action over spyware in computers


  19. Dianna says:

    First of all, there is no Islamic law stating a body must be buried within 24 hours but it’s totally against Islamic law for a body to be buried at sea. The Kenyan born alien provided a faked birth certificate and now he lies about killing Osama because he’s using this as a campaign tool as well as to further his agenda in Pakistan.

    The only national security risk we have in America is that this Kenyan born alien may be reelected to further the destruction of America with the aid of his Israeli puppeteers.


  20. t bone says:

    You go girl!

    Keep posting.

    Also,I’ll second that:


  21. John Barleycorn says:

    There’s been a fourth generation war waged by the CIA, Mossad and RAW (India’s spook agency) of false flags and predator drones in Pakistan for years now. Muslims killing their own? I doubt it. Now the war on turr’ narrative claims the bogeyman was hiding there. How convenient for an excuse to escalate this farce into a first generation war. The US supply route to Afghanistan runs through Pakistan, and the latter is the only Muslim state with nukes. Ben Gurion said Pakistan would someday be in Jewish crosshairs. The Jews are trying to incite their proxy war machine, the US, to invade Pakistan…and obviously, Iran. The next false flag will have to top 9/11, so it will likely be nuclear. We’re just extras in someone else’s movie, and it has the same producers as any Hollywood one. This is the prelude to WWIII.

    I highly recommend this. Afghan-Soviet war vet Zaid Hamid explains the strategic significance of Pakistan. Note his mentioning the recently deceased Richard Holbrooke (crypto Jew), director of the dismemberment of the erstwhile Yugoslavia. Look it all up for yourself, don’t take my word for any of it. The one question you must ask yourself re: 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the forthcoming Iran war is Cui Bono?

    Who benefits?


    The real reason the Propaganda Machine never, ever relents:

    “…by altering and constantly deprecating existing reality and substituting for it a fictitious image, the re-educator at last achieved the final purpose of the unmasking: to make the lie so real to the victim that he would forget what had formerly for him made sense.”

    — The Anti-Humans by Dumitru Bacu


    “All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him. If it be aristocratic in organization, then it seeks to protect the man who is superior only in law against the man who is superior in fact; if it be democratic, then it seeks to protect the man who is inferior in every way against both. One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them. All it can see in an original idea is potential change, and hence an invasion of its prerogatives. The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.”
    — H.L. Mencken

    @ Incog

    You said if I ponied up a donation you’d listen to my rant on turning this clubhouse-sandbox into a more professional news venue. I gave 50$ recently. Make the bastards pay to comment or scrap the comments section altogether. And post more original pieces. That is all.

  22. INCOG MAN says:

    John, I thank you for your contribution.

    Let me address your concerns.

    1) I try to post as much original stuff as I can, but my time is limited being just 1 guy.
    2) I cannot always keep the comments in line. It’s too much like herding cats. I do try to spamblinka the Jews, or those that appear to be Jews by stirring up the shit.
    3) This is just a site where I write about stuff that ticks me off royally and where I might have the chance to change the thinking of a few Whites. I wish I could do more — believe me, if I could snap my finger and do this I would.
    4) Your donation is not only appreciated but I think will one day help out. Of course I cannot be sure, since I’m not a prophet, just some dude. I can promise you the money will not go into anything frivolous, although I joke about cigarettes and coffee.

    Your comments are always welcome and read. Not just by me, but I think a lot of people coming here. Each article sees the eyeballs of 2000-3000 people initially and upwards of 20,000 over the course of a month or two. Some people just read the comments. Also, I back up things religiously so it’s possible people will read your comments long into the future.


  23. Hoff says:

    John Barleycorn says:
    May 8, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Make the bastards pay to comment or scrap the comments section altogether.

    You don’t know much about internet do you. lt’s the comment section that is the really interesting part of incogland. incogman does a tremendous work and he know a lot about the jews. But he don’t know everything about the jews, none does. This is where the comments comes in, they bring additional info.

    Very starnge comment by you JB.

  24. Hoff says:

    Very strange comment by you JB.

  25. John Barleycorn says:


    For every rule there’s an exception: you, Barney and a handful of others represent that here. It really cranks me when, on the precipice of Jews’ War 3, I still see thinskinned assclownery on this otherwise stellar site. You know firsthand the expenses involved in website maintenance. It seems like a win-win to make the regulars at this clubhouse open their wallets and pay for their invaluable opinions. The site stays online and no one here will have a guilty conscience — AND — the sandbox contingent will practically cease altogether.

    What’s not to like?

  26. Hoff says:

    @ JB. Thx 8O)

    There is another option to weed out the bad posters. l have on my blog that one comment must be approved by by before the comment can be seen by other then me. Once one commenter is approved they can write and get posted instantly. . l think incogman should have that option too.

    lt would save much time for incogman. And the jew trolls would never have anyting posted.

  27. Julian Lee says:

    I think John Barleycorn’s idea of making posters pay to comment is a great idea. It would give Incogman an income! And almost completely end Jewish trolling. Hey, I’ll subsidize Flanders and you, Hoff! \8v)=

  28. John Barleycorn says:

    I’m not surprised to see support from the posters who contribute worthwhile content. Free media is anything but, Volks. Websites and videos cost money to maintain and produce. You’re already paying for the disinfo that’s leading us all off the cliff, directly and indirectly. Why not lose your guilty conscience and open your wallet? The days of the internet are numbered. No one is expecting a free White man like Incog to babysit the comments section, nor should he. Incog hasn’t the ego of these other net media personalities; this late in the game I wouldn’t contribute to anyone but him.

    A pay to comment policy (with a reasonable minimum) will act as a badly needed fire hose to the hoozajoo infighting and disinfo, unintentional or otherwise. If you must post something like, “There are no Celts in Britain and never were” then you need to put your money where your mouth is.

  29. Flanders says:

    The New York Demojew, Chuck Schumer, may be leading the way for the jews to complete a takeover under the guise of the Presidency which they control.

    That may have been what the Obama-Osama ploy was really about – Hiding as they work treason is something that the jews have been very adept at doing.

    “While all of America is distracted and focused on the death of Osama bin Laden, our President and his minions have been fast at work laying the groundwork for S. 679: Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011 to speed through the Senate and then make its way into the House and then to the President to sign. Yes, the other hand is quickly forming into a dictatorial fist that is about to smash our Constitution.”

    [I will point out that I don’t endorse this site and that I consider the author of the material as being one of the “conservative” hasbara. Some of the information, such as this, may be good. Other information tends to sway heavily to the jewish and Israeli side. All of it hides the name of the jew. The “conservative” jews are as careful to do that as are the “leftist” jews. Differences between them may be attibutable to what Hoff points out as being “one jew gang v another jew gang”. Either way, the influence is always to sway against American vital interests when the jewish and Israeli interests are at stake. The “conservative” jews just have to make it seem that it is in America’s interests to support those jewish/Israeli goals. They will attack their own shills (Obama – Schumer) in an effort to hide what it is they are about, or to hide that it is jews who are doing it.]

    “I know Americans have not forgotten about Obama’s string of Czars. Czars that he was supposed to downsize or get rid of. Czars, which in my personal viewpoint, were and still are illegal under the Constitution. But progressives never go away, they just shift… As has done so many of Obama’s Czars. With this sweeping bill, over 200 positions will no longer require Senate approval. Obama will dictate who are his powerful lieutenants and who will control America. The Senate will merely be a sham to parrot Obama’s dictates. With this bill, checks and balances will be effectively nullified.

    What does that portend you say? One day, your right to own a gun will be gone, just regulated away. Businesses will be nationalized even more than they are now. Heavy regulation will ensue concerning communications and the Internet. Many, many private businesses will whither and die. You will be told what and how much to eat – food and gas rationing will become the norm. Poverty and squalor will become equal for all as wealth is redistributed to other nations. If there are elections, they will be a joke and pointless. There will be a few powerful elites and then the masses. Guess which camp you and I will be in?”

  30. Mrs. Brown says:

    Boy, was I fooled! Seeing how you ‘commentators’ either ignored Hollowcrap, or in Julians case, degraded him, when his was the first and only comments of any intelligence, truth, and clear-sighted scholasticism I’ve seen here, proves what a bunch of FAKES you all are!

  31. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I just seen this article at White Law Towers.

  32. Dianna says:

    Benazir Bhutto talking to David Frost years ago, confirming what we all know; Bin Laden was dead years ago. Lucky for Obama he found his (faked) birth certificate and killed Bin Laden again in the space of a week; especially with a 2nd term round the corner!!!



  33. Phil says:

    The morality and honor of this country has been turned so far upside down by this race that American citizens have little understanding just how far we have gone.

    “Rape, institutional pedophilia, and anti-intellectualism are the unspoken triplets, which haunt the continent, are endemic to African culture, and remain relatively unspoken in polite discussions of why we can’t “fix” black Americans. The more of Africa we imported, the more African we have become. We have had some success civilizing the African, but overall, the exercise has been an unmitigated failure, leaving our cities in ruins, our political landscape littered and broken, overwhelmed by the values of a black America unwilling or unable to comport itself in ways our Puritan Fathers would have required. It only takes one trip to Africa to figure this out, yet 20th century Utopians have successfully silenced and shamed Americans into a mantra of nurture, not nature as the architect of our souls.

    Five out of six black Americans have an IQ below the average white person. Not talking about the consequence of this inequality has not made it go away. And increased immigration by even more illiterate third world refugees HAS made the plight of black America worse. There are only so many ways to alleviate the suffering of a permanent underclass with double digit IQ’s. Increased competition from newly arrived entry level workers has satisfied the domestic needs of the leftist intelligentsia, but has exacerbated the problem of the welfare state as fewer and fewer options are available to blacks who cannot and will not conform to conservative expectations for self control and self help. It simply is NOT in their genes. For every success story, there are a thousand failures because we have learned then ignored, regretted, resisted and forgotten the truth of human biodiversity.

    To put it simply, we are black and white because our genetic coding has been separate and unequal for a loooong—long time. Whites are white because they have spent many lifetimes in cold climates, and out of necessity developed tools, organization and cooperation, which is woefully absent in equatorial races. We are different people, with different cultures and differing abilities. To the fool who mutters to himself that “not ALL blacks are dumb, violent and uncivilized”, — let me just add this. Generalizations are on their face unfair and unkind to the individual. Yet generalizations are valid and are by definition, more true than not. The proper grasp of generalizations is how this species made it to the top of the food chain…and stayed there. The argument of the aberrant success story for a small percentage of blacks is just that -an aberration. It does nothing to help our desperate situation, and undermines any effort to reverse the self-evident failure of blacks as a group to organize beyond tribalism or achieve any level of self-control or governance anywhere, and at any time in history.

    We are saddled with a bunch of them. There is nothing to do but hash out our differences and reach back to our roots for guidance. We achieve nothing by pretending that our differences are cosmetic, for they are not. Melanin does not cause bestiality, incest, violence and sloth. African culture does. The Africans, Latinos, and Latvians who live among us will either continue to poison the well of American values or we will convert them. But the time for Disney solutions is past. The introduction of Swedish mores to America in the late fifties may have been a welcome sexual revolution for Jewish American intellectuals in the theater, but it was a disaster for low IQ Negresses without the cognitive abilities to make informed reproductive choices. The remedies for poor reproductive choices should have been swift and final.

    You breed. You feed. You don’t. We won’t.”–Carol Ward


  34. Bailey says:

    hah, they did such a shitty job photo shopping Obamas birth certificate they knew they coudn’t pull off a dead bin Laden photo, how would you get a current pic of a guy who’s been dead around 9 years anyway? Even Rita Katz couldn’t help pull this off.

  35. Bailey says:

    Sounds like extortion, jews can do that.

  36. Dianna says:

    Bin Laden’s posthumous message

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do people really believe this crap? Why doesn’t bin Laden ever get older? Do Americans bother to “think” anymore?


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