One Year Ago Today Israel Murders 9 Peace Activists

“Internet Killed Israeli PR.” Parody of  “Video Killed the Radio Star” (Buggles) by Minor Demographic Threat.

Useful links: & for BDS & Palestine activism resources & news, to learn more about creative resistance to Israeli Apartheid.

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You had them on your wireless saying, ‘Death to Jews’
You sliced & diced & circumcised & claimed Fair Use
600 Turks were singing ‘Girl U Know It’s True’

YouTube & Reddit, Twitter, Facebook,
You spammed them all & then you even posted 3
Casual Encounters on CraigsList NYC

IDF spokesmen
Who freakin’ trained them?

Bloggers came & broke your heart

Now you tweet your new surveillance video
Cyborg Al-Qaida from the future snorting blow
set to the theme music from Hawaii Five-O

He had a knife and
Wait a second: that’s Barbra Streisand

You couldn’t find my SD card
You’re in a bind says Michael Sfard

The Shin Bet mined my SD card
& played it back on NPR
Born & raised in Arkansas
I brought 6 nukes for the Hamas

We are the Mavi Marmara
You are the sloppy hasbara



US mainstream news totally ignored the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara crime tonight. Just stop and imagine if another country, even this one, had did this? We would have heard all kinds of reports and “exposes.” What’s that tell you about who controls what we see and think in America? Get real, people!


Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Jew Arrogance on Display

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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140 Responses to One Year Ago Today Israel Murders 9 Peace Activists

  1. Hohl scheibe says:

    We ourselves, in previous times, let this Jew thing fester. WHY were the Jews always merely “expelled” and thus foisted on the neighboring white country? — only to return a few centuries later, full of vengeance. (Edward Longshanks did expel the Jews from England in 1290……

    ……but half went to Scotland, and the other half to the Continent, to work harm on THOSE nations! France expelled them a hundred years later, in 1394, and Spain a hundred years after that… 1492. Martin Luther found it was the height of irresponsibility to just move the Jews around like toxic chess pieces. They must be confined FOREVER to one guarded place.)

    Some of us WERE those queens, kings and nobles who pactized with the Jews, because we wanted their money lent to us. We wanted their diamonds and gold.

    We are getting our karma now for a million billion acts of personal cowardice, greed and irresponsibility that enabled this scrawny, hideous, ratlike race to one-by-one corrupt us, and take the Aryans down.

    No, we have these times coming to us. And it is the responsibility of the natural leaders of our race to do now what we should have done then.

  2. Marshall says:

    What is the “Weiner” thing everybody’s talking about? I can’t find it. You mean Michael Savage?

  3. Citizenfitz says:

    I’m sick of this &%$#!!! A man has a right to &+*$#@% defend himself against the &*%$#*+ less spiritually evolved! You want me to sic my %&?+=#@ pit Siva the Destroyer on you, you bunch of &$!+ faced homos!?! I’m outta’ here for a least month at least! &*%^#@+!!!

  4. Citizenfitz says:

    That’d be *&%$#@+ Anthony Weiner, the *&^%+#@ NY Democrat Con-gressman who was texting pictures of his G-*&$# John Thomas to one of our nonpariel White sisters!

  5. Citizenfitz says:

    I’m outta’ here for for a effing month!!!

    The middle finger writes, and having writ,
    Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
    Nor all your tears wash out a Word of it.


  6. Hohl scheibe says:

    The Devil’s Pitchfork by Eric Thomson
    We at Liberty Bell sometimes feel ourselves to be an isolated, beleaguered garrison, stranded in these mist-shrouded mountains wherein lies our embattled bastion of truth. Nevertheless, we continue to sally forth in defense of truth, knowing that we are emplaced along the Highroad of Destiny, upon which White America must advance — or sink in the bogs of jewish values.

    Although our mountains are covered with mist, our vision is clear and we can see the Zionist enemy advancing in a three-pronged offensive, which they are pressing with utmost energy to affect their annihilation of truth before the White Majority awakens to its true value and to the purpose of the enemy: the destruction of Our Race.

    What the Zionist enemy knows and what so many White Americans do not know is that truth may not make us free — if we do not act upon it — but, without truth, we shall certainly be enslaved, and to be enslaved, we need do nothing at all.

    Our forays in defense of truth are against the enemy flanks only, for we lack the human and material resources to engage him in a frontal attack. We live, however, in hope that our situation improves so that we can accomplish more.

    The three satanic columns or prongs of the Zionist offensive are aimed at the suppression of those people who know the truth; the suppression of information; and the filling of this jew-created vacuum with lies and distracting trivia. Many of the articles you have read and shall read in Liberty Bell deal with one or more of these tines of the devil’s pitchfork.

    The suppression of those who know the truth is also three-fold. Basically, it involves the persecution of naturalized American citizens who have experienced the real meaning of Zionism in the Soviet bloc countries. To stop these people from telling us what they learned at such great cost, these Americans are branded as ‘Nazis’, their U.S. citizenship is revoked and they are deported for ‘trial’ in Zionist Soviet or Zionist Israeli kangaroo courts, wherein the verdict is never in doubt.

    When this version of ‘Operation Keelhaul’ is not practical, the persons of the truth-bearers are sullied and slandered, while the truth they try to confer upon us is studiously avoided and suppressed. The accusation is never denied, because the accusation is true; thus the jews defend themselves by attacking the accuser.

    When the truth-bearer cannot be silenced with these methods, the last resort is ‘termination’ by murder, mind-destruction in ‘mental health’ institutions or the conspiracy of silence through manipulation of the media and scientific organizations.

    In addition to suppression of people, the jews make unrelenting and systematic efforts to suppress information which they find disagreeable, that is, true. (Here, in 1998, it is called ‘hate literature’.) The existing sources of truth are discovered and destroyed whenever possible. Books disappear from library shelves, from college courses. The Red Cross Reports for the years 1943 through 1947 are unavailable in English, although they are said to exist in the U.S. Library of Congress. Benjamin Franklin’s Diary vanished, as did General Patton’s. Defense Secretary Forrestal’s diary and papers were tampered with.

    Should truth escape the claws of the jewish abortionist, it is pounced upon in the jew-controlled media of information, education and entertainment. Books to be published are read and reread with the thoroughness of Talmudic scholars. School and university curricula are reviewed and controlled. Gentile organizations like clubs, political groups and churches always have their Zionist monitor, the ‘converted’ jew, the man-in-place. These overseers are constantly alert and ready to bring the strangling tentacle of Judah down upon the slightest evidence of truth.

    Should truth, despite all these precautions, somehow escape into the light of day, the jews are about to unveil their latest weapon: The Genocide Treaty, which will not only label truth as ‘hate’, but will prohibit its dissemination under the law. It is said that Nature abhors a vacuum. The jews appear to believe this, for their satanic services are almost entirely devoted to the begetting and fostering of lies which they use to fill the unsightly gaps they have made in the fabric of truth. In this regard, we witness the rewriting of history, the invention of myths like the six million swindle, the perversion of science.

    We see what they have done to our educational system: its indiscipline, its disrespect for values, its crooked curriculum. We see the History of Civilization become Black Studies; anthropology become the haven of racial romantics and utopians. We see economics taught with no facts about the Federal Reserve or the creation of money. We see the New Math, which does not add up and neither can our children. We learn about the ‘Look-See’ reading method, then we look and see that our Johnny can’t read. We cope, if we can, with sex miseducation, the inculcation of filthy alien values taken from the racial enemy’s satanic bible, the Talmud.

    For those of us who fear to look about us, the jews provide plenty of glittering, noisy distractions. We can watch ‘sports’ which encourage us to be flabby spectators. There is the boob-tube and the monkey-music radio. We are encouraged to stick to business. Religion and politics are taboo subjects, and as we cannot talk about them, why should we learn anything about them?

    Our majority middleclass life-style is a squirrel-wheel of time-wasting, money-wasting, gadget-ridden pursuits. There is no time to think, no place to look for truth and no energy left to learn it anyhow. Surely, you have heard the old saying: “I can’t read such heavy stuff just now. Maybe I can if I have a vacation.”

    Those White Americans with time are encouraged, pressured into joining all sorts of phony organizations which sap their time, money and energy just like the daily-grind does for most of us. The jew is all-pervasive and all-perverting. He must make sure there is no escape, no haven for the cornered.

    It is said that even a rat will turn and face his enemy when he is cornered. Are we less courageous than the rats? In the words of Patrick Henry: “Forbid it, Almighty God!”

  7. Julian, a brilliant, elegant and beautiful comment there @ 10:14. You know why everybody – because it’s the goddamn truth.

  8. Hoff says:

    Hello my friend MickiAndalusia.

    MANDATORY VIDEO: The JEW who controls America:

    “Parentel ”

  9. Hoff says:

    “Stalin Rede ”

  10. Hohl, awesomely said as well at 4:38 and 5:47.

    Someone new was saying a page back that he has learned a great deal at incogland in only a month – awesome! My cold, jew-hating heart and mind are ecstatic! Nice job everybody.

    Let me explain. jews are evil. They cannot be true; therefore they cannot be right. Their design is to destroy Christianity and its bosom: Christendom. Their joys are terror, abominations, greed and vanity. Their fruits are poverty, despair, want, war and death.

    They are the wolves. Listen then, for those that go BAAAAA!

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    Your last post was great Hhol until I came to this statement, “These overseers are constantly alert and ready to bring the strangling tentacle of Judah down upon the slightest evidence of truth.”

    Before fighting the jews effectively, White people HAD BETTER come to the understanding that the jews are not JUDAH nor are they Israelites.

    Before fighting the jews effectively, White people HAD BETTER come to the understanding that the jews have stolen our birthright, just as they have stolen so much that is rightfully ours.

    It boggles my mind that White jew-aware people will readily admit that the jews are liars, murderers and thieves, but they cannot or will not grasp the simple truth that the jews have stolen, among other things, our history and called it their own.

    THE BIGGEST Achilles heel for the jew is the revelation that not only are they NOT the chosen seed of YAH Almighty, but that WE ARE! Imagine if we were able to awaken the Saxon race of the JEWdeo Xtian persuasion of this simple truth. Over night, support for the seedline of Cain a.k.a. the jews, would vanish!

    It is nothing short of pure laziness on our part that we will not research our ancient history. It is not enough to understand modern history as it relates to the damned jew. We MUST understand that this battle is ancient and it will continue unabated until we cease to exist, UNLESS we come to understand the real nature of this struggle.

    For my part, I will continue to spread this truth regardless of the anger it causes some people. Truth eventually will triumph.

  12. JamesTheJust says:

    My cold, jew-hating heart…

    Ohhhh Allovertheplace, a kinsman after my own heart.

    As much as I hate the damned jew (with a perfect hate) I love my kinspeople (with a perfect love).

  13. Arminius says:

    I see that “Hohl scheibe” (“hollow crap” in German) is back, and up to his old tricks. At 4:38 PM, here:

    He quotes extensively from John de Nugent’s website, word-for-word, but does not attribute the quote to him, giving the impression that those were his (Hohl scheibe’s) words:

    Here are John de Nugent’s words from his website linked above – starting from “We ourselves,” (second paragraph) they are exactly the same words as Hohl scheibe’s comment at 4:38 PM:

    “I wrote to a dejected British comrade:

    The thing about Vedanta is this: We who sacrifice and worry so much when others are blithe, irresponsible and dodge every persecution wonder why we are unhappy. Yet we incarnated as higher souls for this very battle. It is we whose every pain and sacrifice is noted, while they are observed by angels doing nothing.

    And beyond that, we all were young souls in earlier lives. We ourselves, in previous times, let this Jew thing fester. WHY were the Jews always merely “expelled” and thus foisted on the neighboring white country? — only to return a few centuries later, full of vengeance. (Edward Longshanks did expel the Jews from England in 1290……

    Patrick McGoohan playing Edward I (Longshanks) in the movie “Braveheart”

    ……but half went to Scotland, and the other half to the Continent, to work harm on THOSE nations! France expelled them a hundred years later, in 1394, and Spain a hundred years after that… 1492. Martin Luther found it was the height of irresponsibility to just move the Jews around like toxic chess pieces. They must be confined FOREVER to one guarded place.)

    Some of us WERE those queens, kings and nobles who pactized with the Jews, because we wanted their money lent to us. We wanted their diamonds and gold.

    We are getting our karma now for a million billion acts of personal cowardice, greed and irresponsibility that enabled this scrawny, hideous, ratlike race to one-by-one corrupt us, and take the Aryans down.

    No, we have these times coming to us. And it is the responsibility of the natural leaders of our race to do now what we should have done then. I think you were one of those leaders, and your calling is high. Amen. 😉


    I thought that “hollow crap” (Hohl scheibe) had been banned from this comment board for exactly this type of fraudulent behavior.

  14. Real American says:

    If it’s not backfiring on your “American” character, this brilliant article has the answer.

    Defanging the serpent: Final Solution for World Peace by Ian V. Macdonald

    “Even the very thought has been long taboo among Western politicians and editors, but with the growing determination of Israel to expand its sphere of influence in the Middle East and North Africa and her ability to coerce the United States and even peace-keeping Canada into serving her sinister military and political goals, it is not too soon to recognize that the establishment of a sovereign Jewish state was a miscalculation with potentially-apocalyptic consequences that must be corrected, with the use of force, if necessary..”

  15. John Barleycorn says:

    The cut n’ paste king and clubhouse cohorts are just getting round to admitting that maybe there won’t be another dog & pony show election cycle. Just getting round to noticing that the sphere of political representation has come to a close? Better late than never. Last night on RT Daniel Pipes said it’s time to take down Yemen. Syria is also in their sites for “democratic revolution”: code for Jew coup.

    Pakistani General Hamid Gul gave the obvious his imprimatur, “”If the US invades Pakistan WW3 is guaranteed.” Clearly, the same applies to Iran. The US & Western Coalition are going to destabilize and invade every Muslim state; a mad dog doing the Jews’ bidding. How long before some large, powerful nation or two, e.g., Russia & China, gradually being encircled by these predator-parasites via “democratic revolutions” puts America down?

    America has entered the final stages of terminal illness, and its economic and demographic symptoms are nothing compared to its spiritual sickness. I have never been more ashamed to be an American. If the military and civilian populations had ANY integrity there would be mutinies in every US FOB and riots in every US city, but we all know that’s never going to happen.

  16. t bone says:

    Started to watch the netenyahu vid. That standing ovation he got was a bit long and made me nauseous.
    Its obvious that Americas Gentile aristocracy is either getting stroked or they just dont fucking get it.

  17. Barleycorn:

    1. Cognitive dissonance
    2. Social security (herd) impulse
    3. Fear of branch breaking while out on limb
    4. Raw (terror) fear

    I am past 1 and 2. Where are you?

    How do we break past these barriers, everyone?

    Hmm, if we could just expose the wizard long enough. Perhaps we just need a critical mass among white national patriots and the the barriers will begin to fall. (Although this is what we stared with, right?) Alas, honestly folks, we are on square one in that category. I have not yet connected with a single person from Incogland. Just sayin.

    If I had a posse of 12 to 15 solid people to start with to engage in street activism, I could transform my county and shake the hell out of my state. I think it is more possible now than ever, perhaps less so than in he future as we move towards the tyranny of the great whore, Sarah Palin (my guess). It is ceraibly more possible than in decades past. Many people are waking up. Not enough, though. There is certainly enough fools to support a full-bore tyranny right now…

    (let us hope that this has always been the case, and that, ironically, WE are the fools. I have to believe not, though.)

  18. Marshall says:

    AHA Fitz!!! OK…Anthony Weiner. Nice schnozz on that human tapir too. I looked up the situation and have an easy solution for this entire mystery. When all conjecture fails, bring in the identification experts. 😀

  19. Arminius says:

    Marshall – I love the tortured “religious” rationalizations this old pervert rabbi goes through to justify this vile and disgusting practice. No wonder so many male Jews are homosexuals. They start out life with some perverted, hairy old rabbi sucking on their penis (shudder). I’m sure this has some serious psychological ramifications for them later in life.

  20. Arminius says:

    Julian, I don’t want to get into another pissing match with you regarding your “Gay Nazis” website, but I noticed that your site has a link to John de Nugent’s site, Under it, you say this about John de Nugent:

    “John DeNugent is a tireless researcher and reporter on White survival issues and carries important and interesting stories you’ll not hear elsewhere, with a strong, positive White-European identity spirit always that inspires. He carries great material to share with your children, or your wife, or both.”

    That description of him is true, but you should also know that John de Nugent would vehemently disagree with your “gay Nazis” and “homosexual Hitler” propaganda, which the Jew disinfo artist Henry Makow infected you with. Like you, John de Nugent despises homosexuals, being himself a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Mr. de Nugent is also an authority on Adolf Hitler, and probably knows more about Hitler than most people alive today. Here is a video about Adolf Hitler which John de Nugent recently posted on his website:

    You should send Mr. de Nugent an email identifying yourself and your “Gay Nazis” website, and tell him that Adolf Hitler was a homosexual. Also tell him that Henry Makow sent ya, and that you’d like to debate him on the issue of Adolf Hitler being a homosexual. See what he says. If he is so inclined to do so, and has the time, I can almost guarantee that he will disabuse you of that Jewish propaganda. My point being, that rather than trying to push your Jewish propaganda on us plebes here at Incogland, you should try pushing it on someone who really knows a lot about Hitler and the Nazis – someone like John de Nugent, whom you apparently admire.

    FYI, the “Nazis” never referred to themselves as “Nazis.” They were National Socialists. “Nazi” is a derogatory abbreviation of Nationalsozialist, coined by Jews to slander them.

    Also, Julian – your link to John de Nugent’s site gets a 404 error – you should fix that.

  21. American born says:

    That would be intresting, I would like to hear another side of the “gay Nazis” take on things.
    I’m no expert on the subject and I would like to hear a re-buttle of the propoganda in julian’s gay Nazis site.

    T-Bone, thanks for the compliment, but I don’t hold a candle to Flanders.

  22. American born says:

    BTW, when I say, hold a candle, I mean “size up”.
    Nothing against, Flanders, I hope he comes back here to post.

  23. American born says:

    I just went to his site and saw he has offered his e-mail account. I doubt he’ll respond, but I will send him the link to:

  24. Arminius says:

    I think these videos have been posted here before, but they’re worth seeing again, and distributing widely, because they are eye-opening. This is the lying Jew media exposed in full view. Everyone in these videos is a Jew. This is REAL footage of CNN’s faked 1990-1991 Gulf War coverage. The backstage antics were leaked by a CNN employee whom this arrogant jackass Charles Jaco (Jew) apparently pissed off. It’s easy to see how that could happen – just watch this arrogant effin’ jackass. They had a large fan going to blow the fake palm trees around in the studio, and notice that there is NO TIME DELAY when the female CNN anchor in Atlanta speaks to Charles Jaco, who was supposedly in Saudi Arabia. After talking over her for a couple of seconds, he then laughs and mumbles something like “Yeah, we’re far away.” The female CNN anchor IN ATLANTA then asks him, “It’s what – just after 6:00 o’clock in the morning?” (meaning where he was, “in Saudi Arabia”). He then responds to her question IMMEDIATELY, with NO TIME DELAY, although he was supposedly in Saudi Arabia, and communicating halfway across the world via 1990 satellite technology. He was more likely in a CNN studio just down the hall in Atlanta:

    Expanded version of above, without the humorous commentary at bottom of screen:

    The details section of the above video says the following:

    “Charles Jaco currently works as a reporter for FOX 2 NOW in Saint Louis, Missouri. I highly encourage you to send this video to their newstips inbox here:

    Here is Charles Jaco today – note his Semitic chin-beard. He looks like a cross between Vladimir Lenin (Jew) and Sam Zell (Jew). And he’s an even bigger asshole today, slandering Tea Party people as “Teabaggers” and “right-wing extremists.” Jaco the Jackass – this guy needs someone to knock him out with a solid punch to the face:

    Also keep in mind that Charles Jaco did not fake that CNN Gulf War footage on his own – he was merely obeying the orders of his Jewish CNN bosses. This is the Jew media in action. Don’t believe a word they say.

  25. Julian Lee says:

    Arminius: I appreciate your concern. But I’ll continue to admire John DeNugent notwithstanding any appreciation he has of Hitler himself and his strange brood. Just as I’ll continue to admire the Germans of the Nazi period notwithstanding facts about Hitler. I am confident that whatever friendship DeNugent and I have will survive both our disagreement on that matter, and anybody’s efforts to alienate us. John DeNugent is a good man, and I think good men can understand the faculty of discrimination and nuanced thought and don’t have a ham-handed, monolithic worldview. (John DeNugent even believes White people need Vedanta. Though which is way over the heads of the average White racialist, it’s also my opinion and quite an extraordinary swath of common ground between us.)

    I believe in focusing on common ground, and the best and most vital common ground. Reverence for Adolf does not make that list imo.

  26. Hoff says:


    Here is a video about Adolf Hitler which John de Nugent recently posted on his website:

  27. Hoff says:

    Hoff says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    June 2, 2011 at 1:49 am

    What incog? Why?

  28. anti-zionist says:

    funny, these men dont sound gay…34000tanks destroyed holy fak!!!
    a must listen!!

  29. Hoff says:


    US mainstream news totally ignored the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara crime tonight. Just stop and imagine if another country, even this one, had did this? We would have heard all kinds of reports and “exposes.” What’s that tell you about who controls what we see and think in America? Get real, people!


    Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Jew Arrogance on Display

  30. Hoff says:

    lndia – you will never see lndia the real deal on National Geographic Channel.

    National Geographic Channel

  31. Hoff says:

    How many blacks can you spot in US congress? l spotted less then ten blacks. US senate is 100 seats, two senates from every state, seven years. US congress is 435 seats, two years. How many blacks can you spot? The arabs controlls US congress? Just name one arab in congress.

    How many JEWs can you spot in “US” congress?

    Straight from the horses mouth: The Jew Forward com:

    “New Congress Has Record Number of Jews”

    The JEW who controls America:

    “Netanyahu addresses congress (MAY 24 2011) ”

    “Stalin Rede ” Standing ovation to the jew whore Stalin.

  32. Marshall says:

    Don’t know why Julian is into all this stuff…I always thought it was Jew propaganda, like claiming Hitler had one ball, and that’s the reason he hated Jews LMAO!!! Arminius- go to the source of Jew depravity on that one 😀

  33. Hoff says:

    “Netanyahu Delivers Epic Pro-American Speech to Congress”

    EPIC — ep·ic (pk)
    1. An extended narrative poem in elevated or dignified language, celebrating the feats of a legendary or traditional hero.

    2. A literary or dramatic composition that resembles an extended narrative poem celebrating heroic feats.

    “Netanyahu Delivers Epic Pro-American Speech to Congress”

    Watch the clock top left. This was sent live on Fraud Jew News, AKA Fox News?

  34. Hoff says:

    So what did the jew-whore Obama do May 24 when the jew war criminal and real presisdent of JewNutted ldiots of America was hailed by standing ovation in “US”-congress? This video got 3 million hits.

    “Obama’s car gets stuck at US Embassy ”

    This video got hits.

    “Netanyahu addresses congress (MAY 24 2011)”

    This video, where Obama NoBody “discovers his “””irish””” roots and get hailed in the pub. hits.

    “US President Barack Obama Downs A Pint!! ”

    ONLY a retard can belive that Obama NoBody is the real president of JewNutted ldiots of America!!!

  35. Hoff says:

    “Jewish Americans for Obama ”

  36. Hoff says:

    “Jewish Americans for Obama ”


    Straight from the horses mouth. Jew ONLY sourse:

    OBAMA AND THE JEWS: A look at why some Jews love him and some don’t trust him; and at the key role Chicago Jews played in getting him to where he is

  37. Hoff says:

    Here is the jew mafia that rules America:

  38. Hoff says:

    In a resounding show of support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, thousands of AIPAC activists from all 50 states ascended Capitol Hill on Tuesday to conduct more than 500 lobbying meetings with members of Congress and their staff. The appointments came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a joint session of Congress in the morning. Read more.

  39. Hoff says:

    Abner Mikva, the former Chicago congressman, federal judge and White House counsel to President Bill Clinton, puts a 21st-century twist on the notion that Clinton was “the nation’s first black president.”

    “I think when this is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president,” he said.

    Mikva, a powerful figure in local and national Democratic politics for decades, was one of Sen. Obama’s early admirers, beginning in 1990 …

    The jews started to train Obama NoBody 20 years ago to be the first black puppident of the jews.

  40. Going through latest comments, I re-read my own.

    “perhaps less so than in he future” should be

    “perhaps less so than in the future”

    “let us hope that this has always been the case” should be

    “let us hope that this has not always been the case”

    Sorry for the typos, if they caused any confusion for anyone!

  41. Hoff says:

    Whatever the jews are doing they do in codewords. Watch the war criminal Nethanyahoooooo’s tie, then watch the jew-whore “l’m a zionist” Vice Puppident Biden’s tie. Light blue, both.

    Then watch speaker of the house tie. Pink. What real man would wear a pink tie?

    Blood read is jew. Pink is “soft core” non-jew useful idiot.

    lt’s a coincident that the jew mafia boss Nethanyahoooooo and the jew-whore Biden both have light blue ties?

    Nobody else in congress have a light blue tie.

  42. skinnylegsandall says:

    U rarely hear Stalins name not linked in with Hitlers, sort of scooping it in one pile. Hitler was against? this menace, as was the Vatican. This should give you a starting place as good vs evil. Many fringe christians groups are saying the Vatican is evil and want to take over the world. Really? Is that why the media reports and slanders the Catholic Church every chance they get? We know the media is not Catholic or Christians.
    They only allow “Christian” groups on television that are carnival workers who work the crowd for money, nothing flattering ever in the media is shown in favor of Christians. Then their spawns mock all Christians based on these televised broadcasts. This is all designed.
    You have been misled, the evil of these communists were equal to evil straight from hell. We saw what they did in Romania. Their names are on this channel a few pages back. Spielberg can’t be bothered to make any movies on these Christian holocausts. Why? What do u hear from the media and books? “Red Scare” in quotes. They did not count on the truth ever being told. Even now, they do everything they can to hide the truth. What do we hear? Only that? McCarthy was evil for noting the communist infiltrating Hollywood. John Wayne and others set up a council to try to ward off this evil and they failed. It is very alive.
    This movie “Red Terror on the Amber Coast” is worth your time to watch every second of it. These victims were all Christians of Lithuania, it was their homeland, they were innocent farmers just as? the communist did in all of Russia, they killed them and tortured them. No one has ever been brought to justice for these horrible crimes. Keep in mind, the Soviets were are “allies” not unlike now we are being misled by “allies” who are for the most part “atheists” but in actuality they are anti Christian and anti Muslim. Look no further than Youtube to see the “atheists.”
    Just as what happened in Romania with the Pitesti Prison, people just disappeared. Is this why the media is pushing this “rapture” business? Most Christians don’t even believe in that, perhaps it is to keep the lesser intelligent from catching on when Americans just start to ‘disappear.”/ far fetched but anytime the media is promoting something, u need to wonder? what their motives are. They are not your friends, anytime they tell u something, do the opposite. I saw in a newspaper a comment by a poster, “I don’t know why they want me to buy that certain lightbulb but now I am buying the opposite one.” Human instinct is kicking in.
    Note also the making of owning guns illegal, some hid their guns and made underground tunnels, this helped later with their survival. Compare this ‘communist’ with the Nazi’s, the Nazi’s were for a better Germany for the whole of German nationalists, these communist were only for their own small “elite” group. They used the people, tortured and killed anyone who spoke out. They used fear to control. These were xtheists against the normal people against the Christians. “They shoved prayer books in their mouths.” Does that not sound like the xtheists we see on Youtube? Take Note! It was the guns and communication which was an “enemy against the state.” Today we have people labeled “anti semitic’ or “terrorist” who? speak out against evil.
    They took the men away first. This is what they did in Romania and all of Russia. They loved to see the families tortured, this isn’t just a regular ‘war’, these are evil people with a dark soul. Their enemy is God. They hated/hate when people believe in God because that is something they cannot control. The people who believe in God, for one, will not fear to die as much as a person who does not,? when tortured one would just welcome death. They needed the labor and the power over the people.

    Guns, Communication, and the “Christian” God, the enemies of the xtheist communists. Today they have placed the Muslims and their God in their cross hairs. They mock both sides, putting both sides against the other, then mock them both. They used their freaky science fiction as methods of torture, using shock treatments, lobotomies, and experiments, which they brought to the USA. Attempting to make everyone? “politically correct” they would then call it “anti social.” Anything the people knew as good was labeled evil, anything evil was labeled good. Just like they are doing here by medicating and brainwashing with their media. U.S. citizens are paying to watch propaganda. One could not criticize the soviet state just as now people cannot criticize xsrael but it was made into law. Under Lenin and Stalin, anti semitism was a death sentence. Communism makes ‘fascism’ look like utopia. In fact, fascism is an enemy to communism.
    Clip 2 at 5:40, notice the appearance of the ‘interogator” and the appearance of the victim. The interogator looks like someone we would see in Hollywood. He doesn’t look like Lithuanian prisoners, sometimes it pays to xenophobe. What was going on in the U.S. at this time? We had the Manhatton Project, Rosenbergs, Joel Barr, William Mutterperl, (Bill PERL/PERLE) Alfred Sarant, Nathan Sussman, David Greenglass aka? Joseph Berg, Michael and Anne Sidrovich, all working for the Soviets. Rosenberg began in 1940 prior to the Nazi invasion of Soviet Union and afterwards when the US were no longer friends with the Soviets. Rosenberg organized a network of spies. None of this group were Christians.
    Many of the Soviet Spies in the U.S. had associates in a? communist ring in the Navy, had associates in Montreal, and Seattle….. (odd that!) they all were from New York and were involved with ‘anti fascist’ committees. Most if not all were engineers. They were the Pollards of our day. They began their infiltration of the Labor Unions.

  43. Hoff says:

    @ incog: Still got some in Spamblinka.

  44. Hoff says:

    @ incog: l’m on a roll.

  45. Hoff says:

    “Prime Minister of USA (Israel) Benjamin Netanyahu Speech at the Joint Session of Congress – May 24, 2011 ” —FULL SPEACH—

  46. Hoff says:

    “Sen. Joe Biden —– YES! l’m a jew-whore —-I’m a Zionist ”

  47. Citizenfitz says:

    Holowhopper of the day – electrified conveyor belts:

    “One of the methods the Germans use for killing prisoners [at Auschwitz] is an electric conveyor belt on which hundreds of persons can be electrocuted simultaneously [and] then moved on into furnaces. They are burned almost instantly, producing fertilizer for nearby cabbage fields.” Washington (DC) Daily News, Feb. 2, 1945, pp. 2, 35. (United Press dispatch from Moscow).

  48. Citizenfitz says:

    Swindler’s List at YehuToob:

  49. Citizenfitz says:

    Jewish student caught drawing swastikas on her own door. “The university just wants to see her ‘get some help'”. Oy!

  50. Citizenfitz says:

    Hey Marshall – get a load of this:

    Achhh… the herpetic nerve of these people!

  51. Hoff says:

    “Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Speech at the Joint Session of Congress – May 24, 2011 ” —FULL SPEECH—

    Did the mafia JEW Nethanyahooooooo mention Obama NoBody once?

  52. Hoff says:

    Still in Spamblinka

  53. Hoff says:

    Hoff says:
    June 2, 2011 at 11:50 am
    Still in Spamblinka

    Hoff says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    June 2, 2011 at 12:43 pm


    Still in Spamblinka

  54. t bone says:

    Looks like an epidemic. I see the behavior more and more from the jews; drawing swastikas and blaming others.
    The jews wouldnt know what to do with themselves in a moral setting. They have to constantly start trouble. Then they spin it to the point where they appear as victims.

    So manipulative.

  55. Hoff says:

    testing testing test

  56. Comdr. Z says:
    Jew cure is coming. Christians support Jews. They will be “healed” also.

  57. American says:

    Good to see Hoff back in the game. Thanks for the videos, fellas!


  58. Does a booklist exist in Incogland?

    If not, we need one. Here is massive copy-paste job from all the shit I jotted down from The Secret World Government (The Hidden Hand):

    Harold Covington – the brigade
    The Jewish Religion – Its Influence Today – Elizabeth Dilling
    Which Way Western Man? – William Gayley Simpson
    Nesta Webster – The Plot Against Civilization, Cause of World Unrest, Secret Societies, World Revolution
    Henry Ford
    John Reeves – The Rothschilds, the Financial Rulers of Nations
    The Cause of World Unrest, Morning Post, London
    The secrets of the Rothschilds – Mary Hobart
    Gregory Bostunich
    Disraili – Conningsby
    Chester Wibley
    Israel Zangwill
    Lithrop Stoddard – The Revot Against Civilization
    Benjamin Freedman
    Zangwill – The Problem of the Jewish Race
    Henry Ford – Dearborn Independent
    Walter Rathenau
    Benjamin Disraeli – Conningsby
    Walter Hurt – Truth About the Jews
    Werner Sombart – The Jews and Modern Capitalism
    Mary Hobart – The Power of the Rothschilds
    John Albion – If Lenin Came to London, The Sunday Pictoral, September 5 1920
    Reds in America – R M Whitney
    The Red Conspiracy – Joseph J Mereto
    Underground with the Reds – Fred P Marvin
    B L Brasol
    Walter Hurt – The Truth About the Jews
    S L MacGregor Mathers – The Kabbala Unveiled
    Kaiser Bismarck – Chicago Tribune, July 3, 1922
    Capt H Sherwood Spencer – Democracy or Shylocracy
    Mgr. jouin  – expert on freemasonry
    Burton J Hendrick – The World’s Work
    Ben Freedman – Facts are Facts
    R. M. Whitney – Reds in America
    Burton Hendrick – Jews in America
    From Behind the Veil
    Hamilton York – Dawes Report and Control of World Gold

    Actually, some of these notations are newspaper and magazine articles.

    I am on to reading Nesta Webster’s Secret Societies. She be one smart cookie, she be.

  59. Correction, not all of that sheet was in Cherup-Spirodovich’s book…

  60. Sheet man, I’ve got some repetition in that list, Don’t I? It is because of my iPad. You can’t see everything at once. If I keep these errors up nuch longer I am going to have to sit up. 🙂

  61. Marshall says:

    Ok…we’ve seen THOR, the Green Hornet, and Iron Man. The Joos are clearly running out of comic books. There’s only ONE SUPERHERO LEFT people!!! 😀

  62. von staaden says:

    “Judaism is one of the oldest living esoteric traditions in the world. Virtually every form of western mysticism and spiritualism known today draws upon Jewish mythic and occult teachings—magic, angelology, alchemy, numerology, astral projection, astrology, amulets, altered states of consciousness, alternate healing and rituals of power—all have roots in the Jewish occult.”

    —talmud–caballah–muh foreskingone–liceidic shabbos derelict vermin jewism—

    Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis
    Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism (2007) ….

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