One Year Ago Today Israel Murders 9 Peace Activists

“Internet Killed Israeli PR.” Parody of  “Video Killed the Radio Star” (Buggles) by Minor Demographic Threat.

Useful links: & for BDS & Palestine activism resources & news, to learn more about creative resistance to Israeli Apartheid.

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You had them on your wireless saying, ‘Death to Jews’
You sliced & diced & circumcised & claimed Fair Use
600 Turks were singing ‘Girl U Know It’s True’

YouTube & Reddit, Twitter, Facebook,
You spammed them all & then you even posted 3
Casual Encounters on CraigsList NYC

IDF spokesmen
Who freakin’ trained them?

Bloggers came & broke your heart

Now you tweet your new surveillance video
Cyborg Al-Qaida from the future snorting blow
set to the theme music from Hawaii Five-O

He had a knife and
Wait a second: that’s Barbra Streisand

You couldn’t find my SD card
You’re in a bind says Michael Sfard

The Shin Bet mined my SD card
& played it back on NPR
Born & raised in Arkansas
I brought 6 nukes for the Hamas

We are the Mavi Marmara
You are the sloppy hasbara



US mainstream news totally ignored the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara crime tonight. Just stop and imagine if another country, even this one, had did this? We would have heard all kinds of reports and “exposes.” What’s that tell you about who controls what we see and think in America? Get real, people!


Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Jew Arrogance on Display

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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140 Responses to One Year Ago Today Israel Murders 9 Peace Activists

  1. Hoff says:

    testing testing test

  2. Comdr. Z says:
    Jew cure is coming. Christians support Jews. They will be “healed” also.

  3. American says:

    Good to see Hoff back in the game. Thanks for the videos, fellas!


  4. Does a booklist exist in Incogland?

    If not, we need one. Here is massive copy-paste job from all the shit I jotted down from The Secret World Government (The Hidden Hand):

    Harold Covington – the brigade
    The Jewish Religion – Its Influence Today – Elizabeth Dilling
    Which Way Western Man? – William Gayley Simpson
    Nesta Webster – The Plot Against Civilization, Cause of World Unrest, Secret Societies, World Revolution
    Henry Ford
    John Reeves – The Rothschilds, the Financial Rulers of Nations
    The Cause of World Unrest, Morning Post, London
    The secrets of the Rothschilds – Mary Hobart
    Gregory Bostunich
    Disraili – Conningsby
    Chester Wibley
    Israel Zangwill
    Lithrop Stoddard – The Revot Against Civilization
    Benjamin Freedman
    Zangwill – The Problem of the Jewish Race
    Henry Ford – Dearborn Independent
    Walter Rathenau
    Benjamin Disraeli – Conningsby
    Walter Hurt – Truth About the Jews
    Werner Sombart – The Jews and Modern Capitalism
    Mary Hobart – The Power of the Rothschilds
    John Albion – If Lenin Came to London, The Sunday Pictoral, September 5 1920
    Reds in America – R M Whitney
    The Red Conspiracy – Joseph J Mereto
    Underground with the Reds – Fred P Marvin
    B L Brasol
    Walter Hurt – The Truth About the Jews
    S L MacGregor Mathers – The Kabbala Unveiled
    Kaiser Bismarck – Chicago Tribune, July 3, 1922
    Capt H Sherwood Spencer – Democracy or Shylocracy
    Mgr. jouin  – expert on freemasonry
    Burton J Hendrick – The World’s Work
    Ben Freedman – Facts are Facts
    R. M. Whitney – Reds in America
    Burton Hendrick – Jews in America
    From Behind the Veil
    Hamilton York – Dawes Report and Control of World Gold

    Actually, some of these notations are newspaper and magazine articles.

    I am on to reading Nesta Webster’s Secret Societies. She be one smart cookie, she be.

  5. Correction, not all of that sheet was in Cherup-Spirodovich’s book…

  6. Sheet man, I’ve got some repetition in that list, Don’t I? It is because of my iPad. You can’t see everything at once. If I keep these errors up nuch longer I am going to have to sit up. 🙂

  7. Marshall says:

    Ok…we’ve seen THOR, the Green Hornet, and Iron Man. The Joos are clearly running out of comic books. There’s only ONE SUPERHERO LEFT people!!! 😀

  8. von staaden says:

    “Judaism is one of the oldest living esoteric traditions in the world. Virtually every form of western mysticism and spiritualism known today draws upon Jewish mythic and occult teachings—magic, angelology, alchemy, numerology, astral projection, astrology, amulets, altered states of consciousness, alternate healing and rituals of power—all have roots in the Jewish occult.”

    —talmud–caballah–muh foreskingone–liceidic shabbos derelict vermin jewism—

    Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis
    Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism (2007) ….

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