Afreakin’ Apes Attacking Whites All Over

FOLKS, BETTER GET yourself prepared: Black gangs and mobs are now attacking innocent White Americans in the streets just because of us being White! Isn’t it about time you rethink all this “Whites being racist” crap in view of where things are really going? No matter what we ever do, these spoiled and militant “people” will still hate us, since the lousy Jews have inculcated them with White hate for over 50 years!

Time is fast running out on the multicult fantasy world of the Jew-led liberals!

A man named Paul Wilkinson, president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association in Peoria, Illinois, posted the following item on the Peoria Chronicle before the site was taken down. Local news media only reported the story after the Internet site Drudge put it up. But as usual, they totally censored the race of the mob attackers.

Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as we need to kill all the white people around here. They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police. They were surrounding cars. Cars on the main drag had to slam on their brakes to either avoid the youth blocking not only all four lanes, but a large section of the side street as well. fights were breaking out among them. They were rushing residents who looked out their doors, going on to porches, yelling threats to people calling the police for help

…Residents were advised to simply keep inside and to lock their doors. In other words buckle down, it’s not even safe to sit on your porch or go into your yards.

This is not the only case. Whites are getting attacked all over the place. The home of Obama, Chicago, is but one hot bed of Negro gang attacks. About 20 of them this month attacked Whites on the streets there, beat and robbed several. In another case, a White bicyclist was hauled down and stomped. 

The Jew-owned media refuses to tell it’s readers that violent and truly racist Negroes — out for Whitey — are to blame, blithely calling the perps “urban youths.” Hell, they don’t even deign to tell you if the victims are White. Jew liberals don’t care one bit if any of us are in danger. They could care less, when it comes to multiculturism.

Zionist Jew-owned (Sam Zell) Chicago Tribune condescendingly ran a piece explaining why the paper doesn’t report race. But the reality is they don’t report it when the perps are black. If the races were reversed for any of the stories going on today, all the Jew media would be covering it non-stop. You know it, too.

White Civil Rights has an excellent article on the matter. Go HERE to read. It will get your blood boiling.

How much of this crap are we going to take?

Last week a young teenaged jogger, Curtis Strange, in South Carolina was beaten by a gang of 8 “African Americans” so bad he nearly died. He had just talked to his mother on the cell phone, saying he was running late while getting in a late night jog. When he didn’t arrive, his mother called back to a dead phone, while her bloody son lay nearby almost dead himself.

Miami beach had them all go crazy Memorial day weekend when hundred of thousands of apes descended on the place for “Urban Beach weekend.” Police called the place a “war zone” and had to shoot several, killing one. Homos living in South Beach screamed bloody murder after the brothers roughed up so many lovable limp-wristed catamites. 

There was a mass chimpout in Charlotte NC at the end of May where riot police had to be called out to corral the crazed Negroes. Over 70 were arrested and one killed. You might think we would hear something on that, eh?

Just this past weekend a mob of apes brutally beat up several Whites in Philadelphia — the city of brotherly love. Two were hospitalized with facial injuries and a young woman reporter for the satire website “the Onion” had her leg broken. She was probably a Jewess, so in her case, she got what was coming.

They’ve also stepped up felonious mass robbery of convenience and retail stores. “Flash Mobs” use overwhelming numbers to cut down the possibility of arrest per ape. This tactic has actually been happening for many decades, but now they’ve further coordinated themselves by using modern technology like cell phones, twitter and other social media.

YouTube Preview Image
“Shyt got really real”

This weekend’s Caribbean Fest at Howard University (black school) in DC shows just how these apes act, even among each other (females too). 4 were shot along with numerous beatings. Negroes “chimpout” like this all the time — things have become so bad they now resort to openly bragging on how they behave (note the hip-hop source). Is it any wonder Africa and Haiti are such a mess?

Time for Whites to take care of matters!

Buy yourself a weapon. Once things go south, it will happen in a hurry. You may not have the chance to arm up when you need it. With the economy going into a depression, money and food may be your first and foremost concern. Get a decent firearm ASAP and learn to use it. It may be the best investment you ever made.

The Jew media is not going to give us any advance warnings, we can’t expect help from the police and certainly nothing from that anti-White, total Jew tool and high-yellow mulatto, Attorney General Eric Holder. Hell, if blacks get arrested, this guy will put them back on the street, if possible.

Get with other Whites in your neighborhood and plan for mutual protection. Set-up phone trees, map out where the Negroes are likely to come from. Volunteer to patrol the streets while fully armed. We definitely need to get proactive and let them know we are not to be trifled with.

Feel free to use any handy stupid liberal as bait to lure them in (go for a Jew, if possible). That’s right. These Jews or Jew-brainwashed morons have long made their bed — now let them sleep in it.

Simple tie the fool down in the center of your field of fire and wait. Add valuables around your living urban ape lure like X-boxes, flat screen TVs, a KFC bucket (empty or not), watermelons, spools of copper wiring — pretty much anything not nailed down will entice the Negroid hordes within range. Trust me, you won’t have long to wait.

Sure, I may be joking a bit here (but not a whole lot). It’s just that most of us have now totally had it with lousy liberals who put our race in this spot. They fully deserve whatever comes their way, sorry to say.

While these kinds of attacks on White people are going on, the media has been bombarding us with the Caylee Anthony case, the fugitive Whitey Bulger getting busted and the saga of Rod Blagojevich (convicted today and off to prison, while tinkerbell Jew, Rahm Emanuel, smugly sits as Chicago’s mayor).

Hell, the media even covers that stupid Amanda Knox case in Italy, with nary a word on the actual black African killer already jailed. For some reason, we’re supposed to feel sorry for a drugged-out, threesome coal-burner having to face time in the slammer for merely having a little European vacation fun, as they try to imply.

All White, non-Jewish crimes, as usual. Yeah, sure, Jew Anthony Weiner made the headlines, but he married a Muslim and was an all-around embarrassment to Jewry. Pervert Jews like Weiner boy draw way too much attention to the tribe.

But they sure as hell couldn’t resist reporting on the fact White births have falling behind non-Whites and how America will soon become “minority majority.” This news is way too exciting for the Jews not to gleefully report. After-all, it’s one more thing to demoralize our race when the Jews think we don’t have the guts to do anything about it.

They will never allow us to get together as a race to put a stop to it. They know fully well that once we gain the least racial solidarity, the Jews themselves will become endangered. Yes, the Jews. They have used other races in the past for political and racial gain, like when they took over Russia in 1917, they enlisted Mongols and Letts into the Red Army to suppress White pro-Czarist forces, killing millions of White Gentiles.

We are under attack on all fronts now. In the streets, as well as in the Jew controlled media. It’s so obvious now what the lousy Jews are doing to White people in our own countries!

But all is not lost, however. International Jewry lacks the fine tuning to completely control their planned destruction of the economy. Once we bottom out and the Jews attempt to bring down Commie police tactics, legions of Whites will have a change of heart and fight back everywhere. The window of opportunity is fast approaching.

Plus, blacks will fold up like a house of cards when confronted with hardened, determined White people. Even the predominately Catholic latinos can’t stand Jewry. We might have serious times ahead, but in the end we’ll win out.

As I said here many times before — arm up, awaken others and stay aware!

— Phillip Marlowe

The nation-wrecking Jew is turning America into a murderous Third-world country!

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248 Responses to Afreakin’ Apes Attacking Whites All Over

  1. Gnasher says:

    Expecting the sunshine people tio behave like the snow people of Europe is raycis’ n sheeit

  2. macaca says:

    All of this above is so true, so true. In a weak moment, many years ago, I was watching some post-apocolyptic sci-fi flick and one of the white refugees seeking rural safety uttered a pithy and (now) timely phrase: “That was before they started coming out of the cities…”

    I have noticed, ever since the beginning of summer here in coastal New England, an utter explosion of ramshackle vans cruising my rural seaside village. Invariably, they are filled with ‘Groids and Spicaroos. They are exceedingly frustrated that the houses of the summer folk are presently occupied, so their new move is to flood parking lots, outdoor parties, celebrations (like The Fourth) and look for things to boost, people to mug, etc. One of my former students is a local cop, and he told me that the incidence of assault, larceny, vandalism, etc. is up about “800 %”…….

    Last week, approximately 3 days after a visitation by the Jehovah’s Witness door-to-door proselytizers (Sp?), I was treated to a scuffling and clanking sound in my back yard. I have two sheds, approximately 30 yards apart. Some unlucky individual had barked his shins on one of my boat-trailers, wh/ lie between. I was out of bed in a flash, put on a pair of boxers and my old boat-shoes, ripped an beautiful old Lee-Enfield Mark V (“Jungle Carbine”) out of the locker, took a large flashlight, and went out to investigate. I am a very large, almost ape-like (yet completely white!) individual and the prospect of seeing me in me undies, brandishing a blunderbuss, is, to put it mildly, probably not on the top of any tourist’s list. I circled around one shed, essentially barring the exit of the “guests”, shone the kazillion candle-power light into their eyes, and, lo, there was a croud of about 6 porch-monekys. My wife had done me the grace of dialing 9-11 and the cops arrived within 5 minutes—it’s amazing what a rash of urban youts will do to a local police headquarters. Wisely, I ditched me rifle in the grape-arbor when the police arrived, (although I have a permit to carry concealed—IN MASSACHUSETTS OF ALL PLACES!!!). they were treated to Reverand Bluto leading an all-black prayer group. I had told them to kneel with their hands behind their heads and made doubly sure that they all saw the menacing (some of you may know the configuration of the Jungle Carbine) rifle.

    The cops asked them a whole bunch of questions to which they got not one satisfactory answer and paddy-wagoned the lot away from my propery. I was told later: 1) I didn’t have to swear out a complaint (they were already sweeping up “urban youths by the van-load”), 2) I did not have a “No Trespassing” sign in clear site (thereby #1 above), and 3) I “cut quite a figure” that night.


  3. Julian Lee says:

    Sunshine in South Africa:

    Young Boers organize themselves against African genociders

    “Young white South Africans are taking part in secret military training exercises on farms across the country, as part of an effort to defend themselves against “crime and bloodshed”.

    “Over weekends and during school holidays, about 1000 young whites go into the bush for boot camps, where border war veterans train them in parade ground drill, handling of firearms and self-defence. “It is a matter of survival for our people,” said Col Franz Jooste, executive director of the Commando Corps…The paramilitary training takes place on farms all over the country.”

    The article:

    A very good sign and inspirational to hear this. This is what White men need to begin doing locally in every town and city, and rural route of America.

  4. Julian Lee says:

    Here a Dayton, Ohio editor is rebelling against Judenreich, reporting the black race of a murderer straightaway in this current article:

    Ice cream truck driver shot and killed

    The negro killed a 60-year-old White man who drove an ice cream truck, you know those fun ones that the kids love, with the bells or funny music. The old guy was well known, and was murdered just moments after he sold some ice cream to some kids.

    Seems like some White writers and editors are going to rebel, disgusted with the Jews agenda and their “no see, no think” mind-killing program.

    Separate the races. Bring back segregation. It’s time.

  5. Dick Robberts says:

    You’re all sick fucks, you know that?

  6. Dick Robberts says:

    Well arent you all just fucked up.

  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:


  8. KeepUpTheFight says:

    Hey dick, go F yourself. Better yet let the negroes you love so much do the muh-dickin on you.

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