Filthy Little Weiner Jew Finally Quits

AND IT’S ABOUT damn time, I’d say. The arrogant little Jew had himself a press conference at 2PM today, announcing his resignation. Took him long enough. Hecklers in the crowd seemed to erupt in disdainful glee; someone yelled out “pervert” and a radio shockjock asked at the end “is it over 7 inches?”

This country has had to listen to this crap for over 3 weeks. The media uses things like this to distract us, while all kinds of more serious business goes unmentioned.

Now, let’s look at a couple of things to understand the matter. One, without a free Internet, we probably wouldn’t have heard of it. Because things spread so fast here, Global Jewry’s media cannot control matters and are often forced to report it. But when they have to, they’ll use it to fill the airwaves and our brains with non-stop sick drivel.

Funny how black legislators, Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters, are rarely even mentioned and have managed to stay on while accused of financial corruption.

Second, Weiner is excellent example of Zionist Jews in DC. Sure, this little punk might have been a sleazy, lefty bastard, but he still supported Israel just like all the so-called “conservative” Neocon Jewboys. Make clear note of that.

While all this has gone on, tons of experts have been coming out of the woodwork saying Obama’s long form birth certificate is an obvious forgery, just like I said here.

Such as ex-CIA Major General Paul Vallely and FOX news contributor. Not only does he say it’s a forgery, but explains the FBI and Congress don’t want to touch it because they fear a “black backlash.” Yeah, I can see that.

Not only him, but typographic and computer experts who know this kind of thing have all been saying it’s definitely a computer-forged document. Obama is lying his skinny mulatto ass off!

Along with all that, FBI issued orders that will allow them to investigate whomever American they please, no questions asked, even when completely based on a hunch. They can zero in on you and look at everything you might say or do, without a judge hearing a word. Talk about Police State tactics.

Plus, Talmudic Jew, Joseph Lieberman (right) and “Shabbos Goy” John McCain are said to be working to reintroduce a stealth bill tabled in 2010. S.3081, The Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention and Prosecution act, would allow the government to throw your ass in jail, with no trial and for life! Of course, they would label you a “terrorist” first, just like Israel does whenever they waste some inconvenient Palestinian politician with a Hellfire missile or a bullet to the head. All this in direct violation of our Constitution.

With all the crap going on in the Mideast, like Libya and soon Yemen and Syria, it’s little wonder our economy and this country is going straight down the shitter. Unemployment and inflation are skyrocketing, and all our media can talk about is some sleazy Jew and the Caylee Anthony case.

It’s time we give all these lousy Zionist Jews the big boot!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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60 Responses to Filthy Little Weiner Jew Finally Quits

  1. Jager says:

    I would of preferred to see him tarred and feathered instead of just heckled. All in good time…

  2. Jacob Javits says:

    These sexually twisted Jew Boi punks seem to be getting a bit too overconfident lately. But there are a great many signs that the kikes at the top are deliberately sacrificing the ones who are a threat to their global imperialist agenda to throw us off their sent.

    Check out brother Kapner’s theory concerning Straus Kahnman and the allegedly yid buggered Kaffir chambermaid at

  3. Charles says:

    It is pathetically amusing to see the frustrated Jews dragging out the old Anti-Semitic card on every issue from former Representative Weiner to the anti-circumcision ballet initiative in San Fransissyco, and fewer and fewer paying any heed. Just as the blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut, so too is Aryan humanity blinded to the reality of this most evil race by decades and decades of Bolshevik propaganda regaining its sight.

  4. botchamania says:

    beep beep zippa beep zip,they already bankrupted everything from monetary to morality in a few short years,guess whats coming around the corner,this buffoon was going to be the next bloomberg,lieberman,schumer,kissinger or whatever he could get appointed to and i’m fully glad theres one less botchamaniac to deal with.ive been well versed at botch beanie babies for years and what a fine essay you have here,keep typing i’ll keep reading/

  5. t bone says:

    Now this jew scumbag will get his own tv program just like Spitzer and jewwy springer.

  6. jim and L says:

    @t bone says:
    June 16, 2011 at 9:18 pm
    Now this jew scumbag will get his own tv program just like Spitzer and jewwy springer.”
    Yup…it’s already in the making and it’s going to be called “Wiener Talk” 🙂

  7. TruePatriot says:

    That news conference was priceless! I was laughing out loud when he thanked his parents for instilling the values that have brought him this far.

    The event had all the dignity it deserved. What a pity this guy leaves Congress with a war chest and a hefty pension for life.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Jewry has already started the restoration process. ABC did a piece tonight on how long it will take, citing Jew Eliot Spitzer getting his own TV show. Jews never let other Jews suffer unduly — unless of course they do something to the tribe.

  8. JamesTheJust says:

    In a White society, this would have NEVER happened in the first place. Keep this in mind as we forge our path.

  9. t bone says:

    jim and L
    LOL! It sounds very believable.
    weiner will still be involved in the jew control over non-jews.
    This BS must be stopped.

    This is a worthwhile vid. I watched it in its entirety and feel that its pertinent to this thread.

  10. Nash says:

    I watched this movie last night and enjoyed every minute of it.

    Featured people in this film:
    Dr. David Duke
    Dr. Kevin Macdonald
    Dr. James Wickstrom
    Dr. William Pierce
    Jeff Rense
    and many more.

    Zionism is a disease.!!

  11. t bone says:

    That looks like a great movie Nash. Because of its length, I’ll check it out this weekend.
    I bookmarked it.
    thx for posting.

  12. t bone says:

    Interesting how jews read backwards.

    NWO backwards is OWN.

    The jews want to OWN the planet.

    yeah, I know…sounds crazy.

  13. t bone says:

    This is truly satisfying in more ways than one.

  14. t bone says:

    weiner, LYING jew scumbag asked this hoochie mama to lie.
    jews lie constantly!!! If a non-jew trusts a jew, the non-jew is retarded.

  15. Julian Lee says:

    Oh, no. He asked a porn prostitute to lie! The outrage!
    That’s as scandalous as somebody asking Charlie Manson to stick a bit of bubblegum under the cafeteria table.
    What a messed up news story.

    A porn whore should be in hiding, not on T.V.

  16. t bone says:

    When ‘people’ who run this country spend my HARD EARNED tax money on porn stars and their perverted habits, it becomes my business.

    The fact that he has been lying to his ‘countrymen’ is the scandal, what ever the context.

  17. Julian Lee says:

    Sure, it’s a scandal. But bringing her in makes him look good.
    Acting like it’s a “scandal” to ask porn flesh to tell a lie is a bigger lie and a bigger mind-mess of America. That’s where the real cultural damage now takes place.

    Every day that garbage commits more sins in one day than the Jew ever committed.
    Why do we have to play along with Judenmedia’s mainstreaming of porn prostitutes?
    Weiner should be run out of town on a rail with feathers; the porno “mama” (actually an anti-mama) — deserves to be hung from some tree.

  18. t bone says:

    I dont play along with mainsteaming porn. The vid shows nothing that is suggestive.
    My point is that this is one constituent in his plethora of lies.
    Weiners tribe promotes porn and she’s a whore, yes, but a dumbed down pawn who deserves whatever it is she has coming to her.
    Maybe she deserves to be hung from a tree but only if weiner is hanging right beside her.

  19. Julian Lee says:

    Simply put: The Jewess trotting out a mega-prostitute as a “poor baby” and “wronged one” over having to lie, when she commits mortal sin for her profession, is the ugliest thing about this thing yet. It eclipses everything. That’s obvious to me, and I don’t know why it isn’t obvious to other men. All part of the Jewish tendency to create confusion and havoc on every level. Now they’ve brought ups a “poor wronged porno flesh” — and she’s White. It has to be the best thing of all and the best opportunity, for them in this whole thing. Countless little White girls across the nation seeing the “poor wronged porno ‘actress'” when, in reality, the lawyer should be defending her as to why she should not be hung from a tree.

  20. t bone says:

    Well,thats the media. Not me. I doubt that countless little White girls frequent Incogland. And I dont feel any sympathy for that whore.
    Again, my point was about his constant lying. Its difficult to avoid this type of content when the context of his resignation is inherently perverse.
    I’m just trying to contribute to the article.

  21. JamesTheJust says:

    The difference between a jew and the White Adamic sinner is that the jew CREATES the sin (such as their proven roll as the instigators and creators of porn) whereas the White is often tempted at some level to participate and for various reasons.

    You will NOT find White ringleaders in the porn outrage.

    You will NOT find White ringleaders in the drug operations.

    You will NOT find White ringleaders in the various sex perversion propagation.

    In all cases, it is the jew…and yet to watch the Talmudvision, the White race is behind it all, while the jew remains unnamed.

  22. JamesTheJust says:

    If the Whore is truly a White Adamic woman, I feel sorry for her. I feel sorrow for her because she has lost that special quality and spirit endemic to our race. Call it the Holy Spirit, if you will.

    I hope she finds her way. If, on the other hand, she has even one drop of jew blood in her, I wish her a torturous death!

    Israel is the Whore that rides on the back of the eighth beast. WE are that Whore. She is only one manifestation of our Whoring ways. JEWdeo-Anti-Christians make that woman look like a saint. Truly they are bigger whores than she.

  23. JamesTheJust says:

    YAHshua went to the White Whore and the White poor. YAHshua saw the beaten spirit in them, living in a place surrounded by the satanic Edomite jew. HE saw what we fail to see; the inner beauty of our race. HE saw the Holy Spirit, we as HIS children, possess.

    YAHshua’s first followers were these people and White tax collectors as well. HE saw these, HIS children, as victims of the Edomite jew.

    Were this a different age and a nation solely composed of White Adamic people, this woman would have been a faithful wife of a strong YAH-fearing White man, and the loving mother of beautiful White Adamic children.

    This is what YAH sees.

  24. Fereedom1 says:

    Wow just Wow!

    I just realized I have been guilty of “jew” madness that brought down
    the Christians of Russia.
    They were taught to hate their neighbors & to spy on them.

    I guess sometimes we do get caught up if someone does something
    that might be a strange to us but have no ill intentions to their fellow
    This site has just come under spell, each one accusing the other
    of being a ‘jew” and or a queer.

    I will take more time than just 6 months to learn more about the
    posters on this site.
    99% of the worlds problems are the “jews”, not the rest of us!
    That 1% can get worked out after we rid the US of these parasites!

    I do alot of work on the internet that sometimes leads me to think
    sometimes a disagreement is just that.
    Not an evil “whitey goy” stumping for a “jew”!
    I think I was guilty of that.
    There are alot of great posters on this site that come to the truth about
    the “jews” very differently.
    I have to mention I do spend sometime on Fox nation,
    they have alot of zionist “kristians” on there that need the truth.

    When I first started posting about “jews” I was always flagged,
    now not very much.
    Sometimes its baby steps and sometimes it’s a back hand both
    make progress if we keep telling the truth.

  25. Magnum says:

    I suspect another scandal or other distraction is in the works to continue to distract the public from the forged Obama birth certificate issue. I think this is the #1 issue at hand right now, even though there are other issues swirling about in the background.

    It’s nice to have a one Jewish Zionist step down from Congress, but like Incog mentioned he’ll probably get his own TV show like Spitzer, or some other high level position somewhere else within the Jewish hierarchy.

  26. Louis from Montreal says:

    Short and sweet and to the point; Thanks INCOG.

    @Nash, thanks for the video link. I wasn’t even aware of this video.

  27. DICARLO says:

    One would think that in these days of naming the jew vociferously across the internet, the treachery and evil that jews have represented over the millenia has become more understood, by more people, than ever before in human history. Previously, arrogant jews like Weiner would never have resigned, but today, because jews fear unawakened Whites might put two plus two together about them, jews can’t afford such negative exposure. Like vampires, they must avoid the sunlight, hence wiener’s resignation.

  28. t bone says:

    It looks like everyone in weiners circle will lose their jobs. The whole distict might be eighty-sixed.

    Maybe, if there are any non-jews in his circle, they’ll learn their lesson.

  29. JamesTheJust says:

    Just a little side note and it relates to downsizing and simplifying your life:

    The following companies are jew owned and these all use a flavor enhancer put out by a jew owned company called senemmyx, inc.

    This flavor enhancer is made from fetus cells of aborted (murdered) children.

    Simplify your life. You do not need even one of these products produced by the murderous jew.

    Pepsi (and related Pepsico products such as Taco Bell)

    Grow your own food. Share with your kinsmen. Be kind to your own. Despise the jew! Pray for their death! Live your life free of the jew infestation.

    Have nothing to do with Whites who worship, support or do business with the jew. They have chosen their path and their path leads to their death. Pray for them, but do not enable them.

  30. t bone says:

    you wrote:

    ‘YAHshua went to the White Whore and the White poor. YAHshua saw the beaten spirit in them, living in a place surrounded by the satanic Edomite jew. HE saw what we fail to see; the inner beauty of our race. HE saw the Holy Spirit, we as HIS children, possess.’

    Thats a very powerful paragraph. It definitely struck a nerve with me.

  31. t bone says:

    Do you know the name of that flavor enhancer?

  32. t bone says:

    4 0f the 6 CEO names listed on that first link look to be jew names.

  33. JamesTheJust says:

    Right and the rest are Crypto jews.

    Flavor enhancer is called HEK 293.

    The company is called Senomyx (I misspelled it the first time).

    What kind of EVIL mind would come up with this stuff????????

  34. Otto Gachter says:

    I wish to say this to all the true believers in Christ the Redeemer, Our Holy Savior.

    Not only pray for the redeemed and their further enlightenment, protection, and deliverance, but plead to our Savior that the Christ-hating jews will continue to expose themselves and their wicked ways all the way to utter implosion.

    One thing to keep your eye on is the newest version of jew filth coming to your talmudvision this Fall via ABC. What will be the reaction of the goyim to this?

    I do believe incog has already written about the program, “Good Christian Bitches.”
    Let’s see if this gets the apostate “Christian” zionists’ attention.

    I live in the gut of the so-called bible belt. From what I am seeing, unless something big changes, it will be a smash hit and the excuses made for the producers as well as content will rival all the insane excuses you have heard about how those three skyscrapers could all fall down exactly according to the official government version.

  35. TsarVII says:

    Does any one know what the background music is to the 9/11 video?

  36. Jeremy says:

    I have decided to start posting your blog address on a local blog in my hometown. I am sure it will get mixed reviews, but who cares? If we can wake people up: That is what matters. I started with your last piece on stupid white folks. Here is the blog:

    Make it count, guys!

  37. Julian Lee says:

    Good job. Keep it up.
    Yes, make your life Count.

  38. Julian Lee says:

    Now, getting back to Incog’s subject matter (after “American born” derailed the place because of he was agitated by my negative view of pornography):

    Obama is saying that the Weiner creep will be “able to bounce back” from his scandal. Doesn’t that show a completely amoral mind? It shows the Fake Cert Soetoro does not disapprove of Weiner morally at all.

    The difference between Democrats and Republicans presently is only this:

    Democrats are proud of their degeneracy and think it’s o.k. (unless it involves a male or heterosexual sex).

    Republicans at least still hold up a standard and are embarrassed about degeneracy, even if many are secretly corrupt.

    Which is better? Obviously the Republicans. However, since Republicans are Jewtools just as bad as Democrats, both parties are worthless and destructive to America and it’s White founding peoples. Democrats just want to burn down the nation faster by siding with both Jews and degeneracy.

  39. Karen says:

    @Julian…so the whore should be hung from the nearest tree? How TALMUDIC! Christ forgave Mary Magdelene. Yet you say Weiner should merely be run out of town. Well, after all he’s a jew. Just like you.

  40. t bone says:

    Heres more on that flavor enhancer:

  41. germaniajim says:

    If I dont get my daily incogman fix I go into withdrawals, so subvertednation with AA is my next available sustenance and when I cant get him I go to the ever favorite chimpout. Now thats how to bash a nigger

  42. Quarter Mass says:

    I didn’t know where else to post this. i think an issue that really must be addressed more is the level of of depravity modern pornography has reached. The attached link to a series of extreme (yet mainstream) S&M bondage photos is horribly disgusting. Interestingly, the “victim” is quite obviously a Jewish girl. When you see her, there is no doubt. These are very disturbing images. This is what is being produced by the slimy Jews that run the porn biz. Can’t there be some way to stop this type of filth? And if porn is so available now, without having to pay for it, why would they produce it? What is the reason? Who would pay for it when it is so readily available? My belief is that it is being pumped into the world as a purely destructive force. It weakens the family unit. It has no redeeming value. I am not a prude, and yes, like most men I do look at erotic images. (Hey, I’m single, cut me some slack.) This series of photos was found on a regular thumb page – right next to cute 20 somethings in cheerleader outfits – that type of thing. WARNING – it’s digusting and will offend just about anyone This is a vile topic, but it really must be addressed. Imagine young kids seeing this absolute dehumanizing filth? Stuff like this make me wish for more Travis Bickle types. ONE MORE WARNING – IT IS BEYOND DISGUSTING!

  43. Julian Lee says:

    Pornographers, especially the spreaders of perversity and depravity, deserve the death penalty at this point.
    Karen: @Julian…so the whore should be hung from the nearest tree? How TALMUDIC!

    You don’t know what “Talmudic” is.
    Talmudic is: An ocean of porn pumped into Gentile homes.
    What’s Talmudic is the new permissiveness and destruction of laws against pornography, pimping, and prostitution in Gentile countries. In Talmudism, loopholes are continually created allowing depravity and sin.

    Karen: Christ forgave Mary Magdelene.

    First, I don’t play Jesus. Second, there is no comparison between a mega-prostitute who has sex on video and corrupts untold millions, and a Mary Magdalen in a village. Could be his town wasn’t crawling with Mary Magdalenes. Could be every home in his village did not contain a glowing screen showing many Mary Magdalenes having sinful sex day and ngiht. Could be His times (and that situation with her) were different. All this escaped you.

    And Mary Magdalene presumably was repentant, not saying: “I’m proud to be a whore and I’m gonna keep on being a whore” and standing in front of lights and television cameras for a national broadcast. There is a no comparison.

    All this escaped you.

    In any case, the “throw the first stone” thing has done a lot of moral damage to us by now. I’d subscribe instead to the “Advice to Kings” in the ancient Vedas. They say that the king has an obligation to give the death penalty to those who corrupt or harm the people, and if he doesn’t, he’s not a good king.

    Yet you say Weiner should merely be run out of town. Well, after all he’s a Jew. Just like you.

    There is no comparison between what he did and a proud video porn “performer” and mega-prostitute. What he did does not rise to a death penalty, Hasbaripe. You think he should be executed only because he was a Jew? How gay-Nazi of you. Riding him out of town on a rail with feathers would be sufficient for me. Would any of your pals help?

    Most of the major pornographers are Jews. So if pornographers get the death penalty, as would be in my ideal kingdom, there’d be plenty of Jews on the platform. As to you and your little crew, during the ceremonies they’d likely be home looking at the internet.

    There you go, snipebarat.

  44. Julian Lee says:

    In the times I grew up in, the men (and backed by their women), simply would not have allowed the freed dissemination of vile pornography. The churches alone, and their ministers, would have stood effectively against it. The worst things about our times is that the Jews have already perverted and neutralized the men with porn and nobody stands against it. It’s only going to get worse until some real men and women, true children of their ancestors, arise.

  45. Julian Lee says:


    “And Mary Magdalene presumably was repentant, not saying: “I’m proud to be a whore and I’m gonna keep on being a whore” and standing in front of lights and television cameras for a national broadcast. There is a no comparison.”
    The mega-whore represented by the famous attorney never had any “Mary Magdalene moment.”
    She was never faced by an angry crowd.
    She never came close to death.
    She never faced any “hard law” at all, how much less centuries of hard law and outcomes (successful stonings and dead whores in the street) preceding that moment. So there is no way to begin any comparison. Jesus lived in a time of hard law and control of moral corruption among the people. We don’t. And here “save” was predicated on her renouncing her life and giving it up, not based on her pursuing more fame and reward for her corruption.

    (Usually the ladies who post here can think.)

  46. Vox says:

    @ All

    #1 BOLD AND UNDERLINED way the Jew has corrupted AmeriKwan society. Homosexuals are mainstream, in your face, and are ready to GET PAID!!


    Chely Wright, Kimberly Locke highlight Pride St. Louis Saturday

    Country singer Chely Wright and pop singer Kimberly Locke headline this year’s Pride St. Louis Saturday and Sunday in Tower Grove Park, with a Commitment Ceremony at 3 p.m. Saturday and the Official Pride Parade at noon Sunday.

    Here’s the entertainment rundown:


    12 p.m., National Anthem and Pride Idol Runners-Up Keith Dale and Jeremy Whaley

    1 p.m., Charis, Gateway Men’s Chorus

    2 p.m., Joshua Klipp, Band Showcase Board Choice Paper Dolls

    3:45 p.m., Anti-Gravity

    4:15 p.m., Pride St. Louis Royalty Court

    5 p.m., Summer Osbourne

    5:45 p.m., Band Showcase Runner-Up Underdog Syndrome

    6:45 p.m., Dieta Pepsi

    7 p.m., Kimberly Locke


    12 p.m., Pride Parade, South Grand Avenue

    2 p.m., National Anthem

    3 p.m., Chely Wright

    3:45 p.m., Parade and Scholarship Awards

    4 p.m., Anti-Gravity and Band Showcase Winner Just Free

    5:30 p.m., Michelle McCausland

    6 p.m., Josh Zuckerman

    7 p.m., Drag Review

    Get more information at

  47. Karen says:

    @Julian …the whore and the weiner are both ridiculous. You’re too simple-minded and thick to see the big picture. Their buffoonery is the point. Twitter? Really, twitter is for twits. Child pornography, snuff movies, torture porn, genocide, destruction of western culture and Julian’s all atwitter over fags and hookers.Your longwinded Marly Magdelane argument, “angry crowds” and whatnot cuts no ice. She was a symbol .

  48. Karen says:

    Another thing, where did I say “he should be executed only because he was a Jew”? Don’t twist my words!!! You’re the one who calls to execute people, on their lack of morality no less…destroy the symptom and ignore the disease. Yeah, that’s great Doc.

  49. Julian Lee says:

    “You’re the one who calls to execute people,”

    Let’s try to settle down and fly straight. Here’s what I said:

    “Weiner should be run out of town on a rail with feathers; the porno “mama” (actually an anti-mama) — deserves to be hung from some tree.

    Yes, porno prostitutes deserve to be hung from trees at this point. That’s what would happen in a decent world. That’s not exactly a “call.” It’s a statement of opinion about what they deserve. They did it to Black rapists in the South, and they deserved it. Pornographers and their “stars” deserve it, too.

    “Child pornography, snuff movies, torture porn, genocide, destruction of western culture and Julian’s all atwitter over fags and hookers.”

    I’ve stated my opinions about these. Fags and hookers deserve resistance. Mega-whores deserve trees. Makers of child porn, snuff movies, and torture porn — deserve much worse that trees.

    But the subject I was commenting on was not these. It was the hubris of porn prostitute getting into spotlights, on national TV, and fussing that somebody asked her to lie. Try to stay with the subject. My comment served to show how far adrift we are from any values.

    By the way: What are you doing against porn, torture porn, genocide, snuff movies, and destruction of Western culture, woman? Even standing against the sure-rot of the gay agenda? One thing?

    “Your longwinded…

    I know many words are difficult.

    Marly Magdelane argument,

    Have you always been so with the Bible?

    “angry crowds” and whatnot cuts no ice. She was a symbol .”

    She was a symbol of a woman who lived in a society that was harsh against moral sin. The porn prostitute you are defending is not a match.

    The summary was: The porn prostitute was never condemned, does not live in a society that condemns her, was preening on T.V., called a “star,” and never had any Mary Magdalene moment. Thus your attempt at Biblical comparison was useless.

  50. Julian Lee says:

    “on their lack of morality no less…

    Lack of morality is what is causing the destruction White men, White women, marriage, childbirth, children, families, and White nations themselves. Get a clue.

  51. Julian Lee says:

    You having conniptions again, Flamey?

  52. Julian Lee says:

    “So, do tell, why mooing like a cow has you looking like you’re dying…

    You’ll have to parse that out more, Flamey. Insider lingo?

    Thanks for your concern about my health, but I’ve always done well and continue to do so.
    As to you, I see sickness in your future. No wait, that’s already arrived.

    You’re a masochist and surely see yourself as a martyr…

    Martyr? How so? I live a contented, placid life. Martyrs suffer. I never suffer. Maybe you meant your post for Flanders, American porn, and crue?

    Incogman, do you have a fly swatter in this kitchen?

  53. Julian Lee says:

    Hah. Feel free to delete as many of mine as you like, too. I never mind when Incogman deletes me. We do the best we can here to awaken Whites, and he’s the boss.

  54. Marshall says:

    WOO- HAHAHAHAHA!!! Weiner is a FAG, I freakin KNEW IT!!! Another name to add to the “Could Jews get any more gay” list Incog 😀

  55. t bone says:

    Marsh…I guess weiner likes weiners. He looks like a gay Arnold Horshack.

  56. Marshall says:

    1.) Horshack LMAO man!!!

    2.) Put ’em all in jail with Pee-Wee Herman and

    3.) “Eugene” from that movie “Grease,” it would be a regular family reunion and Weiner could supply the “Grease”



  57. Lynda says:

    It should occur to the Goyim that one of the reasons why Weiner is so completely whacked is weiner trauma.

    Vinceros – have a look at Michael Hoffman’s latest post

    “Talmudic Rite of Circumcisim Exposed in Graphic California Comic Book” – Foreskin Man vol 1; No 2 written and edited by Mattew Hess.

    The San Francisco ADL has just registered a 6.6 on the Richter Scale. Abe has coughed up his furball and the Fat Lady has sung.

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