I’ve Had it With Stupid White Fools!

“There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance.” 

— Goethe

THIS PAST WEEKEND, I was talking to a bunch of grown White men on exactly what’s going down in America and I hear this: “You think the Jews are controlling the world? Then you probably think Don Strauss — or whatever his name is — you know, that World Bank president busted in New York, was Jewish, right?”

Not quite believing what I just heard, I asked the old man with the Santa Claus beard and one bad eye: “You say he wasn’t Jewish?” “Yeah, that guy wasn’t Jewish” he insisted, seriously. Apparently, the idiot really did not know Strauss-Kahn was Jewish and wasn’t joking one bit.

I corrected him as gently as I could possibly manage, considering what was racing through my head: “His name is Dominique Strauss-Kahn, but head of the International Money Fund and sure as hell a big fat Jew.” Now thinking he might be wrong, Santa Claus came back and asked “well, if the Jews are so much in control why didn’t they set him free?” Right — the cops are going to get a call from Jew Central just in time to stop from hauling the dirty old creep off the getaway plane sitting on the tarmac.

At this point, I wanted to choke the man, but tried to answer his question as nicely as possible. But he didn’t want to hear anything else and interrupted me continuously with more stupidity. I should have asked the fool if he knew George Soros was Jewish (he probably didn’t even know of Soros, anyway). Basically, these types can’t fathom anything beyond what they see on the news — if they even watch that.


That’s the trouble in a nutshell. Unless they see some talking head on the idiot box telling them what’s up, they don’t believe it. You could put your fingers on tons of facts backing up what you say, but they don’t have time for anything beyond watching TV, so they take the easy way out and blow it all off.

Look, I suffer fools terribly, as I’m certain you can see. Far too often, I’d rather beat the living tar out of them; go totally Joe Pesci on their asses — screaming bloody murder, fists a-swinging and boots a-stomping. As they say: Some people are alive simply because it’s illegal to kill them.

So bear with me for a second while I say what I should have said to the fool: “You’re one giant dumb-ass, bug-eyed Santa Claus SOB! You don’t know your stinking sphincter from a hole in the dirt!” There, I feel much better now.

Along with only believing what they see on TV, Whites can’t fathom another race working on a individual basis to advance their own kind. Whites sure as hell don’t do this, or more accurately can’t, obviously enough. If White people really did act in concert with each other — for our interests — the media would be up in arms. Ah, excuse me bozos, but that’s exactly the point of what’s going down.

Why don’t they see this, I ask myself incredulously every single day. Hell, just turning on the idiot box for 5 minutes a person will see some kind of underhanded attack on Whites, most often of White guys, just like the bunch I was talking to. Don’t they even notice this crap going on?

There’s two distinct things going on here and to fully understand the nature of the beast, one must separate out in your mind each of the parts to the whole.

First, it’s open season on attacking White people. No, there’s isn’t any memorandum going out to the studio execs, writers and news managing editors giving them the order to slime Whites. Most of these people are Jews, or Whites who stupidly follow these Pied Pipers of “political correctness.” They feel quite free to attack Whitey and turn blacks, gays and all the rest of the clamoring victimhood classes into heroes, while at the same time ignoring any crimes committed on White people.

That’s the level most Whites are now pissed over, the so-called “culture wars,”another made-up media term purposefully designed to obfuscate what is really being done to us. 

Second, the Globalist Elites in charge of International Banking and media of all sorts are clearly Jewish. You can easily see the long running efforts to create the Zionist state of Israel, how the media has been ordered to portray the country and a multitude of financial and historical shenanigans. Hell, they have buildings and streets in Israel named after these mega-rich Jews.

I rarely meet Whites who even know the least thing on how money is created in the first place and the fact the Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation, let alone all the Jews in control up and down the pike.

Same thing with the media. They haven’t the foggiest on how much Jewish ownership of TV, film, and print is going on. They think it’s nothing but a vast conspiracy of liberals doing all this crap and can’t seem to get it that someone, at some point, has to pay the freight.

I really think that most Whites feel in their gut that something just ain’t right, but are too scared to look into the matter deeply. They don’t want to get so upset they might have to stop watching all that totally stupid crap now on TV, like “Dancing with the Stars,” “American Idol,” or another Negro Felon League football game.

I can’t tell you all the times I’ve asked someone to spend a lousy 10 minutes watching a video on the computer, only to have them tell you they are too busy earning a living or some such BS. Pretty GD sad when you hear them bitching up a storm for hours about taxes. Crazy.

You feel like saying “don’t start bitching to me, asswipe, I don’t have the time to lead a moron to water — AGAIN.”

I asked those White guys this weekend if they noticed the one single common denominator to all the candidates running for office, Republican or Democrat. And that’s every single one of them has to express unwavering loyalty to that devious, back-stabbing Israel no matter what. Does anyone ever see a candidate questioning Israel on TV?

Then they tell you Obama is against Israel. Right. Then how come Israel is still getting boatloads of our tax money and advanced military weapons if Obama is so anti-Israel? Haven’t any of these bozos heard even once the saying “talk is cheap?” God help this country and the White race.

You see how the media plays up stuff to make people think certain things? Like this business with Obama, Netanyahu and Israel. Folks, it’s all a huge Kibuki show, a never-ending Potemkin village up the ying-yang. I’m not kidding here. Obama is fully in the pocket of Jewry, just like George W. Bush, Mike Suckabee, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and all the rest of the Ziowhores we see on the idiot box 24/7.

The Jewish control of the media has turned this nation into a herd of bleeping GD sheep, no doubt whatsoever. And we’re not going to vote ourselves out of this. May as well get that stupidity right out of our heads now. 

The Future for White Americans?

What’s happening to White people in South Africa should give pause to any clear-thinking American White on where things are going. Whites are not only specifically targeted for brutal violence, but discriminated against openly. SA Negroes are saying once Nelson Mandela dies of old age, they are going on White-killing rampage. Ask yourself how come we never hear a word in the US media?

For if we don’t do something soon, our lives will become not any different from Chinese slave labor, but with one important difference for the White race: We’ll be whittled down, year-in, year-out, until we’re nothing but a openly spat-upon minority. As we become poor and discriminated against, laughingly they’ll ask us: “How do you like things now, Whitey?” More and more horrible crimes will happen to our families and friends, just like what’s going down in South Africa.

Those of us who finally figure out the score, will get the NKVD Police State treatment, the same way as what happened when the Bolshevik Jews ruled the roost in Communist Russia — another subject off-limits by the media.

And if by chance, you believe in Jesus Christ and wear a crucifix around your White neck, you had better understand that alone will get targeted. Just the image of Christ is enough to drive these satanic Jews crazy. Jesus will increasingly be disparaged in the media (hell, it’s going on now) until they feel safe enough to outlaw His image and words altogether.

Why do I get so ticked off about these bozos not getting it about the lousy Jews? Because I hate like hell seeing my country go down the Jew shitter like they did to Russia in 1917. They are doing it today as we speak, but cleverly first destroying our race through PC bullcrap, third-world immigration, promoting race-mixing and widespread immorality.

I’ve looked at this subject matter pretty much all my life, researching, discovering tucked away tidbits quite on my own, talked to people closely involved both in media and government. There is no other explanation. God, I wish there was. Then maybe I wouldn’t have to be such a SOB.

Am I wrong here? Should I be a Mr. Nice Guy — instead of a crazed Joe Pesci type — to these fools and try again and again to awaken them to the fact International Jewry is running this country straight into the gutter?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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235 Responses to I’ve Had it With Stupid White Fools!

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The second article has the link at the bottom of the article, for the state by state list.

  2. t bone says:

    Those are some respectable words. I commend you for seeking the same type of truth that enlightened Whites seek.

  3. JamesTheJust says:

    It is, without doubt, a crude term that many would find offensive, and one Shirley regrets using.

    Sounds to me like Shirley got exactly what she deserved. Not because she said racist or hurtful things…things that need to be said by Whites far more often but because she is a traitor to her race and a backstabber; who would have; no doubt given her leftist leaning, pursued a fellow white with a vengeance were the tables turned.

  4. Noachideous says:

    Last time I looked Julian Lee had numerous pretty Girls on his friends list at FB. Keep stating your case Julian……. The ideal of most Girls is to marry her husband, both as virgins, have children and remain faithful to the end. Its that simple.
    Thanks to the propaganda spewed by the Jew, far to many sheilas have had more pricks than a second hand dartboard by the time they’re 24 and appear bewildered at the bitter taste in their mouths as a result of their short life experience.

    Keep the Jew away from your Children. They deserve partental protection from the predations of these perpetrators.

  5. Steelback says:

    Don’t waste your time on dem sheeple-dey jussa one big wase a space, boy!

    They all have excuses for not bothering to sit down and think. They work, they got families etc. They ain’t got time to think.

    Hell these guys NEVER heard of WT7!

    They know nothing of the EVIL that is central banking and debt slavery.

    We are where we are today because these guys don’t wanna THINK.

    Just watch the plethora of nano second images that confront their brains as they watch a TV ad. I have to turn away. Their attention span and powers of concentration are utterly shredded.

    These sheeple are only half human. They are closer to the animals who neither sow nor do they reap.

    Every day they pick up the NYT of turn on the TV they lose their power to resist and they lose still more of their humanity.

    Don’t bother with them-even if you’re related-ditch them!

  6. What Steelback stated was very accurate! I emailed this article to about 10 to
    12 family members, and friends, not one replied. You know what, if you keep sending articles like this, or ones from RZNs, Kapner’s site, after awhile, you WILL GET THE DREADED:”server is no longer accepting mail from this address.”

    The “Sheeple” and all the pretty White people just don’t want to hear it. The are nothing more than “cattle” and as the Protocols states, “we are the wolves that feed on this cattle” this from Zion oligarchy, as this is their metaphoric example of what they think all gentiles are, and what they are here for.

    We are here to serve their needs and as Talmud states, we should be happy doing it.

    A nation of parasites always needs a host and that is EXACTLY what America is for Israel and world Jewry.

  7. Repoman says:

    Be carefull… those dumb people can easily be persuaded by jews to kill all intellectuals. And intelligent people are outnumbered by 50 to 1.
    They will kill you for being “all smarts ‘n stuff”

    They did it to the Russian intellectuals.

    But by the use of logic you can manage to disrupt their idiotic thougth patterns.
    If they then insist to defy logic they are either too stupid and you should ask yourself why you’ve been trying to convince this particular mongoloid kid.
    Or.. they are one of them.

  8. Repoman says:

    and to add to that .. It may take some time to break through the programming and conditioning.

    but yes slapping them is sometimes very tempting

  9. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Rev Terry Jones In Dearborn With Rabbi Nachum Shifren


    Remember this minister down in Florida? He was the guy that drew international attention when he held a Quran burning party. Look at who he hangs out with!

  10. JamesTheJust says:

    And to think I defended that BASTARD jones when the original article came out.

    He’s not one of us. Maybe a little satanic blood flowing through his veins.

  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    That’s the same thing I’m thinking James.

  12. germaniajim says:

    I do know how you feel Philip, believe me, I had a talk with a guy standing in line at the bank ,and when I said the holohoax was a fix, He looked like he was going to have a heartattack, Then he abrruptly pretended he didnt know me, Not willing to let it go, I inserted yet another comment about jews taking over govt and finance and he said,, “no, no, its not the jews, Its the illuminati that runs everything” , I winced, and thought, ‘oh, great, the ole chase the ghost theory’ again, This way they can feel convinced they did something right but as nobody really knows who is in the illuminati ,you might as well chase ghosts! I gave up and realized the next guy probab ly wasnt any better or worse. Joe Pesci, where are you when I need you!

  13. American born says:

    “American Born… I am a Nigger. A monkey. An Ape. Erectus also.

    So what? Who cares?

    People call you a racist, a bigot, an anti-sentimite.”

    Say what???
    Sheit muther fuker. I didn’t say that 🙂

    This jew is classic, INCOG.

    he pretends to be a nigger.

  14. Jo Jackson says:
  15. American born says:

    You have gone multi cultural.
    niggers, fags, whats next?

  16. American born says:

    Wouldn’t know Jo.
    On the face of it, it seems logical.
    From the massive amount of race based stuff Iv’e read, it has a ring of truth.
    Actually a loud bell.
    There were germanic incursions in breton.
    Too tired to find links.

  17. American born says:

    Heads ups to all you dumb SOBs who actually take what nigger “black male 21” says seriously, leave that savage around your kids or family members, alone.

    If and I say if he is a true buck skin black nigger son of a bitch, he will turn on a dime.
    I laugh at all the dumb Whites that carry his water and defend him here.
    I doubt anyone here would leave the nigger alone around family.
    And if you would, consequences are on you.

  18. Jo Jackson says:

    The most insidious Jew project yet which hapless, hopeless British and American taxpayers are PAYING for…

    This Godforasken shit hole has received $100 BILLION in aid money hand outs since 1951. It has nuclear power, more billionaires than the UK and possibly as many as the USA? Bill Gates the jew invests more money here than anywhere else training up the mud people?

    They also have more Muslims which the media conveniently neglect to mention than Pakistan which they distrust?

    So who’s LYING to us?


  19. JamesTheJust says:

    There were germanic incursions in breton.

    The Britons and the Germans are both Saxons. They are kin.

    MANY Germans are of Judah (which is why the jews hate them so much). The entire royal line is Germanic; including QEII.

    The satanic jews, eisenhower, roosevelt, stalin and churchill (along with their satanic bosses rothschild) convinced us to kill our own people!

    I will not raise a weapon to a brother no matter what the damned jew say. I will kill jew and any beasts they raise against us, but not our own.

  20. Billy says:

    Hitler was Jewish too who convinced one side of the whites to fight other whites and then left 250,000 Germans to die in Russia by other whites.

    The Traitor fooled most

  21. tsarina says:

    Milivoj Asner died in Austria recently. The lame stream media dosen’t say much about him. During WW2, this monster sent many unarmed civilian Serbian men, women and children to their torture and deaths in Jasenovac, where they even had a special camp just for Serbian children. The Vatican and the Mossad are both silent about him, and Jasenovac. The Mossad claim they were not able to arrest him, as he lived out his retirement in peace in beautiful Austria – translation: the Mossad were protecting him. So, was he an ethnic Croat, an Aryan, a Catholic, an Ustasa, a Nazi collaborator, a Jew, a Croat-German-Jewish mischlinge, or all of the above? For all the innocent Serbian people who were horribly tortured and exterminated as per the Ustasa policy, may he burn in Hell a hundred times for each innocent life that died violently on this earth. I will never forget and never forgive Jasenovac or Dachau.

    Where is your gravesite Milivoj Asner? Maybe I’ll take a trip there someday and piss on it.

  22. Hammerheart says:

    Getting through a day without either strangling moron whites or else blowing a blood vessel is now a good day. I feel your pain.

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