Weiner Comes Clean on His Weiner

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) just did a press conference a little while ago, admitting sending shots of his thingy to a 21 year-old black Seattle girl he’s been harassing over the Internet for some time. Andrew Breitbart’s conservative site, Big Government, broke the story.

Here's the tweet Weiner made. Click to "enlarge." hehe.

Arrogant Weiner boy kept choking up and coming to tears several times, especially over his sweet little Indian wife, whom he’s only been married to less than a year. Weiner admitted he came on to 6 other women in the same way over the last 3 years (some while married), but said he didn’t do anything more then a little “phone sex” and never met the women. What a smoothie.

At the end of the press conference, some sick reporter (probably working for a DC homo magazine) kept asking him “was it an erection?” This came through loud and clear on FOX’s live coverage; they even ran the picture shown above on national TV. Supposedly, there’s still another more explicit shot that Breitbart withheld, being a nice guy and all.

UPDATE: Just read the dumb-ass Weiner Jew accidently put up his weiner shot as a publicly viewable twitter instead of a private message, as he surely meant to do. And then he tried telling everyone he was “hacked!” This has got to be the stupidest computer mistake in political history!

The little bastard made bald-faced lies for over a week, saying he was “hacked” and that he was hiring a private security company to investigate, but failed to provide any evidence, nor did he even make a written complaint to the FBI. If he was hacked, the FBI would have been all over it. Lying to them would have been a criminal act itself and make Weiner liable to charges, besides just being another typical lying Jewbag, as usual.

But he ridiculously insists on staying on as congressman. Not that long ago, they forced out a Republican White guy, Chris Lee, after a shot of him surfaced merely showing his bare chest. Weiner says he’s going to let his constituents decide on voting again for him; I guess he’s banking on the sheeple forgetting by then, or being a Jew, expects preferential treatment. He may well get it.

They could “censure” him, which is not much more than a slap on the wrist. He should resign right now for lying. If not, kicked out of office!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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176 Responses to Weiner Comes Clean on His Weiner

  1. macaca says:

    Here’s a couple of thoughts on that vile Kike, Weiner: 1) in actuality, Incog, we might want him to stay on in his present orifice—-he has absolutely the most PARADIGMATIC kike rat-face on the Planet–best possible advertisement for you and this site’s ethic. That face of Weiner’s makes even Schumer look like a Belgian farmer! I have a friend who doesn’t think Hugh Hefner-stein is a kike, or even looks like one! OMGawd, such imbeciles out there, and so little time to engage them in the anti-semitism that is spreading like wildfire worldwide! Weiner is PERFECT for The Cause. You couldn’t ask for a more public, and more typical kike image!

    2) Weiner’s image isl going wall-to-wall on the Blogosphere—-I have actually already seen some extraordinarily-vehement antisemitic stuff thrown in under some of his videos, etc. as “comments”. Warms the cockles of me heart, it does.

    In any case, carrion the great work!

  2. balder says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=F90wnuWo6jk mossad psychopaths have their eyes everywhere.

  3. warriorhun says:

    Dear Jim and L,
    and dear Incogman,

    I am so happy, that the truth about the “As Sahab Media”/SITE Intelgroup/IntelCenter video fakeries is more and more out in the open!
    That Rita Katz/Adam Gadahn aka. Pearlman (I name them as Mossad Lohamah Psichlogit aka. Mossad LAP, Psychological Warfare and Disinformation Division of Mossad) and their handlers are producing all “Al Qaeda”-videos!

    And logically, using simple peasant common sense: when there is a terrorist attack, and it is “As Sahab, the Al Qaeda Media Arm”(Adam Gadahn) who takes credit for that terrorist attack, on a video “found” on “jihadist websites and forums!”(jihadist websites and forums in the age of ECHELON, LOL) by SITE Intelgroup(Rita Katz)… that means the attack itself could not have been committed by Muslims, only by Israelis! Do you agree with that logical conclusion?

    So, “As Sahab, the Al Qaeda Media Arm” are israelis/Jews, but who are the actual “Al Qaeda” terror cells who are committing the terror attacks?
    The Israeli Defence Force has their MISTARAVIM units! (Sayeret Duvdevan is the most notorious mistaravim unit for example.)
    The IDF Mistaravim units (the Hebrew word “Mistaravim” translates as “Playing an Arab”) are trained to impersonate “Arab” terrorists, to carry out false-flag terror attacks, and this is official!
    In counter-insurgency warfare these kind of units are called pseudo-terrorist gangs.
    The “Al Qaeda” terrorist cells are the IDF MISTARAVIM pseudo-terrorist gangs, carrying out terrorist attacks!

    Logical, isn’t it?

  4. GTRman says:

    Re Weiner : Life imitates art ? This is British satire from 15 years ago :

  5. The Mossad cant hardly keep the Muslims back in Israel, and now they have their eyes everywhere.
    No shortage of stupid on this website.

  6. GTRman says:

    Well I’m in UK and Israeli firms control security / cctv on our airports , buses and London Underground . But I’m sure they have NO ties to paranoid Mossad , no .

  7. JamesTheJust says:

    That’s funny GTRman, ITS-A-LIE firms also control many of the security cameras and operations here in the US too. They even covered the security for the WTC and the airports from which the Arab “terrorists” supposedly flew from on 911.

    They are of their father the devil. It is his will they do. They have murdered every righteous White man from “A” to “Z”.

    There will be no deportations or expulsions this time. This time the solution must be permanent.

  8. Arminius says:

    Yes, DBM, it’s all just silly paranoia. The article below is about hackers, but it applies to everyone else, too:


    Key excerpt from above article:

    “The FBI are always there. They are always watching, always in the chatrooms. You don’t know who is an informant and who isn’t, and to that extent you are vulnerable.”

    And keep in mind that the FBI is basically controlled by the ADL and SPLC, who in turn get their orders from Israel.

  9. GTRman says:

    Weiner-gate by Ram Z Paul

  10. American says:

    ooooooh, they’re watching us!

    Who gives a rat’s ass? jews were making a move on every Goy since before we were born. They also dream that soon nobody will be able to speak up at all, so use it while you can.


  11. GTRman says:

    Army judges weigh military trials for civilians

  12. American says:

    And for those “watching”, just since yesterday around the same time, Incogman has had another 7,489 visitors. Don’t tell me the truth isn’t spreading.

    DUMP ISRAEL and your wildest dreams will come true! 🙂

  13. GTRman says:

    The changing face of America: Time-lapse map reveals how non-whites will become the majority in U.S. within 30 years

    By the year 2040, the majority of Americans will be people of colour – the minorities will have become the majority.
    A fascinating new time-lapse map shows the increase in the non-white population across the decades.
    It starts with 1990 and then predicts up to 2020, 2030 and 2040.
    Scroll down to see the map

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1391346/The-changing-face-America-Time-lapse-map-reveals-non-whites-majority-U-S-30-years.html#ixzz1OiczErrg

  14. Marshall says:

    Yeah JTJ, it seems that wherever Israeli security firms are active, some sort of “terror” event eventually occurs. Go figure!!! Nevertheless, “certain” suspects seem to get a pass through security somehow, before they try to light their balls on fire LMAO!!!

  15. American says:

    There will always be a majority and a minority, by definition. The only question is which do you want to be?


  16. Arminius says:

    Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran prior to the Fukushima disaster, which Israel was undoubtedly not happy about. Also, the Israeli security firm Magna BSP was in charge of security for the Fukushima nuclear plant. They installed 1000lb. “cameras” at the Fukushima nuclear plant which were more likely gun-type nuclear weapons, designed to destroy the reactors. See two links below:



  17. Marshall says:

    HOFF!!! I’m thinking of printing up a bunch of these business cards to distribute around town. I can’t think of a better site to link to than yours, are you up for it?



  18. Arminius says:

    From the horse’s mouth on the Fukushima nuclear plant – the Jerusalem Post:


    Here’s the key excerpt:

    “The Arava-based Magna BSP company, which specializes in producing and installing stereoscopic sensory and thermal imaging cameras, had been contracted to place cameras around one of the plant’s six cores – the core that has been experiencing explosions and overheating.”

    Remember from the previous article that Arava is the district around Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility. What an amazing set of coincidences, eh?

  19. Arminius says:


    First paragraph:

    “Magna B. S. P. Ltd. is a co-project of the entrepreneur Haim Sibony and the Dimona Technological Incubator under the auspices of, and partly financed by, The Office of the Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade (OCS), was founded in January, 2001. Aeronautics Defense Systems Ltd. and “angel” investors invested in the company.”

  20. GTRman says:

    Hoff : China is building it’s first aircraft carrier .

  21. GTRman says:

    Meanwhile , in UK , (where we “cant afford ” aircraft for our carrier) , food , electricity , gas , water and petrol ( gasoline ) prices are rocketing . Food prices up 5% , energy bills up 10% and more. Pensioners ( senior citizens ) are cold and hungry , after paying into jew-scam pension funds all their lives . But its not all gloom , the £20 billion-plus two-week olympic games are coming !!! And “we” are dropping very expensive bombs on several countries in the M.E. !!!! Whoop Whoop !!

  22. Marshall says:

    Affirmative GTRman, but it’s a ferro-cement piece of shit. The Chinese can’t engineer a paper-clip by themselves, much less a carrier 🙂 Well here we go again…wherever an Israeli security firm sets up shop, some crap happens Arminius. I saw some footage off a “live-cam” of the reactors yesterday that was linked off Rense, after they had another 5.6 quake. Looked like some secondary explosions, just what the world needs.

  23. t bone says:

    Looks like david hoMo-she is stirring up shit again.

    Get lost jewbag!

  24. Hoff says:


    “The Origins of Holocaustianity”

  25. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Zionist Washington Ensuring End Of America

    If you’ve often wondered why it is that Wall Street and commercial banks get away with so much fraud, you might want to ask yourself why it is that Jews are so often appointed the role of regulating Wall Street and the banks. You don’t think that the powerful Jewish networking and comradery plays a roll in this?

    The case of Bernie Madoff serves as a recent example. We can also examine the fate of junk bond king and insider trading crook from the Savings and Loan scandal, Michael Milken. In addition to his fellow Jewish friends in the SEC, Milken had the help of other Jewish colleagues in the department of Justice. Perhaps this is why he only spent a couple of years in club fed, and reentered the free world with hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Anyone who knows a bit of history is aware of the long stretch of Ponzi schemes, insider trading activities, penny stock pump and dump scams, and other forms of white collar crime dominated by Jews. If you are unaware of this association, I suggest you research it for yourself. You can bet there are many more Bernie Madoffs out there. And remember, Madoff turned himself in. The Zionist-controlled Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) not only did not uncover his Ponzi scheme, officials ignored years of repeated formal complaints by Henry Markopolous.

    After committing countless acts of blatant securities fraud, resulting in the collapse of the global economy, not one single Wall Street executive has been criminally indicted. Even civil charges have not been brought by the SEC. Goldman Sachs was fined a mere $500 million as ordered by Obama’s handlers in order to diffuse the pressure that he faced since Goldman robbed taxpayers of up to $30 billion.


    This is a long article and it names a number of jews. It’s a very good article to wake people up!

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    Here’s how I see it.

    Any government could contract with ANY security firm, but they contract with the synagogue of satan. WHY?

    Any government could could issue its own currency void of usury (and the system provably works better than the synagogue of satan system. Why don’t they?

    We could ask this of any question where the synagogue of satan is concerned.

    Could it be that our various government officials are also of that satanic seed?

    They way I see it, its not just the jews who need to be put to death but ANYONE who shows support for the synagogue of satan because the only logical explanation for such support is that they too are of that bloodline.

    Eventually we will have to take matters into our own hands. That’s just the way I see it.

  27. anti-zionist says:

    weiner looks like bob bloomer off glutton for punishment on food network. When I watch tv its for sharpening my jewdar.

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Is The European E-Coli Outbreak A Bio-Weapon? Evidence Is Coming Out That Germany’s E-Coli “Superbug” Is Weaponized With Bubonic Plague DNA!


    I haven’t noticed anyone on this site mentioning this story. Maybe I’m mistaken about that.

  29. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Who Created the e. coli Strain in Europe?


    A video about this same story. It’s seven and a half minutes long.

  30. kerdasi amaq says:

    Here’s the latest news on Ireland’s pet queer’s campaign for the Presidency(a largely ceremonial role): he’s had to abandon his campaign because he wrote a letter, to an Israeli court, asking for clemency for his Israeli lover(a pro-Palestinian campaigner) who was convicted of raping a Palestinian boy. Hmm, the Israeli Embassy denied any involvement with the release of this letter into the public domain. Also, he had a 40% support in the polls.

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