Israeli Pol Wants To Dump “Schwartzes” on Australia

Nervy Jew Likudnik, deputy Knesset speaker Danny Danon, is the same guy who pushed a bill changing the Israeli citizenship oath to proclaim Israel as a JEWISH State forever. He’s also trying to steal ALL Palestinian land. The smug Zionist bastard feels free to call for dumping Israel’s black problems on White Australia — supposedly a sovereign nation and already being flooded with non-White immigration. I’m telling you, these people are THE PLANET’S MOST INSANE HYPOCRITES! [INCOG]

From Council of Concerned Citizens

Fighting Third world immigration, while demanding it for someone else???

Danny Danon is a member of Israeli parliament. He says that African immigrants “threaten Israel’s future,” and represent “a clear threat to the state’s Jewish identity.”

Yet Danon says that these same African immigrants (almost all of which are on welfare) would be great for Australia. He wants Australia to agree to let Israel ship them there.

Danon says that sending the most recent African immigrants to Australia is the “right and just decision.” [from the Israeli Jew JPost article]

Right and just for who? Australia is also being inundated by a flood of non-western immigrants. What about preserving the character of Australia?

Please click continue to answer a little question from INCOG:


Even though Negroes in Israel are totally discriminated against, Saharan Africans still try to sneak into Israel. Up to 20 “schwartzes” (what the hypocrite Jews call blacks), get shot down by Israeli troops along the border each year. Imagine the huge uproar in the Jew-controlled US media if American troops did that to illegals from Mexico? Now are you starting to get it about how Whites are being kept stupid?

Ziowhore Glenn Beck, spewing alongside Dannyboy at the Israeli Knesset. Brown noser Beck still has his snout buried deep in Jew ass.

No White Country is Off-Limits To Jew Destruction!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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129 Responses to Israeli Pol Wants To Dump “Schwartzes” on Australia

  1. t bone says:

    From what I understand, Northwest Front tries to connect other pro-Whites together in person and in public places.

    I’m still checking in to it but from I can see so far, its a step in the right direction.

  2. Rick says:

    They eat their own too:

    Lost boy killed after asking for help

    New York police have arrested a 35-year-old suspect after the remains of a missing 8-year-old boy were discovered inside the man’s refrigerator.

    An eight-year-old US boy who got lost while walking home alone from day camp in his Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York was killed and dismembered by a stranger he had asked for directions, and his remains were found stuffed in a trash bin and the man’s refrigerator, police said.

    The gruesome killing of Leiby Kletzky shocked the tight-knit Hasidic community in Borough Park, in part because it is one of the safest sections of the city and because the man under arrest is himself an Orthodox Jew.

    A day-and-a-half search for the boy ended with the discovery of his severed feet inside a bloody freezer at the home of a man who was seen with the child on a surveillance video, a law enforcement official said. The rest of the remains were in the rubbish in another neighbourhood.

    “It is every parent’s worst nightmare,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

    The 35-year-old suspect, Levi Aron, implicated himself in the killing, Kelly said.

    Police said there was no evidence the boy was sexually assaulted, but they would not otherwise shed any light on a motive except to say Aron told them he “panicked” when he saw photos of the missing boy on fliers that were distributed in the neighbourhood. Police were looking into whether Aron had a history of mental illness.
    Search for evidence … police gather near the home of the suspect.New York police have arrested a 35-year-old suspect after the remains of a missing 8-year-old boy were discovered inside the man’s refrigerator.

    Read more:

  3. Silvernickel says:

    A little fun tongue in cheek…….but just a bit!

  4. t bone says:

    Suddenly, jews in the news!

  5. t bone says:

    A White girl with a very sweet voice narrates this one:

  6. MikeJohnson says:

    The jews are fukked and they know it.

    Which is why they’re going to try to kill us all off when we wake up. Heck, they might try to kill us all of now before enough of us wake up.

    These people are smart. Which is they take all sides in a debate.

  7. t bone says:

    This vid with Harold Covington is in relation the the above link I posted.

  8. Orion14 says:

    “Dan Duncan is a member of Ireland’s parliament. He says that African immigrants “threaten Ireland’s future,” and represent “a clear threat to the nation’s White Irish identity.”

    If this had been said instead, do you think it would be on every smirking Jew media outlet in the world? Why, you betcha!

  9. American born says:

    Intresting how the msm in TN has a somali nigress as a news reporter.
    No doubt this story will be rapidly covered up.
    This is the last we will here of this. The media will begin their casey anthony obsession again.

  10. t bone says:

    Hey jews, be careful what you wish for…

  11. seane says:

    i am an aussie and the awakened whites here will not tolerate the jewish filth from destroying our country – we already rioteted against muslim agitation a few years ago – “cronulla riots” and we will not allow these treacherous khaozaric fucks from ruining our culture for israel – fuck zog – AWAKENED whites are the only barrier against jew domination – IFF IT AINT WHITE – IT AINT RIGHT!!

  12. JamesTheJust says:

    And if the Hasidic Jews lived that only means those lazy mexicunts did a half ass job again.

  13. JamesTheJust says:

    These people are smart. Which is they take all sides in a debate.

    jews are members of every WN group you can think of. Not surprising since many jews sit in high positions within those groups and those groups have such lax standards that practically any nigger could join.

    I am exaggerating of course but its not far from the truth.

    Christian Identity is the only group the jew cannot infiltrate – at least not for long.

  14. zioncrimefactory says:

    Hey Incogman, the rats vanquished my blogs for the third time.

    Mirrored them here again:

  15. Fereedom1 says:

    Hey room! I just posted 18 times on Bro-Kapner!
    He deleted them all!
    I posted that Bro-Nate said Kohn was set up!
    He is a liar!
    That sick “jew” Kohn did it!

  16. Fereedom1 says:

    Did the media report, like snake gracie?
    A 8 yr. old boy was cut up!
    Because a fellow “jew” did it!
    Sick fucks!

  17. Fereedom1 says:

    I do realize the war!
    Yet the “jew” will still kill!
    Yet some will fight!
    Every Channel in America has a “jew” telling you what to do!

  18. kerdasi amaq says:

    What happens to those South African farms? Who gets to own them? Cui bono?

  19. 21blackmale says:

    Thanks to all of you who have brainwashed me and help me see I can’t help but notice how the media really does readily promote stories in which the white person is at fault and the minority is not. Case in point, this article being on the front page of Atlanta Journal Constitution which occurred not too far from my home. Everyone is talking about it today.

    Right now around the office, it’s as if in the air is an aurora of “all white people drink and drive and kill blacks/mexicans…ON PURPOSE!!”

    Everyone is talking about this here today… mainly the white people drunk on white guilt.

  20. t bone says:

    Another new vid. Well done visuals. R.P. Oliver commentary…

  21. Bailey says:

    Hey, I thought only illegal immigrant mexicans drove drunk and killed americans.
    This scumbag does not represent the white race or the american people, a woman beater is a low form of life no matter the color of his skin.

    “White people drunk on white guilt.”
    I like that 21!

  22. Bailey says:

    Awsome, t bone !

  23. t bone says:

    I like that quote too.

    Yeah Bailey,
    I hit a mini jackpot yesterday with these vids. They’re all new and most are from the same source.

    I’ve seem many Dr. W. Pierce vids but never this one. He’s talks about John Rocker (MLB pitcher) and the jew’s ‘house of cards’.

    This is a must see to all Incog members (btw-yesterday, 7-13, I posted another MANDATORY vid @ 10:34 pm).

  24. Bailey says:

    Great video t bone, i almost forgot about that john rocker thing, haven’t payed attention to ball sports since the 80’s so it kind of just slipped me by but rocker is right.

    I don’t read filthy Playboy either but was glad when they did the Helen Thomas interview, millions must have read that who have never given any thought to the filthy jews, i saw it as a good thing and i did enjoy the article myself.

    New York is a fuckin’ cesspool, i used to hang around the city alot when i lived in jew nersey it was a 40 min. train ride up the east coast corridor, i was a big time record collector and the village had great record shops, plus a couple real cool bars.
    In Manhattan one time i rounded a corner and ran straight into a nigger rally.
    FREE SOUTH AFRICA- FREE MANDELA!!,had to be a couple thousand jigaboos taking over the street, needless to say i split real quick out of there.

    Well, those niggers got what they where chanting for and we see how that turned out huh?

  25. Marshall says:

    Quick tech tip:

    FREE IP location looker-upper!!! Track that Hasbarat back to his lair, deep under the Negev Desert 😀

  26. warriorhun says:







  27. Rex Stihl says:

    Dallas stampede to receive housing vouchers news below.

    I caught the DFW jew news at noon today and guess who they found to interview in this herd.

    Yep, a White woman.

    Do you see any White people here? She thought she was going to get there early and outrun the brothas and sistas. She got her butt trampled for the effort.

  28. Citizenfitz says:

    Thanks, Tbone! That Dr. Pierce video is certainly worth forwarding to friends and family. Some of them, anyway. Evidently the heebs are growing increasingly nervous at all the rumbling from Mount Goyim and as a result are becoming even more aggressively disgusting. But being a Satanic cult they won’t be happy until their grand death wish is finally realized….

    Here’s one you guys might not have seen: a Polish priest doesn’t once mention the Jews but they go ape anyway and demand the Vatican take action aganst him. Kinda like the John Rocker brouhaha but with a different uniform:

  29. loki says:

    Get this! Most of my ancestors have been on this continent for about 400 years. No, they were not teepee dwellers or cotton pickers. I think this qualifies me to be labeled an American. Now consider a China fellow with the name Long Tin Wang. He just fell off the boat and took an oath which he’ll soon forget. He can call me whatever he wants but if I refer to him as a “slant” or “chink” and fire him from his job, I could wind up in legal doodoo for ‘ethnic discrimination’. In other words, this bamboo bombino has MORE RIGHTS in a country which I thought was MINE, than I do!! Could I collect welfare and get cheap schooling if I immigrated to China? That tells you what ZOG is all about. Whites have lost control of the country they founded and built — and are still keeping together by their toil and sweat. Yet, and this is the most surprising thing about it, the Whites simply smile and hand over anything the invaders ask for. Even a chicken flaps its wings and squawks before its head is severed. Calling a White a chicken is to belittle the chicken. If the honky doesn’t soon wake up, he’ll NEVER WAKE UP!

  30. JamesTheJust says:

    Could I collect welfare and get cheap schooling if I immigrated to China? That tells you what ZOG is all about.

    Same old story, different time. This has been going back for literally thousands of years and it ALWAYS the same. Enter the jew into our great White nations….

  31. Silvernickel says:

    Sen. Rand Paul posted this link below on his FB. Notice the video shows that Sari Koshetz is the TSA spokeswoman. That’s a jew name, if I am not mistaken. The USA has definately morphed itself into a certain image of Israel and the jews and their Int’l jew banking high bretheren are the main drivers of this totalitarian transformation in America

    It’s the Judeo-masonic elites and their traitor agents in FEDGov doing this for power, profit and control.

  32. zona guy says:

    Hey posters, great article at Rense titled, what if 20 million illegal aliens vacated America. Terrific little story. 20 million illegals are probably only a third of what is actually here. Boy are we fucked. Hey jews, enjoy your muds like we do. Good article Incog.

  33. Rex Stihl says:

    “It’s the Judeo-masonic elites and their traitor agents in FEDGov doing this for power, profit and control.”

    As you realize, that is what JFK tried to tell us on April 27, 1961.

    The President and the Press” American Newspaper Publishers Association. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York, NY.

  34. t bone says:

    I’m glad you liked that WP vid CF.

    I’m trying to research Father Rydzyk from that link you posted but I havent found anything worth posting yet. Many vids/articles are in Polish, or theres a pro-jewish perspective to them.

    I’m in total support of him. He deserves some positive feedback from Whites.

    and Rex
    Whites struggle to find employment because negroes are offered the ‘right of first refusal’ when it comes to getting hired; hence the lazy negro sits on his ass, wasting a job opportunity that a White person would have glady taken.

    So Whites go hungry, working for peanuts while the jigs get free houses to set up their stolen XBoxes.

  35. summerled says:

    check this out takes a bit of time but good information

  36. American says:

    Great vids as usual, t-bone. Thanks!

  37. t bone says:

    I posted this yesterday but I feel it need to be re-posted. This is a very powerful, new video.
    As Hoff would say; MANDATORY!!!

  38. Lynda says:

    Great essay just posted by Hoffman on the use of illusion and misdirection in statecraft.

    He calls Revelation of Method – the oligarchy through its media informs the population what it is going to do – no response = their mind control increases exponentially. He links all of this to the Talmud and rabbinic pil pul.

    While Talmudei Chachamim is being put in place at every level of the Sotoro Judaic Occupied Government, the dysinformation industry bombards the sheeple with the ‘Sharia Law’ crisis. Ha Ha.

    The Judaic, you must study, my fellow padawans. Jedi soon you will be.

  39. JamesTheJust says:

    Excellent link Lynda. Thank you.

    As it turns out, the discovery of what Judaism really is and really teaches is more than ever relevant, pertaining as it does to the direction of our foreign policy and national destiny, as well as the Faith of Jesus Christ as presented to us in our churches, where too often a false Christ and a false gospel are proffered. The Noahide law proscribes the worship of Jesus, it does not oppose a church that fakes such worship.

    The Edomite jew knows who the real Jesus is. They know HE is White and they know HE is a racialist. They know HE spells their death. He will be their executioner. They know the White race are the true CHOSEN.

    That is why, under Noahide law, most “Christian” assemblies with their unversalist and politically correct dogma are never molested, while Christian Identity has been under constant investigation since at least 1989. (Maybe longer?)

    YAHSHUA KING! Saxon Warrior!

  40. t bone says:

    Thx American.
    I’ve been putting a lot of effort into my postings lately. Incog provides an excellent opportunity to expose the jew parasites.
    After researching and having an objective criteria, I only post less than 20% of the vids I watch.

    I found this one very interesting:

  41. t bone says:

    …and then theres this.

  42. JamesTheJust says:

    Good vids t-bone.

    I hope there are still some loyal Americans in the military…

  43. zioncrimefactory says:

  44. t bone says:

    Rodney King ‘troublemaker’ in trouble again:

  45. t bone says:

    Thx JTJ

    Recent news in israel:

  46. t bone says:

    israel a democracy?

    I dont f-ing think so!

    Heres proof:

  47. Bailey says:

    t bone..

    What do you call a black man with 3.8 million dollars?

    Thanks for all the great videos.

  48. t bone says:

    You would think that with that kind of money he would take a limo.

    I would say ‘take a cab’ but cabbies dont pick up jigs.

    btw-Why are police dogs always licking their asses?

    To get the taste of nigger out of their mouth.

  49. Bailey says:

    Great one from ZCF too!

  50. Bailey says:

    That 3.8 mil. was probably gone in one year, ever here the term nigger rich?

  51. t bone says:

    Your tenacity is very commendable. You set a fine example esp. when jews keep trying to knock you down.
    Every time you post your ‘newly named’ site(s), I always bookmark them immediately.

    Keep up the good fight brother.

  52. American born says:

    That 3.8 million went in the crack pipe. No surprise rodney king is in trouble with the law again.
    Until he kills someone and gets life in prison, he will continue to run wild.
    He reminds me of the Duke rape case where the nigger stripper made up lies about being raped. She eventually killed someone after being released for attempted murder, she was never prosecuted for lying to police over the Duke scandal.
    Second chance after second chance.
    It never fails with blacks.

  53. t bone says:

    Blacks think they can out-fox everyone. But when shit gets ‘real’ they are as dumb as a box of rocks.
    I bet the jews sniffed out that 3.8 mil. right quick.

    Then theres the April Swanson-type White women and crack.
    Cant forget the crack.

  54. Tommy O'Brien says:


    Because that would constitute cruel and unusaul treatment and they are not that much of lousy bastards?

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