Raise The Debt Ceiling or WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE

All this talk about raising America’s debt limit? Consider the following quote:

“The fact that we’re here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. Leadership means ‘The buck stops here.’ Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

— Ziopuppet Barry Soetoro (AKA Obama), 2006

The debt limit is like living large on a credit card, yet different because it’s up to you to decide if and when to run up your limit. You well know it’s not a good idea to dig that hole any deeper, but your running crew begs you to stay a big shot about town, so they can keep using your ass. The money you do earn is sent straight away to unknown people who have the power to put an immediate end to your never-ending party any damn time they want. Possibly even breaking your legs.

You may have noticed Israeli-owned ABC has been running reports about the debt limit business every night. That’s because the real bosses want America to stay on the never-ending merry-go-round — continually pumping the wealth of our labors into the “Judenfetzen” (Jew paper money) Federal Reserve scam they finagled way back in 1913. Evidently, it’s also the same people who shackled us with the personal Income Tax the same year (the 16th amendment was passed only to pay for WWI, but appears never to have been fully ratified by enough states in the first place).

“Oh, INCOG MAN, you’re just spouting off conspiracy razzmatazz because you hate the Jews for having ugly, hooked noses and beady, rat-like eyes.” Uh, bozo, all this crap is the GD reason I can’t stand Jews in the first place! You can see the whole system is run by Jews from the top down; they are the majority controlling management of our economy, international banking and big corporate media. Hell, everyone and his brother should at least be getting damn suspicious by now. Read on, if you got any guts.

Trust me: If it was slanty-eyed Buddhists involved across the board in this rip-off, I’d be raising all sorts of hell about screaming Chinamen in high places. And you can take that to the Jew bank, LOL.

And look at how much crap the Jews get away with in the world. You think for one lousy minute these devious bastards don’t have the necessary financial control to keep those fools in DC quiet when it comes to precious Israel genociding Palestinians, holocaust propaganda, never-ending Mideast wars, destroying White demographics with immigration and all the other clap-trap behind the NWO? Don’t make me laugh like an hysterical madman.

Notice how they’ve been trying to fear monger you. Oh, the gubmint has enough money coming in from our taxes to pay for social security, medicare, active and retired military and still have enough left over (about 66 billion) to pay for some amount of government each and every month. Get that some there.

Actually, it would probably be the right amount of government (around 40% reduction). Living within our means is precisely what we should do. And sure, we should close corporate tax loopholes and off-shore banking scams — hell, everybody knows that.

But the Ziowhore politicians in DC want enough to take care of all the parasite programs, special interest voting blocks (domestic spending) and lazy ass government workers who sit around the water cooler all day talking about one another and thinking up ways to spend their fat paychecks this weekend.

I’ve seen it all in action. Most of government bloat is smug little lefties, stuck-up Jews, faggots and herds of fat, worthless blacks hired by affirmative action programs. A half dozen numbnuts will spend a week deciding on how to write a paragraph of bureaucratic gobblety-gook that would take 5 minutes for one regular White guy. And all they really seem to care about is justifying the same budget year-in, year-out, or getting even more tax dollars so they can hire on more imbeciles.

If you spend any serious time within these groups, you’ll notice most of the day-to-day tasks are shouldered by a few hard-working, patriotic and competent Whites, men and women. Sure, there’s a few blacks who work pretty hard, but only a few and they get elevated beyond proportion. Indians and Orientals can work hard but are usually not as innovative as Whites (spanish-sounding names are often White, or maybe some Amerindian mixture with Spanish Whites).

The real creative work load is shunted off on Whites — who can get it done without a lot of supervision from idiots promoted due to the “peter principle” or in-house affirmative action programs that purposely and openly discriminates against competent and deserving White people.

And they could save a boatload if they bring back the troops from the Jew Wars and stupid places like Okinawa and Germany, totaling over 700 US military locations around the world (yep). If they cut out the all-time parasite middleman of our economy — the Fed — we could completely eliminate the debt in just a few short years. They all know it, too.

We’re paying about 42 cents of every dollar towards this debt. To whom? Funny how they never tell you that, huh? It’s like they expect you to think it has to be the rest of the world, right? China usually comes to mind, but we only owe them somewhere around 1 trillion out of that 14.2 trillion. China is only number 3 on who we owe. Yep.

Number 2 (about 3 trillion) is owed to all the rest of the world combined (Japan, Germany, Taiwan, off-shore Caribbean banks and oil exporters like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, etc., etc.). Almost everybody thinks China and the rest of the planet makes up the entire 14 trillion debt. Thanks, Jew media!

We owe ourselves even more than what we owe the planet. 4.6 trillion is in IOUs the government has taken out of social security and medicare surplus (money and accrued interest on what us tax payers have already fed into the system for years). So, yeah, we’re in debt on what we already paid into. Sucks to be us, huh?

The balance (almost 6 trillion) is held by the biggest single debt holder — The Federal Reserve.

The controlled media never really goes much into that part of the equation, now do they? That’s because they don’t want you to ask who owns the Federal Reserve and let you keep thinking it’s merely another arm of the government. Ask yourself this: If it was a part of the government, how could the US owe itself money?

The answer is: It doesn’t. It owes the money to private concerns — a giant rip-off.

The people who really own the Federal Reserve officially are unknown parasites who hold stock in a handful of banks, who in turn own private (never traded) stock in the Federal Reserve. At least that’s what we know for sure.

Therein lies the rub. Legally, it’s supposed to be kept a secret who owns stock in any company, bank or entity. As far as we’re supposed to know, it could be Santa Claus and a bunch of lovable midgets living at the North Pole. But I doubt it.

There has been info in the past that’s leaked out, or pieced together. Someone created ownership flow charts back in the 1970’s, illustrating what connections where known publicly at the time. It looked very believable and certainly fit other facts historically. 

The Banking Cartel’s framework obviously revolves around Zionist Jews and greedy, corrupted “shabbos goys.” Possibly those with Gentile sounding names are really crypto Jews to begin with, like Armand Hammer (international financier of the Soviet Union) turned out to be. The evidence is overwhelming that it’s a Zionist-US-British uppercrust-European Jew Banking network of some sort, most likely centered on a small, secretive Judeo-Masonic sect (usually called the “Illuminati”), which controls a wide-ranging international crime and intelligence organization.

And yeah, I know that sounds a bit nuts, but there is tons of revelations backing all this up and it totally explains the geopolitics of the past 100 plus years and the present. Hell, if you had trillions of dollars of guaranteed income continuously coming in off the backs of brainless morons struggling to make a buck (not just the US, either), it would be a piece of cake. Money IS power.

The Fed always gets regular payments on the debt we supposedly owe them. Money is created literally from thin air (resulting from the debt). If Treasury has to print it, the cost is only about $250 to run off a million in paper money. But most of it is created by accounting entries (called “fractional reserve” lending). The Fed takes a small initial cut of about 5% (they act like this is the only cost), then the government gets a check which is then deposited back into the Fed that the government writes checks against.

Money is lent out to member banks, which are allowed to lend it out to the public with only 10% of the loan on hand. This is where real money and wealth is made — from your sweat and labor paying back loans (often your wages are paid from short term credit too). But the initial amount created from thin air is always owed back to the Fed! Sure, some of it is sold as T-bills to foreign countries and private parties as investments, but never enough to cover the nut, like the media leads you to believe.

One giant hidden evil by-product of this scam, is called inflation and is equal to many times the national debt. Every time you pony up another fifty cents for something at the store, it adds up fast (this includes gas and food but US government bureaucrats dropped all that from the “inflation index” to keep you stupid). Inflation occurs because the more money they create out of thin air, the less a dollar is worth (the Fed says they fight inflation, but they’re really the cause of it).

Actually, whenever you write a tax payment check on April 15th, the check is sent directly to the Federal Reserve via the IRS. Monthly payroll deductions go to regional IRS centers (Treasury), which then pays the Fed. If your company is late, they fine you interest immediately. If you don’t pay at all, guys in black suits will definitely come a-knocking.

The accumulated interest on what you paid in over the year goes to the Fed. They always end-up getting a cut, even when you receive a “refund check” from the IRS after filing your tax form with deductions. Virtually everyone in the system are just flunkies following orders and know about as much as you.

It’s slick as snot. Basically, the game is a very clever USURY scam, set-up for multi-generational insiders, maintained by the political Left/Right paradigm (democrats versus republicans) that continuously pays lip service to us unwashed hoi-polloi; all of it cloaked and spurred on by Jewish media ownership, control groups (like AIPAC and the ADL) and last, but certainly not least, the “PC” zeitgeist — a mental barrier expressly designed to keep White people snowed and too scared to utter the word “JEW.”

If you have a social security number, you’re already on the hook for over $91,000 of the massive 14 trillion debt ($130,000 over-all liability with entitlement IOUs) so far. According to some who studied the matter, you’re legally an employee/asset of a corporate entity called “The United States of America,” based in the District of Columbia and technically liable to debts incurred by said corporation.

It’s kind of like The Matrix movie.

But if we really did go belly-up insolvent, what are they going to do, come out and confiscate whatever they want? That’s precisely what some say could happen.

They might decide to turn your property into a giant stinky pig farm so a Jew multinational conglomerate can feed factory drones somewhere in Asia. Hell, they can pretty much come take it now with the laws on the books, let alone later on when they say you and your wife owe them a quarter million dollars, payable on the spot.

They might just drag off one or two of your kids to work as slave labor in a new US factory, set-up China-style, to pay the bill and you won’t see them for the couple of years it takes for them to save enough for bus fare and a few trinkets to give to the kids they left you to raise.

They may even be trading off land to foreigners already. Supposedly, China now has plans to build “free trade zones” in the US, where they will have economic and possibly even legal control of the workers — maybe even slave drones imported from the motherland.

Sovereign debt is already a big business for localities all over the country. This is when they sell off rights to American infrastructure, like toll roads and bridges, to foreign interests. There’s a lot more of this going on than you think, because the media rarely talks about it. They don’t want the rubes to worry.

Look at it this way: All this crap is falling apart one way or another. My guess is that they’ve known the fiat house of cards can’t last forever and so have something big up their sleeves to roll out the next stage. Most likely another big ass false flag attack to amp us up for another war against enemies of the Israelis (to eliminate any nuclear threat like Pakistan or Iran). What they want soon is to replace the dollar with a NWO version, to go along with Canada and the European Union. Of course, they’ll profit and we’ll lose on the exchange.

I say we take it to the bastards in a big way all over the country. Once we regain our media independence early on through organized action, everything will snowball fast with late-comers joining in, trying to tell everyone “I knew it all along.”

The parasites will then know the jig is up. They cannot stop all of us. Remember that.

— Phillip Marlowe

Understanding the debt

How the scam works: The Creature from Jekyll Island

One book they don’t want you to read: Web of Debt by Ellen Brown


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. I just can’t get off my mind the time in a few years ago when Paulson drew his line in the sand and only declared “In the event they doesn’t pass this bale out, the market will bust?” And the funny part, that became an insurance for the economy to crash when Congress refused to play along. The presidend attempted a similar strategy lately with his panick of a weekend deadline but the oposition were happy to swiped his bluff. Well this time might not be funny if this next time limit gets broken.

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