The Bones of Rudolf Hess Exhumed and Destroyed

Unbelievable! Zionist-manipulated Germany dug up this unremarkable grave site to get at the bones of Hess and erase from the world whatever was left of the long-dead man. 

WHEN I READ this, I could not believe it but should have, considering the depths of hatred Jews have for any sign of White racial solidarity. And knowing the suppressed story of Hess like I do, the act infuriates me to no end. Nothing surprises me anymore about Jews and the ridiculous depths of ghoulish vengeance they’ll stoop to.

During the dark of the night, Germany had the bones of the long-dead Rudolf Hess exhumed and cremated, but more than likely just ran them through a bone crusher (the media dares not go there because it might make the braindead connect some dots and get suspicious of holocaust tales). They spread the crushed bones somewhere in the ocean where no White can mark the man’s final resting spot. And all because those “evil neo-Nazis” were making a shrine of his grave site!

“German” Charlotte Knobloch, a creepy-looking vice-president in the World Jewish Congress (just look at the smug old witch on the right), said the move sends a “clear message… I’m happy that the Nazi shadow over Wunsiedel [the town where he was buried] has finally come to an end,” she said. Another lousy US Jew, Elan Steinberg of the New York-based “American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants,” said: “There is now one less place of evil in the world.”

Wow. Like Hess was so evil that he flew a plane alone on an extremely dangerous mission in the vain attempt to make peace with Britain in 1941 and possibly put a stop to a war. He had absolutely nothing to do with any so-called “holocaust” or war crimes. Like Israeli nuclear whistle-blower and Christian convert, Mordecai Vanunu, the man should have received a retroactive Nobel peace prize, and would have too if it wasn’t for the Zionist Jew stranglehold on Western countries then and today. Hell, that one brave flight of Hess could have saved tens of millions of lives!

The Global Zionists insisted Hess rot in jail till his death in 1987, or more likely had him garroted because he was living too long and they wanted to demolish his old prison for the property. Chances are, the man also knew too much of the real deal and Zionists could not let anything slip out. They still actively work to suppress any talk about the man.

They said the doddering old man strangled himself horizontally along the ground in the prison garden, but the autopsy showed clear signs of him garroted from behind by assassins.

The lousy Jew media says nothing about Hess attempting to broker peace, only that he was trying to restore his Nazi importance and that he was nuts. See how these Jew bastards cleverly distort history to keep the hand of Jewry from exposure?

Hitler was forced to publicly disavow Hess, or put his anti-Zionist allies at more risk in Britain. Take a moment to read this piece about Hess: The Truth of Silence or my “A Real-Life Man in the Iron Mask story”. Hess’ story will simply astound you and make you wonder why Hollywood never made any movies on such a dramatic subject. Oh, right, Hollywood is controlled by lousy Jews!

I’m telling you the Jews are screwing up the entire planet in their bid to create a Jewish/Marxist New World Order. You know how they always say Hitler was out take over the world? Hell, the Jews are doing that very thing right now and using us Americans like a bitch to do it!

Not only that, but the bastards are clearly out to destroy our White race. They’ve realized we would present problems for them sooner or later, so they work constantly to mess up our heads with “PC” crap, flood our lands with non-Whites and weaken our morality in countless ways.

Poor old Rudolf Hess is but a symbol of Whites freeing themselves of lousy Jewry in Nazi Germany and now everywhere else. Sure, the Jews will scream “EVIL-EVIL-EVIL” about the guy like the nutcases they are. Hell, you can’t say a word about Israel without them calling you a Nazi.

The Jews hate anyone who has ever in the past fought back or fights back now. This why America is at war with everyone. This is why the Arabs want to blow us up and why we have to listen to the “war on terror” crap 24/7.

This is why our countries are going straight to the dogs!

— Phillip Marlowe

Rest in peace, my friend.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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106 Responses to The Bones of Rudolf Hess Exhumed and Destroyed

  1. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Like the bibles on their coffee tables, they will read every jew opinion on hitler, but never what he said and backed up with his life.

  2. Louis LeFlamme says:


    While aiming to think outside the box, don’t forget that most answers are still inside the box. It’s all part of thinking outside the box, see?

  3. Sybille says:

    Lol Louis I think Lynda is having a “duh” moment. 😉

  4. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Yeah, it’s a hasbarat double team operation. You need to get over yourself too. Take a poll: How many think it’s a “hasbarat double team operation”?


  5. Louis LeFlamme says:

    You couldn’t put a hasbarat in his place to save your lunch money.

    Flanders could though

  6. Louis LeFlamme says:

    They’re blind to wisdom, see?

  7. Sybille says:

    Whatttttt???? So if I DON’T think Hitler is a jew I am a hasbarat?

  8. Julian Lee says:

    But Lynda wasn’t expressing the Jewish opinion of Hitler.

  9. Louis LeFlamme says:

    It’s a lost and hopeless cause, if you want to believe these bozos. D’jew know?

  10. Julian Lee says:

    “Yeah, it’s a hasbarat double team operation. You need to get over yourself too. Take a poll: How many think it’s a “hasbarat double team operation”?

    Yeah, it’s a hasbarat double-team operation. (That’s obvious as the sun.)

  11. Julian Lee says:

    Hasn’t LaFlamme been sent to the digital Siberian Jew camp about 20 times already?

  12. Louis LeFlamme says:

    The jews threw turds on Hitler’s face, Sybille. The jews win again, with a turd in hand and a threat. This fight was over before it started. They obey jews here.

  13. Sybille says:

    Ok.. I’m pretty much amazed.. I come to visit which I do often since I am a friend of a regular here going by the name of Marshall. I also take pretty much a risk of putting articles from Incogman on my FB page to help getting more rightwing readers here. And what do I get for my trouble? I get called a jew rat? Well screw you then.

  14. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Soon to be 21 times, limpdick

  15. Sybille says:

    Louis seems so.. I can’t imagine what Marshall see in this place if you get attacked for not believing Hitler was a fucking jew.

  16. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Marshall referred you??? Marshall has very good taste. I repent of all the times I thought he was an idiot.

  17. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Well, Sybille, It seems Incog is weak and easily ingratiated by manipulators. I once thought to call this blog ” Juliehen and henpeckman”.

    Does it NOT look like that? Let’s ask Flanders.

  18. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Spamblinka, here I come.

  19. Julian Lee says:

    Just the weekly salutory instruction for White folks about the strategies Jews use on pro-White web boards. The newbies need to see it every now and then to develop Jewdar.

  20. t bone says:

    I see your point about Hitler and agree 100%…esp. about the jew banksters. He hit them in their pocketbook. Nothing pisses a jew off more than that.

  21. DICARLO says:

    Condit believes jew sources.

  22. DICARLO says:

    Anybody jewise knows you can’t believe a goddamn word a jew says.

  23. summerled says:

    the feds debts are a matter of a privet bank not ours stop using and chasing the worthless paper real hard currency will be gold silver water and bullets

  24. Jager says:

    It is very important to rely on jewish source material when one seeks clarity on Hitler and the 3rd Reich. Nervermind the waters that turn muddy when you do. A jew told me Hitler was a half-jewish homo cyborg programmed by the rothchilds. Fascinatingly true.

    The Hitler was this and that is a slick little trick that creates a nice defeatist position.

  25. Phil says:

    Lynda said:

    “Hitler knew the Crown (of Jewry) in the City (of London) ran both the JewSA and the JewSSR and Britain. He was an agent of the Crown. He had his orders to destroy Germany at the hands of the Allies in the WW II fomented by the Crown. He double crossed Hess (a true hero – albeit uninitiated into Zion’s secrets). He protected from public exposure that vile rodent Churchill who would certainly have rejected the offer that Hess attempted to make (supposedly) on behalf of the Third Reich.”

    What a crock of sh*t. Pardon my Yiddish.


  26. Phil says:

    “A jew told me Hitler was a half-jewish homo cyborg programmed by the rothchilds”

    Arthur Schopenhauer told me Jews are “The Great Master of Lies.”

    In reality, Jews can’t help it but to project THEIR ugliness, sickness and evil upon others.


  27. Phil says:

    ““Hitler knew the Crown (of Jewry) in the City (of London) ran both the JewSA and the JewSSR and Britain. ”

    To clarify my previous post, let me emphasize that part (above) IS true.


  28. Lynda says:

    Phil, I think you should brush up your Yiddish. The word you want is ‘shrek’.

    “What a crock of shr*k”.

    Speaking of the Hollyjude (ownership of all studios), have you seen the new blockbuster ‘Captain America’?

    The Jewish Cryptocracy is really enjoying themselves with this one. In the opening scene, there is an attack on Norway by ‘Nazi Sympathizers’.

    Meanwhile back in their political theater, the patsy in the Oslo bombing executed young Norweigans at a youth camp who – advocated recognition of the Palestinian state, opposed multiculturalism, Muslim immigration (together with Muslim acts of crime on Norweigans) – yes all of the above.

    In the JewMSM, the patsy is being profiled as a ‘Christian Zionist’ and ‘Nazi sympathizer’, a right wing extremist.

    Get it?!! The two scripts merge. Enter Captain America. What is obviously needed is a ‘don’t mess with the Zohan’ type of Captain America Ziotron who will defeat the evil ‘homegrown’ Nazis like Breivik. And everyone who is marching in Oslo for ‘never again’ will be happy to see the evil Nazis defeated again. I am sure a Ziotron will be along in the political theatre shortly.

    They never get tired of this schtik. And yes, it is a crock of shrek – since all the political issues that the future leaders of Norway were discussing at that camp were issues that were generated by their own ZOG.

  29. Jo Jackson says:

    No shrieking hysteria when Goldstein opened up on unarmed Muslims in Palestine? He is now a Jewish hero

  30. Toby says:

    Check out this JEW TERRORISM in Norway
    and of course,
    jews conveniently blamed WHITE people.

    This is just a reoccurring theme and modus operandi with jews,
    as jews did terroristic act of 9/11, Oklahoma City, Columbine School
    Shooting (and all school shootings), then proceeded to blame WHITE

    Remember jews are a Satanic death cult and that little number they
    pulled in NYC 10 years ago was not only to install more jew satanic
    communism here in the U.S., but also those 3000 innocent lives that
    perished were sacrifices sent to the jews’ G-d: Satan.

    People are wondering why WHITES are being presented as terrorists in the
    jew owned and controlled jewsmedia. The answer is simple: WHITE people
    are enemies to jews because WE ARE all CHRISTIAN. That’s right, our Christ was
    white and all WHITE PEOPLE ARE CHRISTIAN (no matter how secularized or
    how close whites hold their Christian cards): All WHITES ARE CHRISTIANS.

    Jews must, absolutely must, eradicate Christianity from this planet, as Christians
    are a bane to their Satanic-Communist existence. So, for jews to eradicate all Christians they must also eradicate all WHITE PEOPLE. It’s just that simple and just that complicated. Which explains why jews spend soooo much time committing acts of terrorism and subsequently blaming WHITES.

    The REAL TERRORISTS ARE JEWS. Always has been. Always will be.

    p.s. White people are starting to proliferate more information about the jew problem via the net, and this is another reason jews are depicting us WHITE CHRISTIANS as the enemy and lambasting us all over their jewsmedia.

    9/11 in NYC (jews have their fingerprints all over this act of terrorism):

  31. God bless Rudolph Hess. The wickedness of these evil motherf’rs must come to an end. I am speechless about this action. Their plan is obviously to keep us on our heels until they attempt their absolute tyranny. I hate the ‘jews’. Oh, how I hate their fuckin guts!

  32. Mikhelin says:

    We can see all Jews hate Jesus and they used Jesus to process for declining of Romans. We cant find Jesus bones, like Hess. If you are America, don’t go to fight in war for your country. Let the enemy country such as Russians, Chinese, hopefully Germans take over us, They will fix all Jews ass. I don’t see many dead Jews at gravestones during every wars we had!!!!! We have massive non-Jew dead great moreover great grandfathers in the historic wars for the Jews only, no other else! You can see Chinese population is billions, becuz there is no Jews in China! We are sucker to die for the Jews!!!!!!

  33. Marshall says:

    OK- Sybille told me she was getting hassled over here so I checked it out. Incog, I would encourage you to check out Sybille’s Facebook page if you want to see what my favorite Aussie is all about, if she wants to give you the name. I’ve known her for 7 years at least, ran into her at Yahoo Political Chat even before Madjewess LOL!!!

    As far as Louise LaFemme goes, Sybille has no association with that generic troll whatsoever. Hopefully, he is finding someone else’s leg to hump in Spamblinka 🙂

  34. Sybille says:

    Thank you Marshall *kiss* maybe I will come back here now and again now that I won’t be suspected of being another mad jewess 😉

  35. t bone says:

    I like everything you said when you posted. Most people dont come here to give others a hard time. But in the course of a day, different opinions/views can facilitate some head-butting.

    Hang in there sister.
    I (we) have your back if need be.

  36. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Sybille I’m sorry if some people here gave you a hard time! Stick around and help out. We can use all of the help we can get. We definitely need more women posting comments here. More men too, but especially more women!

  37. Sen10L says:

    Maybe Hitler was played or he tried to play them but I think it’s strange to say that he destroyed Germany. It’s like saying the Czar destroyed Russia or the POPe destroyed the church or Saddam destroyed Iraq or Gaddafi destroyed Libya… etc. Most realize the deceptions of the Goldbergs and their banks have destroyed the West and is being used to milk the cow dry until another host is built up to skim it’s resources. They have to have some useful idiots to survive. As long as one resist, they are unblessed with bombs and endless attacks in perpetuity. Those ebil muslim nazis.

  38. sog says:

    a patriot demands that there be a patriarch so as is was could whatever ,,consider franklin ,jefferson patriarchs if you like but these words demockeracy and patriot are technically noy t in the same meaningful category as constitutional republic and anyone in the course of adulterating this beautiful document shouild be found dead somewhere …many countries of ancient origins had constitutional monarchies or constitutions and the jews would always saunter in and stink up the place…sorry inco about mt stuff havin to be dragged out of spam as its the browser i use but hopefully i will have more stability soon…you should notice the absolute lack of anyplace for constitutionalist fundamentalists to produce input to the congress of (monkeyshein) representatives (of israel)of usa ….each and every shitstein in congress is a criminal guilty of conspiracy and ciollaberating with foreign intersts and they are all scared of standing up only to be put down by their jewish masters…..sad,,a once great framework of govt. that almost worked except for the stinking non human jews interferance …was the usa a threat to them …..

  39. Sen10L says:

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said it best:
    “It is unthinkable in the twentieth century to fail to distinguish between what constitutes that “past” which “ought not to be stirred up.”
    We have to condemn publicly the very idea that some people have the right to repress others. In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations. It is for this reason, and not because of the “weakness of indoctrinational work,” that they are growing up “indifferent.” Young people are acquiring the convictions that foul deeds are never punished on earth, that they always bring prosperity.
    It’s going to be uncomfortable, horrible, to live in such a country! (Solzhenitsyn)
    Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr. The Gulag Archipalego. New York: HarperCollins, 1973.

  40. sog says:

    not to worried tecknically as the bones were prolly not the real mcCoy anyway but its the act that is vulgar and bestial,,,I was thinking we should ig up FDR’s and stalins and churchils bones and burn them but a bag of shit doesnt have bones and therefore is only good for fertilizer but only from a good source firstly…..try to imagine being in the dresden air raid or in hamburg when the bombs fall ….its easy to say all these people died but but in reality each person that got turned to mush ,ash or liquid goo by these bombs was a precious german aryan… jews hate germans christians and others in what order ,,i wonder if these ashkennazies have a sop for priority in who dies first these days such as the palestinians //we all better start thinking beyond the box ands soon…sacre bleau

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