ALERT! Evil Muslims Invading America RIGHT NOW!

This just in to INCOG Headquarters:

ELECTRONIC VOICE TRANSMISSION from Chairman INCOG: Alert! This is not a drill! Repeat: This is not a drill, or an Onion-style satire piece! Huge fleets of Muslim Brotherhood battleships, aircraft carriers and special purpose amphibious ships have just been spotted off tourist towns all up and down the east coast! [STOP]

Specially trained commando shark units are reportedly chowing down on thousands of tourists in the surf zone, as WWII surplus landing craft approach the fun-filled sandy beaches — each open top, shallow draft boat filled to the brim with stinky, unshaven Jihadis — inflamed with evil desire to slay all us infidel, blue jean-wearing capitalists and establish the glorious Caliphate of the 12th Iman over AH-MERI-KA! [STOP]

I’m going to have to make this fast, since hordes of mad Muslim Marines are now coming ashore, frantically waving around super sharp scimitars and splashing past the horrible, partially eaten corpses of unlucky vacationers bobbing in the waves. Will have to bug out soon. Thank goodness, I’m strapped to the hilt! [STOP]

OH GOD NO, Iranian Revolutionary Guards are now floating down in parachutes everywhere around me — it’s just like that ’80’s movie “Red Dawn” with Patrick Swayze. It appears I’ll soon get my just desserts from God for criticizing sacred Israel so much — I guess the ZioFreaks were right all along! How can The Mad Jewess and Atlas Shrugs’ Pam Geller ever forgive me? [STOP]

SHEEET! Just saw a huge Great White Shark go by, pushed along the boardwalk on some sort of wheeled, gurney contraption by screaming A-rabs. Even out of the water, the damn thing was still chomping away at sunburned Americans scattering back to hotel rooms so they could turn on the TV and find out what to do. That’s sure some incredible shark training by those desert-living, Mohammed freaks! [STOP]

LOOK AT THAT! Some fanatical Mad Mullah officer guy just beheaded a sweet little old russet-haired Guatemalan woman out at the mail box looking for her government check — thankfully now on it’s way since we upped the debt limit and can afford even more pleasant Third-worlders sneaking into the country. Damn, those Muslim bastards sure can swing those scimitars fast! [STOP]

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards are all wearing matching oatmeal-colored Afghani pajama jackets, polyester Birdwell Beach Britches and for combat boots: Steel-toed, hobnailed Italian Gucci loafers. Each bloodthirsty Muzzie also sports a spiked Nazi helmet and every single one of the bastards are screaming “Allah Akbar” at the top of their lungs! [STOP]

Those crazy Iranians are also packing some seriously pimped-out, gold-plated AK-47’s and indiscriminately spraying teflon coated, cop-killer bullets — not just at the police and TSA employees, mind you, but at any hapless furry cats and dogs, too. Seems the meanie old Muslims don’t much like household pets, either. [STOP]

OH LORDY! Just saw a HAMAS/Hezbollah cruise missile fly by, guided by a disembodied Palestinian brain and eyes wired up inside a transparent acrylic nose cone. It came so close I could actually see the hideous, ping-pong eyeballs jerking back and forth as it searched the landscape for any peace-loving US target to slam into. Talk about fiendish military inventions! [STOP]

CRIPES! One of those demonic Hyundai-built, Syrian war chariots just flew down the street. In addition to a fine Cordoba leather interior and BOSE© sound system, those damn things have giant, old-fashioned safety razors welded to each hubcap, spinning a million revolutions a second so they can cut to shreds any slow-moving patriotic pedestrian! [STOP]

MOTHER OF GOD! Squadrons of burkha-wearing suicide women are now flying overhead, suspended by highly flammable hydrogen balloons just like the Hindenburg. Each are strapped into a C4 plastic explosive-filled vest and clutch red-buttoned detonators in pudgy, sweaty little hands. All are yelling that high-pitched, unnerving tongue clicking thing as they go by. Un-FRICKIN’-believable! [STOP]

It looks like the Allah sluts are being propelled by high-speed, Chinese made electric fans mounted on their asses — clever, since that would allow for total X-Y axis control by using the strong muscles of the buttock region. Most likely they’re also powered by canisters of highly enriched uranium stored up their rectums — making each one a helluva “dirty” bomb! Maybe that’s exactly what those Iranian bastards had in mind for those Nuklar reactors all along? [STOP]

JEEEESUS! One of those suicide bitches just took out an entire school bus full of ritalin-drugged kids on the way to the local holocaust museum franchise for the mandatory weekly indoctrination session. Man, those flying burkha bombs sure do pack a wallop! [STOP]

Oh, it’s so sad, I can’t believe it. Some of those innocents were probably rainbow-colored and hailed from diverse backgrounds; maybe even had same sex parents who paid big money for adoption while planning to take part in a filmed vacation cruise aboard Rosie O’Donnell’s homo ship, for an upcoming HBO LGBT special. [STOP]

OMG! They are now cluster-bombing the place with clay jars full of deadly, poisonous Egyptian Asps — the same snake used by film star Elizabeth Taylor to kill herself by holding it to her bodacious breasts as lover Richard Burton stormed out in a drunken rage at a toga party. The snakes appear hopped-up, so I’m guessing they’ve been dosed with massive amounts of amphetamines by Lebanese drug dealers. Dozens of the slithering serpents are headed my way as we speak! [STOP]

Man, talk about total LAND/SEA/AIR military dominance! And I thought the US had the best high tech war stuff? Guess we had it all wrong, huh? Can’t say Israel ass kissers like Glenn Beck didn’t try to warn us! [STOP]

Well, better stop my jawboning here, jam a high-capacity 30.06 clip into my BAR and try to take out as many as I can before my constitutional freedoms are removed and I have to live forever with grungy, yogurt-slurping liberals and grumpy, goat eyeball-eating Muslims. [STOP]

Sure, I don’t want to live under Sharia law, knowing full well how much I dig tasty adult beverages, looking at Playboy magazines, having nearly naked, bow-legged women drive cars all by themselves to meet me at cheap motels. And let’s not forget that special high you get puking your guts out after having to watch the latest faggoty Jew Hollywood movie while on a date. [STOP]

Oh, I’d much rather live under Talmudic law, knowing how kind and benevolent our commie Jew masters will be to all us Goyim slaves. Hell, they promise to work us every day of the week — not just five lousy days! [STOP]

Time for some serious blasting: There’s one, BLAM… There’s another, BLAM, BLAM… That’s gotta hurt… BLAM, take that, Sandnigger… BLAM, ka-BOOOOM. Wow, talk about secondaries… BLAM, eat lead, Jihadis… BLAM. Did you see how I dropped that goat herder? Gotta bunch of ’em coming in on the right. Better go full auto. Get sum, BRRRRRRRAPPPP, BRRRAP!

Uh-oh, need to reload another mag before that crazy burkha bitch bomb gets any closer and she pushes the…



— Phillip Marlowe

NOTE: Any of you DHS/NSA real people monitors can suck my big fat you-know-what. Yeah, I know some of the wordage here probably alerted your AI software and beeped for your attention. Well, let me tell you a little something, now that I got you reading this paragraph: You have a lot of nerve working on the side of ZIONIST TRAITORS. You know it, once you think it out. The Zionists are the ones effing up this country’s brains and ruining it all for your children. We wouldn’t be spending so much money and have such problems with Muslims and the world if it wasn’t for GD ZIONIST TRAITORS trying get us to fight each other all the time. Stew on that some.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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301 Responses to ALERT! Evil Muslims Invading America RIGHT NOW!

  1. Karen says:

    I don’t feel bad for the dumbed down white folks. I hate them. I hate their passivity, weak-mindedness, laziness and complacency. I hate being lumped in with them because I’m white. They’re part of the reason we’re in this mess. Loki, I love.

  2. t bone says:

    Can you say that you’ve been jew wise your entire life?

    I sure cant. My awareness started almost 15 years ago and has been steadily growing. Prior to that, I made every effort to see all people as righteous and compassionate as myself.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    I wasnt a pro-negro/pro-jew person as I told/laughed at the occassional nigger/jew joke.
    But I wasnt anti-anything either…except for conformity. I was basically still a kid,engaging in hedonistic behavior.And the net was very small back then.

    Then I got burned. I recognized a pattern in certain groups and had to grow up fast if I was to survive.
    I was searching for something to condradict my sentiments, hoping that I might be wrong.
    I never found it.

    However, what I did find confirmed everything that I hoped wasnt true.

    There will be a percentage of unenlightened Whites that will wake up to the jew in the near future. Salvagable souls,if you will.

    Some Whites are too far gone and I dont feel sorry for them. Perhaps I should have made that clear.
    I see our numbers growing and I welcome eager newcomers with open arms.

  3. American says:


    That’s a lot like how it happened with me, though it was only a few years ago that I felt the need to examine the situation. I gave jewish media too much slack all along, thinking I was a “conservative” and hence sided with Fox over CNN, etc.

    They’re working all sides every time, with the singular goal of world domination by jews and Israel.


  4. Loki says:

    The question is, can Whitey become pro-White by renouncing his anti-White past, or as Dr. Goebbels asked, “Can he leap over his own shadow?” And can he do it in time?

  5. Jo Jackson says:

    You know…………
    Many of us would have thought by now that the geniuses amongst our race especially within the sciences would have invented a form of systemic ‘weed killer’ that would target and identify Afro/kike/Asiatic skin pigmentation/irises, genes breath or something!

    Our people invented EVERYTHING that this modern world uses today and I mean EVERYTHING. It’s currently being undermined and rolled over by the scum of the earth as we watch with impotence and let the traitors be.

    I sometimes feel that blogging is akin to attending a major earth quake with a brush and dust pan… !

    Can anyone tell me when the blogging will stop and the action begins. I’m just a blue collar worker waiting for a leader….

    I’m tired of living on Planet Ape

  6. Karen says:

    T-bone..Sat.night here and I’ve had a few glasses of wine, so …actually my best friend growing up was jewish and like me she was pissed and rebellious, which drew us together.But she eventually embraced zionism and I not. Regardless, I still have affection for her and her for me. Brainwashing knows no racial barriers. When I spoke so negatively about ‘unaware whites’ I meant what I said, but regret using the word hate. It’s too strong a word.

  7. Loki says:

    They Live” is very educational in regard to its portrayal of race-traitors. The blonde, blue-eyed female is one type and the bum who becomes a frontman for the aliens is another. You note that these traitors even dress like Freemasons, when they attend their meeting to assess the financial benefits they have received from serving the alien-world-destroyers. It’s as plain as day, for that has been exactly what’s been going, on in our own society. Those special sunglassess were allegorical, for those of us can ‘see’ without them when we become jew-wise. A drugged, dopey, downbred herd of Goy suckers is what the hebes want, the better to fleece and slaughter them. “They Live, We Sleep.”

  8. zioncrimefactory says:

    Incogman, perhaps you could re-publish my article on your website? People need to learn this history, and learn it well.

  9. Jo Jackson says:

    We need a chemical like this to deal with another form of pernicious “weed”

  10. Loki says:

    I see little advantage in saying that jews are dumb, but Goyim are dumber. It is not so much that jews are smart, but that they are organized and pass on their scams to succeeding generations. There is nothing original about the assortment of jew-screws, any more than there are ‘new’ judo tactics. The old sheenie scams are as good as new, for Goy parents do not teach their young survival skills. If I had kids, I would certainly warn them of the scams I have encountered, but my typically Goy parents, who knew about sheenie scams perpetrated upon them never taught me anything. As P.T. Barnum allegedly said, “There’s a (Goy) sucker born every minute!”

  11. Karen says:

    As for being jew-wise my entire life, pretty well, have family who were land owners in Russia and had to escape the bolsheviks.

  12. Loki says:

    Downbreeding is simple, for Elmer Pendell describes the mechanism quite well in “Sex vs. Civilization”. What we have is a subsidized accumulation of “problem-makers”. Since “problem-solvers” are not subsidized to breed, their numbers diminish, along with the intelligence of society. Penalizing the fit to feed the unfit is the hallmark of Marxism-Christianity, and the outcome is the end of civilization.

  13. Steven says:

    This animal robbed and killed a BLIND man. This monkey is so stupid he was worried the victim would ID him in a line up.

  14. Steven says:

    Disgusting jews are mad that its getting to expensive in Israel. What do they expect? It takes a lot of money to lie to the world for 60 years and fund an empire of terror, lies and propaganda. They used to steal it all from us Americans but now that we are so far in the shit I guess they just steal from their own scum bag people now.

  15. GTRman says:

    OK , Incogland , you might need a deep breath and maybe a punch-bag nearby before you see this toxic filth . But do watch it .

    Black kid :” My dad told me that White people suck . Is it true ? ”

    Foul jew : ” Yes “.

    Jews love it when little kids swear . Im telling you , even for hollywood , this is new depths :

  16. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Just an amazing coincidence, I’d like to see the odds of this???

  17. t bone says:

    I know how you feel Karen. Hate can eat you up. I like to look at it as awareness but it gets to me sometimes too.
    Its unfortunate that your family had to deal with that. I (we) could probably learn a lot from your experience.

  18. ..s ..o ..g says:

    when you do the piece on that piece o shit leo frank and his wildebeest lookin mama make sur you add the photo of his ass hangin from the tree,,hatred and memory of what the fuckin scumbag jews did in the south was fresh in peoples minds around then…jews were getting special treatment all the time and had bought up and stole all the southern property rthey could while bein busy slaughterin and raping women and children postg civil war ,,anothe rjewism agenda the civil war

  19. JamesTheJust says:

    Penalizing the fit to feed the unfit is the hallmark of Marxism-Christianity, and the outcome is the end of civilization.

    Pendell is a first-class idiot and I’ll say that about anyone, whites included, who dare to be so freaking shallow and STUPID to say such a thing. It is the hallmark of JEW LOGIC to make such a statement and I question the spirit/genetics and anyone who can draw such a comparison; I don’t care how “white” they look.

    Christianity has not marked the end of soiciety, but rather the fourishing of society. Christianity does not rely on force to give to the needy, but the DESIRE of kinspeople to help other kinspeople out in need!

    So for anyone to drag Christianity to the same level as Marxism????

    I smell JEW written all over it.

    No THINKING White man would EVER draw such a conclusion!!!!!!


  20. Muslims and jews are genetic brothers , same satanic seed , mixed mules-bastards. Jew swines are behind muslim immigration to europe,australia and US. The word “ARAB” means “MIX”. Jews and arabs are mix BASTARD’S of , negroes , turko-mongols-asiatics-shit , whites. The Sicilians are mix whites,negroes , arabs , jew bastards. 99% of arabs in US and europe live on Welfare and food stamps and 1% are streets junk food and fruit shoppers.Muslims are same wortless shit as the jews , negroes and rest of the mud. Jesus call them dogs , swines . Do not cast pearls to the swines.

  21. Jo Jackson says:

    Oddly even Jews humiliate each other at times

    This Aaronovitch merchant who writes for the Times and the Guardian is one of the smelliest.

    In today’s print he talks about Turkey being the new “Strongman of EUROPE” am I missing something? Is Turkey in Europe already????? Trojan Horse???

    Is this the plan? To dumb Europe down to point where Turkish Muslim troops can casually walk in and police it at the behest of the Bilderburgers, fabians and their jew handlers? Watch this space

    This filthy schmuck is a very very nasty piece of commie filth like the Miliband brothers. Wiki the thing and read its history.

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