Demonic Jews Mock Jesus Christ

Watch Brother Nathan Kapner expose the lousy Christ-hating Jews. And Christian Zionists support Israel? Unbelievable!

Go HERE for Brother Nathan’s site.

NOTE! INCOG MAN has long considered Brother Nathan Kapner as a valuable and bona fide asset in the fight towards a moral, free and anti-Zionist America. Everything I’ve read from him proves to me he’s spot on and the real deal — a true warrior for Christ and America — regardless of being born Jewish and the Russian Orthodox Christian garb.

From now on, any attacks on him or his site will be suspected as a sign of subversive Jewish/Zionist/Shabbos Goy agitation and the commenter may find himself incarcerated in SPAMBLINKA, to spend his time among other screaming HasbaRATS, XXX bestiality porn links and a wide variety of trash spam. Consider yourself forewarned.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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304 Responses to Demonic Jews Mock Jesus Christ

  1. Julian Curtis Lee says:


    “My firm conviction after long observation is that Jews are somehow constitutionally incapable of comprehending the essences of Christian religion or yogic/Upanishadic religion (which is similar).

    With allowances and exceptions as in cases like Brother Nathaniel, perhaps.

  2. DICARLO says:

    Ya know, many unawakened Whites don’t believe jews are doing a damn thing. A WN can explain things from many angles, until they are blue in the face, but these brainwashed dopes, Christians and not, still won’t believe jews are behind all the problems in our White societies. Obviously, what this jew, Rosenthal, admitted in his screed about organized Christianity, is proof, right from the kosher source, of what the jews are up to, to those many folks who don’t believe jews are villains. These sheep are having a hard time even thinking let alone figuring out what Christianity is or isn’t supposed to be. What could be better for their education, or perhaps their awakening, than this arrogant jew shooting his mouth off bragging about jew trickery and deceit, and their absolute contempt for “deluded” Christians. Of course, much of his gloating is overstated, but nonetheless, much of it is absolutely factual. Mere bloviation cannot change that. Many jews themselves, all over the internet fear these admissions and will dismiss them vehemently as bogus. Why do you? Reminds me of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Like the Rosenthal interview, they’re psy-ops too, say the jews.

  3. Strider says:

    Test 2.

  4. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    Let me put it simply: Even modern White Europeans don’t know much about what Christianity is or isn’t, or what it’s good for. How much more Jews, who have never even gone to a Sunday service, much less practiced Christian austerities and chastity, etc. It is simply childish to think some Jew sits in the catbird seat to tell you what your own religious heritage really is. Jews, generally speaking, can’t even comprehend or grasp most facets of that heritage whether as a lifestyle or an inner attainment. It is not part of their own inner lexicon.

    Summary: Listening to a Jew tell you what Christianity is, instead of finding out yourself, is stupid. They want you to throw your baby out with their bathwater, or with bathwater they merely told you was there. Don’t be so easily manipulated by their propaganda.

    Last times I went to church, everything about my mind was contrary to what Jews want, and mysterious to what Jews even know. Christianity belongs to the White European devotees. It doesn’t belong to even a priest or a pope, much less a Jew sitting on the outside and telling you stories.

  5. DICARLO says:

    No, let me put it simply. You’re way off course here. You’ve been trying to change the subject from the first. It’s not about Christianity. It’s about how jews have taken it over…. and they damn well have. One only has to talk to some dopey-ass zionist Christian. There’s millions of them. JEWS infiltrated it, installed agents and charletans pretending to be Christians, and changed Christianity from it’s original meaning. The sheep don’t understand much and certainly don’t understand they are being preached to by judaized preachers. Rosenthal, the jew admitted to their trickery and deceptions for all to see. That’s what it’s about.

  6. sog says:

    “Mad 1/2 Goy says”
    August 29, 2011 at 11:23 am

    “””””Thats it, you are officially on comment moderation, incog”” please forgivv me for this but if you move your cursor over the mad joo now 1/2 monkey ,up from 1/4 any way congradulations on your demotion crazee shiksa….back to the curser mouse gadjet,,,ok move it over back n forth to mad joos avatar and with that monkey dik in her mouth and the other things like slander and lies against reality ,,,moving on ,,,its prewtty funny as the avataer moves back and forth with your fingers at the controls …well shheeeit it looks like she is fellating a monkee …ok …i know off topik but certainly germain to her predick amint …..heh heh ….

  7. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    “No, let me put it simply. You’re way off course here. You’ve been trying to change the subject from the first. It’s not about Christianity. It’s about how jews have taken it over….”

    No, you’re the one off course. Christianity is the love of God. Jews can never take “take over” my love of God, or the knowledge-of-God cultivated by any Christian anywhere. Jews have corrupted and influenced awry a number of Christian teachings and positions, yes. But you want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    You, and a number of other posters, make attacks against Christianity, not a defense of ‘something good that the Jews have ill-influenced.’ Many attackers of Christianity here never had any love for it in the first place. Never had any recognition of its good, whether in social/historical terms (from a White European point of view), or based on spiritual education. (Do any of them know how significant and empowering meditation is, for example? The Christian saints practiced it. Or comprehend how Christianity created and strengthened a Marriage Institution?)

    I say: Throw the Jewish influence out of the Christian churches.
    I don’t say: ‘Throw away Christianity.’
    That would be very ignorant.
    Also stupid. I have studied religion too long, in general, to be that stupid about Christianity. Simply having natural racial communities gather together in one place each Sunday — for bingo or dancing — is very good for the race and cohesiveness. How much better it was to gather around a transcendental Divine Idea, celebrating it with our best art, music, and culture. The nexus of marriages, births, and deaths. Christian Church was the natural glue of our communities for 20 centuries. It is absurd for an intelligent White man to attack it based on some doctrinal incursions or excrudescences, Jew-wrought or not.
    ICM: Sorry about first post.

  8. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    There is a problem now with many of the ministers and priests.
    I say boot them the hell out and put better ones up on the pulpit!
    Bring the Whites back to their churches, renewed and Jew-savvier than before.

  9. sog says:

    citizen fitz get your turd insurance current ,,,,,,and fuck your self in the process ….sue your ass hole for a new face you fuvking idiot ….noone needs you or me either imho….i do thimk in the future i will scroll past the idiots on here and i think intellegent humans can see where im coming from…..citizen fits stop screwing your mother ….citizen fittzstein stop screwing your dog … this fun ….. you of all semi intellegent people is the last fool id think would take pot shots ….its ok tho i will up my meds cuz you say so….go have some fried chikkin and a 40 ….mar sin lieb uhn drasda……here is a reality checj k for you as you probably dont even read the articles so i havent added the audio here ..its in engliszh but hewre is the thing were up against white man ……its good reading and a lot of reading so get to it …..hop to it ….heh heh ……we should meet to have a duel ….lol…i apologise for my speaking out of turn mr.i-man and am going to take my meds ….

  10. DICARLO says:

    No, you’re the one off course. Christianity is the love of God. Jews can never take “take over” my love of God, or the knowledge-of-God cultivated by any Christian anywhere.

    Right from the beginning, you have sought to confuse the issue by blathering on off topic. Stick a sock in it! Apparently, you like to hear yourself talk just for the sake of hearing yourself blather on. It would be apparent to anyone reading this exchange. You started the same shit with ZCF. You may make whatever statements you want, but your responses to what I’ve written has nothing whatsoever to do with the points I’ve made.

    You, and a number of other posters, make attacks against Christianity, not a defense of ‘something good that the Jews have ill-influenced.’

    You have repeatedly attempted to put words in my mouth in this exchange. I’m not attacking Christianity by posting rare jew admissions to their agenda, or quipping that many Christians are dumb. I am talking about jew usurpation of Christian churches. Obviously, the Christians I’m referring to are those going along with this jew takeover, have no clue of it, and when informed, refuse to wake up to it, and there are millions of them. That is plainly, DUMB! Whether I love Christianity or ever did has absolutely nothing to do with what I’ve written. I don’t wish to attack those awakened Whites who choose to continue to believe in Christianity.

    It’s patently obvious to me and many others that you write to take up space, and indulge in strawman arguements with anyone who has anything to contribute, especially when it exposes jews. You fuck up threads!

    Shut the Fuck up!

    By the way, Hitler and the Nazis were not faggots. This outrageous smear can be plainly seen for the jew lie that it is. All any Whites know is what lying jews have made up about this man. That a White man could conjure up such flatulent bullshit* and type it out on a pro-White site is beyond the pale. The jews were absolutely responsible for instigating both WW1 and WW2 and all the other wars we’re familiar with, and therefore responsible for all that misery and suffering, and all those deaths. Don’t work to divert blame away from the jews by blaming Hitler for a war he could not avoid.

    *Meditate on that!

  11. t bone says:

    I got your point from the get go. You did not smear Christianity in any way by posting that jew excerpt.
    You are an excellent poster and many here can see that.

  12. Karen says:

    Christian or not, anyone should enjoy the Christian writer C. S. Lewis, witty, wise, rational, and moral in the real meaning of the word. The Screwtape Letters are a great place to start.

  13. sog says says:

    cummander ZZZzzzzz z z z z z z z z z z ….call what? hey homoe call ET ….my meds are not working ….they told me that they would help me avoid reality ,,,they lied…when the nwo arrives ..anyone who denies christianity will be welcomed into the jew world odor….the world will be trasformed as the protocols of lucifer as he changes to and angel of light and discards his incarnate henchmen for the more embedded unseeable incarnate army…the world will be entranced into a world religion globally (kleptocracy/theocracy)which calls for worship of the beast…666…prince harry fits the sitch…european descendant of tribe of dan (jeeb)jew+heeb…c/z go play jewish roulette with a fully loaded ottomaddik…..alot of you youngins dont get wgahat incog is tryin to do here by highlitin julian …olot of anger and homicidal wishes toward stinki9ng moldy jews will be a cloiud on your mind and distort rational good sense ..hes a gentleman with morals and integrity ….the only people i suspect of being party hasidic members on here are the ones who are desperately truing to pin the jew tail on everyone else….go figure….guess i need a faster mouse………a bit of a retraction for c/fitz …..i wasnt acusin you of being descended from ham and your right i need to chill out fro a while …….ther are no athiests in a foxhole and well all need the father and the son whom he sent to guide thru the next few chapters of life here on earth.
    I remeber what the son said about knowin who the real sons of god are …find it in the compilation of witnesses to that time…fasting is a spiritual issue that brings you and god together on his special comunuinikat network…..the fact that jews hate christianity with great predijidice and kill said people and anuywone else who criticez the jew empire ……have you heard how the jews are just suffering in the ussr …lawdy lawdy how can that ever be …the new lie is that the jews were deported to russia post ww2…wtf..maybe some were along with mainly german children and women as most of the men were dead already….I hate that whiny jew on jew tv trying to fleece america out of their $$ for the fake russian suffering jews ….israelis dont want anyone they consider less jew than the core jews in power coming to israel or is it that there are no suffering jews in russia ….3 guesses chilluns….sounds like a recipe for a jewish civil war where hopefully alot of jews will anhilate each other …i hope so …

  14. condeez says:
    Well is it the white “looking” ashkenazi, the true murders!
    Is it the sephardic jew?
    The ones that brought the slave ships?

  15. condeez says:

    The Jews Threaten Dannemeyer

    with a SMEAR Campaign!

    William E. Dannemeyer
    U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

    On March 14, 2008, I, former Congressman Bill Dannemeyer, the author of the above article, received a letter sent Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, from Boruch Ellison, writing for the organization called, Jews and Hasidic Gentiles – United to Save America (JAHG – USA). The letter was dated and Postmarked March 10, 2008.

    It was addressed to me as the Director of my Organization called “Americans for Voluntary School Prayer.” That name and its accompanying address is given on my website at

    Accompanying the letter were several pages, obviously meant to intimidate me, containing names of well over a hundred Jewish rabbis, mostly from New York, who are members of, or support, this organization. The goal of the organization is to enforce the Noahide Laws on every Gentile, making them slaves under the “rule” of the Hasidic Jews, with the penalty of beheading for any violation of these Satanic-inspired Noahide Laws.

    In the letter, there is no mention of my website article entitled “Now the U.S. Government Can Legally Kill Christians,” exposing the Jews and their treachery and fraud in getting the Noahide Laws surreptitiously passed by only FOUR Congressmen – and under false pretenses (Education Day!) – yet claiming the Resolution was passed by “Unanimous Consent. But it is obvious that the March 10 letter was in response, at least indirectly, to that article, as the only place the author of the letter could have found that particular address and the name of the organization was on that website.

    Do you think there is any chance this group of Hasidic Jews, intent on enslaving ALL Gentiles under these ghastly Talmudic “laws,” could have missed this article that revealed their dastardly underhanded dealings?

    The letter is a Set-up, in fact, it is Blackmail: “Either sign our petition condemning Palestinian ‘terrorism,’ or we will start a SMEAR Campaign against you.”

    Please note that the letter arrived on Friday, March 14, 2008 – and an answer was arbitrarily demanded by the following Friday, March 21, 2008, or they would begin the SMEAR Campaign, telling the world that I, Bill Dannemeyer, had refused to “condemn terrorism.”

    Essentially, they gave me approximately ONE DAY to answer their letter and get it in the mail, so it could be delivered back to them by March 21, the deadline that they were arbitrarily imposing on me. (A copy of my letter was also e-mailed to them on March 21, 2008.)

    If I had been out of town for a few days, or had not promptly picked up the letter from my office address for some other reason, their arbitrary “deadline” would have passed without my even being aware of their letter, and they would have considered themselves “free and justified” to begin their libelous campaign against me.

    But fortunately, their sinister plan for Blackmail was foiled.

    Posted below are, 1) their letter to me, and, 2) my response. I think you will agree that my response needs no explanation.


  16. condeez says:
    Do you want to live on your knees?

  17. condeez says:

    Thanks for letting me post some things!

  18. condeez says:

    I will not die on my knees!

  19. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    “Right from the beginning, you have sought to confuse the issue by blathering on off topic. Stick a sock in it!

    No need to get juvenile about this.

    If you can’t manage to make a clear distinction between attacking “Christianity” and attacking errant modern doctrines of some Christian churches — this is a problem with your writing. I’d suggest you work on your writing.

    Oh, and clean up your mouth, son. This is a thread on Jesus Christ.

  20. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    Oh, and who’s more “off topic” on a thread that condemns Jewish mockery of Jesus Christ? The guy who can’t help attacking Christianity? Or the guy who defends it.

    Taking that Jews claim that Jews “control” Christianity lock, stock, and barrel is one of the biggest slurs I’ve ever seen against Christianity. No Jew can control a Christian devotee’s inner response to Matthew 23:37. No Jews can control what the Christian feels or experience in Church, or through Christian devotion. And that’s the essence of what it all is. You want to debase Christianity by reducing it to this:

    “We have it sewed up!! We have infected your churches completely and we now control the school system in the United States. It is a reality that we have complete control of organized Christianity. Almost anywhere — completely.

    Then you affirmed your agreement with his assessment, saying:

    “I just thought you’d like to know who exactly is in control of Christianity these days so you know who you’re defending.

    (I’m defending every Christian devotee, who approaches God and Christ on his own terms. Not your terms or that Jew’s terms.) Nobody’s “in control” of vast Christianity or a Christian’s relationship with God. Then you went on:

    “I think it’s pretty obvious jews have taken over the pulpits in most Christian churches,”

    “Taken over.” Another broad-brushed, exaggerated slur.

    “but just in case someone missed it, this jew, Harold Rosenthal, explains pretty clearly what the jews are and have been up to.

    Again, it’s an insult and debasement to vast Christianity to propose that this Jew Rosenthal can report on it, or that Jews have vast Christianity (and all Christian hearts) “under their thumb.”

    In short, your evaluation of Christianity (all done for you by some Jew) is sadly lacking. So I called you on it. So do cut the blather and leave religious commentary to those who have ever cared more than a ding-dong-dilly about religion/Christianity in the first place. You comment as an outsider.

    Both the words of “Rosenthal” and your words in slavish support of his statements can do nothing but damage Faith. But I doubt the principle of inner faith is something you understand in the first place.

  21. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    With my approach, our beautiful Christian churches will again become sanctuaries for the White European, and Jews will increasingly not want to go near them.

    With your approach, the White Europeans themselves would soon be attacking their ancestors’ own beautiful sanctuaries, oblivious to the good long held within, and burning them down on behalf of the Jew.

  22. sog says:

    i would like to take up a minute and say what a good job rzn @ bro/kaps site is doing …hes always published even my viral rants and so no problemo with the orthodox man and his beliefs ..itas all gud ……..the articles are hard hitting and fast reads ……hes definitely jew wise and in the know …aeyye

  23. Iamdestroyer says:

    Abrahamic Religions

    Abrahamic religions are the monotheistic faiths emphasizing and tracing their common origin to Abraham[1] or recognizing a spiritual tradition identified with Abraham.[2][3][4] They are one of the three major divisions in comparative religion, along with Indian religions (Dharmic) and East Asian religions (Taoic).

    The three major Abrahamic religions are, in chronological order of founding, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Judaism regards itself as the religion of the descendants of Jacob,[n 1] a grandson of Abraham. It has a strictly unitary view of God, and the central holy book for almost all branches is the Hebrew Bible, as elucidated in the oral law. Christianity began as a sect of Judaism[n 2] in the 1st century CE and evolved into a separate religion—the Christian Church

  24. Copied from my website, in response to the BS above:

    -1st of all, Incogman is calling this Jew his “brother”.

    -He is referring to our enemies as “Zionists” (talk about taking 10 steps backwards).

    -He “read” something and somehow that is “proof” of Kapner being the “real deal”? He has mighty low standards, all of the sudden, and expects his audience to drop theirs down as well (he is forcing them to).

    -Hmm… He is a “true warrior” for CHRIST and America. In THAT order, with NO mention of him being an asset to the White race at all (again, his claims mean NOTHING when you compare them to his own words/tactics). Could he spell it out any more clearly than that?

    -“Regardless of being born Jewish”? As IF he stopped being Jewish suddenly, once he donned the Christian garb?

    And then he threatens to censor anyone who dares to call out either of them (ICM or Kapner) on their BS.

    To even call Kapner out on his word/actions/behavior/biology is forbidden by Incogman. He is the decider and only he can make the judgment call on who is or who is not the “real deal”. You might have read something suspicious that Incogman missed, but if you share it, then you are to be falsely labeled, attacked, and censored. Notice how the hypocrite labels ANY questioning of Kapner as an “attack”, then goes on to threaten people in the very same breath.

    Entire conversation can be found here:

    I’d be happy to discuss this openly, if and when Incogman was willing to do so.

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