Ever “Suffering” Negroes To Get More Fed Jobs

AS AMERICA’S ECONOMY continues to spiral down the toilet, a great call has rung out across our brave new multicult Jew land: The poor and always-so-oppressed by evil Whitey, African-“Americans,” are unduly suffering from America’s severe unemployment and it’s high time the entire country does something about it!

Big-mouthed (literally) and corrupt Congress-Negress Maxine Waters last week made veiled threats about dumping Obama in the next election because of black unemployment. But then again, maybe she was alluding to even more drastic action by the always so peace-loving, law-abiding African-Americans.

Immediately, Big Jew media sprang into action — like the secret Superheroes stuck-up Jews so fancy themselves. Nightly news reports featured clean-cut young Negro men, nicely wearing ties and pressed chino pants, studiously filling out applications at job conventions and human resource offices. They did street interviews with big black mammas, who instinctively know how to wail like babies for the cameras (a Negro talent honed by Jew media over the last 50 years).

Last thursday, his mulatto Kingship, Barry Soetoro (AKA Obama) whipped out an executive proclamation (13583) to appease the downtrodden bruthas and sistahs “of color.” The “White” House deems it: “Establishing a coordinated Government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the Federal Workforce.” After plans get approved, Federal agencies across the board are expected to stuff the payroll with as many blacks as possible in 180 days — just in time for the 2012 elections, coincidentally, of course.

Basically, Jew media is pulling out the stops to boost hiring “people of color,” by feeding America more of the usual guilt-tripping, tear-jerking BS, as selfish democrats scamper for a way to keep Negroes happy and continue milking the race loyalty cow for Obama’s re-election campaign. Except for egalitarian Jew brainwashed Whites, it always boils down to race, fool.

Wow: And like they don’t have enough “diversity” in government already? Looks like White people need look elsewhere for jobs.

All this comes at the same time as birth-certificate faking Obama and DHS crypto-Jewess Janet Napolitano are giving back door amnesty to millions of illegals by ordering enforcement and judges not to deport any precious Third-worlders, those they deem “law-abiding.” Uh, didn’t these people break the law when they crossed the border?

And didn’t our so-called legislative branch (the ones who are supposed to pass laws) recently vote down the “dream act?”  The bill, so loved by phony Jew jokes like Al Franken (right), would have done the same thing. Guess these nation wreckers can’t let any US constitution or technical legalities get in the way of turning this country into a Commie Jew multicult hell hole!

And it surely doesn’t matter one whit whether or not blacks are already over-represented in the ranks of the government as compared to their advertised percentage of the population. We all know it’s about race, since blacks surely haven’t dramatically evolved any extra IQ brain mass and most certainly haven’t improved their genteel behavior over the last 2 years (LOL). If anything, these “people” are getting worse!

The numbers they trot out are deceiving. They may tell you blacks make up only 18% of the Federal workforce (supposedly, 13% of America is black), but the 18% figure is just an average across the board; they really can’t find enough competent blacks for positions requiring real brains and hard work — so they jam them in everywhere else. Sometimes, they literally create job slots to fulfill these “diversity” political directives — making many Federal offices now look more like lazy villages in Botswana, Africa.

Anybody who has to deal with government bureaucracy knows it’s all a big fat joke. It takes forever to do SQUAT because of all the sorry-ass crybaby blacks making up the ever-bloating federal bureaucracy. This is why NASA doesn’t have enough money now to do anything meaningful in space and a major part of why America is drowning in debt.

And let’s not forget the Zionist Jews getting insider help to land top management positions (like Treasury, the State department and Pentagon), or all the rest of the victimhood classes cutting into the pie, too. We just have to be so “inclusive” don’t you know? Straight Whites are the ones getting it in the rear, figuratively of course.

Speaking of percentages, they are also telling you blacks suffer more unemployment than Whites. That’s a no-brainer for those of us not suckered by Jew media: Far too many of them prefer not working to begin with. They know well how to scam the system for easy payola. For decades now, us Evil Whiteys have been paying our taxes as they breed like crazy, since monthly government checks get fatter the more chillurns they poop out.

You feed, they breed, White man! 

America is being sucked dry by Judaic vampires in business suits and black prima donnas — still howling the “racism” crap every five GD minutes — as they lay about the office waiting for quitting time so they can go home and party with welfare chums!

They already get boat loads of “Affirmative Action” programs up the ying-yang everywhere in companies nowadays, not just the Federal government. Spoiled blacks still feel they deserve special treatment because of insane “stealth racism” theories and all that slavery crap they hang on Whites every GD minute of every GD day.

So, if you’re a “person of color,” who can speak somewhat understandable english, and would like a cushy government gig, you’re in like Flynnstein! That’s not at all “racist” hyperbole, but real life in AmeriKWA now, White suckers.

I can’t tell you all the stories I’ve personally heard or seen with my own two eyes. White guys might ace an examination and have plenty of seniority but still get passed over by some dim-wit Negro who’s only been in the company for six months. All they got to do is stay out of jail and maybe manage a clip-on tie. This total BS has been going on now for a couple of decades at least.

And we’re all still sitting here taking this Commie Jew crap?

This says it all: Talmudic Jew senator and Israeli asset, Joe Lieberman plays kissy-face with Maxine Waters.

Let’s get this one straight: Obama and the Jew media really care nothing about White people, except for how much dough they can steal from our paychecks every two weeks, or keeping us screwed in the head as they continue the “multicult/negro oppressions/slavery/faggot rights/holocaust pimping/Israel under siege/evil Whitey” brainwashing number the subversive Jews having been running on our heads.

Are you not good and damn tired of this crap by now?

So, while our kids are off fighting and dying in manufactured GD Jew wars in pieces-of-shit countries (most casualties are indeed White Gentiles); the country gets flooded with non-White Turd-worlders and our jobs go to any non-White possible or get shipped to China. Us Whites — lucky enough to have a job — pay our taxes or end-up laid-off just so transnational corporations can save a lousy buck. On top of all this, some worthless black gets hired instead of you simply because he’s so “oppressed.”


These selfish hypocrites think the Tea Party is so bad? They haven’t seen JACK yet. Just wait till we come at them from everywhere, strapped to the hilt. It’ll be the Tea Party on steroids — their worst nightmares come true, believe you me. And when they sob hysterically “oh, please, Mister Whitey man, we be good now,” we’ll just say “suck on the White man-designed barrel of my AR, mother#%$#&%!”

OK, I’m getting good and pissed now. Looks like I’ve resorted to using special cuss characters here. It’s just that the more I ruminate on all this BS, the angrier I get. Folks, we’re never going to vote our way out of this mess. May as well forget all that.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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240 Responses to Ever “Suffering” Negroes To Get More Fed Jobs

  1. American says:

    No mention of the race of the victim means she was probably White:


    Either way, “Got Niggaz?”

  2. Andre in L.A. says:

    Go easy on Maxine. She gets no Jew bucks to maintain her Congressional seat – so she has no choice but to pander to her constituency. I am actually in her district – pander to me Maxie, and stick it to the Zionists! She is currently targeted as “corrupt” because she has the nerve to stand up against the Jew murder of the real Hebrews – the Palestinians. She is accused of running a small-buck nepotism scam – while Jane Harman was selling her office to AIPAC. She has been on the wrong side of the tracks ever since she went public with what everyone in L.A. knew in the mid ’80’s – the CIA was running coke from Central America (remember Ollie North and Iran-Contra?).

    As to Negroes getting Fed jobs, what is new? When my programming job was outsourced to Arthur-Andersen (of Enron fame), I actually took the Post Office exam. I scored 99.9%. But they only wanted Blacks, Browns, Asians, and Women. I knew a Vet who could not get a job with them, even with his Vet’s preference. We probably should have called ourselves transgender mulattoes.

  3. WoW says:


    I am leaving the blogging world for good. I am so tired of all of this. But before I go, there is one thing you deserve to know. Hoff is the one who sold you out. The big man himself admitted it to me in an email. Take care.

  4. Vox says:


    I think you get confused on the Catholic issue with Catholics that are defending the Church (that being the establishment/hierarchy) and those that are defending the faith. Defending the faith is entirely different from defending the Church. Possibly someone like yourself can’t make that distinction???

    It’s fine to argue that you’re right all the time – “look at my words on RZN. My words are powerful. I am powerful. So of course my words are the correct ones. I’m nearly a godlike figure” but that never penetrates. I mean sure you intend to offend and to be offensive but when the missile never makes contact and bounces off then you’re going to shout like a child “You’re an idiot!”. That’s hardly an argument. it’s more like you’re the same as all the other kwans. “I demand to have my way and if I don’t then I’m going to go to (moderator, police, principal….) and demand to be given my way and I will demand that you be punished” That’s not an argument either. It’s just you being another self serving AmeriKwan.

    So don’t CORRECT ME! It was never your place and will never be your place to correct me. You are nothing to me and never will be. Don’t go around overestimating your value or the value of your words to someone like me. It’s all observations that we make in life. Those that made the comments have our reasons and these reasons are not yours to question. Love and Hate are not for you to decide. So reserve your comments along these lines for the OC kooks.

  5. Vox says:


    Thanks for the Intel. That’s why I bag on other Whites. Other Whites are the most traitorous to the cause. Worse than niggers and jews, other Whites will turn on you in a second to gain favor with niggers, jews and beaners.

  6. Vox says:


    Now that Hoff revealed to WOW that he’s a dual identity snitch, what’s his fate? Will he still have “Most Favored Blogger” status to rip on the rest of us as if he’s a “really cool racially aware dude that’s got an answer for everything”? He’s got his blog. Let him populate that and RZN.

    P.S. I try to warn people and then I’m railed on for warning you and smeared as the bad guy.

  7. Vox says:


    I totally stand by DWC. Although we’ve never met or even exchanged emails, we think a lot alike and on a blog we’re like Grant and Sherman.

    “Grant stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk, and now we stand by each other.”

    Gen. William Tecumsah Sherman

  8. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Wow, first off, we knew already it was Hoff, he stirs up the shit over here all
    the time, and if I remember right, he is a European Jew, whom use to live in
    Israel for a time??

    So as they say, the TRIBE always stays loyal to each other, ALWAYS!

    Stav, did you read that article below??

    You are not curious why he REFUSED to answer it??

    Let’s look at facts: what is a guy supposedly CONVERTED to your religion
    going back to a synagogue in New York for, he also claims Nate was committed
    to a psychiatric ward???

    That doesn’t make you Orthodox the slightest bit interested in if this
    is indeed all true??? Can he prove he gave his stash all to your church
    and if so, why didn’t they HELP him when he was indigent??

    I mean, the dude flipped out on me when I asked him about this article??
    The truth needs no defense or someone ACCUSING someone else of

    Vox, yes I don’t want to waste anymore time with “Hanoi Milton.”

    WOW, wish you would reconsider, and stay here, I love your stuff, very
    fantastic posts, you made in the past!


  9. warriorhun says:

    Dear DWC, Vox, Citizenfitz, and all of you,

    who are arguing about if a so-called “converted Jew” playing anti-zionist “Orthodox Christian” dressed 24/7 as a supposed “priest”, is a real deal or not.
    Folks! How can this even be a question?
    According to the Jews themselves, conversion to another religion means nothing: if you were born Jewish, you remain a Jew till you die, period.
    He is no more Christian than Adam Gadahn Pearlman, the “Al Qaeda”-spokesperson is Muslim…
    Why is it that any time the odd Jew steps out and starts telling the truth about the Jews for once, he becomes a celebrity among us, with followers fawning on him, and whatnot?
    He is only repeating and confirming those un-deniable facts which were already figured out by the non-Jews.
    What is the big deal?
    The reason and goal why such people work for is that JEWS INFILTRATE EVERY NON-JEWISH POLITICAL SEGMENT, so whichever wins, they are in the forefront as the mythical “good Jews”.
    Including the anti-semite circles, so they can have insider info, know who-is-who, they have their fingers in the information flow and can direct or influence the thinking patterns of the anti-semites. For one reason only: to save the tribe, proving some of them are on the “right side”, them being “good Jews” against the “bad Jews”.

    Let me tell you once and for all: there are no “good Jews”, there are only Jews, period.

  10. JamesTheJust says:

    Why is it that any time the odd Jew steps out and starts telling the truth about the Jews for once, he becomes a celebrity among us, with followers fawning on him, and whatnot?

    Excellent question WarriorHun. I’d especially like the answer to this question considering the fact that these are supposed to be jew-aware Aryans!!!!!

    The only good jew is a dead jew. Period. End of discussion.

    With all the lies, murders, theft and deceit of the jew throughout history, it is beyond amazing that any aware White person would latch on to a jew for ANY damned reason whatsoever.

  11. Disgusted White Christian says:


    “If one get’s upset simply because some things were said, but were not able to counter argue the points,” Stav

    This is a joke Stav, I wasn’t mad about not being able to argue a point, I beat every
    Orthodox I know over there, in debates, including you!

    My problem was he (Milton) would censor many Catholic arguments that
    you would want to post??? There was one about the Rite, from the movie
    with Anthony Hopkins, where Milton totally sent it to Spamblinki, because it
    proved superior to your faith.

    Has your great Orthodox Savior Milton Kapner answered these charges
    Stav? No, he is a LIAR just like the rest of you!

    As far as Mary goes, in all her sighting:s people had lives changed for the better.
    Christ himself stated, “no good comes from evil” that’s God himself shooting
    down you lousy stupid Orthodox bullshit reply, go back to your phony
    fake “Profit” (I don’t mean Prophet) and scam artist, why your country
    Greece goes broke at the hands of his ilk!!!!

    Stalag 17 with William Holden where they throw the traitor out
    to be shot) will both RUN BACK HOME TO MOTHER ISRAEL???
    “ooooh we were just lost, we were helping you, we were never with
    stupid Goyim” I can hear them now?? 🙂


  12. Disgusted White Christian says:


    “Excellent question WarriorHun.”

    That was excellent, the whole quote was PERFECT and sums up their whole
    dichotomy, and the split personality they all have???


  13. I have been scanning the comments about Brother Nate. Warrior Hun’s comment is true when it is taken into consideration that 99% of Gentiles cannot tell which 1% of “good jews” are actually good “jews,” which is to say there is no such thing as a “good jew.” I don’t trust any jew, but I do trust Brother Nate. Brother Nate is a former jew, and he has laid all of the crimes of his former tribe out there for all to see. Yeah, I get the leading the opposition concept, however Brother Nate is reporting. As for me I have always said that the any leadership of white national resurgence should come from prime racial and cultural exemplars among our people. I am not asking any of you to follow me on this one, but to me it is obvious that Brother N is a good guy. Now, unfortunately, some of you may be now thinking you can’t trust me but I have been thinking I can’t trust some of you. We are in this mess again: arguing about the details. Dealing with them, as well as with trust, is the ironic tragic burden of being human in a world filled with demons (the “jews”). But a human I will remain, because if I am not: then I am like a jew. Also, consider that if Brother Nate is real, they are surely trying to disinfo him.

    By the way, where the heck are some of the old stand-by commenters around Incog land?

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    Vox: I try my best not to get into all the backbiting crap. I only spamblinka those I have good reason to suspect are Jews, or are causing too much fighting for no good reason. You sometimes get a little too assholey, yourself.

    Some people give me hell for letting Julian post here, simply because they got torgued up over the gay nazi business. I honestly think they are sneaky Jews out there who see a fracture and exploit it, trying to get us at each other’s throats.

    Mad Jewess I let comment because she easily illustrates these wackos and cracks my ass up. I sometimes let other Jews comment too, basically to spice things up.

    I don’t know anything about Hoff, other than what he posted here. He really went nuts over Julian for no good reason, pretty much out of the blue since he wasn’t part of the nazi brouhaha to begin with. Whether he’s a hasbaRAT, I couldn’t say. WoW’s comment is interesting.

  15. Vox says:


    Okay, I can appreciate that. Perhaps DWC should be the one to recommend sentencing as he was the most harmed by this exchange?

    I never responded to Hoff because I recognized his ID from Vanguard. Anyone from over there would turn you in for a sack of weed and a twelve pack and I could always tell by Hoff’s posts and his blog that he’s a pothead. Potheads are a waste of human skin and should be taken out back and wasted!

  16. INCOG MAN says:

    The whole point to my site is awakening Whites to the real deal. I let you all comment here to reinforce the point. Anything else is BS. Everyone coming to my site should make it their number one priority to get Whites to see the Jew.

    The Jew’s days in the US are numbered. I work towards that goal with everything here.

  17. condeez says:

    And Incogman you lie! You stop people from posting good info!
    You also remove posts aimed at that stupid twisted, jew, christian, jew

  18. INCOG MAN says:

    condeez: Total BS. Almost everything goes up here, except for a few, including you for now on.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I listened to James Wickstrom’s podcast tonight. Another great show. All of the Whites that visit this site should listen to James Wickstrom’s show. He is on every Wednesday night at 8:00. It’s one hour long. There are over 140 episodes that you can listen to.
    Tonight he was talking about a 100 billion dollar swindle the American people got stuck paying for. It involved Obama and a black race claim over black farmers. Where is FOX on this scandal. You wont hear a peep out of them. If you want to hear tonight’s podcast here is the link.


    He mentions that stone monument called the Georgia Guide Stones. I know that has been mentioned on here different times. He also mentions George Bush Sr. placing us under the jews Noahide Laws. The Noahide law says anyone that violates it is to be put to death by decapitation.

  20. Stav says:

    Vox, DWC,

    I never called anybody names, the proof is in the records.
    I try to defend my faith in any way I can.
    As far as your beliefs go, I respect them although I cannot agree with it all.

    What throws me off and find distasteful, is how quickly some of you guys become frantically hostile and might I say even vitriolic. I mean, what on earth has happened that cannot be rectified? Is it really that serious, as compared to the mass raping that the Zionist Jew and friends commit on us everyday?

    And something else: Br. Nathanael, is not my savior, there is but one Savior, and it remains to be seen whether I will be saved… I have no misconceptions about my fallibility. That kind of comment is uncalled for.

    About the “Mary” Apparitions. I merely stated my opinion, which is in agreement with the OC faith. It simply states, that according to scripture, one has to question the “spirits” in a specific way and not generally, and not just accept them by face (or talk) value. Or else, the dangers are clear, but obscure to those who don’t know. It’s not something that is applied specifically to these apparitions, but all the time, in all cases, including ones that may occur withing the context of the OC.

    The argument that “nothing good comes from evil”, is objectively unfortunate, because the whole meaning of this is about the ultimate situation. You assume that generally speaking a lot of “good” has come from these apparitions. And I assume that because you quoted Christ, we are talking in the context of being faithful Christians.

    Do you _really_ know that good has come from them? It is not always clear and usually it is not. It’s easy for one to get full of pride while following the most fantastic advise. And really, apart from suggestions, the apparitions themselves did not actually do and act did they? So the good you speak about must be the suggestions they gave. Right?

    A demon or evil human being can save your life, by predicting an accident, or advise you to be careful on just about any matter. There is ample proof that such things occur. If you don’t believe me, just pick up any medium/psychic/channeler and you will find plenty of “good” advise coming from them. Although this advise may sound good on the surface, this does not mean that the end will be finally good.

    Same goes with untested spirit messages. That’s my faith at least. And instead of counter arguments to this basic idea, I get personal attacks, including the ones coming (just like in this page), the “arguments” are of the type:

    down you lousy stupid Orthodox bullshit reply, go back to your phony…”

    Would you call this kind of response “good’ or “evil”?

    It is not the first or the last time, such replies have been given to my time and time again stated position, and guess what, based on that kind of reply, it is clearly you who is in denial, not me, at least on this particular argument.

    I mean come on man, I say that one needs to be careful and look under the surface on this matter, as is instructed to us in the Bible, and you call me a B***s**ter, how is that a better argument than mine? If it was so clear to you, you’d answer in connection with what I said, or at least be honest, and just tell me what you feel, like for example, that you don’t like me, or are not really a Christian, or don’t believe in the Bible or whatever.

    I’d respect that, but no, your answer is that I am talk BS. Well, to you this may be an intelligent answer, but objectively it is not.

    And about correcting you. Whether I did try to correct you or not, is irrelevant. I find it “awesome” how it is perfectly OK for you to criticize just about everything under the sun, which includes multitudes of corrections, fired just about where ever you feel like, but when you perceive that you are the recipient of one, you get offended.

    So much for freedom of expression, if its offending, may be I should just shut up then. I am sure that you realize that this is exactly what the enemy does.

    I truly wish, that for once you stop looking at the man (me, vox,dwc, br nathanael, anyone) and just for once really read what is being said.

    This is not a cult of personalities, it is a battle for the truth.

    As far as blocking comments on RZN goes, I don’t know whether they have been blocked, but it’s most definitely comments that are against what Br Nathanael believes that are blocked. The proof is int he website for all to see. It is full of hostile comments, even recently. And if it was my blog, I have to say the truth, I’d block some of them that have been posted, regardless of content, if these comments were slanderous against any guest. There is many legitimate reasons why comments can and should be blocked. After all it’s a personal blog and the owner can block anything they like. And, this does not affect your freedom of speech, as I am sure you can either rephrase and re-post or request an explanation for why any comment may have been blocked. It’s not as if this does not happen very very often on RZN…


  21. ????? says:

    @ Stav:

    Kapner blocked my comment at his site, in which I outlined, in detail, with numerous references, his comrade, Ugly Mark Glenn’s Anti-Christian rhetoric.

    Glenn interviewed the webmaster of the “Gnostic Liberation Front”. When I told Glenn that the GLF site praises Ben-Gurion, Herzl, Jabotinsky, Lenin, Marx (and Jesus and Hitler) as Luciferian “archons”, he insulted me and denied it — even though I provided all the relevant links to the GLF site.

    Glenn also says the Old Testament must be banned, and that “Muslims are better Christians than Christians are”, and lots of other such anti-Christian nonsense.

    Not only that, but their common comrade Hashim Tellawi, on his show on RBN, defends Jews and condemns anyone who criticizes Judaism. Meanwhile, he (Ugly Glenn) interviews Kaminski, and grunts approvingly when Kaminski says all Jews are always liars. Then Glenn has a half-Jew stable of regular characters! Including Makow, Kapner, Atzmon, Duff, Sobroskty, etc.

    The whole set-up stinks, and is clearly a scam.

    Anyway, Kapner blocked my documented exposé of Glenn’s anti-Christian rhetoric, and informed me that I was being “divisive” (by stating FACTS).

    Verdict: Kapner cannot be a genuine convert.

  22. Vishna says:

    In regards to RZN site;
    I’ve been following its articles and comments as an observer for quite some time and there were several occurrences that struck me as very odd, but I will give you just one example.
    Some commentors had a blue dotted underlined word that whenever one clicked on it the computer’s owner personal email address window popped out, which it this case was mine, including my SP too.
    The very same day I experimented with my friend’s computer and exactly the same thing happened, but this time his own(!) personalised window popped out.
    I have tried to warn all by attempting to post a comment which was suppressed at first and a few days later the problem corrected possibly by Brother Nathanael himself.
    The blue dotted line has changed to a permanent, black disabled line.
    It was NOT a link attached to the comment but an underlined word, perhaps chosen at random.

    Do you get it now guys?
    From now on look out for anything that resembles it.
    DO NOT click on it, otherwise you are probably giving away some info about yourself.

    I used to enjoy reading Real Zionist News and some of the comments there, especially by Joe Cortina. But since this above-mentioned incident I’ve started to have some doubts.

    That is all from me for now.
    Greetings to you all.

  23. ????? says:

    CORTINA is a SCREAMINg ShOuTiNg yEllIng buFFoon too
    Yes, 2+2=4

  24. sog says:

    kapner did this kapner diod that ,,who cares ,hes a ashkenazzi like all the rest and shouldnt censor people comments …hes pulled thatt shit on me and i just dont fuckin bother with his bs anymore ,,,move on ….seems like he just wants $$$ anyway …thanks for spamblinkaning condeez,cus that fucking name reminds me of that pile of commie shit condoleeza rice hole…..fucckkkkk…..i can see vox getting a new issue of striped uniforms maybe this time with name tags and no lice ….fucksup with hoff ,,hoff can take care of hoff…i personally wont comment places thaT REquire you to sign in thru facebook and or need your effin ss # and such,,…..yall need to be the best people you can be ie:golden age of rome…..rumors spread faster than fire and truth travels sloewly….my worthless 2 cents worth inmho ….vox ,go back to your funny side it is entertaining….or i’ll write how much i love niggz and spiks to get your heart rate hammerin ,,ha hah ha,,and you can spew venom all ya want …..just jokin around heh heh …..just hate the lousy jews and thats a good start …cock sukkerin jew fags …….ashkenazzi asshole likkers ,,,,,heil goering…..sieg heil…..i would have been proud to be an ss member or totenkopf or heer ,or kreigsmarine ,,,,,,,germany had the shit rolling good till the stinking ass face jews destroyed it and the usa is next,,,,you see the picture of the dog layin by his masters coffin what was the navy seal ,,he was a kid and the lousy jews fired that rpg ….fuck you if it didnt grieve you to the core …i know other people that jew war has killed ,and 15 vets a day commit suicide …i’ll bet that makes the lousy stinking jews happy …..FUCCKKK YOUUU ZOGGG

  25. Vishna says:

    @ ?????

    Perhaps Cortina has some emotional issues and possible good reasons for it too, but his comments are strong and intelligent.
    You may not like him, that’s fine with me. But I do.
    In comparison just look at the comment below yours 🙂

  26. t bone says:

    Negroes, negroes and more negroes…all of the vids I’m posting are recent news.


  27. ????? says:

    Check out all the chubby tubby white chix!


    All those White buckets of lard couldn’t run far if chased by rape-negroes…

  28. sog says:

    i have to sincerely apologise for my bad fucking bi polsr rage somatykes gets beyond my effin grasp ….anyway the bro/kap is good ,,hes all that and was relieved to hear his outfit is russian orth kristo…good deal…since i fucking hate uniforms ,so i had to make an adjustment to the brain organ….seriously he has always posted my shit enev when it was over the political line …braaaap….he serves god and for that he will always get flakked …..but my opinion and a strong pre-ponderence shows that science proves 90% of jeebsz are askenazzi turk pole asiatic,kenite,caananite etceterite,and arrogantuanite…got yelled at by a person who called them self a jew and i said what is that mean?…i got their pus pressure to rise pretty high and that was a good laff ….you cant argue with these people …….so being an asskenazzi isnt a bad thing as long as you are secular/kristo and human and realize that judaeism is death just as bro/kap said ….he is the real thing and sometimes we are all meake human mistaeks ,,,so fukkin sue some one ..ayye

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