INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 2

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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115 Responses to INCOG MAN PSA Series Poster 2

  1. Loki says:

    Corporate America is the U.S. government, on behalf of oil and Israel, and business is after profits, not patriotism, for business follows the dollar, and cares nothing about the demography where it does business; without loyalty to any place or people, and certainly without loyalty to any principles resembling honesty! So much for “the best government money can buy!” The U.S.A. will go the way of Enron one day, and perhaps sooner than any of us expect. After all, it is run by similar people, with the same degree of honesty! Maybe Arthur Anderson can tell us how ‘good’ things really are, but all the ‘consumer confidence’ in the world will not help us if we’re broke and jobless. Fantasy ends where hunger begins.

    For now, I advise people to save their ‘freedom blankets’ (newspapers), which they will need to keep warm during the ‘freedom depression’ that is oncoming. Then we can all enjoy freedom from food and housing, for, as Janis Joplin sang, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”


  2. summerled says:

    welcome to the weimar republic of the united states, not long to go now !!

  3. Tony says:

    things dont look that bad the market is up

  4. t bone says:

    Who are you directing your last post at?…and for what reason?

    btw- You also posted yesterday that Italians were the enemy too. Why?

  5. Disgusted White Christian says:

    “btw- You also posted yesterday that Italians were the enemy too. Why?” Tbone

    Maybe someone knows Vox???


  6. t bone says:

    This recent London vid was uploaded to youtube less than 20 mins. ago:

  7. American says:

    As you realize your retirement is going up in smoke, know that it was stolen LONG ago, and they are just now “breaking the news” to you, so to speak.

    See those riots in London? It’s an nigger riot and not much else, you know the usual “teens”. Nigger riots are not to be feared unless you’re dumb enough to still live near them. Instead, one should smell opportunity.

    And if you don’t already own and use guns daily, fuck off. You’re on your own.


  8. Disgusted White Christian says:

    JTJ (James the Just) Navy seal’s widow calls him “warrior for Christ”
    “More like Warrior for ZOG” although the poor guy didn’t even realize it?

  9. t bone says:

    Not many niggers were in my neigborhood 5-10 years ago. But lately the walls are closing in and I dont have the means to move right now. Its unfortunate for me but it hardly makes me ‘dumb’.

  10. Tuff Guy says:

    I love being white. Especially here in LA. Surrounded by brown. I love walking into places and being the only set of blue eyes in the entire area code! I love the looks the brown ladies give me….no words are said….but they are saying to me “God I wish I had hair that color!”

    At first I hated it. Now I embrace it. And if you think I’m not ready for the little brown men around me to try and lay hands on me or so much as look at me the wrong way…..well, you (and they) are greatly mistaken.

    I love being white. I love busting out the herringbone tweeds in the winter. I love cardigans. I love being a civilized gentleman…..

    I walked into a convenience store just the other day that used to be an all-white area here in SoCal. Well, for that matter….ALL of SoCal at one time was white. This area has been taken over by La Raza Unida if you know what I mean. But I needed a cup of Joe and some smokes.

    Anyways, I had just finished a round of golf. Chalk striped pants. Cardigan. Golf shoes with croc leather. Matching Belt. I now dress to celebrate my whiteness….ON and OFF the course.

    The mexican lady behind the counter said to me “what part of the world are you from? You’re not from here are you?” She was surrounded by four mexican dudes who were chatting with her.

    Not missing a beat, I said “I’m from a place we used to call ‘God’s Country'”…..

    “It’s a beautiful place.” I said “Yeah, in ‘God’s Country’ we all dress just the way I’m dressed right now. Chivalry and good intentions abound. In fact, in ‘God’s Country’…a man’s handshake is worth more than his signature.”

    “It’s a beautiful place indeed. In fact, in ‘God’s Country’…you can leave your doors unlocked at night and even leave the keys to your car in the ignition if you like.”

    “People take care of one another and look out for one another where I come from….yes-sir-ree, what a great place it is!”

    They were all looking at me in disbelief now.

    She broke the silence. She said “Wow….that sounds great….where is it?”

    I smiled, thanked her, turned….and walked towards the door. And as I was opening it to leave, I stopped. And from the door opening, I addressed them one last time. Smiling as always, the last thing they heard me say was…..”well, about 20 years ago, it used to be RIGHT HERE!”

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    The Judeo-Christians who proclaim their support for Israel, might as well include their support for Satan, and be consistent.


  12. INCOG MAN says:

    Excellent comment, Tuff guy. New quote of the week!

  13. DICARLO says:

    Funny how working people have to spend a ton on gas to get to and from work, but crude oil prices have dropped from a steady $99 for some time, but over the last couple weeks to a pretty low, $77 right now, and gas at the pump hasn’t gone down 1 cent. I haven’t heard one complaint.

  14. American says:


    I’m not referring to awakened White men like yourself, and I appreciate all the content you provide for those seeking answers here. It’s some of the best.

    It’s my hope that you’re well-armed and practiced, especially given your circumstances.


  15. Tuff Guy says:

    Thanks Incog….

    And to all at Incogland….CELEBRATE YOUR WHITENESS!!! LOVE IT!!!! WE SHALL OVERCOME!!!!! Good ALWAYS triumphs over evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. JamesTheJust says:

    Have a bug-out bag ready complete with camping gear and basic food stuffs.

  17. INCOG MAN says:

    They just had a one hour special on Breivik’s killings on the Discovery Channel and did not mention ONCE his pro-Zionism or the kid’s pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

    It’s a typical example how they keep America in the dark.

  18. silvernickel says:

    Good story Tuff Guy!…….errr, hope you are at least carrying a good sharp 3″ pocket knife on ya. People are going loco with even the slightest ‘diss-ment’ (my new word) these days.

    Btw Incogman I just purchased a new Buck knife, model 119. First ever cool hunting knife for me. What brand do you have and/or recommend?

  19. silvernickel says:

    The Gov and military are still conducting (or will be conducting soon) New Madrid fault zone exercises……WTH? Are we gonna be hit with all types of economic, man-made, and natural disasters just like bam, bam, bam?

  20. INCOG MAN says:

    silvernickel: I have a nice Schrade Uncle Henry fold-out, much like a Buck. An old girlfriend gave it to me. It has a lot of sentimental value: I always take it when camping. I also have a pretty nice, sharp Gerber fold-out with my Bug-out bag for general purpose work and a very bad-ass Cold Steel Recon Tanto as a combat knife on my Bat Belt.

  21. FYI Incogman… The news here in Canuckistan is just as bad as in America when it comes to that Breivik mossad stooge…. They have put up absolutely nothing about his background or the fact that he loves Israel, or the fact that he attacked a youth camp that was supporting Palestine!

    I am sick of the media and their shills… When we take back our planet from the Jewish pig dogs and their scum followers, we should take the media reps and have them put in jail….

  22. silvernickel says:

    my bad, that article does not say they will be conducting any further exercises, just they are prepped to go.

  23. I may not have a bugout bag here in Canuckistan.. But I have plenty of provisions built up to survive for a while if everything goes to hell!

  24. Marshall says:

    Oh ok Loki, O.R.I.O.N. I get it now. 🙂

    Yes, the earlier quote was from Pee Wee Herman. What a brilliant defense…only a Jew would come up with that. I wonder if he offerred to demonstrate it for the jury LOL


  25. INCOG MAN says:

    Good for you, NTS. Hope you got a shooting iron or two. May need it, even there.

    But let’s all start organizing among each other. Evryone: Call a friend today.

  26. silvernickel says:

    Thanks Incog, those are very nice. I am watching YT reviews on a few knives right now. I’ll have to consider the folding style knives.

  27. INCOG MAN says:

    Folding knives are OK for pockets and to have for general work around the campsite, but not for combat. Look at having 1 nice combat one for your bug-out gear. Glock has a nice one for $29 at Cheaper than dirt.

    I’m not a big knife expert or anything, though. Just all around SOB.

  28. INCOG MAN says:

    I’d have 1 combat knife, 1 sidearm and 1 shotgun, scoped bolt action or assault rifle. If you can afford it, get a flame thrower too (just kidding).

  29. t bone says:

    I figured that might be the case. Just got home from work and thats the first comment I read. My brain wasnt relaxed yet.
    Also ,thx for the compliment. Likewise.

    As far as being well armed, I’m always working to better prepare myself.

    If a chimpout occurs near me, I’ve got a few basketballs I can throw at them…hehe

  30. t bone says:

    For under 20 bucks you can get one of these knuckle knives:

    …and for the other hand:

    …or you could just use your gun.

  31. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Congresswomen Urge Federal Funding For Homecare Of Shoah Survivors In US

    Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz and her Republican counterpart Ileana Ros-Lehtinen urge federal funding for Holocaust survivors in the US.

    Now they want us to pay them endlessly, just like Germany!

  32. INCOG MAN says:

    WOW! They want us Americans to pony up for expensive home care that few of us can afford? And we had ZILCH to do with any phony-ass holocaust. This is just so insane. The holocaust is the gift that just keeps giving, eh?

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I believe they call that CHUTZPAH. All those billions we have given them over the years mean nothing to them.

  34. INCOG MAN says:

    Friggin Jews would love having taxpayers pay for their old people while they party on.

    These people are so incredibly nervy it’s beyond belief!

  35. anti-zionist says:

    Outstanding post tuff guy!! I was just in vancouver and surrounded by subhumans, I make sure I walk like a gentleman.

  36. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Joseph Suss Oppenheimer Court Jew & Banker 1698 – Executed 1738

    I found this article and the Shoah one at What Really Happened.

  37. Marshall says:

    Whoa, so that movie “Der Jud Suss” is historical and the Jew was an Oppenheimer!!! Link saved. Well Incog, apparently the “Shoah” biz isn’t paying off like it should back in Isn’treal…seems the Jews are taking to the streets en masse to whine that the cost of living is too high…

    I can’t imagine a worse audio cacophony to endure than a million kikes all whining at once, but maybe somebody recorded it LMAO!!!

  38. Tuff Guy says:

    We need to stop slouching. We need to stop hanging our heads. We need to realize we have the very thing they want yet can never have…..

    Whites used to be fair and FIRM. Now we are only FAIR.

    There is a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. There is a difference between being confident and being cocky.

    We Whites KNOW what is the right demeanor.

    Let’s start being FIRM again. Without the aggression, and without the cockiness. Save that shit for the third-worlders. That’s all they know. And they’ve never won any wars anyways. They don’t know how to WIN like whites know.

    Apparently, it’s been a while since people have seen what happens when white people get really, really PISSED.

    All I can say to them is “keep pushing”…….

    The jews will not dictate to me how I carry myself. And I am no longer shy about dressing the part either.

    There is just something really “cool” about seeing people of Euro descent in “white” clothing….

    Besides….have you ever seen a mexican in tweed? It just doesn’t work……

  39. condeez says:

    Fox hiding article on jews “offended”!
    Romania BS!

  40. Bailey says:

    Tuff Guy, great stuff!

  41. condeez says:

    Isn’treal, Marshall priceless!

  42. Brigid says:

    4 star public announcement for incogman. Applause, Applause. Fabulous.

  43. sog says:

    flyin back for anoyter comment ayye…the bodygaurds as you prollaby read A/B also include the ciphers who got dominoed at the cia farm aka waco…the 4 former secret servix agents transfered real fast by clinton to get blasted by sharpshooters in the helos …wounds were consistent with a downward trajectory and these fools is the onlt gubbermint dayd..oh well …they lived and breathed and god knows what else kthey were exposed to as clinton was also a rapist and heavy drug user …fits…the navy seals would never go against protocol and fly that many seals in one chopper ,,probolly 3 at minimum,and they would have taken o3 of their special armed and armored birds…this is such the dominoe enigma …servr your country ,,fight the lousey jew wars and get assed by jew idf who most definitely fired the 3rd world rocket…this shit is right up idf alley…the marines have long suspected the filthy ass fucking jews of sedition and rightfully so …they caught the filthy bas turds red handed after the idf shot at the us marines ….lemme tell you all something about the lousy shit brik jew that cvomes from the usa and fights with the criminal zog state against our troops …ok ya can see the flagrant violation of the very jew created patriot act and they castigated the doofus john walker linde for being in the taliban to exeperience some shit fer brained religious experience ,,honk honk……..the guy that guided the plane down with ron brown on it in serb hell somwhwere was offed ,his superior offed the guy that shot ron brown in the back of the head 45 cal was sheizzen in hosen when the plane went down ya think…..they are all expendable …gunsels
    are a shekel a doxen..ayye…so the chick survivor on the airforce plane who survived the crash comes out and is ok for the most part ….but she dies in the ambulance from a wound in her leg that would kill you in under a minute …??…..clinton nstealth rockefelon also was aBout to be arrested along with his staff and hillary started to consult a lawyer to distance herself from the hive but to no avail the team of politicians and generals airplans crashed on the airport enroute to clinton …heh heh…the whole environment around the leaders is death …..ok so look at clinton crakker ass and g bush jr on the add for haiti ,,,giv us your $ ,,you could see these coked up miscreants almost breaking uop in a fit of laffter ….clinton owns the rifghts to cell phone servisces in haiti…small enterprise no dougbt..haiti is still trashed and always will be///israelis are still stealing organ donor kids from that g/p…..ramble off..def of untreated sewage …us congress with chief turd obahma the she man,,help mr. wizard heh heh

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