Zionist Jew HasbaRATS are Everywhere

“Israel has not only enlisted Israelis to do this cyber-terrorist work. They are enlisting JEWS, from all over the world. The problem in the Middle East doesn’t come back to a country called Israel or its government or its army. It emanates from the JEWISH PEOPLE as a whole, worldwide.”

by Ian Mosley

The London Times has discovered that Israel is conducting a campaign to spread Zionist propaganda on the Internet and shut down websites which criticize Israel or Jews in general. This campaign has been carefully organized, staffed and paid for by the Israeli government–which means your tax dollars in action. Interestingly enough, like all such news, we have to look to the foreign press to learn about such matters. Not one whisper of this seems to have appeared anywhere in the American media.

More than a few patriotic, right-wing websites have reported that strange individuals had appeared posting on their blogs, trying to derail threads on 911 and other important issues. No amount of logic could persuade them that there was something suspicious about 911 despite the ever-growing amount of evidence.

The prestigious Times of London reports that “Israel’s government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda.” (Read accurate media coverage of the atrocities Israel is committing against the indigenous people of the Middle East.) “The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chatrooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages. In the past week nearly 5,000 members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special ‘megaphone’ software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chatrooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.”

Although the article doesn’t mention it, common Jewish tactics also include complaints to Internet service providers and web hosts in order to have their critics forcibly silenced through cancellation of service, as well as the usual Jewish round of death threats, filthy and obscene e-mails and telephone harassment from shrieking hysterical hebes with Brooklyn accents. Somehow this blatant suppression of free speech through harassment is never equated with “terrorism.” If it were, the Jews would be uncovered as the most active terrorists in the US today. Anyone who has ever criticized the Jews on the web to any degree pretty much knows the drill by now.

Israel has not only enlisted Israelis to do this cyber-terrorist work. They are enlisting JEWS, from all over the world. The problem in the Middle East doesn’t come back to a country called Israel or its government or its army. It emanates from the JEWISH PEOPLE as a whole, worldwide. So if a patriotic American such as Pat Buchanan runs for president and calls for US neutrality in the Mid East so Americans can avoid future wars and terrorism, he suddenly becomes the target not only of the Jewish “fifth column” living in the US, but also of every Jew in the world, who wants to dictate what government the US should have.

Unfortunately, the Israelis are also enlisting a lot of really naive brainwashed Gentiles as well. The Times continues: “Israel’s Foreign Ministry must avoid direct involvement with the campaign but is in contact with international Jewish and evangelical Christian groups, distributing internet information packs.”

Christian evangelical groups, eh? Meaning Pat Robertson’s 700 Club zombies and John Hagee’s cult members who no longer worship God, but who worship the Jews instead. The worst thing that happened in Christian history was when traitorous, self-hating Gentiles like these televangelists were allowed to hijack various Protestant splinter groups to become cheerleaders for the murderous bandit state of Israel. These televangelists have been given access to radio, television and cable stations by the Jews, who own the lion’s share of our media. These pro-Jewish sycophants are the false prophets, whom God warned us about in the Book of Revelations. Thankfully some of these fraudsters are exposing themselves. The pro-Zionist Minister Ted Haggart’s Gay relationship with a male prostitute was exposed just two weeks after Mark Foley’s Gay sex scandal hit the news. Not only are these pro-Israel politicians and ministers blind to the endless Israeli atrocities, land theft and brutality toward their neighbors, many of these Israel-lovers are closet perverts.

Anyone who runs an anti-Israel blog or website has probably noticed a recent upsurge in attacks on his Internet presence, ranging from the merely silly such as comments from brainwashed pro-Zionist evangelicals, to obscene comments from Jews (they can never seem to make their case without using filthy language). The Jews also make complaints to service providers, usually bogus and under false names. Not to mention the usual harvest of death threats and e-mails which are nothing but one long stream of obscenities. Now, thanks to the Times of London, we know that all of this is definitely “from Israel with love.”

The best course of action is to announce that we know what the Jews are doing. (Many of us suspected Israeli cyber spies were active years ago.) Just ignore their ravings or -if they’re especially obnoxious- mention the London Times article about Israeli Internet sabotage. And drive on, guys. Just remember the Jews do their work in the darkness because they can’t work in the light.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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101 Responses to Zionist Jew HasbaRATS are Everywhere

  1. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    @Disgusted White Christian

    That’s Suzy (could be a catchphrase)!

    I’ve had to ground her for a month, after that Tate/La Bianca business, (all very unfortunate i’m sure you’d agree) and i’ve told her she wont be allowed to hang around with those smelly hippies ever again. She’s upstairs crying, but she knows what she’s done. She can forget about that new dishwasher for a start! Bathroom suite? no chance!

    Thing is, she knows how to get ’round me, what with her cheeky face, and winsome ways. Sigh.
    I’m a fool to myself, but i’ll probably relent.

    Birds eh?

    Whatchagonnadoo (there’s another one)!


    Offa Hoff. He may have posed it already. Funny.

  2. Jo Jackson says:


    Are you aware that Putnam is a common Jewish surname in the UK?

  3. American born says:

    This is often how huge changes occur in our world today. First a huge problem is created, then there is a negative reaction and then a solution is presented to us. Right now in Europe, the problem is the sovereign debt crisis. We are being told that the only way that the eurozone can survive is if all of the countries agree to much deeper economic integration.


    The jewish banking crime family are about to consolidate all of Europe into a single “nation” thru created debt. Amasing how jews create debt so overwhelming they actually ruin nations. 🙂

    After all, one big EU nation is much easier to control. New World Order is forming in real tme right before our eyes and its being created by crashing economies world wide.

    obama nigger threatened syria today, why ??? Because they don’t bank with the jews, but no worries, they will soon. Right after we send troops there and bash the fucking nation off the cement, then jews will be there to buy up the pieces and establish a central bank there.
    Same as Iraq, Lybia, Egypt and anyother nation that defies being in debt up to their ears in jewish fake currancy.

  4. WHITEMAN says:

    Hey KIKE VERMIN – White people are waking up and your gig is just about up. All you hook nose, big eared, big lip, beady eyed JEW COCKSUCKERS are heading for a heartache………..compliments of REAL AMERICANS.

    RUN Jew while you’ve got the chance.

  5. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Cannibal Rabbi ,

    You know, I remember watching those chicks (Mason Family) as a kid, and
    they all had the “kwai chain kane do” (in one of his grasshopper flash backs)
    in Kung Fo, during their trial, Mason was like their Svengali guru.

    Why he made them shave their heads? Shows you the psycho’s poor taste?

    Later, when their hair grew back, some were hot?

    I think one died though, of cancer, in jail???

    They all have to be in their 60s???


  6. Disgusted White Christian says:

    typo “Mason” should be ” Manson”

  7. Disgusted White Christian says:

    Cannibal Rabbi,

    Here is a better flashback:


  8. Marshall says:

    For once I have nothing worth reporting today. OH!!! Putnam ain’t Jew…get real. Putznam is however.


  9. t bone says:

    Tell me this guy isnt the absolute epitome of the ‘beady-eyed jew’:


  10. Disgusted White Christian says:


    I think this JPG one ups Harpo?


    Why do they all have that crazy, hazed over look in their eyes???


  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    @Disgusted White Christian

    Yeh i remember. Kwai Chang Caine. And the old, blind geezer, with ping pong balls for eyes. Talk about racist irony!
    Didn’t Carradine get topped in Thailand under suspicious (jewish) circumstances?
    Nothing compares to jews!

    Yeh they did go for the proto Sinead O’connor look for a while.

    Here’s a bit of to and fro i had with Akira, about the whole nine yards.


    There’s a bit about you in it Incogman. Bear in mind, you’d kikeblinka’d me for the umpteenth time, as a kike, no less. So i was vaguely peeved. But like me, i know you’re quick to forgive, and never rush to judgement.
    We’ll call it quits, and split the difference. What d’ya say? Chums?

    @t bone

    Saw yer bit at Newsnet 14. Congrats!

    This bird is consistently good.


  12. t bone says:

    Whats up CR.
    Thx for the congrats.

    Bailey got me looking at newsnet14. Its a good site.
    I noticed a few of your comments there too.

  13. American born says:

    Give me a link to News Net14.
    If you don’t mind. My old link leads to nothing.

  14. American born says:

    Thank you, Sir.

  15. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Phony Letterman Threat Tracked to Israeli SITE

    Playing America Like a 3 Dollar Violin…


    Someone made the comment that the day before this came out Letterman endorsed Ron Paul.
    I found this at What Really Happened.

  16. sog says:

    greetings from sog ……..vox on parole heh heh ,,missed your ebonnix and dey wuz a simler auto roast roun here a bit ago ,,trending voodoodoo,anyway testing this f/n contraption,,,,when i was a kid never a child we threw insults at the ape in the zoo and he threw shit back at us …lesson in life # 1….nextime uyse a freekin howitzer….gotthat one ..yeah i blasted that pathetic queer koala …man what a shitbrik ….i hope your granny is in hell fool…thats what happemds when you wave a commie flahg in germany 1945…..baa baa …..im a little dislexic ,is that rumpledforeskin ??…..i could use one of those as the jew doctors stole mine when i wuz born ,,damn thieves…wusreedin annes and was honored to meet the rev wurmbrand 35 years ago and he would spit on the modern day jew worshipping televangelists ,the worst being jim freekin bakker…these people including that goddamn wings of freedumb crap where the whiny kazzer whines about jews suffering in the ussr ,,,fuck off shit brik,,the jews killed 100million non kazzer russians in coup de etat of 1917 a communist talmutt jew coup de etat and the slaughter of innocents ….fucking jews suffering in ussr ,,give me fuvkinn break,,,,mr wurmbrand said without

    mincing words that the churvch today needs to include in their message just the same as jesus did when he warned people about the jews then…rev wurmbrand said that a church needs to tell their flock about the talmud judeistik satanik anticristian jew ,,,and never confuse a jew with a hebraic israelite and my consensus is to say fuck all of them ,,,,,there is a miniscule pocket of jews that practice mosaic law and all the other madmen hate them …sounds like a boring story …..if any of these jew worshipping televangelists ever tried to denounce israel for its never ending role in killing the planet and inhabz the t-vanglist would be killed in a fake home invasion no doubt and at the very least the plug would be pulled most riki tic eyy…i shoulda saved a business card from jones temple i had 30 years ago i coulda e-bayed that sukka…..they tied the deaths of harvey milk and mosconey mayor in frisco to the temples dark financial treasure fund$$$$$ which these two clowns were embezzling outta…and on a two fer 1 theyy shut congreessman ryan down as well and had been tryin to get his ass down to the cia farm there in guayana…ryan was sponsoring a cia control bill that required the cia to have an oversite that would be in charge of every move these jews in spook uniforms made ..mr.ryan had some honor and the jewism secreted it into the dirt in guyana…..mi5/6 + cia +mossad=terrorism=jews =terrorists =jews =terroroists …….interstn how the cleanup continued on temple people,,,jones was a minor asset and his handler waltzed off on the day of genociding the flock with a few millione$$ ….left to rot in the sun to hide the needle marks on the upper left shoulder and the faster ones shot in the jungle and dragged beck to rot as the dragmaarx would indicate ,,,,another brik in the iron curtain over the world aeyy….cannibal rabbi yor funny as hell heheh….never a piss has been worthless contrary to that especialliy if yer pissin on ajew ….i tol yauz that jews don like that statement what saez piss on ya ,,,,,an all dat visualize world piss or is it whirrled …..been kleen to long aint good for the brain ……. watch yer 6’z all ..regards

  17. Magnum says:

    I’ve seen the video linked below of Barbara Spectre get deleted over 4 or 5 times now off Youtube. The Jews are trying to scrub this video off the internet. Be sure and save the video for safe keeping and re-up it to Youtube to make sure it doesn’t disappear. I’m sure now that I’ve linked the video it won’t be there more than a few days.

  18. American says:

    Any type of conflict I get into on the internet, I simply drop words like “Hasbara”, “judefetzen”, and “Jew World Order”, then move on.

    When referring to the idiot box, it’s better to use “jew-vision”.

    DUMP ISRAEL! Say NO to Judefetzen!

  19. putnamvt says:

    To be a kike is to be an obnoxious bully with a special license (issued by God) to harass gentiles.

  20. putnamvt says:

    Kike media mogul #1: “In the old days, all news and information was filtered through several kikes before it reached the public. With the internet, that isn’t the case. Any gentile can publish anything now.”
    Kike media mogul #2: “Which is why we gotta do something about that, and soon. Say, why don’t we ask the FCC?

  21. putnamvt says:

    JIDF and Hasbara kikes , (like the ones on display here), are like mosquitos – they can’t leave humans alone!

  22. putnamvt says:

    American re: the televitz
    ‘The electric kike” , the “electric synagogue” are also good.

  23. warriorhun says:

    Dear American and putnamvt,

    Referring to Television/TV, as TalmudVision, beats every other phrase I think! 🙂

  24. Frank Fredenburg says:

    “I am not an American citizen of Jewish faith. I am a Jew. I have been an American for 63-years, but I have been a Jew for 4000 years.” (Rabbi Stephen S. Wise) a leader of the American Jewish Congress

    “The principal end, which is Jewish world-domination, is not yet reached. But it will be reached and it is already closer than masses of the so-called Christian States imagine. Russian Czarism, the German Empire and militarism are overthrown, all peoples are being pushed towards ruin. This is the moment in which the true domination of Jewry has its beginning.” (Judas Schuldbuch, The Wise Men of Zion)

  25. Ro says:

    No matter how much these vile insects try to polish their ugly faces and stinking reputation, it will all be in vain, pathetic hasba-Rats. The simple fact kike, EVERYONE HATE YOUR GUTS, it’s a bitch you can’t change that no matter what.

  26. morris wise says:

    There is no finer evolved people than the Ashkenazim. Spawned in the killing fields of Asia only those who lived between the cracks were able to survive. Enemies of the Ashkenazim were responsible for millions of Jewish deaths, but ironically it gave Jews less competition for selling their products. Weeding out the weak remains one of the keys to the good fortune of the Ashkenazim.

  27. R. Paul Fisher says:

    I have been watching and studying and it is with much thanks that I say to you that you are the most spot on and true information that I have in all my years (60) that I have had the privilege to set my eyes on. We the people (white) have every reason to support you and any and all your efforts to bring our world back. Then maybe other races will realize that they have also been used and manipulated to further the agenda of the pigs. Truly…..

  28. JamesTheJust says:

    Ahhh Morris. What is the prophesy? You shall be a small people; GREATLY despised.

    While you could have lived in peace; you choose war and deceit instead.

    Joseph (Ephraim [UK] and Manasseh [USA]) shall become a flame and Jacob (all the other TRUE European Israelite nations) shall become a fire and Esau (YOU and your satanic minions) shall become stubble….

    Enjoy what little time you have left.

    It could have been so different for you. But you are genetically EVIL. And evil must be destroyed.

  29. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Hunting “Hate” Online

    While Zionists/ Jewish hate groups like the Simon Weisenthal center advocate Tribal Solidarity amongst themselves, they consider it “hate” when Whites do it

  30. Bill Langton says:

    i recently dealt with one of these characters on one of the many kosher conservative facebook pages. if i simply criticized israel this character would out of nowhere make violent threats against my family, i replied “why do you persecute me?”. the hazbarat tried the fully-loaded “jesus was a jew” approach, i responded with “your talmud reveals how you feel about jesus.” after accusing me of the usual stuff that has worked for them in the past, i replied “you must have recited the kol nidre on yom kippur to nullify all goyim vows.” finally i defined hazbarat on the page as “a full-time employee of the isreali govt. who is assigned a fake facebook profile for the sole purpose of keeping the goyim confused & disorganized, etc…………….” within in 12 hours, the hazbarat fake profile was removed from facebook.

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