Animals Shoot White Christian Couple Execution-style

DID YOU SEE all the crap in the news about that cop killer in Georgia they executed the other night? Oh, he was “probably innocent and unjustly executed” just because he was “a black man in the South” Hell, Israeli Jew-owned ABC World News Tonight practically said as much in their national Jew TV brainwashing (called the nightly news).

Or how about the supposed “conservative” FOX news going on about “shocking new details” in the Connecticut home invasion case? Make note this is the trial of the second White guy involved in a crime going way back to 2007, but the anti-White media can’t resist going on and on about the case — just like the recent Casey Anthony circus. Terrible White crimes don’t happen all that much, so they got to milk to the last drop the ones they do have. Yep, that’s the deal going on.

You think these Jew media bastards can report one GD thing on any crimes against White people? No way. Only if the perps are White, of course!

Two young, fresh-faced Oral Roberts University students, Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols were walking in a Tulsa, Oklahoma park this past Sunday night, when they were confronted by sorrier than hell black animals, Jerard Davis and Darren Price. They robbed the White couple at gun point, then made them get down on their knees and cold-bloodedly shot them execution style in the heads. How much do you want to bet the black bastards laughed about it?


Did you see all the BS on TV about that Troy Davis guy in Georgia getting his lawful sentence carried out after 20 years? 20 years more life then the White policeman he gunned down didn’t have.

The traitorous Jewish-controlled mainstream media, for all intents and purposes, painted Davis as innocent. Don’t black criminals always claim innocence no matter what? According to the White haters, Davis was just another victim of “racism of the south.” When will they ever shut the hell up?

Imagine the media, the selfish, big-mouthed black racists and all the liberal, multicult idiots out protesting if the perp was White and the victim black? Yeah, like that’ll be the day.


These decent Christian kids in Tulsa didn’t deserve to have their lives snuffed out by those murderous animals out looking for a quick buck and fast thrill. Hell, they probably hated seeing the nice young White people, in love and enjoying each other’s company on a fall evening. The brutal, uncaring “African-Americans” just had to go and put “a cap” in the couple and end their lives forever.

One of the killers, Darren Price, even had the nerve to revisit the park the next day and be interviewed by local TV reporters. You might think that would make the national news, eh?

Blacks don’t respect White people anymore. God, it’s so obvious. They now think they can do whatever they please and, if caught (which almost always happens), not have to deal with working and paying bills by living in prison on the public dole for the rest of their worthless lives. They sure as hell don’t give a rat’s ass.

I say it’s GD time we friggin’ shut these murderous mother’s big fat mouths. I’ve had it.

— Phillip Marlowe

Here’s the murdered girl on the forum “Miss America Pageants online” in 2008. Everybody seemed to love her. This is so sad.

Mom Killed, Daughter Shot Six Times by Animals

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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173 Responses to Animals Shoot White Christian Couple Execution-style

  1. Sword-of-Achilles says:


    Well, that’s exactly the mental level you’re living at now if you think that Christian religion is the higher idea that free people should strive for!
    Marwinsing is RIGHT: You say the Jew is your enemy but how are you going to get rid of him? He is the main culprit for the murdering of your brethren in planned wars and revolutions by the hundreds of millions over the last two centuries. As a good Christian are you permitted to wipe out a Jew? Doesn’t it teach you to love him? To turn the other cheek? What are really the supposedly higher morals that Christianity teaches other than senseless humility, self-depreciation and killing the joy of life?
    Do you have even a vague idea of the extend of barbarism and inhuman savagery that proponents of Christianity deployed in order to prevail as the official religion in the ancient Greco-Roman world, destroying all the ancient temples and libraries, abolishing science, philosophy, pillaging and looting and persecuting relentlessly for centuries the Nationalists (Greek people)?
    Jesus was a Jew right? Jesus name is derived from the Jewish words Jehovah (Jewish God) and Oshea (savior) condensing to Joshua and then to Jesus.
    What about the old-testament? The story of the “chosen people” where they recount all their incestuous abominations and their eternal hatred towards the civilized races and especially the Greeks (Hellenes)? Has ever a Christian authority repudiated it?
    Paul (Saul) the man who with the help of his Jewish sponsors promoted Christianity abroad and made it an International religion in the decaying Roman empire, was a Jew also.
    WHY DOES THE RISE OF CHRISTIANITY COINCIDE WITH THE ADVENT OF THE SO-CALLED DARK AGES where the world plunged into a senseless barbarism and civilization regressed a thousand years and more?
    And why Renaissance emerges only when Philosophy and Science are discovered again and the financial Jew is wrestled out from the major cities of Europe?
    Unless people wake-up to the fact that Christianity, this dark religion of misery and certain doom on earth, is the Trojan horse by which the Jew managed to subvert and destroy the superior culture and prideful spirit of the ancient pagan European people, turning them to utterly subdued, inert masses with no sense of their historical role, flocks of sheep guided by their pastors while living their miserable lives waiting for the second coming and the afterlife, the Jew-monkey will continue to ride on our collective backs.

    And let me tell you also this: Christianity and Communism have a lot in common in contrast to their professed incompatibility: both are ideologies of the masses, both suppress individuality and free spirit (a genetic trait of the white race) and both strive to annul any noble concept of higher morality, one through void materialism and the other through self-willing debasement and rejection of the natural joy in life.

  2. Loki says:

    To WHITEMAN……….How much money did the jew steal from Mr.Horn????????From a pragmatic perspective, all we can do is decline to contract with thugs, demand they prove a contract exists, state our role as occupant of the office of general executor, and continue to ask questions, even though they are never answered. If we recall the most important aspects of their unlimited trickery: to get us into contract; to cause us to forget who we are and who we are not, to confuse us about our role, to scoff at our knowledge, to intimidate, threaten, coerce, deceive, etc., we will be able to handle their confrontations.

  3. Loki says:

    Our role is tantamount to: “They also serve who only stand and wait.” It is our inward action, not our outward action, which will stop the insanity. We must remain vigilant of what goes on within our minds. We are being controlled and attacked from angles of which we are not even aware, so we must continue to monitor our thoughts and that which grabs our attention. “The secret to life is mind management.” We must think like George Sanders and Christopher Reeve of the original and remake, respectively, of the movie, “Village of the Damned”. They held off the children’s attempt to control their minds, by envisioning a brick wall. We must re-focus our time, energy, attention, and emotion, from their antics to our mind-management. I do not think we will have to endure the insanity of this world for much longer. Where we ought to be spending our time is doing what we love to do with those whose company we enjoy, simplifying our lives, and gazing inward. We must ignore their demands for our attention. It is our minds which can allow us to feel joy, but also can ruin our joy. Remain extremely vigilant. Pay attention to intuition. Stay out of their” courts.”

  4. I vote s o g the most entertaining writer in incogland. Keep it up, s o g.

    ~~victory and defeat only occur with participation. Take heart because only a very small minority of our people are in the fight right now while a substantial majority of the enemies’ are. This thing will roll straight down hill once we reach a solid 10%. Our enemies know this and I guarantee they are freaking.~~

  5. JamesTheJust says:

    And let me tell you also this: Christianity and Communism have a lot in common in contrast to their professed incompatibility:

    This is such a blatant and OBVIOUS lie I will not even bother to point it out. Needless to say, TRUE WHITES (who are far more intelligent than YOU) can see it.

    Gawd you anti-CHRISTS are far more jew than any jew I’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering. Perhaps there’s a jew or two in you dirty closet. Yes…I think so.

    Not all who appear to be white are truly white. By their fruits you will know them. For one, they hate Christianity. Number two they are liars from the beginning.


  6. Clever reasoning, Achilles heel. If Christianity and communism serve the same purpose why would not have the communists kept Christianity around in the USSR and elsewhere? Not the case of course, communism has always and still does everything it can to eliminate Christianity, under the same claims you make: that it holds people back. Up to now most people in the field of jew-wisdom had a fairly clear notion that communism and judaism were related as the finger is to the hand – the hand that strangles. I guess we will now have to discard that notion and replace it with yours along with our father’s religion? I’ll wait 24 hours before I make the decision just to be sure…

    But wait: you’re not earnest. You’re full of sheet. There are a few places in the New Testament there the peculiarity of jews is mentioned. Other than that the NT is a jew smackdown by Jesus. You know, in sum, what He said? He said Jews, it’s over. Times up. What you had is being removed.

    He said, “I am the king, the earth is mine and I sit on the right hand of God.”

    See, I know you’re a jew. You are trying to sow little seeds of destruction. If it is not one thing, it’s another. The topic here is not is Christianity effective or even real, the topic here is the jew and its massive crimes against heaven, earth, nature, the lowly and the great. If you were in fact genuine and your assertion in fact true much less would get accomplished against the jew and his program than if people were to simply wake the heck up within the context of their current heritage, such as with all of the historical expulsions of jews from European Christian countries.

    No, you are a jew who is doing the jew thing, which is demonstrating the audacity to advocate for the unlikely solution with the argument that that the reason things have not heretofore worked is that people have not seized on that said idea. Good one. Trying to get a two-fer: adulterate the movement for justice against the tribe and destroy Christianity. Communism said the same. You are a communist, a jew, and a wicked creature and I am sure I uncovered your fraudulent contrivance.

    I suppose I’ll be hounding you down when you obtain another IP address. Till then, FOAD

  7. Five mil this week or I’ll eat this mouse.

  8. JamesTheJust says:

    The dirty little pagans in the WN movement are really crypto jews (along with some truly frustrated Whites who are seriously searching for a solution to the jew problem in all the wrong places).

    I’ve read their screed, while they talk trash about Whites and our noble heritage; remaining silent on the root cause of our ills.

    The pagan dogs will have to justify their beliefs with action like – How many times have they expelled jews from White nation, huh?

    Answer: Zip, Nada, Nulle, NEVER!

    Connan the Barbarian wanna-bes under the auspice of the latest jew-invented for Huksterwood movie. Pussies to say the least; traitors and jew infiltrators the lot of them.

    And who are the true heroes of our White nation who did? Why CHRISTIANS of course!

    And who throughout time has spoken against the jew for thousands of years? White pagans? Please! What a joke! Just ask the members of The Bohemian Grove…ROFLOL!

    It was CHRISTIANS who spoke out with YAHSHUA as our leader and HE was a true SAXON warrior.

    Pagans are tripe faggots dressed in gay regalia acting out their passion plays for the entertainment of their jew audience. I suppose this is part of their “breaking free from the shackles of White Christian enslavement” —- free to engage in homoerotic passions and other so-called “freedoms” DESIGNED to destroy our race.

    A White would have to be a fool to join forces with them unless they have a death wish.

  9. Loki says:

    Just about every bad thing that’s happened to us can be traced back to bad money. Bad money makes bad things happen. When we allow loan sharks(the jew) to be our only suppliers of currency, our culture rots.

  10. Loki says:

    We are ruled by parasites(the jew). We are ruled by people(?) who not only don’t work but expect us to work for them. This is totally irresponsible on our part. And we have been carefully trained to be irresponsible because responsibility is the key to power. We can gain total power over our lives but not without accepting full responsibility for everything.

  11. Loki says:

    How do we get control back? There’s only one way. We men must assume total responsibility for everything.

    One of the most irresponsible things we do is vote. Another is to pay taxes. Allowing policemen “to protect and serve” us. Putting our children in “public schools.” Listening to preachers, priests and ministers about anything. Might as well listen to a rabbi. All totally irresponsible. But that’s how we’re trained to live and that’s how we are controlled. We have to break out of this trap and start thinking as men, not slaves. And we are slaves, make no mistake. Heavily armed slaves.

  12. Loki says:

    We are at once heavily armed but mentally disarmed. We have the guns and the idea that we are armed and free but mysteriously we have no will to use them as they were meant to be used. Yes, our rulers are uneasy that we have all these great guns but time has shown that it hasn’t occurred to us to use them to liquidate our sadistic oppressors, the greedy loan sharks.

  13. Loki says:

    We have everything we need. Any guns and ammo we don’t already have are down at the armory, waiting for us to pick them up. All we need is action against the gangsters. But to get the action, there still is something lacking and that is our acceptance of responsibility.

  14. Loki says:

    So, we are responsible. For one thing, the UN is in America. Israel is supported by American tax money and our unpayable debt. We must repudiate this debt because it was incurred by fraud. Israel is the greatest fraud in history, and the most vicious. The UN is just a fraud, but it is the framework for what the CFR has in mind for us. The first step is the North American Union in which we will degenerate into another Third World dump and answer to the US, Mexican and Canadian armies.

  15. Marwinsing says:

    Incog, I wanna ask you this:

    You always use the word CHRISTIAN but you know the CHRISTIAN is a JEW mate… you are a fucking lying false-flag ops piece o’ filth you CUNT.

    Hang your fucking piece o’ Christard head in SHAME you lying piece of white fucking FILTH!!!

    I would fucking kill you on the spot if I could meet you you CUNT you fucking lying piece of white TRASH. You are a professional MISLEADER – as in a LIAR!

    i.e: you work for them.


  16. Mariswing, the jew, is trying to start a war among whites so the whites won’t fight the you know who. Clever move, cockroach.

  17. INCOG MAN says:


    Man, I can’t believe you’d go off on me over complete bullshit. A fellow surfer and all. What’s gotten into you?

  18. Incog, you sure that cat Marwingsing is legit? By the way, where the heck is everybody? Do you have a bunch of people in jail?

    James, a comment of mine just didn’t get approved at AmRen. It may have been because I was improperly using language or applying incompatible concepts. A few posts of mine using watered down language were posted. I never figured AmRen for a opposition shop, but I will be on guard on the basis of your caution.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    With Each Pile Of Feces You Swallow, We’ll Throw A Free Holocaust Diamond!!”

    Spielberg’s Cabal Banned Me From Stanford Libraries

    Steven Spielberg’s USC Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation is known for their over 50,000 video “testimonies” which supposedly prove that six million Jews were gassed by evil Germans.

    However, when Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation archives are actually accessed and analyzed, these video archives are in reality an invaluable treasure trove for Holocaust truthers.

    I recently received a letter in the mail banning me from the Stanford University libraries. You see, I publicly shamed the Shoah Foundation and Holocaust promotion industry by daring to show the public what these videos contain – and analyzing the truth and lies they tell.

    I first decided to access the Shoah Foundation archives at Stanford after learning that a new generation of children were being tormented by a Holocaust “survivor’s” outrageous new memoir The Fifth Diamond. I bought and read Irene Zisblatt’s book, which is a psychedelic trip through the mind of an enabled liar, spinning a web of idiotic, scatological, and psychotic Holocaust horror tales. Even the title The Fifth Diamond is a lie, referring to Zisblatt’s disgusting lies about repeatedly defecating and swallowing diamonds for a year and a half while in Auschwitz.

    I went on to access hundreds of videos in Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation and debunked their flagship creation – the Oscar winning Holocaust documentary The Last Days – In my own documentary The Last Days of the Big Lie, available to watch at

  20. Frank Fredenburg says:

    “With Each Pile of Feces You Swallow, We’ll Throw in a FREE Holocaust Diamond!!”

    That is the proper heading. I don’t want Greg Bacon to get mad at me. Sorry Greg.

  21. INCOG MAN says:


    I thought he was. He’s from South Africa. Maybe he’s gone insane.

    No, I don’t have a bunch of new SPAMblinka residents. Maybe the access problem is still goin on.

  22. JamesTheJust says:

    I think Marwinsing is mad as hell and is just swinging wildly at anything that moves. I feel sorry for him and hope he finds his way.

  23. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Keyboard commandos and mental masturbators, Marwinsing. I’m not impressed.

  24. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Let’s YOU go kill some niggers and jews, Marwinsing. Sorry, been done. You can’t support that house of lies anymore, you weakling. You jews need a new one. We’ll kill all of you when we’re gawdammed good and ready. Buy a corvette like other midlife crisis neurotics. You can run, but you can’t hide. Go home jew, and wait. You’re only making your fate worse.

  25. Louis LeFlamme says:

    Can YHVH create a boulder even HE can’t move?

    No, but the jews sure can, and have

  26. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

    “You always use the word CHRISTIAN but you know the CHRISTIAN is a JEW mate…

    Jews hate Christianity and they hate the Christian things. Don’t lie. When Christianity was strong, Jews were in check. Christianity is austerities, chastity, the divine guru principle, community, morality, and love-of-the-deity. Jews hate all that, and they hate how it makes Gentile communities cohesive and resistant to decadence and Jewish control. That poster slurring Incogman for defending for our Christian heritage is either tribal or stupidal.

  27. Loki says:

    Julian Curtis Lee says:

    September 26, 2011 at 8:43 pm “Christian” is a jew code word for White people.Wake up.

  28. Alababa Bumba says:

    I will always just love this expression- “If I knew the shit we have to deal with today, I would have picked my own cotton!”

    It wasn’t the whites hundreds of years ago bringing in the spooks to work in this country, it was the spooks and the dutch you know whos.

    Damn, if I only can take a sub back in time to sink each and every one of those ships crossing the atlantic. To quote Bill the Butcher in the film Gangs of New York- “If only I had the guns, I’d shoot each and every one of them before they stepped foot on American soil…” If only he was speaking of the jigs and not the Irish in the flick.

    They are all worthless POS.

  29. Sword-of-Achilles says:

    Why have you censored my previous message? I guess you’re just another government sponsored sham dispersing hate amongst the gullible sheep.
    I spit on your faces Jew stooges.

  30. sog says:

    all over the place …heh heh honor i dont deserve as vox is funny when he is in a funny mood …but as long as i can i always keep it up,,,,there are many insightful and truly intelligent writers here not to mention the iman of incogland….
    are leprokhans cristians muslims or jews ,,i say kill em all and the hell if they ever get sorted out …..luucky charms eatin little fuckers …stomp em out especially if they aint got no magic to do cool shit ….brainwash em also to attack scongeal bottom likker bill gates nutz with dull wonder there are so many viruses for microshaft ,,its the internet geeks tryin to tell people to switch over to open source linux or BSD os …try apple with the darwin os ..rock solid performance while it all lasts …you angry frustrated people who lash out against people for not doing what nyou in turn wont do yourself ..hmmm think about haw effin stupid that is ,,,put down the crack pipe and become the enemy of zion ….there are no simple questions ,only difficult answers …but to spit on the flock here ….marwinsing you finally found out that your ruler was off by 3 inches ,,sorry man …and if you get a metal detector you can then go out into the woods around the townships and find real guns buried in the ground for your fun and recreation …hey bro go all the effin way to postal x 10 live in a target rich environment …start with the filthy dutch leprokhan jews ….the cencorship sitch here can be traced to the isp servers no doubt that are hosting some advanced trojan style jew software ….study the ins and outs of dns dos!!!11

  31. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    I apologize if someone else has already posted this. Followed a link from DD’s website.

    And this looks very interesting. Disgusting, of course.

  32. Thanks Incogman for the news we are deprived of but have a survival need to
    know and be aware of the dangers lurking. Rather than call these bottom-feeders
    animals, I prefer savages. The British always called them savages. The name fits.
    Animals kill for survival; savages kill for the pure joy & lust of killing/torturing.
    The EU should send a hoard of them to Israel.

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