GET REAL About These Violent Spoiled Brats

FOR THE LIFE of me, I still can’t understand why idiot White multicults have yet to figure out the real deal about these “people,” whom I call Negroes even though these prima donnas think we’ll type out “African-Americans,” like they deserve it. But this is the least of the crap out of this bunch: How many ridiculous race tantrums and pure, unadulterated criminal behavior do we have to put up with before even multicult morons get sick of the bull and do something about it?

A commenter named “Greg” recently said this in response to a militant black here on my site: “I woke up to the fact that you black people are worthless spoiled brats and that Jewish supremacists are using you as tools against White people.” Exactly the deal, my friend. 

How about this heart-breaking story of the killing of 19 year-old White college student, Tyler Hinkler (left) of Pensacola, Florida? Well-beloved by friends and his father, young Tyler was stabbed on the way back from making a Domino’s pizza delivery in a nearby black neighborhood this past Saturday night (the media merely called it a rough part of town). Bleeding out his life on the floor of the pizzeria, his last words were to tell fellow co-workers that the assailant was a black man. Apparently, he stuck the poor kid out of pure spite.

How would you like it if your very own son was gutted out like a fish for little more than pocket change and being born White?


Just try to think about all the efforts White people have done over the past decades giving these worthless brats everything on a silver platter. And I’m sure as hell GD sick and tired having to listen about the slavery business from 146 years ago, for crying out loud!

Have you not just had it with all the “racism” BS and “civil rights” claptrap? God, it never ends, does it? They go on and on and on, milking the angle 24/7. They live on this minority victimhood business, often-times quite literally. No matter what us Whites will ever do, they’ll play this “oppressed and discriminated” game forever and ever, taking advantage of stupid Whites going along with the diversity BS.

Just think of all the welfare, food stamps, EBT cards, scholarships, affirmative action jobs and promotions they get. Hell, they’re all over the TV, even when they have their own special network! I’ve plain had enough: These animals need to figure out we’re not taking this crap any longer and will reap the whirlwind. I’m serious as hell.

Every time I turn around I come across something that proves conclusively they are indeed animals. One, they’ll stab or shoot dead some innocent kid with absolutely no problem. Two, they are always engaging in criminal behavior — looting, raping, murder, robbery, theft, group attacks on innocent Whites on the street, “flash mobs” overwhelming stores by the dozens — all of them are just like packs of wild animals!

If all that is not bad enough, they openly celebrate such thuggish behavior, even in the media, like MTV and the record industry (thanks, you lousy bastard Jews!).

South African blacks are actually planning to go on a White killing spree the moment Nelson Mandela dies of old age; militant Negroes in the US will then have the nerve to say Whites had it coming — that’s because thinking any other way, is an admission of how they behave in real life.

You think these animals know what mercy means? They’ll cut you to pieces with machetes, beat you to death with iron pipes, put a tire around your neck and set you on fire. Hell, if they can get away with it, they’ll kill the White baby in your arms without blinking an eye.

This young SA boy was strung up by the neck as the rest of his family were strangled and hacked to pieces when they came home from church to find a black gang waiting. Note the sunday clothes on the poor kid. Despicable!

These “people” are violent, criminal animals — no doubt about it.
The Jew mainstream media has long been doing whatever it can to keep us Whites stupid and in the dark about the true side of blacks. Let’s say you live in Richmond or Philadelphia. You know well most of the criminals are black. After a hard day at work (if you even have a job), you turn on the TV and see that all the criminals they show are White; from burglary alarm commercials to every TV crime drama.

If some blacks waste an entire White family anywhere on the planet, you won’t hear one solitary thing, unless you happen to stumble on the story on the Internet. But what if it just happens to be your family? You son or daughter? How about your brother or girlfriend?

You know this to be very true: If society were to suddenly collapse — say an asteroid was coming, there was a nuclear war or something and no cops were around, would you not worry about roving gangs of blacks trying to rape and kill your family? And they would too. They’d go crazy trying to get some “payback” for Jew-instilled hate of White people, or just to get in some thrills.

They would love to go medieval on your ass. They’d set you on fire and rape your 10 year old daughter while you screamed and writhed around in sheer pain. They’d laugh about it like crazy. You would be lucky if they shot you in the head, but they won’t, because they would be having too much fun watching you suffer.

You think I’m making that up? They do this kind of thing all the time in Africa. I’m telling you, these “people” are animals, even among themselves — they kill each other over nothing. As we speak, Whites are getting tortured to death in South Africa just for being White. Hell, they’re doing this in America, but most Whites don’t really have a clue. BFD if they steal $10 pizza change, it’s still a painful death to the unarmed White kid unlucky enough find himself cornered by these animals.

It’s the lousy Khazar Jews who have created this whole rotten situation. And not just in America, either. They’ve been at the forefront of PC and “diversity” crap from the very beginning, in every country Whites call their home, but unlucky enough to have Jews living among them like parasites.

The Jew just can’t let Whites have their own lands (they might all go Nazi). And it doesn’t matter one bit how much we support Israel either, these backstabbers still somehow expect you to turn a blind eye to whatever they want to do — the hypocrites actually have the gall to describe themselves as a “light upon nations.” What a crock of pure horse shit.

Actual cartoon for the kids, note the black with the White girl. Total Jew brainwashing!

These Pied Pipers from Hell have led stupid White liberals to the point our very own countries are no longer safe to live in, as we sit around acting like pussies and willingly allow our race’s demise.

Hell, the Jew-owned media openly pushes race-mixing in our faces every day, making it “fashionable” to young adults and kids. They know it all means eventual death for the White race — that’s the point, fool.

What more do you need to see that Whites are actually in a race war with the lousy, filthy GD Jew?

The Jews did this to South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), turning White’s lives into a daily hell. They’ve been doing it to the White countries of Europe, even Ireland and Nordic lands like Norway and Sweden, for crying out loud. Read the sickening story I wrote HERE about a beautiful Swedish White girl (left), dragged off into the woods to be raped, beaten to death and her half-nude body covered over by rocks (the disgusting crime scene photos are not in my post — even though I should have put them up).

Jews have pushed for immigration of any sort of non-Whites into our lands, just so our race will present less of a threat to Jewish power. Individually, they are deathly afraid we’ll eventually get it and go pogrom on their ass. As Whites become more and more of a minority, these lousy bastards feel free to gloat openly, while we pay for our demise, get victimized daily and even fight wars for them!

We’re not going to vote ourselves out of it, because the sneaky Jews own the media and pretty much control executive positions through-out. We’ll never be able to warn other Whites directly. Right now we have the Internet, but that won’t last long — the Jews are working to stop free speech even here because the murderous Zionists are getting exposed everywhere for what Israel does to the Palestinians.

Folks, we’re at war on two fronts. The sooner you wake the hell up and realize it, the sooner we can put a stop to the Jews, teach the blacks a lesson or two, and finally clean up our lands in more ways than one.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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207 Responses to GET REAL About These Violent Spoiled Brats

  1. Vexed says:

    Sunrise on the Zugspitze, Note the Cross on the Top! Taken last year Edelweiss.

    But Yeah I am back on topic about the violent negroes, look at this video and its comments, The last name of the Man and his wife is The Ferrari’s (Italian) A Marine and his wife attacked by a pack of negroes up to 15 to 20 of them (barrel of monkeys)

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Wow. That’s disgusting!

      I guess all that crap about NOT influencing kids with faggotry is just another JEWISH LIE. ‘Course I knew it all along.

  2. Alababa Bumba says:

    You can spend hours and hours watching all the youtube videos on all these violent jigs all over the world. “Beat Whitey Night” in Iowa as well as mobs of niggers in almost every city going chimp out. I have personally witnessed mobs of spooks rioting and these animal mobs robbing stores for just a few six packs of beer. They are all worthless animals.

    Hey Vexed- when will you guys start getting snow? Damn son, your stock just went way up with me when you mentioned snow boarding in Bavaria. Never been there, bet its awesome! That is another reason I love winter activities too, you never hardly see any nigros on the slopes. It is one of the few nigger free sports.

    It is truly relaxing being in an area for a bit not having to deal with these beasts. Paradise, complete paradise!

  3. Vexed says:

    Yeah this time Around I am going to have to have thousands more of the Judenfetzen Because it is devalued more and more every year that goes by. Negroes can not hold up in the Woods or Snow or Mountains “cuz dey bee tropicull foke” But Yeah it is going to be Epic. And for later on tonight, Cheers everybody! Yeah I still have to work on the Police scanner recordings and find the ones that Illustrate exactly what they do on a day to day basis and compile the dispatches and come back and post the files here soon. Complete with police code meanings and descriptions. Have a good Saturday night Everybody (The White ones) Damn the Jiggaboo’s showing up here and flapping their lips here and there, I hope you monkeys that show up here and read this… I hope you get beat down tonight Rodney King style by some cops who are not taking it from you Monkeys anymore, Believe me Negroe there are police out there that will tenderize your melon with their nightsticks and rightfully so Negroe…

  4. Alababa Bumba says:

    Sick, totally sick. Would that boy even want a sex change if he didn’t have two dykes for parents? If he was able to grow up with a real father, a real man in his family he might have grown up normally and have a good, stable, non-perverted life.

    Homos are nothing but disgusting perverts who come out saying they are gay. They are filthy and sick. They only come out and say they are “gay” because if thy didn’t, they would be prosecuted as dirty perverts. Now since they call themselves “gay” they are now free to pursue their sick ways as a pedophile, molester, and all other sick perverted activities that would land them in jail.

    But wait!

    Since he or she is “gay” its all okay.

  5. t bone says:

    Exactly. But you can watch hours of chimpouts with this weeks news alone!
    I wanted to post all the ones I found but I would have tied up this whole thread.

    I’ll get em next round,that is if there arent another hundred chimpouts next week.

    kike dykes leading their ‘son’ to become female. It figures.

    That says it all Incog.
    Give America something to feast their eyes on.

  6. Thrace says:

    Thank you t bone & Vox for your opinions!

    @t bone.

    Yes, t bone, I know the hell else could of infected China with Judaism….oh, sorry Communism, than the Jew? They are and always have been behind the curtains of Red China!


    Vox, you shouldn’t get to exited about raw numbers! Numbers don’t mean shit! Actually it’s the last thing that’s taken into account when measuring an army’s strength!
    All that matters is TECHNOLOGY and BUDGET!
    You can have a 200 Million standing army, without Technology and Budget it’s worthless, you just have 200 Million cannon fodder.
    For example Russia has a population of ONLY 142.000.000 and still it’s ahead of China that has 1.300.000.000!!! Over 10 times more! Because the Ruskies have superior Technology like any White country!
    So yes, it’s bad, but if we unite we can still beat all the sub-humans!

  7. JamesTheJust says:

    In my mind things are very clear. There is good and there is evil.

    There is Wheat and there are tares.

    There are Sheep and there are goats.

    Note that NONE of these things imply a choice, but are rather things that are. A Tare cannot become a Wheat. a goat cannot become a sheep. It is impossible.

    The White Adamic race are the Wheat and we are the Sheep. Even the jews call us Sheep although they mean it in a derogatory way. Their own words convict them every time they open their mouths.

    It is incumbent upon every single jew-aware White to scope out your city, neighborhood and community to determine where the jew lives. When the time comes, you will know exactly where to go. It is also important for another reason – just as the demon jew “miraculously” did not show up at the WTC on 911, so will the jew begin to flee prior to any strike they intend to make in your area. Watch their movements.

    Do not listen to what the jew or their treasonous White/nigger/gook mouth pieces say, rather watch what they do.

    What I have told you is best done in groups. When communicating, try to refrain from using any electronic means of communication as all of these are monitored by the jew. It is best to meet in groups – face to face.

    Leave large population centers or at least live on the fringes. Large population centers are the target areas of the jew.

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    The Vogue Cover:

    A Jewish Expression Of Anti-White Hatred

    The cover of Newhouse’s Vogue April 2008 is simply a expression of Jewish latent hostility to our people. Basketball star Lebron James is shown clutching the blond, Brazilian (actually German) supermodel Gisele Bundchen in a pose that appears he is shouting in victory. It is not so subtle image that he has command over the most beautiful White woman in the world. And, of course, the supermodel is posed to appear that she really enjoys being in his clutches. The cover is a clear message from the top fashion magazine in the world, one read by millions of White women, that having a Black sex partner is the most fashionable, coolest thing there is. It is also a direct affront to every White man, with the depiction of a Black male shouting his capture of the White woman on the cover of the world’s leading magazine for women.

    For 37,460 White women raped or sexually abused by Black males in 2005 (U.S. Justice Dept. Data), the picture represents not a Jewish magazine dream of fashion but a reminder of terrible brutalization and defilement. (For those who still don’t know it, the same Justice Dept. shows less than 10 Black women raped by White men in 2005)

    Ironically, because of the truly animalistic appearance of Lebron next to an aesthetic, angel-like Gisele, some leftists complained that the cover was reminiscent of the old King Kong Movie posters. Not really, for White women never had to worry about being raped by a fictional King Kong, but in modern America they must be concerned about Black rape, for it is an ever present danger in our sick society.

    Just like movies such as Stanley Kramer’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and Rick Rosenthal’s new film, Greta, (both promoting White women with Blacks and both produced by Jewish activists)

    Vogue and a thousand other Jewish publications are incessantly working for the intermarriage and dissolution of our people. All this is at the same time that every major Jewish organization around the world has programs to prevent Jewish intermarriage with Gentiles. And while Jewish extremists promote race-mixing for Blacks and Whites, Israel does not even allow a legal marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew.

  9. Marshall says:

    Does this pic look familiar Frank? It’s all in the Protocols…


  10. t bone says:

    More recent chimpouts:

  11. t bone says:

  12. t bone says:

    Still more to come later…

  13. Frank Fredenburg says:

    It might be that one they’re referring to Marshall. It might also be this one.

  14. sog says:

    the system runsaround forcing parents to vaxxinate children with the shit in a bottle which is ,come on usa wake the fukin hell up ,,these are laboratory engineered bugs …can the people out there add anymaore …ie..lab engineered bug in a bottle ..goes in childs arm ae a negligent parent …your child now is waiting for cancer ,autism slowed down neural function …etc…this why the foul jew run govt here hates amish ,,,they dont vaxxinate and their children are free of autism and vaccine induced diseases …its a social comparison that the stinking jews dont want you to see …..then you have these two ugly dyke hose bags who decide to newter their little victim….hell they probably think anything with a dick is a terrorist and gave the little shit estrogen in the first place …but lemme say that there is enough estrogen to go around in the water for everyone …this why women have epidemic lack of libido and men grow flabby and fat…..estrogen causes the hpta to shut down testosterone production in males ,,not speed it up….atrozine a popular weedicide is a virulient toxin which can be found worldwide in the water every 100%where..every drop of water has this shit in it ,,,it commands testosterone in all mammals to convert to estrogen …women have 1/10th the test men do from adrenal production and it is what makes the woman critter friendly in bed …over estrogenation also causes cancer in breast as it overestrogenates the est. receptors in breasts …this why more men are also getting this shit lately….
    if you are over 40 you can use letrozole(femara)-arimidex also ,it blocks estro production or indole carbinol 3 which metabolises harmful estrogen …women can take the carbinol ….
    concerning women being raped by niggers ,,i like the old tube with a razor idea in it which also saw some use in indochyna …woman inserts this nigger control item and when nignukklehed tries to stick his shit dik where it doesnt belong it gets sliced all the hell up ..ha ha ha …muh dik muh dik o lawwdy…
    back to the dykes from jew hell…i think its a good bet the child was exposed to estrogen preceeding this event to further neutre him….
    the responsible thing would have been to introduce testosterone replacement therapy to turn him back into a male …
    this is totally irresponsible nee criminal but the jew is acriminal so he doesnt see the criminality in there actions..

    either that or some vaxxine or another with the nano particles and the random cytokine storms that congest areas of neccessity in the circulatory system and other areas can snuff out proper conductivity of diiferent areas …this is the phenomenah that caused gardasil experement zombies to faint after the inj…the lucky ones didnt continue to the checkout stand
    anyway some valuable research from jim stone recently jailed incommunicado for a long time on no charge …
    the americas north are under stuxnet just in case ,but the jews have rigged the card game in case the people here win the first round against tel aviv and the red iron fist..
    imagine what they can do to america if the electrical grid is smoked and it will go there soon it looks like …..
    no news is not neccessarily good news ,but it seems that way ….
    does the shit never end ,,,its like reparations and diamonz they are forever ,,,ayye
    have no problems landing on the incog lz lately ….runnin linux and TOR again ,,never cookies always disabled so the incessant tracking is limited especially from shit like fuckfacebook which is duh a covert joint multinational spook info gathering op…..ignight

  15. sog says:
    brittany spears and the other heath ledger? and the other disneyland brainwashed child stars who got here start there ..illumuinati i guess you could say thet its controlled by worl masonic jews ….hierarchies …top jew is mephisto saytan etc ….disneyland has 75,000 employess worlwide if my fragmented memory rememebers whisch it does till it quits sometimes ..etc…1/2 are qweeerz …the qweerz get(unmarried)domestic benefits wher the hetyero sexual domestic couples dont..
    id say that sounds a little queer to me…
    keep your kid on a leash in disnetland …all roads for brainwashing kiddies lead to the perfect scenario in dizneytstein….is there a database for people who have lost children at that place only to have them show up later all manchurianned up and ready to go and wait like a mole ….
    anyway ther is an undenyable stink coming off that place and too many hooror stories and rumors…….
    it is easy to say who the next famous victim of hollywaad will be ,,just listen to the next person to start denigrating the lousy jews in hollywood and watch where the next spontaneous combustion of a highly insured star takes place ….
    even the black dahlia got offed in a kosher cattle slauhgtering house by jews a block away from dumpsite by jews …jack warner nee jewstein was something connected to the rumor of her and marylin being offered for sex to heads of industry in hearst castle,,marylan may hav ratted her off or she was pregnant with warners baby…they did cut her uterus out …..
    how jewish ,,how kosher and sends a signal to others with a desire to blackmail or go to polcie ,hence the clown smile cut in dahlias face on mouth ..she was devoid of blood ,ie:completely desanguinated ,,verry kosher and a signal
    jews have been slaughtering since the beginning of time and the soviet coup as an example
    the red terror mobile dispatch teams will go where ever their ashkenazzi masters tell them to…
    dahlia wasnt a jew and neither was monroe but they soon got rid of her as well later ..IMHO……Notice how they tried to stick that stain on kennedy …making allusion of stain to stick on kennedy =conciousness of guilt or knowledge of real facts concerning her death…but again she was on a soon to die from poly pharmacy of anticholinergics ……….
    sorry for the wander here ….

  16. Annie Oakley says:

    Incog – here’s a story that will warm all of our hearts today.

    Last week my beautiful white young neighbor and her b/f were on their way home from getting some fast food. Unfortunately the neighborhood I live in is full of spics and nigs and worthless tits.

    There are two girls (both pregnant, crack whores and on their expensive phones all the time in front of my house yakking on their phones doing drug and hooker deals) that tried to block them from getting in their driveway. The one sucker punched my female neighbor and the one sucker punched the boyfriend while they were in their car.

    Well my 2 neighbors weren’t having any of that shit. They’re both very racially aware and they fly the confederate flag on their front yard. (I’m putting up the Celtic cross this week on our front porch). The woman was pounced on by the 2 muds. Single-handedly she beat the shit out of both of them. They pulled her hair, but the nig went running. The stupid spic stayed behind. Momma Bear came up out of nowhere and pinned the spic down. She told the stupid bitch (as she had her forearm on her neck) move bitch and I’ll jam my elbow in your throat and kill you. The spic complied and left after the police got there.

    The fight escalated. Some nigger kid jumped the fence of our neighbors across the street and grabbed a pipe. He meant serious harm to one of my white neighbors. (My neighbor carries a shotgun and would have NO qualms shooting this idiot). As the fight was escalating I told my husband to go inside now and get protection. So we’re standing by our fence when the groid took the pipe. My hubby is very tall and has a booming deep voice. He let his arm drop from behind his back and the protection was quite visible. He said put the pipe down now! The groid stopped what he was doing and ran. Shortly afterwards the cops came and all the muds scattered like cockroaches. All the groids that were watching scattered as well.

    I told my husband I could not allow this to go without us helping. Most whites would have stayed in the house and cowered. Had my husband not been outside that nigger may have killed someone or seriously injured someone with that pipe.

    My husband stood a little taller these past few days. Our neighborhood has been quiet as a mouse. The 2 muds are nowhere to be found. I thought I saw them walk by my house today but they did not make eye contact, they just kept on walking.

    These muds are not used to whites enmasse engaging in solidarity against their bullshit. My husband and I were fully ready to engage our enemy and help our neighbors by any means necessary.

    If you do not stop the muds now, they will kill us.

  17. Alababa Bumba says:

    Niggers have no respect for life whatsoever nor do they have any respect for a white mans life let alone a black life. They will kill someone for a pack of cigarettes or a six of beer.

    I personally know a nigger who beat a white guy to an inch of his life for a six pack. He almost killed the poor guy just for beer. With that kind of lack or morality should we feel any remorse or doubt in dealings with these animals.

    No, not at all.

    A nigger would simply wait until you turn your back and then knife or shoot you. If anyone is ever in a hostile situation with a jig they should not hesitate and put the animal down without mercy, they certainly would not give you any.

  18. sog says:

    greetings james the just …..ayye i wanted to share the number of aids cases in affrikka it is 175 million,,,the WHO organization went down there and under the guise of smallpox vaccination they intriduced the htlv mix pattonted by lytton biomedical bavk in the mid 80’s,,,also in the mix is solidified crystallised brucellin viris and a concoction mix at usamarid made with sheep visna viris and bovine leukemia ,,,stitched together and poofed here and there and its soup…some of the synergens that lite this shit off would be further vaccinations of tuberculin which has some code in it to amalgamate the mess..the mycoplasma incognitus ,fermentans strain is also given to gulf war troops as a “experemental” vaccine ,,,gene trackers a comp in texas found this bug in all troops they tested and it is highly contagious with 97% of americans now infected silently with it ..I saw a patient who had 2 quartz quarts low of blood volume ,,not good as he needed a transfusion ,,,99.9% of jewish medical school trained physicians would never figure out the cause of this but it is a symptom of mpifs(mycoplasma bug)
    the jews are evil ,,understatement ,,,
    to all the people innocent or not put on azt and ribavarin and other anti virals it is the azt which causes aids and not the bogus aids bug which doesnt exist and has never been found ….aint no pitcher of it ….just signs of elevated amounts of certain kinds of shit in the blood is what they go by…
    also with the hep c shit ,,it started in japan in 1941 as a mutated my ass form of swine flu vaxxine …usual hogswill…had swine full on flu which killed a bunch of navy personell last yar deploying to japan ,,,,everyone on the ship got the shot and alot got sick and some died and a lot of people were put in the walkins to cool em off …yeah that fucking temperture gos to 106 + ,it aint no fun …
    then if you get the c the doc wants to stik you with the hep a and b vaxxine …i had hep c and got rid of it naturally which is unheard of for my genotype…….the a -b vacx are bio warefare ….ive had almost fatal swine flu also …..have to watch my step
    ive seen alot of people die from this hep c shit ….reckon its a gift from the govt.
    miracles help along the way…
    the niggers in south affrica like to rape white women and like to give em aids .
    i know that lytton bio med has patented the htlv-1-2 and word was they weaponized it for quicker results……..whats next

  19. ReconRedneck says:

    Stand up soon or every city in America will be a permanent monument to Negro culture, such as Detroit & St. Louis. A race war is imminent! But in this case necessary.

  20. siya mkhize says:

    I am a black south african.In my country,affirmative action and crime are destroying whites and I love it.Viva A.N.C

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