What Was Hitler’s Unforgiveable Sin?

By J. B. Campbell

Hitler resisted Judaism. When you’re a little kid in school or at the movies, resisting Judaism can be made to seem a very wicked thing. As an adult, you can be made to think that to resist Judaism is the very worst, the most dangerous thing. When you see what has happened to people who have resisted Judaism, well – you certainly don’t want that to happen to you.

Adolf Hitler was, is and will always be the most dangerous character in history due to his resistance against Judaism combined with his eloquence in explaining why Judaism must be resisted. Some of us “Jew-fighters” have a personal motto, delenda est judaica, or Judaism must be destroyed. Or, Defense Against Jewish Aggression. When we have studied the history of whatever period you care to name, or just looked at the news, true humans react with the natural urge to remove this cancer from society. The most astonishing example of the Jewish mentality was last year’s murderous assault against the humanitarians attempting to bring food, medicine and building materials to the people of Gaza. Jewish ways are repellant to the human mind and are not examined overmuch for that reason.

Judaism can be simply described as very bad behavior.

Hitler never attempted to destroy Judaism but rather to isolate it and perhaps remove its adherents from Europe. This followed attempts to train Jews to be productive human beings in places such as Dachau and Theresienstadt. As Evelyn Kaye writes in The Hole in the Sheet, orthodox Jews do not work. They are allergic to work, preferring instead to occupy themselves by reading the Talmud and arguing endlessly with other Jews about what they read. So this is a big problem with Jews, their refusal to work and produce something that is not based on ripping off and confounding their victims.

Hitler’s attempt to re-train Jews, which didn’t work, and then to remove Jews from Europe was a work in progress. Since the Khazars had infiltrated Europe from the east, his plan for relocation was to put them back in the Pale whence they came. This scheme depended upon the success of Operation Barbarossa, the great assault against the Soviet Union which was always the ultimate and stated objective of the National Socialists. Communism had to be destroyed so that Judaism could be re-confined to its traditional home in the Pale of Settlement. Hitler’s basic plan for Jews was somehow to confine and isolate them in a place in which they could be prevented from doing humanity more harm. This is a very difficult thing to do because there are so many aspects to Judaism, the most dangerous of which is banking, which is the main point of this piece.

Because now I’m seeing that the main purpose of keeping alive the Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices.

Before we get to that, let’s examine the Holocaust briefly. It’s a big subject but the whole subject is demolished by the videotaped visit to Auschwitz by a young American Jew named David Cole, which took place back in 1992. For example, a dozen years ago I was visited by a reporter named Dave Hendrix from the Dallas Morning News. He was interviewing me for a big story he was writing on the militia and the general resistance movement in America. He would spend four days interviewing me at my home in Carmel, California. When we were first introduced, no doubt knowing my attitude, he made a disclosure: “I must tell you before we begin, that I am a believer in the Holocaust.” I immediately responded, “Not a problem.” And nothing more was said about it for a day or so. On the second day, before he retired to his hotel, I asked if he would be willing to look at a film? He agreed. I showed him David Cole’s Visit to Auschwitz  and when it was over said, “Well, there’s another viewpoint.” Dave, however, was speechless. He finally said, “That was devastating to everything I’ve ever believed.”

By the fourth day, I had persuaded Dave to drop the militia/resistance project and instead write a big piece on Oklahoma City, since my good friend Cheri Seymour had so much primary information on the subject in her files. Reluctant at first to attack that subject, he eventually requested and got the green light from Dallas. This nearly got him killed. Dave met with Cheri and me a week or so later in Hermosa Beach and received his first load of documents from Cheri. He went back to his apartment and was felled by a severe heart attack. His wife was fortunately and unusually at home and got the EMT people there in time to save him, which he would not have been able to do for himself. When he finally recovered, the OKC story was canceled and Dave was made a story editor, never again to investigate and write as he had been doing for many years. When we met again, he said simply, “They got me. It was not a natural heart attack.”

David Cole in Auschwitz (Full Documentary) The… by o2optimus2o

As you will see in the Cole video, the holy gas chamber is a fake. Which makes the entire Holocaust story a fake. You can study it for a day or for a lifetime and your conclusion will be the same. There was never a plan for exterminating Jews and there was never an instrument. As Professor Robert Faurisson has asked for years, “Show me a gas chamber. Draw for me a gas chamber.” It can’t be done because there was never such a thing.

There is the matter of the Six Million. As we in the anti-Jewish movement well know, the Jews were claiming years before, during and after the First World War that six million Jews had been exterminated by the Germans. Of course, no one took this seriously. By 1943, American Jews were once again claiming that six million Jews were in danger of annihilation or had in fact been annihilated, years before the same wild claim would start up again around 1960. Now, why is this?

We now know that the insane Jewish liars are guided in this by a mystical attachment to the number six, as seen with their national symbol, the six-pointed star. Six, or six hundred, or six thousand, or six hundred thousand, or six million Jews must be removed before the messiah returns or Israel reappears or whatever. It’s not important to us, just that this is a magic number to them. And they should be wholly burnt in ovens. Hence, Holocaust (wholly burnt).  Read >>> Jewish History and the Scriptual Orgin of the 6 Million Dollar Number

The six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis depended in large part (66%) on Auschwitz, where four million of them were infamously done to death. Thanks to Ernst Zundel and the International Red Cross, Mikhail Gorbachev in 1989 released to the Red Cross the captured death records from Auschwitz. The forty-six volumes cover the period of 1941 to ’43 and record about 69,000 deaths, mainly from disease or natural causes. The IRC had investigated all the German and Polish camps during and after the war and estimated about 200,000 deaths, some of them Jewish. When the US Army liberated Dachau, for example, of the 32,000 inmates, about 1,200 were Jews. Jewish representation was so tiny during WWII as to be insignificant, except in their minds. In their minds, the 60 million actual deaths of real people were insignificant, not worthy of consideration.  Read >>> Long-Hidden Death Certificates Discredit Extermination Claims

We can read and read and the more we read the bigger the swindle is revealed. That’s why the main thing is to watch David Cole’s video and not get too wrapped up in the Holocaust, one way or the other. But we should understand the real purpose of Holocaust indoctrination, which I now believe is this: our money.

Our money is our lifeblood. Without money, of course, we die as individuals. Without a proper money system, society dies, which is pretty much what is happening to our society now. This is due to the Jewish money system imposed on us by the aliens who own the private money-making company they call the Federal Reserve System.

We are today witnessing the dangers of precious metals. The only metals that are precious to me are steel, lead and brass. Gold and silver, while intoxicating in their wonderfulness, are just as dangerous and volatile as liquid intoxicants and just as likely to make you lose your wits – and your fortune. There is nothing righteous or magical or even necessary about a nation’s currency being “backed” by gold or silver. This was proved by Adolf Hitler during the 1930s. It was proved so conclusively that the Jews want to make sure that it’s never tried again. The best way to ensure this is to associate debt-free currency with mass murder!

For some reason, the Jews of the world wanted to destroy Germany. We can probably never understand their insane drive to do this but the facts cannot be denied. They also wanted to destroy the Russian ruling class and the Russian people, as we saw happen following their takeover of Russia in 1917. And we see that they apparently wanted to destroy the American people from an early time, dating at least since 1913. The destruction of the Russians, Germans and Europeans in general depended on their takeover of the American banking system in 1913, because it was followed closely by the totalitarian devastation that began in 1914 with the assassination of the Austrian archduke by Gavrilo Princip.

World War I ended in 1918 and this began Germany’s great misery. They were blamed by the victors for starting the war and were forced to pay “reparations” that became so extreme by the early 1920s that their money became worthless. Hundreds of thousands of Germans starved to death because of the money and because of a blockade by England and America to prevent food from getting in. A food convoy was organized by Henry Ford, Herbert Hoover and Norway’s Vidkun Quisling to rescue the starving people of Germany and others in Europe. Quisling’s name has been turned into a dirty word by the Jews and is misused today by people who should know better. He was a great humanitarian and took Germany’s side against the forces of Judaism and Bolshevism for over twenty years.

Adolf Hitler, like Franklin Roosevelt, came to power democratically in January, 1933, in the depths of the world depression. Both Germany and America were starving because of the actions of the Federal Reserve System, now twenty years old. They were starving because the Fed had “deflated” the money supply, withdrew currency from circulation and refused to issue new currency. Credit to farmers and businesses and individuals was denied for no particular reason. Roosevelt outlawed gold and began its confiscation in April, with punishment of ten years in prison and ten thousand dollars in fines. Once he got all of our gold, which was then priced at about twenty dollars an ounce, he raised the price to thirty-two dollars. That made it the biggest, boldest swindle up until that time. Of course, the Federal Reserve System swindlers got the gold – and the massive increase in value.

Hitler came to power over a bankrupt and starving country with unemployment at roughly 50%! The Americans had stolen all Germany’s gold by the early ‘20s, so there was no basis for a monetary system other than to keep borrowing from the Jewish crooks on Wall Street that had given Germany the Young Plan and the Dawes Plan of perpetual indebtedness to private bankers masquerading as the “central bank.” What to do?

Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht issued debt-free currency based on Lincoln’s debt-free currency. What they did led to the swift regeneration of the German economy and the world’s greatest prosperity of the working class, while the rest of the world stayed mired in the Great Depression being run by the sadistic central bankers. This was the worst possible crime and had to be punished by the most terrible war in human history, including fire-bombings of entire cities and deliberate mass starvations of millions following the war. Our nuclear bombs would have dropped on Germans but they weren’t ready in time, so they were dropped on Germany’s allies who were trying to surrender. Please refer to Theodore Kaufman’s charming little book, “Germany Must Perish!,” which was the basis of the Morgenthau Plan for Germany, executed mercilessly by Dwight David Eisenhower, which resulted in the starvation deaths of millions of Germans.

Ellen Brown and Bill Still have provided us with debt-free currency plans that will deliver us from the Federal Reserve racketeers and eliminate our indebtedness to the pinstriped scum-rats in less than one year, based on the Hitler model, which they don’t want to say. John F. Kennedy declared war on the Fed racketeers by issuing four billion dollars in debt-free US Notes in April of his last year on earth. Abraham Lincoln first issued debt-free currency when the bankers whom he’d approached for war loans wanted 34% in interest. He only survived a few days longer than his war for crimes against the bankers.

So let’s understand what’s behind the Holocaust. Why don’t Brown and Still, both monetary geniuses, want to credit Hitler and Schacht with the secret to economic prosperity in the face of total meltdown? Why, because of the Holocaust! The greatest economic miracle in history occurred in Germany under Adolf Hitler, who ignored the central bankers intent on raping the world, seizing real property, through high interest and deflation. The Russians have recently confirmed suspicions that the American legend of the Depression (“As bad as it was – nobody starved.”) is a lie. Russian investigators have revealed that millions of Americans actually died of starvation and exposure during the years 1929 to 1941 but their deaths were written off to natural causes.

As Hitler remarked in his declaration of war following Pearl Harbor, he had delivered Germany from the doubly devastating conditions of the Versailles Treaty and the general world Depression by 1935 while Roosevelt kept mighty America in abject misery with his Federal Reserve starvation policies right to the present time (December, 1941). He stole all the people’s gold and then increased its value by 60%. And he refused to do what Lincoln had done before him and what Kennedy would do after him: he refused to issue debt-free currency and rescue the American people from aggravated poverty, degradation and death by starvation.

How could that be? How could Hitler state such a thing? Because it was true. It was simple and it was true. The secret to general and permanent prosperity is for the government of any country to issue debt-free currency in amounts necessary for commerce and growth. That is what the founders had in mind with Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. We should read that over from time to time. Clause 5 says that the “Congress shall have power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.” Clause 6 is even better: “Congress shall have the power To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States.”

You can see where this puts the owners of the counterfeiting company called the Federal Reserve System. The proposed punishment for counterfeiting was execution by hanging.

Anyway, let us recognize the Holocaust for what it is, a device to make the idea of debt-free currency repellant to our minds, because anyone who would do it really just wants to gas the Jews.

2011 Copyright – J. Bruce Campbell – Read Biography –  Contact Information

Source: Veteran’s Today

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Bob says:

    Yo Mike,

    That Great German, Martin Luther would “vomit you out of his mouth”, because of the crap you write. Its time you came out of the sewer and washed your filthy mouth, so that decent people can see what are you trying to say.


    August 15, 1521.

    I have received the third sheet of Confession, dear Spalatin, Philip sending it along with the first; but the printing is execrable. Would that I had sent nothing German. See he does not print my German postils, but rather returns what I have sent you, and I shall get them done elsewhere. For why should I work so hard only to have things turned out in so slovenly a manner?

    I should not like the Epistles, etc., to be so sinned against, so shall send no more at present, although I have ten large sheets ready, and till these shameless money-makers, the printers, cease looking solely to their own interest, no more shall be sent. Philip has sent me three sheets of Latomus, with which I am much pleased.

    I wish Carlstadt would write in a more polished way against celibacy, for I fear he will affront us. If he were only better adapted for the praiseworthy work he has undertaken; for our opponents slander the very best that can be written, so we must be careful not to bring discredit on the Word, for we are a spectacle unto the world, as St. Paul teaches.

    Perhaps I am mixing myself in things that do not concern me; but what can be more dangerous than to incite people to matrimony? I would like the question of matrimony left free according to Christ’s command, but I am powerless in the matter. Do not trouble yourself as to my bearing my exile patiently. It is all one to me where I am, if I am not a burden to these people, but I fancy I live here at the expense of the Prince, or I should not remain an hour longer if I thought I were consuming this good man’s substance, although he supplies my wants abundantly. Try to shed light on this, for he always declares it comes out of the Prince’s pocket. I am so constituted that I worry incessantly for fear of burdening any one.

    I followed the chase for two days last week, to get a taste of the pleasures which fine gentlemen love so well. We caught two hares and a few poor roes. Truly a worthy occupation for idle people! Amid the nets and the dogs I pondered over theological matters. I could not but feel sad at the deep mysteries which lay concealed beneath the gay scene. For, does not the devil with his dogs, those godless teachers, bishops, etc., thus pursue and take captive innocent creatures – those poor believing souls; but worse is still to come. I had managed to save a poor hare, and hid it under my coat, but the dogs discovered it, and bit its leg through the coat, and choked it, so we found it dead. Thus do the Pope and Satan, despite my efforts, try to ruin saved souls. I have had enough of this kind of hunting, and think it finer to slay bears and wolves, and godless creatures such as these.

    See that at Court you learn to hunt for souls, so that one day you may find yourself in Paradise – a piece of game which it gave Christ, the best huntsman, much trouble to catch and keep.

    I have changed my mind and send the rest of the postils. But let them be printed on good paper, with Lotter’s letters, for it will be a large book, and I’ll spread it over the four quarters of the year, so that it may not be too heavy. But it must not be as I wish, but as you can arrange there. Let the MS. be returned to me. I know what Satan is after.

    I wonder if my “Magnificat” will ever be ready.

    Farewell, and pray for me.
    Martin Luther.

    You should also purchase this book, you just might see yourself in it!

    American Swastika
    Inside the White Power Movement’s
    Hidden Spaces of Hate
    Pete Simi and Robert Futrell

    Lanham • Boulder • New York • Toronto • Plymouth, UK
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    A wholly owned subsidiary of The Rowman & Little?eld Publishing Group, Inc.
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    Simi, Pete.

    American swastika : inside the white power movement’s hidden spaces of hate / Pete
    Simi and Robert Futrell.
    p. cm.— (Violence prevention and policy)
    Includes bibliographical references and index.
    ISBN 978-1-4422-0208-5 (cloth : alk. paper)—ISBN 978-1-4422-0210-8
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    E184.A1S599 2010
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  2. mike says:

    Bobby hey buddy remember saying I would see myself in the book american swastika? Was that it well you know who else would be there martin luther the great german your hero did you know your hero martin luther wrote a book called on jews and their lies where he advocated the burning down of all synagouges and the ending of usery or jewish finance capital and also the destructuion of there communites and they the jews being comitted to forced labor sound familiar? Heil hitler so anyway it seems that you are a disinformation idiot? I mean how can you post about martin luther and try to use him in your jew worship and not know he was a jew hater? Your fucking dumb man I’m wondering if the jews have software programs that go around being hasba rats instead of humans or if your actually this stupid?

  3. mike says:

    Martin luther on jews and their lies wittenburg 1543 pg 284 “my advice as I said earlier is first that all their synagouges be burned down and all who are able throw in sulfur and pitch it would be good if someone could also throw in some hellfire that would demonstrate to god our serious resolve and would be evidence to all the world that in ignorance we tolerated such houses in which the jews have reviled god” … so bobby I’m not going to make a big post but every white man on here knows this so go get fucked stupid asshole martin luther would be in love with this site because he hated fucking jews like you go sit in a room with some zyklon b but be advised it takes anywahere from 12 to 20 hours to come to room temperature and vaporize creating the lethal gas that kills jews dead oh damn I guess that means that the few eyewitness acounts of 15 minutes to kill every stinking jew at auschwitz isn’t true there was no holocaust and jews are disgusting communist pedophiles now fuck off

  4. Liberty'sGone says:

    Martin Luther did not like jews. Even jews don’t like jews.

  5. t bone says:

    Hey Bob
    How about chilling out with the ridiculously long copy/paste jobs.

  6. Barney says:

    I agree. Don’t give us the whole book, just the title and the main points, plus a link to the original.

    No offence intended Bob, but if I want to read a book, I’ll read a book. When I come here it’s to read what Incog posts, and then to discuss points of interest among the other commenters.

  7. mike says:

    Bobby you going to run out of stories soon? Why don’t you copy and paste an article on the origins of eugenics? Hitler and germany learned eugenics from the usa who learned it from the british the creators of eugenics were the darwins galtons huxleys and wedgewoods yeah thought we were fucking dumb hey? Check out a 1930s american movie called tomorrows children where they have racial hygene courts that forcibly sterilize you I mean america had the exact same racial hygene laws as hitler but they had them before hitler and especially britain you are a propagandist which is evidenced by the fact that every time somebody proves you wrong you conviently never mention your backwards points again like martin luther get your shit straight buddy and jewish influence in britain is the source of eugenics look who practices it today isreal right now is deporting or putting in prison camps concentration camps the ethiopians they airlifted over in the 60s 70s and 80s I mean look at isreals racial hygene laws which are identical to the nuremburg laws get fucked idiot

  8. mike says:

    Bobby all gas chambers have been tested for zyklon b and have never shown any residual of it all gas chambers now have signs saying nobody was gassed in them except one I think auswitz and dachau have them anyway at any concentration camp you will never be shown they real gas chambers that were for delousing clothing ect… because of typhus because they are to small for people and too highly technical as compared to the fake air raid shelters I mean gas chambers with walls knocked out and wooden doors that open inward I refer you to the leucther report and the rudolph report both experts. Fred leuchter an american gas chamber builder and germar rudolph a german phycisist the both say there were no gas chambers grow up asshole the revolt against jews will not be stopped by propaganda or anything else and where is this gas chamber that so and so related to hitler was gassed? Let’s see it and see if its a fake fucking kike motherfucker:-)

  9. Barney says:

    The Leuchter report, part 1 of 3.


  10. mike says:

    Barney I think germar rudolphs enlargement of the leuchter report is better but bobby is sleeping right now seeing as how isreal is in a different time zone

  11. Leonardo de la Paor says:


    Going on Bobby’s research it would seem Mike & Barney are in the wrong fight.

    50,000,000 Americans have been slaughtered since 1973 and their mothers “looked” on?

    Its a cruel world out there!

    Doctors Feed Aborted Girls to Dogs
    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    Doctors in Beed, India are reportedly feeding aborted girls to dogs to hide evidence they are doing sex-selection abortions.
    LifeNews reported:

    In a news story that sounds like it is more out of bad science fiction movie than reality, a newspaper in India reports doctors in one city are so desperate to hide evidence that they are doing sex-selection abortions that they are feeding the remains of aborted girl babies to dogs.

    Some physicians in the city of Beed, India are engaging in the practice, according toIndia Today, which spoke with Varsha Deshpande of Lek Ladki Abhiyan, an NGO working against the practice. Maharashtra’s Public Health Minister Suresh Shetty also admitted to the newspaper that he had heard of reports of the practice taking place.
    “A person even saw a foetus being fed to the animals. This is known to everyone in Beed, but the police are not taking action as Munde is influential,” Deshpande said.
    She added that some other doctors in Beed kept dogs for the same purpose – to avoid the hassle of disposing of the bodies.

    Health Minister Shetty said: “I have heard of the practice but have no evidence.”
    He added that since the local police seemed to be under a lot of “pressure”, he had decided to ask the crime branch to investigate the latest case.

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