Brainwash White Kids to Act Black Says Lousy Jew

Hell, this is nothing new. The Jew media has been at this for quite some time. The tricky Jew “professor” (below right) is just feeling free to put into big words the long-running Jewish guerilla campaign to turn the White race into a minority. Now do you see why these punks have it coming? [INCOG]

An extremist psychology professor at the University of Toronto says white children should be taught to imitate blacks, so they won't be "prejudiced."


From Council of Concerned Citizens

Michael Inzlicht is a left-wing extremist college professor at the University of Toronto. Inzlicht says he can defeat “prejudice.” Of course the only “prejudice” he is targeting is alleged prejudice by white people.

Inzlicht is advocating extreme measures. He says white people should be trained to imitate blacks people. Through intense brainwashing and conditioning, he says he can fix white people. He also suggests the same intense brainwashing might make people like homosexuals more as well.

While Inzlict says white people must undergo this intense brainwashing to “empathize” with blacks, he sees nothing wrong with being a Jewish chauvinist himself. Inzlict says that being Jewish gives him insight into the issue that other people don’t have.

Except on Inzlict’s bizarre advocation for brainwashing. Asking white people to mirror the movements of a black person lowers their levels of implicit prejudice.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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91 Responses to Brainwash White Kids to Act Black Says Lousy Jew

  1. JamesTheJust says:

    Hey if you’re that good at golf, more power to ya. 🙂

  2. Tuff Guy says:

    well…if I “plugged him” with a shot from 200 yards out “anonymous” would have to spend quite a bit of time explaining to the doctor that he didn’t put the golf ball in there himself! So I’ll save him that humiliation! See what a nice guy I am?

    I’ll just “catch him” in or off his forehead….and explain to him that one can’t expect to hear me scream “fore!” from 200 yards away no matter how loud I yell it.

    Besides…it just might knock a little sense into him!

  3. American says:

    Don’t tell me things are changing. Check out the comments on this video:

    Send the jews packing, now that they have a stolen “homeland”.


  4. American says:

    I meant and typed “aren’t changing”, but it switched on me. hmmm.

  5. American says:


    Great comment at 4:00pm, could not agree more!

  6. anonymous says:

    “You’re not going to stop us Whites from talking about it amongst ourselves OR with you” Tuff Guy I think you better hit the links, get some fresh air, sunshine and exercise, senility seems to be creeping in. I’m not trying to stop you talking and have likely been talking about it longer than you have.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Karen: Can you put in the name you’ve been using, instead of anonymous? Yeah, I see it’s you. What’s the deal there?

  7. American born says:

    “I may be intruding and it’s none of my business but I think it terrible to speak of beating a child for following a fashion fad or anything else.


    I have two daughters now and raised a step son from age 1 till my divorce when he was 11. When he was young he was spanked, not beaten or even spanked hard, just enough to get the point across. This all ended when he was about 4. I simply didn’t need to use corprol punishment any furhter. He knew consequences to his actions. He is a track star now in jr high and we speak often.

    He does well in school and stays away from the wrong crowd. He is polite and respectful. I instilled these qualities in him. I was not soft with him ever and he respects me now for this. I was not his friend, I was his father. I was not a wishy washy father and he is not a wishy washy young man. He wants to be soldier when he finishes school. I tell him it’s his life and I support him, but he must complete college first, this is my condition.
    At his rate of running for intermural track teams and school track teams he could get a scholarship. My nephew, his cousin is a soldier with numberous years of combat experience. My son admires his older cousin, but he listens to me.

    Being hard on your kids is not a bad thing, anonymous/karen. If your kid is acting like a nigger it needs to be nipped in the bud. If they are older I see nothing wrong with snatching them up by the collar if you have to. But it all comes down to what you did in the first 4 or 5 years of their lives. These are formative years, if you do it right you won’t have that problem when their older.

    We used to say, “raise your kids correctly when their young or the police will when their older.”

    I have been raising kids for 13 years, Karen/anonymous, I don’t need any of your advise. My daughters are good students and very polite children.

    If you want your kids to hang in the streets like ferel niggers, thats your choice. But not mine. And if my son was 12 or 13 dressing up like a nigger we would have problems. I would not just look the other way, karen/anonymous.

    When I made that statement I was looking at the father, it was directed at him, not his wigger son. I don’t fight kids, I usually ignore them unless they are mine.

  8. Comdr. Z says:

    The Occupy Wall Street Clueles Mob will wonder what happened when the first Molotov cocktail gets thrown and the National Guard gets called in. Then the Obongo Mob will grow by leaps and bounds. When there are a dozen downtowns burning then MARTIAL LAW WILL BE ACTIVATED. Then there will be no elections and Obongo will be the “Leader” ruling by Jew dictates via the teleprompter.

  9. JamesTheJust says:

    I’ve noticed that the nigger population is getting on board at WS. Every picture looks darker and darker. I hope there’s nothing but niggers, jews and some lefty whites in that crowd when the whip gets cracked. And I hope they crack it hard.

    Niggers need a good whipping and the jews will be so farklempt they’ll be suing Bloomberg and telling stories about the WS Holocaust for centuries.

  10. JamesTheJust says:

    Just for a grin or two, I go over to the crypto jew site Amren and post one about the jew. Did one about two hours ago. Still hasn’t appeared. Boy am I surprised.

    Think Jared is a jew? I do.

  11. American born says:

    Think Jared is a jew? I do.

    He is White, I read his wife is of jewish stock. He has married into the tribe and comprimised his racial loyalties.

  12. sog says:

    great comander z then maybe bananas will go on sale ..
    its 12 midnite do you know where your teenaper is …..
    on a softer note ,i give us all about 10 years to figure it out as we have been dosed in an epic radioactive way from the jews caper in fuckashima …
    by way of deception we wage war and vice versa…from the jews with deepest warm sympathies……armageddin will be also initiated y the seeds of satan and will likely be the fruition of the murder suicide mentality the tel avivers are strikken with ,,,,all nations will rise up to brutally crush the peon squatters of khazar descendancy and these pip sqweekers who are all as crazy as menacim beggin looks will nuklify the rest of the world ang go live underground where there are hundreds of self sustaining parcels for mthe rich and jewish …help mr. wizard
    heil og sael..

  13. anonymous says:

    The deal is I’ve been fighting a lifetime to disprove ugly stereotypes of anti-jewish, pro whites.

  14. DICARLO says:

    I may be intruding and it’s none of my business

    You sure are. Get lost!!!

    Due to 24/7 propaganda and lies by jews for the purpose of programming ‘a lot of people’ to destroy themselves, and White society. The jews feed the ‘stereotype’. Idiots like you, buy into it. You come here supposing you can sell us the bullshit we here have already seen through. That the government has taken away parental authority to discipline their own children is merely proof the jews control the government. More than likely, you’re a jew or a nigger.

  15. Mike says:

    You are all so woefully naive if you beleive that this is just a problem with jews, for they are but half the problem.
    If every jew in the world were to disappear overnight, it would not automatically usher in a new age of Aryan security and prosperity, for we would STILL have to deal with the traitorous White ruling elite who would merrily continue with the jews’ programme, for their own reasons. The German aristocracy hated and opposed Hitler and National Socialism.
    I am NOT an apologist for the jews and neither am I a proponent of White guilt, as one
    fucking ignorant and stupid poster, accused me of being; I am just an informed realist.

  16. t bone says:

    mike ,you kike loving ignoramus. Go away. Youre annoying. No one here wants to hear your jew spew and I wont waste my time trying to educate the ’15 year behind’ crowd that youre with.

    I see that your solution is to do nothing because its hopeless, right? (mikey wants to leave the jewbois out of it for some reason. hmmm…)
    Got you pegged, bitch.

  17. JamesTheJust says:

    Due to 24/7 propaganda and lies by jews for the purpose of programming ‘a lot of people’ to destroy themselves, and White society.

    No kidding! Exactly how many MILLIONS of White JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians are there? And then you add in the Krishna crowd, the druggies, the whores and the low-life who have rejected their heritage???

    Truly there will be few of us who will survive the storm to come. The rest will walk into the vile races arms only to find that their hands are around their lily White necks.

    As long as we sound the alarm, we are free from their blood.

  18. JamesTheJust says:

    Kinspeople please! We must stop fighting each other, This is exactly what the jew wants.

    As a true Christian I can say that even prophecy states that we are the Whore riding on the jew beast. And this is so true. How many Whites have enriched themselves under the reign of the jew beast?

    Only now are some Whites waking up because they realize that the illusion of wealth under the jew ponzi scheme is robbing them of their wealth. In other words, they were happy as long as they were FAT, LAZY and PROFITING under the jew. Their real beef is because they are loosing their THINGS.

    I do not consider these people to be racial realists. I consider them to be traitors and self-centered gluttons who care nothing for their race. But…we can still use them.

  19. Don Herron says:

    but but but when some school celebratred blackness they was raycist because they were dressing and acting like blacks.

  20. sog says:

    ………..all sog wishes to say with joy is that if all the jews disappeared overnight it would be a fantastic miracle ….the blohard mike sez it is the jews are only half the problem ,,well cheerio nitwit at least you can fathom a trip to the bathroom without gps i spose …jews are the complete resolute abomination of our time and our fathers time and even back to the pale of existence…the 100’s of millions of dead and tortured people at the hands of the NON HEBREW JEWS would like to piss all over you mike ,,,,liberty brings with it eternal vigilanc and there are too many distractions for the people supposedly gaurding our “freedums” which are now agencies monitoering our every twitch …..peace owt fooohl…………….
    something funn about muslimz
    aplogise for the triple ,n’cog ,try to in pick a suitable addy to land on the wall heh heh

  21. Loki says:

    Hatchetman says:

    October 6, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    “This jew “professor” is a maggot of the worst kind. That said, I think him and his supervisors should be fired–from life.”
    The only way.One bullet/one jew.

  22. Loki says:

    (FAEM.COM) Why we are losing. . . . .
    Q/A = Does race make a difference?
    Mixed bloods:
    White: NO Mestizo: YES
    Yellow: YES Sambo: YES
    Black: YES Mulatto: YES
    Jew: YES

  23. betty sue says:

    this is no psychologist, this is a traitor with an agenda and like all of his other satan bumchums he needs to be eradicated(sent to jewland, you know hell) for the benefit of our society’s intellect and restoration of cultural preservation.Bloody jews!

  24. Loki says:

    We do not protect truth. Truth protects us.

  25. Loki says:

    Some call them “wiggers”, or “whiggers”, but decades ago this sort of person was referred to as a “Snowball”. This was in reference to a chocolate cupcake confection with white frosting — white on the outside, black on the inside. “Uncle Toms” were refereed to, by the Black community, as “Oreo cookies” — black on the outside, white on the inside.
    Now a geologist comes to our aid by offering another term for ostensible Whites we could do without. E.H. calls them “coprolites”. Coprolite is fossilized shit, or to be vulgar, excrement. When nuggets of it are found, they are white on the outside but upon cracking them open, you find a dark brown or black interior.

    I am sure we all know many ‘coprolites’ — just follow the boomboxes and ass backwards baseball caps.


  26. Loki says:

    How much sympathy do I have for young girls who bed down with “extremely popular” apes such as this, or a country which let’s them in?

  27. sog says:

    I think what i meant to say is that first you have to disinfect the host from the parasite and then disinfect us from the willing shabboz goi and jew frontmen ,,and all in all ,,same diff ,,,they all need to go to the gulags and starve to death….
    a new gentile run hollywould reality show could show jews eating each other in the gulags as the victims of jew communizm in ussr had to eat whatever happened to be dead and laying around ….
    for extra points the jews in the gulags could eat others jews while they are still alive ,since theyve been eating people alive for centurise …could get an oscar

    morgellons is on the rise with all the satanic militaery spraying of our skies …wtf

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