Michael Jackson’s Body Secretly Exhumed for Trial

OK, I’M BS-ING here — big time. Basically, I’m pulling a National Enquirer-style stunt just to get search engine hits, because hits mean visitors and visitors mean possible White people roaming my site, maybe reading something, watching a video or two and, most importantly, WAKING THE FLOCK UP!

Plus, it was easy and fun to do a quick photoshop image using Jackson’s “Thriller” Zombie make-up job and a shot of the Iceman — a 5000 year-old mummified body they discovered up in the Alps a few years back. Some idiots out there will think my photoshop art above is real, just like they do about shots of a dead Osama Bin Laden.

Actually, I could care friggin’ less about Michael Jackson. Believe me. The guy was a child-molesting, drug-addicted freak, who hated being born Negro. I’ll say something else now that’ll make any moronic MJ fans coming here have conniption fits: I WAS HAPPY TO HEAR THE SKINNY FREAK CROAKED. Yep, you heard me right.

Just wished I could have seen MJ OD-ing on Propofol, which is about the stupidest thing I’ve heard anyone take, since it’s supposed to be used as a general anesthesia for patients on mechanical ventilators. The only big surprise is that the whore doctor shooting him up, Conrad Murray, wasn’t a Jew but a Negro. But then again, Jackson had become fairly Jew-wise, after getting ripped-off by the thieving bastards over the years.

Read on, if you got any guts left.

In January, 2009, the traitorous Jew-controlled US news spent more time on totally inane stories like some dumb White guy who lost his pants on a ski lift, than what Israel was doing to the Palestinians over in the Gaza. Haven’t you noticed all the stupid crap “NATIONAL” news covers? It’s become a big joke. You can bet there’s plenty of much more important stuff out there — it’s just things they want the American public to stay stupid about!

Are we going to let these people hoodwink this country forever?

Brave Rachel Corrie, an American citizen, was purposely run over by an Israeli bulldozer while trying to stop them from destroying a Pali home, yet the lousy GD traitorous US press stayed silent about her murder.

Don’t you think there’s possibly bigger issues to concern oneself in life than Michael Jackson? While TV “news” continues to feed us nonsense entertainment crapola like this, they patently black out stuff us Americans should hear about. You think the media is free and they tell you everything? God, you are one sorry bozo.

The media’s real owners have been stealing you blind all your pathetic life. They are even willing to have you or your kids killed, should the scheme further globalist ambitions. Come to your senses, people: You don’t have to be an idiot wasting your time on Michael Jackson anymore.

You should be out there on the Internet learning a few things on what’s really going down, what has led us to this crossroads, as well as arming up. Arming up? Damn straight. We got some serious storm clouds on the horizon, fool.

Go up under my banner above, and click on a few tabs to read a short article or two, or just watch a few videos. You can quickly get some sort of idea of what they don’t tell you on the news, things directly impacting you and your children’s future. You can also go over on the left and check out some links I have over there.

Sure, you might be a little perturbed about some of the stuff here (especially my photoshop jobbies). You might think I’m a hateful racist, a nazi-who-wants-to-kill-six-million-jews, homophobic (yeah, like I’m so scared of homos, right) and general, all-around SOB. I’ll have to agree with you on the SOB part.

You know why? You’ve been brainwashed and manipulated for years. Your brain is all bollixed up with PC crud, so much so you can’t think of what’s right for your own kind, and you’re letting pure scum take this country straight into the gutter. The Globalist Jew “elites” have been laughing their asses off at your Goyim stupidity for decades.

Actually, these evil people raping you from behind considers all of us as “Niggers” — including the Niggers! That’s right. The real racists are getting away with it all, by labeling us awakened White people as “racists.”

It doesn’t matter one bit to them if you’re a decent White American, working hard to take care of responsibilities — they don’t give a rat’s ass. Just as long as you pay your taxes, keep your mouth shut about them and die in Jew wars is all they really care about.

Once you check out a few things on the Internet and read between the lines on mainstream TV, you’ll soon come to the same conclusion (watch out for Wikipedia and Snopes.com — both are controlled behind the scenes by Jews). You can turn around now and leave this site. Of course, that will just prove you’re another spineless worm and deserving of whatever fate comes your way.

And if you do split, don’t be trying to tell yourself you’re a tough revolutionary against “The Man!” The real “Man” definitely does not want you to know any of these things. If you do have any guts to look around, I thank you in advance for whatever time you spend here and thinking about it later.

Sorry for the phony photo I created of Michael Jackson exhumed. Sure, it was a cheap trick getting you here, but I’m serious as hell about getting your attention.

Oh yeah, according to Hollywood rumors last summer, Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense apparently did want to dig up the corpse of the gloved one to prove other drugs did him in, besides the Propofol. Looks like they never received permission — as far as I know!

— Phillip Marlowe

The Michael Jackson Eulogy that I wanted to deliver at the Staples Center, July 10, 2009, but no one asked me.

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109 Responses to Michael Jackson’s Body Secretly Exhumed for Trial

  1. t bone says:

    I’m am in no way an MJ fan but posting this vid is apropo (shits and giggles). Some might already know what I’m talking about.
    Check out the lyrics @ 1:10:

  2. Working with extreme cunning and near complete racial cohesion, the “jews,” who are not really “jews” at all advance their agenda, the New World Order, while completely designating you race, heritage, culture, county and religion while shamelessly abusing you. There is no political or economic framework which can contain their plotting; only a racially, culturally, linguistically and religiously unified nation is capable of rejecting their diabolical designs. This is why we have experienced mass immigration and multicultural

  3. ism we never, ever asked for nor wanted. Many other matters apply similarly.

  4. t bone says:

    Very powerful.

  5. sog says:

    a virgin post ..hmmm….isntrael is proud of their mossad mentality with the talmud chaser …created a reeeal niice religion based on child sacrifice and drinking blood ..dacula could get jeolous…nice big square toilet paper disenser strangely named the toilamud…
    help mr. fuekin wizard ..
    these mongol ashkaann babboons are as proven redundantly delusional wannabe heeebrews (non-heebrewz)…there is nothing any good about a heebrew either ,so effin what ,,you can smell like a person that never wipes his ass or when he does he wipes it with his beard ,and they call that religious rabbi behaviour..,,at least thats how the honorable general patton described the auto reflux activating smell of these phony mongol fraud heebrew hooligans …
    rachel carrie was a brave soul as anyone would have to be to be around the pathological ,sociopathic jews …
    what realy bugs my arse is the ass hole snipers that get little perks for shooting palestinian school children while they are in schooll?……hell waits for people beyond redemption like these cretins.. wtf….is it because the jhews are really just born evil ? joshua jeseus “SOG”<—- SonOfGod said they were sons of the devil….okay cap locks as whut we were taught to always capitalize GODs name ,,alright..ok then ….
    the truth doesnt matter anymore ,,that battle has sailed long ago ,they dont fight fair and no one is ever gonna win a battle of wits either with a mentally deficient zionista person ….
    gaza teenagers abducted by the mongolmudzz and all their organs rermoved ….and the jews say have a nice day ,,ha ha fuck me wtf…
    they are stealing children out of haiti and got effin caught RED handed in chad trying to assist orphans thru the aoirports ….
    they used those goddmm bulldozers in lebanon back in the early 80's also , as well as shooting at our marines which is well beyond conspiracy theory paranoia ,,as personell on the ground there can attest to the scene in beirut….
    jew monsterz blew up the marine barracks as well after slaughtering a mere 35,ooo lebanese ..i mean shit there s more where dem come frum right ?….
    the worthless prime sinister of israel at the time sez well those damn amercans should keep their nose outta our business …
    imho the israelis blew up the marines for the presence of which the jews could no longer continue their genocideal agensda in beirut and area to kill off another 70,000 infrastructure lebanese and bourgeoisse (sounz like russia ,spain,russia)so the big hardon they had to kill and eat their victims was averted…
    similar to phoenix op 40k ,20 30 40 who counts this shit anyway…infrastucture asassinateing …jewish deal ….
    they been doin that shit for centuries
    the usa is in 120 countries under SOCOM and the lie is we are liberating people …ha ha thats a grim reaper joke ….nato smoked thousands of civilians in libya pakky and afganny,in the name of liberation
    the usa killed 5 million civilians in veetnam to help liberate them for communist takeover ..nice trick..
    iraq is currently under colonial isreali flag rule with all civilians target rich in the free fire zone of iraq ….
    there is not 1 building or outhouse in erak that doesnt have at least a dozen projectile holes in it …

    infrastructure destruction ,common evidence that jews are close by…
    jews killed 70 k palestinians in concert with the commence ment of the "liberation" of palestine ,,infrastructure personell ,,,their fucking pattern never changes ..
    what does that tell me about the futeur of the usa ….
    after all the air .water .farms are poisoned we may or may not be here still ,,,
    whether you believe in GOD =Son O God=HolySpirit ,or not ,one thing that is more than krystal klear is that we need action and many miraCLES to miracles ….aiey

  6. sog says:

    any way any similaereity of the monniker sog which i use and the uploaded word here above ,,,SOG whisch i use to shoetren the word ,SON OF GOD …
    i dont have a GOD complex yet…laughing…just bein clear …

  7. sog says:

    oh by the way great ink incogman…..
    michael jackson never looked so good….that shit he was injecting is the same shit the docs put you under with in the hospital
    he was also on a pill agenda that doctors know can …anticholinergics…
    combo poly pharmacy ..anti depressant like ssri zoloft with flouride as the main ingredient …noice…pain killers and some other shit …ill find that danm paper ….
    anna nichole smith ,,elvis pressly,,probably marylin mon-roe……these people and quite high probability that anna nichole smiths son was put on the same regimen….this combination eventuall kills due to organ decomp over time from the by-toxins they create ….feeding the fuel with a peripheral drug as valium or the shit jacson was flirting with on the side will invite death much quicker …
    in michaels case the angel of death was his jew handlers as the real angel of deah is scared of these jews and probably spooked by M/J’s ( another mj )ghastly ghoulish appearance….I have seen the angel of death in a vision ,,awrite more meds awrite..
    people on the dangerous and expensive anf terminall addictive methadone will find that doctores will also prescribe a shitstorm of other pain kilers and anti this andthats ,,to which i have seen people die from the extra kick and then mix alcohol and the death merchants job is accellerated …methadone and anticholinergics is a time bomme..
    awrihte noice job on michael jackson …been a while since he was composing anything due to his decomposing …
    is he gonna go on a nutther national tour soon ….

  8. Vexed says:

    Hey That is and was a very intelligent and smart and quick maneuver incogman have no shame. Be proud of trying your hardest to wake them up. You are doing everything you can!

  9. Thrace says:

    Haha, clever trick IncogMan, congratulations!
    I hope this will DOUBLE your audience in just one week!
    I did a Google search on Michael Jackson bullshit, and your site popped up, indeed!

    Yeah, fuck that self-hating White-Wannebe Nigger, spreading Marxist “egalitarian” propaganda! The Jews created him!

    Hey everybody let’s have a few laughs shall we? I mean we need it every once in a while!

    I got this from a fellow racially aware White, VERY racially aware if you ask me! Get this! You’re gonna love it guaranteed! I laughed my ass off!

    Lord of the Rings Racial Allegory:

    Saruman= evil Jew complete with stereotypical Jew hook nose whose manipulative voice (jew controlled mainstream media) the mindless masses simply cannot resist.

    What’s very telling to me is that Saruman amasses an army quite literally out of the mud just like real life Jews use muds (as in the mud races) against whites in real life such as the feral simian nigger monkeys, the illegal border hopping inner tube floating mestizo cockroaches and to a far lesser extent the chinky dog chompers.

    So that brings me to the next phase of this very beautiful racial allegory… 😉

    Uruk Hai= cross between niggers, whites, octaroon coons, high yellow fellows and mestizo cockroaches with a side of chinky dog chomper and muds of various breed thrown into this cosmopolitan veritable DNA sewer. The ultimate mongrel non-race. What Jews ultimately want to make of the entire world of Middle Earth which parrallels their desire to mongrelize all races but especially whites in real life.

    Uruk’s are such strong and formidable opponents only because of the small amount of high quality white European DNA.

    Orc= pure sub-saharan simian below 60 IQ bush Nigger straight out of Africa/Mordor

    Easterlings= arabs, muslims, middle east dwellers in general whom the Jew media blames for its people’s false flag crimes with the retarded “islamo-fascist” label when its really zio-fascism the world needs to be concerned with since the kikes have all the nukes and bio weapons that our thoroughly subverted and corrupt American government has provided these hooked nose nation wrecking sociopathic parasitic deceivers with.

    Gollum= reference to the Jewish Golem but in the LOTR story he also represents what happens to a white’s soul over a long period of time when that white is tricked and manipulated by ZOG media and Talmudvision into literally worshipping materialism in this case taking the form of the “one ring” who only the Dark Lord can “wield” ie Jews alone “wield” the media and its influencing powers.

    Gandalf= Odin which is to say the true historical religious and spiritual guide of the white race who in the movie helps the white race get back to racial purity and health, Odin is the soul of the white race basically and Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies indeed plays a guide for the Fellowship to succeed in their quest at ending Mordor/ZOG’s rule. In a way Adolf Hitler also embodied the Odinic spirit in his quest to save Germany from the parasitic Jew and its feral non-white hordes and the resulting decadence, miscegnation, crime, rape and chaos muds bring with them wherever they go due to their inferior brain capacity, vast hormonal imbalances and inferior quality of genetics in general save for when it comes to track and field or playing nigger ball in one form or another ie NFL or Basketball the last “sport” of which was invented by a white man who probably would’ve thought twice about inventing it if he knew his sport would quite literally become a circus in the future due to its almost exclusive simian participents.

    Elves= National Socialists the highest caliber of racially aware whites.

    Men= Nordic folkish warrior whites.

    Dwarves= white mechanics, fix it types, home repair men, and of course the great inventors of our race.

    Hobbits= whites of spiritual purity and simple living innocence. Sort of like mormons or amish. The kind of whites the Jews love to shame, mock and make fun of as “backwoods redneck trailer trash” or “behind the times” but who tend to live long happy lives while Jews and those that they successfully manipulate end up dead of AIDS before their time, drug overdose or diversity violence at the hands of a feral black or out of control mestizo animal.

    Cave trolls= huge negresses like Precious and related specimens of “black female beauty” LOL! 😉

    Grima Wormtongue= archetype of the typical race traitor brainwashed white guilt filled Jew loving liberal hippie social marxist closet commie scared of his own shadow pussified emasculated scum…but there’s an ever so slight chance there that he could break free and become a racially aware white under the right circumstances. ***Spoiler Alert***
    In the movie he proves this by ultimately killing his Jewish master Saruman.

    Nazgul= absolute worst of the white race traitors. The white millionaires and business men with power to go against the Jew and save our race and nation but have succumbed to the Jews vast excesses of money (which eclipses their own) and bribes (of various kind) and probably blackmail too. They are lost and must forever serve the Jew. ;’-(.

    Sauron/All Seeing Eye Tower= Z.O.G., Illuminati, which in the glorious end is destroyed, setting free the White Race for all eternity from the Satanic influence of the Jew Demon.

    Hope you liked it!

  10. JamesTheJust says:

    Saruman= evil Jew complete with stereotypical Jew hook nose whose manipulative voice (jew controlled mainstream media) the mindless masses simply cannot resist.

    Ironically (or maybe deliberately) played a jew actor.

  11. JamesTheJust says:

    Meet the next best hope for the JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians for president of the ZOG of America!

    And the drum roll, please….


    Of course, JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians, demonically possessed as they are, will gladly set aside any misgivings. The only thing that matters is that this little faggot loves the jew!

    Of course, to the JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians, faggotry is an abomination…unless you’re a faggot who supports the jew.

    An entry dated April 13, 2009, reports $78.26 was spent at an establishment named La TeDa, located in Key West, Florida. The explanation for the expense is simply, “Businessmeeting.” Please see the attached PDF copy of the page from the campaign’s expense report


    In case you are not familiar, the La Te Da is well-known destination for gay travelers with apopular cabaret that features drag show acts.


    But what should we expect from JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians who also claim to hate abortion…as long as its not jews murdering innocent Palestinian babies, then the JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTian will simply tell you that it was “collateral damage”. See? Its all a simple slight of hand…a word game. Then a baby, snuffed out by the kings of snuff, becomes simply “collateral damage”.

    They are twice the sons of hell as the jew.

  12. Julian Curtis Lee says:

    Brilliant article Incogman. Pure, unadulterated Incogman at its best.

  13. Marshall says:

    Alright Incog you have gone too far now. Your blatant sacrilege of MJ has aroused his ETERNAL IRE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!!! Your curse shall be threefold.
    1.) Very soon, whilst you try to sleep at night…you will begin to hear a high-pitched voice going “Hoo-Hoo” “Hoo-Hoo.”
    2.) When your woman goes to wash some dishes…OOPS!!! One of her playtex gloves is missing.
    3.) Your children’s blocks will magically stack themselves in two triangles. One will be A-B-C and the other will be 1-2-3.

    Sure…get your chuckles in NOW funny guy, but BEHOLD…your nemesis awakes!!! (courtesy of Larry King of course, because you are stealing his viewers goy!!!) :-)

  14. t bone says:

    I just spent an hour scrutinizing the pics in this ’08 article. Very well done. It only has 110 comments (compared to other articles here,thats relatively low).
    If you were to re-run it for a couple days, I think you’d get some great feedback.


  15. Hey chimpanzees come to Jew York,we need help to shot down the jew swine Federal Reserve and satan jew Wall street. The US Marines are coming to protect the protesters against swine cops.

    Or sit et home and this will be yours presidente “Hava Nagila Clown”.

  16. The Marines coming to Jew York !

  17. Loki says:

    I understand how tempting it must be to use The Big Sky jew as an excuse for avoiding the hard and unromantic work of recruiting people to any cause. By becoming a ‘true-jew’, one can indulge one’s military fantasies in the bush. After all, political relevance is not required of one who believes in the Magical Sky jew who will break all of Nature’s rules, and solve every blightwinger’s perceived problems, just as each and every one of them desires.

    As the man-determined year 2012 approaches, we can expect more and more craziness from all sorts of jew, including the true ones, whoever they may be. It will be increasingly difficult to reason with featherless bipeds who are undergoing a ‘fervor frenzy’. When the year 2012 A.D. (After Deception) arrives, with the niggers still niggerizing and the jew still jew-ing, the Japs japping, etc. lots of Armageddonists will have to sober up and resume waiting for jesus ben yahweh to achieve his Third Coming. Anyone who deems himself White and believes this messianic malarkey not only makes me nervous, it makes me feel like barfing. White people have no business aping the religions of Semites, Blacks or Asians. No wonder we are in our present dire straits as a race. To seek our remedies in juda-ism is much like using gasoline to put out a fire.


  18. Hatchetman says:

    Nice photoshop work! No shame in using whatever works to get people’s attention. MJ was a strange, twisted man no matter whose version of his life you believe, but that’s beside the point. The point is you making others aware of the terrible designs of our “hostile elite” the jew! They are truly the worst excuse for “humans” (and I don’t think they’re human like you or I) to ever walk this third planet from the sun. Their time is coming. Time to burn, and in this world, not the “next.”

  19. Marshall says:

    Well, Jackson died soon after openly writing anti-Jew songs (Google “They Don’t Care About Us”) and converting to Islam. He also had a running billion-dollar feud going with Tommy Mattola of Sony.

    In fairness to ole Incog- I have to wonder if all the “child molester” stuff was just part of a typical Jew smear campaign at this point. However, if I had to pick a likely candidate for child molester MJ would certainly rank high up there. Then again, I would NOT pick Republican senators but BOING!!! Just go read “The Franklin Coverup.”

    Janet Jackson SWEARS he was murdered. Let’s face it, “death by drugs” is a fave Jew murder technique, mainly because they are such notoriously sniveling cowards. Marylin Monroe was murdered by her kike shrink with a barbiturate enema. There are questions about Jimi, Jim and Janis too.

    Here’s a pretty good documentary, although it doesn’t go into naming the Jew outright. That’s up to US!!! Special appearances by Anton LaVey, OOPS I mean LEVY, wearing his cute little Kommie-Kap just like Lenin :-)



  20. Thrace says:

    I never thought I’d say this Loki, but your last comment disappointed me!
    I don’t enjoy Christ-bashing, simply because it is WRONG!
    There is indeed a deception, but surely not the one you’re speaking of!
    This very frequent among “pagan” White Nationalists, to associate Christianity and Jesus with the Kike fucking SCUM, and the Middles East dessert sub-humans and culture!
    Please all of you understand that the “Middle East”, until 2700 years ago was inhabited by White/Aryan/Adamic/Israelites however you want to call them! So, of course, Jesus was one of them! A blue eyed blond Aryan man! And Christianity was and is THE ONLY Aryan religion! All else including Atheism is heresy! That’s why we got punished by Yaweh by being taken into slavery and captivity, because we engaged in Paganism/Atheism being corrupted by our neighbors the Satanic Canaanites/Edomites, known as”Jews” today who haven’t changed for 7000 years, since Sumer and STILL corrupt us today!
    So stop your foolish Christ bashing, you are nothing but wrong on this issue!
    Christianity is NOT a “Kike Dessert Cult” it is THE only Aryan religion, just like Jesus was and is!

  21. zona guy says:

    Looks like the one branch of the military who still supports the constitution will be with the wall st protesters. I was Navy but say Go Marines. You guys have the balls. Most Americans have your back. Great job Incog. Keep it up. Screw the jew and wall st homos.

  22. Murphy says:

    The conspiracy of silence is going on as well over the Wall St. riots and others around the country. http://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2011/10/stunning.html

  23. Learning says:

    Michael Jackson was very much jew wise.


  24. Moneymax says:

    Thrace comes thru, to cut Loki’s lack of wisdom.
    Good on Thrace. Shame on Loki.

    Jesus most assuredly is “white” (actual descriptions were written) as he was born in the image (2 Cor 4:4) of God (the Father, the Lord, who was greater then JC himself! John 14:28). And note that God is light, in him is no darkness at all! (1 John 1:5)

    Adam was in his image too (Gen 1:26 – “man” translates word “adam/awdawm”), so Adam is similarly “white” or more exactly FAIR: pale-skinned, thus able to show blood in the face under exertion or blushing = what “adam” means in Strong’s Concordance (word definitions/roots keyed to this numbering system of King James Bible which is a weak translation, yet one you can correct via knowing every word meaning).

    Unfortunately some people look white who are some of Satan’s kids (with Adamic-type Eve, producing Cain, “of the Evil One” reads 1 John 3:12, where “of x” is an idiom for OFFSPRING as in Luke 3:23-38, ending with the fact Adam is the Son of God – as was Jesus in Mark 1:1). Indeed he was “accused” by “Jews” of saying he was “son of God,” and he replied that Scripture says “ye” (only ones adddressed by God at the time) “are gods” as in Psalm 82 about this bunch that must still die in the current world system, despite being “god” – clearly the status of young offspring of God. (Jesus himself was to return after two days in a perfected state, notes Luke 13:32.) He is also said to be the first of many BROTHERS (Rom 8:28-30) ones who are “called” = predestined ones (by lineage) and born “conformed [like] to the image of the son” (clearly son of God).

    (If “Jews” were this lineage they’d not be envious over Jesus and his Adamic brothers.
    But as Thrace observes, they (“Jews” after 30 AD) were other types. John Hyrcanus had defeated Edomites and forced them to become “Jews.” Real Adamic Israelites in the area became Christians in the 1st century…. but other types remained “Jews.”)

  25. Comdr. Z says:

    INCOGMAN: We are all waiting for your take on the 99%ers demonstrating in Jew York City. I think they are all multicult Jew led rable on the road to NOWHERE. Not one sign with the word JEW on it.

  26. JamesTheJust says:

    I don’t enjoy Christ-bashing, simply because it is WRONG!
    There is indeed a deception, but surely not the one you’re speaking of!
    This very frequent among “pagan” White Nationalists, to associate Christianity and Jesus with the Kike fucking SCUM, and the Middles East dessert sub-humans and culture!

    You’re wasting your breath Thrace. The Christ bashers (if they aren’t crypto jews) certainly have an IQ which is equivalent (and studies prove it ranks about 89, barley above Kosher retard)

    You’d think after reading what Yahshua had to say about the jew that TRUE jew-aware Whites would standing up and cheering, but not so. Wonder why? I smell jew vermin dressed up as White nationalists. We both know that crytpo jews hold all the cards where the idiot WN movement is concerned. Just look at Don Black at Stromstein Front.

    I steer clear of those creeps. Let ’em blabber. They’re digging their own jew-graves. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    Just read the kind of world they would like to create for us Whites. The strongest male get all the chicks with sole right to breed, including our wives and they get all the land, all the best of everything because in their demonology, might makes right. Sounds like Bolshevism to me. Yep sound just like a jew.

  27. G. Edward Griffin book ,”The creature from Jekyll island ” is stolen – forgery from Eustace Millins book “The secret of Federal Reserve”.

  28. Mojo says:

    Incog, just a heads-up. I’m still having intermittent trouble viewing your site. The front page loads ok but, when clicking to ‘read more’, I get a timeout more often than not. I’ve been trying off and on for the last two hours to finish reading this post and just now got through.

    Keep up the good work!

  29. Lincoln Blogg says:

    Gee, whoda thunk they had IQ’s of 89? They probably think that’s a B+, on the good side of the curve. When the Israelites were practicing modern sanitation (the laws are in Leviticus), the hooknosed canaanite baal priests were instructing their congregations to eat dung and smear it on their canker sores. Their logic being that the worst animals passed the best things. So, the worse the animal, the better the poop. That’s what the references to eating dung are about, in Kings, you fraud Loki. Eating dung is serving false gods. We’re all eating the dung of men now, according to the prophecies. Except Ezekiel. He gets to eat the dung of a cow. That’s what YHVH told him.

    Bon Appetit, Loki

  30. JamesTheJust says:

    Yeah the jews always had a thing for feces. Frankly, I just don’t get it. Patton had a thing or two to say about the s*it loving jew turds….

    Is it any surprise that the leaders of the faggot movement are jews and their anal licking brigade?

    I mean, could ANY creature be more gross than the jew?

    So much for being g-ds chosen. Hear that JEWdeo-ANTI-CHRISTians?

  31. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Is Toilet Paper A “Hate Symbol?”

    It seems that a British “diversity” expert (i.e., Cultural Marxist) has recommended that White paper be avoided in school. She also recommends that when teachers are asked what is their favorite color, they should always say “brown” or “black”.

    She is pretty much advocating the genocide of ANYTHING that is white.


    This RamZPaul video is four and a half minutes long. Incog mentioned PC Crud. Here’s a good example of that. The name of the British woman that made this recommendation is Anne O’Connor. Could that possibly be her married name? I hope she isn’t White!

  32. JamesTheJust says:

    The bitch’s mamzer whore mother could be a jew. Why do the Brits tolerate her. She should be offed!

  33. JamesTheJust says:

    Interesting piece AOTP. If true the Japanese have learned too late that you can NEVER make a deal with the devil. I have heard horror stories of non-jews (read that true Human Beings) loosing everything they’ve ever work for by trying to deal with the jew (read that mere cattle).

  34. JamesTheJust says:

    You’re right Commander Z.

    Read this:



    Now look at Occupy Wall Street. Who are the leaders of the leaderless? Who get their faces in the news — cuffed and proudly pepper-sprayed? Chelsea Elliot, for one. Names offer clues. That name is a double clue. Noses are clues, too, before plastic surgery. No, not conclusions. Clues. Who actually gets maimed by the jew-directed “law enforcement” troop? Not jews. Who may get longterm jail time? Not jews.

    They get celebrities to appear. Who? Jews.

    * Susan Sarandon. Crypto-jew (that means “secret jew,” as were William Cohen and Madeleine Albright before they were outed). Look at her charmed life as a fake Catholic among the jews of Hollywood and her jew-serving “activism.” Not all jews have the nose of Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga, Eileen from Seinfeld. Look.

  35. Yep, Cmdr Z and James: My personal initial conclusion is that the jew is behind these jew York protests. The protocols say as much. Unions and commie actresses, too. The heat is on. in fact it is up to 911 degrees. The world is caving in around isntreal. The wars we’re dying in are no longer serving as diversions, so they are going to burn the place they have the ignition switch, the US. watch commit euro climb back up. controlled burn.

  36. Wisermann says:

    Good on Thrace and Moneymax for pointing out Loki’s error at refuting Jesus Christ.

    One more point about Loki’s error. He seems to assume most /many Christians think the coming December (21?) 2012 “event” will be the Second Advent of Jesus Christ.

    Only a few uncritical fringe groups really push this date. Why would they? Well, they say the Mayan calendar “ends” its long cycle at that time…. so it must be the Second Advent date. OK, why in the hell would God give this secret to non-Adamic Mayans?
    And not a clue about the date being 2012 in his own Scriptures?* (I had asked Eli that question and he rambled a deluge of irrelevant nonsense, not an answer. Is he maybe a crypto critter sent to tell much truth, but deceive us in the end? That is a Satanic MO.)

    (As far as I know the main whiteman pushing this is Eli James a “christian identity” pastor, who thinks because he stumbled on one bit of truth that he really knows all!
    And some media freaks push this… and will laugh silly at fools like E.James in 2013…
    OR maybe Satan will take advantage of the dummies and make an appearance???

    We are to see false messiah(s) before the real one, see Mat 24. Actually we already have serious “messiahs” right now. One “Ahnsahnhong” [spelling?] is from Korea and pushes for a female Lord. (WTF?) Another Korean Mr. Moon, of “Moonie” fame or infamy, now says Jesus failed because he got killed, and Moon is now “real Messiah” and Mrs. Moon is his queen, the two being our real “parents.”. Yikes! Even some maringally alert folks on this website will realize the Korean pretenders cannot be OUR Lord. He happens to be the wrong race, for a start!

    But then maybe Satan (a crafty bloke!) allows ones like Moon to build up messiah mania among the dummies. Maybe a Dec. 21, 2012 critter will make a bigger splash.. And then fizzle or be exposed as a claer fraud. And then… a few years later, Satan appears, pretending to be Jesus Christ. He can say the earlier 2012 critter was the prophesied fraud, following lesser frauds, but at last he “the real one” is here!

    Many Christians will fall for this. But watch out: the REAL one has a new name!
    Rev 3:12 says so. Churchmen never talk about this as none of them know the new name. Not one. (I’ve hunted such information for years.) At least none have the real new name. I know they do not, because I know what it is. And you can too, IF you are called. And IF you really really hunt through Scripture using all logical factual tools.)

    Read Rev 3:9-12. We are told to now the false Jews (or you will be deceived). You are told trial/temptation comes – it’s a test of each person. That test is the false Messiah, will you fall for one of wrong race? Of wrong name? At the wrong time?

    You can avoid such errors by knowing what Scripture really says. It is hard, but can be done. Study logically from Gen 1:1 onward. If you succeed you will have the new name and even know just about when he returns. “Lead us not into temptation” – that trial – says the Lord’s Prayer. (Ordinarily the Lrrd does NOT lead us to temptation, we have an amazing ability to find it ourselves! But this one temptation he said he will send.)
    You will avoid the errors if you know the answers (the race, the time, the name). See?

    PS: Eli gave a deluge of babble, but no real answer to his fascination with 2012. In fact he never quoted one concrete Scripture linking Dec. 21, 2012 to the Second Advent. Not one!

    On top of that my associate had actually lived in a Christian community near a major Mayan temple. (There are white German-speaking Mennonite separatists in area! By the way they manage to livepeacable and yet separated. They now produce much of the food consumed by locals, who largely abhor serious agricultural work! My only criticisms are that they don’t keep original Sabbaths, and they really ought to produce more diverse fruits etc so we northerners can buy tropical foods from our own folks!
    I’m thinking of going there with Christians to do such a venture, but I’m no tropical fruit expert. Does anyone know some serious Christian “identitists” who are?? The Bible is full of identities, all needed logically to solve the major Bible mysteries!)

    One day he accompanied a trained Mayan researcher at his site who admitted that this calendar “end” is just the end of a major cycle. Of course time will go on! He seeks to understand how the next cycle calendar is to be built and is finding data on that. So he is definitely NOT anticipating the “end of the world” or Christ’s return! It’s all hype!
    (So we can assume who is behind it, and who pushes media ridicule of white Christians who go off on these weird tangents, but evade straight Scripture revelations.)

  37. Karen says:

    Might is Right does sound alot like bolshevism

  38. This didn’t make it earlier, probably because of interference.


    Also, more from me:


  39. NOW that our faces are in the mud (or so they think) they tell us Hitler was ok.


  40. Incog, did you reject any posts of mine today or is there a technical problem? I twice tried dropping a link from rense on israeli nukes and american alliance on jewich method and motive onto this post. Thanks.

  41. Comdr. Z says:


  42. Karen says:

    On the surface these protests seem laudable.. bank bailouts, stockmarket scams, money mischief, decent folks losing jobs & pensions… but check out communist blogs and they’re breaking out the champagne and blowing confetti in glee. Rabble.ca a commie blog here in Canada is planning nine similar protests. It stinks.

  43. Karen says:

    Could be a hegelian set-up, well publicised bank rip-offs, rightous public anger and then WHAM BAM

  44. Maynard says:

    Hey sog, why don’t you learn English before you post a comment! I don’t waste my time trying to read your nonsense ebonics!

  45. Loki says:

    Are We Really jew Wise????????

  46. JamesTheJust says:

    The thing that makes this groups so suspect is that they never mention the jew. ANY group that fails to mention the jew is most likely a jew front organization.

    Secondly, a true adversary would never mention a date or give the enemy the heads up that on such and such a date, we are going to attack. Any military member can tell you that a large part of any operation’s success is based on the element of surprise.

    Finally, should this group succeed, how convenient it will be for Wall Street, which is already on the verge of collapse. This “anonymous” group will provide the damned jew with the perfect cover for our financial ruin. Once again the demon jew has ruined yet another nation of the West and in a vein attempt to distract attention from the jew, this group suddenly pops up out of nowhere, complete with made for television jew spokesmen.

    I am not buying this jew scat for even one second!

  47. Flipanzer says:

    I see someone now talks of you “occupyng” Wall Street. Ha ha ha!
    Didn’t a bunch of “radicals” just do that? (I only saw it on internet after a friend in NYC area mentioned he saw demonstrations. Mainstream media largely bypassed it, as ususal. In any event, I bet it was a ARA type lefty students, not a real threat to owners of many millions of workers. A controlled opposition. (Standard Zionist MO.) If anyone was there, tell us what you saw.

    The “Motley Fool” (investment strategists) publication “Breaking Rules” now touts a company (name not given, you gotta subscribe to get that!) to change the credit card game via NFC (near field communication) linking (soon to take-off) “smart phones” so everyone can communicate almost anywhere, and PAY BILLS without carrying cash or a credit card (of course you’ll need your smart phone and codes identifying you) and it can be used for usual phone/electronic things, locate yourself GPS, then be a driver’s license and even passort! In other words your MARK needed to buy, sell, move and exist in a globalizing state controlled world, that will know exactly where you are and what you’re buying/selling. (These investors see it as a great investment opportunity, overlooking its police-state potential!) Even top NYC guru Daniel Loeb is advocating it. I’m whelmed. Not overwhelmed, just whelmed. (I bet he is related to Kuhn Loeb Schiff that gave money to Trotsky. The gang that set up the Fed Res money fraud & income tax. See “Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve” by G Edward Griffin (Griffith?) a few years back, if you don’t know the story. (He names names, but not ethnicities.)

    Here come the mark! (See Revelation for “mark of the beast.” As for the sixes, think stars… one in your mind/head, one controlling each hand. Got it?)

  48. Karen says:

    “This anonymous group will provide the damned jew with the perfect cover for our financial ruin” Amen

  49. Flipanzer says:

    PS: My associate asks me (regarding my comment just posted on 666 mark) who is the man, since 666 refers to a man. Well, who is the Big Boss in control of the system?
    I does not have to spell out something with a numeralogy system, it is merely his tool for controlling the idiots that just need this stuff. Ones who are not now rapidly and intensively departing the whole “babylon” system and getting out of its cities (plural, Rev 18 end) to fall when the Big One is suddenly and totally… well, read the chapter!

  50. INCOG MAN says:


    Sorry, 2 comments got trapped. Don’t know why. I freed them.

  51. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I like sog’s posts.

    Don’t be a stone drag daddio!!

  52. INCOG MAN says:

    Comdr Z: I’m watching it. I’ll try to do something on my take.

  53. Flipanzer says:

    PPS: Again my associate says he doesn’t understand. OK, you really gotta start in Rev 16 on “Armageddon.”AR = a hill, or fort. MAGEDDON is a “rendezous” place or pile of people assembled for some work. In this case, Chap 16:13-14+ tells us they )weird creatures) are God’s enemies who control “kings” (world leaders.) In 16:19 we see the main city of interest is in three parts (divided by sea.) That is the Big One. When it falls, the other cities (plural) of the “nations” (the Adamic tribes “nations” or “Gentiles” when the term “goyim” is first used and defined [Gen 10:5] as Adamic Noah’s families, about 70 names fill the whole chapter) – these other controlled CITIES of ours also fall when the Big One ends. Their system breaks down! That is why you don’t want to be in them or tied to that system. And you sure do not want to be in the Big One, since it will get physically destroyed suddenly – says Rev 18 of “babylon” defined as greatest seaport fo luxuries, center of world trade, money, merchants who are shocked at its demise. (Rev 17 gives more details on this end-time city “babylon.) Take a wild guess where that is. Now look at a map and see it’s in three parts already, separated by water. (It even has an idol to our “god” of manmade laws… democracy. That tiny island is not one of the three major parts.)

  54. Loki says:


    Judicial’s goal was to create a forum, that as times became more desperate, a group of sensible people could use it to meet and unite. As the American economy implodes, and Israel commits another 9/11, to shift the blame to the Muslims, you need a catalyst. It appears that Zionists must be getting close to some event, because they are no longer going to let Judicial-Inc exist.

    How Real Are The Majority Of ‘Alternative News’ Websites?

    Most of the so-called ‘Alternative medias’ revolve around the Holocaust, and the 9/11 scam.

    The Holocaust: ~~ There are twenty various sites that claim to be holy grail of the Holocaust truth. Most center around the question of whether 3.4 million Jews died, or the higher number of 6,000,000. The truth there is that the Red Cross states there were 272,000 deaths in the camps, and maybe 120,000 were Jews. But arguing the Holocaust is a waste of time. It’s not worth the effort. It’s like arguing about religion, and most people don’t care anyway.

    Actually there is a ploy here. By denying that silly fable, you are keeping the conversation active, and drawing attention to it.

    The 9/11 Attack:~~ The second big camp for the ‘Alternative Media’ is the 9/11 movement. Basically, a potpourri of spittling bagel munchers talking about minutiae. Did the CIA plant micro nukes at the WTC., why did building 7 collapse, did the jets really land at Area 51, are the passengers alive, and are they living in a remote CIA desert compound?

    The truth there is that Israel orchestrated the entire event. There were no 19 young Arab guys trained on a small Cessna. These were trained Israelis. A Sayret Matkal Capt. led the first operation, a mossad operative was identified on the second jet. The third jet, Fl 77, didn’t fly for 62 minutes and amazingly avoided the hundreds of fighters at Norfolk, the Seymour Johnson AB, NORAD, Otis, Andrews, Shaw, Pope, etc. It was actually replaced with a remote-controlled plane that hit the Pentagon. Fl 77. The real Flight 77 jet went out in the Atlantic to ram the USS Washington, and Norad shot it down. The 4th jet was shot down, but not over Shanksville.

    The War In Iraq:

    That is about Zionism’s quest to control the world’s oil supply. It’s about the Mosul-Haifa Pipeline, and the five permanent American bases there to protect it.

    The War In Afghanistan:

    The Taliban, a religious group, threw out the Zionist opium traders, and cut 94% of the opium supply. The other factor is that now we have troops flanking Iran on both sides.

    The Coming War In Iran:

    Iran sits on the Zargos oil belt, the largest untapped field in the world.

    So Who Funds These Websites, And Their Authors?

    Practically 95% of today’s websites are Zionist-controlled. If they were real, they would be focusing on the coming collapse, and the various False Flags being used to point the finger at the Israeli intelligence creation called “Al-Qaeda”, or Iran. But you won’t find any of these Kosher Clowns discussing the Zionist game plans. You can quickly look at these websites and see their agendas. All they do is try and implicate the CIA for 9/11, Madrid train bombs, London bus bombs, or Mid-East assassinations. Then, there is the constant talk about Black and Hispanic crime. Oddly, they conveniently skip over the Madoffs, or the fleecing of America’s banks by Zionists. These website’s goal is all about diversions from the real problems, and just helping the fomenting race wars.

    So What Are The Costs?

    A forum like FreeRepublic.com runs $360,000 annually. Some of the bigger websites are very good sources of solid information, but they have advertisers covering the costs. The large and well-disseminated websites, like Huffington.com, are funded by Venture Capitalists.

    Zionists Really Aren’t Brilliant, But They Are United

    Their leaders have used this holocaust nonsense to create a pack of loyal fanatics. And this has lead to a giant social, educational, and business network.

    The other sites are funded by Zionists. Whereas, with Judicial it is a daily struggle with Zio-Thugs, of which 50% are police. Try calling the police station and saying you have a police detective stalking you. The ADL has retained a private detective who directs the harassment, and he has a free hand.

    You need to remember that the ADL has tentacles in every major police force.

    Now Is Not The Time To Quit

    You are getting a small blimp in the stock market, which will be used to portray a fledgling economic recovery, but it’s a diversion from the Madoff anger. The ultimate fall guy has to be Muslim terrorists, and certainly not Zio-Bankers. There will be a False Flag staged by the Zionist that triggers everything, and that will make 9/11 look like a hiccup. The timeline is probably 12 months.

    What do you think??????

  55. Pinkushunz says:

    From Mikey Jackson to all sort of stuff.
    This comment patch is wild!
    thanks incogman!

  56. “Dirty Little Secrets of WWII”


    Guess what. Iran (means Aryan) is the new Germany.

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