Sick Jewry Sleazing Down The White Race

IT NOW LOOKS like public school sex education in Joo York city has dropped straight into the gutter. New curriculum plans for middle and high school students were recently revealed by the NY Post to include instructing 10 to 12 year-old kids in all manner of perversions. What kind of lessons are they proposing? Bestiality, oral sex, anal sex, S&M sex play, dildos, phone porn — you name it.

Kids will get “risk cards” so they can see how to perform these acts “safely.” Teachers will refer them to websites showing them how to do it “doggie-style” and other sex positions. Youngsters will find out where to obtain free condoms, the best lubricants to use if they want to try it up the keester, that kind of thing. They tell us it’s only to protect the children, right? That’s the excuse they always use, should any of us dare say squat. Read more here

Imagine America back in the olden days and how nice and calm things used to be. Everyone was polite, pleasant, happy. Sure, kids didn’t know jack, but that’s the point. They had a chance to grow up a little, learn to care for one another as people first — not as mere sex objects to get off on.

Think about how selfish, shallow and mean our children are now ending up. Do you even give a damn anymore? Isn’t it long past time we did something to stop what these lousy Jew bastards are doing to our lives and countries?

What are the Jews doing to us? Nothing decent will survive in the sick and sleazy Jew World Order!

The perfect Jew World Order family! The second from the right is really a boy, but now being turned into a girl by brainwashing and hormones from the two Jew dykes on either end. Looks like they left the Jewy-looking son alone and concentrated their foul engineering on the handicapped little Goyim adoptee. Modern Jewry in a microcosm.

Someone here tipped me off to the Guardian UK’s article about a lesbian Jew couple living in San FranSicko, now purposefully raising a  handicapped little boy as a girl. I went and checked it out, and sure enough it, the story was all too real (as if I would be surprised). Plus, it had some seriously Jewy photos, like the one embedded above.

Thomas Lobel, called “Tammy” now, lighting a menorah.

Now called “Tammy,” the two year-old deaf boy was adopted by two Jew dykes and according to the dykes, the practically infant child somehow told them in sign language that he was really a girl. Yeah, like I’m so sure that’s what happened.

The two manipulative Jew dykes used that lying BS story as an excuse to raise the confused child up as a transgender female (he still has his unit — at least for now).

But get this: The boy is now 11 and so the evil Jew bull dykes have now started pumping him full of hormone blocking drugs to prevent normal puberty from developing his body into a male. What if the poor, screwed-up boy somehow figures out he wants to stay a male before he frees himself from the clutches of those two evil dyke Jew witches? What if they get a crazy-ass rabbi mohel to whack off his weiner first? Read more here

The deviant Jews now feel free to parade any kind of vileness out in the open. They don’t care. Say JACK, they’ll just call you a “hater” or the usual “Nazi,” and people will start giving you the HELL instead. See how great PC works for the immoral Jews?

What a great time to be a rich sleazebag!

In the sidebar to the same Guardian web page, right next to the happy Jew World Order family story above, there was a little Entertainment Tonight-style piece on the Jewy-looking (but claims he isn’t) actor Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen (she’s definitely a sick Jewess).

Seems the two hired a prostitute one night to “spice up their marriage.” The two have only been married a year! I’m not holding out hope this little marriage is going to last long — like I care, anyway.

On the “Playboy blog” recently, his whorish Jew wife happily wrote about everything the prostitute and the two of them did in the sack, including every lurid detail — like Biggs getting a little oral action right in front of her. They should have videotaped the whole thing so any future little Jew kiddies they have could watch. Hell, knowing how sick Jews are, they probably did.

Besides being a total sleaze bucket, the wife also seems to like a little race-mixing. One public tweet she made: “My fav Oregon Trail scenario was always where my husband died of cholera and a really hot black guy had to fix my axle.” I wonder what Jason thinks about that? I bet Biggs boy probably would like watching the action. Read more here

Jews quite obviously have some major loose screws upstairs.

Then we have the completely insane Jewess Sharon Tendler, a millionaire rock concert producer from London, “marrying” a real dolphin at the Israeli seaside resort of Eilat in 2005 (right). We all know the dolphin only showed up for the catering, anyways.

Who knows how this serious Jew nut case consummated the marriage, as if anything was remotely possible in the first place? My guess is that the wacked New Ager went back to her hotel room with a borrowed Israeli Defense Forces-issued dildo or vibrator  — paid for by American tax dollars, natch — rubbed it down with some smelly fish oil and took care of matters for herself. Read more here

This is nothing new. The Jews have been busy working to slime White people for a long time now:

FRANK KAMENY: “Pioneer Gay Rights Activist” led the efforts to get the American Psychiatric Association to change definitions and classify homos as “normal.” The Ashkenazi Jew died just this month. We can take a guess where his sick soul ended up.

Believe it or not, Kameny even thought having sex with animals was OK. He justified it by writing this: “Bestiality is not my thing … But it seems to be a harmless foible or idiosyncrasy of some people. So, as long as the animal doesn’t mind (and the animal rarely does), I don’t mind, and I don’t see why anyone else should.” ONE SICK JEW MOFO!

I expect we’ll soon see a new generation of Jew “humanitarians” and perverted Shabbos Goys pressing to legalize marriage between humans and dogs, right along with sick media Jews profiting off the new bestiality porn market (they probably have one already).

ALLAN GINSBERG: This homo “beatnik poet” was a founding member of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love association), as well as a major change agent, or “intellectual guru” of the 60’s generation. Who knows what kind of vile things this bearded Jew did to the kids of passed-out hippy friends after getting them stoned on a little Jamaican wacky weed at the freak-fest?

HARVEY MILK: Jew-owned Hollywood turned this whiny San FranSicko minor city politician into some sort of faggot martyr, dying at the hands of a White conservative guy (perfect criminal for Jews to exploit forever). The lousy Zionist-controlled US government even went and put Milk’s ugly mug on a postage stamp. Now everyone expects you to consider this blithering Jew homo as an American hero. What a sorry joke on real heroes.

You see, all the victim classes just have to have a martyr figure for the Jew media to make money on — preferably one who died at the hands of an evil White man. Because that’s who the marxist and subversive Jews are really getting at –keeping Whites who dare to speak out, intimidated by the PC head job the Jews have created for this country.

The “fun-loving” Jews are turning us all into nasty, sick freaks and whores!

Sick jew faggots and perverts are now everywhere.

Folks, this is much, much more than a war against greedy International Jew bankers and globalists; it’s not just about Israel’s genocides of the Palestinians or what they make America do to the Muslim world, either. This is also a war for our own race’s morality and the very future of our White children.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re religious or not. This kind of thing takes us all into the gutter, whittling away what’s left of the great America day-by-day. And don’t sit there and stupidly blow it off as nothing but conspiracy nonsense: You know exactly what I’m talking about!

Do you want to see a country filled with all sorts of vile, twisted sickness — White children turned into street hookers, homos and freaky transgenders, while the entire country is overwhelmed with violent Third Worlders and crime? All the while, we just sit around twiddling our thumbs instead of our trigger fingers.

You think this is all BS from some Nazi guy? Just turn on your TV and channel surf for about five minutes and think back on what they used to not say or show a few years ago versus what they do now. And it will just keep getting worse.

This is what happens when we let the subversive Jews control the media!

Jews are doing it because they really hate White people, want to destroy our family life, Christianity and social institutions, right along with being sick puppies themselves. Once they gain the least bit of power, they begin corrupting the surrounding White population with money, sex, porn, liquor or whatever evil vice out there. Jews know how to exploit the Gentile’s weaknesses while getting filthy rich off it, too.

Anything now goes in the sick Jew World Order!

— Phillip Marlowe

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Learn about the sick things going on in Massachusetts: Mass Resistance! It’s sickening to see how fast this country is going into the gutter.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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150 Responses to Sick Jewry Sleazing Down The White Race

  1. wcm says:

    Zionism is disease.

  2. Kalki says:

    All Christian supporters of Israel must see this!–>

  3. JamesTheJust says:

    Lauren Eleanor Carson says:
    October 31, 2011 at 10:49 am


    I have one question for ya. Where have all the Aryan Warrior women gone?

    You sound like a defeatist and you gave the jew the ULTIMATE prize – another White child sacrificed on the jewish alter of moloch.

    Honestly, sometimes I worry about my people.

  4. Loki says:


    The Vatican-Papacy is the only institution to organize as a “sacred” religious ceremony ritual abuse (sexual molestation) of children from as late as 14th century. Over 700yrs of unbroken child abuse, widespread encouragement of this vile practice by it’s Cardinals, Bishops and laypersons. This constitutes the largest unbroken “child abuse ring” in human history still operating today. The attempted coverup of child abuse by shuffling Cardinals, Bishops etc. with subsequent application of ”ecclesiastical whiteout” is abominable and a testament to the evil nature of the Roman Catholic Church et al. Motivation for this remains the sacred rite of “Dedication of Innocence” to Moloch (or Molech) god of child sacrifice (never rescinded). Instead of “physically killing” children (burning by fire), ritual rape/torture now kills them mentally/emotionally as with diabolical MK-Ultra Mind Kontrolle Programming. Parents mistakenly believe Vatican-Papacy has repudiated this “sacred” practice, THEY HAVE NOT! They have repudiated pedophilia, a modern term which has nothing to do with the ancient practice of “molestation” — so named for the God of Child Sacrifice MOLOCH (or MOLECH) — True to form, Vatican is always exacting with their wording, seeking to escape responsibility by obfuscating issues (DECEIT)

    Every child in the care of any Jesuit-Papal controlled agency remains in extreme danger until this Satanic institution is destroyed!

  5. James Delaney says:

    The US is over-Edomed:

    In fact Edom is over-represented in Hollywood, Wall Street, US war-making foreign policy, the Supreme Court, the legal system generally, mainstream media-management, the universities and the radical feminist and pro-abortion and pro-gay movements. A century before the birth of Christ, a people utterly condemned by all the major prophets, the Edomites, were converted as a group to become ‘Jews’. According to Josephus the early Jewish historian, ‘They (Edom) were hereafter no other than Jews’ (Antiquities, XIII ix 1; XV vii 9). Roth’s Concise Jewish Encyclopedia says ‘Hyrcanus forcibly converted [Edom]. From then on they were part of the Jewish people..’ (p 154). The Jewish Encyclopedia says ‘Edom is in Jewry’ (Volume5 p41). The evil Herods were Edomites. Jesus twice says ‘those who say they are Jews and are not’ are a ‘synagogue of Satan’ (Rev2:9, 3:9); ‘Because you are not sheep of my flock you do not believe’ (Jn10:24-27). True Israel is hidden within the true Church (Jn14:21 Mt7:14).

    According to the book “Jesus in the Talmud” published by Princeton University Press, written by Peter Schaefer who heads up Princeton’s Judaic studies program, the Jewish Talmud speaks of Jesus being “punished in Hell for eternity by being made to sit in a cauldron of boiling excrement”..

    The Bible itself describes how the Creator of the Universe will respond to this Insult above all Insults, in Isaiah 63:1-6 ‘Who is this who comes from Edom with garments spattered (with blood)’, “I have trodden the winepress.. their blood spattered my garments..”. Marginal references link this with Rev 19:11-16: ‘Behold a white horse.. the one sitting on it.. is clothed in a garment dipped in blood.. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of the Almighty. On His robe.. he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.”

    Christ Himself will destroy Edom. Obadiah verse 4: ‘Though you soar like the eagle and set your nest among the stars [referring to Edom’s power at the end of the age – see the US President’s official crest with occult, non-biblical, so-called ‘Star of David’ formed with stars], I will bring you down from there, says the Lord.’ ‘There shall be no survivor from the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken’ (verse 18). If you study the subject of ‘Babylon’ (Revelation 17 and 18, Isaiah 47, Jeremiah 50 and 51), it clearly refers to the sordid, rotten, sick, corrupt anti-Christian money-power so visible today, manipulating politicians and controlling the media. Edom is linked to this Babylon (compare Isaiah 34:5-15 and Isaiah 13:19-22 with Revelation 19:3).

    The aim of the evil Edomite-Jewish “Anti Defamation League” is to establish the federal government as the pro-homosexual educator and punisher of Christian opponents of homosexuality at every level, even of public schooling. They are fighting for federal endorsement of adolescent homosexuality as a legitimate, normal alternative, to flood government-sponsored educational programs into public schools to promote homosexual self-esteem. Its encouragement of homosexuality on the grade school level will destroy young consciences even before they have been formed. Indeed, the ADL will gain more ground in their attempt to sodomize America..

  6. Diana says:

    Given how the Roman Catholic Church fawns at the feet of the Jews; apologizes for the “blood libel”, apologizes for WWII and “not doing enough”, refuses to stand up for the Palestinians, and sucks up constantly to the Jewish media which continues to “expose” the sins of the RCC, while covering up its own- it’s pretty obvious who’s at the top of the feeding chain.
    BTW the Rothschilds took over the finances of the RCC in 1823.


  7. James Delaney says:

    The Story of Yaakov Markus
    Quoted from Maxim Ghilan How Israel Lost Its Soul, Penguin Books (1974) p179:

    ‘Yaakov Markus was born in Berlin on 22 November 1927 to a non-Jewish mother named Mathilde Markus and to a Jewish father. He came to Israel and in the fifties was drafted to serve in the 1956 Sinai campaign. He was killed there and buried provisionally at the Shelah Military Cemetery. Later this cemetery was abolished and the dead were transferred to other permanent graves. Yaakov Markus’s bones were to be interred – as Jewish custom stipulates for Gentile dead – ‘beyond the pale’, that is, behind a small stone fence cordoning off a piece of the Haifa cemetery.

    ‘In this plot were buried other non-Jewish fighters, pilots and technicians who lost their lives helping Israel win her independence in 1948 and preserving it in the years that followed. Markus’s parents did not accept the Rabbinate’s ruling. They wanted their son to be granted the same honor as the rest of his fallen friends – burial in the Military Cemetery. General Goren, the Chief Rabbi of the Israeli Army – a visionary racist who wanted the conquest of both banks of the Jordan, advocated a religious state and tried to modernize religion for that purpose – was not in the country. The bereaved parents appealed directly to the Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, who had to make a special ruling for them. Markus was finally buried in the same row as his fallen friends. But so that ‘his bones should not be mingled with theirs’, as Meshulam Schlesinger, Director of the Military Cemetery, put it, his grave was set somewhat apart.

    ‘Meshulam Schlesinger officially stated that the corpse of Yaakov Markus had been circumcised after his death, to allow it to lie beside the Jewish fighters. This was later denied no less officially by the Ministry of Defense. But the grisly and macabre atmosphere surrounding the case has done much to deepen public concern.’

  8. sog says:

    ……………………kalki must be from the uk ayye ……standing on ceremony and not really having a point that tottally aligns with truthism and christianity ,,he kinda falls into poomander z category,agitator ..i oinly harrass as equal reaction to harassment of christianity on here …other wise go ahead and be atheist all you want,,in fact maybe you can go on cnn or the nancy grace show or even oprahs show show enuff….endless diatribe about who begat who and who was hatched from a frreekin egg is really as boring as reading numbers in the ot….
    a kenyan prophet in 1920 professied that a “great”kenyan leader would be in charge of the usa and millions would perish ,,,”millions would perish” it will really happen ,,,the mandatory vaccine34 program against our children and the radiation coming out of fukkasheema ….all i can say is there is also alot of prophets that got recorded and discredited by the christian authorities because the catholoic church was involved with some of these early prophets …i dont know when the catholic church went off course and dont wanna knoew anyway but there is archived alot of very intersesting propheciyes in the c chuerrch archives etc ….someone cares heh heh

  9. sog says:
    always wondered why mark leno who was active in nambla was also frisco superviser and now a senator ,,was never sanctioned ….those who say gay “parents” should be allowed to adopt should rethink that with evidence growing in disfavor of that deal.
    just sayin look at all the damage done to pedophile victims in canada and around the world …these children are borrowed from orphanages and wrecked ,,,vatican is heavily guilty of pedophilia but that is tru of judaeism sects as well ….this shit has the highest level of complicity and involvement from politicians ,heads of state ,heads of industry etc
    their heads should roll
    youve always heard that pedophiles arent gay ,,ha ha shit,,,they arent ?,,gee ok then its ok ? for gay people to adopt and be around children where their lazay faire attitude about such sacred things as sexuality as god meant might be overlooked when their “gay” friends are around their adopted victims ,and “accidents” could happen

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