Zio Pig “Socialist” Strauss-Kahn Loves His Israel

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I REMEMBER THIS White fool at a party telling me in all seriousness “I suppose you probably think Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a Jew and they’ll free him just because of that.” Uh, that’s exactly what happened two weeks later there, bozo boy.

The Jew media in the US pretty much went well out of their way to paint his Negro accuser in a negative light and set the stage for the Globalist slimeball’s case to get dismissed. Imagine what all the Jewish Feminist dykes might say if they did that for any White Gentile guy? The Jew-crafted PR hypocrisy/media spin was so sickening obvious as to be ridiculous.

All too typical for these sick rat traitors.

Hell, the Zio Pig just escaped another big rape charge back in France after prosecutors dropped the charges (a 21 year-old at the time, named Tristane Banon, his ex-wife’s own god-daughter). Chances are, most of you probably heard little or nothing in mainstream Jew media on the case, since they do whatever they can to keep the majority of Americans stupid about this privileged Jew elite class — or anything at all about Jews except never-ending holocaust crap.

Note the Israeli newspaper Haaretz’s headline on how horndog DSK greets the new day: “Israel is first thing on his mind every morning.” Yeah, I bet that’s true, but fantasizing about forcing a hotel cleaning maid down on her knees for a little black shiksa oral sex is a close second. Filthy old Jew creep.

Folks: Israel and Jewry are the only loyalties Jews have, no matter what country they live. Just stew on that hugely pertinent fact for a minute: Jews really don’t give a damn about America, Canada, France — wherever. All they care about is all the special privileges Jews have in those countries and Israel getting our tax money, while we expend the lives of our soldiers for Jewish global ambitions, if need be.

Nothing but lousy, stinking traitors, no doubt about it!

“The English (or French or American, etc.) patriotism of the Jew is only a fancy-dress which he puts on to please the people of the country.”

— The Jewish World, December 8, 1911.

David Duke notes what a joke it was that DSK was going to run on the Socialist ticket in France when in fact he’s one of the privileged Jew billionaire elite.

That’s the sneaky, two-faced Jew in action, pal. They see no problem being rich as Croesus, while robbing your hard-working White ass to pay for social programs primarily benefiting Third Worlder scum. It works out just great for the Jew: Get the gullible Goyim to pay for his own destruction, sit back and laugh all the way to the bank.

People sometimes tell me “oh, INCOG MAN, you think the Jews are responsible for everything bad.” You’re GD right I do. Hell, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s going down.

The lousy Jews are in fact destroying White people in every way. Our moralities, religion, sense of justice, reproduction, economy, countries, leadership — everything you could possibly imagine and more.

We ought to be dragging these subversive hypocrites out of their fancy mansions, upper Eastside condos and limos, forcing them at the point of the bayonet to march down to Texas and giving them the big boot right across the border into Mexico.

And if lousy Israel makes the least veiled threat of sparking the “Samson option,” we’ll just publicly announce that if anything should happen to the good old USA, European capitals or anywhere, for that matter, retaliation will include carpet bombing precious Israel with B61 thermonuclear warheads — turning that troublemaking place into a melted sheet of radioactive glass for the next 25,000 years.

No questions asked.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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69 Responses to Zio Pig “Socialist” Strauss-Kahn Loves His Israel

  1. Do not use nukes,where our kids will live you idiots. Just drop on middle east few “Neutron bombs” and everything is clean from the race of jew satan and his brothers the muslim MUD and no more pollution,please.

  2. J. says:

    Israel should be the first thing under his feet every morning. France should deport this disloyal traitor.

  3. The best French is the Mongolo-Hungaro-turko-Khazar jew swine with beautiful French name Sarkocy,filthy hugaro-khazar-jew rat.

  4. summerled says:

    resurrect the warrior monks tempers

  5. summerled says:

    the templers

  6. Old Men of the South says:

    Make no mistake…WE ARE RESURRECTED!!!!

  7. Old Men of the South says:

    Make no mistake…WE ARE RESURRECTED!

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Young Girls – France Belgium

    On 16 October 2011, France’s respected Journal du Dimanche reported that a French police Chief, Jean – Christophe Lagarde, allegedly organised an orgy for Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

    Strauss-Kahn is the former boss of the IMF and he had hoped to become President of France.

    The story has links to Masonic lodges, underage prostitutes, a Belgian pimp, places connected to the Dutroux affair, and hotels in the USA.

    The police chief reportedly organised the orgy with Strauss-Kahn in a Paris hotel.

    The police chief reportedly accompanied prostitutes to New York to meet up with Strauss-Kahn.

    The allegations emerged during a police inquiry into a child prostitution racket in Lille in France.

    Lagarde is a departmental commissioner in France’s national police force.

    A prostitute has told police that Lagarde and Strauss-Kahn organised the orgy in the spring of 2010. ‘in a duplex suite of a luxury central Paris hotel’.

    Journal du Dimanche has seen police inquiry documents.

    Journal du Dimanche reports that the prostitute ring provided girls for luxury French hotels, including the Carlton in Lille, and for hotels in the USA.

    Girls are thought to have been selected for Strauss-Kahn by an alleged pimp called Dominique Alderweireld (aka Dodo).

    Dodo lives in Belgium, the home of Marc Dutroux, who reportedly provided young girls for NATO’s elite.


  9. betty sue says:

    do you ever feel like your stuck in the middle of extremists fighting each other?
    ingcogman I feel everything your writing but I H8 murder and bomb’s can’t these psychologists do some proper work and detain the elitist jew psychopaths for some much needed empathy treatment? Elitists christians can go over the top with their dogma and their lack of empathy. Female brains(carefully selected) are suposed to be more wired for amicability and emotion so wouldn’t it be wise for both ‘sides’ to have compulsorary empathy examinations that really do teach each other how to attain a state of humanity? One things for sure all our systems are contaminated by a zionist agenda and this is CRIMINAL. But you know what I bet it’s all orchestrated,you know plans within plans. Conclusion; war’s are provoked by people’s unforgiving lack of empathy and failure to co-operate probably due to different races brains being wired differently not forgeting lust for power ignited by greed and sheer blatent ineptitude of others feeling’s. I have zero hope , i

  10. betty sue says:

    all those that are oposed to the zionist agenda must unite and this union should not be restrictive to any particular dogma but it’s ultimate goal should be for the betterment,goodness and truth of our country’s and primarily to make sure whiteman stops getting scrwd over by these traitors.

  11. WHITEMAN says:

    betty sue – can you put a pistol or rifle bullet through the face of a Jew?

  12. t bone says:

    betty sue
    ‘zionist agenda’???…Lets keep it real. No sugarcoats please. Its all judaized behavior in a judaic society.We must change that.
    ‘Zionism’ takes the heavy off of a lot of non-zionist jews.

    Lets be clear. ITS ALL OR NOTHING!
    We cant dick around with good jew/bad jew BS like a dog chasing its tail. Every jew is a constituent in this cancerous paradigm; plus any yew-loving,treasonous Whites.
    The ‘good jew’ remains in tact as a hedge.
    Goebbels said that jews use nobility and generosity to trap their enemy. Dont be naive.

    And wars are all jew implemented. It has nothing to do with lack of empathy. The traitorous jews use their media power to create hate propaganda (power of suggestion) and force feed it to the masses til they buy it. They do this to control economies, real estate,politicians etc…
    Get rid of ALL jews and world peace is imminent.

  13. plugged nickel says:

    why are you chasing your tails ? sidney webb, the fabians, robert owens, karl marx, frederich engels were all ENGLISH barons …….devine freemasons cathay-olics or prods… same old same old….
    The Rhodes-Milner Round Tablewatch.pair.com/roundtable.htmlCached – Similar
    Throughout most the ninetieth century, French Freemasonry, and not English …. H.G. Wells, previously a member of the socialist Fabian Society of England, was, … [Fabian and Co-Efficients co-founder] Beatrice Webb called it ‘the most …

  14. plugged nickel says:

    wonder if the old paper trail between jp morgan and the milne fabians still exists ?
    standard oil and the tea pot domers are all slicked together……. irs, fed reserve and the sleazy kennedys leading the 1920’s slide into ………..
    waaaayyyy back to nelson aldrich and his top hat coalition in congress ???

  15. t bone says:

    Karl Marx wasnt jew?Are you fucking kidding me?

    Please repeat that. I want to make 100% sure that you said Karl ( Moses Mordecai Levy) Marx was not a jew.

    Heres an informative excerpt:

    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
    Heinrich Karl Marx (Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, 1818-83) was born of wealthy parents (his father was a lawyer), and much of his personal life has never been revealed.
    In 1844, he wrote the book A World Without Jews even though he was Jewish. In 1845, he moved to Brussels, where, with German philosopher, Friedrich Engels (the son of a wealthy textile manufacturer, 1820-95), who he met in Paris in 1844, they reorganized the Communist League.


    btw- heres the word of the day ‘marrano’ for the unenlightened.


  16. Tuff Guy says:

    They are making a pretty big deal on the news about these wild animals in Ohio that recently escaped from their cages, killed their owner, and are running free……

    They are holding news conferences, people are being told to stay inside, people are being told to be on the alert and get their guns ready, pretty much the whole city is on lockdown…..

    Sounds like the measures that we should be taking regarding the free-ranging “beasts of the field” that have a 75% illegitimacy rate, off-the-chart statistics regarding rapes and sexual assaults against white women, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum…ad nasueum

  17. KeepUpTheFight says:

    I remember this jew bastard strutting around with a smug expression when he was released. You could see him saying “We jews get away with everything. Eat our shit goyim fools.” Jew scumbag. I hope he gets cancer in the worst place.

    Forget nukes when it’s time for Israhell’s comeuppance. Turn the illegal state of evil into a concentration camp and starve the kike scum to death. They’ve always had a big fetish in starving millions upon millions of goyim to death. Time to give the jew devils some of it back.

  18. Foxxy1 says:

    Many faces exist to Satan’s Brood and their controlling conspiracies.

    The phrase “your father the devil” clearly states there is a devil and his offspring…
    read this term in the Bible (start at John 8:31, continue reading through 44 etc.)

    Of course some of them don’t go my this ethnic group identity! Many have
    atypical names beause they changed names, and moved around. I the
    600s (AD) many became Muslims too! As with white Christians, they
    infiltrate and try to control masses and countries to do their bidding.

    This site often dismisses the danger of Islam to whites, especially Christians.
    That can be a fatal error, as a German Christian (Tilman Geske) learned…

    Tilman was part of a Bible publishing house set up in Turkey – integrating into the EU now, a rather “secular” country, but with hardcore Muslim gangs.

    I was searching for materials that might be specifically useful again “Babylon”
    Jewry, and some of this stuff is found in SE Turkey, in the region around Malatya (city). In Malatya, Zirve Publishing prints Bibles in Turkish. Tilman Geske worked there, along with Turkish converts to Christianity… not popular with local folks!
    (Oh, this has been an Armenia Christian stronghold, until “Turks” wiped them outjust befor World War I in famous genocide Turkey continues to deny! Some say that these “young turks” were actually Jews. I’m not saure of the truth yet.)

    A Turkish Christian convert (ex-Muslim) Necati Aydin worked there with a friend
    (also Christian convert) Ugur Yukssel). Necati Aydin was also an actor… with guts!
    TURK-7 TV decided to show the crucifiction story so folks in Turkey would know it,
    sort of a local versions of “The Passion.” Necati played Jesus (Easter presentation).

    Shortly after this, all three men named here got picked up by irate young Muslim gangsters who TORTURD them (and videoed the torture!) AND KILLED THEM (2007). And all western media tolks this shocking story lound and clear……. NOT! Almost total silence in the west (except in the town from which came the German, Tilman Geske. (The German govt actually bothered to protest and demand the killers be found and prosecuted.)

    About 11 youths have been arrested, but now the trial is taking an odd course, since the central govt of Turkey wants this to be part of a much larger trial of 300 who are part of the Ergenekon gang (trying to overthrow the current regime in Turkey).
    It will all be part of a large crusade against enemies of the present regime.

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    All Stand.

    God save our gracious Coon
    Long live our noble Coon
    God save the Coon
    Send her victorious
    Happy and glorious
    Long to reign over us
    God save the Coon

    O Lord our God arise
    Scatter her enemies
    And make them fall
    Confound their politics
    Frustrate their honky tricks
    On Thee our hopes we fix
    God save us all

    Thy choicest gifts in store
    Bushmeat and KFC
    Long may she reign
    May she defend our laws
    And ever give us cause
    To sing with heart and voice
    God save the Coon

    Not in this land alone
    But be God’s mercies known
    From shore to shore
    Lord make the nations see
    Nig nogs should brothers be
    And form one family
    The wide world over

    From every latent foe
    From the assassins blow
    God save the Coon
    O’er her thine arm extend
    For bootlips sake defend
    Our mother, boon, and friend
    God save the Coon






  20. JamesTheJust says:

    Elitists christians can go over the top with their dogma and their lack of empathy.

    Betty Sue,

    We’ll just take those mean old Khazarian jews; after they’ve murdered a few more million or so “goy”; hold their hands and sing cumbiya, ok?

    What a world! Mercy for murderers and rapists; but Christians are “over the top”.

  21. JamesTheJust says:

    Karl Marx wasnt jew?Are you fucking kidding me?

    Please repeat that. I want to make 100% sure that you said Karl ( Moses Mordecai Levy) Marx was not a jew.

    Yeah it’s amazing how many people don’t realize the number of jews there are in the woodpile.

    Was debating a guy about the jews on “Before Its News” and he actually said that I am forgetting about people like Stalin who wasn’t a jew. I mean, I dropped my jaw.

    Not a jew? Wanna bet?

    Stalin was a jew. Real name before he changed it when translated in to English is JEWISSON and his nickname was “The Jewish Coffeehouse Radical”

    You don’t get more jewish than that.

    Also went on to explain that Churchill was a jew, Eisenhower was a jew and Roosevelt was a jew. Our people need a SERIOUS education in history and not the jew-crap fed to them on Talmudvision.

  22. chUK says:

    As DeNeo say “JamesTheJust you are good”
    According to your long list of Jews.
    Was Jesus a JEW ?
    I bet you will say no.
    Everyone is a Jew but not Jesus………

  23. Karen says:

    Trivia…Henry Cabot Lodge and Roosevelt belonged to the same ‘exclusive’ club yet Henry refused to play golf when Roosevelt was on the green, his protest at the clubs bending the rules of Gentiles Only.

  24. plugged nickel says:

    jolly good ole bloke…. the lad reminds us limeys of old nick breakspear….. laudabiliter swindle and hustle outta old arab sicily and the neapolitan boot…………

  25. Hatchetman says:

    Strauss Kahn is clearly the lowest kind of scum, and deserves nothing but utter comtempt and continued prosecution. However, comparing him to a pig is a bit unflattering–to pigs. Pigs perform a useful function to the world and are generally much nicer than jews–perhaps why jews hate pigs so much.

  26. Loki says:

    (September 16, 1919)
    Dear Herr Gemlich,

    If the threat with which jew faces our people has given rise to undeniable hostility on the part of a large section of our people, the cause of this hostility must be sought in the clear recognition that jew as such is deliberately or unwittingly having a pernicious effect on our nation, but mostly in personal intercourse, in the poor impression the jew makes as an individual. As a result, antisemitism far too readily assumes a purely emotional character. But this is not the correct response. Antisemitism as a political movement may not and cannot be molded by emotional factors but only by recognition of the facts. Now the facts are these:

    To begin with, the jew are unquestionably a race, not a religious community. The jew himself never describes himself as a jewGerman, a jew Pole or a jew American, but always as a German, Polish or American jew. jew have never adopted more than the language of the foreign nations in whose midst they live. A German who is forced to make use of the French language in France, Italian in Italy, Chinese in China does not thereby become a Frenchman, Italian, or Chinaman, nor can we call a jew who happens to live amongst us and who is therefore forced to use the German language, a German. Neither does the Mosaic faith, however great its importance for the preservation of that race, be the sole criterion for deciding who is a jew and who is not. There is hardly a race in the world whose members all belong to a single religion.

    Through inbreeding for thousands of years, often in very small circles, the jew has been able to preserve it’s race and it’s racial characteristics much more successfully than most of the numerous people among whom he has lived. As a result there lives amongst us a non-German, alien race, unwilling and indeed unable to shed its racial characteristics, its particular feelings, thoughts and ambitions and nevertheless enjoying the same political rights as we ourselves do. And since even the jew feelings are limited to the purely material realm, it’s thoughts and ambitions are bound to be so even more strongly. Their dance around the golden calf becomes a ruthless struggle for all the possessions that we feel deep down are not the highest and not the only ones worth striving for on this earth.

    The value of an individual is no longer determined by his character or by the significance of his achievements for the community, but solely by the size of his fortune, his wealth.

    The greatness of a nation is no longer measured by the sum of its moral and spiritual resources, but only by the wealth of its material possessions.

    All this results in that mental attitude and that quest for money and the power to protect it which allow the jew to become so unscrupulous in it’s choice of means, so merciless in their use of it’s own ends. In autocratic states it cringes before the ‘majesty’ of the princes and misuses it’s favors to become a leech on their people.

    In democracies he vies for the favor of the masses, cringes before ‘the majesty of the people’, but only recognizes the majesty of money.

    He saps the prince’s character with Byzantine flattery; national pride and the strength of the nation with ridicule and shameless seduction to vice. His method of battle is that public opinion which is never expressed in the press but which is nonetheless manages and falsified by it. It’s power is the power of the money, which multiplies in his hands effortlessly and endlessly through interest, and with which he imposes a yoke upon the nation that is the more pernicious in that its glitter disguises its ultimately tragic consequences. Everything that makes the people strive for higher goals, be it religion, socialism, or democracy, is to the jew merely a means to an end, the way to satisfy it’s greed and thirst for power.

    The results of his works is racial tuberculosis of the nation. ***********

    And this has the following consequences: purely emotional antisemitism finds its final expression in the form of pogroms. Rational antisemitism, by contrast, must lead to a systematic and legal struggle against, and eradication of, the privileges the jew enjoy over the other foreigners living among us (Alien Laws). Its final objective, however, must be the total removal of all jew from our midst. Both objectives can only be achieved by a government of national strength and not one of national impotence.

    The German Republic owes its birth not the united national will of our people, but to the underhand exploitation of a series of circumstances that, taken together, express themselves in a deep, universal dissatisfaction. These circumstances, however, arose independently of the political structure and are at work even today. Indeed, more so than ever before. Hence, a large part of our people recognizes that changing the structure of the state cannot in itself improve our position, but that this can only be achieved by the rebirth of the nation’s moral and spiritual forces.******

    And this rebirth cannot be prepared by the leadership of an irresponsibly majority influence by party dogmas or by the internationalist catch-phrases and slogans of an irresponsible press, but only by determined acts on the part of nationally minded leadership with an inner sense of responsibility.

    This very fact serves to deprive the Republic of the inner support of the spiritual forces any nation needs very badly. Hence the present leaders of the nation are forced to seek support from those who alone have benefited and continue to benefit from changing the form of the German state, and who for that very reason become the driving force of the Revolution — the jew. Disregarding the jew threat, which is undoubtedly recognized even by today’s leaders (as various statement from prominent personalities reveal), these men are forced to accept jew favors to their private advantage and to repay these favors. And the repayment does not merely involve satisfying every possible jew demand, but above all preventing the struggle of the betrayed people against its defrauders, by sabotaging the antisemitic movement.

    Yours truly,
    Adolf Hitler

    Now that MAN was jew wise.

  27. Loki says:

    Programme of the NSDAP, 24 February 1920
    The 25 points of the NSDAP Program were composed by Adolf Hitler and Anton Drexler. They were publically presented on 24 February 1920 “to a crowd of almost two thousand and every single point was accepted amid jubilant approval.” (Mein Kampf, Volume II, Chapter I) Hitler explained their purpose in the fifth chapter of the second volume of Mein Kampf:

    [T]he program of the new movement was summed up in a few guiding principles, twenty-five in all. They were devised to give, primarily to the man of the people, a rough picture of the movement’s aims. They are in a sense a political creed, which on the one hand recruits for the movement and on the other is suited to unite and weld together by a commonly recognized obligation those who have been recruited.

    Hitler was intent on having a community of mutual interest that desired mutual success instead of one that was divided over the control of money or differing values.

    In these straightforward statements of intent, Hitler translated his ideology into a plan of action which would prove its popularity with the German people throughout the coming years. For many, the abruptness of its departure from the tradition of politics as practiced in the western world was as much of a shock as its liberal nature and foresight of the emerging problems of western democracy.

    The Programme of the German Workers’ Party is designed to be of limited duration. The leaders have no intention, once the aims announced in it have been achieved, of establishing fresh ones, merely in order to increase, artificially, the discontent of the masses and so ensure the continued existence of the Party.
    1. We demand the union of all Germany in a Greater Germany on the basis of the right of national self-determination.

    2. We demand equality of rights for the German people in its dealings with other nations, and the revocation of the peace treaties of Versailles and Saint-Germain.

    3. We demand land and territory (colonies) to feed our people and to settle our surplus population.

    4. Only members of the nation may be citizens of the State. Only those of German blood, whatever be their creed, may be members of the nation. Accordingly, no jew may be a member of the nation.

    5. Non-citizens may live in Germany only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens.

    6. The right to vote on the State’s government and legislation shall be enjoyed by the citizens of the State alone. We demand therefore that all official appointments, of whatever kind, whether in the Reich, in the states or in the smaller localities, shall be held by none but citizens.

    We oppose the corrupting parliamentary custom of filling posts merely in accordance with party considerations, and without reference to character or abilities.

    7. We demand that the State shall make it its primary duty to provide a livelihood for its citizens. If it should prove impossible to feed the entire population, foreign nationals (non-citizens) must be deported from the Reich.

    8. All non-German immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who entered Germany after 2 August 1914 shall be required to leave the Reich forthwith.

    9. All citizens shall have equal rights and duties.

    10. It must be the first duty of every citizen to perform physical or mental work. The activities of the individual must not clash with the general interest, but must proceed within the framework of the community and be for the general good.

    We demand therefore:

    11. The abolition of incomes unearned by work.

    The breaking of the slavery of interest

    12. In view of the enormous sacrifices of life and property demanded of a nation by any war, personal enrichment from war must be regarded as a crime against the nation. We demand therefore the ruthless confiscation of all war profits.
    13. We demand the nationalization of all businesses which have been formed into corporations (trusts).

    14. We demand profit-sharing in large industrial enterprises.

    15. We demand the extensive development of insurance for old age.

    16. We demand the creation and maintenance of a healthy middle class, the immediate communalizing of big department stores, and their lease at a cheap rate to small traders, and that the utmost consideration shall be shown to all small traders in the placing of State and municiple orders.

    17. We demand a land reform suitable to our national requirements, the passing of a law for the expropriation of land for communal purposes without compensation; the abolition of ground rent, and the prohibition of all speculation in land. *

    18. We demand the ruthless prosecution of those whose activities are injurious to the common interest. Common criminals, usurers, profiteers, etc., must be punished with death, whatever their creed or race.

    19. We demand that Roman Law, which serves a materialistic world order, be replaced by a German common law.

    20. The State must consider a thorough reconstruction of our national system of education (with the aim of opening up to every able and hard-working German the possibility of higher education and of thus obtaining advancement). The curricula of all educational establishments must be brought into line with the requirements of practical life. The aim of the school must be to give the pupil, beginning with the first sign of intelligence, a grasp of the nation of the State (through the study of civic affairs). We demand the education of gifted children of poor parents, whatever their class or occupation, at the expense of the State.

    21. The State must ensure that the nation’s health standards are raised by protecting mothers and infants, by prohibiting child labor, by promoting physical strength through legislation providing for compulsory gymnastics and sports, and by the extensive support of clubs engaged in the physical training of youth.

    22. We demand the abolition of the mercenary army and the foundation of a people’s army.

    23. We demand legal warfare on deliberate political mendacity and its dissemination in the press. To facilitate the creation of a German national press we demand:

    (a) that all editors of, and contributors to newspapers appearing in the German language must be members of the nation;
    (b) that no non-German newspapers may appear without the express permission of the State. They must not be printed in the German language;
    (c) that non-Germans shall be prohibited by law from participating financially in or influencing German newspapers, and that the penalty for contravening such a law shall be the suppression of any such newspaper, and the immediate deportation of the non-Germans involved.
    The publishing of papers which are not conducive to the national welfare must be forbidden. We demand the legal prosecution of all those tendencies in art and literature which corrupt our national life, and the suppression of cultural events which violate this demand.

    24. We demand freedom for all religious denominations in the State, provided they do not threaten its existence not offend the moral feelings of the German race.

    The Party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not commit itself to any particular denomination. It combats the jew-materialistic spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health only from within on the basis of the principle: The common interest before self-interest.

    25. To put the whole of this programme into effect, we demand the creation of a strong central state power for the Reich; the unconditional authority of the political central Parliament over the entire Reich and its organizations; and the formation of Corporations based on estate and occupation for the purpose of carrying out the general legislation passed by the Reich in the various German states.

    The leaders of the Party promise to work ruthlessly — if need be to sacrifice their very lives — to translate this programme into action.

    * On April 13, 1928, Adolf Hitler clarified section seventeen in the programme in order to stop political mischaracterizations: “Because of the mendacious interpretations on the part of our opponents of Point 17 of the programme of the NSDAP, the following explanation is necessary.: Since the NSDAP is fundamentally based on the principle of private property, it is obvious that the expression “confiscation without compensation” refers merely to the creation of possible legal means of confiscating when necessary, land illegally acquired, or not administered in accordance with the national welfare. It is therefore directed in the first instance against the jew companies which speculate in land.

  28. Loki says:

    1st Amendment
    Congress(ZOG) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof; OR abridging the freedom of speech, OR of the press; OR the right of the people(fully armed) peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government(ZOG) for a redress of grievances.

    Today I peacefully assembled next to a new fire hydrant and waved my petition of grievances. No one showed up. Maybe it was lunch time or Wal(china)Mart was having a great sale.

  29. Foxxy1 says:

    Betty Sue has typical humanist feelings, and seeks to impose empathy on wrongdoers.
    I guess this is only natural, but not actually biblical. (Note, females are programmed to have nurturing feelings, necessary for survival of Adamic white human groups, the real ones – Adamites – called to baptism in the “Great Commission” for “nations.” Mat 28:19

    That word “nations” first occurs in Gen 10:5, along with “gentiles” both being English interpretations for Heb. “goyim” that is here DEFINED as descendants of Noah -sais to be “perfect” in his generations (word for his genealogy, 100% pure Adamic ancestry) noted of Noah in Gen 6:9. [Translators almost always use the meaning of being a time cohort group, not its core meaning of lineage genera… which is the real problem.] Scripture is intensilvely about lineages!

    For example the CALLED are predestined (by chance, no! But by lineage from Adam = “son of God” Luke 3:23-28 lineages) and born conformed in the Image of the Son (of God) – says Rom 8:28-30 about our group that will ultimately be “glorified,” but is now under misconceptions and getting OPPRESSED – the real meaning of us “meek” to inherit Earth… when King Jesus returns (soon!) with a NEW NAME (Rev 3:9-12) few know, but to start finding the name you gotta reject the false “Jews” warned in 3:9!)

    Now women are great! I love them. But they are not the head. They are not to rule men – with rare exceptions when no male stands up to do the right thing, or when only a female heir to the royal line is available. (The throne of David continues to then end time, after three “overturns” [that have occurred],then it’s briefly to a “low” one as the “high” one is defective, and then the real King [Jesus] returns in Ezek 21:25-27.)

    Men were made to kill (to kill evil) and it was actually Adam’s failure to kill Satan (the one “tree” person in Eden to have nothing to do with) that was his deepest “sin.” IF he had done that, then Satan would not have “wholely seduced” Eve (meaning of Expatao, usually translated “milder as beguiled, 2 Cor 11:3, resulting in her having twins [Abel by Adam, Cain by Satan] as she continued (“and again” Gen 4:2) in a twin birth, but the key line Gen 4:1 says she got Cain a “man” – here using the uncommon word enosh for a MORTAL or PERISHABLE entity – not an “Adam” man (as with the main root word of English “man” in early Genesis about origin of our Adamic people.) Translators almost always miss this crucial point. Also they ignore that not once is Cain listed as “Son of Adam” in lineage lists! (Nor was Abel since he died without children, so Seth was given as an Adamic replacement and he is named as a son of Adam in lists of descendants up to King David, then Jesus. And in that List of Mat 1:5 Rachab was NOT Cnaanitic Rehab of Joshua’s book, who lived earlier if you study chronology! And Ruth was an Israelite in Isaelite occupied Moab, this takeover noted in Num 21:29-35
    And Moses did not have a black wife of Ethiopia! She was a Cushite, from Aryan Kush tribes in Hindu Kush and north, who migrated and colonized Ethiopia, later a mixed land – visible in that Ethiopians are not now sub-Sahara looking folks. I have a coin of the Kushan Empire that invaded NW India before Jesus, the face is clearly European, and I take it to “church” as you’d be surprised how often the myth “Moses married a black girl” – or a black “Ethiopian” [kush-person] got called and converted (Acts 8) -comes up… and my coin blows them away! (Often I get told to leave and not return!)
    Not one preacher in a million expects 2000+ year old evidence to bite him in church!!

    [You can try to gt a coin of Vima Takto, the Soter Megas, but most are too degraded or poorly struct to show sharp Aryan face features. My one does. Later rulers were mixed.]

    Rad our “last times”orders on “babylon” (Rev 18) and enemies of God and you’ll get out marchng orders.

  30. Comdr. Z says:


  31. American says:

    WOW, Jewry is in a tailspin! Check this out:


    Spread the word! 🙂

  32. t bone says:

    2 very good vids, American.Thx for posting.

    I never thought I’d say this but I actually LIKE (for what its worth) and respect that negress. No apologies, sticks to her guns, not a hypocrite…what can I say?
    I cannot trash anyone who recognizes the evil jew problem and who is willing to make self-sacrifice to do something about it.

    I give her a two-thumbs up.

  33. INCOG MAN says:

    Notice how much the news anchor went out of his way to treat the black woman like she was evil? And then some co-anchor off to the side tries to outdo him by castigating the reporter for giving the black woman so much air time. Both of them are obviously trying just a little too hard to protect their whore jobs. These Zio prostitutes in the media know the score — especially in LA.

    Everybody should go and watch that first video from American. Thanks, man!

    Read the comments, too!

  34. I threw that link down a couple of days ago. I got it from Rense. He has it highlighted in his video section, “LA woman tells the greatest truth” or something like it. She lost her job for saying it. She wasn’t at her job. Freedom of speech. Hmm. Fuck these jews. Ugh, they are so disgusting. I wish this woman the best. She has done all of America a favor.

  35. t bone says:

    I noticed the asian reporter corrected the anchor who said the negress had pent up hate. The asain woman said that it wasnt ‘hate’ as much as it was factual. That suprised me. She left me with the impression that she was siding with the negress a little.

    Its between 5:35 and 5:55 (first vid by American).

  36. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, and that last little bit by the Asian girl negated the hate labeling just previous by the male anchor. The female co-anchor goes into a upset act mode, seeing how the proper Zio spin was compromised. I’m certain they said something later to that Asian reporter.

    I put the video in my Video of the Week page.

  37. t bone says:

    I get the feeling that these zio-suckups dont realize that theyre going down with the jew ship real soon.

    Cant hedge this one.

  38. INCOG MAN says:

    It’s the reason why the revolution won’t be televised.

  39. sog says:

    LOOKS LIKE there was a party in strowse con’s cocksukking mouth and every one came…what a sick fucking piece of shit and he’s probably the best they got among the ashkenazzi delusioanl shit heads that are convinced by their ass hole parents from birth that they are sooo spezzhull …truth is 95% of “jews” are jews and jews have never been hebrew israelite ,but simply mongrel jews and the jews are not a race or a religion but a criminal enterprise wrapped in the cloak of judaeism which is definitely not related to mosaic old testament law…all jews are liars by kol nidre ..
    I knew he’d walk from day 1 , i was not really even curious how they would do it since they always use the same methods ,time after time…
    How many victims are in this cretins path ….strauss/khanstein house where the skeletons in the closet are ashamed and scared of the inhabitants of the house …
    all rapers like clinton and gore are always on that tilt as it is their psycological makeup and cant be cured without euthanasia…
    in clintonbodycount.com alot of the women killed were sex victims of the satanist worshipping clinton.
    these scum bags are international criminals and violaters of mankind of the highest levels …
    the rots/shield residence has always had an extra seat at the dinner table for lucifer …he probably brings a body gaurd …
    dreemin of a white christmas

  40. Comdr. Z says:

    Those who use the word “Zionist” do the work of the Jew. Jews are born. Zionists are not.
    Using the word Zionist dilutes what is really going on.
    Even without the existence of Israel Jews will be Jews.

  41. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Problems with Mixed-Race Families, Marriages and Relationships


  42. Comdr. Z says:

    Cannibal Rabbi looks like a Jewess.
    Anybody who calls themselves a “Rabbi” pays homage to the Jew system.
    Then also Christians eat the body and blood of Christ so they are indeed professing cannibalism.
    Sick minds.

  43. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Go suck yer rabbi’s cock satanboy!

  44. Comdr. Z says:

    See! She talks just like a Jew. She named herself well.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    You believe in satan and angels with wings you are not too bright.

  45. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Still capitalizing jew i see.

  46. Vox says:

    Comdr Z.

    If you must rail on religion please stick to holocaustianity and your own failed religion of aethism.

  47. Karen says:

    Is it possible to attain spirituality with a few tbsp. of Christianity, a dash of Buddhism in a broth of Pantheism?

  48. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Bad Rachel



    If i was a bird and looked like that, i expect i’d feel cheated too (shudder).

  49. Comdr. Z says:

    Cannibal Rabbi: Still capitalizing rabbi I see. You may be a female and you may be a woman but you will never be a lady.
    Vox: Don’t tell me what to do, like your shirt tailed preacher does to you.

  50. Comdr. Z says:

    As for religion: If “god” exists then he, she or it (gay god) is an Atheist.
    If you claim Unity with “god” then you are an Atheist by default.
    If you claim separation from “god” then you have no god and are also an Atheist.
    There is no god that requires worship for by that very need the god would be admitting to a lack and so would not be perfect.
    You will reincarnate thru many lives and planes each one increasing in length to the point of billions of years in time as you understand it.
    As there is no god who can create a triangle so there is no god who can UNcreate a triangle.

  51. sinclair says:

    commander xyz look forward to exposing you as a tool of ZION OR DO YOU PREFER JEWS ..you are becoming bolder or careless in your assault on christians ,i am seeing you all over spewing your flaccid techno-politico-divison…..if you have to hate religion do it kindly…i understand that religion stretches the bounds of known reality and alot of the old test is not archaeological but i do know someone created the universe ,,a higher power who knew that the world was full of gods and religions and loyalties and kingdumbs,etc so he put his son here and sometimes i as other people hav my doubts about all that because i try to understand it with a finite mind ,,,but you are proceeding to a locale out side of your own mind presently …you should read all john kaminskis stuf as he does a good wrap on alot of the nonvirtues of manmade religions and what not but he doesnt directly bash individuals but merely expreese his anti religious opinion which is why i respect the man,and he is jew wise as are you …what kaminski also says is that no matter who is what and where and what they believe ,,it is time to pool the resoures of combined energy and try to repel the jew….

  52. Comdr. Z says:

    Sinclair: For your information John Kaminski quotes Manley Palmer Hall, one of the most foremost mystics of the modern age. But Kaminski has never come to terms with the fact that man is not a body but a consciousness. This is a common failing of those who do not wish to face the proposition that they continue on until they get it right.
    Everyone who does not have the capacity to see how Christianity enslaves the mind wishes to call me a Jew because this seems to fit withing their narrow reasoning ability.
    Kaminski does not acknowledge the sublime energy of kundalini and prana.
    Some have endeavored to form a relgion around this and other things but it is akin to forming a religion around say a bowel movement.
    No man or government or religion has the right to enslave another.
    Christianity is a meme of Judaism and indeed its central characters are all Jews and this fact you cannot deny.
    If you worship a Jew bastard and expect the blood lust sacrifice to do something for you then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I think you would be interested in.
    In the meantime read this. Most likely you will not for most like to bitch and moan about the Jews while ignoring the real reason they have bound your mind to their will.

  53. Marshall says:

    I really don’t get this Kundalini thing at all Cmdr. Z, why don’t you explain? A snake crawling up my spine and biting the base of my brain? WTF no thanks. Generally if i see a snake nearby in FL I squash it first and identify it later.

    Sounds like more A. Crowleyan Hindu stuff about having prolonged Tantric orgasms. Maybe they should prolong them even more and there will a few less starving emaciated Indian kids running around.


  54. Comdr. Z says:

    Marshall prefers to have what his shirt tailed preacher dumps on him than to actually do work and seek.

  55. INCOG MAN says:

    Do you have to cause trouble here, Comdr. Z?

    I let you comment here and it seems all you do is give Christians hell.

  56. sog says:

    god dmmit we need national socialism like hitlers here in the usa now …
    tea party can sukmedhikh …
    that faggot ron paul i saw him fukin flatly deny that anyone knew who owned the fecal reserve banks …what an asshole….this country needs fire brands to take charge …
    republicaanz and demokrats are functionary appaarathcikc in 2 party communism aka democracy ….boil it down and its jew controlled from stem to stern…

  57. sog says:

    coonmander Z z z z z z z …
    prawns and kunilingus or somethin is all i could read without a translator and anyway maybe you are a high tek bot…now you want to twist kaminski because you fel the need to out bullshit me or be superior …
    kaminski is a brilliant theorist and realist as are all the grat writers where incog now roosts.
    what is it you want to do with your life dood …go fishing or something

  58. sog says:

    cummandress z is excited by the picture of khan stein frank khan stein….3 guesses what the business at HAND he speaks of….hebrew for bastard means racially mixed and in jesus case he was a mix of hebrew(judah) and GOD ,,so you are warned off from this form of blasphemie and your ensuing reward from GOD shall visit you soon …

  59. s s og says:

    nationalism of common good for ourselves and neihbors starts at the grass roots level ,,at home ,in thr community ,,in other words by getting active in the community and polititics and keeping at it ……all the jews are on all kinds of committees ,parental student school orgs, etc….once knew a jew who went to become a lawyer at 30 years old and had 2-3 kids but this guy werked full time and was on councils ,groups , meetings ..active in local politics and that ios where the jews exceed the white hebrew gentiles as we tend to just want to pay someone else to do it all for us or we dont think we are up to the job etc and meanwhile the jew has control of the grass roots level ….boycotting the jews in all aspects is hard but neccessary especially when seeking dentists or doctors but you can pick a korean or jap china man etc..lawyers are hard to find non jewish types …a republik type nationalism would encourage and help support white children to become all the things that jews are doing and are over represented in the professions …its true the jew has polluted the american white family and the black families …no one likes niggers but that is because the jew has so over taken this race as to cause it to be the devil race and they are to caght up in stupidity to blind to blame the jews for their plight …they need the white man to show them the truth or the door.
    if we want to re assume a position of equal force and quality control in this country we need to go full tilt on community levels and such ,,,imho

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