Two More Knoxville Animals Running Free?

IN A VIRGINIA lab last month, they discovered DNA evidence of two unknown individuals in the underwear belonging to the dead Channon Christian (above).

The DNA sequences found are different from the five blacks since convicted (their DNA was present too), or her boyfriend Christopher Newsom, so it seems quite possible two free-ranging animals are still out there. Like the ones already in jail, they need to be rounded up, and hung by the neck until dead!

In case you don’t know anything about this 2007 story (very possible since mainstream media said almost nothing); Channon and Christopher were abducted while on a date, repeatedly gang-raped, sodomized (both of them), tortured and beaten for two days. The boy was shot 3 times and set on fire. The girl had her genitals scrubbed with a caustic chemical and poured down her throat (while alive) in the vain attempt to remove semen evidence. Finally, they stuffed her battered body into 5 trash bags and a plastic trashcan to suffocate to death with her eyes wide open.

And people call me an evil hater for reporting on the despicable things these black animals do to us White people?

Can you believe what we’re letting happen to our race in just about every White country? What has “multiculturalism” given us White people? Nothing but empty wallets, a nation in debt, non-stop White guilt, pain, heartache and sorrow.

Isn’t about time YOU rethink the Jewish “diversity” delusion?

The 2006 Duke Lacrosse travesty went on and on for over a year, with the Jew media practically crucifying the young White men accused by crackhead stripper, Crystal Gail Mangum. “Reverend” Al Sharpton jumped all over it, after milking the evil White man angle to the hilt in a rape hoax spawned by a crazy Negress teen, Tawana Brawley. MSNBC even recently gave this big mouthed idiot his own TV news show (he’s so stupid an anchor, it’s a farce).

The Chandra Levy case was once a constant daily item the summer before 9/11, but only because it was a precious young Jew yenta who went missing. The media practically indicted her White congressman boss, Gary Condit (who had nothing at all to do with it and ruining his career). The national media barely said a word on the recent conviction of an illegal alien criminal from El Salvador.

Jew media expects us White people to forget all the crap they constantly put us through. They jump into a circus mode the minute it appears certain the perp is White, like the Laci Peterson case in California, the Casey Anthony trial in Florida (right back to when the daughter went missing 2 years before), or the latest feeding frenzy: the Kansas City case of missing baby Lisa Irwin and her wine drinking White mother (the media thinks she did it in a drunken rage, so they rolled out the satellite trucks). Also note the new perv story now being blown up over the faggot assistant coach of Penn State, Jerry Sandusky (allowing them to act all clever, by referring to the Catholic priest pedophile business).

It’s absolutely insane! Haven’t you just had it with the Jew media by now? When will you have the guts to make the Jew connection?

It’s time to get off the anti-White, diversity brainwashing, Jew Media merry-go-round!

Contrast the extremely limited coverage of the Channon Christian/Christopher Newsom case with any White crimes they blow up in the media all the time. The little reporting that was eventually done, was only because people started taking notice of the disparity and talking about it via the Internet. Same crap goes on right the hell now.

Davidson and his foul whore, Daphne Sutton.

Once we take back America from the lousy Jews, the public execution of the black animals responsible for Channon and Christopher’s murder must be high on the list of things to do. Even the ones spared the death sentence (Eric Boyd only got 18 years) and Vanessa Coleman, who guarded the bound and still alive Channon in the bathroom while Lemaricus “Slim” Davidson’s slutty White girlfriend (Daphne Sutton) visited the house so he could give her Channon’s clothes and jewelry (imagine all that). Regardless of any immunity deal, Sutton also needs to be retroactively thrown into the slammer to pay for her whorish behavior and failure to notify police when she later suspected he killed someone.

You think that’s being unfair? I don’t. These fiends need to seriously pay for what they did and we need to send a big fat message to the animals still roaming out there.

White people are being taken on a huge ride by the Jews in control of the media. No doubt at all. And Multicult White idiots know it’s best to keep the lid on true black behavior or else the majority of Whites will reject their delirious diversity visions (a ridiculous concept for any nation).

Just think a minute: Once Whites are fully a minority (getting closer every day), non-Whites will spit on us in the streets for being such fools. In fact, they already spit on us now whenever they think they can get away with it.

Yet every minute of TV you see nothing but civil rights, holocaust and diversity crap. It just goes on and on and on, never a let up with the brainwashing program. Actually, it’s all getting more noticeable and insistent since the Jews realize more of us are waking up and getting sick of the BS.

We can put a stop to the Jew merry-go-round. All it takes is for each of us to have the guts to change our views and speak openly to each other. The more of us categorically rejecting the nonsense, the more who will join in. Exactly what the lousy Jews most fear.

Thank you.

— Phillip Marlowe

White victims of multiculturalism just in Britain.

GET REAL About These Violent Spoiled Brats



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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93 Responses to Two More Knoxville Animals Running Free?

  1. Romulus says:

    Watch this fat fucking clown cry and moan about the ‘persecuted’ (yet incredibly powerful) Jews:

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    That’s pretty funny: Everyone of those he talks about are JEWS.

    William Krystol = Jew
    Geraldo Riviera = Jew
    Jon Stewart = Jew (his brother is in charge of the FCC)

    Glenn Beck is a fool.

    Looks like he got himself an idiot radio guy for a little side humor. Cute.

  3. KA Telegraph says:

    Some friendly advice for our jewish readers:

    Here are a few suggestions. Establish organisations such as:

    () Jews against foreign wars

    () Jews against Affirmative Action and denigration of the white race

    () Jews against mass immigration

    () Jews for 911 Truth

    Think about it. Your survival might depend on it.

    Can they do it?

  4. summerled says:

    glen beck is such a turd
    what’s that old saying “a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd”
    goodbye beck keep groveling

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    John P. Holdren: Obama’s Own Mad Scientist

    It looks like this jew scientist would like to improve on the The Morgenthau Plan. He wants to extend it to cover the entire human race. Except the jews of course. This video is 10 minutes long. Make sure you read the writing before you click on the video.

  6. zona guy says:

    How come nobody mentions the filthy spics? Southern Az is infested with these parasites. I stopped shopping at Home Depot, Walmart, Walgreens and Frys because all they hire is the lowest level spic. No speeka da english. These parasites are a clone of the nigger. I agree with the rest of you guys, stare these fuckers down and they back off. I am guessing that fag jew sandusky did not fuck up any nigger or spics life, just some white kids life. Fuck the jew, nigger, and spic.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I’m with you zona guy.

      I’ve had it with our entire country getting slimed by these non-whites. Need to start with the Jew, however.

      Only one way out and that’s thru the jew!

  7. t bone says:

    Zona Guy/Incog

    Go thru the archives here at Incog and youll see many comments I made about spics, esp. my mexcrement neighbors.

    The jew takes first place in my book, as the true sickness and evil in this world.

    If I had a choice, they go first (Gots ta fix dat hole in da roof). Niggers and spics are a very close second though.

    My superintendants wife (mexcrement) has an annoying husky voice, plumbers ass and a moustache. Its beyond me how he throws the wood to that thing. Then again, all mexican men are hacks, faggots or both.

  8. Tuff Guy says:

    The mexican is living proof that indians f***ed buffalo…….

  9. JamesTheJust says:

    Excellent rant Zona Guy. Couldn’t agree more.

  10. Alababa Bumba says:

    When will niggers fucking learn that we do not hate them for the color of their skin but because of their worthless behavior, their actions, their lawlessness, their utter loss for simple decency. They are all animals, beasts.

  11. Old Men of the South says:

    Loki, the video of which you posted on 1/16/11 at 1:37 pm, is exact, on point and the absolute truth. Unless one understands Redemption and removes oneself from the corporate entity of the UNITED STATES, s/he is a slave to the jooz the entirety of their lives and the joo will control the entire population through their banking systems forever. Excellent post Loki! You have done the men and women of this site a great service. May you Heart be blessed eternally!

  12. t bone says:

    Dont forget the stench. I can spot a jig in a shithouse just by the smell.

    It permeates the skin pores from 10 ft. away. Stays with you even after a shower. Causes a fella to have a bad day.

  13. sog says:

    it appears that this jewligan has been undr the radar most o his miserable coksukkin life..
    the DA in the link posted not unlike the reporter who linked bush and other top elites to pedophile ring in europe who vanished ..
    like the dude who wrote the book on bush called forrtunate son ,,hatfield cia done gave im a arkansas send off …when thay start threatening you or offer you $ to shut up you know you hit a nerve ….
    anyway this article on the white kids really irritates and grieves me …the painful horrible prolonged torture and unbearable pain rendered to these kids should be given to the perpetrators of these outrageous crimes against humanity ,,,even though it was just 2 kids ,it is no less a genocide as it is part of an ongoing chronic criminal behaviour by devils …they are part of thousands of others caught off gaurd and unarmed by scumbags who seek to commit hate crimes against whites…..hell their damn lawyer should be jailed for defending these niggers and these niggers should be tortured till they give up their conspiritors ,ayye ….coup d grace has the kafir swinging from a rope doin the fandango till he expires ….then cut im down for the rats to feed on ,after they have fed on mj ..what could be more just than to inflict unbearable torture on these fucking animals while laughing at them ….all the wrong people so far are being tortured in this world …it would be a righteous switch to see all the satanic malingerers brought to the dock and the sentence delivered , which would always be torture first for payback on the overdrawn account these jew devils and their pocket monkeys have rung up …
    hang all these god damn mother fucking trash sucking vermin …..sog out

  14. Highliner says:

    It seems INCOGMAN went deeply incognito, for a week I could net pick it up here.
    Was that a problem at your website, or my local server/network?

    I remember hearing of the gruesome TN murders of Channon Christian & Christopher Newsome at end of 2007. A rally was held in Knoxville to protest such genocidal acts [held by controversial Hal Turner, now in prison – where?- when to get out?] and mainstream media’s “hiding” this extreme event as soon as it became clear the perps were entirely violent blacks! [In my opinion Hal cooperated too much with authorities, having his protest folks give their identities to police “protecting” them! Free speech must mean freedom to assemble and protest, un-“registered.” in major public areas, as “Occupy” does now… except they’re getting turfed out in most places via “bylaws.” That’s crap! We must push to crush such “bylaws” as an excuse to silence our voices.]

    At that time I suggested we (whites aware folks) need to form our own “911” response to emergencies (since cops are far scarcer and obviously failed to help here and many other cases.) Let’s all carry some GSP/radio button alert to get help FAST if need be – help from every other linked person who is nearby – and maybe this horrific double murder rape mutilation could have been crushed so fast they’d be alive and well today!
    Carrying such a device would be standard procedure in dangerous cities, but even in many rural areas third world danger lurks. (And yes, call it if the crisis is from the rare white person acting violently too. Or call if any emergency help is needed fast.) It’s a fact: if only 1% or 2% of us carry such a link, it would mean help is much closer and faster than waiting on regular law enforcement, which at best only enforces state law, not the law needing to be enforced… God’s Law.) Have any folks worked on such a system… probably folks living in danger zones like Detroit! (I left that long ago!)

  15. sog says:

    this reminds me of the west memphis arkansas 3 trial 19 years ago and now the jews all got a get outta jail pass from all the zio turd helpers ..sick shit

  16. sog says:

    this reminds me of the west memphis arkansas 3 trial 19 years ago and now the jews all got a get outta jail pass from all the zio turd helpers ..sick shit

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