ZOG Secretly Moves Toward Police State

Obama & NeoCons move to obliterate Posse Comitatus

From Examiner.com

America is a “battleground” says South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

The US government has been slowly eradicating the Posse Commitatus Act of 1878. That act banned the US government from using the US military in domestic law enforcement. Over the past few decades the US government has repeatedly violated the act. However, many Republicans have insisted that the Posse Commitatus Act needs to be respected to protect the rights of American Citizens.

South Carolina’s left-wing Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, however, is supporting provisions to eradicate Posse Commitatus and dramatically expand the powers of the Federal government.

The US Senate Armed Forces Committee, led by Carl Levin (D-MI) and John McCain (R-AZ), held a secret closed door session to insert ominous new Federal powers into the Defense Authorization Bill. This is the annual bill to fund the US military. These new powers were requested by the Obama administration.

The provisions would give the Federal government the power to insert the military into domestic law enforce and detain suspects indefinitely. While they claim that it will help “fight terrorism,” there is no limits to how the new powers could be abused. Critics call it an explicit creation of a police state.

American citizens would be denied all constitutional protections and there would be no oversight to prevent abuse. This is the same Federal government that intervened on behalf of the “underwear bomber” to get him on a plane to the US, even after his own father warned that he was a terrorist. This is the same US government that shadowed two of the 911 highjackers all the way from Malaysia, yet did nothing to stop them. We would be trusting the same people to decide who’s constitutional rights to suspend.

These traitors know what’s coming up on the horizon: Total economic collapse and more murderous wars in the Mideast for the NWO and the Israel state. The government expects us to finally “get it” and that some of us just might do more than jaw-boning.

Think that’s BS? Because of necessary preparations, they have to do as much as possible before most of us get the drift and do something about it.

While some of us sit around watching the ball games like idiots, the America of our forefathers is being stolen in the dark of the night.


“The U.S. Senate is considering the unthinkable: changing detention laws to imprison people — including Americans living in the United States itself — indefinitely and without charge.”

“The Defense Authorization bill — a “must-pass” piece of legislation — is headed to the Senate floor with troubling provisions that would give the President — and all future presidents — the authority to indefinitely imprison people, without charge or trial, both abroad and inside the United States.”

“If enacted, sections 1031 and 1032 of the NDAA would:

1)  Explicitly authorize the federal government to indefinitely imprison without charge or trial American citizens and others picked up inside and outside the United States;

(2)  Mandate military detention of some civilians who would otherwise be outside of military control, including civilians picked up within the United States itself; and

(3)  Transfer to the Department of Defense core prosecutorial, investigative, law enforcement, penal, and custodial authority and responsibility now held by the Department of Justice.”

“The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing.”

Treason from within: The road to a Police State in America

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  1. Soaring Eagle, Take off.

    C. Untin Gislam,

    No, we are not uniting Islam, see? Gee.

  2. GTRman says:

    All Over The Place : Youre cool . But so is ” Cunting Islam ” .

    But he may , just for once , be wrong in his condemnation of Sog .

    I know him under a different name , and he is usually correct .

    Me , I dont think Sog is kike , not at all .

    Sorry !!

  3. GTRman says:

    And I dont want to be a “grammar pussy ” but , I too , have only started reading Sogs comments since the paragraphs arrived . All styles welcome !

    Cunting : Ive been wrong before and I will be again ! You are missed .

  4. sog says:

    (C. Unt)in (Gis)lam says: pass me another sheep ,the last one split
    December 1, 2011 at 3:31 pm phil mcCrevice says

    “sog” has got to be the most obvious kike ever here

    Who care what kike Barb “Noor” has to say at “Kikits and Kikettes”

    bob or cockmander Z …spoofin ..
    if i was a kike i would be knowin you personally Im sure…but i might be the craziest people on here …do you understand english jizz breath ,,quit makkin those sheep …..do you know ben doon.. wow love is in the air ,,,,shit and fall in it gook

  5. sog says:

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  6. Soaring Eagle says:

    I hoped to learn something useful from this site as I am white myself and David Duke’s approach is my style.
    Yours definitely isn’t!!
    No way there could ever be peace in this world with the attitude some of you present here.

    I am gladly taking off from this sewer.
    You may sink in it!

  7. Leif Oldhart says:

    Please, please!
    What’s with all the negativity?
    Try to focus on the bright side of things!
    After all, we DO have a nifty New Flag!
    I love that little “New Flag” graphic, been seeing it posted here and there for years.
    Don’t you have a larger version, Incogman? Anybody?
    I’d love to send it to a few of my fiends…err..friends!

  8. Leif Oldhart says:

    HEY! I found the full-size original version of the New ZOG Flag, squirreled away on a hard drive. So I uploaded it here:


    Grab a copy before they delete it!

  9. Leif Oldhart says:

    Leif Oldhart to IncogmanL

    Here are links to several other WN graphics that have never been widely circulated, some have not ben circulated at all. Sent to me by a friend, several years ago. I posted them to a file host. Don’t know how long they will remain there (I set them to “private.”) Be sure to get the real (e.g. large/original size) by clicking on the medium-sized image on the first page you’ll see.
    Death to ZOG, and use them as you will!

    Got Jews? Got Problems! – 1000 x 1000px
    Posted on 12/4/2011

    Now Can We Censor? – 1200 x 880 px
    Posted on 12/4/2011

    All My Ancestors – 1024 x768 px
    Posted on 12/4/2011

    Hatred IS a Family Value – 1000 x 1000 px
    Posted on 12/4/2011

    Big Talk Faded Glory – 500 x 580 px
    Posted on 12/4/2011

  10. silvernickel says:

    Incogman, looks like Rev. Ted Pike has discovered the smoking gun examples which clearly proves the Hate crimes bill was nothing more than persecution of White Christians only by the Federal Gov/ADL jewscum.


    “Because the federal hate law was so criticized over the past 13 years (defeated four times before final passage in 2009), its defenders, primarily the U.S. Justice Department and ADL, have been reluctant to enforce it vigorously. Its blatant inequality makes it extremely vulnerable to repeal (Read the text of the “anti-hate” bill with Ted Pike’s commentary).

    The above incidents confirm what we have warned from the beginning—the federal hate law will be used selectively to the primary disadvantage of whites, Christians and traditionalists. Hate law convictions of conservative extremists will provide grist for a propaganda message that the right is a source of bigotry, violence, even terrorism. Meanwhile, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, blacks, and Latinos, etc. will not be considered potential hate crime perpetrators.”

  11. Vexed. says:

    Alex Jones: Total control grid designed to predict the future


    And here is more news about the police state, pertaining to cell phones that have been manufactured since 2001 backdoors built into phones so government and corporations can access and track you and your contacts, Info, and emails.

  12. Vexed. says:


  13. 30.06 says:

    December 8th in Chicago !

  14. Marshall says:

    Possum you might have already caught this-


    Check out Charles Giulani ripping Hellywierd a new one!!! Charles can’t be beat for naming the Jew…




  15. 30.06 says:

    American border officials attempt to deny exit to Danish national

    Hanna Jaeckel had made up her mind. After carefully considering the current economic and political situation in the United States, the sixty-seven-year-old Danish–born woman weeded through a lifetime of possessions, packed up her Chevrolet SUV and, accompanied by her Rottweiler, Katinka, took off for the Mexican border.

    Jaeckel, who had been residing in the U.S. for over 40 years, punctuated by a couple of years when she and her former husband lived in Indonesia, had already secured a rental in Progreso, a fishing village in the Yucatan Peninsula. Progreso is popular with the American and Canadian “snowbirds.” Snowbirds, as they are called, are retirees who spend the winter months down South, and migrate back up North for the spring and summer.

    But Jaeckel is no snowbird. When she closed the doors on her home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, it was to be for good. Her home of twenty-four years had been foreclosed upon and, after several months of reviewing her options, she opted to move to Mexico. She hadn’t counted on overzealous American border officials attempting to block her egress.

    It took Jaeckel four days to drive from Connecticut to the Brownsville/Matamoros border crossing. On approaching the border, she reports that she was detained by two American border guards, who told her to turn around and go back. “We can’t let you go,” they told her. She informed them she was intent on going. She states they then adopted an authoritarian manner with her, and began to demand more and more documents.

    They initially told her that her Danish passport “wasn’t enough.” They asked for proof of ownership of her car. She provided title and registration. They then asked if she had any other proof of identity. She reports pulling out her Danish driver’s license and an international driver’s license. The guards then told her that these documents weren’t valid. When she informed them that the Bridgeport DMV had told her differently, they switched gears and demanded her Danish birth certificate, which she provided to them.

    At that point, she reports they retired to a nearby building. When they returned, she heard one of them informing the other, “I ran her and she is not on any of our lists.” Jaeckel wonders what lists those were and why that would be of any issue.

    rest of story here ; http://www.activistpost.com/2012/02/american-border-officials-attempt-to.html

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