A Day That Will Live in Jewfamy

THE JAPANESE ATTACK at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 was in the words of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “a date which will live in infamy” — not only about the Japs, but eventually his squirrelly ass too.

You see, there is solid evidence FDR knew the attack was coming, in fact he actively irked the Japs into making a surgical strike. Do not underestimate what this means. It’s still so dangerous a subject that they insist on calling it “conspiracy theory” even now; this is because the people in power then, are the very same today.

The attack is what has come to be known as “let it happen on purpose.” In other words, an attack, known in advance, is allowed to occur simply because they want to use it politically for a secret goal, hence a good thing for the devious backroom plotters.

Well, of course it’s not so good for those who get killed, messed-up real bad, or have their careers unfairly ruined. Actually, if not enough innocent Americans get killed, they fear it may not stir the masses enough to enlist as cannon fodder.

I know what you’re saying: There goes INCOG MAN with all his conspiracy talk again. Does this guy even sleep without his tin foil hat on? I assure you I sleep fully armed while wearing a bullet proof vest, kevlar boxers and combat boots (just kidding — mostly).

Now why would FDR want to see good old American boys hurt? Let me get to that in a minute.

I wasn’t going to write anything on Pearl Harbor this year, but the more I thought about it, the angrier I got (I should stop thinking and drinking so much coffee).

Let me direct you a couple of places in case you still can’t believe it about FDR. One, I wrote something about it here already. Go to my post here or just check out the book “Day of Deceit: FDR and Pearl Harbor” by Robert Stinnet at your local library, or buy a copy at Amazon. I don’t give a damn.

I can guarantee you the guy who wrote it knows what he’s talking about. He researched it his whole life. There’s still a lot classified (why is that, pray tell?) but from what he did uncover, persuasively shows us that: FDR wanted the attack and knew it was coming in time to alert the command at Pearl Harbor. But didn’t.

Hell, FDR even cleared out the North Pacific sea lanes so any American naval or commercial vessel wouldn’t inadvertently spot the Japs a-coming. Tell me that’s not some shit?

FDR was a member of the elite International Banking set and did have Jewish ancestry. He wanted to backdoor America into war with Hitler. Not so much because Hitler threatened a bunch of poor little Eastern European Jews, but because Hitler (and Japan actually) made their economies completely successful without having to resort to International Jew money.

Sure, there were a few other associated reasons too. But that’s the numero uno reason. They could not allow such a dangerous idea (to them) becoming too common knowledge.

Hell, the same people own the media today and they push government lies all the time. Not just on 9/11, too. For example, just the other week they had on another Kennedy assassination debunking documentary and they told the bit about Oswald going to Mexico city, when that’s long been proven a phony CIA-created “legend.”

And note all the holocaust and evil Nazi stuff they put on these days. Oh, I’m certain that’s all quite coincidental.

Now, you can call me crazy, or whatever, but think about it here: We’re obviously being prepped for another load of crap involving Iran. Hell, just turn on FOX for about five minutes. The next time I see “former UN ambassador” John Bolton spouting Israel propaganda I’ll scream like the crazy madman I am.

Do you ever wonder about the amount of BS the media puts out there? Notice how they try to make out Obama as a reincarnation of FDR (right). Funny, back then we were in a great depression; ever think we’re really in a depression now?

The US media has obviously been tasked recently with finding anything it can to make it sound like things are starting to get rosy. Think about it: They’ve been trying to tell us this for the last 3 years, or some hocus-pocus on why we shouldn’t worry about a “second recession.” It gets old.

Did you see the unemployment figures getting revised down to 8.6%? Total BS. They would need to get 600,000 new hires to make that number. As it was, only 120,000 found jobs (undoubtedly many seasonal Christmas hires), plus 315,000 dropping off the unemployed rolls entirely because they can’t find a job at all (think of the pain Americans are in). So government liars just tacked on almost 200,000 out of the blue.

Hell, they’ve been lying about the rate for quite some time. Did you notice how they played up all the “Black Friday” sales? It gives them visuals of mad shoppers to use for economic reports and something to laugh about among their rich selves. Companies rolled out new layaway programs, enticing cash-strapped Americans to go deeper into debt.

They clearly want to convince Americans things are getting better and will resort to the whatever tricky and misleading tactics they can come up with.

Sure might be nice if they did a few reports on how the Federal Reserve has been churning out money to pay off insane banker scams (in the trillions) and how we’re going to bankroll the teetering Euro. It’s amazing how they work to keep us hoi polloi in the dark.

Look at how they are building up Newt Gingrich in the news. The guy is a pawn of the Globalists, without a doubt. Plus, they think precious Obama will probably beat him because so many fools are so multicult brainwashed nowadays. If not, they still have their flabby little pawn boy, and a big time ISRAEL-FIRSTER to boot.

What’s the one common denominator to the American political landscape? Sucking up to traitorous ISRAEL-FIRSTERS. The reason Herman Cain is now gone is because he was unbelievably dense (he didn’t even know China had the nuke) and the media couldn’t possibly hide all his “muh dik” affairs for the time it would take to survive the primaries. Newt boy needed a little positive exposure.

Note how the supposedly “conservative” Jews publicly barred Ron Paul from attending the Jewish Republican coalition debate (to be held on December 7, ironically). They said it’s because he’s not pro-Israel enough. Oh really? So why does the Republican party even bother to kowtow to these traitor Jews in the first place since most of them only vote for Obama anyway? Because the Big Jews own both parties, that’s why. Everyone knows it.

Are you not just sick and tired of the BS yet?

These people insult us on a daily basis on TV. They can’t ever leave alone the racism crap they have the spoiled minorities trained to yell every minute of every GD day. They freely make it out like mating with blacks is a cool thing. And they surely don’t give a rat’s ass if your job goes to a Mexican or Chinese or Indian. In short, your life and your race means squat to these lousy thieves.

Now you might still be accusing me of being a conspiracy loon. Well, you just think about all this stuff when you end up paying $6 for a loaf of bread, or $10 for a gallon of gas once the truly crazy Zionists sucker us into a war with Iran.

Remember, we’ve had countless people warn us about these Globalist Jews going back even before WWII. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again. A Jew said that, BTW (Einstein).

America clearly has a selfish, evil Jewish monkey on her back. How much more will it take for you to get it?

— Phillip Marlowe


The real reasons for WWII (watch now, because the Jews get this censored all the time).

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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144 Responses to A Day That Will Live in Jewfamy

  1. Lauren Carson says:

    a louzy state of being
    is the demon run government.

    carry on getting pissed you ignorant don’t deserve to be called english cunts.

  2. Lauren Carson says:

    speaking of terrorism by crazed lying fake jews;

    please incog man can you report about ‘eco terrorism’
    that is the ability to artificially induce earthquakes using military technology like ‘HAARP’.
    Given that this IONISPHERIC HEATER could be used by terrorists/our government to say cause an earthquake in Japan perhaps because Japan was developing suppressed technology which the jew run america does not wish to ever come into fruition.

    We our at the mercy of lowly serpent ,who worship the Apollo, god of destruction.
    Good people wish good things ,these demon cunts in charge wish plague and ill health.

  3. sog says:

    himmlerism ,, hinduism,………….,,3rd eye…. vs. …3rd reich ,, brown eye vs. pie eye .
    yu no who im talkin 2 ,,yer jus t a fuvkin tool period ….
    you are demanding answers from people klaki ….i want to know what your heritage is ,,er never mind ,i can find out on my own ….class act ,quoting out of the bible to discredit the bible ….yer bonkers kooli,just cus hitler gave lattitude under religious freedom in germany doesnt mean that any particular religion was to be forced on anyone or altered to fit the german nation …
    bless the rest of us

    Lauren Carson says:
    December 20, 2011 at 6:35 am
    demons will be what they are destined to be.
    I guess that’s why jesus was into eugenics of evil demons
    but with demons in controll they are culling all the jesus’s
    and leaving only sporn of demon.
    whiskey anyone? …awww how cute ,,lil lauren is hiccup drinked er drunk ………… ha ha ha …….killing demons isnt eugenics it is survival ..whiskey any one ? how are ya lauren ,you never say hi anymore …heh heh ..
    wtf is “sporn” god bless you anyway

  4. 30.06 says:

    The Real Deal of Franklin Destructive Roosevelt .

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