Apeman Says Racism Made Him Kill Little White Kid

When will these murderous, spoiled brats ever shut the hell up? You can tell his whore is a wigger by her dumb gangsta expression — the brainless bestiality bitch needs to fry too, for putting the boy (by a previous marriage) in mortal danger by cohabitating with a murderous apeman. [INCOG]

From Council of Conservative Citizens

Lee Crutchfield, a black male in St. Louis, admitted to beating the six year old son of his white live in girlfriend. He is defiant and blames the six year old. He told police that the six year old racially abused him.

From StLouisToday.com…

In a video interrogation played in court, Crutchfield at first repeatedly told police he “had no dealings with Ryon” in the days before the death. Then, a fuller picture emerged.

Crutchfield described how Ryon was a difficult child who often hurled racial insults at him. Crutchfield is black, the boy’s mother is white.

“I can’t stand to be around a child that is disrespectful,” Crutchfield told police.

He alleged that the boy would fake seizures and urinate all over the house. The boy was given a diaper and often locked in a closet, police said.

Crutchfield said he punched Ryon twice in the head because the boy was biting his finger about two days before he was found dead.

Ryon died from blunt force trauma, prosecutors said. A former Cahokia police officer broke down crying in court when shown a photo of the dead child.

White women who date black men put themselves and their loved ones in extreme risk. A recent study showed that white women married to black men are 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their husbands than white women married to white men. As we have shown on CofCC.org in the past, it is not just the women who have high rates of being murdered. Children from previous relationships also face a high murder rate.


Turn on the TV and all you see is White crime reports. Don’t hold your breath to see them talking about cases like the above on FOX’s “Kelly’s Court.” Get real bozo, even FOX is Jew SPEW — it’s just different colored water.

Think that’s all Nazi BS? Try imagining the uproar in the media should a White guy kill a little Negro kid.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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92 Responses to Apeman Says Racism Made Him Kill Little White Kid

  1. BamBam Ala says:

    I like Lauren, she is a babe! A bit brainwashed perhaps but sweet nonetheless. Like most people and white women in general, once she/they get a taste on how apes act, she will quickly change her tone. I know a lot of white women who used to say everything in defense of slimy negroes but once they get raped, robbed, beaten, slapped, etc. They change their minds and attitude real quick.

    Lauren, I do hope you never have to find out in person exactly how these mindless animals behave towards you and once you do, please let me know, I want to buy you a drink sweetie!

    Just get onto youtube and do a search for “crime” “riots” “murder” “rape” and see for yourself. Almost 99 percent of these videos are of blacks going major chimp-out and most of them are posted by and for blacks. They are proud of being animals! Check out “Flash Mobs” too. I have personally witnessed these criminals in action doing just that.

    Remove blacks from the govs crime statistics and America is one of the safest places to live. Numbers don’t lie. Once you realize for yourself the truth and cold reality of these animals in society, you will be forever changed. Sorry, its just the Gods honest truth. A drink is on me sweetie.

    I am one of those highly educated, intelligent white people you mentioned earlier. I am not a so-called redneck, or racist, just someone who sees the truth and understands the reality of our society.

    In fact, most blacks are much more racist than other groups of people. I have black friends tell me that most of them despise not only whites but all of other races too. They hate even their own, especially those who succeed or make something for themselves. They call those blacks “Uncle Toms” or other prejudicial names. Just for getting out of the rut and doing something.

    So I ask you Lauren, can you not see these things? Have you ever been victimized by a black just because of _your_ color? I have been victimized personally by these animals and most of the time because of my color. I have never turned my back to them since those times and have not been attacked due to that.

    I do not believe in any form of violence but unfortunately, too many people do. Most of them blacks. They see that philosophy as a weakness to be exploited. Peace and kindness are not in their vocabulary.

    Look also at the continent of Africa. Most of them still live in huts despite many in the world trying to help them. Check out other countries, like Haiti. Check out large municipalities such as D.C. that are run by blacks. Look at the atrocities going on in South Africa. Do two wrongs make a right?

    Going back to youtube, are you able to find any videos titled “Kill Blacky Day”? Do a search for “Kill Whitey Day” and again see for yourself.

    I pray to God all the time for humanity to once and for all learn to live with one another but again, blacks consider that a weakness. Reality sucks. It can be a little more bearable if we all just open our eyes and see for ourselves the cold reality of life. Perhaps if everyone is a bit more perceptive and never trust or turn our backs to them, crime rates will drop. As long as we show we are indeed strong and will not take any shit from them, they will turn their hostility onto themselves instead.

    Again Lauren, drinks are on me.

  2. BamBam Ala says:

    Damn shame a poor little kid gets murdered like that and the lousy scum justifies it from the kid saying racist comments… Its only a six year old! Six year olds say a lot of things. So what!

  3. t bone says:

    Youre showing weakness. This is a major concern of mine when it comes to the fate of our people.

    You dont even know what Lauren looks likes. She could be a fat old hag or better yet,she could be a he.
    There are dating sites out there if youre looking for a little tang. Not here,though. This shit is getting too serious.

    Plus, kissing LC is a quick way to sample the taste of Lebron, Trondelle and half of urban America. Yikes.

    Serious, BamBam, if you are one of us, get with the program and stop thinking with your dick. No offense.

  4. BamBam Ala says:

    You need to lighten up, it was a joke or satire if you know what that means. You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to me getting with the program. Don’t accuse me of weakness as I am high up there, more so than you, “no offense”.

  5. t bone says:

    Bam Bam

    If that was a joke then you need a better delivery. Seems youre upset too. So take your own advice and lighten up a little.

    Just remember, I’m being nice about this.

  6. BamBam Ala says:

    oh, trust me, I’m being nice too. Just don’t accuse people of not being in your so-called program or being weak and think that is a joke. It is offensive to tell someone in my position as not “being one of us”. If you piss off enough people on your side, you will find out no one is with your “one of us” and you will be all alone.

  7. t bone says:

    Bam Bam
    Easy there, pardner.

    I didnt say you were ‘not one of us’. I’m not about that bs; that is, unless I truly think youre not. It is offensive and I would never want to brand a White brother/sister with that kind of label.

    The ‘weakness’ thing, yeah, thats the way your comment came across to me. It reads like a serious comment. It concerned me and I wasnt trying to be offensive as much as I was trying to be authoritative.
    If I missed something, maybe you can point it out for me.

  8. Loki says:

    Talmud-bone has spoke.Take heed you all. Sieg Heil.

  9. t bone says:

    Lets take a look at this picture, people.

    I read a comment by Bam Bam and I sense that he’s probably a good White guy. Perhaps I misunderstood his comment, I dont know.

    Any White person could easily take it as a guy trying hook up with a coalburner.

    That shit concerns me and when I see it, I feel a need to express myself on some level. I also tried to remain unconfrontational with Bam Bam and I would hope he reciprocates the same.

    Then comes the jew freakboy, Loki with his little one liner ‘talmud bone’ (I swear I think this kid is a half a fucking retard who cant manage to put together a full paragraph), just throwing his monkey wrench into the comment section.

    IMO, most commenters here are basically who they say they are. Loki comes here to stir shit up and for that reason alone, I know he’s a hasbarat.
    I’m not saying this out of anger. I dont believe people should be insulted with the word ‘jew’ when they are not.

    Over time, I was able to hone in on Lokis M.O. It became more and more suspicious.
    Within a month or two, I had him pegged but not many of the commenters said anything so I opted to ignore him. But now the ball is rolling.

    I’m not one to walk away when someone is trying to provoke me.So Loki, if you are still able to comprehend this, I’m game. Try me. I will expose you.

    Loki, you are indeed a jew. You dont belong here.

  10. Loki says:

    rabbi bone(head), you need to learn how to laugh at yourself.You come off like an old fart.Take a bagel break.P.S.read my (copy/paste)to see where I stand.Dont be afraid.

  11. t bone says:

    Loki, I’m more relaxed than you may think.

    I got an idea. Try posting at Hofflandia. Those guys are the real deal 100%. If you are a White guy, they will know it at a glance.


    (I’m not downplaying Incogland. Incog is a very jew wise individual but an occasional rat might slip thru the cracks because of the high traffic)

    If I am wrong about you, Loki (which I highly doubt), you will get a full apology from me. I can admit when I’m wrong for the sake of cohesion. And I’ve already begun the next step of networking with my peeps, in person.

    Loki, you do not want to butt heads with me. Take this opportunity and just walk away.

  12. BamBam Ala says:

    sorry TB maybe I just read it wrong… no biggie

  13. Maggie says:

    Here’s a choice piece on how UK justice works when it comes to blacks attacking white people. Then they wonder why white British people start shouting abuse on trams! We are being driven insane by things like this.


  14. Loki says:

    “To t/b” Until people can live with the truth, they’ll never understand anything and will forever be crying in their beer. “net working with my “peeps”.”What the hell are “peeps.”???Again “learn to laugh at yourself”it makes one soul happy.And please lay off the coffee(bad on the kidney and nerves system.)

  15. Barney says:

    I haven’t met T-Bone and probably never will because we live thousands of miles apart, but I’m 100% certain he’s a genuine White Man, the same as GTRman and Cannibal Rabbi, both of whom I have met recently.

    If you trust me, you can trust them. If you don’t trust me, it doesn’t matter. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

  16. Greg says:

    t bone is a good White man for sure.

    The simple fact of the matter is that God has removed his blessing from America. (I will speak of America here because I live here and America is supposed to be the light of the world.) Though Jews have slipped in and taken control, most White people have chosen to follow their lead. White people have allowed themselves to be put to sleep and not only ignore but cheer on the destruction of their race and nation. Human beings are the only living beings on Earth with free will. Animals do not have free will, nor does the river flowing or the flowers blooming. They all must follow the laws of the creator. Humans on the other hand have the choice each and every moment to do what is natural or unnatural.

    Obviously God created different races/cultures and put boundaries between us and if it didn’t mean anything or wasn’t important he wouldn’t have made us that way. If we follow God’s natural order he will bless us, if not he will leave us to our little bitty selves in separation…not punishment just our own free will being put to use. The Jews are the lawless ones and the opposers of God trying to create a New World Order for their own gains. Not so long ago things were much better in America: little crime, women and children were much safer, families in tact, people were much happier overall, and this was a much more prosperous nation…its no coincidence that at this time there was no multi-cult madness as America was predominantly White. At this time the White man had not had his confidence/self-esteem YET drained by babbling bimbos and Jewish propaganda in school and on television, nor by jerking off to faggot Jewish porn. White people had a sense of togetherness and in no way had any desire for diversity madness..

    Now here in multi-cult 2011 we have endless crime, women are raped daily/nightly, children are endangered, fags running crazy, racial mixing/tensions, poverty, dying economy, drug addictions, pornography/STDs, alcohol obsession, whoredom, confusion, fear, bad health, and lots of stupidity to boot.

    Now which one is closer to heaven? Of course the idiots will say 2011 because idiots today walk backwards and believe they are moving forward. But the simple fact is that White people are breaking God’s natural laws and are paying for it. I know Jews are the tricksters and deceivers but if we follow we are just as guilty and just as much the problem as they because we all have free will each and every moment.

    And Jews are only as powerful as their hosts are stupid. The Jews aren’t going to stop and say “sorry” so the only hope is for plenty of White people to wake up and recognize what is good and natural and do away with their Jewish programming. Otherwise this nation (nor any other White nation under Jewish control/multi-cult madness) will not be blessed by God and death/chaos/bloodshed will be the norm until all is dead.

    White people chose Jewish propaganda over God’s order and their own natural feelings so God has given our nation(s) over to satan and his Jewish children. If we want’em, well, we got’em.

  17. Pooched says:

    BamBam Ala raises an intersting point – USA is not so crime ridden as most places, if you subtract balck crime… well, better also deduct other illegal nonwhite crime too.

    Oops… but this is only true for visible violent crime (assualts, murder, rape) and actual burgling, and toxic drug retailing (manufacturing is another matter, who runs that?)

    But the really big crime is far more subtle: firstly “making money” (which ought to be done by miners who produce gold/silver) as the “bankers” do it at two levels – firstly the Fed Res gang (always headed by a Jew, I thing is a true statement, I once found the list!) creates “money” of worthless paper or by electronic-fabrication and charge interest to the federal govt which taxes incomes firstly for these scammers! Then fed govt licensed “banks” get to do what you cannot!.. they use a small amount of “money” to write loans for much more (typically ten simes as much) and collect interest on it! What a racket! And in 2000s they were encouraged (by Greenspan) to make housing avaiable to many more, mostly blacks and other non-whites (even illegals), which finally collapsed when many couldn’t pay and real estate in many places fell below the amount of mortgages sho some folks had noincentive to hold on… the big meltdown of 2008, which got “stabilized” by paying the banksters and putting it on public debt to be paid by more tax on youand your kids! (The more “creative” Goldman Sachs gang of scammers floated derivatives of risk, stinging trusting whites in remote places like Iceland, where jews are rare or absent! Fortunately Iclanders refused to cover debts of bad banks, so now the international banksters punish Iceland’s “credit.”)

    Now I’ll agree this “crime” is so complex and subtle, most folks don’t see it and who did it, but the impact is here, and it’s huge. (Similar new “belt tightening” haunts the Euro zone. Tell banskters and “technocrats” [banskters] they install to “solve the problem” that you will NOT “tighten your belt” for their benefit… but use the belt to hang them!)And then you get “global minded” large corporations that for decades exported US industry jobs… so although many of our people are “employed,” it includes much crap servile work that is toxic, not really a “products” you’d voluntarily buy! (Complex accounting for tax purposes, 95% of “laws” that over-regulate folks on unimportant matters, production of unnecessary mind-confusing toys/entertainments, etc). We need to focus on producing real stuff of value: wholesome foods, fuel, vehicles, and so forth. Because automated devices do much of the word previously done by hand, then that means our normal work week ought to be far less – FOR COMPARABLE PAY! Under no circumstances ought we to work for less money-power than 30-50 years ago OR, WE ARE VICTIMS OF (well-concealed) CRIME!

    Find the deep real criminals twisting things. (Some of our own folks play the game, but at the core you’ll find the chief engineers are Inner Core Jewry. Bit by bit it’s visible.)

    We need to expose their systems, and WHO DID IT, and where they live and hang out and what stuff they have… like aircraft (as in my last post for the “occupy” folks.)

    PS: I came across an odd 2008 essay “The End of White Flight” by Conor Dougherty, (wsj.com) who saw the turning point in white out-migration in some largely nonwhite US major cities. As I don’t live in such a place, I’m curious on reaction of Incog readers who do live there. In any event, it merely shows that so few white are left in some, that when some more affuent non-whites leave (for suburbs) the white percentage can creep up a tad. Basically it means nothing, as far as I know.

    I’m far more focussed on us reclaiming land for our separated (not just by race, but from piles of un-authorized manmade “laws,” getting back to the tiny fixed core of Bible Law, money and heirarchy such as the coming kingdom of JC with a new name.)

    Most AREA of N America is still very white/Christian and we need to expell humanism and start taking back (which to ones in power will seem like a revival of Confederate extremism) most of the AREA of N America, except toxic big cities full of alien mindset

    I find many smaller cities have much of their identity (but they get led by media of the masters and by policies of the central humanist GANG in Washington DC and money GANG in New York City). I also find little direct links between smaller cities, as like airlines, their only “service” is to plug them into the nearest big hub (or 2 hubs). So one way to break this MINDSET is to form an airline linking all the secondary cities that are mostly white/Christian…. and it makes commercial sense, according to some (presently dis-employed) airline guys I know. Oh, my contribution is a name for it…

    WHITE FLIGHT, the airline linking you know who!
    C0mments welcome… ha ha!)

  18. Pooched says:

    PS to what I just posted. I was watching info on the “for sale by owner” home market struggle… against pushy realtors insisting it’s “dangerous” to sell or buy by owner etc. (A key speaker at this was the head of a realtor’s group in a major city. Another jew.)

    It’s one more servile and almost INVOLUNTARY “service” we must vigorously dump.

    Furtermore, these creeps work intensively under manmade politically correct law and will do ZERO to keep away buyers you do not want (if you value your reputation in your soon to be former neighborhood). And they are BANK AGENTS for mortgaging someone’s future. They absolutely demand “legal” govt money prices, NOT SILVER or GOLD prices. (Years ago I decided to sell a place for silver: realtors REFUSED this!)

    So, not only do “banks” have a racket, but they have immense power to force all to conform to whatever crap the govt intends to force on us! Even when it is not exactly a law, they intensively force CONFORMITY. They’d much rather deal with opening a shopping mall of already established chains or franchises. Try to open an indy store and you’ll find the wind blows much colder! Try to present an unconventional model of business, they really won’t consider it: such as an airline linking smaller (mostly white) cities in a web from coast to coast (many not serviced at now, especially after a spate of local airline failures in our current depression!) and not “hubbing” smaller cities into a few huge cities (that are all heavily non-white) using the big airports that are already glutted, crowded, full of TSA creeps, AND COSTLY for airlines to use!

    And if it were to be called “White Flight” some offocial is sure to get a PC seizure!
    [The real name will be something very differnt, an rare term from Bible that alludes to this great white folk, but it is commonly used in a totally different way for an odd thing. Nobody will see what the name actually means! Now I can really laugh… ha ha ha!]

  19. sog says:

    ………….maggie ,,right you are ….the niggers from shit turd world somalia need to be shot in the face …the jews importing these creatures need to be sanctioned with extreme prejuidice..
    this case and the emma west case is just telling all the imminigrants that its open season on white people …
    the fuckin jews are soiling up our “monolithic” socirties with criminal excrement ..cuba did that to usa back during the mariel boat lift ,,castro sent all his miscreants here and who knows they might all have been jews of or that origin ….

    how rediculous that no one can defend themselves and stand free after words …
    niggers in england or the niggers coming to n dakota or s ? anyway they are about as welcome and needed as a diarrhea tsunami…
    maybe the ship will sink on the way here …
    maybe those nigger bitcheds in maggies posted vid will be terminated by their own religionists for getting drunk ,,i sur hope so,,good riddince
    must a been a jew lawyer that got these vermin critters released ….

  20. White Wolf says:

    I another shining example of why we should all embrace the DIE-versity that the jews are pushing on the White Race, I present to you that latest love, peace and crack pipe story being pushed by negros..




    There’s a couple out there for Jonathan, still some up for Emily Haddock too.

  21. Greg says:

    The joys of multi-culturalism/racially mixed society thanks to Jews:

    White woman who practices bestiality murdered by negroid “husband – puke.”


    White woman raped and murdered by negroid apeman:


    I’m beyond sick and tired of Jews and their pets!

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