Freaky Negro Burns Woman Alive in Elevator

His face half burned from the crime, or from setting his own apartment aflame soon afterwards, the fire-crazy Jerome Isaacs warily eyes reporters on his perp walk.

MANY HAVE RIGHTFULLY suspected the victim of this horrible crime just might be a White woman since the traitorous media is now known to purposefully hide such things. But apparently she was a black. CBS New ran a picture of a “person of color,” purporting to be her, even though no other media outlet did. They did show a shot of a Negro neighbor making sure to say it was a “friend and a relative.”

The 64 year-old Delores Gillispie was described as a “community organizer” (meaning just about anything), so we can rightfully expect they had plenty of shots of her. So why the censoring? Is it possible she was indeed White? A neighbor said this about her: “I’d often find Delores sweeping or mopping the lobby. She took pride in the place and liked to keep it clean.” Sounds kind of White to me.

Oh, they ran plenty of shots of the crazy Negro, Jerome Isaacs, spraying Delores down with some kind of accelerant before setting her alight. Once those shots came out into the public domain, they had no choice but to go with the story.

The news media implied or even said outright her killer was a live-in boyfriend, further adding to the confusion, as if it makes any real difference when you think about these free-ranging animals. But it was only a worthless son named Maurice, who lived with her.

Wearing a face mask on his head, the freaky Negro followed the woman into the elevator, where he liberally doused her with some sort of accelerant and then set her ablaze.

Delores stupidly gave the Negro her apartment keys to do handyman services, but soon discovered he was stealing items and evidently told him to get lost. Gillespie probably did not owe much to the psycho Negro fix-it man. She told neighbors she was scared of him and put in another lock on her front door.

The fire-loving Negro insisted she owed him $2000 and went to get some payback. Filling a exterminator-style pressure canister with flammable liquid, he cornered the woman in her building’s elevator and methodically sprayed her down (surveillance pictures above). Using a barbecue lighter, he lit a bottled gas bomb and threw it on the cringing woman, instantly turning the poor woman into a flaming dervish.

“She was screaming at the top of her lungs,” said one of her neighbors in the building. “It was a high-pitched yelling.” He ran downstairs to hear “popping sounds” from the smoking elevator, now turned into a fiery crematorium by Isaacs.

Good thing the perp wasn’t some White guy and the woman an old Jewess. That would have been enough for them to plaster the airwaves with even more holocaust propaganda (as if we don’t get enough already).

Regardless of the victim’s race, crimes of this nature perpetrated by blacks never make mainstream news. When I say mainstream, I mean the media most people stumble across during the dinner hour (although they sometimes run reports on the websites, since people will see it on the Internet in some fashion).

I talked to several people today who didn’t even hear of the story.

Meanwhile, this just came out on the Eve Carson story from 2008:

UNC Student Asked Her Alleged Killers to Pray with Her

The two feral Negroes shot the poor girl with 4 rounds of small caliber bullets and then finished her off with a shotgun blast to the head. Since it was on the street of a relatively upscale neighborhood, that alone was enough to make the mainstream media suspect it might be a White perp. The media briefly went into circus mode until an ATM photo was released, showing a greedy ape waiting for dough in the girl’s car, then dropped the story like a hot potato. It was so obvious.

— Phillip Marlowe

Eve Carson abducted from her own home


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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57 Responses to Freaky Negro Burns Woman Alive in Elevator

  1. WHITEMAN says:

    A dead NIGGER is a good NIGGER.

  2. Sen10L says:

    Why don’t they deep fry those bastards.

  3. Sen10L says:

    I’m all for reparations as long as it includes one way ticket out of US.

  4. t bone says:

    This is Ada Jones’ 1907 version of the song. The sheet music is from a 1905 version by Emma Carus which is virtually the same. Here are the lyrics:

    Say Jasper, ‘taint no use
    talking, even though you talk from now ’til noon
    Don’t try to tell me, Mr. Know-It-All, a coon is up in the moon!
    Why, a nigger, with his brown figure
    certainly darkens up the silvery moon
    Wake up! You’re dreaming with your eyes aglare
    You great big foolish coon!
    If the man in the moon were a
    coon, coon, coon
    What would you do?
    He would fade with his shade
    the silvery moon, moon, moon
    away from you
    No roaming ’round the park at night
    No spooning in the bright moonlight
    If the man in the moon were a coon, coon, coon
    Most everyone has heard
    stories that a chicken am a coon’s delight
    Just think the dangers to a hen roost
    with that good old moon out of sight
    Indeed chicken would be
    soft pickin’ if the man up in the moon were black
    Oh my! The harvest for that darkey
    with that great big sack on his back
    If the man in the moon were a
    coon, coon, coon
    What would you do?
    He would fade with his shade
    the silvery moon, moon, moon
    away from you
    No roaming ’round the park at night
    No spooning in the bright moonlight
    If the man in the moon were a coon, coon, coon

  5. t bone says:

    To all you Johnny Rebel fans:

  6. JJJJJJJ says:

    Damn. We need to infiltrate to obliterate. Sonsabitchessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  7. silvernickel says:

    haha, Tbone that old Ada Jones music had me laughing hard.

  8. silvernickel says:

    Thanks for detailing these two horrific crimes Incogman.

  9. Every negro should burn each other,till they wipe out them self from this planet.

  10. HKW says:


    Kim Jong Il murdered as part of major Asian power battle;

    North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il was murdered Saturday as part of a major power struggle in East Asia, according to Asian secret society sources and Japanese military intelligence. The murder of Kim was followed by a series of arrests of senior police officials in Japan linked to North Korea as well as the ouster of six CIA agents, the Japanese sources say. The death has left Yasuhiro Nakasone, the top North Korean and Rothschild agent in Japan, without a power base, Japanese underworld sources say. In North Korea, meanwhile, there is now a succession battle taking place between the Rothschild faction, who want to place their trained stooge Kim Jong Un in power and set up a Rothschild central bank versus a military clique that wants independence from Rothschild control, Rothschild and Japanese underworld sources say. The action in Asia is linked to a worldwide take-down of the satanic cabal that has been trying to create a global dictatorship.

  11. Flanders says:

    Actually, The one in this following link is a much worse ape. He was in charge of burning 20 something children along with other good people in the Davidian massacre, and authorized the shooter who it was who assasinated Randy Weaver’s wife on Ruby Ridge, too, if I remember correctly.

    “Documents obtained by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show then Clinton Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder authorized members of the FBI to provide explosives to Oklahoma City bombing criminals Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols immediately before the April, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building.”

  12. Bailey says:

    Interesting link Flanders, kind of makes Fast and Furious look like childs play.

    Check your PM.

  13. WhipCracker says:

    AND….we are going to cry about it, but do nothing about it. Goodbye, my wonderful race – my race that gave everything including its existence.

    Is complain all we have?

  14. jimmy boy says:

    @HKW says:
    December 20, 2011 at 12:20 am

    I wouldn’t necessarily trust the words of Bejamin Fulford. Got to keep on eye on that North Korean politics though.

  15. Loki says:

    WhipCracker says:

    December 20, 2011 at 4:19 am

    AND….we are going to cry about it, but do nothing about it. Goodbye, my wonderful race – my race that gave everything including its existence.

    ****Is complain all we have?****
    I hope the hell not.

  16. Loki says:

    P.S. gillispie is a jew name…….Sieg Heil…

  17. Vox says:

    Even if the victim was a colored this is no way to die. Sad thing for her is now she’ll be merely background noise to the appeal to spare Jerome’s life. Jerome long a victim of “R-A-Y-S-I-Z-M” was frequently torn awake at night by nightmares of the thunderous hoofbeats of the Klan descending upon innocent Po Black Sharecroppers in their shacks. The evil murderous white devils draggin da blak man from his shack, burning the crops, rapin da wimin and killin the chillrun. Oh Jerome, you have suffered haven’t you?

  18. brian boru says:

    Whipcracker, do you have guns? If yes, there are plenty of targets for you.

  19. brian boru says:

    The time when the necessary changes might possibly have been made peacefully passed for good when the kikes killed Kennedy. America is now a kike country in all but name. The wealth and power of the nation is used for the benefit of the kike and the enemies of the white race. As always, when the kike gains total power, he comes out from behind the veil and shows his demon face openly. Soon, America will resemble the former kike experiment in Russia in almost every way, except for the added horror of millions of niggers and spics. I wouldn’t be surprised if they soon start to restrict the right of travel of ordinary whites. First, internal passports, then barbed wire fences everywhere. It’s what they do.

  20. sog says:

    what i studied about klan ,was it that it organised to help protect helpless southerners in post civah war from the jew led pillagers and the riled up ignorarent niggs went along with this bolshevik spew …bottom line is that the jews were able to false flag the klan out of existence by makin them look bad like they pit sunnis and shites against each other or catholics and protestants or the north against the south …same ol bull shit ….
    peasnts against the rich etc….
    the white sheets of the klan were szymbolic of the genocided men of the south ,,their ghosts ,,,..
    the congress finally enacted laws to stop the klan then , …funny now how the klan is monitored and controlled but the militias that are forming all over the place are hated by the zogs

  21. Vox says:

    Latest Hyundai commercial highlighting the Wigger Kwan. The driver I have seen in many times in yuppie areas in St. Louis. One is named Ed Concannon that conspired with the jew to cost me my career. He is exactly like the driver. Notice at the end how jew boy pops in to the video to give his nodding approval to the Wiggers.

  22. Damn, Incogman, but what that black bastard did was absolutely sick… I sure hope that the laughable justice system does not let him off because of his “color” like so many times before…

    Yes, we do have racial problems all over… even here in Canada our problem is with a rising immigrant population and “first nations” people or “aboriginals”…

    I still say that we should focus on getting the Jewish problem solved first and foremost.. We quickly forget that it was these bastards that allowed this to happen; (1) by first bringing these sickos to the new world as slaves, (2)afterwards allowed the flood gates of immigrants from the sewers of Europe to further poison America and Canada, and (3) finally allowed the illegal immigrants from Mexico to invade, in the first place..Once the satanic bastard Jew problem is solved, then we can take care of the illegals/race problem plaguing our nations.

  23. Kalki says:


    JFK said, When peaceful change becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable. And the Jews are most definitely aiming to finish the genocide they started in Russia! See

  24. GTRman says:

    Got to get this off my chest : Another GTRman report from the Jewblighted Kingdom of Rothschild PLC :

    Just turned on my TV :

    A crappy hospital series , first face I see , the jew Maureen Lipman . Cut to a surgery scene : A black surgeon and his muslim assistant operating on a black patient .
    ( BBC1 )

    Today on BBC radio 5 live , the guest was homosexual israeli jew chef , Yottem Otollenghi . He was promoting his BBC4 TV show about food in Jerusalem .

    The other night , a jew called Simon Teabag Montifure ( sic ) presented a show about Jerusalem on the same channel .

    Yesterday , on BBC radio 2 , Jeremy Vine’s guests were the jew Melanie Phillips and the jew Amanda Platell .

    The BBC’s movie the other night was “Defiance ” , about some jews fighting some Naaaaaaaaaaaazis .

    Last night I saw only 5 mins of a programme on BBC1 TV called “The History Of Stand Up ” : Jew Alan Yentob talking to jew Howard Jacobson about whether the jew Bernard Manning was funnier than the jew Ben Elton , and how
    the jew Sarah Silverman was inspired by the jew Joan Rivers ……

    On another channel , the jew Ruth Goodman presents ” A Victorian Farm Christmas “,
    while jew Heston Blumenthal cooks Christmas dinner on another ..whilst the ” Hairy Bikers , Si King and Dave Myers rustle up some Christmas grub on BBC2 …but of course , the jew Nigella Lawson makes the best Christmas pud , on another channel ..whilst the jew Carole King sings much-loved Christmas songs like ” Hannukah Song ” …

    As I went to work today , I was on the bus , mulling over the “Stand Up ” jew-fest from last night …I looked up and out of the window at a bus-stop next to the war memorial in Brightons Old Stein , as if nudged by an unseen hand ….to see a five-foot tall metal menorah , with a sign reading ” Happy Chanukah ” , right on the green next to the water-fountain .

    There was of course no Crucifix , or Nativity ,or Hindu , Muslim or Buddhist symbols there .

    Christmas this year : Its a JEW thing .

    Thanks for listening .

  25. GTRman says:

    Last night’s TV was DOMINATED by homosexual presenters : Graham Norton , John Barrowman , Steven Fry , Alan Carr , etc etc etc …

    Like Cannibal said : Jews , queers and darkies .

    I dont know if it’s the future , but it certainly is the present .

  26. GTRman says:

    Richard Bacon had another guest ( BBC radio 5 ) today , Chris Addison . They were discussing “controversy ” in comedy …in 3 minutes , I heard the word “holocaust ” 12 times .

    This evening I started reading the Alan Partridge spoof autobiog . By page 8 we have “jews , holocaust , Hitler , Nazis , Hitler , Hitler , Hitler .”

  27. Vexed. says:

    With a Freaky negro like that around with a “nappy” noggin and a name like “Jerome” or even “Tyrone” you can bet your ass that nigger is up to no good! Looks like he almost became a crispy critter himself! LOL

  28. Kalki says:

    Everyone needs to see this. It is a graphic portrayal of the (Jew-created & run) Cheka’s mass murders in Communist Russia.

    Much more info here:

  29. WHITEMAN says:


  30. Loki says:

    Hitler and the Nazis were accused(falsely) of innumerable unspeakable
    horrors. Even if true (I here refer the reader to Did Six Million
    Really Die?), were they the first and only in modern history to
    commit such atrocities(sic)?
    Hitler and his Germans couldn’t have come up, on their own, with all
    the crimes with which they were accused, and there was a mentor
    readily at hand to instruct them, stalin(the kike). Indeed, stalin’s antics
    before, during and after WWII made the Nazis look like a bunch of
    Girl Guides at a Sunday School picnic!
    Of course the Allies, including the soviets(bolshevik), could do no wrong.
    History, as it is said, is written by the conquerors. Laws were
    passed that immunized Allied nations from prosecution for the
    commission of acts that if committed by the Nazis could be charged
    against the Germans as Crimes Against Humanity. There is nothing
    like a hypocritical double standard to assuage your conscience.
    Even before the end of the Second World War, as the soviets(bolshevik) were
    pushing back the Germans along the Eastern Front, the cry could be
    heard in the newly soviet occupied countries, “Give us back the
    Germans!” The soldiers of the Red Army(bolshevik) were often uneducated or
    even illiterate, vulgar, undisciplined brutal thugs. The German
    soldier however, was disciplined, comparatively well educated, often
    urbane and under orders to be polite, courteous and law abiding.
    These orders were strictly enforced.
    The Soviet(bolshevik) soldiers were not, however, the only Allied Service Men
    guilty of various crimes against the populations of liberated
    nations. Long live National Socialism….Sieg Heil.

  31. Loki says:

    We all need to read/study and teach– Sun Tsu, The Art Of War

  32. Loki says:

    “I consider every word useless behind which there does not stand a call to action.” 1

    —Friedrich Nietzsche

  33. Loki says:

    It is useless to try to convince some people of a truth, if they, due to their natural disposition (be it some kind of decadence or distinct ill-will or just plain lack of sufficient intelligence), are either unable or unwilling to recognize that truth. It is such persons who have created all the nonsense and confusion.

    As Adolf Hitler has said: “The prerequisite for action is the will and courage to be truthful.”

    Or Lincoln Rockwell: “A National Socialist faces a fact, whether he likes it or not.”

    Only those persons who are born National Socialists — whether they are already aware of it or not — will be able to recognize the vital truths which were revealed for the first time by Friedrich Nietzsche.

    On the same subject, Nietzsche himself says in Ecce Homo, which was his own comment on his life and works written practically at the end of his life (that is to say, before his conscious life ended):

    “How much truth can a mind endure, how much can it dare? I realized more and more that this was the real measure of value. Error is not blindness; it is cowardice… Every achievement, every step forward in knowledge results from courage, from hardness against oneself, from purity with oneself.”

    *Bruno Luedtke.

  34. Loki says:

    The greater the thinker is, the larger the number of people unable to understand him.

    Nietzsche was a unique spirit who recognized and presented to us many of the most fundamental truths and laws of life itself. Liberals and self-styled intellectuals may find some of these truths and laws unpleasant, such as the hard facts that life is not “nice,” not “gentle,” not “humanitarian” and so forth. Thus we must also consider that most people (including those who might possess the necessary intelligence) do not have the strength and consequently the courage, to recognize these facts.

    A large part of Nietzsche’s thinking and writing was done for the purpose of gaining spiritual freedom for himself and others like him. Freedom: That means to become free of the old moral values and biases. Such old values originated in decadence and were for the most part purposefully promoted by Jewry for its own evil ends, to bring mankind down to the level of degenerate, helpless animals who cannot put up any resistance against a Jewish world dictatorship or world power.

    Nietzsche did not and could not refer to his ultimate goals and the way he viewed them in every sentence he wrote, just as he could not point out the Jewish background of the deadly decadence on every page, although he did say more than enough on both points. As Nietzsche put it: “I am not writing for asses.”

    By “asses” he did not mean manual laborers and the like, but persons of all classes, and especially certain professors and similar people of the upper classes, whom he had come to know with all their narrow-mindedness and even worse spiritual defects.

    *Bruno Luedtke.

  35. Loki says:

    Nietzsche spoke to fighters — to fighters for a new world, our world of the future, fighters against the old order, which is decadent, Jewish and rotten in every respect. Before these fighters can effectively challenge the old order, however, they must first free themselves from its decadent values.

  36. Marshall says:

    Not related but extremely important…

    “President Obama Just Stated That He Can Have ANY American Citizen Killed!” Jonathon Turley . Constitutional law expert on CSPAN

    Imminent Signing of Treasonous S-1867, Natl. Defense Auth. Act, Unknown to
    Sleeping American Public

    By Ken Adachi, Editor

  37. cootie&crabs itch says:

    fellers, that same look was everywhere at the Highlander skool at monteagle mountain, tn………….prey fo’ da lil southern bbbbbaptist hank lyons stoooodent…..

  38. KKK says:

    the WHITE MAN is going into SLAVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. KKK says:


  40. DICARLO says:


  41. sog says:

    although i am unable to acces these videos at this time i can see comedy ,,,,black hebrew israelites ,,,wtf…..400 years of slavery ? the treatment they recieved in their bitch mother africa couldnt have been too good ,,so it looks like 400 years of livin off the system here,..far as im concerned if a mofo cannot show from which 12 tribes of sraylees hes from then the matter of being a decsendant of hebrew is a mooot ass fucking point….jews are def not hebrew anyway ,as they are big fat phony lyin scumbags…khazzares is whut they are ….ghengis khan often hired khazzars as mercenaries and they were and still are known as the most bloodthirsty people on the ass of the earth….jews had been in the slavery bizz for centuries prior to collecting afrikin coloreds to bring and fuck up NEWamerica as a known ploy plot etc….these weevils were already in africa to arrange for slave transhipments since they had already been shippin slaves to south america ,,,what? no civil war for south america,,no not neccessary since the lousy jews already controlled the banana republic…there are rich khazar jew enclaves in every city and state and country in the world ,,,
    what recently needed to be occupied and woke up was the narcotized corrupted asleep at the wheel representative usa govt.bodies who seem to be possessed by deaf dumb and blind spirits…………..
    anyway king.herod destroyed all priestly tribe geneological tree paper in 34 ad … proof no priest proof no hebrew … the rules in the ol testament sez…
    hebrews are such big dicheads anyway that before the law came down and they had to suck each others foreskin off they had to wear neckties to keep the foreskin down…..
    i member the shoot em out at 3 november 19an79 in greensborah N. Caralyna…damn commies became bullet stoppers …nazis/kkk 5 commies 0………..dont care for no damn commies no fuckin how anyway..
    no one got sentenced on the deal…was a big set up where klan and nazi were sposed to die ,,ahemm or why would “peaceful” commie activist jews have guns on them ….see how that werks
    check out that stupid biaatche mad ho jewess site …wtf
    More Proof Communists & Nazis Are Big Bed Buddies in 2011… – Cached

    what a moron…..fukkkkkk you 1/4 ashkenazi 3/4 delusional =100% fuckwit

    I am getting the feeling that the protocolled elders are not sure how to mount and subject the beast they created ,and especially everyone else that dont want their stanky asses ridin on them …everyone out there is angry ,either loudly or quietly seething …
    ther is only one entity that needs to become extinct and that is the zio commie neo con ashkenazzi jew and their frontmen shabboz goi…..its not thaat it cant be done its just a lack of synchronicity…
    i saw a post on a list said hitler invoked gun control and rounded up 13 million jews ,,,not even in the wildest genocidal dreams ,,,ha ha ..there were 14 or so cencusses ? anyway what said there were 14 million shitberds in the whole werld in 1939 and 14.5 in 1948,,(13 million lol) ,,if hitler invoked gun control then all the whermacht would have been unarmed and especially the 160,000 german jews who were also in the wheremacht ranks ..wouldnt ya think …13 million lol ,i think even some shabby rabbi would get a good laff on that one …
    they know it was only 40-50 thoujews died in the camps with the majority being of other no account races …the jews attitude anyway,,,the awshitts plaque number change and the polish and russian camp expiration numbers show that only a few hundred people died in the camps and the allied bombing had more to do with that then people realize and jews living openly and non commie lives in the cities were also blown to hell …plenny to read as the jews have been busier than a whore in skid row on welfare check nite…………

  42. sog says:

    editor meant to say few hundred thousand ,ya know what i meant ,,,250,000 total for the camps ,,,germans kept immaculately articulate records of everyone ,,,why would anyone bother to do all that if they were just gonna zionize em all …the ovens is another laughable matter ..always breaking down and then having to shut em down for maintenace ,,both sides till they cooled ….thy never ran 24/7 and at any standard optimum rate ,,,cus if you could set a flawless standard then only 3-400 thousand cadaversteins could have been smoked and that is under impossible trouble free operation …you could not put 2 in the oven as it was exponential and took 2wice as long to cook ..which in the time allotted for war scheduling and all other matters ,there would have been 5.6 million bodies left stacked up all over the damn place at the end of ww2,,and ya know what that never did happen ……water table at all these camps was very close to the surface 4-7 feetdown and you could not bury a typhus victim in the water supply for one damn thing and you had to for the sake of controlling the contageon cremate the diseased bodies ….let em go like diseased rats to spread the highly contageous disease among the countryside ??, ,,,and to let everyone go meant no treatment medicaly and they most likely all have been shot by russians or blown up by allied bombs ,,,reparations reparations to the assholes that started the war ,,real fucking great scam jewbois

  43. silvernickel says:

    Recent horrific inter-racial crime in Indiana with 7 year old girl and her own Uncle shot dead by gangster friend she endearingly called ‘Uncle Mike’ ……..da whitey Fambily is stunned!

  44. ihatekikes says:

    GIBS ME DAT MENTALITY. ne’er mind the gubbermint will send him to nigger u. he will finish his degree there.

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