Globalist Jewry has America by THE BALLS!

ONE THING YOU might have noticed here is that I often talk about ABC news. Why is that? Well, I can spot the Globalist Jew angle because of how obviously they push things, plus how they line up with other mainstream US media — supposedly “competitors” — but really not, since they all work for the same team in the end.

American politics has become a lot like going to a Chinese restaurant, where you can pick from column A or column B, but you’ll still end up eating Chinese, or in this case — getting Jewed up the ying-yang.

Last Saturday night, ABC “World News Tonight” hosted a debate with the Republican candidates. I watched it and can say that Ron Paul was clearly the most impressive candidate, in terms of ideas and his unabashedly pro-Americanism (video of his responses below). Sure, he’s not Mr. Hollywood or the youngest guy — should that make any real difference when you think about it?

Now, Romney had a little tiff with Rick Perry about what Mitt said in one of his books about health care and Mitt wanted to bet $10,000 dollars it wasn’t true. This was turned into “The Grand Moment” of the debate — Romney looking like Richy Rich while the average American voter is sadly so poor these days. Immediately, ABC jumped on it and all through the week. Hell, these Ziowhores themselves spend more on designer shower curtains for their Eastside Penthouses and Gayboy mantraps on Fire Island!

"Shabbos Goy" Newt is being pushed across the board.

Meanwhile, we’re led to believe Newt Gingrich “masterfully played off his attackers” and increased his lead in the polls (phony polling data is a favorite Jew media manipulation device to say “your neighbor is going this way and you should too”).

Not a word was breathed about Ron Paul by ABC. Paul was the one who really said it like it is.

Absolutely the most important sentence of the whole debate was this by Ron Paul: “When a country destroys it’s currency, it transfers wealth from the middle class to the wealthy, and this is what you’re seeing today — the elimination of the middle class and it’s going to get a lot worse…”

Instead, ABC talked incessantly about that stupid $10,000 bet. Don’t you get it? Paul’s kind of thinking is way too dangerous and should be given the least amount of attention, if possible.

Ron Paul during the debate.

Ron Paul is the only candidate with the guts to publicly call for criminal charges against Eric Holder, the attorney general Jew puppet behind the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme, designed as an excuse to limit, or maybe even remove the Second Amendment — American’s rights to own guns. Funny, how the mainstream media neglected that pertinent detail, huh?

During the debate, Newt Gingrich was asked why he called the Palestinians an “invented people.” Gingrich is such a giant Jew ass kisser it’s amazing his nose is not brown. But of course, they do have makeup artists on hand before the show.

Oh, Zionist Jews love this “invented people” business. Basically, they say Palestine was a arid brown desert and those that lived there were merely transient Bedouin Arabs with no real ties to the land. Ridiculous. Actually, those living there before the Jews took over undoubtedly have more remnant “Israelite” DNA than the Ashkenazi Khazars, who have convinced themselves over the centuries they are the “Chosen People.”

If anyone is “invented,” it’s the Jews who claim to be “Israelites” of yore.

Watch Jon Stewart make fun of all the Goyim pols kissing Jew butt. Stewart can get away with this kind of thing since fellow Jews all know he’s really Jewish (Leibowitz). Arrogant Jews now feel they can get away with openly rubbing our noses in the crap!

Newt Gingrich is a hardcore Zionist Jew wet dream. Hell, the guy wanted the CIA to hunt down freed Palestinian prisoners and presumably execute them on the spot. But Gingrich is also for amnesty for illegals, as recently as this letter in 2004. His tough guy conservative routine is pure hokum since he’s a total sellout to International Jewry, regardless of any supposed conversion to Catholicism.

Just recently in 2009, Gingrich teamed up with race hustler con man and MSNBC buffoon, "Rev." Al Sharpton, to push big government education. If Sharpton were White, he'd be in jail right now for tax evasion.

Gingrich told two groups recently he would name John Bolton as Secretary of State. Bolton is the bozo with the white moustache who FOX news trots out to spew the Jew line pretty much every day. This ISRAEL-FIRSTER is dead set to get more Americans killed fighting another Jew war in Iran.

As an aside, the link I embedded in the last paragraph is from Pat Buchanan’s website, an article entitled “Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul.” An excellent piece illustrating what’s going down and I suggest you read it. Buchanan only recently was a Saturday commentator on MSNBC yet it appears the lefty Jews have got him booted since the liberal NWO traitors have gone quite insane over his explosive book “Suicide of a Superpower” (which I’m getting for Christmas but not supposed to know). Buchanan is hip to the real deal about the Jew, even though he was forced into being circumspect over the last couple of decades.

Most of Jewry are lefty Jews (80% of them voted for Obama), but virtually all are completely pro-Israel. Then we have the so-called “conservative” Jews, whose traitorous support of Israel knows no bounds (even spying by Israel on America is OK with these traitors).

Getting back to ABC Jew media’s tricks, we should note the reasons why they are doing a Jew job on America’s head. It should be totally obvious what’s going on by now. Let’s look at the major reasons:

1) The multicult liberals working at ABC think Obama would beat Gingrich in an election. They have a point: Most braindead vote for all the wrong reasons and Obama will be more likeable to them than an old White guy (whom they’ve been programmed to hate). They have all sorts of stuff to use on Gingrich with any liberal-leaning “independents.” And it gives Jews cover in general by excusing things merely on liberals.

2) But the Globalist Jew power structure can’t lose if Gingrich does manage to win. Gingrich is a major league Jew suck-up. Israel is their little pet project going back to the 19th century and the Zionists want to kick out the Palestinians and increase the regional hegemony of Israel. Gingrich as president also gives liberal Jews four years to scream bloody murder as they do more crap to America.

3) The Globalist Jew power structure can’t lose if Obama is re-elected. They have so much dirt on Obama, they can keep him in their pocket for another 4 years as Obama wreaks socialist havoc on America, further destroying the demographics of White people in America — just what the lousy Globalist Jews have been up to for the last 50 years or longer.

One clever MEME put out there by the media (and crazy Jew creeps like Mad Jewess and Pam Geller) is that Obama is against Israel and a secret Muslim. This is a farce. Obama is a carefully crafted puppet of the Jews (maybe going back years), no doubt about it. You think Obama would give the Israelis high-end bunker busting bombs just this year in case they want to attack Iran? You think Obama might say something about Israel treating the Palestinians like dogs and killing those people on the Freedom Flotilla?

The business about Obama being “anti-Israel? All double-talk. A big Jew Kibuki show put on for the masses.

And how about Obama telling everyone he was going to veto the National Defense Authorization act (NDAA) but it turns out he was secretly behind section 1031 and 1032 (he signed it today). This grants him Police State powers to detain indefinitely US citizens, on US soil; allowing them to come after you and throw your White ass into a hole for as long as they want. This is outrageous totalitarian power, make no mistake, and a clear violation of the US constitution, but the mainstream US media never said a word about it.

You think Obama is change? More like chump change for the a truly free America — one unencumbered by Zionist Jew fifth-columnists and helper Goys.

All of DC knows not to say squat about the Jews. It’s the “terrible power of the purse,” control of the media and the PC head job created by Jewry to keep Whites silent. Hell, look at what they did to Helen Thomas, after a little off-hand comment about Israel to some sneaky Jew rabbi with a handheld video camera, or CNN’s Rick Sanchez in an obscure interview laughing about Jews being a powerless minority.

How about that recent interview with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad by Council of Foreign relations Jew, Barbara Walters. The broadcast part of 6 minutes was interspersed with shots of dead people and carefully edited to block out what the man really said. Usual dirty tricks of media Jewry.

They do this all the time, like when Jew Mike Wallace interviewed Iran’s Ahmadinejad for Jew Don Hewitt’s “60 minutes” and edited out the parts they didn’t want Americans to hear. Same lies made about Ahmadinejad saying he “wants to wipe Israel off the map.” Hell, the media Jews gave Wallace a big TV award for his hatchet job.

We know who these SOBs get their marching orders from. They are NOT working for the American people. This is the head game Jews have going on:

1) If you’re a patriotic conservative, then you must be Republican and, because you’re a God-fearing Christian, must be for Israel.

2) If you’re a liberal “live and let live” kind of person, than you must be a Democrat, “anti-Racist” (actually anti-White) and, because you’re not an “evil Nazi hater,” must be for Israel.

The media masters have been playing this big game and pulling America’s strings for decades now. Ever think there is another way?

It’s All Controlled by Big Jewry!

You think it’s just a bunch of BS about Jews controlling the media? Jews call idiots like you a “putz.” Get real: 96% of the World’s Media is owned by the friggin’ Jews!

This is the reason why we have the never-ending PC business; why we fight wars for Israel; why we kill so many non-Jews and have so much of the world hating us; why the government is so effed up in the head and in debt; why White people and Christianity is slimed everywhere; why we’re told “Globalism” is so great, even though you lost your job to some Chinese, Indian or Mexican.

You’re paying for all this and don’t have a clue because they don’t want you to get one!


The media is under Jewish control, no doubt at all. NBC-MSNBC: Comcast’s Brian Roberts and David L. Cohen (big time Obama supporters). CBS: The Tisch family. ABC/Disney: Shamrock Holdings, Stanley Gold (dual Israeli national). FOX’s Rupert Murdoch is most likely a crypto-Jew (his mother was Dame Elizabeth Green — part of the elite British Jew class); regardless of being a real Jew or not, Murdoch is totally pro-Zionist and multicult.

Tons of other Jews, “Shabbos Goys” (Judeophiles) and those married to Jews work all through out media management. But many of the ones in front of the camera are also Jews too. In fact, throw in all the blacks and what-have-you, European Whites are basically token chumps. But they so like having cutesy blonde shiksas as anchor people, however. Most American Whites seem clueless to the real deal.

It’s All Jew Brainwashing!

Pay attention and you’ll notice all kinds of Jewish propaganda and brainwashing through-out the media. In fact, they’ve turned up the heat in the last few years since they realize Americans are now getting wise to the deal because of the Internet. That, plus we’re plain sick and tired of getting ripped off by Wall Street and International Banking.

You believe there’s some secret Nazi plot going on? You must be retarded.


Instead of a “coup d’main” (taking over with brute force), Globalist Jewry has been gradually working to dispossess White people in their own countries. Not only that, they are working in parallel by whittling down our race by using all sorts of quiet, genocidal methods — race-mixing, abortion, homo agenda, birth control, radical feminism and just plain effin’ with our heads by exposing our youth to all sorts of sick stuff to destroy our families, moralities and morale.

They’ve also throughly brainwashed the White race into thinking “there is no race but the human race.” Funny how they do that and yet openly work to build up black racial pride and limit assimilation of the precious Jews as much as possible. White people just don’t get it, because they work to keep us so messed-up in the head.

This is all part of the Globalist Jew’s agenda of the NWO — a long-time ambition of Jewry to destroy nation states, eliminate borders and eventually control the planet since they believe God promised it and because they are so smart and clever. 

Yep, this business with pushing Newt Gingrich is so obvious that it’s not funny. It’s why the history of the last 100 years is so effed up and tens of millions of people died horribly. If you merely go with the flow, then you support these evil maniacs.

Face the fact: America is getting her chains jerked by Globalist Jewry!

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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262 Responses to Globalist Jewry has America by THE BALLS!

  1. Cannibal Eabbi says:


  2. FLANDERS !!! What a sick stupid degenerated american idiot are you. How many idiot’s posting here stupidity, here is a clear picture how degenerated americans became.

  3. Hoff says:

    Palestine (The jewish stolen land “israel”) is half an hour by bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, west to east. Two hour by bus from Tel Aviv to Lebanon to the north, and three hour by bus to the Egypt border in the south. Sinai desert is a three hou bus ride today.

    The size of Gaza is the size of Long Island, Jew York, east of Manhattan.


    Meet Scott Roberts, a very jew-wise man:

  4. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    3rd time lucky!

  5. Hoff says:

    Jew instigated war – white people killing white people:

    The jews plan is to exterminate the white race.

  6. Flanders says:

    American born says:

    “Media control of the masses is the foremost weapon being used against White America.
    The programming of the masses. The majority of White America follow the media subversion in lock-step.”

    I damn sure have to agree with you, American Born, and so does anyone else who knows the facts.

    There is no American media.

    That which is referred to as being “American media” or “MSM” is jewish media. There has not been an American media for a very long time, and the “mainstream” of American thought is certainly not expressed by this jewish media.

    Unfortunately, that which is thought to be “American media” is the cornerstone for all of the media in the world, and it forms the central basis for the thoughts which are to be transmitted to different regions of the world. But all of media is controlled in order to account for desired regional differences by the jewish gatekeepers who are set up at various regional junctures. So, in effect, all of the media of the world (including that of the Muslims in the Middle-East) are intaking and reflecting what it is that the jews who control the media want to be projected.

    It is somewhat fitting that the world despises American’s for the filth showing in the media, in the sense that Americans do nothing to stop it. The public seemingly does everything possible to support and encourage the filth and degradations being spread. Ignoring what should be obvious deceits and dangers, they seek the company of this evil controller, just so they can “feel entertained” for most waking moments of their day. The cultural poisons are so pervasive that our own people are being smothered and don’t even know why or how (and the jewish media isn’t going to tell them).

    The truth is that most Americans don’t know that their media is controlled themselves and are trained to go along with whatever is presented as being “American” so long as they have their basic living requirements met, and they don’t know “for sure”. The only reason why they don’t know “for sure” is because they are too ashamed to admit that they are hooked on media, just as much as a herion junkie is on horse.

    A Polish Ambassador in Washington, Count Jerzy Potocki in a 1939 report to the Polish Foreign Office, is quoted by British military historian Maj Gen JFC Fuller and he said about public opinion in America ,

    “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands…when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe… Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps…President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.”. – From, “The Decisive Battles of the Western World” (vol 3, pp 372-374).

    People need to give serious thought to this media business. This is the central apparatus which enables all of the other jewish scams to go on, unknown and unmolested.

    All of the little networks for obtaining jewish monopolies are fed through the simple apparatus of the controlled media. It protects all of the jews participants – while they network among themselves in order to build the little networks into the main network for jewry – aka the NWO. The media is a pump which feeds to, preserves, and makes “acceptable” the jewish moneychanging operations (the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service, as well as the World Bank and IMF), and to all of the various underculture jewish activities against Whites and Americans.

    The controlled jewish media spreads it’s poison from the US to around the world. The jews of the US and elsewhere in all of the other international countries are the disapora beneficiaries of the jewish media operations. But, it is Whites and Americans who are the ones who are truly resented because of the blatant jewish immoralities it spews – all while the jews hide behind the name of our country – America – as they spread their cultural poisons throughout the world – and doing it while USING our American name!.

    Who Controls America?
    [See the Media section on the right-hand column].

  7. Kalki says:

    Does this look like a mother who just lost her son (death)?

    Laughing while talking about her son’s death? If you believe that, then you have no problem believing the official story about 9/11!

    the rest:

  8. Kalki says:

    Can the sheeple be reached? Dr.Pierce said they are constituti9nally incapable of independent thought, and I agree. They are born followers, slaves. Slaves. Born to do the bidding of whoever happens to be in charge. Its ok, though – they are the stable base upon which civilization is built! Don’t cry for them, Argentina!

  9. Hoff says:

    “There is no American media.” –Flanders–


    by Hoff: GREAT oneliner Flanders

    ALL “media” is jewish bullshit. As l write this l listen to the radio “news”. It’s jewish bullshit upon stockpiled jewish bullshit.

    One razorsharp example: What is Ron Paul’s rating in “media” in USA today? Anything between Page can’t be found to 12 percent.

  10. Louis from Montreal says:

    As good of a man Ron Paul might be, he isn’t going to do anything that will even closely resemble fixing America. You folks better realize that you cannot vote your way out of the mess you’re in. Im not saying to not vote for Mr. Paul; By all means, go out and vote, but don’t just sit back after that’s done.

    A little news from Canukistan: My good friend, Marc Lemire, who has been fighting the fanatical censors of the so-called Canadian Human Rights Commission for the past eight years, with very little support, has successfully defeated them at the federal court level. Now, Canucks have the freedom to shut up and continue paying their taxes. This madness isn’t going to end because we play by their rules.

  11. Hoff says:

    “Democracy” is a jew joke on us retarded non-jews. If you think the joke Ron Paul can vote the jews out off office – think again. The ONLY way to get rid of the jew menace is to PHYSICALLY remove all jews out off some 50 offices in America. Anything else is a wast of time and jew instigated jewish bullshit.

    Control the FED – or die!

  12. Hoff says:

    At Louis from Montreal:

    Sweden is the jew run Madhous of the world. Maybe Canuckistan is surpassing Sweden in the jewish PC madness?

  13. Loki says:

    To those ‘system’ day dreamers out there, one might ask where all of those votes for pro White candidates will come from as we move from de facto to de jure, relative to the disappearance of the Mexibean border. Elections helped contribute to this stinking mess and elections sure as hell are not the way to get us out. I do get weary of hearing this folderol as I do in reading all of those pathetic analyses of why our Titanic is sinking. Rockwell, in the 1960s, called this the “look what they are doing to us now” club.
    How do I help? I do my best to keep FAEM alive hoping that 1 out of 100 readers will be jolted out of their state of suspended sensibility long enough to look at what is happening under his nose and crawl out of his jew-daze. Last weekend, I invited a group of young people over for a snack. My bookcases contain all sorts of material on race, National Socialist Germany, and so on. Back issues of National Vanguard lie about. I like the NV because it is a crisp looking publication and people pay more attention to that sort than they do to mimeographed sheets. I do nothing and say nothing. I let curiosity rule the day. It doesn’t take long before most are engrossed in reading and looking over some FAEM printouts. I make no comments other than mentioning that I like to read everything so as to be informed.

    Knowledge that is gained from experience is really the only knowledge with teeth in it.
    Globel NATIONAL SOCIALISM is the blueprint for our salvation.Julius Streiker lives.Sieg Heil….

  14. GTRman says:

    Good thread here : A comment from Clay Douglas :

    ” Clay Douglas Says:

    February 28, 2011 at 5:19 pm
    I am Clay Douglas. I have published the Free American magazine and done the Free American Hour since 1994. Bill Cooper was a friend. I was one of the few “Patriot Hosts” he liked. We were discussing combining our publications, the Free American and Veritas, two weeks before he was killed by police. I introduced Alex Jones on my shortwave show while he was just roadcasting in Austin. I allowed him to speak at one of my Free American Expos in Dallas. At dinner I asked him if he ever considered his wife to be his handler. He never spoke to me again. Never allowed me to sell his videos again and got me booted off GCN. He threatened to fire any employee that talked to me. The SPLC, Mossad/Israelis or ADL tapped my phone and arranged and “accident” that would put me in the hospital for 4 months on May 20, 2004. When I got out of the hospital, I had lost my wife, family, magazines and radio shows and thanks to the drugs given me I have no memory of 3 of those months. Once I got out, Not Alex or GCN EVER had me on a show, interviewed me, or helped me to get back on my feet! I have a book, Mystery Babylon, The New World Order Unveiled, that documents the Jewish Rothschild control of our anks and media, the demonization of Christian Identity and the Militia, which I helped start, by SPLC and ADL. This book also details the attempts to kill, silence and impoverish me.”

    Found this there , Jonestein doing his job :

  15. Loki says:

    Stay alert and informed. Stay calm and remember that you cannot force events. They will come in good time. We must be prepared to seize the opportunities presented. The White male will not disappear. Not by a long shot. That is our racial enemies’ great nightmare. Smile and let the bastards sweat in their sleep. Seig Heil.

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “Smile and let the bastards sweat in their sleep. Seig Heil.”


  17. Loki says:

    Soon after the fall of the Third Reich, intellectuals(jew/shabbez goy) began poking around the ashes of post WWII Europe in an attempt to understand why the Germans, and other Nationalities, followed Adolf Hitler(the Great Emancipator). Since that time, a host of professionals and experts(jew/shabbez goy) have propounded their theories. Most insinuate that Hitler was some kind of demonic monster whom “sophisticated,” “fine,” or “other persons of quality” rejected from the beginning–A comforting approach from their(jew) point of view, but then, considering that no political movement has ever entirely developed from the bottom up, one is still left with the question of why and how Adolf Hitler came to power.
    **********He took away from the jew “the power of the purse”and Emancipated the German people,that is how National Socialism came to power in Germany people…Every thing alse is jew/shabbez goy BULLSHIT*******
    Since American was used by the jew to destroy the Third Reich it is OUR Duty/Destiny to once again with Pride lift up the National Socialist Banner and let the whole World behold It’s Beauty and Glory.Let the Fourth Reich come and set All free from the power of the purse.Sieg Heil.

  18. Carve Dat Possum says:

    to Incog and Kalki: about the exchange of images.

    Do either of you have access to the newsgroups (usenet) or are familiar with them? I can upload the images there when i am ready with them. As far as I know everything there is completely anonymous and probably safer even though I’ve never really uploaded much to there. lemme know something and I can upload a test image and sign it “CDP” to see how easily this will work. In fact I’m gonna change my handle here to CDP (been wanting to do that).


  19. CDP says:

    there, it’s official.

  20. CDP says:

    ok I’ve uploaded a test image to:

    found this little used newsgroup that gets no traffic. Don’t know if your reader will get the group so we may have to coordinate till we find a group that we both can get.

  21. chaldean says:

    damn you crazy ass honkey, im not white and 99 percent of that shit you were spewing actually made sense … ofcourse i havent looked over your whole site so im going to go under the ASSUMPTION your a pure white supremacist and dont like my kind.
    so fuck you whitey, and what the hell other races are not allowed to mix with your women ? get real, you can’t stop that grandpa.

  22. CDP says:

    Maybe not stop, but he’s making one helluva dent.

  23. GTRman says:

    @ Chaldean

    ” so fuck you whitey, and what the hell other races are not allowed to mix with your women ? get real, you can’t stop that grandpa.”

    When two people meet and fall in love , I suppose we can call it love .

    When white women are subjected to non-stop whitey-hating , black-worshipping propaganda in order to eventually destroy the white race through assimilation , what should it be called ?

    Why do you like white women so much ? Do you hate yourself ?

    My sis got sucked in by the brainwashing and had a kid by a useless black man . He used her car and money for a while and fucked off . My brown nephew keeps asking why all the crims he sees on TV are black . He wont go in the sun in case his skin gets darker .

    Go ahead , read the rest of Incogs articles .

    White Inventions : Too many to list .

    Black inventions : 1 : The Super-Soaker water pistol .

    2 : Jenkum .

    I could go on . Actually , er , no , I cant .

  24. Z.O.G. says:

    CBS Corporation is owned by Sumner Redstone(through his holding company National Amusements). Larry Tisch hasn’t had any connection to CBS since 1995(and James Tisch has never had any connection to CBS at all, as far as I know).

  25. Z.O.G. says:

    Correction: In fact, Larry Tisch died in 2003.

  26. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks ZOG. I knew that the Tisch family were majority owners of CBS for some time, and knew Redstone now has control, so I put him in there too. It’s hard keeping track, as you well know.

    Feel free to list out the names of who’s picture I should put in and titles (keeping it the same number here). Or just a replacement for James Tisch.

  27. CDP says:

    trying an anonymous pic hosting site. this is a poser character that i morphed into one of the destroyers. I will use this characature in future illustrations. This one is suitable for target practice, urinals………….you get the idea. If you want to use it in any of your own projects, feel free.

  28. INCOG MAN says:

    Looks good, CDP. How about that head on a dark body, looking down on a dead civilian and the Star of Satan in the background? It would be perfect for my upcoming post on David Duke’s new IRAN video. Do it 650 pixels wide.

  29. CDP says:

    you got it. i do have a morph target on the figure where i can place horns on him if ya want it. Gimme a few hours and I can whip something up.


  30. INCOG MAN says:

    Drop the horns, might be a little too much.

  31. Kalki says:


    Sieg Heil!

    Hitler had a charisma and an irresistable personality that made people want to be his fanatical followers. That’s something you have to be born with. Also, his voice had a special quality to it – its called ‘vibratto’ – that mesmerized/hypnotized people. He could have been reciting nursery rhymes, and the people still would have been mesmerized.

    See, Hitler was created to do exactly what he did. He was an agent of Destiny, Providence! If it weren’t for Hitler, the genocidal Commie Jews would have over-ran all of Europe, and the rest of the world – and that would have been the end of the White race.

  32. CDP says:

    “Drop the horns, might be a little too much.”

    K. I’ll grind em off his head.


  33. Lauren Carson says:

    Check out;

    Benjamin Fulford. The Black Pope and the Genocidal Zionist Faction.mp4

  34. Z.O.G. says:


    Well, if you just want the top executives of the “big six” U.S. media corporations, then this is the list to use:

  35. Z.O.G. says:

    Leslie Moonves would be the appropriate replacement for James Tisch in your picture.

    Moonves is the president and CEO of CBS Corporation. He answers to Sumner Redstone.

  36. sog says:

    himmler was a chicken farmer given to delusions of grandeur,he was also a coward ,,,,no aspersion on hitler as im sure hitler was allowing himmler a certain amount of latitude as does incog to you kikey….you dont know much of real life yet ,maybe someday,,,the 3rd reich was about a strong and unified germanic nation free from the persecution and disinfranchising put on them in several countries from late 1890 on ….16 million germans chased out of several countries ,their land taken and on and on…kikey are you even german or just wish you were ..
    your web blog is fun ,,i like wher you tell people commenting there how stupid they are and such ,,hah ha ,,….the 3rd reich was not to be caught up in religious fraction or faction ,,,as it was already was how hitler was leaving it ,,,,most of germany had a christian faith ..the 3rd reich was a government by and for the peole ,so are you suggesting kikey that himmler was in control and sought to alienate all of germany to gain his ends …he would have been shot for treason …….himmler was a rube ,, a weak personality who was in the right place at the right time and was probably plotting against hitler as do most tin horn effeminares like himler ……heydrich was the man about the reichs business of national german solidarity and it makes me feel a great loss in his early jew designed terroist death ….
    death to israel and askenazzis all over the world ,,,may calmaity and horror fill your plate …die scum

  37. Z.O.G. says:

    I would also suggest Robert Iger as a replacement for Stanley Gold. Robert Iger is the president and CEO of the Walt Disney Company. He’s the top person at Disney.

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