We were lied to incessantly, in fact I am awed at the routineness and comfort in their ability to lie, it is remarkable really.

— Former US Marine Ken O’Keefe and Freedom Flotilla participant on the Israeli penchant for lying.

Jews are insane liars. They lie so much one has to think their whole lives revolve around acts of dishonesty towards their fellow man (including other Jews occasionally).

Look at the simple fact that so many of them change their names to something that sounds less Jewish. What other race or nationality does that? Truth of the matter is no one used to trust Jews (for good reason) and they had to do that to keep up the scams on non-Jews around them. Hell, even other Jews often don’t trust each other.

Most of those you see involved in Hollywood and TV are really Jews who have changed their names. Oh, they explain it away as a suggestion from their agent to sound more appealing to American audiences (why is that?). When a Goyim (what they call us non-Jews) finds out so-and-so is Jewish, it might surprise them a little but they never take it to the next level and see the huge dishonesty of this lousy bunch.

Jews have been lying for eons. That’s why they go crazy at the thought of having to wear a symbol indicating they are Jews. Yep, symbols of being a Jew was originally a way to warn the little people about doing business with them. So many Gentiles were getting ripped off by usurious and fraudulent Jews, the Pope decreed the bastards had to wear yellow dunce caps whenever outside the ghetto.

Let’s say some bearded guy offered you a big gold coin to buy a full lot of pewter plates it took your poor little village pewter shop a month to make. You soon discover the coin was lead, coated over with a thin layer of gold. You were ripped off and the stranger is long gone with your wares, to sell later for real coins of the realm.

Archeologists once found some odd jars at a dig in Baghdad. Some people say they were the first electrical batteries, but they could also have easily been crude electroplating vessels designed to cover lead coins with a thin veneer of gold, for fraud. Guess what? Plenty of Jews used to live in Baghdad during those times (the Talmud was finished there in 499AD).

Pull a quarter or dime out of your pocket. You see those lines engraved along the edge of the coin? Those were invented in England, when they discovered sneaky Jew bankers scraping gold off the King’s coins with a specially-made contraption. They could accumulate a nice little stash with just a little bit from each coin the goy left with them. Imagine the thrill of the first Jew when he came up with that scam?

No wonder the Jews got kicked out of England!

Jew love hearing about stories of fellow Jews running clever scam ops. In 1930’s commie Russia, a Jew named P. S. Stoliarsky (also known as “Zagursky”) trolled ghettos for adult Jewish dwarves, to seed his music school of youthful students. The sneaky Jew put the “children” through intensive training in the violin, singing or dancing routines. After dressing them up in childlike lace collars and patent leather shoes, he then sent them abroad as “newly discovered” prodigies, or “virtuosos,” to wow the gullible goyim on concert stages of the West and to send back the scam proceeds.

False flags have long been a specialty of the Jewish mindset. Jews live by the saying “the ends justify the means.” In their bountiful logic, they consider fooling people justified when it comes to the over-all Jewish race, or sacred Israel (which is Jewry, to them). You can readily see all this in their writings to each other because the whole lying business seems to occupy their brains. These perfidious people make up all sorts of convoluted rationales to excuse themselves.

Here, let’s hear a weaselly French Jew explain the Jew’s thinking:

Basically, the Jews know it’s morally wrong to cheat the Goyim, but they have all sorts of clever caveats they can use to justify it all in their heads, bury deep in 8 point type, or just plain forget to mention.

The Jews even have a religious injunction absolving them in breaking oaths. Called “Kol Nidre”, the religious ones recite this prayer once a year in a ceremony. They say it’s not to lie, but you can bet they are lying their asses off on this too!

Speaking of False Flags, look at the attack on the USS Liberty attack in 1967, for chrissakes. American sailors topside specifically said the attacking jets lacked national insignia, meaning the Israelis purposefully spray painted them out before taking off on the mission. Not only was this an evil war crime, it was a clear evidence of a false flag scheme against America — supposedly Israel’s “ally.” With friends like this, who needs enemies?

“I was brought up with lies all the time… that’s how you got along… I have lied my entire life…”

– Monica Lewinsky, Clinton’s little Jewess whore.

One could even legitimately say that Jewry itself is one vast giant lie. The majority of Jews (about 90%) are called Ashkenazi and are descendants of the Khazar race from southern Russia in the early Middle Ages. They are not descended from the people of the Bible, or what people think are the Israelites.

Jews understand this Khazar business undermines their claims of being “Chosen” and that God promised them “ownership” of Palestine and so actively work to suppress anything to do with Khazaria. Again, they lie their ass off on even this ancient history.

Look at all the Jew lying about the so-called “holocaust.” Now and again, one of the “survivors” are uncovered as complete frauds. There was this one old Jew going around the country lecturing kids in schools about his terrible “death camp” experiences until they discovered the old phony had sat out the entire war in Brooklyn!

Simon Wiesenthal was a giant fraud, claiming to survive a dozen “death camps.” Elie Wiesel has been totally exposed as one of the biggest con men of all time. Hell, this one old Jew, Moshe Peer, told a newspaper reporter in 1993 that as an 11 year-old boy he survived the gas chamber six times. He explained in all seriousness: ‘Maybe children resist better, I don’t know.’

One Jewess, Ilona Sugar, said she survived Nazi doctors transplanting her heart from the one side of her chest to the other and, for good measure, did the same with her liver. She claimed all this operating was done without anesthesia! The reason why the Nazis had to do all this ridiculous surgery is merely assumed as Nazi sadism.

Jew Rundschau Maccabi explained these incredible feats of Jewry during the holocaust: “Every Jew can deduct from our Parscha [the God-given mystical specialness of Jews] and can live with this knowledge, that the Jewish people are not subject to the limitations of the natural laws.” Right.

These lying Jews have an entire money-making industry writing BS holocaust books, going on TV and doing the usual Jew stand up bit to gullible goyim audiences, sobbing on cue about all the “horrors” they “miraculously” escaped. But whenever any of these liars get exposed, you never hear one word in the mainstream news.

Even the sacred Anne Frank narrative is known to be fraudulent to a substantial degree (not all, but quite a bit). A few loose pages in her “diary” were proven to have been written in ballpoint pen, impossible at the time. Basically, her father and a Jew screen writer (who the dad stiffed) rewrote a little girl’s convoluted fantasy novel, interspersed with real events.

In many ways, the “Anne Frank’s Diary” (actual title: “The Rear Annex”) is a perfect microcosm of the supposed “holocaust” — itself a hopelessly mixed up piece of history. Somethings in the “diary” are real, somethings are twisted visions of reality and somethings are just plain made up out of thin air.

Anne was shipped to Auschwitz but didn’t get gassed (like all the other supposed gas victims of her age). Her and her sister later died from typhus in Bergen-Belsen (because everything was broken down due to the intense allied aerial bombing of Germany). The International Zionists then callously use the morbid films of dead bodies from Dachau for Jewish, anti-German and pro-Israel propaganda (they even had a Hollywood Jew director, Billy Wilder, on hand when the camp was liberated).

Perhaps the greatest art form of Jew lying is simply ignoring or dropping out any facts leading back to the Jew. If anyone is more aware of the “Jew question” are the Jews themselves. They realize if the Goyim know about certain  things, their cushy little American lives may be at risk, so they gloss over or skip anything inconvenient.

One example comes to mind (among many) is biographer author A. Scott Berg’s book on Charles Lindbergh, Jr. (his latest Jew media-hyped book was on Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs). In it, Berg goes on and on for seemingly half the book on what a lousy father and husband Charles Sr. was to the young “Lucky Lindy” (implying psychological reasons for his son’s later “Nazi” leanings). But Berg only sees fit to give one single obtuse, sarcastic paragraph of his father’s fight in Congress against “The Money Trust” — the real forces behind the Federal Reserve.

Berg knows what’s best not to go into when it comes to his precious tribe. Nevertheless, much of Jewry considers Berg’s book “too soft” on Lindbergh, Jr. because he didn’t scream out the man was the big Jew hater (he wasn’t). Lindbergh was a patriotic and passionate voice in the “America First Committee,” simply against America going to war for the “Money Trust.”

The real Lindbergh baby killer?

In a totally ironic aside, the Lindberg baby kidnapping, often called “the crime of the century,” was apparently the work of a Jewish criminal named Isidor Srul Fisch (right), who sneaked off to Germany when the heat was turned up (why would a Jew go there after Hitler was elected?). He cleverly left just enough evidence to incriminate a sometime criminal goy business partner, Richard “Bruno” Hauptmann, by leaving some of the money with.

Fisch supposedly died of TB in Germany the next year, but it’s a safe bet his death was staged by his German relatives (who conveniently ended up in the US, well taken care of by American Jewry) and he lived out his years under an assumed name, most likely in Israel, but maybe even back in the US.

Even though evidence of Fisch’s involvement in the crime is quite extensive, virtually no one in the public has ever heard of the creepy Jew, Isidor Fisch. Everyone only thinks it was a German gentile, Hauptmann, responsible. That’s the power of lying Jew media. Hauptmann was executed after heroically defending his name (he refused a life sentence if he admitted to the crime). His ghost haunts America to this day.

Do not underestimate the power of Jewry’s talent for selective reporting. This is definitely one of Jewry’s slickest talents and used across the board by Jews big and small. It doesn’t take any secret Jew memoranda from any secret Jew headquarters to make it all work.

In fact, the more you learn the extent of Jewry’s lying, the more you start spotting examples left and right in the media over the last 100 years or so. “Besides buying a used car from these lying Jews, what’s all this got to do with me, homeboy?” You might ask. Well, my friend, think it out here a minute.

You should have by now come to the natural conclusion the Jews are locked into a giant web of deceit with all this holocaust business and you would be quite correct. They can’t allow the least doubt to creep in over the matter, or us “goyim” might go berserk thinking they’ve been deceived all these years and the whole house of cards will crash to the floor.

The Globalist Jew elite basically have control of our media, as well as the major nexus of power: The creation of money in Central banking. This gives them the dough to say whatever the hell they want and get clean away with it.

They even have laws passed in most of the countries of Europe and Canada where they can throw people in jail for publicly expressing the least doubt of their holocaust BS, even all the ridiculous stories they pawn off as truth. Imagine that.

They’ve been using the holocaust as a giant psyops gig on White people in the West now for decades. I mean look at it: Every time someone says JACK about what Israel does, the Ziowhores in our media immediately start showing you photos of dead bodies from WWII (funny how they don’t show you all the dead Germans, huh?).

Jews even have the unmitigated gall to turn any revelations about them completely around. Take for example the business with Adolf Hitler’s “Big Lie.” They said Hitler was bragging about taking his own people for a ride. They falsely quote it as something like this: “The bigger the lie, the easier it is accepted by the public, especially when it is repeated over and over again.”

The real truth is Hitler never said any such thing. In Chapter 10 of his book “Mein Kampf,” Hitler said Jews are such insane liars the naive German people couldn’t get their heads around the enormity of Jew lying. It was simply too unfathomable by normal, decent people.

But you see it’s not just about some old dusty history from 60+ years ago. The entire Jewish stranglehold of the economies of the West, support for that lousy country of Israel and Wall Street scam operations would come to a screeching halt.

Another special sort of lying by the Jews, is the art of the “Red Herring.” If you notice, all sorts of theories surround the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 and other globalist crimes, with the culprits some sort of amorphous mix of “secret Nazis, vatican black popes and big oil” conspirators. Any tenuous, 6 degrees of separation connections are deemed legit if they stay within the “Politically Correct” guidelines fostered by Jewry or, if they attack White people (males especially) given wide credence, often even in mainstream media.

Most any theory involving Whites can be talked about openly on the History Channel, National Geographic and news shows. Every theory except for one. And that’s anything at all to do with Jews and/or Israel. Now why is that?

The Jews (even individual little Jews) know what’s dangerous to their race and work the evidence to back theories that will direct any unwanted attention from themselves and Israel. This over-all racial effort to obfuscate matters fuels day-to-day Jew BS all over the place: Books, Documentaries, News, Movies, the Internet.

One could say lying is the Jew’s top career talent.

The Jews know that once us Goyim start pointing fingers at them, the big Jig they have going on in America and elsewhere, is over. All sorts of secrets will get publicly exposed as to what really happened. They fear this greatly, because they think we’ll naturally go all Nazi again and find ourselves another Hitler man to start marching and chanting in the streets over.

It’s time you come to the logical conclusion that lousy Jews are BIG FAT LIARS.

— Phillip Marlowe


Is Eli Weisel a Lying Weasel or What?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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209 Responses to Jews are BIG FAT LIARS

  1. summerled says:

    yeah its total sarcasm silvernickel that’s how he get’s through to people with a little humor thrown in

  2. kerdasi amaq says:

    Comment lifted from jW Tebow apology column.

    Catherine Crabill said…As an unabashed Christian and HUGE fan of Tim Tebow, I was appalled at the comments from Rabbi Hammerman. I don’t know what planet Rabbi Hammerman lives on, but where I LIVE, my family alone has donated hundreds of dollars to support Aliyah. We lobby our representatives to SUPPORT Israel. We are against Israel being divided and forced to compromise on its National Security. We support Jerusalem being recognized as the Capit[o]l of Israel. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem, because the Talmud promises that we shall prosper because we love Israel, and we believe it! We are alarmed at anti-semitism and are the first line of defense against it.

    As for Tim Tebow, he is a paragon of Christian virtue, refusing to return insult for insult, railing for railing. Can you rationally think for one moment he would promote violence against Muslims! Seriously? I’ve never heard him comment on gays! But as a Rabbi, your own Talmud denounces and warns against homosexuality.[?Que?] Maybe you should get out more.

    If you came to my home you would find a Mezzuzah at the door. A beautiful brass Menorah in my living room given to me by my mother. You would see art my sister brought back to me from her study abroad in Haifa. As Christians we consider ourselves your best friends.[ha, ha. Do the jews see it that way? I don’t think so!]

    It was with profound shock and sadness that I read your remarks and perplexity that they would be published, lending legitimacy to them. One can only conclude that you are projecting on Tebow and Christians what is in your own heart.[brillant.not totally deceived, but, in denial, and not following a thought to its logical conclusion, either] Either that or you are a self-loathing Jew. In any case, we forgive you, pray for you, and will continue to support, lobby, defend, advocate, and champion God’s chosen people.

    I’d say that this comment is an excellent example of the mindfuck perpetrated on idolators of Israel.

    What our dear Catherine is saying here, “I live in a delusional bubble concerning jews and Israel, and, how dare you threaten to burst that bubble!” boo hoo!

  3. Maynard says:

    Here is an excellent website about the exclusion of whites in sports!


  4. JamesTheJust says:

    But as a Rabbi, your own Talmud denounces and warns against homosexuality.[?Que?] Maybe you should get out more.

    Yet more proof that JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians are certifiably insane. Time to lock those idiots up and throw away the key.

  5. Sen10L says:

    V, ‘Never heard of that before. I’d gladly pay more for the local wares as long as it’s not from some effin carpetbagger. Trying to find the real deal wherever I can.

  6. Sen10L says:

    V, ‘Like what I see so far. It’s about 30 minutes from here. Thx! Mail-order too.

  7. Vexed. says:

    Sen10L says:
    December 16, 2011 at 9:23 pm
    V, ‘Like what I see so far. It’s about 30 minutes from here. Thx! Mail-order too.

    Yeah I figured I would recommend that, I listen to the Alex Jones show all week in the mornings and I hear the “Diamond Gusset Jeans” tune/advert quite a bit. I seen your comment where you were in some store and all the clothing was made somewhere else in some third world hellhole (china/mexico/taiwan) in some sweatshop.

  8. sog says:

    every thing from jews is stained with shit or blood and is to be burned or rejected ,especially any so called “facts” ,,as they are a lie and their “heritage ” is a lie and i forgot to add above ,that there is another condition where jews are born with their ass hole and their mouth switched around ,,,hell dat splains everthin,is why they grow dim uugly beards so’s to majke their face look like an harry arse hole….
    aw come on ,i jus wanna throw some rocs at the little jews ….
    there will be no peace till a bounty is put on all their heads ….
    the wine press of gods wrath is full and overflowing into these vessels and vassals of destruction …

    …………… moore i think elen carson is from britain or were supposed to think but i think she is from the middle east somewhere and not america lol…in l.carsons case two heads are not better than 1
    the semite palestinians had lived and generated in palestine for 2000 years is their land and was their country before the mentally ill jews took it brutally …did this act of ongoing brutallity in vialotion of the hague ,geneva,unit natinons,morallity ,world opinion and ethicallity cause the palestinians to be angry ,,who could blame them if even 1/10th of jew bull hamas bullshit false flag activity in israel that gets blamed on them was true ,,,hamas is jew owned and operated now since ABU NIDAL PASSED AWAY right after 9-11..abu nidal ,,the guy who was the most secret weapon the likuud party jew genocide cult ever had and created the munich olympic massacre false kike flag event …..sick sick sick sick sick sick of the fucking piece of shit jews and have been for a while now …
    death to la raza ,,death to la nigra ,,death to la ashkennazra
    there are no good candidates for president dictator and this country is supposed to be a constitutional republic where a president has little to do with the internal werkings of a real country …he should be a rep of the overall constitutional ideal//

    al sharpton and jesse jackasson are more overtly communist and harmful to constituional america than the supposedly evil truthers in our midst
    the lies in the air are vexxing and there are actually alot of people that want change …it should only change bacjk to a non jew run country of const. nature..
    no wonder hitler weeded out these malingerers with the nuremburg laws …these laws were based on moral and religious precepts ,not stealth zionist agandas or like all that kike bullshit tries to implicat hitler in some grand dbl agent scheme but since there was no holocaust except to germans maybe there is a possibility of naieve complicity ,,and he was nice to the jews which is a fatal mistake from the gate…

    with or without hitler ,,germany under weimarr etc ,the red terror apparatus would have entered germany and slaughtered millions of germans as this was already going on in danzig,schwabe ,sudetenland ,russia ,silesisa ,chekkosluvokkia,and else where germans were hunted for political sport and evicted and murdered from pre ww1 -long after post ww2,,,so germany would have a choice that hitler sought to stop ,,,death by irgun terror like ussr or death by jewified ally bombs …remember that world wide jews declared war on germany in 33 ..

    i wish someone would wipe israel off the map ,,,celebrations would be in order ,,..
    i know many buddhists chanting for the end of jewish tyranny and there will be many more and many japanese people are now aware that it was israels stuxnet virus and kuntrigger nuke that caused ele in fuckashima

    if islam could become a religion of “peace” thru reformation and you would see kike nightmare of 2 billion angry people seething at the jews considerable lengthy attempt at painting them as the worlds evil …
    nuke israle..please …
    this nation of mongrel cowerds has as their asshole ,netyandoodoo who has alredy gone on record that he will take the whole werld with him if anyone tries to stop their inexorable perversions and global meddling..

    start thw war against jews by eliminating theri spik running dog white hating illegals and the “leaders” that illegally stand in federal violation of established laws by supporting their illegal presence here …posts by devvy kidd and others follow….
    all thos worthless shitheads in iowa ,,, ,,may they all be cursed with necrotizing fasciitis ,and typhus,,,…are things looking bad hah hah …
    in cali we have the brown clown jew boi who wants to give the jew pet mexicans citizenship to all illegal/mexicans which proves that they arent legal in the subltesst terms …brown stood by while the jews scuttled open carry in this state and he is personally legislating mandated vaccines for innocent children beyond a parents choice …sanctuary city leaders are in felony federal violation of already existing laws and are fiscally and legally responsible for any criminal behaviour of illegals…
    brown also stood by and did nothing while the feds shut down med pot clubs ,,,whatever your views are i been in the field once and see that pot is better for pain then dangerous profitable painkillers by pharmacy…none the less the cali citizens duly voted on this law for med weed and it was passed and the feds who have not the constitutional authority to stop this are stopping it ….they came for the weed then they come for the guns and then they come for the food ,,yes they are raiding survival food suppliers to see who has more than a weeks supply ,,,who gave these fuckinscum the right to do any of this shit..then they will come for you ,,unarmed or ??……
    if the mexxies are the tsuanami of shit the jews are to use to usurp then we must get active against the mexxiikans in whatever way and try to get these complete pieces of illegal shit outta here …

  9. Marshall says:

    It would be interesting to see if the “Diamond Gussett Jeans” manufacturer is Jew-owned…


    M 😀

  10. sog says:

    .. .. intersting assemblage of inner facts around the ww2 …..

  11. sog says:

    annexe from top post lenin had told the committee to never let stalin into power …
    stalin was reputedly poisoned by the more zionist core that had wanted trotsky in the top post in the first place …..intersting on that the jews were behind all the war effort from front to back …..yeah biker posted somethin i been wonderin for long time …..why did we attack europe when it was japan that hit our militaery post ….i didnt know that hawaai wasnt part of the usa yet ,,,…

  12. silvernickel says:


    Germany and Japan had a Mutual Pact. Once the US declared war on Japan over Pearl Harbor attack, Germany then declared war against the USA. I think it was that simple.

    Just what I remember from ‘reads’ a long while ago, If I am wrong, someone correct me.

  13. sog says:

    i know ,thanks silver nickle ,it was a rhetorical and dumb question on my part ….the war in the pacific was chaos but there was talk of just running extreme embargo on all japanese strongholds and just lettin em all starve to death like the jews do to the 80 major palistinian cities(laRGE)and to hundreds of smalled village like settlements …this system as proved also against germany in blackade and holodomor ukraine works very well but waht the jews wanted was to get as many gentiles killed and so the way to do that is to throw cannon fodder at the bullets …..jews suck

  14. sog says:

    ….Yeschiel shitsackstein and his “WINGS of EAGLES” blubbering kike crap show is now accepting 350$ to bring one ethiopean “black.jew” to zog palestein district….talk about the ashkenazzi “jews” being liars as they prepare to ship all the darkies out of israel soon ….why did they bring them there in the first place from ethiopia as these

    blacks are not jewish or hebrew to be certain ,,,certain ashkenazzi and hebrew mix downs trampled thru africa in hundreds of years gone ago ,,,,it is likely that these black “jews” some of em anyway are tinged off from some ashkenazzi here and there hundreds of years ago like eurasians who are left over from soldiers screwin asians etc …but these ethionigs are nothing but black ethiopians ,so what is israel up to ,,? maybe they want to poison some new conscripts ,,anyway the king of bullshit yeschiel eckstein shitstein ashkenazzi bull shitter extrordinaire is hosting his comedy show about collecting more niggs to israel ….It is disturbing to see how deluded the white christians

    in the jewish christian alliance are …jews are ashkenazzi with no claim to ancient hebrew israelite dna ,at all …whether true israleit descendants are the whites ,,this is theory ,but the campaign of the false prohpet jew ashkenazzi satanics in killing germans in south africa (boers ),russia (white russians were 1000 year in country germans),,europe/germany wide from 1890’s on to the present etc..ww1-ww2…..the target is german blood by the ashkenazzi talmud hooknose mob….

    I would love to see yeschiel shitstein get sucked through one of his wings of evil jet engines ,,,i would watch it once a day or more for pure pleasure …
    this shitsack is not content with the 800 thousand dollars a year hes pulling for himself from the fund all the idiots donate to ….anyone wan to check the el al jet manifests and see how many people he is rescuing from russia and ethiopia ,,ask your self why

    ethiopia ,where was yeschiel shitstein when millions of ethiopians were dying from jew instigated famine decades ago..probably sucking rabbi weiner……how do you tell one ethiopian from another let alone tell which one of em is ?ashkenazzi/jewish

    lofl……anyway they are not impoerting any people to israel russia or ethiopia that cant come on their own power ,and are just fleecing american people ,,,,one good campaign is to e-mail church orgs. with the truth about the jews and how even jesus felt about them and the ashkenazzi genealogy ,,mainly proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that

    israel is palestininian property and is being swallowed up by lying false hebrew ashkenazzis ….hey got some rabbi general genocide manager shitsack in zog named general ashkenazzi ,,how direct can you get with a name like that ,,,……biblically supposedly this land was given to hebrews ,,? what would god give this land to

    barbarians who were worse than the canaanites already there …plenty of room elsewhere and in fact the “kingdom: of israel and judah were small cloistered areas of palestine and not the great kingdom of legend and lore …
    if the blacks in ethiopia saw the experements and the aparetheid that is directed at these

    african breed wannabes they wouldnt want to go to israel to be experemented on chemchally or biologically…who thinks the jews are not doing this ? ha ha …these critters radiated thousands of sephardics children decades ago under the pretense of worm treatment …the ashkenazzis are behind this toward somwhat abramic descedants ,,,…
    \so if you wanna send sheistsac rabbi dickstein 350$ to resue a paper cutout from ethiopia gwan ahead heh heh …jews are probably using the jets to smuggle uranium or they have some god awful polluting uranium refinement plant in ethiopia that they need a reason to go in and out of ther unnoticed ….jews you know how they are …

  15. sog says:

    here is another brave soul who didnt like the “semitic” rule of commieism in the usa…
    some of these genocide documenters still think hitler killed millions ,and of course its gradualism trying to get people to come around …
    what is signifigantly overt in alot of posts about hitlers gun control being the thing that led to the deths of all the jews ,,,bull shit but the info that stiks out to me is how when the ottoman turkey people enacted gun control they even removed the armenians from thr military of turkey ottoman and took their guns but in hitlers leadership there were 150,000 jews in the wheremacht who were armed and no one took them out of the german army or disarmed them ,so the german gun control lie doesnt hold air ,,its another kike scumbag lie….ayy
    the triumverint miscreants were ,,,3 guesses ,,,,,juice/jooz/jieusz/
    there are alot of similarities in armenia as in french joocoo and russian joocoup and many others as well …..
    mainly is how christians are attacked and killed by jews and have always been …
    the not so peaceful muslim cult is perverted with deadly dogma like noahyde devil wership and there is no peace for christians in muslim nations ……

    the 8 stages of the armenian genocide has also a vintage interview with the man jimi hendrix on the dick cavett show …
    paul wellstone was another standup dude who locked horns wioth the devil in the flesh geo bush whackker and whakko g bush jr. And Political Facts And Observations.htm

    on this link ,,i think adolf hitler had the right to issue the deathhead units to wipe out polish shabboz goi and polish jews who had been leading a genocidal charge aginst innocent germans …i would have issued the sam order ,,kill anyone remotely associated with the genocide of innocent germans …
    the world jews has no leg to stand on and accuse hitler of anything except to make a safe place for germans in germany …..
    this guy still thinks germans committed genocide for what reason i dont know but the link perovides a good picture of the sitch for germans in europe in early 1900’s

    jews loved this shit and produced dioxin for profit and long term death race Jews/Jewish_rabbis_molesting.htm

    these brave souls and their sacrifice for TRUTH ,why else would they do it

    yeah ok here it is on senator paul wellstone ,whom the jews zionized for standing up to their agendas thru bush

  16. sog says:

    lauren carson are you related to johnny carson ? ..anyway heres acunting article you will like also vatican assain but there is alot of stupid bullshit in that one ok never mind that one so much…ill give you another theirory and to do with roman catholic power under spell of jews tho ..they put himmler in the position under hitler sposedly cus they needed a chicken farmer to run the country as the coup was in the werks ,,,its all controlled thru conduits and variables and hidden agendas and secret societies …on and on…i know the catholic huegenots in france were killing protestant huegenots french also in france in ??1525 i think and the protestants fled to berlin in 25 k number and joined berliners who numbered 25 k and they brought the yummy sausage technology with them to the germans ,,heh heh ,history of sausage ,,lighter note n all ,,,who doesnt like baseball and hotdogs /sausage …..the jew jesuit led ensemble from the hill in rome catholocism were sposed ly the ones that wanted to send a tsunami on to muslim victims in indo and thai,,a large number of jewish sacrificial souls to satan pleasing to lubeavitchers and the stealth jew catholics ,unleashed a dented can nuke to the trench ,,,well i only mention this as the only seismic activity recordred that day was a P wave on the paper and no shear waves with lots of squiggles n all ….P waves are historically traditionally only strictly recorded when there is a nuclear test done somewhere ….shear waves are coincidental with actual earthquakes and the 2 distinct diff wave types are strictly identified by their specific actions ….cartholiicism is not considerec real christianity but they are free to practice their religion anyway what the hell …catholocism does not represent christian theology and is more like a criminal institution like judaeism … yeah e carson you are right about the poison that the catholic church and even now in turd world countries they are up tp their old tricks of charging people for releasing loved ones from pergatory and other such …..hmmm av ya dumped yer b-friend yet …ya sweet on dat ol whiskey ayye …maybe we could be friends again ,,,heh heh ..
    but blacks still refuse self help and are spinning their tyres in the ghettos and blaming the white man and are a bunch o fuckin savavges ,,,it is good that you dont know first hand yet ,,,so count yer blessings …..
    we know now that you come on here drunk and ist wy you dont make much sense so peace out nutty mare…..””cunting”” ,,heh heh

  17. HKW says:

    sog at 1:29 am says:

    “,,i think adolf hitler had the right to issue the deathhead units to wipe out polish shabboz goi and polish jews who had been leading a genocidal charge aginst innocent germans …i would have issued the sam order ,,kill anyone remotely associated with the genocide of innocent germans …”

    Listen you chickenshit: you can have all the jews you want and burn them, shoot them and do whatever you wish with them.

    But leave the Poles alone!!!!

    Enough said!

  18. sog says:

    HKW says: pluurt
    December 31, 2011 at 2:03 am

    sog at 1:29 am says:

    “,,i think adolf hitler had the right to issue the deathhead units to wipe out polish shabboz goi and polish jews who had been leading a genocidal charge aginst innocent germans …i would have issued the same order ,,kill anyone remotely associated with the genocide of innocent germans …”
    Listen you chickenshit: you can have all the jews you want and burn them, shoot them and do whatever you wish with them.
    But leave the Poles alone!!!!
    Enough said!……………..good advice comrade
    oh the poor poles …i dont take orders from jews ,,hkw ,,,,, i do put in print what has been already
    ackknowkleged and proven and the german invasion of poland was a neccesary military action taken by hitler to defend and save germans in 1938 from ongoing slaughter by jewish terrorism and obviously there were some poles involved ,,,so what is yer point chickenshit eater ,do you seek to suppress truth …or history …so uhhhm ,, fuck you bitch …
    Defeating Poland in 1939…… the sound of drums …..and german steel

    It took all of Germany’s strength and all its manpower and military skill to defeat Poland in September 1939. During this war the following losses were incurred:

    German Dead: 10,572; Injured: 30,322 Soviet Dead: 737; Injured: 1,869 The above information is from: “Tatsachen zur Kriegsschuld” by Gerhard Baumfalk, Grabert, 2000. I gave the above numbers as proof how poorly Germany was prepared for war in 1939 compared to the Soviets and Uncle Josef — uncle to the International Jews.

    also earlier at some point in ww1 germany had sent troops to free poland from russian jew insurgents .citizens/mobile terror units ,etc

    The USA, UK, France and their puppets ignored their promised obligations to follow up with disarmament. In 1923, little goose-farming Poland threatened to occupy the remnants of disarmed post-war Germany

    i dont know ,maybe yer got yer dick caught in the keybourd and got all hissy and decided to take it out on ol sog …..
    dont be so gay ..ha ha
    like i said i would a done the same thing and who wouldnt when white christian innocent germans were being slaughterd and disinfranchised in many other countries as well but bolshevication was well under way in poland ,,,sorry old chap but i dont make the news ,,….
    take a valium dick head or read your talmud

  19. HKW says:

    You are a German faggot whitewashing German’s crime on polish citizens shifting the blame.
    What a weak excuse you’ve used!
    Why your generous Hitler didn’t take his poor German ‘victims’ out of POLAND?!
    Wouldn’t that solve the problem and lots of lives?!!

    Germany poorly prepared? What a laughing stock you are!
    The armament gave them jobs, didn’t it?

    I would do the thing same thing (kick your ass) every time, over and over again, to anyone of you extending your sticky fingers further than necessary.
    Stay within your own borders!

    Germans and Jews always wanted to control Poland and Hitler hated Slavs.

    Banking With Hitler

    Poland Between Hammer and Anvil 1918-1945.

    Behind Closed Doors

    Non-Jewish Victims — Poles

    David Irving – Guernica – Jews backed Hitler – Poland – no plan to invade Britain or USA

    Shaking now?
    Take some valium 🙂 and shut up. Otherwise there will be more evidence!

  20. HKW says:

    In September 1939 Poland was not invaded by Germany alone, but also by Slovakia (!) since first days of hostilities. By dragging Slovakia to war, Germany procured an excuse for UK not to engage, in case USSR would decline to co-operate as per notorious Ribbentrop-Molotov pact.
    Poland had re-emerged on the political map of Europe.
    Contrary to critics’ repulsive name-calling (a clumsy creature of the Versailles Treaty, etc), re-emergence of Poland should be seen as the most natural event.
    In 1918 independent countries emerged which had had no independence at all in recorded history (Latvia, Estonia, Finland are good examples).
    But Poland’s resurrection was too much for some, especially for Germany and the emerging Bolshevik Empire.
    Sadly, both these countries decided to dismantle Poland for 4th time in history.
    The 4th partition of Poland brought the World War, as other important world actors saw opportunity to play the event to own interests.
    The fact, that that the Jews, who have their roots in Sumer, are actually Vedic Aryans speaks for itself.
    Who knows? Perhaps Hitler was aware of it too and being partly Jew had a good reason to consider himself to be of the Aryan “Master Race”?
    I don’t believe that Adolf Hitler was a “Christian patriot.
    What he did for Germany some may consider as heroic, but he reached too far out and as a consequence millions of innocent people died.
    He definitely did cross the line.
    Hitler was a stooge that the Jews used to establish the devil’s state of Israel and to establish the holocaust extortion racket in which Christians would be blamed.

  21. HKW says:

    Nazi War Crimes as Described by German Soldiers
    By Jan Fleischhauer,1518,755385,00.html

    Germany’s WWII Occupation of Poland
    ‘When We Finish, Nobody Is Left Alive’
    By Michael Sontheimer,1518,759095,00.html

    David Irving – Guernica – Jews backed Hitler – Poland – no plan to invade Britain or USA

  22. HKW says:

    You are a German-talmudic faggot sog, whitewashing German’s crime shifting the blame on polish citizens.
    What a weak excuse you’ve used!
    Why your generous Hitler didn’t take his poor German ‘victims’ out of POLAND?!
    Wouldn’t that solve the problem and saved lots of lives?!!

    Germany poorly prepared? What a laughing stock you are!
    The armament gave them jobs, didn’t it?

    I would do the thing same thing (kick your ass) every time, over and over again, to anyone of you extending your sticky fingers further than necessary.
    Stay within your own borders!

    Germans and Jews always wanted to control Poland and Hitler hated Slavs.

    Poland Between Hammer and Anvil 1918-1945.

    Non-Jewish Victims — Poles

  23. HKW says:

    ” The Crime of The Partitioning of Poland eventually led to Both World Wars”

    And then the creation of zionist Israel;

    Revealed story of Israeli troops told to ‘cleanse’ Gaza ;

  24. Sen10L says:

    Germans where in Germany that was stolen and name Poland slapped over German land. Now that’s a fact jack.

  25. Greg says:

    Talking to braindead people (family or not) is like talking to a television.

    Next time anyone is at a family gathering and brings up our (Whites) situation and what Jews are up to, when the braindead start attacking you with their tv programming just go set in front of the teevee and respond to their attacks by looking at and talking to the teevee….thats who you’re really talking to anyways.

  26. HKW says:

    Sen10L at 1:32 pm says:
    “Germans where in Germany that was stolen and name Poland slapped over German land. Now that’s a fact jack.”
    Poland in its existence is older than Germany. The Polish Slavs have always been there going back 10 700 years!
    From Polish to India.

    R1a1a7: a signal of Slavic expansions from Poland


    If anyone has a legitimate claim to historic victimization, Poles can stake a claim as deeply valid as anybody. Here is a rudimentary chronological overview of the social upheaval, religious tension, and terrors that ripped through all or part of Polish society (which has changed and reformed in expanse) for hundreds of years, beginning with the century before the Jews’ arrival:

    1241-1242. Mongols invade Poland.
    1246-1307. Lithuanians raid parts of Poland.
    1248-1287. Jatvingians raid parts of Poland.
    1328-1322. Teutonic (Germanic) knights and Bohemians crush
    Poland in a series of wars.
    1350’s. Jews began immigrating en masse to Poland.
    1399. Mongols defeat Poland in war.
    1410. Poland defeat Teutonic knights in war.
    1419. Protestant Hussite rebellion.
    1454-1467. Polish uprising against the Teutonic knights.
    1475, 1484. Ottoman Empire attacks parts of Poland.
    1486-94. Russian Tsar Ivan II the Great attacks Lithuania.
    1492. Tatars raid parts of Poland.
    1497. Moldavians militarily defeat Poles.
    1498-99. Tatar invasion reaches Krakov, one of Poland’s
    greatest cities.
    1500-1503. Tsar Ivan II attacks Lithuania again.
    1507-1508. Polish war with Russia over Lithuania.
    1512-22. Polish war with Russia over Lithuania.
    1524. Ottoman troops cut through parts of Poland
    and conquer sections of Hungary.
    1558-82. Russian Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible fights 24 year long
    war against Teutonic kingdom.
    1563-70. Russia invades Poland in First Nordic War.
    1578-81. Poland defeats Russia in three campaigns.
    1600-1635. Swedish-Poland war.
    1618-1648. Thirty Years War, of which Poland has peripheral
    1620. Poles defeat Prince of Transylvania.
    1621-1631. Poles defeat Turks in battle, but Turkish attacks
    continue for ten more years.
    1633-34. Poles attack Turks, Russians, and Swedes.
    1635. Poland seizes Swedish ports on Baltic Sea.
    1648, 1651. Rebellion of Cossacks against Polish nobles. With
    armed aid from Tatars and Turks, hundreds of
    thousands of people are massacred.
    1654-1655. Russia attacks Poland and conquers eastern part.
    1655, 1657. Poles defeat Swedish and Brandenburg armies.
    1660-62. Polish union with Ukraine and defeat of Russia.
    Polish rebellion against King of Poland.
    1672-1673. Turks attack Poland; Poland loses two-thirds of
    1673. Turks defeated.
    1683. Turks driven from Vienna, a crucial event for Europe.
    1700-21. The Northern War. Polish alliances attack Sweden.
    1704-1710. Swedish troops destroy one-third of all Polish cities.
    1756-63. Seven Years War. Russian armies used Polish bases in
    their war against Prussia.
    1768-72. Polish Catholic uprisings, known as the Confederation of
    1794. Polish popular insurrection against Russia and Prussia.
    1797-1801. Polish legions, formed from former Austrian prisoners
    of war, fight Austria.
    1806. France attacks Prussia, Russia aids France, and Poles rebel
    against Prussia.
    1809. Napoleonic Wars of 1809.
    1830-31. Polish insurrection and war against Russia.
    1833-1846. Rebellious Polish revolutionary cells captured and
    1846. Polish rebellion put down by Austrian troops.
    1853-56. Russia’s Crimean War leads to reforms in Poland.
    1863. Polish insurrection, put down. Executions and exile.
    Russian governor makes “every effort to stamp out Polish
    culture altogether.”
    1905. Polish patriots take part in abortive revolution against Russian
    1914. World War I. 800,000 Poles killed and destruction of the
    1917. Russian Revolution.
    1918. Polish uprising against Germans in city of Poznan.
    1920. Polish-Soviet war.
    1929. Polish unemployment hits 33%, not including those employed
    in agriculture.
    1936, 1938. Violent uprisings, strikes.
    1939. Fall of Poland to the Nazis and Bolsheviks in World War II.

    After being expelled from other areas of Europe in the mid-1300’s, Jews were allowed by the ruling nobles to immigrate to feudal Poland. There, despite modern Jewish itemization of alleged Polish persecutions over the centuries, the Jewish community flourished. (Just before World War II, “84% of all the Jews in the world either lived in historically Polish territory, or came from families that had lived there.” [SHERWIN, p. 157] To this day Jewish popular opinion still condemns Poles and their culture, with accusations of all sorts leading up to alleged Polish indifference to — and betrayal of — the Jews under the Nazis in occupied Poland!

    This should be enough!
    If not, then you are blinded by your arrogant hatred and greed for expansion!

    I thought this site is more about how to deal with Jews and blacks.

    Do your really know where your STAND is?

    Give up your false propaganda. Wake up from your ‘dreamland’ past.
    We are now to face 2012 and a very uncertain future…..

  27. Sen10L says:

    You could say that for many people throughout history that they are squatters on someone elses land. I’m just referring to the period between WWI and WWII and the Germans that were in the land at the time.

  28. Sen10L says:

    Sorry HKW I thought all Poles were Jews or sympathizers… my bad. 🙂 I’ll not attempt to debate or discuss polish history. I have never studied any of it’s history other to know that Hitler tried reasonably to avoid a conflict with Poland. Too bad it was infested with Jews and had been infected with Jewitis.

  29. HKW says:

    But the Poles were there before that and in fact it was taken away from them many times.
    After the last war the Soviets did with the land what they thought was right and nobody else had any control over their decision.
    Poland was given to Stalin in 1945 by Roosevelt and Churchill and went under Bolsheviks occupation since.
    It is wrong to blame just one nation when so many took part it the war.
    The Soviets also took a big chunk of polish land!
    The Jewish Bolsheviks changed their names and infiltrated the polish government influencing the lives of polish Christians persecuting them.

    So far I have patiently read and taken unjust abusive comments regarding Poles and their country seeing hardly anyone coming to their defence.
    I will take it no more!

    Thank you IncogMan for allowing me to post my views on Polophonobia unlike another site where they publish mostly those who have fatter wallets of donations and others who don’t pay more never get their comments see the light.
    At least you let everyone to have a fair go without editing their posts.
    I truly appreciate it.

  30. Sen10L says:

    HKW you are our friend and ally. Just have had other Polish people go all bat-shit crazy with the name of Hitler before. What’s the deal? Hitler as all German leaders know to stand a chance in war if one is surrounded they have to take the war out instead of waiting for it to come to you. Too bad Poland had a cancer that needed removed from within it’s bowel as the surgery proceeded towards it’s primary cancerous site. Sorry, your people got caught up in the middle of it.

  31. HKW says:


    I appreciate your reconciliatory comment although I do not agree with you on Hitler.
    After all, Germany’s prosperity was short-lived and at the end of the day millions of innocent people died including Germans.
    Hitler hated Slavs and didn’t care about their fate.
    Open your mind guys and just think about it;
    There was a footpath left that not all can see leading to Israel and as a result the holocaust industry and the genocide of Palestinians and zionist mass infiltration into almost every aspect of our lives.
    That’s not all; who now control most of the world’s banks and countries ?
    It was all well planed including the significant figures.

    I know how hard it is to accept some facts but seeing the truth can set us free.
    We should learn from past mistakes.

  32. Sen10L says:

    I don’t really know what his mind was, but I’m glad we’ve had a moment to discuss it a bit. I need to learn more. Wished I’d started this journey years ago. Best wishes. Let’s nail the scumbags that wreck minds and nations.

  33. HKW says:

    Let’s nail the scumbags that wreck minds and nations.
    Best wishes to you too.

  34. sog says:

    i can not blame any german for disliking slaves slavs ,,etc …hka bwaaaaaaaaa….not going to waste time arguing with a big whiny baby ….poles poles poles ….fuck you pollock ….have ya heard any good pollock jokes ;lately…..didi you hear about the polish fella that locked his keys in his car …..he had to get his family out of the car with a coat hangar ,,,ha ha ….

    h/k/a ,,,you act like kalki in that you know somethiomg the rest of the people dont …..
    its a foregone piece of documented history that the reason the whole goddamn war statrted was the ramped up baiting murders of germans in thewir own siezed danzig district and poland and other euro countries ….there was going to be a war by the jews no matter what and the excuse was for when germany went in in 1939 …it cost germany almost 11,000 soldiers kia ….this is documented history ,,,,,although you and the jews try to paint a differing view or blame the germans for false flag event at the radio station by poles,,blah blah ,,,fact is hitler went into poland to combat bolshevik treachery and to protect germans …..
    why diodnt germans just leave all their life behind from an area that was germanies anyway and had been siezed and given to pole land,,,,you seem to think it was easy to move around at will then as the red terror mobile death squads roved around in poland ….polish people were victims as well and were under bolshevism ,i never said yhey were not victims either ,,but you strangely and jewishly mock the misfortune and death jews caused ,,,you bore me now so have fun converying to judaeism coward ,when they come for you ,,you will be their first convert ,,,traitor ….
    history has spoken on germany and poland and other problematic areas and history knows more than we do ……
    tough guy or is it girl ,,you just wanted to rattle your little saber ….
    all i have done is to re issue links to history and history speaks a different viewpoint than you big mouth
    the mother of my kid is 100% polish german …
    so what is your point ,problem or malfunction …..
    i understand and agree with most of what you are trying to express in your own way but adolf hitler had a national duty to defend germans and they were being slaughtered in other countries ….
    not going to aplogise for your whining at me ….i agree that there was no doubt innocent victims as no expeditionary invasion of a foreign district is as surgically concise as we would like for it to be …..
    are you calming down yet……heh heh …
    typical sociopathic attitude to jump all over someone for telling the truth or part of it instead of sayin hey bro whats up with that ..
    you are not as you intend others to see and are very unstable and immature ,,heh heh
    when i said i would have issued the same orders to go into poland i do speak for millions of people who would have done the same as well ….wutch you gonna do …go buy a coat hangaer

  35. HKW says:

    @ Sog

    The instability and immaturity ,,heh heh’ show in soggy personality.

    Your mind is stubbornly clouded with resentments of some other kinds for reasons that you do not dare to admit to.
    You are one of the stirring trouble -makers rather than solution-seekers.
    I have lots of evidence to back up my comments, but would rather spare some of you those horrific facts as I do not wish to incite hatred nor cause further rifts.
    I prefer to choose wisdom for the right cause.
    Unfortunately, you are the provocateur here that sometimes needs to get his lesson using your won weapon against you, even though I don’t approve of, especially the rude language as I am a female usually with good manners.
    Your sarcasm is uncalled for, so don’t pick on me and I won’t retaliate as I have respect for others of you kinship who have shown reconciliatory manners that you cannot accept.
    Fortunately there are still some wise people around.

    Be better if you go away or change your ways.

  36. Sen10L says:

    Out of respect to Incogman and others I wanted to let this go. For me the jury is still out. There is always two sides to every story and somewhere in ther middle is the truth. The only footpath I can see is International Jewry with their wicked machinations, which is nothing new. Until I have more thoroughly researched this aspect of WWII, I’m not conceding anything; but will live in peace with my neighbor if it is within my power to do so.

  37. sog says:

    mr. polish history if you want people to understand your angle ,try to present it in a more positive way …i am interested in all history and will look at polish history closer but i am always looking for the jews in my rear view mirror as well…
    jumpin all over me and calling me names for simply repeating what happened in history makes me think yer a stupid prick and you proved it beyond a reasonable doubt but i will be glad to research polish history at this point for what it can add to the big picture ////i was happy for poland when thru solidarity they kicked the lousy jews out in 1968 i recall and 30,000 jews scurried away from poland like lice to avoid prosecution including Lt. Col. Helena Woli?ska-Brus (1919 – 26 November 2008) born Fajga Mindla Danielak, who was a military prosecutor in Poland who later moved to oxford england where her kike hubby got a job brainwashing students at oxford college ….
    i was sad for poland when all top level officials died in the specious aircraft accident last or 2 yersa ago…
    the whole world was grief strikken when the jew led baruch morgenthaus give poland over to stalin and the show trials that murdered 400,000 people poles and others including emil fieldorf.general
    his daughtr tried unsucccessfully to extradite the jewess Helena Woli?ska who was in charge of all that killing including general fieldorfhttp

    World War I and Liberation…………………………….
    Although it had lost its political identity, the nation of Poland persisted beneath the surface, bonded by a common language and religion. The Polish spirit refused to be broken. A series of unsuccessful insurrections in 1830, 1848 and 1863 resulted in severe oppression and deportations to Siberia………………………

    During World War I, Poles were drafted into military service by the countries controlling their homeland. This often forced Poles to fire on their own countrymen. Interestingly, 100,000 Poles living in North America fought with the Allies as the “Blue Army”. The defeat of Russia, followed by Germany and Austria-Hungary by the Allies allowed Poland to exist as a country once again. President Woodrow Wilson advocated a free and independent Poland as one of the 14 Points for Peace. Liberation Day is celebrated as a Polish national holiday commemorating November 11, 1918 (Armistice Day).
    wilson lied to germany on all the reparations fears etc…armistice no reparations he promised
    World War II ……………………………………………….
    Poland was not to enjoy its liberty for long. After struggling for 21 years to reunify a country destroyed by war and partition. Poland was invaded from the west by Hitler’s German armed forces on September 1, 1939, a few days before being invaded by the Soviet Red Army from the east. Poland could not stand up to this crossfire and was overrun in less than a month. For the remainder of the war, Poland would be under occupation by German or Soviet forces
    we always thot that the german army was a stabilizing force in poland protecting it from russian jewish bolshevism …the entry of germany into poland for rescue type ops and protective occupation…it was the understanding that polish life went on somewhat normally and the jews were separated into warsaw but that problems with poles and germans was kept to minimal as only commies were being sought out …
    until the end of the war it was understood that poland was under a civil occupation to help police the jew commies and protect everyone including germans …russian army was coming for germany inexorably inevetibly and so poland was screwed as being in the middle and at the end stalin killed 400,000 people using bogus trials as the way of the zio commie clowns …
    another place from where jews scurried from to safety recently,,venezuela as hugo chavez is trying to wipe jew zio com stain out of venezuela and the jews hate him …heh heh
    Lt. Col. Helena Woli?ska-Brus (1919 – 26 November 2008) born Fajga Mindla Danielak, was a military prosecutor in Poland was to be extradited by emils daughter to poland for trial on war crimes but england would not honor the attempt at the request ,,she said that she would suffer anti semitizm there …
    anyway peace if be so

  38. sog says:

    sorry its mrs history then ,and so i know yer a girl cus no man shoulkd whine like that and as for going away …it will be as you wish soon enough but in regards to your info ,i respect that and yes i am some3what immature as its very becoming and sexy i’m told ,,just kiddin around a little rough …i sispect that you are halina and just why did you change your name and attack ol soggy for tellin the truth …..whats up with that ? …peace
    why dont you go away …no why dont ypou ? no why dont you go away lofl ha ha ha

  39. sog says:

    soggy is multi personality and many persons to bear for ..they are lioke distinct separate compartments ,,some not as tidy as the others ….yeah and some sepoaerate people involved in our thing ,,,
    HALINA KW i really bear you no ill will sweetheart so lets be freinds agayne,,, love is in the air …i really dont wanna fight with a woman ,men never win those fights ….hah

  40. HKW says:

    @ sog

    Yes, my name is Halina as there are many of them in Poland, which is a very popular name.
    My whining in comparison to that of the jews is NOTHING.
    It is simply self-defence as I have every right to do so.
    If you are suffering from Polophonobia get a proper treatment and take a pill.
    I don’t mind the cheekiness of a sexy guy at all as long he is experienced enough to know how to present himself as such and must deserve my attention.
    So far you don’t seem to stir any of my emotions…except annoyance.

    I gave up at one stage, but realised it would be a cowardly escape.
    I AM BACK as there is nobody else defending the good name of my nation!
    So, watch out…

  41. sog says:

    i am really glad your back and am waiting for your orders with baited breath ..l o l………….. you cant ram education on people as it comes from assimilation I reckon ,most people are aware of a lot of situations in poland and all the other countries at the hands of international jewry so thats all ,,and anyway you should never give up your position and allow yourself to be flushed out as easy as you were ….i have nothing against

    polands right to self determination at this point as they to struggle against the jewish world order and have suffered alot of violence as of it …your welcome for the support and the links …I too have watched and prayed for poland since the 60’s ….on and on

    Polophonobia wt ef , i cant even pronounce this werd or shit ,,polo pho no bia
    Kedengarannya seperti makan penis dalam bahasa swahili
    it sounds like you have polandsyndrome and if i remember you live in australia and sometimes visit poland to relatives and know that everyone who lives in poland now

    except jews are carrying on the “good” name of modern day poland and you are not the only one …yeah gee we dont know nothin about poland around here ,,,uhumm
    im a f t?? heh heh ,are you trolling ,,,and all you cn talk about is poles poles poles like you wish you had one ..,,i think you have an addadiktooee in mind for your future ..
    ive seen your contention ,,as in contentious woman with and ax to grind and a chimp on yer shoulder….the deafinition of insanity is to do the same thing over agin and again

    and expect a different result …. basically thats all i remember you being good for from a year ago is petty arguments ,,but its all good …yer 1/4 polishness
    changing course here and do not want to lock horns with you any more on this subject ,
    but there is one last point that is epic ….polish people today irrationally still hate germans and germany with a pathological venom and they did then in ww1 ww2 ans did before ww1 and to this day they want to wipe out germany ,,,?? do poleish hate jews or just germans ….cus as a nation the poles are decidedly anti german by a large %.
    what do you make of that HKW….
    youve also never lived in poland just visited once for 10 days or so and born and raised in australia ,,,righto ..put some more shrimp on the barbie ,,that sounds weird

  42. sog says: third reich.htm
    halina why do you jewishly attack germanys armament situation ,,,read the 3rd reich posting to see that they had absolutely no armaments left after all their ships ,subs ,heavy,lite guns and ammo was all destroye at the hands of jewish intervention post ww1 including all their gold and how the jews were buying up the place for pennies on the mark…can you even read ? germany had no money and materiels to rearm and hitler had to conjure up some genius trading as he did not want to become indebted to the banks …..armenia went thru more hell than poland as did the ussr and gaza and alot of jew war torn areas but your in line somewhere up in front so keep your chin up ..

  43. 30.06 says:

    Geez , here I thought this post was about Jews and their Lies .
    But someone wants to only talk about good Pollacks and bad Germans , hmmmm…
    bad Germans , where have I heard that before ?

  44. HKW says:

    @ Sog,
    I was born and raised in South-Western Poland, close to German and Czech border and have migrated with my first husband to Australia from Switzerland after the announcement of martial law 1981, leaving my family, my best friends and my wonderful memories of youth behind.
    I have relatives in Poland, Germany and Switzerland and I visit them whenever I can.
    You don’t see me commenting often or getting involved in debates until the name of my countrymen is mentioned in a derogatory manner.
    You can criticize the current polish-zionist government as much as you wish, the more the better, but please leave genuine Poles and polish Christians alone.
    I love Australia, yet my polish patriotism never faded.
    If it wasn’t for the martial law, the scary and uncertain situation there I would have gone back to my old heritage after the holiday in the Swiss mountains.
    I don’t hate Germans; I don’t like the word “HATE”.
    I do not approve, however, of Hitler’s actions and his aggressive ideas of expansions that most Germans fell for and fanatically followed.
    I know many Germans hate Poles and you are one of the obvious examples presenting your resentment here on many occasions, even though the subject isn’t on topic, which saddens me so, as admittedly I do enjoy sometimes your good sense of humour.
    English is my second language and history, and politics are my interest.
    I am still learning a lot blessing technology and the invention of internet.
    There are bad and good people in every nation. Nobody is perfect.
    But there is always room for self-improvement in which I strongly believe through education not necessarily at school, keeping an open mind to fair judgements, which you don’t take so kindly to, nor want to acknowledge it.
    It doesn’t have to be me talking about bad Germans, the image you present yourself for all to see in your own conduct and expressions especially when badmouthing somebody else for no reason.
    I just feel it is my patriotic obligation to defend the historical truth, which does not extend only to my country, but also other affected nations such as Palestine.
    Everything happens for a reason, and so was with the WW2.
    Since the creation of the illegal, criminal, terrorist state of Israel there is no end to it.
    There is no need to list all the wars after that, just search the internet.
    This patriotic obligation should include each and everyone of us defending the freedom of zionist-persecuted countries for it doesn’t stop in Palestine only, but the cancer now spreads everywhere!
    The ‘Polophonobia’ word was borrowed from another site off a certain German patriot accusing me of ‘Germanophobia’, which hopefully you can pronounce better…. :), where again I only defended my polish right to exist.
    Well, I’m a quick learner.

    Wisdom and intelligence are two difference things.
    I prefer to choose WISDOM.

    Oh..I’m well aware of the Armenian plight too and sincerely sympathise with them.

  45. sog says:

    the lineage list of wrongs to poland was cus they were weak and pale of settlement …what is a pole true genetic lineage ???..who cares ….you go on and on like the germans had anything to do with the relentless drunken stumblings of poland thru the centuries and you do allude strongly to that lie …YOU DUMB CUNT I NEVER ATTACK christians or non jews and i wasnt doing that when as i stated germny came to rescue non jews in poland to include germans mainly so why have you gone off to conclusions you know arent based on anything i posted …ussr came in but that wasnt germanies fault and germany came in to poland in 1939 and they both came for extremely different reasons ..
    yer just stirring up shit and baiting as all ive written is already documented seig heil ,,heil mr. adolf hitler
    yer hubby is a jew probably why you have a streak of contentious liberalism that is showing …anyway i dont like you and put you below MJ on the evolutionary chain …you are lowest man on the scrotim pole

    you cant superimpose your superiority complex onto a page when it overshadows the truth or blocks the balance an equilibrium of the context and the big picture …
    so with much ill wishes and cold resolve i bid you ,,fuck off bitch ,,and no one cares about your life history ,,very schwanky ,,,you dont smell right and i have tried to align my ideals next to your as an honorable task but your an ass hole so ,sew it up

  46. sog says:

    it still is business as usual 30:06 …jews are liers and wee are shining the lites on this all over the world and hopefully not too late ,,,,,history is tricky and some things are not yet known to the fullest of 100% knowledge and fact beyond 100% of doubt ….i will of course make no more comments regarding to or toward HKW as it is like spinning tires in ther garage/ i also never said i dont like polish people but i did say that poland under marxism and currently also hates germany ….the only other pole i dont like is hkw …do i blame polish for allowing their govt to be taken over ,,no cus in reality this would be rediculous as its happened to all govts and the people to hate are the jews as never before and theri shaaboz frontmen …ok hkw you were just looking for a war on here an all that so i hope yer feeling better noew ..heh heh ….hkw this has gone too long now so if you respond again i will not for the sake and sanity of this comment board and for the sakes of the other readers ,,,,,shaloam cheekystein

  47. HKW says:

    A perfect representation of your kinship, sog, that cannot swallow the truth, therefore retaliate in the manner only a rude German and sadistic brute knows how.

    I ‘m pleased you showed more of your national colours … ha ha ha ha!

  48. HKW says:

    @ sog,

    Definitely an immature soggy show off to his ‘brother in arms’ 30.o6 who don’t like patriots of different nationalities and an evident Hollywood lingual influence ( or is it rather your father’s traditional upbringing?

    You don’t like me? 🙁
    Oh, NO! Look at my crocodile tears!

    Well, you know what?

    I am rather very fussy when it comes to select even an acquaintance let along friends.
    I don’t give a poo what people like you think about me for you are nothing but a spiteful, vindictive, bitter personality and a very sorry sight.

    Surely not worthy to join those on my list.

    Gladly NOT to have your attention.

    Bye, bye soggy 🙂

  49. HKW says:

    I have no respect for a narcissistic narrow-mindedness. No wonder there will be no end to wars.
    As I no longer comment on another site, it is time for me to express my gratitude to all those who attempted to support me there, but never got the chance.
    Generously enough permitting the publishing of MySpace details I have received emails with attached comments that were suppressed on that particular site.
    I was shocked at its amount! And now wonder the true reason for it.
    I hope that you guys read Incog too and get to see me thanking you also publicly for your kind words of support, which proves the existence of a few kind people.

    There is still hope like the lights at the end of the tunnel that the world will change for the better some day…

  50. sog says:

    ok then jewess divisive contentious fish sac its time to go to your talmud class, agent hkw sushi socket ….actually you just showed the whole world what a jew you are in the above uber babble …..,seriously or why would you keep belaboring balabbering against rationality …uh ,ok now stands with fists get some reality …and no one is going to clik over to your kikery websites about the atrocities of germany to the poles ….fact is autistic woman the polish citizenry also took part in killing germans and not just your jewish relatives halinastein its simple as this,,poland has always hayted germans and didnt need jews to get em weked up at all …..defend poland all you want and bash germany ,,…so i can see why someone labeled you a germanaphobe on another site and whatever your babbling about its getting uhmmm vaguer by the s e c o n d …..its a real hootenani talking to a real zioinist pogue as yerself …
    please dont hammer on about your delusions in talmud speak ,,do you also babble in yiddish as well comrade ….”greetings from halina” from the pail of settlement where most poles are innoculated with jewr dna …thats more to the core of truth …would reckon that almost all poles have the devil dna from the lousy jews livin it up in powland back in the day
    here comrade halina this one you can read and bleeet for the jew which is your heritage

  51. sog says:

    …………….eat a commie dawg weiner comrade hkw…..she who emenates from pale of settlement where all poland becomes infcted with jew dna ….polish were just as brutal toward germans as were their masters the commie jews ….please believe what you want to tho ….

  52. sog says:

    poland the mixed country and pale of settlement ,,why oh why tell us why comrade why the state bird of poland is the fly…..why didnt germans just leave …oh i got it !..izz cuzz they was livin there in po land as infrastructure improvement as all other places they lived as farmers and engineers, architects ..etc for centuries and maybe the jews made germans look bad so the pwoles would attack them ,,as the jews divide and conquer as per tried and true methodology…then polish citizens are responsible for allowing themselves the satanic choice of pogromming germans in poland ,,which is actually true …you dont like the word hate but your demeaner is hate filled and blind in rage comrade……hitler hated slavs ?,i think hitler knew that 16 million germans had been put on the route by slavic countries at the request of greedy jew infested politicians and ignorant followers of jewish violence…the only black mark against the reich is maybe the ustashas who were stealth this and that but were glad to use the protection offered them under the reich to commit ongoing genocide against the serbs but other politicos were slaghutering serbs in jewish communist fashion..i have not really looked at yugoslavias intimate hair splitting complicated epidemiologies and what happened one day and then the opposite the next …complicated history but always with the zio commie jews waiting in the wings to kill everyone ….everyone makes mistakes and as a rule jews hate everyone and slavs more than hitler even gave a shit about them except for polands genocide of germanics ….
    i sincerely hope i did not offend anyone here except comrade holeina ,,if i did its cus it couldnt be helped .
    hating the werthless ashkenazzi tin jew is enough of a litmus test for me anymore but also the mexiclown and jibsz are a major problem as well …

  53. HKW says:

    In fact, I was glad to see more of your stupid national colors.
    Bring it on!
    Come on!
    Let us all enjoy your ridiculous show off. LOL

    Speaking of genocide!
    The evidence is there for everyone to see.
    Internet is a wonderful invention and there are still some grandmas and few grandpas alive to tell stories…
    Hitler’s arrogant actions resulted in the deaths of millions, including his own people.

    I will save my breath.

  54. sog says:

    i was deeply saddened to read that i would never make into your fold…ill spare the air with the fat joke and the flour ok ,,,this is a family board ,,heh heh …
    my father as you say his upbringing was germany, nationalism and the jewless nation almost …aqs was my grandfather ,,,,,,run along now little donosiciel,lizus ,odpierdoli? ,Biegn? wzd?u? teraz was little clacking szcz?ki pe?en g?? ?e..
    do you most certainly have a crocodile face to go with the crocodile tears …it is as you say your grace and those are my good qualities ….
    hkw sezzz below (hmmmm i dont think i like the sound of that heh heh)
    You are a German-talmudic faggot sog, whitewashing German’s crime shifting the blame on polish citizens. —–> 180* back at ya
    never owned a talmudd lassie ,and am not as you say with much practice ,,uh faggot uh not me renfrow,,im thinkin you might just be pretty hot ,,ayyye, heh heh ,you are wrong by 66.3% as the german part is half me and the other half is celtic .so that is around 76.7% wrong on your end ………ZZ Z Z Z Z Z Z z z z z z z z z z zzz z……
    can i buy you a pint sometime ,,,i didnt say of what but it can be haggled is in the air heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
    hey i dont hate you ,aighty …but you are reversing what non kikery history sex about polands role on german suffering but i understand as your opinion is biased and that just means you love poland ,,,that latter aint no crime anyhow ……peace out girl …

  55. sog says:

    ……..i was deeply saddened to read that i would never make into your fold…ill spare the air with the fat joke and the flour ok ,,,this is a family board ,,heh heh …
    my father as you say his upbringing was germany, nationalism and the jewless nation almost …aqs was my grandfather ,,,,,,run along now little donosiciel,lizus ,odpierdoli? ,Biegn? wzd?u? teraz was little clacking szcz?ki pe?en g?? ?e..
    do you most certainly have a crocodile face to go with the crocodile tears …it is as you say your grace and those are my good qualities ….
    hkw sezzz below (hmmmm i dont think i like the sound of that heh heh)
    You are a German-talmudic faggot sog, whitewashing German’s crime shifting the blame on polish citizens. —–> 180* back at ya
    never owned a talmudd lassie ,and am not as you say with much practice ,,uh faggot uh not me renfrow,,im thinkin you might just be pretty hot ,,ayyye, heh heh ,you are wrong by 66.3% as the german part is half me and the other half is celtic .so that is around 76.7% wrong on your end ………ZZ Z Z Z Z Z Z z z z z z z z z z zzz z……
    can i buy you a pint sometime ,,,i didnt say of what but it can be haggled is in the air heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
    hey i dont hate you ,aighty …but you are reversing what non kikery history sex about polands role on german suffering but i understand as your opinion is biased and that just means you love poland ,,,that latter aint no crime anyhow ……peace out girl …

  56. HKW says:

    Sog says;

    “…can i buy you a pint sometime …”

    to spare you the big fright of seeing my ‘crocodile face’ for your own good I decline your offer for you might loose consciousness, and then having nightmares in the state of coma for some time… lol

  57. fOOgAzEE says:

    MONEY/WEALTH has always and will always be the Jewish man’s burden. I actually feel bad for the 99.9% of Jews around the world because they will ultimately suffer for the .01% of Jewish Zionist Scumbags’ sins. Much like in World War II, I’m sure that the Zionist bankers(Rothschilds) will bankroll and fund the genocide of their own kind for the benefit of MONEY/WEALTH. In conclusion, the Zionists don’t have any friends or loyalty to anyone or anything; except for MONEY/WEALTH.
    That’s their power! No people, no state, no borders, no SHAME.

  58. Christine says:

    stupid diabolical jooz hahaha theyre running scared cause our people are waking up to all their bullshit 1488!

  59. David Baker says:

    I am in the process of trying to prove the Jewish Holocaust. During the Zundel “False News” trial in Canada, the Holocaust was thoroughly debunked. No witness to that event will testify under oath in a court of law. nor will any of the ‘experts’ present their ‘evidence’ while being constrained by “Rules of Evidence”. These Rules were suspended during the Nuremberg Tribunal. In my research, I have determined that no actual forensic exhibits prove the Holocaust, but there is convincing evidence of a War in Europe and the Pacific. The entire Jewish Holocaust consists of nothing more than the visceral, histrionic reaction by Jews toward any attempt to verify it.

  60. Jon says:

    So why do we embrace Jews like if they are good people because they have money or look white when so many are black looking in Israel.

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