The Jewish Hanukkah Hypocrisy!

Every year the nervy Jews erect a 91 foot tall menorah right in front of the White House; while any traditional Christmas scene anywhere gets the boot! Who do you think has always been the real driving force behind destroying Christianity in America? [INCOG]

By Dr. David Duke

My video, The Jewish War on Christmas!, shows three things with absolute clarity:

1) That while overt Christian symbols such as crosses or manger scenes are banned from public ground in America, overt symbols of the Jewish religion are legally displayed and promoted on public land all over the United States.

2) That such hypocrisy reveals the real rulers of America. Two percent of the population get their way, but the overwhelming majority of the American people are prohibited from their religious and cultural expressions.

3) That Hanukkah and the Menorah as it’s symbol (and that of Judaism) is a celebration of Jewish separateness and supremacy from other peoples. In an America where the media preaches assimilation, we have huge symbols in some of America’s most sacred places promoting Jewish “resistance to assimilation.”

The hypocrite Jews feel free to put up their menorah any public place they please and no one will say a damn thing because the almighty Jews now have America by the shorthairs. Let’s put a stop to these arrogant bastards! [INCOG]

Here is a photo copy [right, click for big size] of an article from Jewish learning on its websites about Hanukkah. You can easily check out the real meaning of Hanukkah on the Internet. You will find the true Judaic meaning of Hanukkah as compared to the lies that they give out for Gentile consumption. It shows “The Festival of Chanukah” and how it is “Dedicated against Assimilation.

All of this should stimulate many questions from unawakened Gentiles to the phenomenon of Jewish supremacism. How can a Jewish dominated national media in America that promotes assimilation for all races and peoples in America — also promote huge symbols erected to promote Jewish resistance to assimilation?

The answer is complex, but essentially it is that racial assimilation, multiculturalism, massive diverse immigration are weapons used by Jewish supremacists to dominate our society. I quote leading Jews who openly speak of “divide and conquer” and unashamedly promote Jewish solidarity, the Jewish and Israeli agenda and “non-assimilation.”

A neat trick, isn’t it? And no where is the hypocrisy more revealed than the giant Menorah erected across from the White House in the same places where symbols of the Christian religion are banned.

Dr. David Duke

Listen here to Dr. Duke’s Commentary


The Jewish War on Christmas


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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102 Responses to The Jewish Hanukkah Hypocrisy!

  1. 30.06 says:

    They erect Mennorahs to celebrate their power over the goyim .

    They use that power to persecute any that strive to do good for the people .

    Here is part seven of ‘Germany , Off Your Knees ‘ , that I could not get posted with the other six parts in another thread .

    This demonstrates clearly the power and the hate of the Jews .

  2. Will says:

    Ok this is my first post here Incog. I was reading what Kalki is saying about his posts being altered. Two things come to mind-one is what my woman tells me about jews in Microsoft(she worked there in the early days), she tells me that she found it strange that the jews were the only ones given direct access to the servers, even from their homes! Secondly what appears to be going on is STASI type psychological harassment techniques, i.e. they’d break into a subjects home and alter things in a subtle manner to make the person think they’re going nuts.

  3. Will says:

    Kalki- Look up STASI it’s that’s what the jews are trying on you.

  4. Kalki says:


    Your protection is no match for the FBI, CIA, NSA, Mossad, all those hackers in Pissrahell…etc…Plus the kikes own a lot of those anti-virus co’s.

  5. 30.06 says:

    Boycott the Jews !

    Present Christmas gifts that have REAL MEANING .

    You can do no better in your Christmas gifts than to present someone with a copy of Deanna Spingola’s powerpacked book ” The Ruling Elite ” ‘a study in Imperialism , Genocide and Emancipation’ .

    Also send them the link to her radio schedule for this December ;

    And this season of Christmas , remember those who fought the Jew .

  6. Kalki says:


    You’re not kidding. I experience their psychological harassment on a daily basis – on the computer and in real life. They send people after me to fuck with me, assault me, and even try to murder me (like they did back in Feb.) I’m very important to them. I’m destined to kill them all! Ha.

  7. 30.06 says:

    Will , Thank You for posting !

  8. Kalki says:


    “Perkus, Cathy, ed. and intro. by Noam Chomsky. Cointelpro : the FBI’s secret war on political freedom. NY, NY: Monad Press, 1975. “They [FBI] demonstrate a commitment to the principle that power must not be threatened or injured. The narrow elites that control the economy, political life, and the system of conventional doctrine must be immune to the means of harassment that are restricted in the normal course of events, to those who raise a serious challenge to ruling ideology or state policy or establishment privilege” (11).” from

    “to those who raise a serious challenge to ruling ideology or state policy or establishment privilege” – that’s me! LOL! I already knew that, but this just confirms it. BE AFRAID, KIKES, BE VERY AFRAID! HaHAaaaaHaaaaaHaaaaaaHaa!

  9. Will says:

    30.06-Thanks! Kalki-we’re in the same boat, last summer I was on my bike and a vehicle slows down beside me and sprayed me with some liquid. They sped off before I could retaliate. Plenty of other stuff too much detail to mention here but yeah I’m on to their games. I’m sick and tired of jew crap they’re trying to pull the same thing on us here in the USA as they did in Russia, the FEMA camps are the new gulags for the genocide of white people.

  10. RabbiYiddleDiddle says:

    Oh, come on, Incogman, why always you pick on poor helpless Jews just celebrating?

    Now if you want to really focus on some of the Talmudic Visionaries [TV folks] look at how concerned they are for health and Talmudic orders (for our physicians NOT to treat others, unless they are too powerful, and then charge them… unless they’re so powerful you need to do it for free – simple Jewish logic.) This is the scheme behind Obama’s forced, nationwide medical care system… soon to be offering much of its service at places like Wal-Mart centers! Using tele-medic services (preferably our doctors, controlling your lives) since the actual practitioners will be low-level folks.

    “Obama’s Healthcare Plan is to ELIMINATE Healthcare” says it all. Websearch the odd site (Christian oi veh!) goodnewsaboutgod (.com or .org, I forget which)

    In this you may even be thrilled to know how our visionaries plan to reduce African population dramatically. (Of course the same for uppity goyim in America too).

    Now one of the chief minds of this is Maurice Strong (crypto Jew) who is also really big in pushing the danger of CO2 emission which we must drastically reduce in major polluters (namely cold white zones like USA, Canada, Europe, Russia), and it makes good business sense to end cheap energy and bring in costly ways to bury CO2 and use sporadic and costly solar and wind power. But the global “economy” needs a boost! (And Mr. Strong leads in the carbon for cash game… laughs all the way to the bank… in China, where he now hangs out!)

    See “The Great Global Warming Swindle” video on why CO2 is NOT a diver of global warming, regarding average Earth surface temperatures (not warming now overall).

    Ah, but youtube cut this video (discovered it used some copyrighted music and scenes!)

    But I found it anew on // and other sources. Ha ha!

    And Mr. Strong is a big pusher of environemntal law control over national states. He was big in the Rio Earth Summit that pushed through a complex twaddle of systems to control ALL farmalnd, waters, forests… step by step. To get the skinny on this see video (youtube) “Agenda 21 for Dummies”

    In this you’ll see a key phrase SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. It means this treaty, just like a clenched FIST emblem means a revolution funded/pushed by organs set up by George Soros and/or OTPOR (the cryptic gang that crushed Serbia and set Muslim Kosovo into Europe, and now launched “democracy” -manipulatable, in N Africa.)

    Know the signs and use them, like the Menorah is a sign, whose meaning is obscured.

    Now look at the picture of dancing Jewish men above.The guy in a fedorah hat looks a bit like me (also a bit like Incogman image?) So I figure I’ll play the rabbi at a menorah celebration, and explain Talmudically how “we” are to be separate, exclussive, and yet how others are to mix and lose identity, because it works well for us. See?

    So what would be wrong with this? What religious Jew could argue? Or suspect I’m not really one of them. (Hey, they routinely melt into our churches etc! Quoting Scripture like an evangelist too!) Well, maybe they’d get it if I put on my little cap, since mine has… well… a propeller on top.

    Chappy Chanukah.

  11. Kalki says:


    You are 100% dead-on correct about the FEMA camps! ( see )

    And I was on my bike too, back in Feb. when they ran me over (from behind) @ high speed (70mph?) in pitch dark with no headlights on! That’s straight out of the ‘CIA’s Secret Assassination Manual’ (look it up!)!

    But hang in there, brother! The filthy kikes’ time is almost up! Pretty soon we take out the garbage!

  12. Lauren Carson says:

    The most selfish thing in the world is to take anothers life.
    Perhaps scalar technology could be used to induce a conscience into some bad jewish peoples brains.

    By the way, apparently there is no need for army’s anymore ,you can wipe out billions via one man in a comfortable porta cabin using scalar technology, this same technology can restore every cell in your body curing all disease and preserving your life for centuries apparently.
    Check out:
    <<< Scalar Wars
    The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics
    by Bill Morgan

    Earth is one giant kill grid, this level of tyranny is the reason I am put off from ever breeding.

  13. sog says:

    .. also the north dakotans trying to abolish property tax in that state and the govern ment putting nigs there is kind of a coincidence

    now that the scumanians passed the civilian detention laws the camps de fema are being rallied to full staff operation ,,..

    they wont come half steppin ,but they sure will try to shut down the internet for this possible eyewitness event

    right on gtr man ,well put ,,,where is cannibal rabbi
    loki i just realised you take your name from lo the closest moon to jupiter ,actually the super volcano on the planet moon ,,,the crater is 125 miles across and it releases 1800 degree temps for huge distances into space…on a regular basis these eruptions occur there as lo is in between multiple gravitational influences
    anyone of these eruptions here on earth would signal an ELE ,,which we do have some canoes like that here that are sleeping ….
    out of ordah ..yeah yeah ……………heh heh

    those delusional asshole jews again and ther brainwashed totalitarian regimes ,,,if they wernt so powergul they would be pathetik and funny but these delusional morons who are all bloodline khazars are liars and infidels thru and thru …

    all of them are infidels as you cant trust anyone related to the enemy during wartime …
    the khazars will turn on their own as well to say nothing of the fact that they will use all the favors they can get by sucking up to the dhs and al the other red terror apparatusses being brought to bear in the usa to save ther own worthless skin by turning you over if they know anything

    heel that could be your redneck neighbor somewhere who realises like a whore does that she gots a money maker tween the shaker and wants to capitulate upon twat er it
    they is gonna make yuse o dat jew name they was born with …beware

    ,,so the new found delusional will return to his vomit and commit to a satanic judaeism and say oh yeah im a jew(like 1/4 khazer MJ) and all so he can get preferential treatment and all,,
    good luck with that fool and lets wait and see if that works for ya…

    THERE ARE NO HEBREWS ANYMORE ,and are the descendants of dan ie: scanDANavians and other danite related ..???? anyone done DNA to prove this goose chase ……
    all the lousy jew mafia con men are khazars ,,,
    judaeism is not an old testament religion ,,,judaeism and mosaic law are diametrically opposed and neither is mosaic law a thing but a laew of death as well ,,corruptable as all men no less …
    vicious cycle

    lauren ,no offense child but you sound like a internet bot ….very dictionaery verse oriented ,,are you real ,,heh heh
    computers cant breed so you havent violated digital protocol
    as a human its fun to do the thang witout da little boobers poppin out 9 months later n all …its a shit shit shit world to be sure ,,,visualise world piss ,its easier if ya slingin da shine ….peacetard

    time for my mothe fuckin meds ,,,got microwaved all to heell today ,,and so did the rest yall ….peace

  14. sog says:

    i juz wanned to say i wish they would stick that menorah up foxwomens azz ,,room for 2 ..

  15. Lauren Carson says:

    Whistleblower Scientist Exposing Ugly Secrets of Agenda 21 Part1
    on ww3 by deception on vastell channel youtube

    Here is a lovely lady explaining how the epidemic of modern disease was wrought to us by the nuclear industry even though suppressed technology that was not profitable for J.P.Morgan and others mafia cartel elitist members new of TESLA free energy and consequently punished TESLA via poverty and starvation, nice man hey.

    My kinda bloke Tesla,gorgeous eyes,beautiful ,kind, smile,modern day jesus type.Preferred the company of pigeons to ugly headed mafioso wide boy typos.
    All the cuties perish on demon ruled earth.
    No point trying, I gave up a long time ago.

  16. Alababa Bumba says:

    Any time sweetie, anytime… As long as you read and understand my post earlier in regards to the beasts of the world… Its the truth and reality of our wonderful world today

  17. Lauren Carson says:

    In the video the lady explains that the nuclear weapons contain a tungsten alloy that have a 100% tumour rate 100% death within 7 months this has been added to the nuclear bombs,missiles bullets and warheads.

    This is what happens when you allow satanistic jews like Cameron to run the world.
    Yeah who needs good intentions,love happiness and joy when you have demon joos
    to poison every life form on the planet.

    Thanks boys a stunning job,what ever.

    Obama you are a disgrace and your wife supports you in your war against humanity, I hope your kids find out what you have been up to.

    Also in the video she explains how John F Kennedy was deeply opposed to nuclear weapons and israel in particular, she explains how George Herbett Bush has six mentally handicapped children due to radiation exposure and that when one child died of leukemia he just played golf for half a day just like your average sociopath/psychopath would react.

    She is totally exposing the lies and deceit of the nuclear industry and calling for sociopaths and psychopaths in government to be forcefully restrained for the good of humanity, perhaps Simon Baron joo Cohen could do some REAL work indeed.

  18. Lauren Carson says:

    We must not be ruled by demonic entities there must be a rebellion of the highest order,
    we need a peaceful mutiny, reason,logic and humanity must cast out these grotesque philistines of babylon.

    See they are so consumed by greed and power that they kill there own in the process.

    Sure we could leave them to destroy themselves out of their arrogance but I really do hope all of humanity rise up and ascend this darkness.

  19. when I lived in San francisco at this time of year there was always a Giant Menorah erected in Union Square opposite The Westin St Francis Hotel. no doubt there is one erected now. I often wondered why there was no Christian cross put up. It brought home to me the power of the chosen ones and to their way of thinking, their right above other religions to do as they like.No matter where they live. I remember at school way back in 1953 one of the lads in class asked our Scriptures teacher why had the Germans been so beastly to the Jews in the last war. He said to us, that more than half the world is starving and that the chosen one totaly control Wall street, the financial capital of America and the World. The Scriptures teacher did not say more but left us to think about it. It has always been for me food for thought.

  20. Loki says:

    GTRman says:

    December 11, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    Me ? Ive had a few glasses of wine . Just got a £650 counciltax bill , I knew I shouldnt have opened that envelope . In UK , if you work , you are punished , relentlessly .

    If you are on the dole or in prison you are laughing . LITERALLY ! AT ME !!!

    Check out——-(it’s big in the UK)

  21. Loki says:

    “Idiocy and imbecility are found comparatively more often among the jew than among non-jew… The mongolian type of idiocy is also very frequently observed among jew… Among the jew the proportion of insane has been observed to be very large…the jew are more liable to acute psychoses of early age than are non-jew.” (The jew Encyclopedia, Vol. VI, (1904),p. 556, 603-04).

    “The jew are more subject to diseases of the nervous system than the other races and peoples among which they dwell. Hysteria and neurasthenia appear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among the jew have even gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthenic and hysterical.” (The jew Encyclopedia, Vol. IX, (1905), p. 225).

    Robertsez — This is not surprising as race-mixing always produces flotsam and jetsam. The nice thing is that most of the wacky jew are never confined to asylums. It become psychiatrists who view sanity as a form of dementia and charge the goyim big bucks to be told they are looney. Others get elected, and appointed, to high positions in the government. If you can handle that tidbit, then you’ll be able to see the direction of this failed Republic.

    The bottom question is, who are the more crazy? The jew or the morons who allow it to direct their lives?

  22. Loki says:

    The ZOG may not be dead yet, but it is certainly putrid.

    In most respects, the problems and the problem-makers are right out in the open, as are jew in the U.S.” government”. The use of the term, “conspiracy”, to describe their overt machinations is indeed incorrect. The proper term is “policy”! The Zionist Occupation Government is no conspiracy. It is open, oppressive and blatant in its arrogance.

  23. Loki says:

    We are on a kamikaze ride on behalf of is-ra-el, thence, down the toilet of history. Who will be the primary beneficiary of the demise of FEDZOGUSA? CHINA! It really does appear as if the jew have betrayed us, as they did with their Babylonian hosts in ancient times and their German hosts in World War I. Some things never seem to change: Goyim and still dumb and the jew are still subverters and destroyers of their host peoples. When will we ever learn?

  24. Loki says:

    The jew is to Gentiles as a virus is to a healthy body.

  25. Loki says:

    After witnessing the White sellout of the land beneath their feet in Africa, I lost my faith in “the worse, the better”, for the worse things became for Whites, the less resistance they put up.

  26. t bone says:

    Hey CR, I (we’re) concerned about ya, brother. Maybe check in sometime soon. Hey, if youre in a cranky mood you can tell us to go screw, at least we know youre ok.

  27. Loki says:

    Judeo-America is going through a Weimar phase, in which every losing combination is being advocated and applied by Ostensible Whites. In science, the rigorous application of erroneous principles results in the replacement of the theory which does not accommodate perceived facts with one that does, as we learned in the case of X-rays. When people still insist on applying the erroneous theory, they have left the realm of science and enter that of religion. Our hope for survival rests with those who see the error of their ways and adopt correct, survival oriented behavior. The religious bigots are welcome to go their way into oblivion. Perhaps we must experience hunger, if we are to abandon behavior which causes us to go hungry. Our abundance on this continent has fostered our idiotic foolishness, for we behave as if our resources of food, space and opportunities are infinite, and can cope with infinite population growth, especially of jobless welfare parasites. On the local level, crime has been high in good times, and now it is rapidly increasing in the form of robberies, thefts and home invasions. As we know, this is only the beginning. The reality for the majority is low wages, high living expenses, such as rent; sudden unemployment with curtailment of benefits; rising taxes and falling public services; vanishing pension funds, investment losses, &c. Funny how our living standard falls as the number of muds rises. Could there be a causal factor in this correlation? Only a jew-dazed liberal could fail to see it. In the real world, people occupy space, consume resources like food, fuel, water. For this, they require the means to obtain these items, usually jobs. In relation to the rapidly-increasing demand for all such items and their relative scarcity, there is a growing likelihood of conflict in the form of crime and political/demographic upheavals, exacerbated by diversity. How can it be otherwise? It is not a matter of IF, but of WHEN, and I see the signs of growing conflict already, on the local level. The picture of an upper-class Russian lady getting into her carriage after an evening at the theater comes to mind. The painting also reveals the ragged masses of starving city folk who observe her finery, from the distance maintained by the police. I see it when I walk home from the supermarket, whenever a dark-skinned mestizo points to my grocery bag, then to his stomach and motions with his hand to his mouth. The day will come when I must fight to eat, and I will not be the only one striving to cope with the afterbirth of the American Dream. Obviously, our abundance did not make us smarter, but quite stupid, bereft of any healthy survival instincts, as Elmer Pendell observed in “Sex vs. Civilization”. This is the situation we have been paying to achieve, thanks be to ZOG.

  28. I also have been getting fucked with by the jews.

    Walking back from my mailbox the other day, an african tribesman came out of the woods to confront me. He had a bone in his nose and bones and some keys I lost in his afro (black people and their bling, dontcha know) and the pierced nipples and the thong with his balls hanging out. He stands in my path and starts yelling “HABBAHABHbaBAAABOOMBAjAbOOMBAKUMFEDUMBA…” and there were wild gesticulations and stomping his foot and some clicking sounds. I answered “That’s very important and I’ll certainly take it under advisement. Thank you for that valuable input.” He stepped aside and I walked back, turning around once to see him squatting behind a tree, thinking he’s hiding. I see him there everytime I drive by. He’s even more obvious at night, with the whites of his eyes darting around in a field of black. Is he delirious from hunger? Should I let a boiled monkey head roll out of my truck near his tree? How do you make jenkum? Why won’t he move on? Importing an african tribesman to harrass me failed.

    I see how removing “bullshit” from your post just changed the whole message. Subtle is that creature. Sometimes not so subtle too!

  29. Kalki says:


    “bullshit” sums up your post very aptly, kike.

  30. Observator says:

    Kalki named Noam Chomsky’s book Cointelpro: FBI’s Secret War on Politcal Freedom, and it’s quote that they will dis-establish any effective challenge to their agenda. Yes!

    Of course Chomsky was PART OF THE CONTROL MECHANISM too! (A Jew too.)

    I know it, because I was a Freshman in Cambridge MA posting signs to meet to protest the stoooopid war in far off Vietnam (to save one turd gang versus another, not gain land for us, or return Indo-China to white French rule.) And I met this miserable professor and his motley gang of political proselytes (one I knew as also Jew) and they cheered his “intervention” in my talk. H swiftly led the bunch to lefty la-la land… at which point the cameras got rolling, And HIS news was presented. (Not my ironically correct view, though in those days I knew little about the Insiders.)

    The miserable professor was Noam Chomsky! (not yet famous)

    By the way, I met with some “Occupy” protesters and suggested they find where a top bank manger lives, or a top importer of cheap alien goods killing industry here, and then “occupy” him untill he ends his evil practices (be specific on demands!) But they were not interested in such concrete steps. They just uselessly vent steam!

    Last night I heard OCCUPY are boycotting the docks, specifically a big port landing huge cargo carriers full of goods from China. Wow! I tried to talk to organizers and say I agree we must stop the importation of junk killing jobs here. I’m glad they do this.

    But NO! They would not hear of that! Instead they are really just union folks only trying to protest low wages for the dock workers. In other words, this “Occupy” movement is run by lefties of the usual markist, labor-union sort, and NOT interested in challending the core matters. So, it is just a “movement” to dissipate energy of angry folks… in rather harlmess ways. From what I can see, it does not challenge the power structure and power of Insiders. Indeed, it seems a “false front” set up by Insiders.

    What do Incgo writers see on this “Occupy” movement?

    Regarding expanding a business venture for some group, lately I’ve been looking over demographic data on medium-sized cities in southeast Ontario, outside Toronto itself.
    I happened to notice one growing wealthy city northwest of Toronto, called Vaughan. Apparently it is 17-18% jewish (lineage/religion). I was surprised, as I don’t think of Canada as being nearly as jew-saturated as USA. Vaughan must rank with the top places in NYC or the “chosen” communities of southeast Florida. Has anyone been there to see what it is really like? Anyhow, if you want to protest Chanuka, that might be the place to visit in that region of N America.

  31. OmNamahShivaya says:

    For Kalki


  32. Wasn’t I just saying this in one of my last comments? Man, I am awesom!

    That nasty dancing jew sure makes me sick. One of their tricks is to pretend nobody cares or objects to their schemes. Unfortunately it works pretty well. My view is that people within themselves are really sickened by these parasites, but the external manipulations influence people’s thinking, causing confusion by causing people to reason instead of just listening to their intuition. The intuition should be saying, unequivocably, something’s not right.

    I recall I was in the horribly jew-infested region of the Hudson Valley in New York State. I saw this bhudda-jew doing some strange yoga dance in this karaoke bar where I went to slam a couple of beers with some friends of mine. He was a revolting sight but was doubtless trying to score some gentile women with some beguiling Zen bhudda bullshit. I wasn’t untrue to myself like so many braineashed, untethered white fools. I allowed myself, and him, to feel my deep revulsion at what a odd, off, and untoward creature he was. I’ll never forget its look of feigned non-involvement; a look that said “don’t look at me/can’t we all get along.” Bullcrap backpedaling, acting asif he authentically believed the anything but jewish supremacism.

  33. Kalki says:


    Thank you, my friend!

    That’s very powerful!

    In the beginning was the word
    And the word was with God
    And the word was God
    And the word was OM


  34. Citizenfitz says:

    You can’t be cynical enough when it comes to heebs.

  35. Marcus says:

    Happy x-nukkah.

  36. Vexed. says:

    Look what I found this “hanukkah” December 20th 2011.

    The same exact jews lighting the candles of Satan’s Trident in the illustration above this post (scroll upwards) and then look here.

    “hanukkah” is for jews and negroes. And what creatures inhabit the House in DC? you got it, jews and negroes!

  37. Kalki says:


    Just like with everything else, ‘Hannukah’ i.e. ‘The Festival of Lights’ is an ancient Aryan festival – celebrated by Hindus (Aryans) for thousands of years before Jews even existed on this plane. It was also celebrated by “pagans” (i.e. non Jewish pseudo-religion worshiping Aryans) such as Wiccans. Of course, the kikes perverted it to celebrate their genocide of non-jews, just like all their un-holy-days.

    Also, Jews have only been using ‘The Star of David’ for the past 150 yrs. It was ‘adopted’ by Herzl, the founder of moderen Zionism – but in fact it is the ‘heart chakra’, used by Aryans for millenia before kikes…
    See, they do this in true parasitic fashion – they worm their way into our hearts by wrapping themselves in the symbol of the heart…

  38. sog says:

    they still need to break in to put a keylogger on your system for manual recordings …its usually looks like a mono jack adapter lookin thing that has a male end and a female side like mj but they will plug your keybourd into that and plug the krybord in….if you run linux live cd’s there is vitually no chance of them key logging you …but the tech we dont know about is very sophisticated without a doubt ….caveat emptor

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