Why I’m For Dr. Ron Paul

By INCOG MAN, one of the Internet’s biggest White SOB’s (yet sometimes still lovable).

I’ve always been for RON PAUL. Ever since I started my blog over at the WordPress blogosphere (not a real site), I’ve supported him. BTW: My first blog was deleted by WP when some tricky Jew hasbaRATs tag-teamed me, trying to make me look like a skinhead killa by leaving a comment openly calling for an illegal act.

Listen up, my hard-bitten and Jew-aware readers: Sure, I know the system is rigged for Jewy left/right head games. And I’m quite aware Ron Paul doesn’t name the Jew and voted for the fags (allowing homos to join the military). But let’s get real: Any politician in this position needs to, absolutely has to walk a fine line because of all the “PC” and Christian Zionist brainwashing over the decades.

I somehow doubt very much anyone, Ron Paul or Jesus Christ himself could get far if they said the things I do. Hell, if they did, they would be screaming that Ron Paul was Adolf Hitler reincarnated and Jesus was Beelzebub.

Nor am I so naive to think the stinking Jews won’t resort to dirty tricks in stopping Paul, or maybe even something criminal to eliminate him as a threat to the Jew World Order. Nothing would surprise me one bit about what the devious, Zionist Jews might do, especially after what they did to this country on 9/11.

I’m fairly certain they have a black ops team they can call out to manipulate voting results in key contests.

This grandma named Bev Harris, once stumbled across an unsecured FTP site (very possible). Her curiosity aroused, she downloaded the files and it turns out, what she found was the original source code for Diebold voting machines. Since she wasn’t a computer guru and didn’t really know what she was looking at, she turned it over to people who could. The files had a hidden back-door that would allow parties to later surrepitiously change any collected voting data.

Haven’t you noticed one thing on election night, the media can’t help declaring so-and-so as the winner, when they hardly had enough time to count any votes? Oh, they claim it’s based on “exit polls” but when has a count ever gone the other way after everything is in? It’s because they already have the results they want in advance and report it like so, only admitting mistakes when it apparently makes little difference. I’ve been suspicious for a long time now — especially of any contest in New Hampshire and Florida.

So, Ron Paul most likely will not be allowed to go all the way. But that fact alone should not dissuade us. The more people openly and enthusiastically for Ron Paul, the more people who might just realize something is very, very wrong when the creepy Jews do something to sink him — or maybe even something worse.

Plus, we have to be for something. All too often I hear: “You don’t like anything, do you? Basically, people conflate whatever I say about the Jews or Negroes to mean I hate everything in the world. It’s kind of weird.

Gawd, there’s tons of stuff I love: White women, guns, hunting, fishing, reading, getting drunk, having a nice yard, rick black coffee, building pretty much anything, surfing, civil war history, Robert E. Lee, dogs, eastern box turtles, my hand-built and finished flintlock Hawken .50 caliber rifle, leather jackets, backpacking, sleeping in the wild, fly-fishing, fly tying, really cold beer, riding horses and motorcycles, swimming with bow-legged women, philosophizing about the meaning of life, star-gazing, pissing off liberal multicults, target shooting, kick-ass southern rock and roll, bluegrass, exploring anywhere, metal-detecting, old rock walls, archeology, fossil and indian arrowhead hunting, working on my truck, woodworking, stains and glaze finishes, NASCAR racing, peppery NC barbecue, great big steaks (medium, slightly rare), baked potatoes and sour cream, just about any kind of seafood, chocolate cream and pecan pie, blackberries and cold milk, all-you-can-eat Chinese food, hamburgers and french fries, moonshine, civil war artifacts, realistic oil paintings, art and natural history museums, libraries, old book and antique stores.

Did I say I like cold beer and White women? Oh yes, I do. But enough about my favorite things. Let’s get back to Ron Paul.

Paul is really the only candidate we must be for at this time, regardless. America absolutely needs to change course, badly. Here, watch this video:

What if?

I don’t know how any true American could watch the above video and not come out for Ron Paul. America had better start getting it. Like Ron Paul notes, we will be on this course, sooner or later.

Jesse Ventura just came out for him. He tells us; “Ron Paul has Governor Jesse Ventura’s endorsement without a doubt,” The tough guy, ex-governor of Minnesota, continues “It’s not even close. Because I want a new president that is going to change the direction of this country. I want a new president that is going to follow the Constitution. I want a new president that is going to believe in states’ rights. I want somebody that will shock the status quo.”

Jesse says it like it is:

“It’s a simple as this: If people truly are looking for an attempt at change in this country – changing who are and what we will be in the future – then there is only one candidate, and that is congressman Ron Paul. He’s the only candidate that wants to audit the Federal Reserve… he is the only candidate that wants to talk rather than wage war, so I think this will truly be an agenda for the United States of America, an agenda to determine what we stand for. Do we stand for being the most aggressive, war-mongering country in the world who is all set to go to war with Iran, too, or are we going to be a country that stands for peace?”

The Globalist Jews are now switching the subtle manipulation program over from Newt Gingrich to Mitt Romney (apparently, Newt boy has gone over like a lead balloon for thoughtful Iowans). Oh, I know Jews don’t trust Mormons (because many Mormons are Jew-aware and have lots of WHITE kids), but to them, he’s better than Ron Paul when it comes to precious IsraHELL. To the single loyalty (to Israel) Jews, any of the other Israel ass kissers just have to be better than Paul.

Another one they are pushing with Christian Zionists is Rick Santorum, who is one of the biggest Israel ass kissers out there (and that’s saying something). The guy once called whiny Neocon Sean Hannity “the greatest American,” suggested Israel’s military oversee ours in the Mideast and backs a solo American attack on Iran, should precious Israel “request” our help. And they call Ron Paul dangerous?

Big-mouthed, Israel-Firsters like Mad Jewess are also against Ron Paul and that’s more than enough for me to be for him right there. Mad Jewess also claims vehemently she’s NOT against Ron Paul because of the possibility of Israel getting cut-off from America’s dough, only that Ron Paul voted for homos in uniform. Ha ha, yeah, like I’m so sure that’s why she’s against him. And little Jew piggies have wings, too.


I never could stand this skinny JEWISH creep.

Did you see that tweet business about Tim Tebow by Bill Maher? He said: “Wow, Jesus just f***ed Tim Tebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler ‘Hey, Buffalo’s killing them.'”

What a sick little bastard.

Most people erroneously think Maher’s just a stinking, atheist multicult liberal, but he’s really a stinking JEWISH atheist and all the rest. Yep, his mother was a Jew, making him one too. Hell, the guy could go to Israel and get welcomed as a hero. Maher thinks he’s so funny. Dennis Miller is ten times smarter and more witty than this clown. Unfortunately, Miller is also another Jew suck-up (certainly for career reasons), although not Jewish (Miller is a name often used by cryptos).


The “corporate” media is obviously dissing Ron Paul (“corporate” is PC acceptable, even though the entire US mainstream media is owned by Globalist, Zionist Jews). The braindead are now picking up on the real deal; regular people in Iowa have been asking themselves over the last month “what the hell kind of polling are these fools talking about, when me and everyone I know are for Ron Paul?”

Another thing that scares the Jew Globalists and Zionist Neocons is that Ron Paul is getting serious traction with young college kids, independents and even non-Whites. I bet that really gets their Masonic goat.

Some people say “Obama will beat Ron Paul, so why bother?” It’s that kind of thinking that has got America into this mess in the first place. We have to go all out for a real threat to the status quo, and not the usual Washington punk. I do believe Obama would get trounced by Paul in a fair election (it probably won’t be fair), but if Ron Paul’s support is not so overwhelmingly obvious, America deserves whatever happens thereafter.

So, I think it’s best for us to get behind Ron Paul, at this stage of the game, for a wide variety of reasons. Let’s not nit-pick and wish for what’s not going to happen at this point in time.

Another damn good reason?


This just in:


The US State Dept funds a group called the FDD – Foundation for Defense of Democracies. This is a neocon think-tank where the Ron Paul attacks are originating. Specifically from a guy named James Kirchick. And guess who’s an advisor at FDD? Newt Gingrich.” From CHRISINMARYVILLE’S BLOG

The guy also writes for “The Advocate,” a homo magazine and numerous Israel publications. Most definitely a Jew homo. This is the kind of people involved in the Jewish assault on America’s sovereignty and our over-all social destruction. Get it? You will.

Hat tip to Aryan for the link

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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237 Responses to Why I’m For Dr. Ron Paul

  1. Walter Rauff says:

    Any white nationalist with a brain supports Ron Paul because he is ZOG’s worst nightmare – wants to shut down the Federal government – stop fighting Jewish/Zionist wars – end the Jewish Federal Reserve System, and stop the Jewish Police State by repealing the Patriot Act and other jewish attempts to take away our individual liberties – and he is awakening people in the millions. If we can’t get Ron Paul elected through the compromised and brainwashed Republican party – how are we going to actually get people to secede and fight the system? Ron Paul is the first step and a means to an end – he is not perfect, but near perfect for what is possible in American politics. Any pro-Israel comments he makes are required for him to make to stay in the race, as we all know the power, influence and control that Jews/Zionists have over the media. I love Ron Paul for being an honest man in a whole corrupt government that has few exceptions -him being one of them. We outta all get behind him and teach non-whites to join up as well – Zionism/Jewry cannot be defeated by white nationalism because there is no visible white nationalist movement – it is growing but is still bubbling under the surface and implicit, and subconscious. It has not broken out into the open – Ron Paul has the potential to be a unifying force for all Americans who hate the system. He cannot be our savior – but he is worthy of support

  2. summerled says:

    look at this bitch from cnn, after he was attacked by the press she turn’s it around on him his face at the end say’s it all

  3. Jack says:

    Here is a link to an article in the New Republic about Dr. Paul’s newsletters. There are links in the article to pdf files of the sections they are quoting. These are the only newsletters of Dr. Paul I have been able to find on the internet (so far). After reading them in their context, I agree totally with Dr. Paul and will continue to support him. (not that I planned to do otherwise). http://www.tnr.com/article/politics/98883/ron-paul-incendiary-newsletters-exclusive

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:


    Mitt Romney is supported by the Crown family of Chicago, a Zionist family that is closely connected to Israeli military intelligence. Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, is supported by Sheldon Adelson, a Zionist billionaire who works closely with the same people. Are these different factions or is this a Zionist plot that has the same goal?

    The Zionist strategy is to stop the very popular conservative Ron Paul. Because there is obviously no candidate that can beat Paul in popularity or on the issues, the Zionists are supporting a slew of venal candidates in order to steal as many votes as possible from Paul. These candidates are essentially a gang of Zionist-funded candidates who form the anti-Paul coalition. Using privately-owned and controlled electronic voting systems like ES&S, the South Carolina primary shows how the Zionists plan to block Ron Paul from being the Republican nominee.

    From this event, one can state as fact – not theory, that Israel and its supporters in the US are actively working to derail Ron Paul’s race towards the GOP nomination, and the Presidency. This fact alone, should be cause for alarm from even the most moderate of public corridors. Should a foreign country, in this case Israel, be allowed to buy a significant influence through the media in American democratic elections? Should candidates be allowed to accept donations – even indirectly, from foreign interest PACs or agents thereof, thus creating a serious conflict of interest, and threat to national security?



  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Ron Paul Calls Newt Gingrich An Idiot:-)

  6. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Liar in Chief

  7. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Ron Paul – This Speech Gave Me Chills

    Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, and a pro-America foreign policy.

  8. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Ron Paul vs Obama 2012 Debate – Satire

  9. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Obama Doom Despair and Agony.wmv

  10. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Ron Paul vs. Big Government ^ 3

  11. 30.06 says:

    This guy has some good points here ,

  12. 30.06 says:

    Good points part 2

  13. 30.06 says:

    Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski Supporting Ron Paul .

  14. 30.06 says:

    An Eight minute Salute . One second , for every Suicide , of a returning Veteran under Obama .

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