ABC’s Rick Klein: Punky Jew in YOUR FACE

WHEN SOMETHING POPS into my big fat noggin, I immediately want to start ranting away on my site here. And it’s so easy: All I have to do is hit “Add New Post” and bang the post away like the madman I am. Believe it or not, I might even wake up around 4:30 AM with a start, having much of the words right in my head from somewhere or other.

Last night, I’m watching Greta Van Susteren on FOX (I think that’s her name), who’s giving us pretty much the exact same “scoop” as all the other previous one hour segments, like stuck-on-himself Bill O’Reilly and whiney Zionist suck-up, Sean Hannity. But of course, the entire day’s coverage is all about pushing Zionist crap — hour-in, hour-out — once you pay attention.

Greta brings on Jew punk, Rick Klein (above), to talk about the New Hampshire primary results. Klein is the “senior” news editor for ABC, doing a little extra propaganda time on FOX. He’s made sure to tell us Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance in hell to win, because his ideas are “so outside the mainstream” as he smugly puts it. Pretty nervy since Klein then goes on to devote most of his time to guys Paul convincingly beat.

Brat-faced Klein has no business marginalizing Ron Paul. Klein is nothing but an overpaid Jew hasbaRAT* talking head, just like all the other mainstream media whores who know that a Ron Paul president might present a few problems for the devious, criminal Israel, Zionist traitors and especially the greedy International Jew bankers in control of the Federal Reserve — all sucking on YOUR labors.

Read on if you got any backbone and American patriotism. 

You got to ask yourself something here: Why is FOX bringing on someone from ABC? It’s because all these people are working for the same Zionist power matrix in the end. Hell, the mainstream media has Jews going from one network to the next for onscreen opinion moulding and new jobs anytime they please.

Get real: There’s no difference between FOX and anyone else, really. Oh sure, FOX caters to “conservative” Americans (the silent majority) but it’s just different “market demographics.” They all sing the same, tired tune on certain topics, if you pay attention. Hell, use your remote — what you see on ABC is on NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, is the same pro-Israel, pro-diversity and trashy Hollywood news filler, occasionally even at the exact same time!

Now, take a good look at this punk Jew, Rick Klein. Just how does this little creep get elevated to “senior” status? Because he’s a fast talking Jew, that’s why. Plus, the Jew media people think a young face might appeal more to young Americans, whom they want the brainwashing to start as early as possible (greedy Jews know the value of “ROI,” or return on investment). You see how it works?

And do you see how America is locked on to the Zionist Jew merry-go-round, as Jew-controlled America and Israel ends up killing more innocent people, not just overseas, but even over here with false flag terror like 9/11? It’s not being a softy liberal hippy-type to say that, either. Another thing critical to understand is that we’re getting robbed up the ying-yang by these self-absorbed, arrogant, immoral Jews so they can finalize the commie Jew NWO and further expand sacred Israel’s hegemony in the Mideast.

I bet this punky Klein creep owns a Maserati. There’s actually tons of overpaid little Jew shills and their corrupted shabbos goy minions giving us the crap nowadays. Whether you know it or not, all these lousy punks work for the same bosses that own America and the so-called elected politicians.

One image burns in my mind with a fury that knows no bounds. George W. Bush is talking at the White House Journalist ball/party/roast, or whatever the hell they call it, and crassly jokes “WMD? I don’t see any WMD. Maybe it’s over here, or maybe it’s over there” (as he looks around the podium). The Ziowhore media people out in the audience erupt in peels of hearty laughter.

Good Americans died there (almost 5000 soldiers and another 3000 contractors). Tens of thousands got seriously messed up. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis got wasted. The sorry sack of dog shit is joking about it all? And the so-called “free media” people are joining in the mirth? Un-friggin-believable.

Jew media doesn’t care one bit when non-Jews get killed, like this little Palestinian girl when the stinking Israelis bombed civilians with block busters and phosphor weapons.

I don’t give a flying you-know-what if you think of yourself as a “liberal” or “conservative” or “moderate — all that crap means nothing anymore. It’s all just political brain games to keep us from seeing the big picture, or what these bastards are really doing in the world.

Get real, bozos.

I want to see all these media creeps (Jew and Gentile “shabbos goys” alike) dragged out of their cushy media offices and plush, fancy Manhattan penthouses — literally at the point of a bayonet — suited up in a prison orange jump suits, forced to look at the terrible images from Gaza (right) and sentenced to hard labor for a few years in our newly reconstituted American factories and fields. That’ll teach the bastards.

Think that’s being so “extremist” and all those other Jew slanders they trained you to parrot, like “White supremacist” and Nazi? I don’t think so. I’m a GD proud American and I know what’s right and true.

I certainly don’t need some stinking, overpaid BRAT-FACED Jew telling me what to think.

They’ve been sucking on the tit and living rich while purposefully keeping America stupid, as our country goes straight down the tubes and innocent people get killed. They are not the “free media” we’ve been led to believe, but smiling, putrid, Zionist-owned whores.

I hope one of them stumbles across here and reads that last paragraph. And I fervently pray to God I’m one of the American patriots finally taking these rats into custody when the time comes.


— Phillip Marlowe

*Hasbara is the name for multiple Zionist Jew organizations dedicated to disinfo, propaganda and agitation programs for the Jewish State of Israel. Your tax dollars may even fund much of it. Tens of thousands of little Jews belong to these organized operations that work the Internet to keep unknowing America screwed up in the head. Many more merely work on their own, apparently because the sneaky Jews find pleasure in messing with the Goyim. Hell, there’s probably a lousy hasbaRAT reading this right now!

Oh yeah, Jew management always create new positions for other Jews — that’s why you have so many executive vice presidents, “senior” this and “chief” that. Go to my newest page up under my banner, JEW MEDIA, and see just how many Jew punks that really do control America’s mainstream media. It’s insane!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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197 Responses to ABC’s Rick Klein: Punky Jew in YOUR FACE

  1. Flanders says:

    Good comments you had from the previous page, John.

    The jewish media must be the first to go. Is working for jew media the most dangerous job in the world?

    There will be no advancing toward freedom until it is.

  2. Bailey says:

    T Bone, The next time you have to move something call me, i got the van, you got the yuengling !

    Flanders, that Q&A above says it all.

  3. John says:

    Thanks Flanders, and you’re absolutely right. The jew media has to go. One of the major problems though is that most American Christians are so hopelessly brainwashed into believing that the jews are “God’s chosen” that they will defend israhell like a bunch of insane rabid dogs. That’s why I think most, but not all, Christians are nuts because it’s a well known fact that jews hate Jesus with a passion. And yet most Christians are all for killing women and children who happen to be muslims even though muslims, for the most part, hold Jesus in the highest respect!

    I’ve thought about this a lot and I still haven’t come up with a way to wake the masses up. Most of them think that they’re going to be “raptured” before anything bad happens. So unfortunately, I think it’s going to take something even worse than 9/11 to snap people out of their delusion. Well so be it. We’ll be waiting.

  4. There is not good jew. Even the so call antizionst is a jew game crap,because they all love Talmud,so fuck them all . Good jew is DEAD JEW.

  5. Good arab is dead arab.

  6. John says:

    Been posting on this article on yahoo about the US’s impending war with Iran. Had to share this quote:

    “America’s chin has Israel’s balls bouncing against it.”

    Funny, sad, and true.

  7. Heydrich says:

    @ John 4:42

    I’m newer on this blog, but the most profound points I’ve seen regarding waking people up is the idea that Holohoax Denial is illegal in 17 countries. I can say that single point got me to digging further into the issue and looking at our current state of affairs through the lens of the Jewish question.

    Clearly there is something to hide when one cannot even question honestly such a major issue.

    “Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

  8. Loki says:

    “The Jews have the world by the balls, and the concept of mercy is utterly foreign to them. They have devised our entire reality for the purposes of milking us in ways we still do not fully understand”.

    “Our entire frame of reference — from what our parents teach us to what society’s jails for children known as schools force us to believe actually prevents us from acquiring the knowledge to realize we are deceived slaves shackled by abstract trends and prefabricated psychosocial rituals that assure we will be no threat to the pervs who designed the system.” @John K.

  9. John says:

    @ Loki

    Sigh. You’re right. So how do we break out of this cycle?

  10. Vox:

    You just wrote that you “cannot trust anybody that fell off the boat, Russians… (Etc.)”

    Really now?

    So what, exactly, is your cutoff point?

  11. Margarita: there is something wrong with you, you know that? “The only good Arab is a dead Arab” A bit psychopathic – a bit jewy – wouldn’t you say, people?

    I don’t want hordes of Arabs over here and i do not want legions of whites over there.
    Margarita, despite being “anti-semetic”, do you support the zionists genocides of the people of the ME?

    Yes: I’m calling you out, motherfucker.

  12. Loki, please reconcile for me jewish disgust for Christianity with their supposed creation of it as a “goyim” control mechanism.

    Simple question.

    Yeah, I am calling you out too, and I think you are full of shit.

    The learned elders of zion seek to eliminate Christianity too.

    Why do you all suppose?

  13. Karen says:

    I suppose that allovertheplace is a very intelligent, perceptive,educated and fine allaround person

  14. What the hell kind of a name is “Margarita” Moore? Margarita, Spanish for a tasty tuquila libation, is the name of a drink. Moore, I believe is of Scottish extraction. I ask this in the same spirit that I would ask what the heck sort of a name is “William” Rosenblatt. You look at “our” current administration. The first names are such like “William” and “Oliver” and “Norton” but the last ones end in “-burg” and “-stein.” From this, Americans are supposed to conflate the American name with the presumption of an authentic identification with America itself. Say, the way you might conflate the urge to rid the world of jewish hegemony with Arabs simply because you are exasperated and therefore do not want to expend the energy to look past the subtle-audacious-blatant way “Margarita” “Moore” (yeah, right) just attempted to divide and divert your energies away from the most critical thing anyone can apply them to – the jew problem. But as they themselves admit, “Anti-semitism is a trick.” “Margarita” “Moore” just tried to put your marble on a roullete wheel. You were going for red. Then you were going for red and black. But your only going to get black. A diversion from the true enemy – like these wars! Good luck if you listen to “Margarita.”

  15. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Uh huh.

    I think the word is jarring!

  16. Vox says:


    Today your name is fitting. Give the alcohol some time to wear off before lighting in to strangers here. Hint: It’s called a hangover.

  17. Vox says:


    and BTW don’t blame me if you’re some kind of hunky bohunk with a unibrow and hair on your palms

  18. Greg says:

    Jewish propaganda has turned White people’s hearts cold and black. Cold and black towards their own race, civilization, and for the Christians even (REALLY) towards Jesus, though they don’t realize it.

    I also agree that the Jewish controlled media is the biggest and most poisonous weapon the Jew’s have. Many White people mistakenly worship the forces of darkness and their Jewish children as the “One True God.”

    The “goyim machine” is one big robot made up of animated and controlled bodies and minds of what are supposed to be human beings. This robot, without a doubt, is kept in tact and going by Jewish control of media (education is a biggie too.)

    Back on Christmas eve I went to a family gathering and all of these family members are supposedly Chrisitans…Yet, not one spoke of Jesus the whole night (besides prayer before dinner)…There was plenty of talk about sports and other idle nothings.

    People can go on vacation to get away from work and to get a change in scenery but they all seek out the same Jewish teevee propaganda no matter where they’re at. They go from one house and one place to another to watch more tv. But, not one of them really knows who controls the programming they are digesting or what their intent is.

    The truth is that unless a person is ready to awaken from within and has begun to question nothing you can do will stir them. All the knowledge in the world and all the kindness in the world will mean nothing. They will never focus on the true (Jew) problem they will always focus on “YOU” as the one with the problem.

  19. Bailey says:

    Margaritas a rat, Ignore it and it’ll go away.

  20. Will says:

    Whatever happened to the REAL incogman? I guess Hal Turner has a new job here the rat.

  21. Bailey says:

    @ Greg,
    How many TVs do you think this bad boy has?
    Is the Costa Concordia owned by some jew? I’d bet my last dollar it is.
    Here’s a sport for ya, try walking down the hallway of a jewship listing at 45 degrees.
    Goyim pay money for this shit?

    Spell check: It’s edJEWcation.

    That last paragraph says it all Greg.

  22. 123 says:

    Ah, you missed an opportunity, you should have said “Punky Jewster.”

  23. I am outing VOX:

    Here is VOX:

    “Mmmmm just not sure yet on Hebrews. Sure not conclusive but once I did meet a Hebrew rabbi and engaged him about jews. His fists balled up and he was ready to just fly off his feet when talking about jewry. No, he didn’t want to go after me. He was just spitting fire about jews and what they had done to the Hebrew religion and Israeli atrocities, etc.”


    You are full of SHIT.

    Vox is considering “going back” (yeah, right, you asshole) to the Catholic Church. Yet Vox hates people of Eastern European extraction. Were you a Catholic, Vox, around the time that John Paul II was Pope? He was a Pole, you know. What kind of a person is Vox?

    I leave that up to you to decide.

    Divide the Fools
    Conquer the Fools

  24. Vox says:


    They have become whores for the Talmudvision. Always stroking and worshipping their Talmudvisions. They can’t make a move without checking in “Oh! I better get my opinions from the Talmudvision. I don’t want to stand out in the crowd as an individual” and then they turn on their Talmudvision and there’s some weepy story on about niggers or kikes in striped pajamas and the Kwan robotically weeps “Oh vey, their suffering is so great! I should donate because I am such a worthless goyim. These Chosenites have worked so hard to achieve what they have and I am worthless without them. boo hoooooooooo”

  25. Vox says:


    Sober up

  26. Hey Loki, you fucking


    When are you going to answer my question?

  27. silvernickel says:

    Allovertheplace: “The learned elders of zion seek to eliminate Christianity too.Why do you all suppose?”

    Cause they are really Luciferians that want to eradicate God and spirituality for their own power, profit and control of humanity. They want to ‘liberate us from God and our true powerful self’

    Vox: “Today your name is fitting. Give the alcohol some time to wear off before lighting in to strangers here. Hint: It’s called a hangover.”

    Haha, I implied the same about you last weekend after you wrecked the place a bit.

    Bailey: “Margaritas a rat, Ignore it and it’ll go away.”

    Very doubtful. Just like Rewap but with the exception of readable, coherent text. They probably should be in Spamblinka. I am suspicious of anyone with hateful diatribes against muslims, even though I dont want the USA filled with them. That would be very bad and you can imagine that is what the ‘jew world order’ wants. They want the USA to be modeled on Israel with police state and muslim hate.

    Greg: “Back on Christmas eve I went to a family gathering and all of these family members are supposedly Chrisitans…Yet, not one spoke of Jesus the whole night (besides prayer before dinner)…There was plenty of talk about sports and other idle nothings.

    This is where Tim Tebow comes in beautifully. The jews, atheists and radical self-hating white libs are freaking out!

    Will: “Whatever happened to the REAL incogman? I guess Hal Turner has a new job here the rat.”

    Is that you Greasy Will? You’re gonna have to do better with you’re own incognito.

  28. Vox, you dick hole, allovertheplace denotes how I am all over then net fighting for Truth, Justice and the American way, you friggin’ putzwad. I am allovertheplace chasing and wrestling down hasbarats and bullshit.

    Bye, bye, dickwad.

  29. silvernickel says:

    10 out of 10 jewish lawyer/judges will simply argue jews are a ‘race’ as well. They are freakin argumental cameleons.

    Welcome to the rat race!

  30. Loki is on this site 25 x 8 and all of the sudden he has disappeared….

    Oh well, he will probably reappear at some point as “Henandez Odin Williams.”

  31. sam petrov says:

    Word “soviet” is not connected to “kahal”. Soviet” in russian means “advice” and also
    “council”. This was a very good idea of organising society from the grassroots up to the top of the government. The bolshevik motto was – ” all pover to the soviets (grass-root people s councils s.p), lant to the peasants, peace to the peoples, bread to the hungry”. Soldiers believed, started to defect and the war was lost as a result of this the last christian monarchy in Europe was taken down.
    Of course when communists came to pover it was a party and not the councils ruled, but the constitution still maintaind that pover belonged to the “soviets”. What happened with the “land to the peasants” etc. we all know.
    When IsraHell was created it was Stalin s idea that it will become a communist stronghold in the Middle East. And indeed first organizers of “kibutz” copied soviet “collective farms” and were singing communist revolutionary songs. It soon changed and the official policy of the USSR till the end remained antizionist.
    Now about judaization of the christian church. What do we mean by this?
    Do we speak just about christian zionists or ot is earlier phenomenon and christianity was a jewish setup?
    Obviously it is to complex way to “setup” a religion when the founder and his deciples have to be tortured and killed and for the next 300 years the church was persecuted by the jews. To understand what happened one must look at ecumenical councils and reasons of break up into Roman catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches and later protestant (in relation to the judaizm and jews).
    Kar Marx was not the first socialist in histry and he certainly was not the smartest. It just historically happened so that his name is firmly associated with the kommunism.
    I know about Hess, but Marx was an anti -semite.
    In his other letters Marx says that jews were driven from Egypt because they were a community of the lepers.
    People should know the thruth – after all, we don t want just to replace jews with ourselves.
    Just remembered; Chryst is a greek word “Cristos”. Not so in hebrew. In hebrew it souns as the most desparaging word. Talmud has special book on Him- read it. When jews want to insult somebody, they add “Chryst” (in hebrew) before person s name.

  32. Loki says:

    “There exists a shadow Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

    ~ Senator Daniel K. Inouye, U.S. Senate MK-ULTRA hearings in 1977

  33. Vox says:

    Incog man

    Can you put AOTP in Spamblinka until his cum high wears off!

  34. INCOG MAN says:

    Can you guys just lay off the fighting among one another?

  35. t bone says:

    @Sam Petrov

    I like the fact that you bring all sorts of interesting Russian history to Incog but please understand; inter-twined within the info youre posting are historical suggestions/theories? that negate much of the Soviet history that I have HEAVILY researched in the last year or so.

    My understanding:
    1.jews were the main culprits of Russian genocide.
    2.During the Soviet years, synagogues were left standing and jewish homes were immune to random searches; exactly the opposite for non jews and Christian churches (churches were destroyed)
    3.bolsheviks were top heavy with jews (almost all…above 90%)
    4.communism,at its core is jewish ideology
    5. marx was a jew
    6. Hitler was trying to stop the spread of jew bolshevism from the Soviet.

    ..and the Soviet Union was ‘anti-zionist’? WTF? This would imply that they were anti-jew as well.It makes no sense (there is documentation that will debunk that).

    In fact,I have an exteme amount of info to back this up. When I read your perspective, it came across as only ‘some jews’ were involved in Soviet corruption and much of it was really non-jewish atheists.
    In a way, it seems like your saying that the jewish problem in the world doesnt really exist and that its a mixture of different ethnicities (including Whites) that are a detriment to humanity.

    I see the jews as THEE number one biggest problem. Your thoughts?

    If I had to call it, sam, I’d say that youre relying on info that was taught to you in your younger years (hence jew supervized academia). You should consider de-conditioning yourself in order to be more well-prepared for actual and factual truth.
    I’m not trying to offend you but I think you need to research a few things a little more.
    And I can do the same. Hey, I could be wrong,too.

    So lets get this right out in the open,sam. I’m prepared to debate this all night if I have to.

  36. Marshall says:

    Way to go T-Bone. I might add that Marx was NOT an atheist. Anybody interested in some easy listenin’ while you surf, you serf? LOL!!! Lend an ear to Marx’s scintillatingly brilliant personal poetry here:
    (top right corner)


  37. summerled says:

    greetings from bazzaroworld here are the rules
    if you are going to kill someone make sure he looks Arabic because that’s pc
    but for god’s sake do not piss on them and take a picture cos that will offend the media
    remember its ok to kill but any reality is offensive and on no account criticize
    jew’s, gays , and transgenders although pissing on them is optional

  38. silvernickel says:

    Thx Marshall……..Good discussion on Marx and satanism.

    “Lets go serfin’ now, everybody’s learnin’ how”

    Israel’s ‘money bomb’ against Ron Paul

  39. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    You make sense!

  40. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Israeli Agents Posed As CIA To Recruit Terrorists

    It’s Time For The United States To Declare War On Apartheid Israhell

    These two articles cover the same topic. They are trying to inflame the Iranians against us.

  41. summerled says:


  42. sam petrov says:

    t bone,
    In this second link You will see cities and how many Synagogues of satan they have.
    Pay attention that satanic Chabad Liubavitch has been expelled by Stalin and came back only after the collapse of the USSR twenty years ago. So now You can tell how many synagogyes of satan there were in the USSR.

  43. Donnie Brasco says:

    Arab Archive on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial

  44. rewoped iceburg says:

    on this blessed day of tribute to the shine genetics on the hill, take this moment to honor all those “BONES”………………and knoses…..

  45. MIKE says:


  46. sog says:

    the usa needs to tell isreel to get outta my face ,,heh heh

  47. Marshall says:

    The USA needs to tell Israel to “talk to the hand” LOL


  48. Izak Friend says:

    This site is a map of how far one can get from mainstream America. You’re too stupid to offend, much less frighten, anyone. Have the world “loser” tatooed on your forehead. When you forget what it says, go downtown and find someone to read it to you.

  49. Greg says:

    Thanks television….nice to hear from you again.

  50. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Izak Friend – Why don’t you sue your brain for non-support?

  51. Alababa Bumba says:

    Ahh, another favorite name they like to use on us, “loser”. Add that to the others, too. Dumbasses.

  52. Rico says:

    Hitler was right. The Jews that escaped him and ended up in the US are subversive, unAmerican communist traiters like Rick Klein. These mindless lemmings refuse to remember the holocaust. The Jews who do, are in Israel.
    American Jews are a cancer on American liberty and freedom.

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