Big Jew Media “Rick Rolling” America

MANY OF YOU visitors out there in INTERNET LAND may well have been “rick-rolled” at some point (Marshall here got me good a few years back). Getting rick-rolled is when someone gives you a link and tells you in all seriousness it’s important to check out. You click on it and you’re taken to this truly goofy video of some slick little ’80’s guy (Rick Astley) singing the bubblegum tune, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” that sticks in your head even worse than the crap they now feed you on Jew TV (video embed below). Congrats, you’ve just been rick-rolled!

Well, the Globalist, Zionist media Jews are now doing a big Rick Santorum roll on America’s head right now. For precious Israel, America’s ever-so-innocent little buddy in the Mideast, Rick Santorum’s never gonna…

  1. Give you up.
  2. Let you down.
  3. Run around and desert you.
  4. Make you cry, say goodbye.
  5. Tell a lie and hurt you.

I mean, look at this Sanitorium jerk. He’s about as worthy to be president as the bozo who tried to sell you undercoating on your last car. He’s the guy who kisses so much ass at the office everyone retches behind his back. He’s that slicked-back yuppie multicult across the street who never fails to infer how cool he is and brag about what he spent on his latest consumer high-tech toy — when you could really give a rat’s ass.

Oh wait, we’re all supposed to like this guy because he’s a big Christian (yeah, I bet) and supposedly hates fags because he’s against homos getting married. And he’s also against abortion (so am I). Like any of that’s going to make any real difference, especially since the Jews will dump all over him once they have effectively neutralized Ron Paul in the republican primaries.

Think about all the major, absolutely serious destructions of America and our constitution going on today which Ron Paul talks about. Santorum is obviously a sugar-coated pill designed to keep Christian Zionists from looking too closely at Paul.

They wanted to do all this (and probably more) with Newt Gingrich, but the flabby putz just wasn’t getting it with all us chumps out here in chumpland, so the media masters had to scramble a little and push a bozo who kissed Israeli ass just as much as Newt boy.

In 2006, Santorum couldn’t even get re-elected back in his home state of Pennsylvania. He lost overwhelmingly. CREW called him one of the top three most corrupt senators in DC and that’s saying something. 

And yeah, I also think something funny is going on with the votes. I’m not the only one. How did a virtual unknown suddenly leap frog past Ron Paul and everyone else?

Brad Funkhouser writes: “I’ve been following Iowa GOP vote counts for a long time … They are being slow-walked…in 2012. Negotiations are going on… Cash is changing hands. Apparently GOP chieftains are ‘persuading,’ by one means or the other, Perry and Bachmann people who hold considerable hold sway over large blocs of votes to switch to Romney and Santorum – leaving Ron in the dust… Also abusing suddenly lax ID registration may have created many fake votes for neocons Santorum and Romney. Santorum has no organization, never drew over 100 people during his entire campaign. Of course he did bribe and received the benediction of of that ‘family’ leader who demanded 1 million dollars that were to be distributed in part to cronies. This is the biggest fraud since Kennedy stole the West Virginia Primary. Perry had built a pretty organization and was around 13% of the vote. He drew far larger crowds than Santorum and ends up with just 10%. Did those votes go. Santorum? Santorum didn’t earn 24% of the vote.”

Hell, the vote tallies were completed at a secret location, ostensibly to protect them from all the dangerous hippy Occupy Wall Street activists. Yeah, right.

And anyone with half-a-brain can tell how they minimize Ron Paul in the lamestream press and obviously try a little too hard to keep it unnoticiable to the braindead. They do it by talking almost exclusively about anyone else, even those doing much worse than Ron Paul. Sure, they’ll mention Paul, but keep it as brief as possible and never, ever dwelve too deeply in what the guy really says. Clever, if you pay the least attention.

Rick Santorum is telling everyone that on his first day in office he’ll bring the hammer down on Iran. On Jew-owned NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Santorum said “I will say to any foreign scientist that’s going into Iran to help on their [nuclear] program, you will be treated like an enemy combatant, like an al-Qaeda member.” He calls the West bank “legitimate Israeli territory.” I bet all the insane land stealing, “settler” Jews love this guy.

In 2003, Santorum had a plan to cut-off federal funding to universities that permitted students and faculty to criticize Israel. He wanted to rewrite title IX of the higher education act to “investigate anti-Semitism” on college campuses. To him, free speech is not a right when it comes to sacred Israel. The so-called “Christian” could care less what happens to Palestinians, Muslim or even Christian.

This Rick Roll Santorum needs to be put in a “Sanitorium” before he starts WWIII. But then again Barry boy Obongo may well beat him to it, soon starting a war with Iran so the media Jews can use that as an excuse when hidden operatives rig the main election in the fall — saying “America had to vote for the war time president, just like FDR.”

It’ll be the Jew’s favorite thing — a “two-fer” deal — protecting sacred Israel while getting the mulatto puppet another 4 years of office to inflict more socialism on America.

All these creepy Zionist Jews are against Ron Paul. “Conservative” radio host Michael Savage (real Jew name: Weiner) calls Ron Paul a “crackpot,” “deranged” and his supporters are actually “dyed-in-the-wool liberals.” He even resorts to the usual Jew slander tactic of calling Paul “anti-Semitic.” Don’t they call everyone that now?

The stinking Jews love to use the left/right paradigm to keep America screwed up politically and socially and, if that doesn’t go far enough, throw in the nutcase conspiricy and/or Hitler business.

Could someone please kick these giant trouble making bastards right back to Russia?

Are people actually buying this Rick Santorum business? Everyone I’ve talked to thinks he’s a big joke. Even those “un-awakened” to the Jew. Criminy, little old ladies who fall for all kinds of TV hokum think he’s a phony.

Let’s get real, America. Rick Santorum is being used by Jew media to “rick roll” the country and derail Ron Paul — the only guy worth a flying you-know-what.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Karen says:

    You know we could go back and forth but it’s pointless. You’re such a stereotype of everything humans find repulsive in the jew that you’re almost comical.

  2. Biker says:

    no, we dont know what genocide is Greasy, why dont you explain it for us? your tribe has the 10 page genocide resume. and of course Muslims have a history of violence against Christians, well documented in fact. what Christians dont know, or they seem to forget is your history of violence against them. also i seem to recall a black leader, not only involved in, but continuing and escalating 2 illegal wars when he was awarded the Nobel PEACE prize. Obama maybe? yeah. does alot for the credibility of a Nobel award doesnt it?

  3. Greasy William says:

    or they seem to forget is your history of violence against them

    Then you haven’t met any Arab Christians. You think you hate Jews? You guys are a bunch of philo semites compared to an Arab Christian.

    no, we dont know what genocide is Greasy, why dont you explain it for us?

    The systematic murder of a people. If you want a real life tutorial on “How to Genocide”, tune into CNN during our next Gaza offensive. Should happen in the next couple of years.

  4. HKW says:

    Thank you Bailey.
    Poles, do know about Katyn and much more.
    Poles with their pride put up with slander and bottle it all up inside, but some volcanoes explode some time…
    How much more can one take and how much longer…?
    I believe, we also have a right to defend ourselves.

    Vexed, Germans and Soviets killed off most of the Polish, aristocratic intelligentsia, but some still managed to survive.
    The ragamuffins are most likely gypsy’s kids or the very poorest that you will find everywhere.
    You have to get to know more Poles and their culture and you could get quite surprised at how well educated and truly classy some of them are.

    True, pure Poles don’t mix with jews until their kind hearts go out to safe some as it happened during the war. Many jews converted to Christianity because of it.
    However, the majority of jews still blames the Poles for insufficient sacrifice towards helping them, the ‘chosen ones’!
    Well, I would like to see them in our shoes!

  5. Mikey says:

    LoL.. Greasy you are a great representation of your people. Keep up the good work showing everyone how evil and arrogant you and your kind really are.

  6. HKW says:

    Here is a typical Polish ragamuffin;

  7. Condeez says:

    Tebow beats the jew!

  8. Condeez says:

    These so called noahides are our enemy!
    They helped getting the “noahide” laws passed in 1991.

  9. Loki says:

    24.08.1939 Polish batteries fired on two German aircraft.
    On 28.08.1939 a machine-gun fired on the German border surveillance Polish cavalry chased the German peasants on German territory.
    On the same day lit Poland 15 km from the border in the German castle houses stockpile at.
    From March to August 1939, occurred more than 200 Polish military incursions with arson, murder and abduction.
    On 08/30/1939 at 16:30 clock ordered the general mobilization of Poland (which is an unofficial declaration of war ! ) and disrupted train services to East Prussia . through the corridor
    on 31.08.1939 gave the Warsaw radio announced at midnight: “We have to be on the victorious advance and at the end of the week in Berlin, the German troops go back to the whole front in disorder.”
    Only then was had received the morning after the German Foreign Office, the news of the assassination of the German Consul in Krakow, in accordance with international law, on 9/1/1939 from 05 : 45 h fired back.
    (excerpt from the VGG constitutional complaint, 10.12.1992)

    It was in the days, weeks and months before the outbreak of war, so many and so serious provocations from the Polish side, including hundreds of incursions by Polish military and Polish terror gangs with killings, fire attacks, arson, building demolition and bridge damage, plus an ever-increasing harassment of the German minority in Poland with numerous killings, beatings, arrests, confiscations, house demolitions, persecution of the Protestant Church, evictions, etc., so that it is not even necessary was to fabricate a pretext for war. The war was already there ( ! ), he was just not formally. And he obviously had not started the German but the Polish side. On top of that it came on the 31st August 1939 also for a general mobilization of the Polish Army. That was in itself a declaration of war. (Note pasture: Under international law, a general mobilization in principle as an unofficial declaration of war counted ! ) When the alleged attack on the Gleiwitz radio station, there was not even one death among the Germans, however, there were some fatalities in other border incidents on that day ( at Pfalzdorf and Röhrsdorf) and in the days before (at Sonnewalde, Old Oak and Neukrug). In addition, on 31st Aug. 1939 , the German Consul in Krakow murdered, the railway bridge at Dirschau blown up, occupied parts of Gdansk by Polish troops – having previously been the supply of food from Poland to Gdansk had been prevented – and besides, there were still at dozens of military of points raids into German territory in while in Poland the murders of Germans suddenly rose, and finally in the following days in the targeted mainly to culminate on lists made ??mass murder of 40000-60000 Germans. feign So why a case when there was enough real cases, cases that took place really clear cases of war-moderate activity, with which Germany should be compelled to respond to military end-Lich? The German government took a long time indeed, and with great intensity to overcome the conflict through diplomatic channels . But these efforts did not result in attenuation, but only a tightening of anti-German activities. Obviously no one wanted to diplomatic, but a military solution. Poland had the full backing for France and England. The ruling circles in Poland, England, France and their associated supra-state power groups simply wanted the finish what they started with the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles : the complete break-up supply in Germany and the German people, the destruction of the new . “Carthage” Here, the leading circles in Poland hoped that what had been demanded of them in countless statements from 1918 to 1939 again and again : the expansion of Poland to the Oder and Neisse. The chauvinist incitement of Poland by Catholic, fascist and Masonic leader, by British agents and German resistance circles, the English blank warranty, the Polish corridor, the violent de-Germanization of West Prussia, Posen and Upper Silesia, with this taking place harassment, dispossession, violence – they were not other than single-mindedly prepared powder keg. […]

    For the reign of terror in Poland against the Germans from 1919-1939
    Some 400,000 German (some sources even speak of some one million) had to leave in the years 1919 to 1921 came to their home country Poland, far more than half of the Germans, namely about 1.5 million until 1939. Bromberg declined as the proportion of the German population from 77.4% in 1910 to 27.3% in 1926, in Thorn from 66% to 12.5% ??from 84.8% in Graudenz to 20.7%, in all of West Prussia from 42.7% to 18.7%. Many German were killed in the early postwar years, or been in the erected by Poland concentrations trationslager, the first in Central Europe.
    particularly often led to expropriation German land and house property, the transfer of German hospitals, nursing homes and estates in Polish hands. A total of approximately 7.5 billion square meters of land were expropriated, which were almost 3,000 square meters per head of the German population in Poland (for comparison : the floor area, which today in the Federal Republic of Germany stands as the average life of each room is available, is not much larger) . The German traders were systematically boycotted. The non-recognition tests by the German champions Poland withdrew the German master craftsmen their livelihood. Even the liberal professions, especially doctors and lawyers were threatened in their economic existence sharply.
    Unemployment rose to 60-80% among German workers, the unemployment rate among young Germans even higher. German youth and cultural organizations were banned, German schools hindered polonized German names, the German press and the Protestant Church
    pursued. Again and again it came to arbitrary house searches and arrests, to Mißhand developments, terrorism, arson and even murder. About 15,000 minority complaints should have been in vain until 1939, filed with the League of Nations in Geneva because of the persecutions.
    At the most violent persecutions were in the summer of 1939. The Poles began months before the war began with a systematic increase in their prosecutions. The last, the Germans still remaining homes, clubs and cultural sites, the last pharmacy, co-operatives and dairies were closed. The evangelical church has been increasingly involved in the pursuit. Increasingly it came to destruction and pillage, to murder
    and torture. In addition, growing unemployment, disability and the commercial businesses, expropriation, arrests and disappearances unbearable. By 1 September 1939,
    the day the war began leaving, therefore, nearly 70,000 German who previously stood firm
    , were the land. As previously about 1.4 million.

    After the war began, and then many Polish death squads were incited mob
    with the systematic murder of the remaining Germans still occupied. They frequently went
    before on lists that were created in the spring. In addition, tens of thousands were sent to so-called death marches, many thousands were spent in concentration camps, where they partially came about. Many of the ethnic German soldiers in the Polish army were simply shot right after the war began. Total died in the first days of the war probably 40-60000 German.
    If the German armies advanced not so fast, it would have been much more assassinations.
    In addition, the Poles perpetrated in the last months before the start of the war countless border violations. Military and gangs made ??violent incursions across the border, they beschos-sen customs buildings, residential houses, border guards, foresters and farmers in the fields, put them in houses bombs with time fuses, they burned down homesteads, abducted frontiersmen and murdered them often just across the border , where they were then usually buried, discovered but after the beginning of the war in part.
    The war with Germany had a large part of the Polish leadership, together with the Catholic clergy wanted, prepared for years and deliberately provoked, and in consultation with Britain, which was then . allegedly had about 1,500 agents and provocateurs used in Poland, as well as with France and the German Resistance, announcing the fall of Poland, one of Hitler after the war began
    to supplement and I quote an excerpt from the Federal Foreign Office’s White Paper :
    VIII ” Increasing intensification of Polish action against the German minority (October 1938 to March 1939)
    Following the transfer of Olsa territory of Poland worsened in the remaining areas of the Polish-Germanism pressure from month to month. The success of Olsa leads to arrogance (No. 128) and awakens an appetite for more, this time Germany’s territorial gains. Research requirements for annexation of Polish associations and newspapers are set according to (No. 129 and 130), the redundancies in Upper Silesia continued at a rapid pace (No. 131 and 134), in German schools, books, like Goethe’s “Poetry and Truth” prohibited (No. 133). In January 1939, put an arrest, it comes to expropriation, the boycotts continue (No. 137, 138 and 140). [Both were there even earlier, in fact since 1919, RB] The German people seized a desperate mood (No. 142). ”

    ” The visit of Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop in Warsaw and its efforts to new gene to the German-Polish understanding remain ineffective . The Polish government may slacken the reins and is thus responsible for the fact that the anti-German wave on 24 and 25 Feb. 1939 with demonstrations against the German offensive Botschaftsge building (No. 146 and 147), with riots in Poznan (No. 148 and 150), Krakow (No. 149) and other cities of its once – achieved respective peak. The calls for the conquest of Danzig and other German regions are increasingly common (No. 151); Germany warns Warsaw (N2. 152) having regard to the responsibility that Poland takes upon himself. The German Embassy properties of Moltke must determine that the base of the German-Polish understanding work in Poland is becoming narrower (No. 155). ”
    IX. Continuation of the expropriation of German landed property in disregard of the Declaration on Minorities (February 1938 to February 1939)
    A special chapter the fight against the Germans is the expropriation of German landowners (Nos. 156 and 168). In spite of the mutual agreement of 1934 and the Minorities Declaration of 1937, the expropriation goes under the guise of land reform exacerbated, resulting in economic damage to the entire ethnic group and gives rise to a new emigration movement.
    Given the minor nature of the compensation paid (No. 159) are the only predator disguised expropriation dar. Despite German intervention grows with each new list of to-own development land ends the absolute and relative German soil loss. In November 1938, once the attempt is made ??to prevent discrimination against the German minority, at least for the Future (No. 161). Commitments can be given (No. 162), but the new list of expropriation in February 1939 meets the German real estate even more than last year (No. 163 and 164).

    Poland will, as a tool of the British war
    A. The effects of British policy of encirclement on the attitude of Poland I. extermination campaign against the German ethnic group , the fourth chapter brings the evidence of the misuse of Poland as a tool of the English war-willed (No. 349 and 482). The effects of British blanket authority was felt immediately. Poland began the extermination campaign against the German ethnic group. A day after the Polish No, on 27 March 1939, it comes in Bydgoszcz under cries of “Down with Hitler”, “We want to Danzig”, “We want to Königsberg” (No. 349) to anti-German demonstrations. Elsewhere were destroyed in a social gathering of the German Reich by invading Poland and leader of the Reich flag picture (No. 350), while the sharpest protest is filed (No. 351 and 352). Thorn and Posen have to report in late March of renewed intensification of the agitation, demonstrations, assaults and annexationist claims (Nos. 353, 354 and 355). Keep the riots in Poznan to a full week. It more often comes to attacks on ethnic German, where there are serious injuries (Nos. 355 and 357). German protests are unsuccessful (No. 360). In early April a public appeal is widespread in Poland, which contains the general program for the de-Germanization of the country (No. 358). Beyond mid-April, the first German refugee [before it was even German refugees, especially in the years 1919-21, and that around 1.4 million! RB] the limit (No. 359). Consulates, it is almost impossible to list all the cases individually (No. 361). Also in Upper Silesia, the incitement is raging beyond measure (No. 362). Terrorist acts fill the reports of the German consulates (No. 363). The Insurgents are the terrorist commands (No. 364). On 6 May reports the Consulate General Katowice 200 terrorist cases (No. 365), on 19 May further hundred (No. 372) from Upper Silesia alone. No German is his life and property more secure. The terrorist attacks on the Polish territory through congress and is exacerbated by planned arson (No. 366). The latest cultural and political bases of the Germans to be destroyed. (No. 369, 373, 374, 377, 379, 383, 385, 390, 391, 399, etc.). The German ethnic group turns in desperation to the Polish President (No. 369). The British government is by the German Embassy on this endanger peace development kept up to date (No. 368), without happening something. In mid-May to increase the agitation of German pogroms in which thousands of Germans “as fair game” to be hunted (No. 370 and 371). The refugee movement is growing (No. 374), as did the Polish saber rattling, the promulgation of annexationist war aims (No. 367, 378) and the public denigration and insult to the leader, which again forced to sharp protests (No. 382). On the economic sector are planned canals whey-German co-operatives and pharmacies liquidated (No. 380, 395). Lodz reports on 7 June: ‘The threat of German folk with murder, torture, etc. become everyday truisms’. Whole families make because of the constant death threats to their nights in the woods (No. 381).

    Protests at the Polish Foreign Ministry with a shrug and a tacit understanding Registered answered that one to the military and become the powerless prisoners of Polish chauvinism (No. 382 and 385). After 2 1 / 2 months warranty understood English, the German Ambassador in Warsaw, his impressions as meaning ‘that hate speech has become an extent that he does not have the years of its activity can be observed’
    (No. 385). According to the pharmacies, hospitals and religious houses, the German association homes in Poznan, Bydgoszcz, Lodz, Tarnowitz, Karwin and Oderberg closed and developed
    suitable (No. 377, 379, 385, 390).

    Then you go into battle against the religious and ecclesiastical life of the German ethnic group, especially against the Protestant Church, on. A prayer house of the Brethren is demolished (No. 388). Polish bishops are asked by a General Staff Colonel, to pray would be that the ‘Polish between brothers shortened across the border their probationary period and redeemed by a second Grunwald [winning-rich battle against the Germans, RB] from bondage “(No. . 392). A report
    of the German Embassy on 5 July depicts the persecution of the Protestant Church and its Die-
    Ner, he shows that the attacks against churches and pastors have become a system (No. 394). The theological college of the German Protestantism in Poznan will be closed (No. 411). The English Christianity, which these things were revealed nothing, it does. More and more
    emerged that the authorities are themselves the bearers of the liquidation process (No. 396).

    The English co-responsibility for it is the German ambassador firmly in Warsaw, when he writes, ‘the Polish Government feels evident by the English carte blanche to such an extent that it
    no longer considers it necessary in the treatment of the minority any regard for German interests take “(No. 397). The Lviv consulate reported in mid-July, that is going on in his district against the Germans with the methods, as these had been applied at the notorious pacification against the Ukrainians in 1930 (No. 400). now involved also the military with
    the riots (No. 403). The Germans in Galicia is facing extinction. There is no future looks more and is threatened with arson and threat to life and limb (No. 407). What overlooks the open terror, will be made ??up by tax authorities and terrorist harassment (No. 408).

    In August 1939, approaching the persecution of Germans in all the provinces their peak. House searches and arrests are on the agenda (No. 410, 412). The last German clubs are closed (No. 414). A replay of the Foreign Office shows a great mass of typical 38 terrorist attacks and serious cases (No. 415). There is a list of terror, which is only exacerbated by the hideousness of the murder night Bromberg and the German massacre-exceeded our expectations in Poland, was able to follow closely the sad traces of the German army. The German people of border areas are trafficked into the interior or in concen-tration camp thrown (No. 417). The number of refugees exceeds 70,000 (No. 416). (Foreign Office, Documents on the history of the war, Berlin, 1939, No. 2, reprinted in publishing for holistic research, Viöl 1995, p. VII ff)

    The Polish concentration camp

    Right at the beginning of the statehood of Poland after World War II to the Kaiser Wilhelm II had significantly beigtetragen, following two concentration camps in Poland were built for German : Szcypiorno (in Poznan area) in 1918 and Stralkowo (also in the Poznan area) 1919. These camps were the first concentration camps in Europe .
    came to Pilsudski still add the following concentration camps, but they were determined not only German but also for political opponents : . Bereza-Kartuska (in Galicia) 1926 and Brest-Litovsk in 1926
    in 1939 established Poland for the next several German concentration camps, especially the smaller camp Chodz (between Wloclawek and Kutno). In August and September 1939, the Poles concentrated also tens of thousands of ethnic Germans of both sexes and all ages in groups that developed neither were immediately liquidated, or so-called death marches to Kutno Lowitsch, Warsaw, Sochaczew, Blonia, Kostpol, Bereza-Kartuska Szcypiorno and other places have been sent, and it came to further liquidations.
    (1945 originated mainly following concentration camps for German : Potulice (in Bydgoszcz), Lamsdorf Silesia Upper (), Tost (Upper Silesia), Myslowitz (Upper Silesia), source material (Upper Silesia), Cross-burg (Upper Silesia), Granowo (at Lissa), Sikawa (near Lodz), Jaworzno (in Czestochowa). Besides further than a thousand other, mostly smaller camps. The Federal Archives in Koblenz identified 1,255 concentration camps in Poland and 227 prisons, where German was arrested. Of the hundreds of thousands of prisoners were liquidated, often not by Poland, but by Jews.)

    Literature on the two preceding texts:
    Anders, Konrad : “The work camp in Myslowitz, Schwientochlowitz and harmony hut” in : legacy of the survivors, Augsburg 1979th
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    Foreign Affairs (ed.) : Documents on the history of the war. Volume 2, Berlin 1939th Reprint appeared in 1995 for publishing comprehensive research Viöl.
    Foreign Office (ed.) : Polish documents on the history of the war. Vol 3, Berlin 1940th Reprint appeared in 1995 for publishing comprehensive research Viöl.
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    Sonnenberg, A. : The Poles of Posen, Knute, Berlin 1920.
    Trenkel, Rudolf : Poland’s inexorable march into the 2nd World War, published in Hamburg, 1979. […]

    Even Polish conquest certificates will
    The publisher of comprehensive research and culture was published in 1990 by me slightly revised edition of the work published in 1930 by Werner Fuchs : personal testimonies Polish conquest will. The numerous testimonies from Polish lips in this book are documented as evidence, that in the politically influential circles of Poland for a long time to occupy before the National Socialist seizure of power in Germany, a strong anti-German sentiment and the desire prevailed, substantial parts of German territory , notably East Prussia, Danzig, Pomerania, Silesia and parts of Brandenburg. Us is now also extensive material from the same direction before the period of 1930 to 1939, so far, however, lacked the time to evaluate it for publication.
    The best opportunity for the targeted occupation was seen as part of a new war against Germany. This also explains why the Polish leadership was in 1939, decided on war with Germany and not to the various German mediation proposal in question entered the corridor. (See for example : David Irving : Hitler’s War, Vol 1, Munich 1983, David L.
    Hoggan : The Forced War, Tübingen 1970;
    J. Benoist Mechin : Hitler wanted war in 1939 ? , Pr Oldendorf 1971;
    B. Baron . Richthofen / RR uncle : Poland’s march to the sea, Kiel 1984,
    Anneliese von Ribbentrop : The war debt of the resistance, Leoni, 1975;
    Ulrich Stern : The real culprits in the Second World War, Munich, 1990) because in faith, immediately after the war began träten. Britain and France, and later perhaps the U.S. and other countries to the side of Poland, while German resistance groups would try to overthrow Hitler after the war began, it was estimated the chances for the realization of the Polish dreams of grandeur as extremely favorable. This can often turn the theory advocated today are obsolete, that the German territories were lost only by “German guilt”.
    The author of the book Self-Narratives Polish conquest will lay mainly testimonies from the period of 1918 prior to 1930. Appeared in the same book or a tape series, which covers the time before that. (See Franz Wagner / Fritz Vosberg : . Polish mirrors, Struckum 1989) In preparation for a third publication, in the period 1930-1939 is examined.
    Below is a small excerpt from the documentation of Fuchs :
    YES Lukasziewicz, legend and history of the Vistula, the great king of the Brave and St. Adalbert (Graudenz 1929) : The author worked as a pastor and professor in Grudziadz. Partly responsible for this strange “history book” was the top church authority : for the Scripture bears the “imprimatur” (ie the official imprimatur and approval) of the Bishop of Kulm, Dr. Stanislaus Okoniewski, of his high spiritual authority elsewhere like in the service of intolerant chauvinism and especially the anti-German war propaganda presented.
    In September 1928, took over Okoniewski even next to the competent provincial governors and the Corps General protectorate over a large war-moderate maneuvers of the military and youth organizations of Pomerania, which was attended by even regular Polish troops! (For details on Eichler, p. 22 f.). The book itself, whose nationally extravagant ideas in their mixing with so-called “religion” almost pathologically seem (expansion for all sky directions : renewal of the Piast and Jagiello of Poland, see No. 19) is a classic example of the extent to which The Catholic Church of Poland participated in the fomenting of Polish chauvinism and Antigermanismus is lack of space can be made ??in writing by Lukaskiewicz bring only a small “anthology.” :
    “… This large target (ie a Polish empire, the author) requires generous sacrifices in blood and property. The number of these victims has begun the saint Adalbert. will fall after him others, they will die in superhuman efforts, but they will live for eternity in the name of the rescued powerful state from sea to sea, from the Elbe to the Urals. Each pole must be king of the Spirit for a Polish empire in Eastern Europe would be created. The whole nation is composed of throngs of knights of Mary, which have on the foreheads bloody scars and under the banner of the empire of the white eagle fight for their country must … “(p. 39)
    to “Brave will send out His Spirit and educate the Polish people about how to resist it and grow from sea to sea to meet the mission of the Mieszko God [of the Roman Catholic Church] has been transferred. Chrobry teaches that if a people wants to live, it must have a big goal in mind, must strive to achieve this, to organize themselves and to grow in breadth. A vegetate in tight [!] borders is regression and destruction. ”
    “A lie [!] is the accusation that Poland entertain annexation plans, the accusation of imperialism, etc. We have a right to take that back to us what the Polans before Otto I in the West and what it against the Russians in the east-Warägo had. … We should get back this absolutely. This is not a robbery or imperialism, that is the duty to retrieve looted heritage again. The Baltic Sea has the base and the Black Sea must become the complement to the great power of Poland … The ideal or ultimate goal must be the wake-up call to action, so it would be realized Christ and Poland, from sea to sea -.. that’s the slogan of Poland for the Poles. Poland! … we have too much away to the Germans, Lithuanians and Jews. We have already received half the inheritance of God missed … “(p. 47)
    also from 15 to 18 December after Warsaw convened six .. General Meeting of the Polish academic youth took to the position mentioned financial agreements, and in a far more aggressive tone, according to the Kurier Poznanski – No. 7 of January 3, 1930 – there was the resolution adopted :
    “… meeting, the finds that the Polish youth membership of these parts of the country, namely Greater Poland, Silesia, Pomerania and the Free City of Danzig to Poland as sacred and inviolable considered cash. The meeting noted that the preservation of the Polish acquis within and outside the State borders is a fundamental duty of state authorities and the nation overall – .’s health … the same time declared the meeting that the academic youth of our in German slave -economy remaining brothers never be forgotten and Stone Allen continue their flags to Königsberg, and contribute Opole is . ”
    The same paper gave a few years earlier – in No. 82 of 5 April 1926 – … in an article for the direction of Polish expansion from two slogans – a preliminary one, and later to be followed :
    “… We must therefore strengthen the Polish element in the corridor, especially the Mazury from the awakening national apparent death, and organize and create a powerful merchant and naval fleet . Much depends on Russia. But can we communicate easily with Russia and steer Russia’s expansionist ambitions in Delhi and Calcutta . while we naturally turn our march to Stettin, and Konigsberg, the natural border of Poland is in the west … Or why our slogan is : From Stettin to Riga ! But for now we do not want to irritate Russia, because it does not give up forever Riga . We will also want to include such later Our current slogan is. : .. From Stettin Germany Palanga is powerless England will have to do with Russia, and we are using a free hand against France Germany have …. ” (cf. . DR of 24.4. 1926)
    Critics of the book by Fuchs claimed that the theory would be absurd that leading circles in Poland had planned to involve Germany in a great war to annex territories to extensive German. These were the Poles too peaceful minded and militarily too weak to have to mention that we are to this the publication of an abundance of other evidence material to prepare – these critics miss a number of important facts. :
    Poland has already resulted in the first years of success-ful after the First World War against all neighbors wars of conquest : .. against Russia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia and several against Germany Following these wars should follow after a short pause, another war of conquest, and it was again against Germany, Marshal Pilsudski built this in complete exhaustion of the treasury and with French help, an army of Around two million soldiers. Germany was allowed to have after the Versailles Treaty only about 100,000 men, which also were not allowed to be equipped with tanks and aircraft. Added to this was that Poland was connected by a military convention with France and Czechoslovakia. was this fixed in the contract that a war against Germany in principle not as a war of aggression is. It was therefore not surprising that then propagates in Poland always open the annexation of the “originally Polish” East Prussia, Danzig, Pomerania and Silesia. You felt his cause completely safe.
    1932 finally seemed time for this to be ripe. The Weimar Republic was standing before her collapse. The state was bankrupt. Even the Reichsbahn and the postal service had been pledged to the country. civil war Similar conditions prevailed. Almost 7 million unemployed saw their last hope more and more radical parties. The Communists were in Berlin for the strongest party and attacked the police headquarters. On 30 August, the Communist Clara Zetkin, opened as the elder member of the Reichstag with the openly expressed hope that they could open in the near future the first Congress of Soviets, Soviet Germany. Was it unreasonable to expect that the politically and militarily strong, weakened and remains hostile circled Germany the expansion efforts of the Polish leadership would oppose any successful resistance ?
    At the time, Pilsudski already begun to France to engage in a preemptive strike against Germany. But Negotiations about retreated far into the year 1933, when Hitler tried already, go with Poland to a peaceful settlement. In Great Britain it was the bustle in Poland compared favorably. It was only when France because of internal political difficulties, but also because the impact of the warnings Erich Ludendorff before the planned new world war – ( Erich Ludendorff had begun in 1930, numerous articles and lectures before an impending Second World War to warn the expected would ignite on the Corridor, he also wrote a book on this. : “World War II threatened on German soil. “This book saw over half a million copies and been translated into numerous languages ??. It was also the subject of debates in the general staffs of many states. There are indications that Ludendorff’s warnings have been decisive in that it is not even then the outbreak of the Second World War came ) – definitely a military involvement in the near future declined, Pilsudski concluded on 26 January 1934 with Germany, a non-aggression pact.
    But as so often in history, and the pact was only intended to deceive a few months later. , on 13/09/1934, the Polish government unilaterally announced the minority protection treaty. She was saying that she intended the previous persecution of the German minority to even worse. After a former international practices, the Kriegsprovo-cation was the same. This should also be. But Hitler did not provoke themselves .
    1936 Poland tried again, France to win a two-front war against Germany, France, however, refused again. The time was not ripe.
    Although the persecution of the Germans went into Poland and 1938/39 reached a new peak, Hitler offered in the fall of 1938 to an agreement, under which he agreed to Poland full military protection against the Soviet Union. But Poland rejected this overture.
    held as Chamberlain then on 17/03/1939 its so-called war speech believed that the Polish .. government is now her hour came a few days later, on 23.3.1939, there was a partial mobilization of the Polish armed forces in rapid succession, this provocation provocations further aggravated Poland followed the first persecution of the German minority. : increasingly it came to arbitrary
    arrests, beatings and killings. When the still fruitless, began to Poland, mili-attacks in East Prussia, later to hold also in Gdansk. Nor can now also apply saved as scientifically that Poland in the summer of 1939 all the efforts made ??Hitler a peaceful solution also closed because England had assured the Polish government in a secret agreement that it will fight in a war is always on the side of Poland against Germany.

    Used and further reading:
    See the bibliography on p. 39 ff, see also :
    Fox, Werner : . Even Polish conquest certificates will, Struckum 1990 (3d ed)
    Hoggan, David L. : The Forced War, Tübingen 1970th
    Irving, David : Hitler’s War, Munich 1983 (vol. 1).
    Ribbentrop, Anneliese von : The war debt of the resistance, Leoni 1975th
    closing, Ulrich : No peace with Germany. The secret talks during the Second World War, 1939-1941. Munich 1994. The above-quoted text contains only a summary of the research status of 1995. The argument could still be carried forward at much higher densities. . But it plays in the so-called “published discussion” no significant role This proves two things : the totalitarian structures in the field of historical research and the refusal of the established parties, other than anti-German point of view to discuss. Both shows again the character of the enemy states “BRD”.

    IT’S ALSO TO AN BESTIAL mass murder of millions of German civilians !

    To HKW………The facts of the whole truth:

    Approximately 50,000 square kilometers with 4.4 million German German land had to be ceded to Poland in 1918 to international law. Poland has developed from 1918 -1939 from one of the most aggressive regime the world into a military dictatorship and wars of aggression waged against all their neighbors and robbed land!
    They built the first concentration camps in Central Europe, where suffered ethnic minorities such as German, Ukrainian, Jewish and Polish dissidents and died!

    The murders of Germans began in Poland and Czechoslovakia 1919th Since Hitler was still a nobody in the backrooms of pubs. The Warsaw Research Institute for Nationalities were at 1931 (!) The number of up to that time, Germans expelled from Poland, with around 1 million.
    That was the first mass expulsion crimes in Central Europe !

    Prior to 1939 were already 50 000 German in Polish concentration camps and prisons and in the summer of 1939 alone had 70 000 German escape from Poland to Germany and all they had left behind in Poland.

    Poland were the first ones at the outbreak of the war, broke all conventions developed over centuries of warfare of civilized nations of Europe fell back into barbarism and mass murder of innocent civilians ! From the 3rd September 1939, within days of Poland 60 000 murdered ethnic German, most of them brutally murdered.

    18,427,199 were affected in 1945 by German flight, expulsion and deportation. After careful investigation by the Federal Statistical Office of the Federal Republic have at least about 2.28 million German lost their lives.

  10. Barney says:

    Incog – Why do you keep doing this? Are you trying to discredit White Solidarity? Can you be surprised that some of your former regulars no longer trust you?

    What was this about?

    You encouraged TMJ. You defended jew-lying Leech, even telling obviously genuine White People to “go away” (though not that politely) if they didn’t like his insults, calling your former regulars hasbarats, one of the worst insults you can throw at a genuine White Person. Now you’re doing it again with this greasy-kike thing.

    In the past you’ve said you do it to show what repulsive half-wits the jews are, but we don’t believe you any more. We already know what they’re like. That’s why we’re here.

    You post some excellent stuff yourself, which is why we keep coming back, but then you invite trolls and vermin to disrupt everything, which is a standard hasbarat tactic to drive newly-aware people away. It’s a variation on divide and rule, or divide and conquer. In this case, divide and discredit.

    There aren’t any trolls or obvious hasbarats at Hofflandia, which is why some of us now consider it our “home”, when once we felt that way about Incogland.

    Is there another White expulsion coming? If so, if you insult your regulars again, I hope the best will realise there’s a clean alternative “home” at Hofflandia (click on my name).

    This greasy thing openly admits to being a kike troll, so why allow it to stay? It makes people wonder what your real purpose is. Is Incogland what it claims to be, or is it just an unusually well-run “bait” site? If it is, I have to congratulate you on a job well done, but for the wrong masters.

    It’s your blog, and you’ll run it your way. As I’ve already said you do post some excellent stuff yourself, and you attract some of the best comments from genuine White People, but these trolls and devil’s gargoyles are killing it. Is that what you want?

    We want to believe you, but how can we when you allow scum to post whatever and whenever they like?

  11. HKW says:

    I found this fascinating site which makes us all aware of the real danger the whites face and from which I have been learning so much.
    But at the same time I have realized that there are some other dangerous ‘forces’ at work with their evil agenda degrading another nation, promoting the German interests and then trying to shut my defense up!

    That is all I did; responding to your derogatory, offensive and abusive comments about Poles and defending my nation.
    I have tried diplomatic manners, which is very hard to apply in the face of vulgarity hurled my way. But at least that proves something quite significant ; the characteristics of each and everyone of us.

    I don’t defend the JEWS in Poland!
    I despise them as much as the awaken Americans do in their country.

    Americans, please read and learn.
    We now have a perfect example how a good propaganda works.
    Go back to history maps and judge it for yourself.
    Being wiped off the world’s maps for three times try to walk a mile in the polish shoes.
    You would not want this to happen to you. Otherwise just try to imagine….

    These cities mentioned in Loki’s chaotic copy and paste comments are polish cities in the heart of Poland!
    The relocated ethnic Germans taking over polish farms, expanding their businesses and germanizing polish schools and churches imposing their own religion, treating Poles as second class citizens, using them as slaves and destroying everything that was polish had but one goal in mind; erasing the polish heritage!
    They still cannot accept the humiliation of their loss and the reborn fighting polish spirit.
    Poles have had enough of centuries old oppressions!

    Just read some of your own comments and how fed up you get with your own ethnic groups of latinos, african-americans and jews if not more.
    Please read and learn Americans, for the same things are happening in your country right now!
    The Germans have always hated the polish fighting spirit they couldn’t crush and therefore cannot digest it.

    I came to this site to find likewise oriented people with one goal in mind;
    PRESERVE OUR WHITE HERITAGE in America and in Europe!
    Instead I found some vindictive hasbaratslike, suspicious types bringing up their unsuccessful past ambitions and attempting to incite hatred, which could only create more divisions, even war.

    What do we usually say about those who are unhappy and complain in your country?

    Well, once again I plead with you, read all the comments regarding WW2 and with a fair, open mind check out the history.
    I defend the right for the preservation of my heritage and for the existence of old white Polish Slavic tribe that have always lived there for more than 10 000 years, before even germanic tribes arrived!

    I truly cannot believe the extend of this deeply rooted hatred and the urge for revenge by all means and at all cost.

    Your lies are like the lies of the jews!

    Americans, once again; learn something from it.
    Don’t loose your fighting spirit.
    Rise up and do something about your own situation before it is too late.

  12. HKW says:

    To add to my previews post; jews are the real winners here once again laughing at us.


  13. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Rick Santorum On Small Government

    Santorum makes it very clear that he’s all for government interfering in every aspect of the lives of US citizens.

  14. Condeez says:

    Yes Frank, Santorum is a crypto “jew”!

  15. Barney says:

    Good for you HKW. Being something of a newcomer, we don’t really know you yet, but you do seem to be saying things that need to be said.

    As both the late (murdered) Curt Maynard and the political prisoner Edgar J Steele said,

    It’s the jews, stupid.

  16. sam petrov says:

    HKW, ” I have realized that there are some other dangerous forces at work with their evil agenda degrading another nation, promoting German interests and then trying to shut my defence up”.
    What interests? There is a clear policy of the US and certain european elites –
    this includes catholic church, of course and as always) to rewrite hisrtory of WW2 avoiding sensitive ‘holoHoax story. Recently EU accepted the position that Germany and the USSR were equally responsible for WW2. Of course England and the US had nothing to do with this. On the level of white patriotic movement there is a tendency to make Hitler a white messia, who was defeated by jewish forces. But they conviniently forget that 25 millions of russians an 12 millions of germans perished as a result. (I am not talking about other europeans- everybody knows).
    There is old and absolutely false opinion among “civilised” (read western) europeans about the eastern Europe (and the jews, as evil as they are, have nothing to do with it
    this time). Germans thinksthat poles are lower, of course, hungaryans bulgarins,not to speak af romanians romanians in their mind are a little better then gypsys) Poles think that they are (of course more civilised than barbaric russins). Greeks are not nordic enough, etc).
    I ll mention just one myth (though all af them are justh myths). Everybody knows who Ivan the Terrible was. Guess what, during his reign only 4 thousand people were executed. at the same time the “civilized” were sloughtering their own subgects by the tens of thousands. Uncivilized russian church never had mass burnigs of the witches in their towns. when delagation of Ivan the Terrible came back from certain civilized country (will not mention which) they reported that european nobility don t wash their bodies because they thought they should desregard their bodies for the soul to be saved. And that they (man and women ) had special little bottles with oil attached to their garments to cach the insects. Later it took arabs to remind europeans forgotten roman tradition of baths.
    I am not here to “defend’ or accuse anybody. Of course I know that even sending a rocket into the space every other day will not change a civilized opinion.
    It is my observation that english and american people (of british extraction) are the most obedient people the world has ever seen. This is why they don t need a dictatorship to pacify them – they obidiently feel free for hundreds of years to vote for one of the two parties and call it freedom, as they as told to call it. They obediently will hate “niggers” or fall in love with “people of color” if they are told to do so. This on the other hand gives some hope that they will all together “change” their minds when it becomes cool and (more importantly) safe.
    NKW, this is not meant to sturt a discussion. Talking to myself – keep it simple.
    Say – no to JEW world order.

  17. Mark says:


    This crap you posting here is pastecopied over and over again on different sites. It is all a product of fantasy. You haven’t shown one credible source of evidence to back up your BS writings. Those fantastic stories come from either German propaganda of 1939-1940 to justify invasion of Poland or it comes from some german pseudo-“scientists” of later era.

    The truth is, it was the Germany that wanted a war and they needed a pretext to attack Poland. Germany staged so called: Gleiwitz incident. It is well proven beyond any doubt that it was a German provocation unlike your German propaganda stories

    Just a few days earlier, on 22 August, Hitler had told his generals,

    “I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn’t matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth.”

    This incident and other German provocations (actually presented in 1939 as Polish provocations) is well explained in the following link:

    If Poles were really persecuting Germans before the war as you claim, Hitler would not have to create any pretext for the war. It is that obvious for anyone who have at least one brain cell left in his head.

    It’s not controversial that the invasion of Poland was planned and preceded by a massive propaganda campaign.

    This topic is actually very interesting stuff–how to you mobilize the masses when the population (in this case the Germans) is vocally against war? The answer appears to be the “Big Lie”, and the revisionist scholars Gargantua links to are simply repeating these lies.

    This provocation was the best-known of several actions in Operation Himmler, a series of unconventional operations undertaken by the SS in order to serve specific propaganda goals of Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the war.

    There was ethnic cleansing but Polish people by Germans.

    Operation Tannenberg (German: Unternehmen Tannenberg) was the codename for one of the extermination actions directed at the Polish people during World War II, part of the Generalplan Ost. Conscription lists (Sonderfahndungsbuch Polen), prepared by Germans before the war, identified more than 61,000 members of the Polish elite: activists, intelligentsia, scholars, actors, former officers, and others, who were to be interned or shot.

    What Germans present to the ignorant American public as Polish crimes on German civilians in 1939, is in fact German loses of fifth column in Poland in 1939.

    Germans had a massive Fifth column in Poland in 1939 which was fighting with regular Polish army. They always lost with big loses.
    Found on forum:

    Edwin Erich Dwinger (SS officer), “Die zwolf Gesprache”, published in 1966:

    “We (SS and SD) sent to Poland via Danzig few hundreds agents, espesially to mobilise local Germans. Many of those groups were captured or destroyed by the Polish Army”.

    Deutsche Standesamt am Bromberg, March 1940:

    “In Bromberg 263 civilians were killed. 103 were Volksdeutchen from Bromberg area, rest had German citisienship.”

    Gunter Shubert – German historian:

    “In September 1939 in Poland 3257 German civilians were killed. Nearly 2000 of them were shot for sabotage. About 1300 were killed accused falsely.”

    Graberzentrale fur die ermordeten Volksdeutschen, February 1940:

    “In Bromberg 263 civilians were killed. 200 were armed when captured by Polish soldiers.”

    Legal provisions of the Polish Penal Code from 1932:

    Art. 93 § 1:

    “Who tries to deprive the Polish State of independent existence or alienate part of its territory, comes under penalty of imprisonment for period not shorter than 10 years, life imprisonment or capital punishment”

    Art. 101 § 2:

    “If the perpetrator takes part in hostilities against the Polish State, comes under penalty of imprisonment for period not shorter than 10 years, life imprisonment or capital punishment”

    Art. 102:

    “Who during wartime, not belonging to enemy military forces, undertakes military actions against the Polish State, comes under penalty of imprisonment for period not shorter than 10 years, life imprisonment or capital punishment”

    The same case was with so called Blomberg incident where a company of German saboteurs attacked withdrawing Polish army killing between 30-50 soldiers. Polish army responded and wiped these SOB out, to which they had a full right to do acording the internation law which clearly states that saboteurs and military personel in civilian clothes are shot on site.

    According to the most widely accepted version, the incident stemmed from groups of German saboteurs attacking Polish troops behind the front lines.[8][9] This version holds that, as a contingent of the Polish Army was withdrawing through Bydgoszcz (Army Pomorze’s 9th, 15th, and 27th Infantry Division)[9] it was attacked by German irregulars from within the city. According to a British witness, a retreating Polish artillery unit was shot at by Germans from within a house; the Poles returned fire and were subsequently shot at from a Jesuit church.[10] In the ensuing fight both sides suffered some casualties; captured German nonuniformed armed insurgents were executed on the spot and some mob lynching was also reported.[9][11][12] A Polish investigation concluded in 2004 that Polish troops had been shot at by members of the German minority and German military intelligence (Abwehr) agents; around 40–50 Poles and between 100 to 300 Germans were killed.[13] [The End of the Myth of the Bromberg (Bydgoszcz) Bloody Sunday), Bulletin of the Institute of National Remembrance (Biuletyn Instytutu Pami?ci Narodowej), issue: 121/ 20032004, pages: 2427]

    German propaganda in 1939, and todays Germans present it as Polish ethnic cleansing of Germans, in which they blow up the number of German casulties from around 200 to … 58 000. Anyone can check that this as a fantasy of German propaganda since there were only 10 000 Germans living in Bromberg in 1939. This number (58 000) was used in a brochure published in New York City by German Ministry of Propaganda sometime in February of 1940, for distribution among ethnic Germans living in United States. Today, this brochure created by German Ministry of Propaganda under Geobbles (a jew himself) is used by Neo-Nazi as a document in their claims of supposidly Polish atrocities. It took Geobbles 3 months to write, and included stories of German eye witnesses and testimonies of Germans living in Bromberg. The problem is that nobody could verify those testimonies or even the people presented there as real not to mention their stories. This propaganda brochure is just … a propaganda brochure. I am surprised that moderators like Icongman do not educate themselves enough and stop to spread this false information.

    Regarding the action of Polish civilians who helped to clear the city from saboteurs, this action was ligal in the context of International Law:
    Hague Convention from 1907: … 1e0038bfd6



    The qualifications of belligerents

    Article 1. The laws, rights, and duties of war apply not only to armies, but also to militia and volunteer
    corps fulfilling the following conditions:
    1. To be commanded by a person responsible for his subordinates;
    2. To have a fixed distinctive emblem recognizable at a distance;
    3. To carry arms openly; and
    4. To conduct their operations in accordance with the laws and customs of war.
    In countries where militia or volunteer corps constitute the army, or form part of it, they are included under the denomination “army.”

    Art. 2. The inhabitants of a territory which has not been occupied, who, on the approach of the enemy, spontaneously take up arms to resist the invading troops without having had time to organize themselves in accordance with Article 1, shall be regarded as belligerents if they carry arms openly and if they respect the laws and customs of war.

    What was illigal is the German mass executions of Polish civilians in Bromberg starting from September 5th, and killing about 600 Polish civilians in three days between 5th and 8th of September. Totally, over 10,000 Polish civilians were executed by Germans in the city of Bromberg during the WW II, which clasify as genocide.
    Initially Germans presented the number of allegedly German civilian casualties as 5 800 in a brochure which Germany published in 1939. This brochures was quickly withdrawn and replaced with another brochure published in 1940 in which they blown the number from 5,800 to 58,000. This is well explained on a site where historian discuss those issues.
    The fact is that both numbers – 5,800 and 58,000 – were published in a German propaganda publication (published by the Volk und Reich Verlag), which was published in English language (this alone tells us a lot about its propaganda purpose) under the English title “Polish Atrocities Against the German Minority in Poland”.

    The 1st edition was published in 1939 and provided the number of 5,800. The 2nd, revised edition, was published in Berlin in 1940 and provided the number of 58,000. Also photos showing the alleged victims (in fact Jews and Poles murdered and mutilated specially for the purpose of this propaganda publication) were added to the 2nd edition, since they couldn’t find any photos of the alleged victims by the time of publishing the 1st edition.

    Nowadays the 2nd revised edition is available online on several Neo-Nazi websites:

    It should be clarified that the incident in Bromberg took place on September 3rd and 4th of 1939. On September 5-8, Germans killed over 600 Polish civilians. And on September 8th, Germans brougth journalists from International media showing them the corpses. It is not even clear which corpses they showed those journalists. It is more than likely that they shown corpses of Poles killed by German claiming that those were Germans killed by Poles.

    Regarding the pretext for WW II:

    Asking the Poles to simply surrender Danzig and the Corridor would have been continuing a policy of appeasement that had demonstrably failed. How could the Allies appease a nation like Nazi Germany that had already demonstrated it considered compromise weakness? The Allies gave into their demands at Munich, and a few months later the Germans simply took the rest of Czechoslovakia. It would have been silly for the West to give in to military posturing, especially when Hitler’s goals were clearly set out in Mein Kampf.

    It’s idiotic to suggest the French were using Poland to start a war with Germany when in reality the Allies were doing everything they could to appease Hitler. If France really wanted a war with Germany, then they would/should have stuck with the alliance with the Soviet Union. They would/should have unilaterally invaded Germany (like they did previously in the Rhineland). But they didn’t, because France was a civilized country with plenty of pacifist sentiment. Of course, no doubt the policy of appeasement and sympathy for the Germans in Great Britian also played a large role, since France didn’t want to risk war without unequivocal British support.

  18. Mark says:


    I presented a response to Loki and I would appreciate if you let it go through moderation. It presents factual information unlike Loki, Sog, GRman etc. who presents just their view or emotion sometime supported by dubious neonazi sites and dubious German authors.

    If we want to fight the Jews and their lies we can not replace their lies with someone else lies. Our strength is in the TRUTH.

    My response to Loki is just defence against their false attacts and their false presentation of historical facts.

  19. Mark says:

    To correct Loki’s false information about events in Poland in September of 1939, here is some information about German diversions in Poland in 1939

    Antoni Czubinski “Wielkopolska w latach 1918-1939) Poznan 2000. ISBN

    Page 182–184 (with shortenings)

    German organisations were instructed from the Reich by German General Consulate
    in Poznan. They were making secrete organisational network ready for fulfilling
    of every order from the Reich. This was without doubts very [prezna – strong?]
    Vth column. Political traning was carried on, hitlerite literature was
    distributed, conspirational fighting groups [bojowki]were created which carried
    trainings with weapons. To most active NSDAP groups were groups in Poznan,
    Wolsztyn, Konin, Sompolno k. Kola. The members of JDP and NSDAP avoided
    mobilisation to the Polish army and from trainings of Polish reservists in
    1939. Many of them escapged to the Reich, to go through military training in
    German army or special fighting groups. Polish government find out, that until
    June of 1939 this was done by 2628 person, including 800 from koninskie county,
    447 from nowotomyslki, 182 from leszczynskie, 159 from chodzieskie, 154 from
    rawicki, 145 from wolsztynskie. Some of them returned after the training to
    Poland. Polish government actions in that incidents were incoordinated and
    inconsequential. Department of Internal Affairs [MSW, ministerstwo spraw
    wewnetrznych] monitored actions of German minority and tried to take
    consequences in the face of most radical acts of breaking the law. Some members
    of fighting groups [bojowkarzy] were arrested and tried in courts. Similarly
    acted military offices, which had quite good recognition of situation in German
    minority. But Departament of Foreign Affairs [MSZ, minsterstwo spraw
    zagranicznych] directed by Jozef Beck was against the repression, because it
    thought that they made difficult international situation of Poland All actes of
    repressions were used by Reich for accusing Poland for oppressing of German
    minority. Many arrested were released after intervention of MSZ, without
    accusing them of anything. This fact made young members of fighting groups
    bold. They claimed that Poland is weak and one can act against it without
    caring about consequences. Polish national press in Greater Poland demanded
    more consequential and sever policy in German question.

    (…) In August and July 1939 many person escaped from Greater Poland.
    According to the data of DOK VII, German border was crossed by 570, and
    according to the data of Border Guard, 430 persons.

    (..) In the same time prevention against German diversion was carried on. In
    Poznan still lived 6.000 of Germans. They were good situated. Part of them
    participated in intelligence work and diversions of III Reich. In the night
    from 8 to 9 August military police entered territory of Evangelical House near
    al. Pilsudski 19, made revision and confiscated whole hidden there weapon
    store. (..)

    Prevention acts of voivode Bocianski and VII DOK caused that diversion
    preparations of German irredenta in Greater Poland was desorganised. German Vth
    column failed the hopes which were put into it. At the 1st September several
    hundred Germans were interned and directed into the country. On the way, some
    of them died as effects of war condition – they reached only the Kutno. Those
    conspiracy members who stayed on place tried to create diversion acts on their
    own, but they were few and they had no leaders. Army quickly liquidated all
    Page 200–202

    (…) Attack of hitlerite armies on Poland caused activation of hitlerite Vth
    column, recruited from the members of German minority in Poland. Diversants
    participated in direct actions against the army, as well as against civilians.
    As it mentioned earlier, in first days of the war diversants fought in Leszno.

    During fights, 16 diversants were killed and 19 were caught with the gun in
    hand. They were sent to the HQ of WBK in Srem, were 14 of them was put against
    field court at September the 3rd. 12 of them was sentenced to death. In two
    cases gen. Abraham turned death sentency to 10 years of heavy work.

    Unit of German diversants tried at the 1st September took the small city
    Swiecichowo near Leszno. Group of armed inhabitants acted against them, which
    caused withdrawal of the Germans. Other group of the diversants in the
    September the 3rd took over Dobrzyca. After contraction of Guard [Straz
    Porzadkowa] from Witaszyce they were captured and passed to military
    authorities. During fights Guard commander died.

    At the 1st and 2nd September diversants acted also in Poznan; at September 2nd
    is was communicated that 6 of them was sentenced to the death. ACts of
    diversions were also taken in other cities. The largest was September the 3rd
    in Bydgoszcz. That day German diversants fired to units of 9 DP from Army of
    Pomorze, withdrawing through the city after defeat in Bory Tucholskie.
    Diversants thought, that those are last Polish units, and the city can be in
    any minute “liberated” by German army. But from the west of Bydgoszcz there was
    not touched 15 DP. Local military and civilian authorities started actions
    against diversion. Soon they got help from 15 DP. Diversion was put down.
    Fights inside the city consumed large number of victims from both sides of the

    It is estimated, that on German side died in fight or were shot after capturing
    with the gun in hand about 150-160 person. About 700 were arrested, but beacuse
    of the need of the withdrawal all except 18 captured in Polish uniforms were
    released. Those last were transfered fo military polie. The fights continued
    next day. Part of the leaders of German minority were interned and sent on foot
    in the deep of the country. It is estimated, that in whole region 300 of German
    minority members died. (… German repressions and cruelties in revenge …)

  20. HKW says:

    sam petrov,
    Thanks again for another sensible comment.
    When you started commenting here by somewhat siding with Israel it made me think that you could be a troll. I have realised now it was a cautious start.
    The more you commented the more reasonable you sounded, as a person with wisdom.
    Sadly, you are absolutely right in regards to some people applying classification and therefore division between nations.
    To make things straight with you I never thought of Russians as barbaric for we can find barbarians in every country. Personally I have not met a barbarian Russian yet and would have been truly unfair judging them as such. On the contrary; my personal ballroom dance instructors were Russian married couple and very nice, civilised people.
    My only resentment towards the Russians is the ancient history of wars, the participation in partitioning of Poland, the barbaric killing in Katyn, that in fact we now know were the jews rather than real Russians, and of course, the post-war soviet occupation of Poland that I have experienced myself as a child and a teenager, witnessing their treatment of some polish citizens and seeing the devastation of polish properties occupied by the Russian soldiers.
    Poles are taking pride in their places of accommodation or properties and like to live in a clean environment. When the army have withdrawn from Poland they left nothing but ruins.
    However, I believe it is time to move on. Learn the hard lessons of the past avoiding history repeating itself. Unfortunately, there will always be some people bringing up the past and stirring up emotions, inciting and renewing hatred amongst ourselves.

    I just found for your perusal if you wish a very interesting historical document by a famous historian, David Irving titled “Hitler’s War”, which is provided for a free download here;

    Currently we all are facing a much greater danger, but apart from criticising nobody is providing any solution. The enemy this time is truly well equipped. They can kill us off easily with nuclear, biological or weather weapons.
    It is time to think of preservation and personal protection.
    It is a high time (instead of going back in time glorifying unworthy people) to unite and form a strong front to face the enemy that is out there to destroy us all, especially the white Christians.
    We don’t need an aggressive dictator .
    We need a strong and yet compassionate leader or leaders that won’t argue amongst themselves, but with a mutual respect will lead us towards victory and peace.

  21. HKW says:

    @ Mark,
    WOW! Who are you? I have just noticed your comment.
    Sorry, that was a silly question, but I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised to see the new arrival here supporting my comments. Makes me feel stronger too.
    Thank you for your contribution and a great amount of formations. You sound like a very knowledgeable man.
    Welcome brother!
    As you probably have noticed, it is all about Danzing ( Gdansk), just this one city for which so many people had to die. I just cannot see any logic in it. Or why Hitler didn’t just stop there? Or, when Germany re-gained their economical power standing firmly on their feet and getting rid of jews, why not leaving things that way without resorting to all this violence?
    He would have remained an admired hero and an inspiration for all everywhere!

    Certain things simply make no sense.

  22. sog says:

    …………………Yeah karen ,,you have a backbone of steel ,,very good …..the jews besides the all the humping they do to the talmutt when they pretend they can read anything thru those beady little eyes let alone hebrew …these fickers speak yidd and yidd is khazar state language…they probably are all going blind ….they always cry and whine and moan fer kryse sakes …blubbering duche bags ,,,………………………
    lebanon was a fucked up sitch and the jews hated the usa for coming in and stopping the massacre at 35,000,,,,as the filthy kazzareswine were getting ready to zionize 70,000 more and couldnt cus the us marines showed up and the shitsacsteinz were pissed and eventually seemingly gort our battleships to do some of the job for them ……that was in the year 82 that the jew incurred massacre called sabra and shatila camps where palestinian refugees and leb citizens were murdred by phalangists at the behest and supervision of zog….
    zog murdered olaf palme pm of sweden for speaking out on this and other refugee massacres ,,,and then the jews killed the next swedish pm hopeful ,,ANNA LINDH
    and now the ziojews have a mossad puppet in pm position like all other puppet zio nations … interest/jewish gangsters raped.htm Jews/The1986AssassinationofSwedens.htm Jews/MossadAssassinated.htm Jews/WhoWasBehindTheKilling.htm Jews/BrooklynJewsRiot.htm Jews/Absurdistan/Manhuntina.htm Jews/Dresden/Dresden.htm Jews/Innholdsfortegn.htm
    anyway am vectoring off in actual topik but the margin is very wide …next site really highlites the fact that jews were siting in ghettos aka non-mixed race area ,,reckon,,,they sat in these ghettos and whooa ,they wernt in the camps ? ..gee ,,well it proves that there never was a final solution hallucination as criminals and commie instigaters were put in camps and yet there were many jews not in camps and many jews living free and open in germanyies hundreds cities and 150,000 jews in whermacht …so much for the german gun control and death of 13 million jews because of that law …germany would have removed the jews from whermacht and disarmed them at tje very least ….
    ramblin on ………………
    oh yeah and a foot note on the usa intervention in lebanon was the bombing of the marine barracks near the airport costing the death toll was 241 American servicemen,220 Marines….the american ships shelled lebanon mercilessly later

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