Big Jew Media “Rick Rolling” America

MANY OF YOU visitors out there in INTERNET LAND may well have been “rick-rolled” at some point (Marshall here got me good a few years back). Getting rick-rolled is when someone gives you a link and tells you in all seriousness it’s important to check out. You click on it and you’re taken to this truly goofy video of some slick little ’80’s guy (Rick Astley) singing the bubblegum tune, “Never Gonna Give You Up,” that sticks in your head even worse than the crap they now feed you on Jew TV (video embed below). Congrats, you’ve just been rick-rolled!

Well, the Globalist, Zionist media Jews are now doing a big Rick Santorum roll on America’s head right now. For precious Israel, America’s ever-so-innocent little buddy in the Mideast, Rick Santorum’s never gonna…

  1. Give you up.
  2. Let you down.
  3. Run around and desert you.
  4. Make you cry, say goodbye.
  5. Tell a lie and hurt you.

I mean, look at this Sanitorium jerk. He’s about as worthy to be president as the bozo who tried to sell you undercoating on your last car. He’s the guy who kisses so much ass at the office everyone retches behind his back. He’s that slicked-back yuppie multicult across the street who never fails to infer how cool he is and brag about what he spent on his latest consumer high-tech toy — when you could really give a rat’s ass.

Oh wait, we’re all supposed to like this guy because he’s a big Christian (yeah, I bet) and supposedly hates fags because he’s against homos getting married. And he’s also against abortion (so am I). Like any of that’s going to make any real difference, especially since the Jews will dump all over him once they have effectively neutralized Ron Paul in the republican primaries.

Think about all the major, absolutely serious destructions of America and our constitution going on today which Ron Paul talks about. Santorum is obviously a sugar-coated pill designed to keep Christian Zionists from looking too closely at Paul.

They wanted to do all this (and probably more) with Newt Gingrich, but the flabby putz just wasn’t getting it with all us chumps out here in chumpland, so the media masters had to scramble a little and push a bozo who kissed Israeli ass just as much as Newt boy.

In 2006, Santorum couldn’t even get re-elected back in his home state of Pennsylvania. He lost overwhelmingly. CREW called him one of the top three most corrupt senators in DC and that’s saying something. 

And yeah, I also think something funny is going on with the votes. I’m not the only one. How did a virtual unknown suddenly leap frog past Ron Paul and everyone else?

Brad Funkhouser writes: “I’ve been following Iowa GOP vote counts for a long time … They are being slow-walked…in 2012. Negotiations are going on… Cash is changing hands. Apparently GOP chieftains are ‘persuading,’ by one means or the other, Perry and Bachmann people who hold considerable hold sway over large blocs of votes to switch to Romney and Santorum – leaving Ron in the dust… Also abusing suddenly lax ID registration may have created many fake votes for neocons Santorum and Romney. Santorum has no organization, never drew over 100 people during his entire campaign. Of course he did bribe and received the benediction of of that ‘family’ leader who demanded 1 million dollars that were to be distributed in part to cronies. This is the biggest fraud since Kennedy stole the West Virginia Primary. Perry had built a pretty organization and was around 13% of the vote. He drew far larger crowds than Santorum and ends up with just 10%. Did those votes go. Santorum? Santorum didn’t earn 24% of the vote.”

Hell, the vote tallies were completed at a secret location, ostensibly to protect them from all the dangerous hippy Occupy Wall Street activists. Yeah, right.

And anyone with half-a-brain can tell how they minimize Ron Paul in the lamestream press and obviously try a little too hard to keep it unnoticiable to the braindead. They do it by talking almost exclusively about anyone else, even those doing much worse than Ron Paul. Sure, they’ll mention Paul, but keep it as brief as possible and never, ever dwelve too deeply in what the guy really says. Clever, if you pay the least attention.

Rick Santorum is telling everyone that on his first day in office he’ll bring the hammer down on Iran. On Jew-owned NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Santorum said “I will say to any foreign scientist that’s going into Iran to help on their [nuclear] program, you will be treated like an enemy combatant, like an al-Qaeda member.” He calls the West bank “legitimate Israeli territory.” I bet all the insane land stealing, “settler” Jews love this guy.

In 2003, Santorum had a plan to cut-off federal funding to universities that permitted students and faculty to criticize Israel. He wanted to rewrite title IX of the higher education act to “investigate anti-Semitism” on college campuses. To him, free speech is not a right when it comes to sacred Israel. The so-called “Christian” could care less what happens to Palestinians, Muslim or even Christian.

This Rick Roll Santorum needs to be put in a “Sanitorium” before he starts WWIII. But then again Barry boy Obongo may well beat him to it, soon starting a war with Iran so the media Jews can use that as an excuse when hidden operatives rig the main election in the fall — saying “America had to vote for the war time president, just like FDR.”

It’ll be the Jew’s favorite thing — a “two-fer” deal — protecting sacred Israel while getting the mulatto puppet another 4 years of office to inflict more socialism on America.

All these creepy Zionist Jews are against Ron Paul. “Conservative” radio host Michael Savage (real Jew name: Weiner) calls Ron Paul a “crackpot,” “deranged” and his supporters are actually “dyed-in-the-wool liberals.” He even resorts to the usual Jew slander tactic of calling Paul “anti-Semitic.” Don’t they call everyone that now?

The stinking Jews love to use the left/right paradigm to keep America screwed up politically and socially and, if that doesn’t go far enough, throw in the nutcase conspiricy and/or Hitler business.

Could someone please kick these giant trouble making bastards right back to Russia?

Are people actually buying this Rick Santorum business? Everyone I’ve talked to thinks he’s a big joke. Even those “un-awakened” to the Jew. Criminy, little old ladies who fall for all kinds of TV hokum think he’s a phony.

Let’s get real, America. Rick Santorum is being used by Jew media to “rick roll” the country and derail Ron Paul — the only guy worth a flying you-know-what.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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