Jew Media Hid Million Dollar Obama Parties

From Council of Conservative Citizens

The media is censoring what goes on at the White House to protect the Obama family from a massive backlash.

Millions of dollars are being spent on the extravagant parties and constant vacations held by the Obama family.

Back in 2009, Obama threw an “Alice in Wonderland” party at the White House. Hollywood stars Tim Burton and Johnny Depp were hired to put on the party. The party also featured the original Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Despite their major celebrity status, Burton and Depp agreed to keep their participation a secret. Imagine how much they must had paid these mega stars to get confidentiality agreements.

The extravagant and outlandish behavior of the Obama family is actually worse than the “racist” depiction of black politicians in the movie “Birth of A Nation.”

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What a sorry laugh.

Michelle Obama has something like 30 plus assistants, make-up and wardrobe people, etc. on her own personal staff. She’s always jetting off with them, the kids and her mother for expensive vacations in places like the south of France, Spain and South Africa.

The crude and selfish pig for a woman is loving all this president business, no doubt. All the while people out here in the real world are getting laid off and living on unemployment in the worst recession/depression since the 1930’s.

The Jew media constantly tries to portray her as a classy Jackie Kennedy type. No one is buying the Jew crap.

And if you say anything at all about the insanity, the lousy, stinking multicults and Jews call you a racist! This is what happens when Jews take over a country’s media and money. We’re all being taken for a friggin’ huge Jew joyride!

Thanks GD Jews!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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167 Responses to Jew Media Hid Million Dollar Obama Parties

  1. HKW says:

    Your attitude says it all!

    But watch out; it may backfire.

    The bouncing ball we play always bounces back, doesn’t it?

    I believe in KARMA!

  2. Marshall says:

    Well Biker old bud, the University staff they should be arresting are the staff of Boston University, since their pal Elie Wiesel is still allowed to teach there after being conclusively proven to be a horrendous fraud even by Jew standards. If they allow him to go on they are just as guilty 🙂

  3. Biker says:

    Hey Marsh! my kid brought home one of those scholastic book order deals the other day. guess what was on the front page, with a large ad? Elie Wiesel.”Night” they are pushing his bunk on our children!

  4. HKW says:

    @ sam petrov,

    Once again I applaud your last comment.
    Very well said.
    Your recent comments make sense.

  5. Hoff says:

    Hoff at incogman: 12:50 Mandatory

    The JEWs did Katyn massacre:

  6. Hoff says:

    Hoff @ HKW:

    Vexed is NOT your foe – he is your friend.

    Jewish codeword:

    Soviet = Jewish mass murderers

    Soviet Union = Jewish mass muders

    Socialism = Jewish mass murders

    Communism = Jewish mass murders

    What the JEWs did at Kathyn was the same thing the JEWISH mass murders did to Russia – the JEWs killing the elite, anybody that had the intellect to organise a resistant to the JEWISH mass murders.

    How do you as a minority take control of the (m)asses? You kill all their leaders. What did the jews do when they killed the polish elite by neck shoots? The jews killed the entire elite and what do we get then? At best mediocre village idiots posing as “our leaders”.

  7. HKW says:

    Thank you Hoff for this video.

    These info certainly were under a strict ban!

    But they the Poles KNEW about IT!!!

    They know those who harm them.

  8. Vexed. says:

    Danzig belongs to Germany HKW, Watch this video and pay close attention to the first 30 seconds…

  9. Vexed. says:

    Here is my last comment on and about the Poles from me… HKW, You people and your language- Polish: j?zyk polski, polszczyzna (West Slavic Languages) Look as if the Polish People spell their names like they are Dyslexic and cannot spell and are all Cross eyed. LOL look here is an example of how you spell your typical Polish Name ~ “pajskjkdazskyaja- owuyyirtdcajkzyzjaa” In my Opinion, that is all I see when I see a Polish name! I would not be shocked at all if that is some ones name in Poland.

  10. Marshall says:

    Join the e-mail campaign Biker, I’m doing it!!!


  11. HKW says:

    David Icke – The Polish Plane Crash

    Polish Plane Crash Update: Film Maker Assassinated!

    Strangely another Polish elite has been eliminated in Smolensk.
    They still hate to admit the Soviets crime let alone commemorate it.

  12. Vexed. says:

    The Poles should have been more Compliant with the Germans at the time, Look HKW so what some Germans make a few jokes about the Poles and back then you and your Country men were Rounded up and Arrested… At least Germans didn’t throw your People in Black Raven trucks and drive you out to the forest and shoot you in the back of your heads (Wetwork) like the Rotten Russian jewish led NKVD. Just remember that! If I have been offensive in anyway it must have been my reference to the “Dumb Poles” stereotype. But look Germans are not the enemy of the Polish people! The other Slavs from the East are(The Russian ones) and Communist Ashkenazi/Khazar jews are HKW.

  13. Hoff says:

    At least Germans didn’t throw your People in Black Raven trucks and drive you out to the forest and shoot you in the back of your heads (Wetwork) like the Rotten Russian jewish led NKVD. Just remember that! If I have been offensive in anyway it must have been my reference to the “Dumb Poles” stereotype. –Vexed–


    by Hoff: To my knowledge you Vexed is the first who know how to use the JEWish mass murdering Soviet jews codeword “wetwork” in a proper sence. Actually, you Vexed is the first one to use the jewish codeword “wetwork” at all.

    Again, l Hoff have studied the jewish fraud communism all my life. l didn’t tell you everything about the jewish fraud communism. One reason is that l want to see how much people get about the jewish fraud communism. Only a very few people have studid the jewish fraud communism. And the ONLY way to use the jewish codeword
    “Wetwork” in a proper context, is if you have studied the jewish fraud communism.

    Vexed just proved his case

  14. Vexed. says:

    Well yeah, That term “Wetwork” was used by the NKVD Im sure to explain the daily murderous work of Spilling blood in NKVD headquarter basements like it was nothing, And daily the NKVD jewish bastards had tens of thousands of polish people dragged off and their heads were splattered all over basement walls daily like it was nothing to those Evil bastards.

    Look here, even the CIA website states this as fact that the NKVD and the basements of the NKVD headquarters were exactly where they carried it out and also at an Abattoir in the same city. And of course you cannot forget how the NKVD also shot the polish people in front of Mass graves probably right when it became to hard to keep up with trying to rinse away blood in those basement floors and walls with buckets of water. Look at their method of how they carried out the killing in the movie Katyn, It is Horrific! Only jews would think of how to murder people in basements like that with their hands tied behind their backs!

  15. sog says:

    ………………. jack and schill went up yhe hill ……..
    how long do you think it would take to get the stench out of the white house ,,,,lordy lowrdy..
    whitehose ,,what is the place where the skeletons in the closet are ashamed and afraid of the people living there …ayyy

  16. Obadiah 1:18 says:

    That’s what Satan looks like when you’re on drugs.

  17. rewoped iceburg says:

    there was no room at the ………
    Deeply involved in providing safe haven for the Afghan Mujahideen, and facilitating their dispersal throughout the world, was Ismaili Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, the second son of the hereditary Imam of the Ismailis. In the 50s, Prince Sadruddin had become publisher of the Paris Review, an important British intelligence operation at the time, which was active promoting the Children of the Sun, the Dionysian cult, comprised of the children of Britain’s Roundtable elites. John Train, who was then the managing editor of the publication, had been Prince Sadruddin’s roommate at Harvard.

    Prince Sadruddin was made coordinator of the U.N. Humanitarian and Economic Assistance Programs for Afghanistan, working with John Train, in what was code-named Operation Salam, which was officially intended to organize the repatriation of Afghan refugees after the Soviet withdrawal. Prince Sadruddin’s program also reportedly was involved in the military training and covert military supply of the Mujahideen, who often operated out of U.N. refugee camps that he administered on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. [36]

    Prince Sadruddin has also been a key figure in Prince Philip’s World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), which, according to the EIR, is “the British royal family’s most important intelligence agency”. [37] Since its creation in 1961, Prince Sadruddin has been one of is primary funders, as has his nephew, the current leader of the Ismailis. Through his London-based Aga Khan Foundation, and the Geneva-based Bellerive Foundation, he has emerged as a top figure in the environmental movement.

    In 1983, the WWF successfully persuaded the Pakistani government to create two national parks directly on the Afghan border, renowned for the quality and abundance of its opium poppy, which was assiduously cultivated by the Mujahideen. It was also a primary staging area for smuggling arms into Afghanistan.

  18. HKW says:

    Vexed says;
    “Polish People spell their names like they are Dyslexic and cannot spell and are all Cross eyed. ”

    What about my name, which is Halina?

    Getting crossed tongued and crossed eyes yet? lol

    My surname is quite easy to pronounce too, but that would be revealing too much if not already…
    Perhaps having difficult language to learn at first and then Russian as the second compulsory one it isn’t too difficult for us to learn other languages.
    Although my English is far from perfect I hope we have no problems communicating so far…huh?

    Referring to war and killings any mass killing is a horrific act whichever way it is performed.
    No one wants to get killed or be enslaved.

    Listen guys, I am sure that sometimes you use your imagination dreaming of wealth, money, relaxing holidays, fantasising about the opposite sex and so on…. 😉
    Now, please use your imagination just for once, put our differences aside for a while and transform yourself into Poles in their situation without denials; be honest just to yourself without revealing it here.
    Just think about it and imagine walking a mile in the shoes of a Polish person all these centuries…

    They have their place, they have their families and their heritage they want to preserve.
    Most of them are pure, white Poles caught in between two superpowers and trapped under the zionist regime.

    “Flippen” difficult position! Isn’t it?

  19. Vexed. says:

    The 1941 Heimkehr film depicted truth about how the Polish feel about Germans and was not just a Propaganda film.

    Lebensraum was merely Germany reclaiming it’s Territory, you know the Town with a German name (Danzig)

    and Rightfully so.

    Hitler demanded the German speaking town of Danzig from Poland and the building of a motorway to link East Prussia with the rest of the Reich.

    He accused the Poles of mistreating the German minority in other parts of Poland.

    The Poles refused to hand over the town of Danzig.

  20. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I’m puzzled to this day, as to why the Polish leadership could put faith in the Kiked/English leaders, considering their antipathy on matters of faith. We know how it turned out. Angels on the head of a pin bullshit.

    Polish birds are nifty though eh?

    As are German birds.

    I’m soooo sexist!


  21. HKW says:

    This will never end, will it!
    My patience is running thin with these stubborn, blind, selfish and vindictive people stuck in the past!
    Sometimes I am under the impression that some of you are in fact the Neo-Nazis, jews or crypto-jews stirring things up, promoting your anti-polish propaganda just to incite another war!
    Weren’t there enough people killed yet!
    What are you trying to achieve?
    This is exactly what the jews want!
    If you want it too then YOU ARE the ‘flippen’ jews!
    Some of the crap that some of you guys posting here is a product of pure fantasy clearly in the interest of one particular group. Anyone in the healthy state of mind should be able to see it!
    This incident and other German provocations (actually presented in 1939 as Polish provocations) is well explained in the following link:

    If Poles were really persecuting Germans before the war as you claim, Hitler would not have to create any pretext for the war. It is that obvious for anyone who has at least one brain cell left in his head.
    It’s not controversial that the invasion of Poland was planned and preceded by a massive propaganda campaign.

    Now, read “Hitler’s War” by David Irving, here are some excerpts;

    “Hitler spoke frankly to Goebbels about the future. ‘He has a prophetic vision,’ noted the minister. ‘Germany as master of the world. Job for a century.’ – Triumph of the Will- Approach to Absolute Power, p34

    “Powerfully influenced by Dr. Goebbels, Hitler now abandoned the path of statesmanlike and responsible policies and embarked upon the slippery ascent toward European hegemony. By mid-January 1936 he had resolved to bolster up his none-too-robust regime by a fresh coup: he would remilitarise Germany’s Rhineland – again in violation of Versailles. ”
    Triumph of the Will, p39

    ” After the Sudeten Germans our sights will be set on the Baltic. We must turn our interest to the Polish Corridor and, perhaps, the other Baltic states. Not that we want any non-Germans in our domain – but if rule any we must, then the Baltic countries”. p86

    “Hitler dourly remarked to Wiedemann, ‘I’m not here to ensure peace in Europe; I’m here to make Germany great again. ‘ p89
    Hello! Everybody wants a life as life is short!
    “Poland’s attitude was no more sympathetic. Ambassador Joseph Lipski had assured Hitler as recently as October 21 that if he ever succeeded in solving Europe’s Jewish problem, Warsaw would happily erect a statue in honour of his achievement….. “Fearing, after Hitler’s occupation of Austria, that he would repatriate the thousands of Polish Jews from Vienna, in March they had speedily enacted a Law of Expatriation designed to deprive such Jews of their native Polish citizenship.
    The Munich agreement panicked Warsaw into the further ruling that after October ?? no expatriate Poles would be allowed back into their country without a special entry visa. The last days of October thus saw frenzied scenes on the frontier. While Polish frontier officials slept, the Nazis quietly shunted unscheduled trains loaded with Jews across the line into Poland.”

    “Hitler quietly admired Stalin – how Bolshevism had subjected the Slav sub-humans, as he called them, to ‘the tyranny of a Jewish ruling clique,’ and established precisely the kind of elite leadership with which he was struggling to invest Germany.” p154

    “‘The Polacks,’ recorded an angry Dr. Goebbels, ‘will always be our natural enemies, however keen in the past they have been, out of pure self-interest, to do us the odd favour.”
    “A German-Polish conflict now would trigger an avalanche against us. For the time being the only way we can deal with the Poles’ insolent attitude and their high-handed rebuff to the offer we have made to them is by breaking the Polish spirit.” p165
    “‘I would then knock Poland so flat that politically speaking we wouldn’t have to take any account of her for many decades to come.’ The Reich would thereby regain its 1914 eastern frontier, from East Prussia to eastern Silesia.”
    What?! WTF they thought they are !
    “Hitler stated once again that Danzig was not his ultimate objective – that would be to secure Lebensraum in the east to feed Germany’s eighty million inhabitants. ‘If fate forces us to fight in the west,’ Hitler told them, ‘it will be just as well if first we possess more in the east.’ This was why he had decided to ‘take on Poland at the first suitable opportunity.
    ’His immediate purpose now, he explained, would be to isolate Poland. ‘It is of crucial importance that we succeed in isolating her.’ p176
    Want any more….?

  22. HKW says:

    “On august1939, Hitler ordered the anti-Polish propaganda volume turned up to ‘eighty percent’ of its full volume. After months of maintaining a studied silence in the Nazi press about the Polish ‘atrocities,’ on the sixteenth editors were secretly circularised: ‘The time has come for the German press to abandon its reserve.’ Goebbels ordered Polish ‘terrorist incidents’ moved from page two to page one – though still only modestly displayed, and there was to be no mention yet of Germany’s territorial claims.” P193

    “Hitler needed reliable staged ‘incidents’ at a closely defined place, time, and date – he had a tight OKW schedule to meet. Two diabolical schemes had been drafted by SS Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, ‘following long-standing patterns set by our western neighbours,’ as he explained to SS commanders on about the eleventh. In one, his agents would masquerade as Polish insurgents, seize the German transmitter station at Gleiwitz, broadcast a proclamation, and then escape. In the other, more complex, incident a company of Polish-speaking idealists would be recruited from
    the Upper Silesian work-force, dressed in Polish uniforms on the eve of White,’ and ordered to ‘seize’ a German customs post near Hochlinden; a mock battle would be staged with SS troops, while real Polish troops would be lured into the fray from their garrison at nearby Rybnik by a Polish officer who had recently defected to Germany. The Gestapo chief, Heinrich Müller, also hit on the macabre idea of strewing fresh corpses – condemned convicts from Dachau – on the ‘battlefield,’ equipped with genuine Polish soldiers’ passbooks.
    When Hitler talked with Professor Carl Burckhardt, the League of Nations high commissioner in Danzig, on the eleventh he had prepared the way by underlining the point: ‘If there’s the slightest provocation I shall shatter Poland without warning into so many pieces that there will be nothing left to pick up.’
    Hitler continued (recalled Burckhardt years later): ‘Everything I’m doing is directed against Russia. If the West is too obtuse to grasp this, then I’ll be forced to come to
    terms with the Russians and turn against the West first, after which I’ll direct my entire strength against the USSR.’ p 194

  23. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Want any more….?

    Ah, go on then!

  24. HKW says:

    @ Cannibal Rabbi – good video

    “Road to happiness” that everybody wants…. 🙂

    And that’s the way to go!

    Love the song.

  25. sog says:

    hey you ignorant savant hkw why dont you drop the polish crusade ,,its already old and its jaded and one sided ,,,,no one wants to hear your flowery lilt of how great the pile of settlement was ,is ,,,that was then and they were just as barbarous and murderous as the cheks , all without any input from the jewish russian armies …it was often that the russians protected germans in these countries from chek and poliesh psycos ….there is tooo much evidence of polands guilt on german citizens …..polish died when germany invaded plowland settlement to STOP the polish frenzy against germans …..your gonna wind up like kalki on here if yopu keep it up …as a lot of people here you are pushing and they have not said boo yet ,,but they will soon …bitch…agent provacetuer …shudddup

  26. sog says:

    did hitler need any staged sitch to get into danzig which was germanies by all land and heritage rights and he certainly didnt need an excuse to attack bolshevcik poland …did he use a false flag act to invade ussr which was gonna happen to germany by way of poland and comin from ussr so hitler took the war to stalin ….wouldnt it be nice if holina WOZNIAK could stik it or keep to subject within a reasonable mindless parameter …heres lookin at ya …. ..I.,

  27. HKW says:

    Get off my back soggy.
    I am entitled to my opinion the same as you are.
    If you don’t like it skip it!

    I do not hurl abusive language at anyone as you do. If anyone deserves to end up in Spamblinka it would surely be you first as your mental instability clearly shows now.
    You are almost rotten away by hatred, poor man.
    I have a right to defend myself and my countrymen and you won’t shut me up.

    Thank you Incogman for allowing me to do so.

    Well, well… the evidence provided bothers you soggy, doesn’t it?
    Piss off then and stop spreading false propaganda so I won’t have to come back with a defence. Simple
    This time, however, I don’t even need to say more about your comment as your spiteful , sick words say it all about the state of your mind.

  28. Eckhart says:

    Where’s that little thumbs down icon I can click.
    ..Oh well

  29. sog says:

    ……..No you dont hurl invectives at people ,not you !,,,I prefer it instead of all the collegiate rumifications from biased deferential manual on poles and germany …..i am reading a self help book noew and it is called im ok your an asshole ,…you may say you not cuss up a blue streak heh heh butt you drown everyone with pile of stalemennt propaganda and it is too flowery and vague and delves in gradualism toward how fresh polands smells after their bloodluist ….ok youll never give it a whirl cus you are 1/4 polish but go see jenny craig ,,aight …..sincerely soggy inc. ltd.
    if i belong in spamblinka its only to clean it out and cut everyones throat in there and watch them run around like chicken with no head ,,ha hah ha …
    would you like to join me in spamblinka love…
    your a little late for unstable ,,,,have been there and done that and moved on to full syncro madman and back to quietness …..serenity…..
    ohhhh threaten me with spamblinka hog hunde hk wozcsniazjk…
    i’ll play you like an old worn out deck of camp cards ,,,girlfriend ,,,,heh heh
    i kinda like bein on your backside where i can staple a playboy foldout to the back of your head ,,,uh oh…..
    what if all the witnesses up front and personal to polands brutal treatment of germans were just imagining all the bloodshed and slaughter …not the case …
    why dont you just refrain from calling what history has recorded as false history ….
    the eveidence doesnt bother me that is to say your evidence as it isnt evidence but more like propaganda as poland doesnt want this truth to come out either ….like the mistreatment of germans in norway as well or the mistreatment of germans by all the allies post ww2 in all the diffrent sectors.
    my source of proof was there and saw all that shit ..
    what im tryin to say is that you bother me as you are adament in your blundering misguided drunken polish propaganda pathway…..
    oooh you really know how to hit below the belt ,,,bwaaaaa boo hoo it was you that went off like a drunken sailor at me originally and yes your carefully constructed sentences were full of hate and stupidity and seriously ,i wouldnt expect anything more from an educated idiot …..
    your scrawling and revisioning is without balance and a jew could do better

  30. sog says:

    eckhardt the thumb yer lookin for is probably stuck up yer fartsac

  31. HKW says:

    You don’t offend me any more than you offend historians such as; David Irving, Jim Condit, Antony C. Sutton , Norman Davis and few others that I won’t even bother mentioning as you most probably, with your selective hearing, will choose not to take any notice of. It would have to take a truly biased, uneducated or extremely hateful person to call them stupid.
    The media tends to encapsulate 2000 years of history in a few short paragraphs and in the end you are served with a false agenda (Propaganda).
    ‘History would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.’
    Therefore it is up to us to decipher what is true and what is not, but can any person be honest on this subject?
    It takes very hard work and years of investigation in the collection of information following the events, talking to people and reading diaries and other documents.
    If anyone provided you with a quick answer then there would be no point in you finding out who did what. It takes years and centuries of progressive events taking place between nations to understand the entire situation. And it takes a lot of good character and fair judgement to report those events in a correct and objective manner. Respectable historians are often in the possession of genuine materials and have no reason to ridicule themselves to the point of being called STUPID by an ignoramus like you.
    Taking sides is understandable but often cowardly. It takes a guy with real guts to put things in perspective and judge them fairly.

    To me sog, you are just an insecure, miserable, little coward with a filthy mouth, ‘showing off’ your invisible muscles from the other side of internet, in the safety of your four walls, escaping the truth and bullying a totally unknown to you person, who only defends her nationality.
    You know,… it takes courage to grow up…

    As to your ‘fantasies’, soggy, revealing your thoughts here gives away in your lacking of certain activities…lol Poor bugger. -Mrs palmer and her 5 daughters?- lol
    Is that your true reason for your frustrations?

    Regarding my looks, you have my permission to slander me any way you like, soggy, imagining the most ugly crocodile face of mine and a fat body you have ever seen in your life……so long as I know who I am, and fortunately I don’t really need to brag 🙂

    In the meantime, you can only keep on fantasising, soggy….
    I really shouldn’t waste any more of my precious time on you but I shall continue to soldier on…..

  32. sog says:

    yes of course halina keep a stiff upper lip an all that ….your way off base but im just playin with ya like a cat plays with a dead and or dying mouse love… aint personal unless you let it be and now you boor me so im done crossing swords with you ,,,
    as far as the dismal scenario that you envision me in it doesnt sound as fun as spamblinka ,,but we can agree to dis agree …never concede without provisions but peace is in order so peace to us all who deserve it …..
    i think i revealed one or 2 things and that is that there is still a jury thats out for alot of mericanz and the business at hand and not the way you put it …….hiiek hiek.hyuk hyuk
    yes and tyme is the most precious of comodities you are correct ……………
    the only thing safe where i am is the concrete and i am fairly invisible at this point ,,good call love……
    so the next time you lead the polish anthem on here i wont interfere with your “pride” aight …..was fun but now im done …..

    If buttercups buzz’d after the bee,
    If boats were on land, churches on sea,
    If ponies rode men and if grass ate the cows,
    And cats should be chased into holes by the mouse,
    If the mamas sold their babies
    To the gypsies for half a crown;
    If summer were spring and the other way round,
    Then all the world would be upside down.

    sometimes i out do what i started out to do and am under gods supervision to transcend to a beter attitude and heart for godlines sakes …..long way to go …heh heh …there is a great need for great thinkers and smart white people but the answer lies intrinsically with the creator and the peacemakers ……..need to factor him into this war for survival n all ayyy….

  33. HKW says:

    Sog says:

    “….yes and tyme is the most precious of comodities you are correct ……………
    the only thing safe where i am is the concrete and i am fairly invisible at this point ,,good call love……”

    LOL. Good idea as we have the Australian Open here in Melbourne and I like watching tennis.
    In the meantime … I’ve got something for you to relax with… 😉

  34. Kikeblaster says:

    This infighting only serves the zionist joo. You two need to take it somewhere else.

  35. sog says:

    i cant access the big majic square movie above …i am watching where my footprints are left ..put it on craigslist r/r in POLAND , so ill pick it up there …aint no thang ,its just what i have to do,and ill check it iut on a feinds comp ..we are banned from c/l with aboot 12 ip’s censored and i dont really care that so much ,,free speech is not welcome in a world of lies and de`ceet,,but i’m curious what you have posted ,,,ya curiosity killed the kat but the cat has 3-4 more lives left …

    Kikeblaster says:
    January 15, 2012 at 9:22 pm
    This infighting only serves the zionist joo. You two need to take it somewhere else.
    hey kikebaster are you the effin curator of this site …you r saying that i serve the ziocom jew ?,,,id serve them cyanide and lead ,,,,me n halina r tawkin here so bugger off..
    heh heh…. …. …. .. .. . …. … …there are some other people goin off theri rocker here for some reasons ,so bug them out instead ,,thank you
    the xionistaz are not even trippin at all and im sure they think everyone on here is nutz anyway or dont you know the mindset of precious jew scum…yes tho as im constantly reminded we need to maintain a certain amount of decorum …ya fuck that…

  36. gene willis says:

    okay?i am a little confused here?is this blog talking about obamas white house sheenanigans?and how the jew media is covering his ass/or our we suppose to talk about 1939 polocks in germany?or am i missing messages in these blog responses???

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