Jew Newspaper Editor Suggests Assassinating Obama

Greg Bacon covered this really well over at GOON SQUAD — please read it! Andrew Adler, owner and editor for the Atlanta Jewish Times and obvious psycho Zionist traitor, says one option to keep Obama from screwing with Israel would be whacking him (image of page above, just in case the Jews try to flush it down the memory hole).

Read the highlighted paragraph from above:

“Three, give the go-ahead to US-BASED MOSSAD AGENTS to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place and FORCIBLY DICTATE that the United States policy includes its helping the JEWISH STATE obliterate its enemies.”

US-based MOSSAD agents? Huh? Yeah, all these nervy Jews know well that Israel has spies, assassination squads and explosive experts already stationed over here; just like all the little helper Jews they call “SAYANS,” who are quite willing to assist Israeli agents on our soil. Sayans (or the plural Sayanim) are fifth columnist Jews — just about any of them could be one.

FORCIBLY DICTATE? These selfish punks really do think they can tell us what to do. Hell, they pretty much do as it is.

This is how Jews in the US really are. They already control the news media, but that’s not enough. They feel free as a bird to publicly suggest taking active measures against our supposedly elected leaders. Absolutely anything now goes when it comes to these arrogant backstabbers!

Other tricky dick Jews will try to tell us “Adler is nothing but a crazy Chabadnik and shouldn’t be taken seriously, etc., etc.” “Chabad-nik” would mean Chabad Lubivitchers — an extremist orthodox Jew international organization and “nik” is the cutesy appendage Jews like to use, just to make them sound so lovable. Chabad is pronunced “HA-bad” with that gross phlegmy Jew sound on the “HA.”

Right. Chabad-NIKS are all over the place, not only in Atlanta, Jew York city and LA, but also DC and 69 other nations, too (these Jew creeps say they have to control 70 nations to finalize the Talmudic takeover of the planet and usher in the Jew messiah). They have yearly operating budgets in the tens of millions and fancy architectual designed buildings.

Where they get the money is through KOSHER tax scams on all of us and probably giant donations from the International Banking scam ops on all our countries. None of them really have day jobs, other than sitting around reading the Talmud, or working to keep all us goy dumb in the media, or maybe criminal activities like organ theft from dead bodies.

A fairly high-up friend of mine says they practically tramp all around the legislative offices of Capitol Hill like they own the place — having badges, ID’s, the whole bit. Hell, the nervy Chabadists erect a 91′ foot tall Menorah right in front of the White House every Hanukkah season — yet practically all the Jews scream bloody murder over any Christian displays any GD time of the year.

Chabadist Jews are NOT some powerless sect!

Did you know the Chabadist Lubavitchers got a law passed in 1991, saying the US was founded on the Seven Noahide Laws of the Jews? Oh yes, indeed they did. And the Jewish extremist Chabadists now go anywhere they please in DC, all the presidents and politicians know they have to kiss their pimply Jew butts left and right.

Most Americans think we have a separation of “church and state” — evidently not so when it comes to separation of SYNAGOGUE and state. The reason you don’t hear anything about all this is because the stinking Jews own the GD US media! WTF don’t you get, pal?


Now the Jew Adler is apologizing and saying he had merely written the piece just to “see what kind of reaction I would get from readers.”

If this had been some White guy, you can bet your sweet ass the Secret Service would already have come knocking and the guy would now be seriously facing federal prison cell time — even if the poor sap apologized. But trust me: They won’t touch this stinking Jew. Hell, they probably won’t even bother questioning him. That’s the control Jewry now has on America.

Some fellow Jews probably called him and said “Andrew, don’t be calling attention to us. Chill, we got the stupid Goyim flummoxed already.” Hell, just reporting on this is enough for the Jew-controlled US government to look at one of us, instead of them!

Look, I’m no buddy to the mulatto socialist Obama. But this is ridiculous. These Jews have long felt willing to do anything when it comes to sacred Israel. Think all the conspiracy business about Kennedy is so far-fetched? Think again.

In his 1994 book “My Life as a Radical Lawyer,” the Jew William Kuntsler said Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein) told him on his death bed that he shot Kennedy assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald to:

“Protect American Jews from a pogrom that could occur because of anger over the assassination.”

Greg Bacon accurately says: “Israel has shown time and again it has NO problem with murdering anyone they think might be an ‘existential’ threat. No trial or evidence needed, just a bullet to the head.”

That’s absolutely true. Not only that, the stinking traitors haven’t a single problem killing thousands of us for a false flag like 9/11.

“It is permissible to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation…”

— Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro in his book “King’s Torah”

These insane bastards would kill you and your family dead in a heartbeat if they felt they could use the natural outrage of other Americans to fulfill the regional wishes of sacred Israel, or just to provide justification in turning any of us Jew-aware Americans into “domestic terrorists” to the country at large.

What do you think is going on now? They want to embroil America into another bloody war to defend Israel. Sure as I’m sitting here, they are now working on a False Flag event to blame on Iran. No telling if it’s going to be civilians or our military personnel turned into blackened corpses by these backstabbers.

Imagine your loved ones going to the mall one day and you turn on the news to see that a huge bomb leveled the place. Before even the final victim tally, the traitorous US media would be screaming “Al Qaeda terrorists funded by Iran are suspected…”

As the US media goes on and on about the most insignificant details to the republican primaries (and ignoring Ron Paul as much as they can get away with); they take the occasional break to propagandize us about Iran getting the Nuke. Folks, this is all population manipulation leading up to another war.

A war with Iran will not only kill droves of our soldiers, but completely destroy our economy. Hell, China and Russia both say it may start a war with them, very possibly causing the Third World War.

The Globalist Jews can’t know what will exactly happen, but they need to bring America down so they can roll out a new globalist currency and further their agenda of a One World government, a dictatorship controlled by Jewry behind the scenes. It’s the classic Jew “two fer” the cheap-ass Jews love so much.

Let’s get real America — the Jews since day-one have been the real source of trouble for the concept of America. Not the Muslims, or even the criminal, worthless blacks.

— Phillip Marlowe

Looking for Adler’s photo (none I could find) I stumbled on another Jew named Andrew Adler, who runs a tattoo parlor in Atlanta. The scumbag’s clever angle is hiring nothing but scantily-clad cheap whores to do all the work. That’s the rat-faced Jew for you! Take a look at his sleazy Jew mug above. This is the same kind of sick Jew pig who abuse women in the porno industry, making millions. Hell, the guy above could be the newspaper editor’s own son!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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    Hehehe Sazzy!!! You haven’t caught the latest…this lowlife is DEFENDING ADLER!!!!

  3. Marshall says:

    AWWWWW….Boohoohoohoo watch this PIECE OF JEW CRAP actually start to CRY…these people are PATHETIC SCUM. Ze poisecution even frum ze uddah Jooz!!! Damn I want to kick his ass right off the side of the PLANET!!!

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    Newspaper Editor: Maybe Israel Should Assassinate Obama

    A piece of advice for newspaper owners and editors: Don’t follow the lead of Andrew Adler, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, and post a column about Israel’s option of assassinating the President of the United States.

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    Question is why because Obama have given them everything they want and more.

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