The Billionaire Boychik Behind Newt Gingrich

The rat-faced little Jew with Bibi Netanyahu in the country where Adelson’s true loyalty resides.

ALTHOUGH IT ALWAYS sounded kind of gay to me, “Boychik” is the funky, yiddishy term of endearment that fellow Jews have for their rich-as-hell billionaires. One of the wealthiest Jew boychiks out there is a smiling, liver-spotted old Jew rat named Sheldon Adelson. Forbes called him the third richest man in America back in 2008/09 and is now currently rated the 8th richest “American,” but that’s surely a nebelous description when it comes to Jews.

Adelson is spending tons of his moolah pushing Newt Gingrich right now. Hell, the self-described historian and major league phony “conservative” Gingrich would be be history without this creep. And it’s not only him — Adelson’s wifey-poo, Miriam (an Israeli Jew, on the left above), ponyed up another 5 million smackers, too. The woman sure must get some hell of an allowance.

Sheldon is a psycho Zionist who fully appears to want to kill off all the Palestinians, by himself, if he could. Like most subversive and Zionist Jewry nowadays, he’s a traitor to America, telling an Israeli audience that he regrets wearing the uniform of an American soldier instead of Israel’s army (the IDF). Chances are, the little old Jew creep only served in some safe place way behind the lines when he did his stint, anyway.

He has one daughter who has already served in Israel’s army and one son on the way. Adelson hopes the boy will grow up to be a sniper for the IDF since his hobby is shooting. And you know he just has to hate the Palis as much as dear old dad — some murderous, richy rich traitor family, huh?

Adelson says another possibility for the boy would be piloting drones since he’s so good at video games, too. Typical. Another stinking coward Jew pushing a button to kill a Palestinian family from out of the blue with a Hellfire missile, all the while safely ensconced somewhere clean and comfortable back in Tel Aviv. I’ll look for a picture of the son and drop in here if I can find one. In the meantime just imagine a snarling, little rat-faced brat.

Boychik Adelson’s dough is why the republican primaries are now so effed up. No doubt whatsoever. Adelson is paying the expensive freight for super PAC TV commercials touting Newt, while kicking Mormon Mitt in the balls. Newt is kissing major Jew ass for it all; telling everyone America is going to kick Iran’s ass just as soon as he sits his fat ass down in the oval office on January 20th, 2013.

Of course, all this tough talk out of Gingrich, means equally hopped-up tough talk out of Mitt Romney and Rick Roll Sanitorium. The only guy not playing along is the only real patriot running, Dr. Ron Paul, but the media is hardly ever mentioning him, except to openly hope he drops out.

Last week, Zio suckup, Eric Bolling of FOX, had on Goy Boychik, Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric) and his Jew wife handler, Suzy Strumpet (nee Wetlaufer), to talk about “what to do with” Ron Paul. What a sickening, condescending piece of crap Jew media moment.

It was so disgusting on so many levels. Basically, the two suggest “gently letting down” Paul, lest his fanatical supporters get too bunged up. To head off trouble at the convention, they kindly offer that Paul should be allowed a speech during prime time. And if that’s not enough, maybe even give him an “advisory” position in the newly-won republican White House. Wow. Surely any politician would love that!

Adelson loves it when Gingrich talks dirty. A few weeks ago, Newt created a bit of a stir-up when he declared (probably the day after Adelson’s check cleared), the Palestinians were an “invented people.” That’s all so rich since Adelson is an Ukrainian Jew, certainly an Ashkenazi Khazar — ironically, a truly invented people, never having a real nation until they stole Palestine and NOT even descended from the Israelites of the Old Testament, as they try to tell everyone.

Adelson spends tons on all the Jew stuff. He donated 25 million to Yad Vashem, Israel’s sacred shrine to the holocaust hoax and where all US politicians eventually have to make a pilgrimage to, so they can act all tearful and sad. He gave 100 million to Taglit-Birthright Israel, an organization that pays for already rich American Jew kids to have really nice summer vacations in Mother Israel, just so they can learn to be good traitors for the rest of their parasitical lives back in America.

He’s also best buds with Likud right wingers in Israel, like Bibi Netanyahu.

You might think this guy would be a “conservative” back here. But no, like virtually all your subversive Jews, Adelson’s a big pinko when it comes to liberal social issues (except for profit-destroying worker unions that him and Newt worked to bust up back in the 1990’s).

And you might think there’s a disconnect going on since Gingrich goes around telling everyone he’s the only true conservative running; truth of the matter is that Newt is one giant-sized phony, lying his ass off left and right, going along with democrats on everything from Obama’s health care, to amnesty efforts for illegals, to NWO globalization — stealing jobs from American citizens.

Sheldon Adelson’s a big pro fag, too, marketing his hotels to homos and gay groups so they can get all buttered up back their rooms after blowing wads of cash downstairs in the casino.

Adelson is also corrupt, but that pretty much goes without saying, being a stinking rich rat Jew. His Sands Casino corporation, probably the largest gambling operation in the world, is under investigation for a wide variety of things, like bribing Chinese officials to look the other way as Chinese mobsters, the “Triads,” have big time gambling and sex vacations at his swanky casino on Macau island near Hong Kong.

Evidently the place is swarming with hookers. They once busted the place and arrested over a hundred high priced whores (no, Gingrich wasn’t one). One of Adelson’s Jew managers, Steven Jacobs, reports Adelson told him to keep his mouth shut and is now suing to get his Jew beek a little wet.

Now, just stop a second if you’re new to the “Jew Question” and have enough backbone to think something out here: What if anyone not a Jew just dropped 10 mill on a political campaign and had so much dirt — don’t you possibly think we would hear about it in the media? Just imagine if the guy was a Muslim?

I mean really. Doesn’t all this prove to you the extent of control these lousy Jews have over America?

Man, I can’t stand these lousy Jews.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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132 Responses to The Billionaire Boychik Behind Newt Gingrich

  1. Marcus says:

    When I talk about them I use the term Trolls. The troll clan. They most often look odd and nasty. And their biggest interest seem to be to egoistically collect riches by any means and hide it from everyone else. This is also less controversial when talking to someone under mind control.

  2. Von Riemann says:

    lmao @ Incogman, “Boychik”??? You’re not fucking with me now are you wise-guy “Pizone”, lol??? Yeah, “Boychik” is definitely Fag sounding, which isn’t surprising seeing how they’re all 2 things, 1) Faggots and 2) Pedophiles… I think “Boychik” actually means something like “Boy Tosser”, or, “Boy Chick [i.e.Tranny/ Transgender]”, or, “Tossing the Goy-Boys Around like their Parents Money and Technology that we Stole from Them through Ponzi Schemes, Blackmail, Guilt, Lies, Threats, Name-Calling, and Extortion!” but that just might be my own dialectual revisionment of sorts on the matter, lmao, hahaha!!! Anyways, lad, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if (Boychik) actually meant something homo-erotic & pedophilian: after all the Talmud and what’s in it, and being that the rest of their names end with some currency, jewels, mineral-for-currency, etc, like Cashman, Bronzeman(stein/berg), Silverman(stein/berg), Goldman(stein/berg), Greenman(stein/berg), Iceberg {sarc:you know, the Jewish iceberg that sunk the Titanic killing thousands, including my family like on 9/11} etc; or else if their names don’t end with currency/minerals-of-currency—their names end with some type of parasite/vermin/bacteria species or toxin like “Weasel”, “Rat”, “Ooze”, “Slimer”, “Snakeowitz”, etc…The Jews blatantly scream out too the word/nations/peoples, (“don’t trust me, I am a threat and a scoundrel/parasite, and cannot be trusted and will fuck you over and destroy you!”) just by their names alone—not including their actions, lol, or their verbal tirades against us…So (Boychik) actually in reality being something along the lines of perverse, queer, and pederest is not to far off considering their many other names they have with regards to their parasitic nature like “Weasel” and their endless robbery/crime/greed/theft/stealing/laundering, etc, via finance “Gold/Silver/Bronze/Green”, etc, so adding “Boychik” showing their degenerate-perverse-sick-evil side with “homosexuality” and “pedophilia” is right on the money and entirely defines the Jewish biology/history as that is all who controls those institutions are Jews…

    @ Incogman: I do however disagree with your use of “Traitor” with regards to these Jew “I-Lie(nee.(E)lie) Weasel’s”…In order to be a “Traitor” you have to be two things as there are 2 kinds of traitors, “Race-Traitors” and “Nation-Traitors”…”Race-Traitors” are those who sell-out their collective race[i.e.Negroid, Mongoloid, Europid/Aryan/Cro-Magnon] and engage in it’s genocide, displacement, mongrelization, de-evolution, etc, for whatever sick reason they try and justify in their worthless heads, such as race-mixers, homosexuals, etc…”Nation Traitors” are those who sell out their particular ancestral ethnic tribe/people & nation [i.e.Germans/Germany, Greeks/Greece, France/Franks, etc] yet can either stay within their race after engaging in “nation=tribal treason” or go out altogether and practice both “nation=tribal” and “race” treason…To be a “Traitor”, one must belong to an indigenous nation, people, continent, ancestor, family genealogy, etc, to begin with…Jews don’t: and are a rootless, nation-less, family-less, history-less, invention-less, race-less, organized crime syndicate…Jews are a religion/cult, and organized thug mafia… Jews are in all races and peoples, it’s an action against nature and your blood—it’s a mentality/psychy that destroys the biological form…Everything the Jews and non-white’s have—they have stolen/copied/plagiarized/hijacked from us Aryans/Whites, in particular us Germans!!! Our technology/patents/inventions/ingenuity; family surnames/history/genes; our racial genes/civilizations/history/culture; our labor movement/struggle/history; our ideals; our money/wealth/prosperity; our music/culture/art; etc…Everything the Jews and Mud’s have, they stole/raped/swindled/copied/outsourced from us!!! What the Jews are doing to us doesn’t make them “Traitors”, because they are not of our people to begin with to sell out…No: what they are is what my family/ancestor [Ben Franklin-White] & [Thomas Jefferson] and [George Washington] called them, and warned Amerika from letting into our homeland—they are “Usurpers”, “Invaders”, “Enslavers”, “Tyrants”, “Subverters”, “Polluters”, and “Scoundrels” all around…The “Traitors” are those from within our race, who for the past 2,000 years have given the Jews power, protection, status, etc, over us and from within us, and did their bidding against us their own kindred as too advance their own lust, power, land, greed, perversion/sickness/disease/degeneracy, and material lifestyle…Jews are Jews, and will always be Jews until they are exterminated once and for all, “We Jews, we the subverters and destroyers of nature, purity, beauty, science, morality and all the worldly nations and peoples…We will continue to destroy and subvert you all until you’re are all dead and we get a world of our own, or else we die in the process!” -Rabbi Maurice Samuels

    @ Incogman: I don’t call them “traitors” laddie, because no matter how much they steal our genes, history, family surnames, etc, they’ll never be Aryan/Europid and one of us…I try and reserve “traitor” for the white race & nation/people/ancestor/family traitors who deserve it… I’ll call the Jews what they are, that is: usurpers, supremacist, subverters, criminals, rapist, money-launderers, hawkers, blackmailers, slave-masters/traffickers, extortionist, frauds, jokes, assassins/terrorist, scam-artist, identity-thieves, usurers, exploiters, degenerates, liars, pimps, hustlers, deceivers, hijackers, copiers, plagiarizers, drug-dealers, pedophiles, faggots, half-breeds, tyrants, mass-murderers, serial-killers, social-democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, christian, muslim, catholic, mormon, tranny, infiltrator, loud-mouth, antagonist, instigator, etc, words correctly worthy a mile long of their character….But that’s my saying/input, comrade @ Incogman!!!

    Anyways, good articles!!!

  3. sog says:

    I for one would prefer the indian way of life on the unpolluted plains and free from jewish decree and hypocrysy….indians pride and cultures have no les been taken from them and their lands than the palestinians and russians and french etc ….the choice is simple ….a polluted world that has passed the no deposit no return point or a unpolluted nation 4-500 years ago without the euros coming here …that is in keeping with euro culture there in europe tho and the protection due to a nation as it might be free from the always present jew termite…i believe that europe has always had the right to be cultural and pastoral and agrarian and free from jew shananigans ,,,,europe has been altered forever and 10’s of millions murdered by jews …sorry i meant 100’s of millions so far …would i rather we had the pretentious pompass scum running this country at everty level or have indian nation in charge …honor ,and courage ,,,,the jews brought the indian nation guns and liquor …and the jews used the choctaw ww1 and the navajo’s ww2 to help beat the germans with the code talkers /wind talkers …..they are now permanently huddled up on res cling cling ching count da money casino world ..more jew handler crap …..the indians respected the land ,,aight ,,they wernt bad people and they survived out in the wild ….i do admire that …I would rathersee them get paid tuition to colege etc than the lousy mexican hordes ,,the thai and viet hordes that came thru in the 80,s collecting 2bl wellfare and then sandanistas ,guats and nics seeking political fredom all around the start of major messsican illeeeegal immmigration …some o my best friends were sandanista ,guatamalan and indian and chinese gangers …chinks are dangerous as well ,,,they ar ah vellry inscruddibil an shit …
    multiculturalism is a purposefully created failure of the usa ,,,,,a house built on sand cannot stand and a house divided can not stand either …….

  4. joe says:

    adelson by lines

    all new vegas built with junk bonds courtesy of michael milken and the likes of charles keating ,lincoln s/l …
    these jews have been robbing pension funds left and right like teamsters …
    hoffa killed when he told associates in prison with him that he was going to get the mob out of the teamsters union …..hoffas killers ,jimmy coonan of the westies -hells kitchen ,and tony the greek ,free agent for fat tony salerno of the genovese godfather fame also one of the richest men in america ,was in the fortune 500 once when he was not incarcerated…
    why this has never been brought to light was that it was the jews that wanted hoffa dead and also the highly illegal practice of releasing felons from new york prisons on illegal furloughs would come to lite ,,so what? tony the greek was out on just this kind of furlough for around 7-12 grand approx ..the gaurds let you out and you go away for a week or so and come back …so he was out and went to michigan with coonan where they did hoffa and sawed him up for jew soup ..
    the fbi belongs to the jews ,,do you think they are going to solve anything but a donut shortage ……..
    I open my eyes and all i can see anymore is jew ruination of everything everywhere ,,know what I am saying ….
    jews still and have always controlled and set up the 5 burrough italian crime family syndicates ..the legends of meyer kike lansky’s invisible bodygaurds popping up out of nowhere are litanous …he was essentially the kike charged with authority from the world jewish congress president to set up the 5 dago families …the mob was full of jews tho and no one ever saw the correlation…the italions as far as the casinos go were the bag men and the money launderers for the jews ….you think it would be any other way like hollywood would have you believe
    america workers are robbed by jews ,,chrysler,,,general motors ,,50-70 thousand production factories of all sizes gone for ever ,,never coming back ….
    who has all the money and what to do about that
    russian revolution was also about taking nicholas’s 881 million dollars of wealth and around 500 million of that was gold bullion in the care of the rothschild rockefeller banks …..any rumored survivor of the ekatrinberg ipyatev house massacre rumored as alexei and anastasia bones never found …alexei rumored to have found protection at last by king george and was paid off and worked for the stasi ,,rumored ,,,anna andersens dna test was altered ,,..1500 members of the csars immediate extended family were also murdered but some relatives who knew anastazia swear the anna anderson knew things that only anastazia could have known …..if the dna est had come back positive then she would have been entitled to tens of billions of dollars since the rothand rock banks never relenquished control of the romanov fortune …
    adelman is a jewih pig that needs to be roasted alive with all the pigs in the zio pen …

  5. sog says:

    these jew low life chivken hawks war mongrels in white house are giving iran the same shit they gave japan when japan tried to end their participation in jew ww2……these assholes dont speak for all the dead americans to date and the future ones …these jewish zionist communist marxist lubavitch sons of whores are taking the usa to an illegal nuclear showdown in iran….ever wonder why there are never any showdowns in saudi jew arabia and its sub countries or why no one drops a fuckin herd of thermobaric bombs and some cluster boombs and aerosol pressure gifts for dessert on tel aviv….all people with faith and even buhddists must meditate and pray that israel is demolished by some accident from providence …..yeehaww

  6. rewoped iceburg says:

    reckon it’s tied to the ritalin cocaine-coka cola pharmacists elixirs and tavistock’s fabian-rhodes swindlers ?a true robert owen UDOPIAN amana commie society….

  7. rewoped iceburg says:

    where oh where is mah schoenberg BBBBBBIBLE.??????? proudly DISplayed on the buckle of the BBBBIBLE BELT…….. in KNIGGER KNOXBERG………at candlelight VIGILS………….. fo da shilren…. ON RITALIN……

  8. rewoped iceburg says:

    cain’t wait to get to valhalla and be with those 72 helen thomas’……

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