A White Guide to The Jewish Narrative

From Age of Treason

jewish morality

To most Whites morality is an entirely universalist notion. This means that, with some exceptions, if something is right or wrong then it is assumed to be right or wrong for everyone, everywhere, all the time. This notion of morality is reflected in Christian ethics as The Golden Rule. Universalist morality is one of the tenets of Western-style liberalism.

Jews have a more particularist notion of morality: Is it good or bad for the jews? If something is good for jews then it is right, otherwise it is wrong. Jews are also well aware that universalist-sounding rhetoric can bamboozle Whites into serving or at least acceding to jewish particularist interests.

It is this particularist morality that enables jews to unselfconsciously assert that Israel is for the jews but White countries are for everybody. Likewise that the jews are a people, but White is just a meaningless skin color or social construct.

Criticism of jews along these lines is often mistaken, sometimes intentionally, as an accusation of dual loyalty. As Joe Sobran once observed, dual loyalty would be an improvement (from either a liberal universalist or White particularist point of view).

the hate narrative

Jews tend to identify people they hate for specifically jewish reasons as jew-haters.

According to jews, anyone who comes into conflict with the jews must be to blame. Entirely. This blame cannot be explained in any way that leaves blame unassigned, because then some portion might be ascribed, even if only implicitly, to the jews. Thus the tendency to characterize anyone who vexes them as simply mentally or morally defective, driven to hate jews solely for the sake of hating.

the jewish version of history

A one-sided version of history entirely sympathetic to jews. This means that for any historic conflict with other groups or individuals, the non-jews are and always have been entirely to blame. In a nutshell: jews have always been the victims of horrible persecution and oppression at the hands of stupid, crazy, evil haters.

A corollary of this is the anti-White version of history: Whites have always been stupid, crazy, evil haters, persecuting and oppressing everyone else, and specifically jews.

the jewish guilt-trip

The use of any portion of the jewish and/or anti-White versions of history as an accusation, assigning collective responsibility and guilt to Whites. This is a form of psychological aggression – an attack on White self-worth and self-confidence, placing Whites on the defensive.

The purpose of such aggression is to gain concessions benefiting their own group – to promote or defend jewish power and interests.

the blood libel narrative

One specific jewish anti-White libel/story in the larger jewish version of history. This is the jewish claim that on multiple occasions Europeans killed jews who were accused of kidnapping and killing European children for their blood. Since the idea that jews could be guilty of anything is unthinkable, the Europeans must be the ones who were, and still are, guilty.

Oddly enough, according to jews themselves these accusations of bloody kidnap-killing recur across time and space, following jews wherever they go.

the holocaust narrative

Another jewish anti-White libel/story, the most prominent of all. This is the jewish claim that Whites killed (or otherwise aided and abetted the killing of) six million jews in gas chambers between 1939 and 1945. Today this narrative almost completely overshadows anything else that occurred before during or after World War II.

Over time the target of jewish accusations and guilt-tripping has broadened from the Nazis, to Germans (for not stopping the Nazis), to Europeans in general (for not more effectively opposing the Germans), to Whites in general (for restricting immigration, not joining the war in Europe against Germany soon enough, not making the bombing or liberating of prison camps a higher priority). Meanwhile, in an increasing number of Western countries, open dispute of the holocaust narrative is considered a violation of the law, punishable by fine or imprisonment.

the nation of immigrants narrative

Jews in diaspora are the archetypical nation of immigrants, thriving for millenia while regularly migrating from one host country to another. Well aware of this history, jews overwhelmingly favor open borders for all countries, except Israel. Virtually every jew has a story to tell about how their own family benefited from immigration, or was harmed because they couldn’t migrate freely.

In common use the term is an oxymoron used to idealize unrelated, hostile alien tribes colonizing countries founded and formerly controlled by Whites.

the jewish narrative

All together, the phenomena and attitudes described above, and more, constitute the jewish narrative, which is now the dominant narrative in Western society. The pervasiveness of the jewish narrative is a consequence of jewish influence in media, culture, and politics. This is in turn a consequence of jewish wealth and activism.

the jewish question

Prior to the Enlightenment, Europe and Christendom were seen by Europeans, as synonymous. Jews were seen primarily as members of an ancient religious sect who hadn’t yet gotten around to converting to Christianity.

In the late 18th century, with the fig leaf of religion shriveling, European intellectuals began to wonder aloud – Who are these rude, uncivilized, aliens who call themselves The Jews? Why do they behave as a nation within a nation? Whatever shall we do with them?

jewish emancipation

The jewish question was eventually answered by fiat, imposed from above by European political leaders who were sympathetic to and already in the process of assimilating with the jews. These leaders declared jews equal citizens and granted them full political equality. This process occurred in fits and starts, at various times and places in Europe, during the first half of the 19th century. In exchange jews were expected to drop their particularist identity, to stop being jews and assimilate.

Debate on the jewish question dragged on however. Europeans did not generally accept jews as social or racial equals, and jews did not generally abandon their jewish identity. As partially assimilated jewish intellectuals joined the debate, they turned it more and more into an indictment of Europeans.

Today this portion of European history is taboo. Only the jewish version and their guilt-tripping remain in the mainstream. Calling the process jewish emancipation is itself a sign of deference to jewish sensibilities. It was, in retrospect, more of a slow-motion jewish putsch. In the end, jews were free to operate as a particularist team inside a larger, universalist society.

the jewish template and the minority narrative

The struggle for dominance over Western society came to a head in the middle of the 20th century. Whites waged a cataclysmic, fratricidal war on each other and lost. Long before that war, even while Whites still dominated the US politically, jews were already helping blacks found the NAACP and pathologizing White racial identity.

Now, in the 21st century, jewish power and influence increase essentially unchecked. For the last six decades the jews have gone into overdrive, generalizing and adapting elements of their narrative to other “minorities.” Slowly but surely, this is what has turned European-founded societies inside out and upside down. When jews and other diversities exclaim, “Diversity is our greatest strength,” they are exactly right.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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384 Responses to A White Guide to The Jewish Narrative

  1. Pat says:

    I watched some of the recent Republican debates the other night.

    I have to tell you – my impression of Ron Paul was that he is just another “Jew Whore”.

    Why do I say that? Because he never “took the gloves off” in dealing with the other Kosher Kandidates. He never got aggressive and exposed them. He just talks a good game…kinda in a lame way.

    It actually made me a bit nauseated to view his pathetic schtick.

    The others are all “out of the closet” Jew Whores. Ron Paul is also a Jew Whore.

    He could have lit right into Romneys direct connection to the Mossad and Shin Bet and Bain – and how they control so many strategic US companies….the list is so long it’s just disgusting.

    Ron Paul recently put a fucking Jew on his close advisor list as well – so I hear.

    God dammit! We are being railroaded.

  2. Loki says:

    “A leader does not reach out for supporters. When the winds of change lay the ground work, people in need will seek out their leader. There will be no revolution before its time.” I wrote that a whole back. Can you hear the clock ticking? — Robert —

  3. Pat says:

    For those of you who still feel like hedging your bets by voting – and want to support Ron Paul….I support that decision.

    ALL of the other Kosher Kandidates are totally out of the closet – wearing a Jew Hat.

    Ron Paul is definitely different – but I’m not convinced he’s genuine.

  4. Marshall says:

    You can’t vote the Jews out. The only way to get rid of them is to revitalize the existing law that forbids dual-citizens from government service, The Nationality Act of 1940, which still works for everyone EXCEPT Jews apparently. We can get rid of ALL these vile SCUM at once-



  5. HKW says:

    at 6:36 pm Citizenfitz says:

    “Jooess, there’s plenty of blame to go around. But, as always, when the little Jews are getting turned into fertilizer, the big Jews will be selling the fertilizer.”

    Spot on!
    I really like this line and must memorize it for future conversations.
    On occasions is well worth reading some blogs as one can learn useful things.

  6. Marshall says:

    Well Pat-

    Looks like your worst Ron Paul fears have been realized- WTF man, game over.


    M 🙁

  7. t bone says:

    IMO, jews are not smarter than Whites as individuals. It’s the jewish collective that is currently more cunning and more calculated than the White collective.

    When a jew who appears to be white fleeces a White non-jew it causes skepticism, hence division amongst Whites. The jews only appear as Gentiles in appearance and name as a camouflage to deceive; a parasitical device.

    Many still dont know what hit them so they blame each other. The jew epitomizes evil. Its their ‘collective’ that empowers them.

  8. Pat says:

    t bone:

    Your assessment of the Jewish Collective is credible.

    I think you’re right.

  9. ihatekikes says:

    @ pat, no whites dont want to leave their cosy jobs, bonds, beds, tv, sport etc. the info is flowing out there. i hope you didnt think i called you a jew. i dont do that, its not my style. i will argue a point if anyone is off the jew finding path. like my problem with ron paul. but i guess we can see clearly from afar. everyone should have figured out now that every election from sun tzu has been rigged. no slimy mr burns type ron paul is gonna make it better. every american goes to bed saying make it better mommy, make the monsters go awaqy. guess what mommys not there for the americans they have to get their shit together NOW, not in 3 months time, 6 months etc. i was walking in one of our larger malls today and guess what i saw??? jewish bitches selling ‘healing products’ mossad is everywhere. mind you im not in europe america or aussieland

  10. Bailey says:

    Well said t bone and like i said,

    ‘A jew is white when it benefits the jew.
    White is evil when it benefits the jew.’

    Once you figure that little tidbit out, the rest comes easy.
    Trying to explain that to sheep is the hard part.

  11. Pat says:

    Let’s make sure we all just parrot words and phrases fed to us by – um – by smarter people. Like those coming from the TV.

    I mean – I don’t think we should be using tools of the enemy – such as “logic”, “fact-checking”, or god forbid “critical thinking”. I just think it’s obvious how “hateful” those things can be. In fact, only a “hateful” “hater” would even think of questioning the veracity of what we’ve been told. It’s un-American, un-Patriotic and in an overwhelming majority of cases, it’s downright “anti-semitic”.

    Listen, everything that comes out of that TV – everything that comes out of that radio – every underlying theme of every Hollywood movie…….is TRUE…understand? And don’t you forget it – because if you don’t, you’ll be labeled. Maybe even “Sanchezed”….or worse.

    Nobody wants to be known as a “hater”, “racist”, or an “anti-semitic Nazi”. Those “anti-semites” are a really bad kind of enemy. They seem to be immune to propaganda techniques that have devolved into social pressures causing people to “allow” the ***s to operate at will.

    Stop helping Israels enemies!!!

  12. Bella says:

    & who made up these ‘iq’ tests??? We are dealing with a gang that has been around for thousands of years. Look to those freemason cunts. And all the other secret gangs. And they all are inbred psycho pigs.

  13. Bella says:

    What we are witnessing is called the tyranny of the weak. A bunch of conniving cunts.

  14. sog says:

    http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=125×95504 …………..silverstein buys it ……………….

    …………………silverstein sells it……………………
    well the sears towers may remain standing after all …the official word from the dynasty rothschilds was probably ,,now now larry it worked once but it may piss people off a second time …fuck that askenazzi rat fucker…..yeah pat my post was a litle bit one sided on the ownership of sears towers but for all anyone really knows ,,silverstain could still own it under diff name comps..
    shitstein is still suing the american aiirlines co and the suit is being allowed in a clause even tho they filed bankruptcy…
    its rumored that none of these planes were even american airline planes but actually similar models that were equipped with steel armour plates so they would slice through the outer network of trade center ….president of world jew congress LAUDER bought an old airport in the hub of the activities where real planes could land and the rubbes ringers could take off from ..this means that people on these official flighrts would have been executed to keep them quiet ..
    i have no pronlem believing jews could do this ..
    an airplans once crashed into the empire state bldg and was stuck halfway in and out …
    the wtc was overbilt to be able to withstand the force of 2000% of its own weight sitting on the roof ….memory …
    the bottom floor on one side could be removed and the placae would stand as strong as without missing beams …
    it is doubt ful that an airline would have penetrated the outer beams with such hot knife thru butter like ease ….
    but all the planning that went into this professional insurance scuttle job then they would have thot of penetration as well …..


    you probably already have this shit but its all good …the beams that were left were photographed and some pics made the viral tour ,,it was cutouts in the beams that feature upsiddown crosses coming off the bottom of the satanix star of solomon /astoreth..there were several cutouts ,,,souvenirs for serial killers jews who installed all the wtc charges ….

  15. 30.06 says:

    It’s All Bullshit

  16. Texe Marrs downloadable audio podcasts says:


    08. Israeli Intelligence Assets in America: Download
    A Texe Marrs exclusive report: For the first time ever, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s hidden ties to the infamous Israeli Mossad network are unearthed and exposed. Also unmasked: Clandestine Mossad spy rings in the U.S.A. and the surprising names of some of their illicit operatives, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

  17. 30.06 says:

    The Jew has Hollywood . The Jew controls all the distribution outlets for film .
    The Jew has the newspapers and radio . The Jew controls Colleges and Universities .
    The Jew controls all major publishing and all Library systems .
    The Jew controls almost all Churches . The Jew controls the Culture of all branches of the Military , and Police departments , and Sheriff’s offices .
    The Jew controls the Culture of every large Corporation .
    The Jew controls the culture of all people through intimidation of all social institutions . The Jew controls the entire economy through Wall street .
    The Jew controls all local economies through their monopolies and rackets .
    The Jew controls all political cowards , which means 99% of all political figures .
    The Jews have hundreds of organizations , with unlimited financial resources , with which to carry out their aggressive agendas .

    The Jews have the audacity to proclaim , with a straight face , that the threats to the peace and stability of the world , emanate from a small number of White folks who have barely enough resources to live their own lives , but who manage to point out criminal Jew activity .

    The Jew is the embodiment of Hypocrisy , Selfishness and Hate .

  18. sog says:

    when a jew flips you off ,he/she heshe is showing you their age/iq/sperm/ovarie count..
    a couple of us white and our iq is was 140,depending on amount of liquor consumed …
    the myth of jews being smarter is like the myth of them being braver in miltary …the law that clinton passed gave alot of jews moh they didnt deserve and to present ,alot of just jews get the MOH loike the nobel prise the jews just only get …jews get all the special triining when they are growing up and so are personally groomed in the brain area …anytime you get a collectibve mind set and people who work together under some banner of solidarity or another ,the people become smarter cus of group energy …sides the flouride and the poison in the diets and agendas given to white americans is dumbing us down …jews 99% dominate hollywood ,,and the groups ,polititc,businesses,corps,countries,etc,they dominate are endless…time for nuremberg laws…punishment ,,,death ..i will never buy a diamond not beacause it some conflict diamond but because the jews own this conflict business 101% ,,from mines to cutters and polishers to jewlers,etc …rube stone,,,jew rock,,overpriced carbon…its better to steal these things ….

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