“Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed”

IF YOU’RE NEW to “the Jew Question” and blow it all off just because you think it’s blind hate, stupid nonsense or insane “conspiracy theory;” you simply have got to at least ask yourself something: Why do people say all this about Jews in the first place?

No, seriously, why do you think so many people are now trying to get your attention if it was merely a matter of them looking funny, or having a weird religion? Even if they arrogantly tell everyone they are God’s “Chosen” and the “Light upon Nations” — we could laugh all that off. Unfortunately, it’s much more than that. Much more.

Why would someone like me have a website like this? I mean really: Why should I spend all this time and money? Trust me, my donation intake is a joke — I get about .0000000009 cents per word.* But I’m not the only one going to so much bother. Just look over on the left for a few other sites and blogs. Plenty of people are now putting two-and-two together and getting it about the stinking Jews!

It’s because the real history of the Jews portends serious damn trouble, not only for the country of America, but for you personally and your children. This is no laughing matter, even though the bastards will make it out to be nothing but a big joke, just to keep you stupid and from coming for their trouble-making asses.

Murderous Jewry will not stop until they control the planet, even if we have to die by the millions or billions for their evil ambitions.

Long before the Jews finally took over Russia with the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, Jews were a criminal, exploitive capitalist class, or a politically disruptive and terrorist element. Be it capitalism, anarchism, marxism, bolshevism, socialism, communism, zionism, or whatever new “ISM” the imaginative and subversive Jews can come up with to justify themselves, Jews really only care about Jewry.

The Marxist Jew, Trotsky (real name Lev Bronstein), once lived for awhile in the US (New York of course) before the Red revolution. Wall Street Jew banker, Jacob H. Schiff, is said to have supported him in a Bronx flat (having one of the first refrigerators — a sign of riches back then) and would send over a chauffeured limousine to drive him to commie meetings and speechifying among “the proletariat.”

BTW: Jacob Schiff was born in a house shared with the Rothschilds in Frankfurt-on-main, Germany. One can safely assume Schiff was in the orbit of International Jewry!

When Alexander Kerensky (a crypto-Jew and 33 degree Freemason named Aron Kurbis) took over Russia from abdicated Czar Nicholas Romanov II, Schiff loaded up Trotsky with 20 million in gold bullion (about 100 million today), chartered a ship for him and a hundred or so other greasy Jew revolutionaries to go to Sweden, then into Russia by train.

The ship was intercepted by Canadian authorities off Newfoundland, but International Jewry quickly dispatched the head of British intelligence in America, Sir William Wiseman, to smooth things out and get the commies back on their way again. Wiseman was close buds with the enigmatic Texan, “Colonel” Mandell House, confidential advisor to the ultimate “Shabbos Goy” president, Woodrow Wilson. House was also proved the author of the Globalist’s wet dream, “Philip Dru: Administrator,” an anonymous novel that touted the hidden agenda and portrayed Jews as poor oppressed victims.

“Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed.”

–“Tob shebbe goyyim harog” from the Jewish Talmud Minor Tractates. Soferim 15, Rule 10 (modern-day versions now substitute “heathens,” go to link for explanation).

Wiseman and fellow Jew, Max Warburg (the Kaiser’s Jew handler and intelligence chief), were behind the German execution of Edith Cavell, a decent and honorable English nurse who totally exposed the Jewish banker’s game in a letter to the British magazine The Nursing Mirror on April 15, 1915 and said she planned to write more about it.

Edith Cavell: Globalist Jewry got her executed when she publicly blabbed about the rigged war profiteering game.

“The Merchants of Death” were using a false front (the Belgian Relief Commission) to channel thousands of tons of supplies into Germany — playing both sides (British and German) for war profit (well-documented since then).

Fearful of even more exposure from such a serious goyim do-gooder, International Jewry had her arrested and eventually shot on trumped up charges of helping soldiers escape to Britain, even though pretty much nobody but hard-liner Germans and embedded Jew agents wanted to kill the woman for such a petty reason (it normally meant only prison).

Besides one long ago anti-Nazi propaganda film back in 1939 that said absolutely nothing about her whistle-blowing letter; you might think today’s liberal Hollywood would jump all over her story — doing a tear-jerking, feminist movie about the woman being a brave action hero fighting “The Man,” possibly starring Kate Winslet or Emma Thompson. What’s that tell you about the real deal?

The backstabbers did cleverly use the woman’s execution in anti-German WWI hysteria propaganda to enlist more British and America cannon fodder; so the Jews would get the “Balfour declaration” — opening up Palestine to the Rothschild-financed Khazar Jew invasion (creating the never-ending, terrorism and Mideast crap till this very day). After all that and the commie Jew successful theft of Russia, International Jewry rewarded the now Sir Wiseman with a highly lucrative partnership in the Jewish New York banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and company. Somethings never change.

Meanwhile, secret Masonic Jewboy Kerensky pulled a fast one on Mother Russia, slipping away to the frontlines as to allow the Bolshevik Jews to take over the reigns of power in St. Petersburg during the October revolution (Kerensky was an obvious Jew ringer). We’re expected to believe he “barely escaped certain death.” Right. The man then went on to live the life of Riley in the US for the rest of his days with no apparent source to his wealth. Another job well-done! (US State Dept. docs backing all this up)

Just stop and think about rich, Capitalist Jewry from America’s Wall Street, bankrolling and plotting with radical Commie Jews to take over Russia — killing millions.

Ever wonder why we rarely see anything about murderous communism in the media, but non-stop programming on Hitler and Nazis? It’s because the stinking Jews own the GD media! What don’t you get about that math, brainiac?

According to famed Russian writer and former gulag prisoner, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the commies killed up to 66 million in the Soviet Union. In his last book (200 Years Together), he said the secret police was predominately Jewish and the Red revolution was Jewish. Of course, the book went unpublished in the US — Jews in the West can’t have the American public knowing about this part of history. In an interview in 1984, Solzhenitsyn called the US a “province of Israel.” He knew WTF was going on — hell, the man lived through the hell of the commie gulags (right).


Much of what is called “The Holocaust” is actually well-deserved payback from local populations who suffered greatly at the hands of Jew commies for over 2 decades. The “industrial gassing” part is a giant Zionist fraud to make the West guilty so we support Israel and up the body count to the sacred 6 million number, allowing freaky Kabbalistic rabbis to say Israel’s 1948 creation was all God’s doing.

Jews think of themselves as “God,” giving them plenty of latitude at doing whatever they want to here on earth.

Look into the real facts of the so-called “Holocaust” and you’ll see plenty of pissed-off Ukrainians, Latvians, Hungarians and other non-Jewish people getting serious payback on the commie Jews. The Jews are very careful on this subject when it comes to the victimhood brainwashing of the West, because too many of us just might start questioning why so many “non-Nazis” hated the Jews so much.

In fact, more of us White Gentiles have died at the hands of Jewry than Jews by the Nazis, by far. Most of the original Bolsheviks were Jews. The most murderous of Stalin’s henchman were Jews. The commie bastards shot and starved tens of millions of Russian Gentiles. Hell, it was even a Jew named Isaï (Israel) Davidovitch Berg, chief of the Moscow region NKVD, who invented the mobile gassing van to save money killing people (just like a cheap-ass Jew, huh?). Russians feared getting a visit by the “bread vans,” as they sarcastically called them.

Hitler called them “Judeo Communists” all the time, but the “Judeo” part is always left out by today’s PC brainwashed intellectuals and befuddled Christian-Zionists. But Hitler knew the real deal after witnessing what the Jews did to Germany, raped and laid low by International Jewry using the Versailles treaty (ending WWI), obviously to destroy the country so they could advance Jewish Marxism. Talk about selfish, murderous bastards!

Why do you think Germany so loved Hitler?

When Germany lost the Great War in 1918, International Jewry gave away much of the land and saddled the country with enormous debt. Like vultures, Jews flocked in from all over to pick on the carcass (just like they did to the American South after the civil war). Jew commies tried to take over Germany several times, while other greedy Jews raked in the money through bankruptcy, financial scams and milking people’s weakness for any kind of vice.

Kind of like what’s happening in America right at this exact moment, huh?

Note the 19th century socialist, Ferdinand “Lasalle.” His real last name was the Jewish German “Lassal” (some say his name was “Wolfson”). Jews have known for quite some time people don’t trust them — for good damn reason.


Jews don’t really care about non-Jew deaths, but go absolutely bonkers whenever one of them get whacked. What the hell do you think is going on in the Mideast, fool?

Not long after 9/11, General Wesley Clark reported seeing a document in the Pentagon outlining all the countries America planned to bring down in five years. Besides Iraq and Afghanistan, the plan also targeted Libya, Syria and Iran. Ring any bells?

Madonna with Israel’s president Shimon Peres. Doesn’t this look sweet?

Folks, it’s all part of the Jewry’s “clash of civilizations” plan, so Israel can completely dominate the region, and expand to wherever they want (Eretz Israel). The Palestinians are living on borrowed time — you watch, the bloody Jews will massacre en masse those still there, while America gets distracted by something very big, like a murderous false flag the Jews engineered — Iran anyone?

This past Superbowl Sunday, Madonna (supposedly born Italian Catholic) finished her half-time extravaganza with a light show spelling out “WORLD PEACE.” What a sorry laugh.

You think she might ever say something about the plight of the Palestinians, or what the war-mongering Zionists are doing to the world? Like hell no. The woman knows which side her butter is on; plus, she’s into the “Kabbalah Centre,” a satanistic New Age cult created by money-grubbing Jews to exploit foolish Hollywood saps and wannabee “shabbos goys.”

Hypocrite multicult liberals of the West go along with all these murderous Zionist Jews, simply because the spineless worms can’t bear the thought of anyone calling them a Nazi!

Russia and Germany’s problem came to America

America became “The New Jerusalem” for Ashkenazi Jew trouble-makers from Russia and eastern Europe. From the very moment we foolishly let these Jews immigrate here in the late 19th century, they have been nothing but never-ending trouble for this country — not only the lefties and commies, but also the supposed “conservative,” yet obviously traitorous Zionist Neocon Jews, getting us into wars for Israel.

Never forget the real problem is NOT just Zionism, but Jewish racial arrogance, greed and inner hate for humanity — those they call the “Goyim.”


The Jews know all this is true. And being Jews, they know these facts are dangerous to them. That’s why they each work constantly to keep the majority of us “Goyim” stupid. Jewry all over takes great pains to manipulate history when possible, changing names and obscuring reality, no matter how long ago it took place.

A good example from above is Leon Frank Czolgosz, president McKinley’s assassin, who they always make doubly sure to call a “Polish Catholic” anarchist. You can readily see right through the efforts Jews make to downplay Jewish crimes, like on Jew-infiltrated Wikipedia, telling us he was baptised as if that would drive home the point he wasn’t a Jew!

Another good example is the commie Jewess, Nadezhda Mandelstam, where Wiki explicitly tells us “the family did not practice Judaism, and kept Russian Orthodox holidays.” Wow, like that ridiculously inane detail sure convinces me of Jewry’s innocence.

Whether Leon Frank Czolgosz (curiously also known as “Frank Neimann”), was a “crypto-Jew” or really a Catholic Polish Gentile, his mind was most certainly twisted by the anarchist speeches and writings of the Jewess Emma Goldman, who was rightly suspected of hands-on collaboration in the assassination of McKinley.

Jews are more than willing to use assassination and murder to advance both their race and even individual greed. It wasn’t Italian Catholics that made up “Murder, Inc.” but psycho Jew Mobsters, of whom no one hears a thing.

Hell, we know for a fact Israeli Jews resort to MOSSAD assassinations, terror and false flag terror all the time (not just the absolute treachery of 9/11 mind you, but many other cases, including devious attacks on fellow Jews). They also love getting vengeful, feeling free to do war crimes (like using massive bombing and phosphor weapons on defenseless Palestinian populations for payback over pissant homemade rockets).

In fact, known Jewish anarchists killed King Umberto I of Italy; made a failed bombing attempt at Russian prime minister Peter Stolypin’s home and later shot him dead at the Opera; made a failed street shooting attempt on Otto von Bismark in Germany; shot to death the Austrian minister-president Karl von Stürgkh in 1916.

As soon as they took over Hungary, murderous Jew buddies started killing people. Left to right, József Pogány (#1, John Pepper), Sigismund Kanh (#2) and Bela Kun (#3).

Since 1912, murderous Jews had made several assassination attempts on Hungarian minister-president, Stefan Tisza, until finally blowing him away right in front of his own wife on Halloween night, October 31, 1918. Apparently, this opened the gates of hell for nightmarish Jew monsters to burst on the scene. Led by a demonic Jew named Bela Kun (real Jew name: Aron Cohen), tens of thousands of patriotic Hungarian White people soon died insanely brutal deaths over the next 133 days at the hands of buddy Jew killers, like Tibor Szamuelly and his “Lenin boys.”

Another comrade of Bela Kun, was József Pogány, who controlled the country’s ministry of education (real Jew name: Joseph Schwartz). This freaky satanic creep personally shot dead with his own two hands around 150 Whites, mostly defenseless old school teachers. Must be the Jew’s favorite Goyim retirement program, eh?

Schwartz then traveled quite freely to the US using the odd, Gentile-sounding name “John Pepper” (he probably got a laugh out of it), to help commies in America get their act together and start the killing over here. Moving on to the USSR, paranoid “Uncle Joe” Stalin eventually had him executed as a “trotskyite.” Jewry to this day uses such Soviet executions as “proof” of Russian anti-Semitism, when it was actually internecine JEWISH GANG WARFARE.

Whether they kill us or themselves, International Jewry truly is one hellish, demonic force. Funny, how the American public only ever hears about Hitler and the Nazis being so evil in the media, like on the “History” Channel. Well, maybe it won’t be so funny in the near future.

Traitor creeps are in your face — all over the place

Left, right or whatever BS politics they claim to espouse, Jews seemingly spend all their time causing social and geopolitical trouble everywhere. From manipulation of America’s politics and brains, to traitorous war-mongering for Israel; from promoting immigration of non-Whites into our countries, to fostering White race guilt and divisions; from controlling the media so we don’t get wise, to scamming us across the board; from brainwashing our youth to breed ourselves away, to abortion and radical feminism; or just pushing all sorts of sick, immoral crap in our face, like “recreational sex,” unbelievably vile pornography, homos and insanely freaky transgenderism.

The stinking, lousy GD Jews are literally running America straight into the gutter!

They never work jobs requiring real, honest labor, always expect richly paid office work, just because they think they are smarter than us. The real truth of the matter is that they are totally race nepotistic, get all kinds of promotions and funding by other Jews everywhere. As a race, they go after any businesses that can profit from having jobs outsourced overseas, or pay illegals and H1B visa holders peanuts. They have long understood the power of mass media and specifically targeted our media for takeover to keep the White race in the dark.

But their semi-hidden big money people (Rothschilds, etc.) know the whole financial house of cards viz-a-viz the dollar and the nation’s wildly ballooning debt will soon come to a crashing end because of the math alone. They have long understood the only way out of the mess was to do what they did to Christian Russia; so expect a murderous commie-style Jewish Police State in the future. They will try to imprison and execute not only those already awakened to the Jew (like me), but any true American patriot who dares to fight back!


The selfish, arrogant hypocrites are never, ever going to stop until the White race is completely turned into a spat-upon minority, they have their long-sought after NWO Global empire and everything belongs to them outright. At some point, they’ll start fighting among each other for the spoils and millions of us non-Jews will die in even more Jew-instigated wars and purposeful, genocidal starvation.

This racial effort by the Jews — masquerading as political movements — eventually ended up in utter death and destruction across the planet — Russia, Germany and eastern Europe. Copy-cat murderous dictators soon used Jewish communism to slay millions in China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and Africa.

It now appears America will soon join the list of satanic Jewry’s corpse-littered, blackened path of human misery…

…consider yourselves FOREWARNED.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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444 Responses to “Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed”

  1. Whaler says:

    zog has some solid websites exposing the Jews. He always struck me as being sorta Jewy though.

    I actually think he could be a Benjamin Friedman type. I hope so.

    I kept him unbanned from TIU for a year cuz I thought he was genuine.

  2. sog says:

    good point hoff on stalin ….he continued the gulag and mass murder of christians and never tore down1 synagogue in russia but did many christian churches …..
    he didnt agree with trotsky on something that irritated him ..some obscure mandate from lenin tells the central commitee to never let stalin gain power ,,,question is there …when stalin died pearlmutter khruzchev took the reigns but being a memeber of the central committee which was one of 3 govt. divisions and all commie and jew and marxist and zionist and bund and menshevik it coulkd be that the party wasnt one big cohesive lump of hard line communism …..under pearlmutt they rescinded alot of state horror as they had already got what they needed by then …..i read where the party wanted trotsky in in the first place as kerensky took that spot for awhile then some one pulled a string and lenin gets in …lenin serves the purpose of purges and terror ,,he serves the talmud blood purim lust of antichristian jacob schiff and others …………………
    even the french revolution under the jacobins the precursers to communism were feral and had a psyco killer named robespierre …quote below from tomatobubble dot com…
    ………… The French revolution leads to the rise of a mad killer named Robespierre and the Jacobins. From 1793-1794, the “Committee of Public Safety” operates as the dictatorship of France. A “Reign of Terror” is unleashed. King Louis XVI , Queen Marie Antoinette, and 40,000 others are executed, mostly by public guillotine. The Jacobins mobs target priests, nuns, and the wealthy.
    . The Jacobins (forerunners of the Communists) are eventually displaced by more sensible elements of the revolution. Robespierre himself is then executed. The “Directory” controls France from 1795-1799 as the monarchies of Europe wage a war against France. (lot of similarities of infighting like ussr inter party squabs)

    Though historians portray The Revolution as a “spontaneous uprising” of the oppressed, the funding of the movement, and the disciplined organization of the radicals, suggest otherwise. Was Rothschild money behind the revolt? Could this be the meaning of the French Revolution’s theme color, red? (Rothschild is German for “Red Shield”). ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    vexed your analogy on kosher food is a tough decision like when a jew sees free ham at a store …hmmmm ….our food now produces its own pesticide internally but they also spray it for good luck ….soy is the worst gmo and internal growth of pesticide…soybeans dont need any spraying tho as bugs wont eat thsi shit plant soy ,it is toxic to them …
    but all the stupid yuppie fucx feed their spawns soy enfamil whatever and dont breast fed ,but the formula has the equivalent of 5 birth control pills estrogen content …nice huh…….all alfalfa will now be gmo and can cause sterility in farm animals ..etc …..
    further matter on the carrier fleet …maybe daddy zog is taking our carrier toy fleet away and will have some military contractor kike make new ones and profit trillions from making cheap shit boats or whatever ….maybe zog is gettin ready to run with their chinese running dog lackeys and their ships …….there are many possible scenarios to wait and see about ….but someone will rattle a sabre and someone will push a button and people will forget who side there on in the chaos and the whole area will be smoked ,,huh? armageddon or a precursor to that ….its not easy to predict but i have been reading about israels desire to stomp iran for about 30 years now ….i have even heard persians say they dont care if iran gets bombed as the people there are not all persian anyway ,,some crazy fucker veteran of the iran /iraq 7 year war ,,his mind wasnt quite right im afraid ..

    anyway on the fleet ,,i aint totally sure one way or t’other what any one on here says one way or the other about the fleet ,,,i am truly concerned for the hapless occupants of the current fleet possibly soon to be beyond obsolete and on to extincthood and WE ALL KNOW ITS THE EFFIN JEW BASTARDS BEHIND THIS TREACHERY…..but there are a lot of sites that are mulling over the odd arrival of the enterprise and all the “inconvenient”tenets that go with de commisioning the ship …ayye …like the wtc towers ,pure trash and what an insurance scam de zure …zio diahreaa all over that one ….deeemonikk people ….no souls or consciences ,,,only a calculator where there is supposed to be a heart …
    side tracked as always …stalinsky was most definitely anti christian of the i hate god mentality so he doesnt exist sort of guy who didnt like people very much and if a jew threatened his power he would zionize the jew and that dont make him anti semitic at all ,just crazy…all 3 of his wifes were jews as was he with a nickname like jesse james of the urals and koboch and we know that only jews always change their names like from joe jhugasvili to “stalin” russian for “steel” or also known as the coffee house radical …
    the gulag escalation and isolation supposedly ended when he died but there are still people in the gulags ,,people who were of the christian faith ,,3 million christians are still in gulags today….an hmmm i’ll say some one we know used to smuggle bibles into russia which was a death sentence if caught even in the 70’s..even under more “progressive” russian regimes christian murders and tortures continued at an unabated pace …i met rev. wurmbrand for a brief period once but read his book on his romanian imprisonment and torture ….whatever people want to say about the man he endured horrible tortures(smashed toes etc) and humiliations for many years under communism in romania because of his faith and unwillingness to back down off the jew commies …he was jew wise in that they showed him their demon side and he knew who they were …
    if i were abetting man i would lay odds that the enterprise probably has a whole new crew specially put together by zog from some “list” to get rid of troublemakers and people they want to frag and that the ss enterprise will go to the bottom of the sea …..
    them jews are full of hubris and are going to have their war after all and they didnt kill shitsac rabin for nothing to get the expansioist game going full blast ….gotta love that likud party ,,,all the way to a firing squad ……

  3. Schwing says:

    I wish I could send newly awaken readers to your excellent articles. unfortunately their reading the comments you allow from the numerous nutcases here would scare them off.

    Keep up the good work though.

  4. Hoff says:

    Veruy good sog Now, if you only could learn how to use the key SHIFT. Right above CTRL, left on keyboard left. And hit Enter/Return twice as you write.It’s called


  5. sog is the most brilliant person here (aside from Hoff, of course, I think maybe). sog is way beyond Shift and Enter and all of that extranious stuff. sog let go of that a long time ago…

  6. Hoff says:

    Q at Marshall: You meet Br Nathan in real life?

  7. Who here has gotten a handwritten note from Br. Nate?

  8. Oh, Hoff, there you are!

    I thought maybe you wuz dodgin me question. Simple question, hard answer.


  9. Biker says:

    could someone please find me the quote ” whenever someone says ‘we have no better friend in the middle east than Israel’… i cant help but think, that before israel, we had no enemies in the middle east”

    i cant remember who said it!

  10. Sen10L says:

    John Sheehan quote Biker.

  11. Marshall says:


    I have talked with Bro. Nate on the phone numerous times. I helped him out when he was just starting to get into broadcasting video, showing him what green-screening was all about among other things. He knows if he ever decides to do some street preaching in West Palm Beach I’ll put him up and drive him wherever he wants to go-


  12. Sen10L says:

    Reference for that quote is obscure. Maybe someone else can provide more documentation.

  13. Biker says:

    Thank you Sen10L !

  14. bella says:

    Aminaninajab does the mason handshake in pictures, is a converso also. Controlled opposition. All buds at the top.

  15. bella says:

    As for the wedding, check out the nutso stuff the mormons are up to. & thx for the view!

  16. bella says:

    That Kinks ditty sounds like a commie you go to work for me hero scam brain control… & we all know it’s more TaviSTOCK scum.

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