Jew Agent claims it’s all a Nazi Conspiracy

ONE OF MY many great commentators here (thanks, Romulus), put in a link to this Internet article saying America is secretly being turned into a Nazi Reich. This is from a site called “The American Dream,” also subtitled: “Waking People Up And Getting Them To Realize That The American Dream Is Quickly Becoming The American Nightmare.” Yeah, he got the American nightmare part right.

The guy behind the website is supposedly someone called “Michael,” who tells you he’s a big bible-reading Christian (of course), but cleverly leaves out the Zionist part. You can bet he’s at least that, or perhaps even a sneaky Jew disinfo agent. No telling these days when it comes to Israeli Zionist “psyops” or “Hasbara” (propaganda/disinfo) activities now getting ramped up all over the place on America’s head.

It also looks like “Michael” is milking the Doomsday preppers business pretty hard. He’s got ads up for just about everything for the SHTF crowd. Now if he can just get AIPAC (“American” Israeli Public Affairs Committee) or J-Date to run something, he’ll have all his bases covered — maybe even win a free trip to the Holy Land!

Oh, I’ve heard all this crap before. I once said here on my site you must be a moron to think it was a secret Nazi conspiracy. Ever think it’s possible genuine American patriots might be against what’s going on, instead of Nazis? Haven’t you noticed how they use the Nazi-this, White Supremacist-that slanders all the time now?

If you got any guts and truly care about where America is going, read on!

I mean, think about it all here for minute: As I started writing this on Saturday afternoon — the History Channel’s designated “Nazi day” — they were running the highly polished propaganda piece “Third Reich: THE RISE” (the Jews like the second part “THE FALL” the most). Evil Hitler documentaries are now on a two-week rotation at both History and NatGeo — as the Jewy programmers now feverishly work overtime to keep America fearful of Nazis and the Muslim fanatics.

Meanwhile, on the same afternoon, the American Movie Channel (AMC) was showing “The Last of the Dogman” with Tom Beringer. One would have to be a complete dumbass not to miss the “whitey be bad, Native Americans (people of color) be good and always victimized by us evil, yet sometimes goofy Whites” angle.

Everybody recognizes this insidious anti-White MEME (at least internally). It’s been put out by Jew-owned media for the last 50 or so years, obviously to brainwash the White masses to hate ourselves. Just click HERE to see all the Jews that really do run American media. This link alone will make you reevaluate the deal!

Our little buddies in Israel think they pull the strings back in America. Funny, I wonder what gives them that idea? You know something? They’re right. There’s plenty of Americans stupid enough not to get the real deal — or quietly fear getting called a Nazi. See what media control can do?

And people think the Nazis control things? What a giant joke. You would have to be braindead, or your mind hopelessly twisted by Jew diversity brainwashing to even take the secret Nazi stuff seriously. Which, of course, is entirely possible these days, sorry as hell to say.

With all the multiculturalism and diversity crap going on, plus Barack Obama getting into office — when he’s not even a natural born citizen and fraudulently put up a computer-generated long form birth certificate — really makes me think evil Aryan puppet masters are getting away with murder. Right.

If “they” were really secret Nazis, why would America do so much for Jewry and Israel? Did you know they literally have laws on the books where they can jail or fine you, should you organize a boycott against Israeli products?

Why would every Federal Reserve chairman be Jewish? You think all the rich Jews in America are going to sit idly by, as secret Nazis plot and scheme?

Why is it every American presidential hopeful has to provide AIPAC with a paper detailing their position viz-a-viz Israel? And the paper is never released to the public so us American citizens can read what promises they made? That’s before they get OK’d for bundled donations to their campaigns from rich Jewry across the land (like Hollywood and Wall Street). Virtually all Americans know nothing about this, since the media would never dare mention it.

How big a rock does this “Michael” creep live under?

Hell, the Jews have over 300 national organizations in the US, spending around 6 billion a year. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are heavily funded to something like 60% by ISRAEL-FIRSTER Jews of all sorts (commie, liberal, neocon or homo). You think for one Jew York minute, they could all get away with being secret Nazis?

You really must be an idiot!

Why is it America has had a “memorandum of understanding” since the 1970’s that in the event of an Arab oil embargo, the US would provide oil to Israel from our strategic reserves before we gave even one drop to American citizens? As well as promise to ship it to them for free!

Why would our congress give the podium to Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu and virtually every politician in the joint (Israel Lobby suck-ups) give him a standing ovation 29 times?

And how come we give Israel over 8 billion a year (3 billion in military arms, 3.5 billion in foreign funding, plus other numbers usually hidden), if we hated Jews so much? Each Israeli citizen makes $500 dollars a year off America!

Jew nuts use Internet photoshop and get in hot water with Obama nuts.

That’s why I put in the shot above showing a smug Bibi, between Republican majority leader John Boehner and Democrat minority leader, Nancy Pelosi (who’s married to a billionaire Jew and may be a crypto). That photo says it all (but I have so many others).

I also used a photoshop job as lead-in, showing Nazis marching into Poland merged with a White House shot. This image has been around for quite awhile (I’ve had it for 3 years), but the Orthodox Jew magazine “AMI” stole it for another tiresome anti-Semitism paranoia piece (right) just the other week. Surprise, surprise. I wonder how many other Jews are involved in the whole Nazi conspiracy business today?

If it was all really a Nazi conspiracy, the mainstream media would have someone like ME on FOX news, instead of Jewish, ISRAEL-FIRSTER Islamophobes like Pamela Geller and Jonah Goldberg, touting the Zionist line of pure bull. Hell, I’d be rich now, if I kissed Jew ass and attacked the Muslims — who they have been jacking us up about for the last 50 years.

I could sit here all day and tell you things disproving it all. But there is one thing that is true: We are indeed headed for a Police State. One that is NOT White and NAZI, but a Jewish, commie RED version.

That’s right. The real danger to the concept of America is NOT the Nazis, but a stinking Jewish, Marxist (or totalitarian) conspiracy. Always has been.

Want to know what really scares the real “powers-that-be?” That’s the White solidarity all over Hitler’s Germany. Shows like “THIRD REICH, the Rise” on the History Channel scare the living daylights out of Jewry. Whites marching in lock-step and rooting out communist and perverted Jews, taking the power of money-making and putting it to work for the people is like THE BIGGEST nightmare for Globalist Jewry. No doubt at all.

“Michael” must be one seriously braindead Christian Zionist, and believes everything FOX news says is true. The guy is also a huge scaredy cat, refusing to let any comments from us “evil Nazis” appear on his site. That tells me he’s more than willing to use Jewish tactics while continuing the Chosen People brainwashing of America, either that or be a Jewish plant in the first place (very possible).

If not, it’s obvious the guy must be a huge idiot — how can one possibly ignore the history of communism when explaining the way things are going? Like I did with my recent post “Even the Best of the Gentiles should be killed.” But I guess that side of history just might make people suspect the real perps.

LOKI here, picked up on a comment on his site that casts a light on the BS:

February 18th, 2012 at 4:36 pm
Am a 75 year old man that was THERE, in Hungary and Germany, during WW2. I agree with you whole heartetly on EVERYTHING you have presented. The similarities between Nazi Germany and America are remarkably similar… regards, wilhelm s. [perfect-sounding German name]

Michael’s reply:

February 18th, 2012 at 6:33 pm · Reply
It is good to hear from someone that was actually there.

LOKI notes: “The commentor is 75 yrs old and claims ‘he was actually there’ during WW II? Let see 2012-75=1937. If this asshole was born in 1937 he could not know what National Socialist Germany was about. How many of us remember what the political arena was like when we were 4/5yrs old? Another jew LIE.”

America is obviously getting flim-flammed up the ying-yang by tricky dick, Zionist Jews. It’s so transparent anymore these days it’s pathetic.

You know something? I realized something wasn’t quite right decades ago and dug deeply into the history of WWII and the Third Reich. There was so much that was getting suppressed, it wasn’t funny. Things that only showed we were getting fed a giant turd sandwich.

And you know something else? The so-called Nazi explanation of things, was the only one that fit all the facts. Not only for way back then, but also for what is going on right the hell NOW.

Once we get in a war with Iran, our soldiers die fighting another war for devious Israel and everyone pays $8.49 a gallon for gas; someone needs to go find that fat fool who wrote that stupid Nazi piece and bitch-slap the living beejesus out of him.

Now, where did I put my hob-nailed boots and SS uniform?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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315 Responses to Jew Agent claims it’s all a Nazi Conspiracy

  1. Pat says:


    Yes indeed – the Jews have placed all of the bets on the Holocaust Lie. Everything they have – and everything they are is riding on that bet.

    Their Information Monopoly is mortally wounded. Too many people know – and they are talking to others. Young people especially.

    It’s just a matter of time now before The Backlash.

  2. It was the roadrunner cartoons of the 1960’s that first got me interested in science and physics as a kid!!

    What really amazed me was the roadrunner’s ability to suddenly stop on a dime, because its momentum due to inertia would have had its brain splattering against its skull internally…

    And of course its ability to defy the law of gravity.. But as Bugs Bunny said many times, it probably never studied law!

    Oh, and by the way, Incogman…. Another smashing article….. Keep up the fine work, my friend!

  3. GTRman says:

    Here are some thoughts :

    Beatles era : 60 -70 : No mention / awareness of “hollocaust ” , Brian Jones cavorts in Nazi uniform , no big deal …

    Punk era 77 – 79 : No mention / awareness of ” holycrust ” , but Snide Viscous and Sioxie Jew could still stand around in black leather and swastikas .

    No big deal . The swearing was more of an ” outrage ” .

    1980 ‘s : Phil Donahue has a ” schmolloKraust ” programme where ” Schmollykrust Deniers ” gain upper hand …

    Fast forward – 2012 : Say the word ” holocaust ” and its ” Everybody FREEZE !!!! ..

  4. GTRman says:

    each shocking event in
    “history ” ,
    whether meant-to be –
    shlock -for – the Tee- Vee ,
    like the shock-jock demise of dear JFK
    or the free-for-all
    Of some
    small- foul- jew’s tall buildings ,
    You- Know- whose small Holdings ,
    To pronounce a time
    Of dissaray ,
    And Pray not , they say ,
    As they Prey , and Prey ..

    Im drunk n sheet

  5. Hoff says:

    Yes indeed – the Jews have placed all of the bets on the Holocaust Lie. Everything they have – and everything they are is riding on that bet. –Pat–

    When the jews gave up the jew ruled Soviet in the 60s the jews bet all they got on America as the jews proxy war machine for jew world conquest. To conquer the world with a conscript army just don’t work. Next to none have any motivation to go fight in other countries. In defence – yes, but in attack – no.

    You only have to look at when the jew ruled Soviet tried to conquer Finland. The jews proxy war machine Soviet army had an overkill ratio of five to ten. And the jews still couldn’t conquer Finland. Why? The soviet soldier, russian peasants had zero motivation. The finns had all the motivation in the world, they was defending their homeland. Every single finnis soldier gave everything he got.

    But you must have bullets and that Mr Hitler gave the finns. If the jew ruled Soviet had conquered Finland then Sweden had been a walk over. Sweden didn’t have an army worth the name army. All Sweden had was Jew War One surplus, useless crap.

    Nex is Norway, a walk over too. After Norway would be Denmark. Look at top of map right, under SVERIGE (Sweden in swedish) it say: Helsingborg.

    This is the narrowest place wher Sweden and Denmark meet. The distance is like from Manhattan to Long Island. You can almost throw a stoone to the other side. The danish “army” was a joke. The simple truth is that Finland saved Scandinavias sorry ass. Finland was to Scandinavia what Germany was to west Europe. If the jews could overrun Germany, France, Belgium and Holland had zero army. If the jews Soviet army could take out Finland, the rest would be a pice of cake.

    Scandinavia own their good life to the finnish patriot heroes.

  6. 30.06 says:

    Embedding please…

  7. 30.06 says:

    Oh well….embedding is better..

  8. 30.06 says:

    Well anyways…..

  9. Hello says:

    This site is proper elite stuff. Divide and conquering disinformation. Not all Jews do this shit, you and I know that alot of Whites, Chinese etc are involved in this shit. I work with a Jew, he is a timid bastard, he’s a programmer and I know where he lives, with his parents, in an apartment block. How the hell can you lump all this shit on Jews. Sure, dump Israel and their corrupt leaders and get out all the dual Israeli citizens from the USA leadership and kick out the obongo man and restore the USA to it’s White heritage and for that matter Europe too.

    But don’t go around saying it’s all Jews, it’s bullshit. You know it.

  10. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    This man is a Jewish whore.

  11. GTRman says:

    on and on it goes..

    Sex and the Swastika

    The private lives of the Nazis is a tale of sordid self-fulfilment at total odds with official policy and the theory of a pure master race. Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and many others indulged themselves whilst creating The Advisory Board for Population and Racial Policy to oversee the morals of the German population.

    However, Britain’s secret Special Operations Executive knew the truth and set up a special division to elaborate on it.

    Working from a secret location in the English countryside they created ‘Black’ propaganda and disseminated pornography to German troops and the German population illustrating the sexual perversions of their leaders. This is the tale of how the Nazis fiddled while Germany burned.

  12. Barney says:

    Wait for me, Incog. I don’t want to miss out on the fun.

    Before I became jew-aware I used to wonder what the German history books would say about WWII. What would the other side of the story look like?

    Now I know. There is no “other side” because the jews won that war (and every other war) and deleted everything they didn’t like.

    I also realised the thoroughly evil maggot thatcher (a former “English” prime monster for those who don’t know) was more commie than Nazi. Nasty certainly, but no Nazi, and it’s husband Dennis apparently had financial dealings with the jew yoik mafia, reinforcing the connection. I just didn’t know then that it was jews.

    I only get to watch the electric jew when I’m visiting friends, but on any day I could find at least three channels showing anti-Hitler propaganda. I often suggest someone should tell them the war’s over.

    Everything else on the electric jew pushes queer worship and the “desirability” of race destruction (miscegenation). Niggers are in front in most of the adverts, and one advert for beds (a company called “Dreams”) shows a White woman in bed with a f***ing totally-black f***ing nigger!

    (The nigger is nearest to the camera, of course.)

    That’s one retailer I WON’T be dealing with when I want a new bed.

    We also get a political “debate” (the BBC’s “Question Time”) in which carefully selected “members of the public” are invited to ask those “awkward” questions of a panel of politicians, but I don’t even need my “They Live” sunglasses to see what those creeps are, the audience even more than those on the panel.


    Good to see the Irish Savant here. Welcome Savant.


    Seems we’ve got a new poster calling him/herself “Hello”.

    Hello – assuming you’re not “one of them”, you’ve got a lot to learn.

    There is NO jewish “religion”. They don’t believe in a spiritual aspect to life, which is what defines a religion for me. When they’re dead, they’re dead. That’s what they believe, so why would they need a religion?

    I agree that most “little jews” are NOT directly involved in the crimes of the “big” jews, but you just try criticising ANY jew for any proven crime and see what happens. You’ll need your earplugs.

    The “little jews” all play their part by accusing us of irrational, insane prejudice if we so much as look at a criminal jew in the “wrong” way, endlessly screaming “anti-septic” (my preferred version) in unison, however serious the crimes of the “big” jews.

    To sum up, it IS all jews. They are the devil incarnate.

    You won’t agree with me yet, but you will in time, as you learn more about these despicable creatures.

  13. Hello says:

    Prove to me what a Jew is, then prove to me their all in on it, then prove to me no Whites are in on this, then prove we should kill all Jews.

    What about a fucking 1/8 Jew, did they come from Khazaria where did they come from?

    Provide answers or stfu.

    As far as I can see it’s a bunch of rich cunts of all races who want to depopulate the useless eaters, and the Jewish religion is being picked on as a scapegoat.

    Prove to me I’m fucking wrong! How many White pedos go to Bohemian grove? How many Chinese slave masters kill their own workers?

    Prove this shit or gtfo.

  14. Hello says:

    No I’m not “one of them”, sorry I didn’t read your reply addressed to me.

    As I said before I’m pissed off that Europe is being flooded with Africans and Asians, who the isn’t who is White and normal?

    If this Jew thing is true, what the hell are our leaders? Are they some kind of satanic helper?

    I know this never happened in the past in Europe, and I’m open to ideas, and I’m not saying it isn’t JEWS, I’m saying for me to believe it is ALL JEWS, you’re going to have to define for me what is a JEW and do you also hate David Cole who woke me up to the holocaust bs lie (incidentally because he was born a JEW, I took him seriously, then I was able to do my own research and find out that it was a lie?)

    That’s what I’m saying, I’m not, never have been, never will be a JEW, I’m 100% European and I’m pissed off at what is happening.

  15. Barney says:

    Hello – How does one define a jew? Probably the best answer to that is to take their word for it. They lie about everything else (Google “kol nidre”), but no Human Being would want to be associated with that lot.

    You can also learn a lot by Googling “the protocols” or “protocols of zion”. That’s their actual plan to steal the world, and it describes our present situation exactly.

    Try this link. It explains some of the things to be found in their “holiest” set of books, known as the Babylonian talmud.

    EVERY jew follows the talmud, either directly or through their rabbis, who act as “educators” and enforcers.

    The talmud runs to about five and a half million words (wot? not SIX million?), but if you really want to know, you’ll find a full English translation at this link.

    As far as I’m concerned, the wealthy “non-jewish” scum (“shabbas goyim” – explanation below) who help and protect the jews in return for temporary power ARE jews and will need to be treated as such when the time comes.

    That’s not to say I want to kill them. I don’t want to kill anyone. We’ve got to disempower them forever though or they’ll be back to re-infest the world, and if that means we have to exterminate them, so be it. It’s what they intend to do to us.

    Shabbas goy. Shabbas means their “sabbath”, though “sabbat” would probably be a more accurate term. It’s the day we know as Saturday, and they’re not supposed to do any “work” at all on that day, even to switch a light on.

    Goy (singular). Goyim (plural). That’s what they call US, meaning EVERYONE who isn’t a “jew”. I am told the word once meant “nation”, but the jews have appropriated it as a derogatory term meaning “creature” or “cattle”, but really meaning something considerably more offensive than those words would suggest.

    A “shabbas goy” could be described as a “Saturday creature”, a THING to do the “work” the jews forbid themselves to do on that day.

    An Arab neighbour of mine is quite proud of the time he once became a shabbas goy when he was asked to switch the lights on in a sin-a-gogue because the jews literally won’t lift a finger on a Saturday – unless there’s money to be made, in which case all their stupid rules and their fake “religion” go straight out of the window.

    Strictly speaking, a shabbas goy is a Saturday slave, someone to do literally everything for the jews on that one day when they have decided to do nothing that could be called “work”, but jews don’t work at all if they can help it, so a Saturday slave becomes an every day slave, someone to wait on the jew hand and foot because they’re too lazy to do anything for themselves.

    The jews plan to murder us all, and ultimately to destroy the world, because they imagine that by destroying creation they will have defeated God, the Creator. They ARE the devil.

    It IS all jews, but it’s not ONLY jews. If it acts like a jew though, as far as I’m concerned, it IS a jew. Certainly it’s of the devil, which amounts to the same thing.

    One final point in case you’re not aware of it. The jews are NOT descended from the people of the bible. Their ancestors never set foot in the “holy land”. The vast majority of “jews” originated in Khazaria in what we now know as Southern Russia, and adopted and adapted their own fake version of judaism as a cover for their criminal activities around 740AD, when their king, Bulan, changed his name to Joseph and made judaism the national “religion”, though a “religion” devoted to evil and devoid of any spiritual component (no afterlife for example) is hardly something I’d consider a religion.

    I hope I’ve helped clarify a few things for you. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I’m always willing to explain what I do know.

  16. t bone says:

    Get lost, jew.

  17. Barney says:

    You could be right, T-Bone, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt until there’s no more room for doubt, as I’m currently doing with HKW.

  18. sog says:

    hello /goodbye ….who the fuck cares what you think ….prove we are wrong….how many words have i wasted on your dumb ass ..see if you can answer that or get the eff fout ,,queer

  19. sog says:

    Pro active ,,,what psyco ward did you crawl out of heh heh you drink flouride and have a shrunken 3rd member or ,,ha ha what are you saying ..hmm dont say it maybe ..i’ll vow to never eat at mcdonalds ever again mainly cus its spik owned and operated niggers just spiks ….and the fuckin meat is a mystery wrapped up in a mystery bun….the meat will sit for 100 years and not rot unless you eat it then its like mission impossible wher thr secret meat destroys itself in your gut causing deadly flatulence …yeah i could see how that benfits jews ….
    i was told to eat all food with the kosher stamp onit as it has less poison ? ..can it be tru or is the askenaazzis trying to fool the other askenazzis …maybe they have finally turned on each other ….wann fight the jews then poison their wells with ,,use your own imagination…..or offer free hambergers to jews ,,,suucch a deeel ,,,free ham ,,rotten ham sandwhiches ,,,free pork with worms in it ,,,free free free ..time for air
    i havent eaten at burger king in 25 years ,,that shit is the worst refuse in the usa …we reserve the right to serve refuse to anyone ,,heh heh

  20. Pat says:


    Read your comments and have concluded that you are either simply deeply effected by your exposure to life-long Jewish propaganda – or you are a Jew yourself.

    This site seeks to speak the truth.

    According to you we should probably all parrot words and phrases fed to us by – um – by smarter people.

    I mean – I don’t think we should be using tools of the enemy – such as “logic”, “fact-checking”, or god forbid “critical thinking”. I just think it’s obvious how “anti-semitic” those things are.

    Nobody wants to be known as a “hater”, “racist”, or an “anti-semitic Nazi”. Those “anti-semites” are a really bad kind of enemy. They seem to be immune to propaganda techniques that have devolved into social pressures causing people to “allow” the Jews to operate at will.

    Are you going to deny the obvious patterns existing all around you?

    Fifty years ago the Jewish Money Creation Scammers decided it was possible to take over America as completely and thoroughly as it had Russia a mere half century prior to that time.

    Sure, the Jews use corrupted non-Jews to do their dirty work. Just like the prefer to use non-Jewish soldiers as cannon fodder.

    As was true in Jew-controlled Russia of the 1920s, the next step for America is adoption of laws mandating prison for expressions of anti-Semitism.

    Death for anti-Semitism will follow, mark my words, just as it did in Russia. At first, it will be masked, as other laws are misapplied, just as today’s hate crime laws are misapplied as hate speech laws. Now that the average American has come to believe that hate speech is illegal, the laws outlawing pure speech are being put into place. It will happen the same way until “Say the J-word and die” becomes a reality.

    Why? Because they can’t operate if they are openly identified.

    The seat of their power lies in the Money Creation Scam and in Usury.

    “Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are the United
    States government ‘s institutions. They are not government
    institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the
    people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their
    foreign swindlers ”
    (Congressional Record 12595-12603: Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency (12 years), June 10, 1932)

    Surely, you aren’t going to deny that the Federal Reserve Exists – are you? And surely, you aren’t going to deny that the leadership is practically ALL Jewish – are you?

    Are you going to assert that Jews don’t own and control the media here? How about all of the Hollywood studios? Have you ever hear of Psychological Warfare?

    The object of PSYWAR is to influence the enemy — to win him over, to keep him from acting hostile to you – or to sustain his friendship by means other than force. The targets are: thoughts, emotions, opinions, attitudes. It attempts to influence behavior by the planned use of propaganda – lies and distortions.

    This is why you are CONSTANTLY bombarded with anti-Nazi propaganda. Anti-Hitler propaganda.

    Why the constant focus on this Hitler guy? Because he ended the Jewish Money Scam in Germany and showed the world a viable alternative towards freedom. That’s why.

    You really need to become educated. The information is out there. It’s not a good idea to rely on the Jewish enemy for your information. They seek only to maintain power. Telling the truth does not serve their interests.

    Get your head out of your ass.

  21. 30.06 says:

    Hands Off Iran

  22. Bella says:

    Hello Hello….who got thrown out of over 90 countrys…& why???

  23. Hello says:

    @Barney what is the connection between the Khazars and the Talmud? Where did the Talmud originate?

  24. Hello says:

    @Barney Also where do Jehova’s Witnesses fit into this, are they an offshoot of Judaism?

  25. 30.06 says:

    Hello , hello you lazy inconsiderate dumbass .

    Why don’t you have any sense of responsibility to educate yourself ?

    You come in here and start demanding that everyone prove something to you . and you then proceed to demand that they ‘prove’ the most ridiculous charges at that .

    If this were a saloon you would have quickly discovered your ass laying in the street immediately after stumbling in the door of the place .

    To put it in modern American parlance , you are an asshole .

    You tell people here to ‘prove’ something to you , what the %*#$ is your problem ?

    Your either genuinely *$%^ up in the head , or , your another mentally defective Jew .

  26. 30.06 says:

    Here’s your ‘Nazi conspiracy’ , as you can see , it’s got ‘Bohemian Grove’ and ‘Rothschild funding’ written all over it .

  27. Hello says:

    30.06 I was talking to barney, about his views on the subject. Don’t be an asshole man. What the hell is wrong with talking to and asking people who are obviously knowledgeable on the subject?

    Here, you might like this video, I know I do.

  28. 30.06 says:

    Hello , asking questions is alright , but demanding proof to ridiculous strawman arguments is beyond the pale .

    Maybe I missed a few posts , but what I saw didn’t set too well .

    Sorry if it was a misunderstanding .

    I don’t have time to read all of this stuff .

  29. Hello says:

    30.06 Here’s what I think.

    We should not have any Jews in government. I say this because I have learned about how Jews were kicked out of hundreds of European countries over the last thousand years, and more importantly why. Thanks Bella.

    We should not have any Jews in the banking system.

    We should not have a banking system. (This is unrelated but something I have thought for a long time)

    We should stop mass immigration into Europe and the USA.

    We should deport enough people of non-European ancestry to ensure the continuation of our people. Not kill. Deport. If we need to kill if it gets bad enough, I’m not against that.

    Nicholas Sarkozy is a Jew, prime minister of France. This is fucked up.

    Any race that wants to dominate the European peoples by attempting to brainwash them by calling them names is not fit to have any position in power, namely Jews.

    The holocaust as taught through Jewish money to our children is a brainwashing psychological warfare weapon, designed to weaken our people and decrease our resistance to Jews opening the borders and promoting mass immigration (I have just seen barbara specter’s video)

    Also I’ve read Kevin Macdonald’s book “The culture of critique” and it’s all extremely well referenced and makes sense. I read it about 2 years ago but it takes a while to wake up from bullshit. My starting point was 911, I’m working backwards and am a little older and more well trained than you might be.

    When I think about it from a tribal perspective, it does make sense.


  30. Hello says:

    Just another comment.

    Some searches that I’ve found of interest

    1/3 of the holocaust

    deliberate dumbing down of america

    fluoridation of water paul connet (best way to remove toxic fluoride compounds is distillation, and also the cheapest, but make sure you purchase a quality distiller that is stainless steel throughout and get a glass jug)

    BPA plastics

    vaccine hoax whaleto

    mind control patents us patent office

    seeds of deception (genetically modified food)

    dangers of food additives

    georgia guidestones

  31. Hello says:

    Who was ever called a Nazi during the German people’s revolution against the Jewish banking cartel? When did the word Nazi become parlance?

  32. jj says:


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