The All-Seeing INCOG MAN Predicts…

I hereby make the following predictions for the coming week:

  1. The Academy will hand out Oscars for any movie where the action hero, president or God is black, the plot revolves around Jews suffering terribly at the hands of Nazis, the heroine is a gorgeous blond who falls in love with a street smart Gangsta, or she’s a gritty, yet lovable lesbian, unjustly denied whatever career sounds good.
  2. While reading paid-for jokes on the teleprompter, the punky Jew academy awards host will make at least one Jew insider wise-crack, which the Hollywood audience will get, but few American goyim watching on TV will know WTF he was talking about.
  3. The piggish Jew comic Jonah Hill, will be teamed up with a tall, beautiful goy girl to give out the Oscar for this year’s best Jewish brainwashing… er, screenplay.
  4. A bratty Jewish American Princess in New York will find herself stuck in a fifth avenue department store bathroom without toilet paper and immediately calls her lawyer uncle from the stall to file suit papers.
  5. Swimming in oil speculation profits, Goldman Sachs announces a hostile takeover bid of the corporate entity registered as “The United States of America.”
  6. A chubby naked homo goes hysterical and will need to get tazed on the streets of San Francisco after his latest lover leaves him for a trained Rottweiler.
  7. The King of Jordan will sweat bullets wondering how long it’ll take for Zionist-funded NGO’s to jack up his population into a furor after Syria’s Assad bites the dust.
  8. Israeli intelligence operatives in Tel Aviv will argue if it’s so wise using Larry Silverstein once again on real estate transactions for the upcoming false flag operation code-named “Goyisher El Stupido.”
  9. Dominique Strauss-Kahn will get a hankering for a little darkie whore-action and puts in a call for room service to get his Jew ashes hauled.
  10. Negroes will gorge on 67 metric tons more Popeye’s fried chicken than usual after receiving a mistaken government increase in welfare check amounts.
  11. At the direction of the SPLC and the ADL, old folk homes, Catholic nunneries and Boy Scout camps across the country will get raided by the FBI on suspicion of harboring geriatric WWII Nazi war criminals, Aryan Nations webmasters, or just regular White guys wearing camo and waving American flags.
  12. A faggot Costco employee will loudly and raucously break wind on aisle 12 in front of a gaggle of shocked Filipino shoppers and giggle about it later with a lezbo friend.
  13. A Jewish “investment advisor” in New Jersey will chuckle to himself on how much his new spreadsheet skim formula earns his personal account per month.
  14. Hundreds of blacks will commit terrible killings and rapes through-out the week, but that one White guy who killed his girlfriend in a fit of rage two years ago will still be all over the news.
  15. Of the 44 babies born at Parkland hospital in Dallas each day of the week, about 37 will be anchor babies from illegal mestizos with all expenses, including cigars, paid for by local and federal taxpayers.
  16. FBI agents will gleefully announce the latest idiot Muslim busted after being goaded into action by the offer of free combat boots and a years worth of Uncle Ben’s eyeballs and rice microwavable dinners.
  17. A crackhead Negress prostitute will stumble and twist her ankle on a Detroit sidewalk while reaching down for a fairly decent-sized Kool cigarette butt, but get reimbursed by the city for lost trick time.
  18. Embedded Israeli agents in the US media will whine in all seriousness that Iran is taking too many steps to protect itself from foreign military attacks.
  19. Goy blond TV anchor babe will angrily frown and say “chilling” or “disturbing” at least once before the break.
  20. Former UN ambassador John Bolton will go on air next and tell us Iran is close to building a nuclear-armed Death Star in geocentric orbit, parked right over the nation’s homeland.
  21. Former Israeli ambassador to the US, Dore Gold, will then insist he saw it all with his own two eyes using a double-top secret, infrared/quantum-powered/1.7 kikeawatt laser-maser telescope that he keeps out on his back porch.
  22. Goy blond TV anchor babe will angrily frown and say “chilling” or “disturbing” at least once before the break.
  23. Ambassador Gold will tell us with a straight face that Iran has ignored UN resolutions and the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but conveniently forget to mention Israel has never signed the NPT (even though Iran has), nor the fact Israel has 69 UN Security Council resolution violations going back to the beginning.
  24. Gold (perfect name for a Jew) will also make sure to add that Iran’s Ahmadinejad is a holocaust denier and wants to wipe Israel off the map.
  25. Goy blond TV anchor babe will angrily frown and say “chilling” or “disturbing” at least once before the break.
  26. An animal trainer will lose all his Hollywood studio clients over racism accusations when the video of his pet chimp, “Bootlips Obongo,” wearing urban street styles and doing hip-hop dance moves, goes viral on Youtube.
  27. A new book will be published to great fanfare speculating Adolf Hitler not only didn’t have any testicles, but also had a hidden vagina, a grotesque third nipple and a really bad case of halitosis.
  28. Jew lawyers in DC will file a massive group lawsuit asking for trillions in damages from every single White person — alive or dead — for stealth racism, anti-Semitism, not smiling enough around people of color and breathing too much of the planet’s oxygen.
  29. A&E’s fictional “Criminal Minds” will do the umpteenth crazy White guy psycho killer plotline, followed in the next hour by the real-time, real-life “The First 48,” having almost all black murderers.
  30. The “History” Channel will announce a cheaply produced new show titled “Doomsday Christian Rednecks” where they go around videotaping just about any stupid person, animal or thing they can dig up in one small rural White community in Alabama.
  31. Israeli occupation forces will blow away a Palestinian kid for desecrating a sacred God-given Jewish-only roadway by stepping on it while trying to retrieve his soccer ball.
  32. When you renew your driver’s license this week, the local DMV will be filled with even more nasty and foul third world scum than last year.
  33. A really hot, rich White woman, who also owns a vast liquor store chain, will contribute a boatload of money to the INCOG MAN site, in the attempt to hook up with your’s truly.

OK, that last one was just a wish, not a prediction.

–Phillip Marlowe

MAKE NOTE OF THE DATE THIS IS UP ON THE NET and remember: The INCOG MAN predicted it all!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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391 Responses to The All-Seeing INCOG MAN Predicts…

  1. Pat says:


    I can assure you that jewish ownership of the music industry – as well as the porn industry is neither coincidental nor accidental.


  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    The Federal Reserve Explained

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Look what the Jews have planned for White women. One way or another they want to kill us and now they aren’t even hiding it.

  4. Pat says:


    I refuse to watch that

  5. Pat says:


    Mr. West there should be hunted down and tried along with the kikes.

    That message is intentional.

  6. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Pat says:
    February 26, 2012 at 7:44 pm


    I refuse to watch that

    That’s okay Pat. It shows extreme violence against the White woman by Blacks. But we know who controls the music industry.

  7. Pat says:



    You don’t think those images are there to influence niggers……….do you?

    Of course they are.

    Laying it right out there in the open…….and hey – it’s “entertainment”.




  8. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Pat says:
    February 26, 2012 at 7:52 pm
    I’m a White woman so that kind of “entertainment” scares me.

  9. Pat says:


    They either want you dead or…to have a niglet.

    Preferably have a niglet and then be murdered.

    But, because of the fact that only a White woman can have a White baby – well…… get the picture.

  10. Pat says:


    Just imagine having a little obama baby 🙂


    Thats what Mr. jew wants you to do. Either that – die. Preferably both.

  11. Pat says:

    Impromptu by Matt Hale. He isn’t reading from a teleprompter. But he’s telling you what’s going on:

  12. LesBaer1911 says:

    Sazzy – Same here. I would believe a bogeyman lived in the closet before I would
    believe anything these international hyenas publish or broadcast. THEY entwine
    others by deception. THEY are the plague. They bewitch and exploit the gullible,
    ignorant, the trusting. As Patton stated “We’re fighting the wrong people” or
    something to that effect.

  13. HKW says:

    My goodness!
    Thanks for the TALK SHOW HOST and CALLER ‘chats on air’.
    That was so funny! 🙂

    I thing some of the commenters here ( no, not you Pat) need to sleep their “few’ beers off.

  14. Pat says:


    Hey – please don’t think that I was being insensitive.

    I’m sorry if I came across that way.

    You, as a White woman are a prime target of the jew.

  15. sog says:

    the “avatar” isnt a choice its automatic assignment of picture by cogs server ,,,uhmm dimwit comes to mind …is that hoff-a ,could thta be you jimmy ? talk to us ..heh heh ,,,hoff you truly are not the real hoff anymore ….the real hoff is getting a tune up in a spaceship crossing the galaxy ,,heh heh …are you looking at the pattern in the avatar like they are ink blots freud would show to patients …try a crystal ball instead …
    the real hoff knew how to spell better than you and wasnt as confused and pedestrian ,,,
    any way i dont give 2 hershey squirts one way t’other…
    bella bella bella bella bella ,,,ever say a word enogh tymes and it loses its meaning …heh heh ,,,no offense antway ,,who is akira ..sog is a coterie …look it up …
    the usa finally looks like berlin of the 30’s only worse cus of the jehw…..the jews teaching butt pirate “values” to school kids ….shouldnt the federal govt. be lockin up these purveyors of smut to children and putting their pictures on megans list ,,and offering bounties for their ears or scalp ..or a skull for a case o good beer ….
    purim is coming march 14-15 …be sure and go to your temple hoff and be in one of those cool skits where kids beat haman with a stick and hang his 10 sons and eat ceremonial food with minor christian blood mixed in …blood libel is what ties these demon cretins together ,,,blood libel ,,and even cashkenazzi children are fed the BLOOD at ceremonies which makes them complicit in their forefathers crimes against humanity ….aint no shiit there
    i only called you a or crusty ,,and you boohoo called me a jew boiiis …noooo not that ,pleeeeze
    im rubber your glue heh heh bounces off me and sticks to you ….that was a fun flashback to my non existent childhood …..time for my oxygen and massage therapy ,,,

  16. sog says:

    hkw ,when are you gonna buy “sog” a beer ,,ahhye ,,,is the beer warm in kanga…are you true blue ,,,trow some snags on da barbee and check out the togss ,am a bit peckish its fair dinkam to say..unless yer zonked out no worries we can veg out and pluck a durry and a pint at the pub,or choof off and hit the bottle -0 …
    how the hell are ya halina …im just doin the waffle ,bein a bluger and cryke ,i don want no barney with ya sheila ..heh heh

  17. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Pat says:
    February 26, 2012 at 10:44 pm


    Hey – please don’t think that I was being insensitive.

    I’m sorry if I came across that way.

    You, as a White woman are a prime target of the jew.

    No Pat, I don’t feel you’re being insensitive at all. However, considering I’m on to the tribal antics I wish you wouldn’t worry so. (Although I appreciate it) Oddly, someone in my Church warned me about subliminal messages in movies and music long ago and although I was aware it happened, I was just too young and too much a part of this worldly system. Things change and now I want nothing to do with this JEW system.

  18. HKW says:

    You wanna sheila for a companion Sog?

    There are plenty in the jewish tribe.

  19. Barney says:

    BIG disappointment this weekend. Oscar night, and where was the NVA ????????

    We only have to get them once though. They have to be on their guard every time.

  20. Bella says:

    The individual named as Sog…

  21. sog says:

    could bella be hoff ? or could hoff be bella? ….
    heh heh ….hoff is a akira
    hoff you get 1/4 apology as i know you are a truther and jew smasher …braavo …gotta love that …aight …..we are on thr same side ,no less …..carry on …

  22. sog says:

    actuall federal penalty for the jews fed reserv counterfeiting presses is hanging ….
    think we would run outta rope ?
    my learned friends ,look what happened to these noble presidents by the hand of jews no less. and to huey long and to other presidents killed by zio intersts…

    great dividing of whites occurining in south civah war over blax right ,,its a joke ,,,blax became servants instead of slaves and the jews still owned most of em in the norhth …katrina ,another take over and divide genocide of blax ,done by jews tossin the tar

    population out of norleens at blackwater gunpoint ..blackwater is jew owned …and if it isnt i dont care as a little disinfo against jews is the least we can do …but it is …

    like on hoff ,if he says the justices are jews its good enoufgh for me as the ones that arent crypto and converso are still suckin jew smegma for their susttenance …
    even ford and reagan got shot at ,,were traipsing off the zio reserv by starting to even scratch their head about the fed res……..we legally owe no interst on that deception but the jews

    have earned a death warrant for creating this dowry of jewish laziness and wealth for their friends who hold stocks in ther fed res…….need hipboots to keep the jew shit off ya these days …

  23. GTRman says:

    Where did you get that awful photo of Rense ?

    Hyuk , hyuk …

  24. sog says:

    oops i am wrongggg …the effen kike purim is on the 8th …i must have been reading the newsletter from the retarded zionist drooloer periodical…. …. I dint see purim in that list hmmmm …………… …this one says the 20th o march last year and the 8th this year …thanx for the wake up call NTS ….

    they sure have alot of dumb holidays …of course they like to live the life of ease being the party animals that they are ….they will blurr the demarcation lines of decency however …
    as stomach churning as those sites are i like to study the enemy once in a while for laffs ..

    and so this is why the great simone peres is holding audienxce in a kike temple 2nite 7mar12 as a pre party for the 8thmar purim jackeroffers…..
    they shouild outlaw judaeism with extreme prejudice…..

  25. t. s. s. vs. st.w says:

    truthfully according to records of slave ownership in the south ,,,some states had no servant/slaves and 95% of slaves owned in the south were owned by blacks ,,,yes thats right ,by blacks and they even probably owned white euro slaves also…..jews like to trump this horse encephalitis to listening sponges to cause division…etc

  26. t. s. s. vs. st.w says:

    “”””The Dutch-speaking Afrikaners, he added, have been misunderstood in the West. They have been in South Africa since the 17th century(1600’s). South Africa was UNINHABITED, except for a small number of Hottentots, as the Boers moved north from the Cape in the 18th century. At about the same time, the Blacks or Bantus were moving south from Rhodesia or what is now Zimbabwe., The Boers or “Afrikaners” are every bit as much South Africans as the Blacks, Mr. Fromm explained,””””

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