Truther Jew versus Hippie Truther

OK, the latest fight going on in the “truth community” involves a guy named Jeff Rense and another guy named Henry Makow. Not that I really give a rat’s ass about this kind of stuff.

Here’s what I know about both: Rense has a website chock full of ads and articles copied from everywhere. A few of mine went up in the past, but lately he removes them immediately if he finds out it’s from me. Most likely because he’s still deeply brainwashed by Jewy PC and thinks I’m a big White supremacist, racist homophobe hater, that kind of thing. Which is kind of funny, considering I used to be nicknamed “hippy” by redneck pals (more below).

Rense also has a radio show I’ve never heard (I don’t really listen to anything but eclectic jam tunes on my I-pod). I imagine Rense’s show is on some sort of truth network and broadcast in the wee hours of the night so guys sort of like me, but living in a desert bunker complex, can listen and sleep through the hot day.

Henry Makow is a Jew living in Canada someplace who, as a precocious childhood “genius,” did something or other to get on the B/W TV show, “What’s my Line” a seriously long time ago. I think he invented a board game, made some money and is now living off it. His big buggaboo is Feminism, Freemasons and Illuminati stuff.

Like Rense, he does name the Jew, but carefully makes the distinction it’s only the secret Globalist/Zionist/Freemason and/or Sabbatian bunch; which is on target for the big picture, but he’s also kind of a hypocrite since most of those he talks about are really only creepy “little” Jews — just doing their Jew thing for whatever GD reason, money usually, but also inner disdain of European Whites and Christians.

Look, doesn’t matter if you think the Jews are up to no good or not. Just think real hard for a minute what it means to have the Federal Reserve owned by private interests — Jews, Nazis, or green Martians. You and the entire country are getting screwed in the rear, big time, by somebody, somewhere.

“They” quite obviously don’t want us to get it.

The reality is that there has been a Globalist, Zionist conspiracy to rip us all off, as they created, continue to protect and soon expand the State of Israel. The vehicle used to achieve these aims is the financial, political, media and intelligence control of the West — now commonly referred to as “The New World Order.” There can be no doubt any longer.

Little Jews are not getting secret instructions from Big Jewry. That’s the part most people think “conspiracy theorists” are trying to say and pretty much blow it off because they can’t see that happening. It’s really just the general assholyness of Jewry, expanding out like a balloon, while the long-term plans of Big Jewry to create a Jewish New World Order plays out at the same time.

The marginalization and slow genocide of the White race is part and parcel of Big Jewry’s NWO ambitions. This is the real driving force behind “PC” and the “culture wars.”

Getting back to the brouhaha involving these two guys: Henry Makow believes that there was no earthquake in Japan and it was a false flag or warning shot by this secret cabal, using nukes or HAARP to take down the Fukishima nuclear power plant. A supposed NSA guy wrote up something on his website, but Jeff Rense wouldn’t put the article up so Makow got pissed and ran “tell-all” articles written by Rense’s number 9 wife Megan (above right).

Apparently, Rense is a big New Age stud puppy, bagging all sorts of hippie chicks over the years. I’ve known a few guys like this, myself. I once had a friend who seemed to specialize in the routine, but I grew sickened of his shallow behavior so I told him to get lost (he looked and dressed amazingly like Rense does in the shot above with wife 9). Last I heard he’s living on the West coast somewhere (totally appropriate).

Rense also lives out there with a nice spread in Oregon, a Harley motorcycle, real train tracks and tunnel on his property, etc. so Makow’s saying he’s milking the “truth community.” Trouble is, I doubt you could make all that much, unless you ignored the Jew and Zionists totally. Witness Alex Jones.

Now I’m not saying at all that Henry Makow and Jeff Rense are “agents provocateurs” or anything. Truth is, I don’t know. I’ve read a lot of stuff out of Makow and do think he’s a pretty smart and moral-minded man for a Jew. I don’t really know anything about Rense, so I can’t give him a hard time when it comes to this woman, since she might be a nutcase or maybe even a Jewess. No telling right?

There is also a possibility that any of these people might have made moolah from other things than being a “truther” or doing a site like mine. Hell, the issues going on today are far more important than people’s personal business and situation. That’s why I don’t get into it here that much, or go batshit with money making angles.

This kind of infighting crap happens all the time. One guy gets jealous of the other and starts dissing him. Another guy gets his feelings hurt over nothing and starts flinging shit.

Basically, I don’t pay much attention. There’s all sorts of more important things for me to do with my time. Like take out the trash, clean up the house, wash and wax my truck, do yard work, perform maintenance on my firearms so they are always ready to go when the rest of America finally has enough talking and getting ripped off.

Another extremely important thing you got to understand, AND GET THIS GOOD, Jews will specifically start crap within the White race so we are at each other’s throats and don’t see them.

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself, INCOG how the hell do you know that? Well, I’ve caught who I think are Jews doing it here, plus, I’ve read some of the things they write between themselves. I won’t go into detail about my past “undercover” personas, but suffice to say, little Jews do indeed GET OFF on getting Goyim GOBBED-UP.

If a Jew can do this and still make money, they practically cream their pants with glee. Witness the state of the US media.

One thing you need to note here on INCOG MAN is I don’t have a lot of advertisements, etc. I use a low rent program for running little rectangular ads over on the left. Only a few people have ponied up money (of which I do appreciate) and I get occasional donations to my coffee/tuxedo fund (very occasional unfortunately).

You could do up an ad for here and I’ll run it. I get somewhere between 3000 to 5000 hits per day — at least when I’m not being targeted by Jew DOS attacks. And you’ll get 10 or so clicks back to your site daily, besides the eyeball notice (which some sites act like it’s a big deal). So please patronize my patronizers, or at least put them in your favorites.

I could run Google Ads and generate a little stream of money per month. The trouble with that is you have no control over the ad that pops in. It goes by “keywords” and “tags” so there is a big chance you would see J-Date and some other Jew crap ads showing up. I still haven’t ruled out running Google ads, or at least trying it.

I didn’t start this site to make enough money to buy things. I fully realized my audience and message wasn’t going to make me rich. I knew that I could do the whole “hate Muslim” bit and get more, but hell, I couldn’t write stuff about Muslims when I knew the real problem for this country was the Jews — big and little.

That’s not to say I’m a big Muslim lover, either. They can live in desert land all they want. America was founded by Whites and that’s all there is to it. I’m sick of the Jew race/social friction BS they’ve used against the White.

INCOG LAND is a site dedicated at awakening fellow Whites. I pull no punches here. Plus, I write stuff that I’d like to read. That’s why I sometimes get a little nutty and write up some seriously wacky things (or at least I find funny). I sometimes laugh so hard while typing, I tear up (but don’t tell anyone).

Lately, I got a major hard for a particular scope to go on my AR. OK, it’s going to cost $400-500+ with add-ons and improvements (that’s where they always get you). No biggie, so I’ll buy it. Wait, I stupidly tell myself: Maybe I should just pay for half and see if my readers will take care of the other half? Hell, I think I deserve a little back scratching — I know quite a few of you have fun here.

I’ll tell you what really gets my goat: I still haven’t reached my target. Sure, 3 or 4 of you ponied up when I started whining (one of you with a pretty nice donation — thanks, man). But I’m still a lousy $100 or so dollars away. Any of you who haven’t dropped a dime and can afford it, please take the time. If 10 of you popped for just $10, I’d have enough. Some of you could do $20 or more, just to cover the wusses who don’t or those whose personal circumstances can’t.

Someone once sent my Paypal account an “E-check,” but I’m not sure how that’s done but it did work. I’d like to set something else up, but I really haven’t got around to it. I’m sure you can put a few dineros on your card, maybe take up a collection down at the gun range and use your wife’s credit card to transfer it to me.

Oh yeah, put your screen name into the space for “purpose” when you donate so I’ll know. I rarely look at anything else about your donation, so you don’t have to worry. And I sincerely doubt if my little gig here is going to get you “targeted by The Man.” Well, at least for now.

I’ll keep you informed of the running total and put up a post immediately when I got the scope on order and remove the post soon thereafter so it doesn’t clutter up the place with my gun stuff lust and you don’t suffer unduly from guilt.

I wouldn’t be such a bitch about it, but I’m totally hot for this scope. Sure, I got a couple of other scopes already; but this thing just might be the tactical ticket for my AR. Looks like the poor man’s ACOG (but not some cheap Chinese junk). I plan to use it big time when the REAL SHTF. If it’s as good as I think, I’ll do up a review here.

Hell, any of you in the gun or SHTF/survival business ought to run an ad here. I think your “target market” is here in spades, plus I’m always pushing for people to arm up because I seriously think they need to. I just won’t whore myself for anything that I don’t think is worth crap, I don’t believe is legit, or is Jewish-owned.

Anyhoo (or whatever they say), enough of my Jewy whining!



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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466 Responses to Truther Jew versus Hippie Truther

  1. Leif Oldhart says:

    Well, T-bone, if you’d read what I said, you’d understand. I’m not being easy on Jews and I don’t recommend it either. You’re free to interpret what I said however you like. That’s your right, and I’d defend it to the death. (Maybe 🙂 But I’m not real crazy about playing “I hates jews more than you hates jews” as a means to decide merit or important issues. I’ve been here for a while, read often, post only when I have something to say or something to offer. White people and those who would represent them need to read and think carefully. And as Robert Frenz used to say (paraphrasing him): if it doesn’t look White and it doesn’t act White, that’s not good, but it’s to be expected. If it looks White, but it doesn’t act White, that’s worse.

    Megan: Lash has a pretty good theory about how such a psycopathic, abnormal, and anti-nature, anti-life group as the Jews can even exist (let alone prosper at the expense of everybody else). Personally, I tend to think he’s onto something. Even if it’s only a myth, it’s still a good way to view things. I don’t know all that much about physics — meaning I know enough about it to know how much I don’t know :-); I can’t say that he’s correct about what goes on at the galactic core, but as the old saw has it, if real gold didn’t exist, con-artists wouldn’t be out trying to pass fake gold. And btw, Lash doesn’t spend much time openly bashing Jews, but what he posits, for those willing to read carefully and think about it, absolutely takes away ever single thing that could support Jews in any endeavor and exposes them without mercy for exactly what they are: the hive-minded, insect-like worshipers of lifeless cosmic bedbugs.

  2. Megan says:

    t-bone called me reasonable!!!


  3. American born says:

    Hello Megan,

    I hope you are doing alright this evening.
    I still say you have been treated fairly on this site.

    I have some advise for you an a few observations.

    First off forget the past and get back to yourself. Divorce is no joke and it takes time to get over it and move on. I think you are being honest here and I believe you are you say who you are. Chaulk it up as a mistake and learn from it, we all have made mistakes. You still have the future.

    You have many degrees and a high level of education you can still use to your advantage. When you get over this low point in your life it is time for you to use your education to your advantage.

    Have you ever considered going “ex-pat”?
    The money is there and the need for highly educated Americans is in high demand over seas. I dont’t know if you are into that, but I know for a fact the opportunity is there. Get your resume together, network with people you know and perhaps look into it.

    Get away from where you are and start fresh, with a good job. It will keep you busy and a new enviroment is a plus. Anything is better than living off others near your ex.

    Just a thought, I know a few poeple who work over seas that make a small fortune every year and come back to the states for summers. People like you who have Phd’s and work in Universities.

  4. Karen says:

    Lashs’ Not In His Image was impressive. It seems his physics’ mesh with Dr. Vallees and his philosophy with Rene Guenons. Don’t even know why I’m posting this, just happy to see someone mention John Lash.

  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Megan, since you are here, why don’t you read some of the posts and find out why we don’t like Jewish people? Incogman has some great articles.

    There was a time when I wondered why some people didn’t like Jews and I thought it was because of religion alone. I felt sorry for them because of the “so called” Holocaust.

    Honestly, I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to hate Jewish people.

    By the way, have you ever heard of the land of Palestine?

  6. MJ says:

    Both are idiots.

  7. HKW says:

    Megan at 5:59 pm says:

    “For some reason I feel safe here! ”

    Oh, no need to worry about that. After all you are on the other side of the line.
    However, have you no concern that Jeff, the powerful man as you claim him to be, may get back at you in other ways?
    Do you think he doesn’t read other blogs?
    Having been involved in previous romantic encounters with other men didn’t it give you enough experience to get some indications of Jeff’s psychopathic behavior before moving in with him?
    How long were you dating him for?

    Please pardon me questioning you so much, which is more out of concern for you rather than the psychopath you used to live with.
    I seem to know a bit about it and would rather keep low profile than risk upsetting a psychopath or their controlling, narcissistic egos.
    These type of people are quite dangerous….

    Take care


  8. Steelback says:

    I’ve got a couple of articles up on Makow’s site and I like Rense’s interviews.

    Makow edits down my stuff but I’ve no quibble with the excisions. I still get to finger the BIG JEW SCAM.

    Sounds like this floozy who married Rense and became his 9th wife should have done her homework. My advice to her is leave the guy alone while he’s fingering JEW and don’t be surprised if he can’t get a hard-on afterwards!

  9. Megan says:

    Oh Sazzy…

    I spent a year with Jeff, I WAS educated and open, see my email
    to t-bone: “he would frequently compliment me as to how quickly I
    was “learning” the jew-wiseness you all speak of.”

    I am not disparaging any of you for your views! Jeff totally
    turned my views around about the Holocaust and how all
    the movies, and tv programs constantly pushed a very sympathetic
    view of the Jews – it basically says, “Hey look what these
    people have gone through!!! They must be treated with outstanding
    kindness, and given special privileges and protections due to
    their horrible experience.”

    When in fact many, many, many groups have had similar or
    worse horrible experiences. And Jeff does not believe in
    “gas chambers,” but informed me that ALL of Germany was
    very short of food, and so many prisoners did die of starvation,
    but so were Germans, it was not an intentional cruelty inflicted
    on them. He never trivialized their deaths – he thought
    it was horrible, anybody’s suffering. But, he said the situation
    was presented heavily, in schools and the media, as very black-
    and-white. All Germans are terrible, all Jews are poor sweet

    So, I have learned a lot, and understand. He said much more
    of course. Being that RIGHT NOW I am a bit consumed with
    trying to recover from Jeff, and worrying terribly about how
    I will survive as my money dwindles – I am not particularly
    interested in further studying the topic!!!! (In fact, in general,
    I have studied so much my whole life, I just don’t want to
    study anything anymore…)

    I know I promised t-bone not to mention my views of Jews
    again, he is welcome to get testy – I promise I won’t leave in
    a huff again. But, somebody mentioned Jewish professors
    did like us white women.

    My experience that really distinguished
    (most) of my Jewish professors, was that they didn’t think
    I was less intelligent than a man. You’ll have to trust me, in
    that I felt it strongly, and was highly aware of it, and for me
    that is probably why in MY PERSONAL life, I did find them
    to be “nice” and very helpful to my career progression. I have
    YET to be stabbed in the back by any of them (unless that one
    horrible guy – who actually looked very non-Jewish, was in
    fact a Jew….).

    I just recently sent my whole long story, includings links to my “coming out”,
    to my former advisor: we haven’t seen each other in 7 years. Haven’t
    emailed in over a year.

    I thought, the story of my emotional drama, would freak him
    out – mainly cause he’s a male scientist, and they are not
    particularly used to dealing with emotional drama. I feared
    he would just think I was a freak, and an embarrassment,
    and would not write back.

    He did write back, 3 days later, with the a very empathetic
    and supportive email – really a good response from ANY
    male – they usually “don’t get it.” So, he still has not harmed

    Maybe it is of interest to you, and will help you form your
    theories that it was MAINLY my Jewish professors who
    treated me like I was just as intelligent as a man. Maybe that
    fits into your “them destroying family life” theories.

    But, I experienced a tremendous amount of sexism throughout
    my schooling, the most common being the assumption that
    I was “dumber” than the males. Not to keep bragging about
    my academic successes 🙂 , but the fact was I was the #1 top
    supersmart student at my undergrad institution – I graduated
    summa cum laude (virtually straight A’s, but for one grade),
    and won an award from the physics department for being the
    top student in that year’s graduating class.

    When I won the award, a fellow student (race unknown), came
    up to me and said, “they just gave that to you cause you are a
    woman.” That’s the kind of crap I was used to. If the exam
    was hard enough – I was always the one student in class who
    scored in the 90’s, while the rest of the scores were in the 40’s,
    so I definitely deserved that award. I got lucky in the brains

    So, yes, it was very refreshing the way I was treated. Even
    I have biases that “women are dumber than men,” it is pretty
    pushed in our society in general. Again you have to trust my
    instincts/intuitions/observations, but these Jewish professors
    for some reason seemed to lack that belief.

    My Jewish advisor, the one who put the pro-Palestine article
    up (I hardly think he was trying to impress anyone, he was
    genuinely, in my opinion, just realizing himself that what he
    had been taught, may not be right…) did once say something
    very subtley that I’ll never forget. He married a Jewish woman,
    because that’s what Jews are supposed to do.

    Now, he NEVER touched or in anyway did anything creepy to
    me sexually. But, he would sometimes check out attractive
    blonde ladies walking down the street (he would take us all,
    the students working in his lab out to lunch, and we would all
    be in his car). Non-jewish men do this too!!! I hate it, and
    was disappointed that he did that.

    But one day, he implied, that he wish he knew that he could
    have married outside his race – because basically he found
    white women (particularly blondes) attractive, and felt he
    had to marry a Jew, but as much as he loves his wife, he implied
    he wished he’d married some hot blonde white chick!!!

    It was a very subtle remark – but I caught it and was so
    shocked that I never forgot it! Part of the shock was how, as
    you I am sure all know, how there is a CODE that all Jews
    are expected to stick to: including supporting Israel, no
    matter what, and marrying another Jew, no matter what.

    I honestly think this professor was truly doubting some
    of the things he had learned…

    So, don’t get mad at me!!! I am just reporting information,
    that will give you more to work into your theories.

    Again, Sazzy, I’m just not up for any learning right now!!!

    And, like I said, I DID learn a lot from Jeff. And agreed
    with him, thus the “good student” compliments from him.

    Take care,

  10. Megan says:


    You should read my whole story starts here, please read the
    comments too, they are very illuminating.

    Short answer: psychopaths are master manipulators. If you are unaware
    of them (as I was, I now think “how to recognize a pyschopath” she be
    mandatory education in the high school system), you will never realize
    you are being conned.

    Watch this excellent video series about psychopaths – it even goes into
    their prevalence in politics, and the corporate world. Psychopaths appear
    to be very likable and lovable even. Ted Bundy was very well-liked!!!

    If you read my story, I had been listening to him on the radio for years.
    I did not realize his “radio persona” was completely fake – not the real
    Jeff at all. And, I admit the romance developed quickly, but I felt
    I had known him for longer, since I listened to him for years. It was
    only in 20/20 hindsight that I realized that his falling for me so quickly
    was a HUGE RED FLAG. I just thought we really hit it off, but this
    turns out to be classic pyschopath behavior, to pretend so convincingly
    to be just the person you want, that you immediately trust him (p.s.
    for much of his life Jeff was a salesman: sold new-age products like
    magnetic beds…) Pyschopaths are excellent salesmen, they get people
    to trust them quickly, and believe he is truly concerned about them.

    Why do I keep posting? Well, so far, here IS safe, it is off Jeff’s
    radar – we are still in some communication, so I am aware of
    what he knows I am doing.

    However there was a big “fire” to put out yesterday on the Icke
    forum, where one of Jeff’s minions exposed my real name! Fortunately
    I alerted the moderators immediately, and they took a bunch of
    posts down that in any way identified me. I was very impressed
    with their integrity, as Icke and Jeff are close friends. But the moderators
    took their privacy policy seriously, and I thanked them profusely.

    I then removed as many comments of mine as I could, and stopped
    posting over there. So, yes, there is danger, and I was in danger at the Icke
    board, and I have cooled it and backed off. I am keeping a careful
    eye over there and on the internet to make sure I am not “outed”
    again – I want to be in control of that should it happen.

    Jeff and I are currently in a “truce mode.” So I don’t expect attacks,
    we did argue over my name being released on that board by one
    of his minions. But since the moderators protected me, I am okay,
    but yes, far more wary of posting, and have cooled it.

    Anyway, I like talking here though, it’s kind of therapeutic! This
    is the only place I am now posting!!! Probably far “too much
    information” than many of you want to read!!!

    I think it is truly off his radar, and he will never know.


  11. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Well Megan, I hope you recover from your experience soon and find yourself in a more comfortable position. I am happy to know you did learn something positive about the jew though.

  12. Megan says:


    I am having trouble finding anything on the internet
    that goes into the specifics of John Lamb Lash’s theories,
    could you give me a couple of URLs that you think
    would be good for me to look at?


  13. SBD TV says:


  14. Amy says:

    Megan how could you be close to tenure when you were only there a year or two? There are hundreds of jobs for physics profs. Just google and see. Looks like you are hiding a good deal of the truth. Someone not led by their privates can see that. Did you mislead rense about things as well?

    Why not give your job history and real name? So people can see the real MEGAN is not who she pretends to be.

  15. Megan says:

    Hi Jeff (er.. “Amy”),

    Well, I told more about myself on this nice forum than anywhere else on the internet, I guess you didn’t bother to read any of my comments. Or the other people’s comments back to me. I earned their trust, and they are no fools…

    Here to answer your “questions” please visit this site:

  16. Megan says:

    And since you can’t figure out why I would not publicly disclose my name, which should be obvious as I am in academia, go to this site, but you will have to read pretty far in to get your answer:

    You of course have no idea how long I taught.

    But thanks for posting! I love getting every chance I can to spread these links around!

    Maybe you should consider that, Jeff minion, before harassing me?

  17. Megan says:

    Anybody interested???

    Jeff Rense’s Third Ex-Wife Speaks Out:

    “One night, he got out his gun, a .357 magnum I believe…. The gun was pointed at me and he then “acted” out an attempt to commit his own suicide with the gun to his head.”

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