Backstabbing Jew Hypocrites Behind Immigration

Jewish groups support immigration invasion While Demanding America Support Israel as a Jewish State!

Commentary by Dr. David Duke @White Civil Rights

It is mixed irony that mixed-race Barack Obama had to grovel before AIPAC and express his concern about the “demographic shift” of Israel when he has relentlessly supported every policy meant to insure a demographic shift for America and Europe. Imagine the ultimate contradiction of the President swearing his allegiance to Israel as a “Jewish State.”

Of course the ultimate irony is that the same Jewish-influenced government and media that supports Israel as a “Jewish State” has been working relentlessly to displace the European majorities of America and Europe. A perfect example is shown below.

One of the leading Jewish lobbies in Washington is the Hebrew Aid Immigrant Society, formed for the purpose of bringing Jews by the boatload from Europe to the United States. It is a society totally dedicated to the Jewish State of Israel and Jewish interests, but for some reason supports massive immigration into America of people different than the American majority, but has not a word of criticism of Israel preserving their “Jewish State.”

So, if they think that preserving Jewish heritage is so vital, why are they trying to destroy European and American heritage? Obviously they must know that it harms nation that becomes ethnically divided. Alien Immigration then becomes something that Zionists oppose for Jews, but support for everyone else. Some European Americans suffer under the illusion that organized Jewish power in America is now an ally in our efforts to stop immigration and preserve the heritage and freedom of our American and European homelands. An article in one of the leading Jewish newspapers in the United States, The Forward, thoroughly crushes that illusion.

Aronoff of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

It shows that the organization that “tends to set policy for the Jewish community,” the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), has been instrumental in supporting the new amnesty for illegal aliens legislation passed by Senate Judiciary Committee and opposing a contrary bill by Sen. Bill Frist. It also shows the great power and influence of the Jewish lobby on this vital issue. Finally, the article reveals how leading Jewish organizations backed the recent illegal alien march in Los Angeles.

Of course, none of this is new. As my book, Jewish Supremacism, thoroughly documents, the drive and movement to overturn protective American immigration policies of the last century have been so dominated by Jews that prominent Jewish organizations routinely label it a “Jewish movement.” My book, as well as Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s articles and papers, and numerous articles on thoroughly document this undisputed fact.

It is true that a small smattering of Jews oppose immigration from what they see as a danger to their own political power, and it is true some Jewish organizations are for tighter controls to stop the infiltration of terrorists who are themselves driven in no small part by America’s support for the terrorist and criminal state of Israel. But, the evidence is clear that the overwhelming organized power of Jewry been historically influential in an “open borders” American immigration policy. Such continues today.

It’s not just America where all this is going on, but any White countries where Jews have political and media power (yep, Ireland too). The backstabbing Jew bastards often try to say “there are NO White countries,” or that we don’t even have a race! They are clearly out to destroy the demographics of White people with as few of us getting it before it’s too late. [INCOG]

There is growing understanding that the Iraq War is a war created by Jewish extremist Neocons and their allies in government and media. It is clearly a war waged for Israel’s strategic objectives, and not America’s. This war for Israel has deeply harmed not only the over 20,000 Americans maimed or killed, but American interests across a broad spectrum. Indeed, it is Jewish extremist influence over America’s foreign policy that has led to hatred and terrorism against Americans. But, as the article in The Forward shows, it must not be forgotten that the same Jewish-Israeli Lobby that influences American foreign policy also influences critical American domestic policy.

In a starkly revealing article obviously written for their Jewish audience, The Forward shows how the organized Jewish community has been instrumental against the effort to halt the illegal and legal immigration that steadily is destroying the heritage of European Americans in the American nation.

Forward Friday 31 March 2006

WASHINGTON — As the Senate struggled this week to hammer out legislation on the contentious issue of immigration reform, Jewish groups were in boardrooms and on the streets advocating for the most liberal approaches to the issue.

The article goes on to cite Jewish Senator Arlen Specter’s spearheading of the illegal alien amnesty bill recently passed by Senate Judiciary Committee. All the excerpts indicated are from The Forward, March 30, 2006.

On Monday, in a surprise move, the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Senator Arlen Specter [a Jewish extremist Israeli Partisan] of Pennsylvania, approved by a 12-6 vote amendments that would create a guest worker program and give undocumented immigrants a path toward legalizing their status—moves that are opposed by many conservative Republicans. The committee also rejected provisions of a House bill passed last December that would have made it a felony to enter the country illegally or to aid someone who did so.

Hebrew society blasts immigration restrictions

Frist’s approach was blasted by the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the organization that tends to set policy for the Jewish community.

HIAS is part of faith-based coalitions supporting the more liberal approaches to immigration reform proposed by the late Senator Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, and Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican.

In recent years, some Jewish groups that were concerned about terrorism have come to stress border enforcement. But HIAS and other Jewish groups argue that such concerns can be accommodated within laws that help undocumented immigrants come out of the shadows. Immigration critics and advocates estimate that 10 million to 12 million undocumented migrants are living in the country…

It then goes on to show that the most powerful Jewish organization in America, the American Jewish Committee is solidly behind the amnesty bill:

Richard Foltin, legislative director and counsel of the American Jewish Committee—a group that often is hawkish on security—said the relatively liberal bill that was passed by the judiciary committee was the right approach. “It strikes the right note in striving for the appropriate balance of enhancing our national security while protecting those who are most vulnerable in our society through earned legalization and increased worker protections,” Foltin said.

Powerful Jewish organizations have long seen a multicultural America as one which they can “divide and conquer” and continue to dominate. Former head of National Policy for the American Jewish Committee, Dr. Stephen Steinlight, put it very succinctly in an article he wrote for his fellow Jews in an article he wrote in October of 2001.

For perhaps another generation, an optimistic forecast, the Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions that support our agenda.

Jewish groups join rallies for illegals

As The Forward points out, officials of the leading Jewish organizations supported the rallies for illegal aliens such as the recent illegal alien march in Los Angeles:

As HIAS pressed its approach, other Jewish groups were joining the giant rallies in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington in support of immigration and against the punitive approaches of the House bill. About a half-million people demonstrated in Los Angeles, while the protests in Chicago, Washington and other cities drew tens of thousands.

The PJA’s executive director, Daniel Sokatch, said that Jewish communal groups could do more…Sokatch called immigrants’ rights “a major focus of our organizing,” saying: “We’re arguing that, like economic justice, this is a profoundly Jewish issue. Our soul hinges on this debate. It’s the issue of what kind of country we want to be and who we are as an American people.”

It is certainly the height of hypocrisy when Jewish activist groups dedicated to the preservation and interests of the Jewish people, the same Jewish groups that support a racist, apartheid State which has a Jewish-only immigration policy, one based not simply on religion but primarily on Jewish genetics – now work to destroy the overwhelming European heritage of America.

Israel, of course, is a segregated society that divides Jews from non-Jews in schools, neighborhoods, even in many whole towns and settlements. The same liberal Jews who are upset because our country is overwhelmingly European-American, support the Israeli state where Jews and non-Jews cannot legally marry!

Aronoff: Arrogant Jew bastard. (INCOG)

Gideon Aronoff, the head of HIAS, is quoted in The Forward once more confirming the inordinate Jewish political power. Now that’s the same Jewish political power cited by the recent Harvard Kennedy School of Government paper called “The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy.

Jewish critics call all the talk of Jewish power in the Harvard paper an “anti-Semitic lie only worthy of David Duke,” but their own publications quote Jews such as Aronoff bragging of “inside group pressure from a broad spectrum of Jewish groups…” Aronoff praises the rallies such as had occurred in Los Angeles, but talks about the real power, the inside Jewish power swaying Republicans to betray America on the immigration issue. Read this and marvel at it:

Gideon Aronoff, the new president and CEO of HIAS, said that while “the rallies have been very important and have contributed to highlighting support on this issue, inside group pressure from a broad spectrum of Jewish groups is a significant player in a game where you need to turn only a small number of Republican senators.”

“I don’t know if Republican senators are going to be swayed by big rallies,” Aronoff said, “but a careful analysis by Jewish and faith-based immigrant advocates can make a statement that moral values are involved in the debate.”

Let’s talk about those “moral values” for a second and find out who this Aronoff is. The HIAS website says this about their new leader:

Teller stated that Aronoff has a keen and insightful knowledge of government relations and refugee issues in Washington, D.C. and brings a strong sense of traditional core Jewish values to drive the timeless mission of HIAS.

Aronoff has been a respected voice of the American Jewish community in Washington, D.C. on refugee and immigration issues and has earned the admiration of those in the immigration advocacy field. He has been an integral force behind a number of key legislative successes with Congress and the White House…

Aronoff earned a JD from Cornell Law School and a BA in History from Brandeis University. He is a member of the board of directors of the National Immigration Forum and has brought to the fore his knowledge of Jewish community institutions, interests and community relations concerns throughout his career…

Click to enlarge screen shot.

So, there it is. By the HIAS own words, the man setting the Jewish community’s position on immigration into the United States and greatly affecting American immigration policy is man totally dedicated to “Jewish community institutions” and “interests.” And, they say he has been “an integral force behind a number of key legislative successes with Congress and the White House.”

There I go again, imaging Jewish power brokers working for what they see as Jewish interests! Mr. Aronoff is obviously one of those “neo-nazi, anti-Semitic” folks who believe that Jews exert powerful influence in the American political structure, in fact, he boasts of their influence! But, Lord help a Gentile who mentions it! I hope my readers notice the “integral” Jewish influence the immigration issue openly spoken about by major Jewish publications. This from a Jewish leader not Can you imagine the level of influence they exert over the important issues discussed in the Harvard paper: the control over American foreign policies directly important to nation of Israel!

If Mr. Aronoff and the other Jewish extremists are really interested in open immigration and human rights and moral values, why do they support a Jewish state that has terrorized and driven out hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, that doesn’t let those Palestinians return to their own homes, businesses, and farms, and that now steals more of their precious land in the West Bank for Jewish-only settlements? Where is Mr. Aronoff’s rage about the Israeli State’s policies that far more fit the bill of being labelled “neo-nazi” than anything I advocate. Where is the rage of the clearly Jewish influenced mass media?

This issue is at the core of what I repeatedly speak about in exposing Jewish extremism. Not all Jews endorse these extremist policies, but radical, supremacist Jews control the most powerful Jewish organizations as well as now influencing the American government and media at large.

It is unfortunate that I am among but a very few political figures in the United States that dare to discuss these important issues, but it is understandable when you see that if someone dares to speak out – an unholy torrent of Jewish supremacist power and hate will be turned upon them. Yet, the truth is growing, as shown by the Harvard paper, and an awakening is coming. There is nothing more they can say about me, they have made almost every slander humanly possible against me. But, those of you who can think for yourself who will read my words will see the sense and indeed i say it, the humanity in them!

If you are moved by my words you have a responsibility to help the truth to power. Spread this article across the Web. Reprint it on broadsides for your school or work and quietly distribute them. If you feel bold enough, speak out openly about this issue as I do! Support those who stand up for principles you believe in. Your heritage and your freedom is at stake.

David Duke, 

 “I think there is going to be anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not learned to be multicultural. And I think we’re going to be a part of the throes of that transformation, which MUST take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic* societies they were once were in the last century.”

— Barbara Lerner Spectre of Paideia European Jewish fund. She’s a smug Jewess who used to live in Israel, but now in Sweden (where blond, blue-eyed Whites are continually victimized by criminal Somalian blacks allowed to immigrate there).

* “Monolithic” is Jew-speak for White countries.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Pat says:

    I forgot to mention this recently released rap video called “Nig-B-Gone”….

    In this one a bunch of White guys go around “cleaning up the neighborhood” to music.

    It features AR-15s, AKs, Grenades and Incendiary Devices all being set off in synch with “the beat”.

    Towards the end – there are some jews jumping around singing “have a nig elah”…something like that……..and they all get exterminated.

    The vid closes with a view of the sun rising on a “new dawn”.

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    30.06 says:
    March 14, 2012 at 5:06 pm

    A beautiful and heartwarming video 30.06

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Muse – Uprising (HQ)


    Paranoia is in bloom,
    The PR, transmissions will resume
    They’ll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
    And hope that, we will never see the truth around
    (So come on)

    Another promise, another seed
    Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
    And all the, green belts wrapped around our minds
    And endless, red tape to keep the truth confined
    (So come on)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    So come on

    Interchanging mind control
    Come let the, revolution takes its toll
    If you could, flick the switch and open your third eye
    You’d see that, we should never be afraid to die
    (So come on)

    Rise up and take the power back
    It’s time the, fat cats had a heart attack
    They know that, their time’s coming to an end
    We have to, unify and watch our flag ascend
    (So come on)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    So come on

    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey, hey

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    So come on

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Brooklyn, NY – Murder Suspect Levi Aron Appeared Back In Court

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Brooklyn, NY – The Brooklyn man accused of murdering and dismembering a Borough Park boy this summer was back in court this morning.

    Levi Aron appeared in Brooklyn Criminal Court via web conference from Riker’s Island. His lawyers and prosecutors were also in attendance for pre-trial motions and to reschedule a new court date.

    Aron allegedly killed 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky after kidnapping him on his way home from school.

    NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-48th District) says he cannot wait for justice to be served, even though the family may never feel at peace.

    Aron is due back in court May 25.

  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    White Children

    ??????? ?????????????? – ?????? ?????!

    We must secure the existence of our people and a Future for White Children.

    ?? ?????? ???????? ???? ????????????? ?????? ?????? ? ??????? ??? ????? ?????.

    Wir müssen den Fortbestand unserer Rasse bewahren und die Zukunft der weissen Kinder sicherstellen.

  6. HKW says:

    I believe it’s fair for everybody making up his own mind on what he thinks is right.
    And yet, it’s wise to remain open-minded to others views to reflect on it and draw correct conclusions.

    But one thing is sure:

    United we stand, divided we fall!

    Those who disrupt reasonable, peaceful debates and negotiations have their own agenda up their sleeves and such people are easily identified.

  7. Pat says:



    In the jewK news, I have noticed that they allow a fair amount of anti-polish/anti-eastern European so-called “news” items. However, they do not allow the same kinds of anti criminal nigger african “news” items.

    My life experience has shown me that Polish people are White – except for Polish jews……who are also counted as “Polish”.

    My life experience has also shown me that there is such a thing as “jewish organized crime” that is not reported as such in the jewish controlled press. They intentionally mis-report it and intentionally obscure the real identities of perps if they are jews.

    What’s the real story with Polish people vs Polish “criminals”?

    Are they jews?

    Or are they just intentionally over-reported in order to create a “perception” that more White people in Britian is bad? Linking Polish to Crime and then by extension …….to White people?

    We all know that crime rates among the White races is relatively low.

    Please provide some insight.

  8. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Source for False Iraq WMD Intel Targets Iran

    Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

    Israeli Membership, Wall Street Money, Neocon “Lie Factory” Stresses War…Again

    His name is David Albright. He is the big news today on Reuters, claiming he found an “explosive” facility hiding in Iran.

    He had found them all over Iraq years ago, sites that proved illusory, never to have been discovered in a decade. What is the truth?

    What you won’t read is that the nuclear expert being quoted by Reuters, David Albright is a lawyer, not an engineer, not a physicist, but mostly a fund raiser. How does he raise funds? Read more and just give a guess.

    Albright and his foundation, Institute for Science and International Security is more name than real. They could all fit in a taxi and have room for luggage.

    In fact, there is little evidence of them being more than a collection of bank accounts and word processors. Welcome to the new ethic of pseudo-science for profit. If you want 2 and 2 to equal 6, this is the group for you.

    Years ago, when questioned about Iraq in the Guardian, Albright was more circumspect. He seems past that now.

    David Albright, a physicist and former UN weapons inspector who was consulted on the purpose of the aluminium tubes, said it was far from clear that the tubes were intended for a uranium centrifuge.

    Mr. Albright, who heads the Institute for Science and International Security, a Washington think tank, said: “There’s a cat fight going on about this right now. On one side you have most of the experts on gas centrifuges. On the other you have one guy sitting in the CIA.”

    Mr. Albright said skeptics at the energy department’s Lawrence Livermore national laboratory in California had been ordered to keep their doubts to themselves. He quoted a colleague at the laboratory as saying: “The administration can say what it wants and we are expected to remain silent.”

    You will find this video fascinating when Albright is questioned by a Washington reporter. This is one of the most fascinating interviews I have ever seen. Make your own judgements about Albright. Take special notice that he dances around the Israel nuclear weapons program.


  9. My take on this little imbroglio here.

    I really do not think sog is a hasbarat, nor do I think 30.06 is, and that’s why I am really surprised to see this little imbroglio break out.

    Do I trust Loki? Not really. I mean it’s possible he is not a hasbarat, but he spends a decent amount of time ridiculing people on this board and pressing wild theories. I would say I pass what Loki says by about 89% of the time. On the other hand, I’ll go and look for sog’s stuff. I love sog and would probably pay money to read what he has to say. But is he real? I don’t know: am I?

    Sazzy, love ya, but I have read everything you post two days ago and have come to the same conclusions.

    Pat, all due respect, but I know how to think and I know what is going on. I probably arrived at your conclusions weeks ahead of when you did. We don’t need the choir preaching to the preachers. I’m here to have a discussion not a lecture. If I don’t know anything, I’ll ask.

  10. HKW says:


    The main reason for my leaving Poland was the announcement of Martial Law in 1981 by the zio-communist government I personally never approved of.
    It’s been almost 30 years since. I’ve been back for a holiday to Europe several times, visiting Poland, Germany and Switzerland.
    For some years I was ‘brainwashed’ first at school and then by the media, but my parents quietly warned me not to take it too seriously. I certainly didn’t know as much then as I do know NOW, and yet I always felt; ‘sensed’ certain things not being quite right.
    In Switzerland I discovered the Katyn Museum, which has helped to open my eyes wide, even though I was somewhat aware of it; not to this extend though.
    From there it was like a chain reaction, wanting to know more and more I obtained enough knowledge to put in place my puzzled and curious mind, although sometimes quite confused.
    I am still discovering more information and the Federal Reserve Bank came as one of the biggest shock to me.

    Sazzy, I wish I could provide more insight on the Polish crimes, of which honestly I don’t know enough, but can only speculate about.
    However, we all know, that the jews slander everyone they don’t like.
    They are well aware of the Polish sentiments and the resentment towards them.

    The commy jews have confiscated after the war not only my family but many others assets and properties; ex. my grandfather’s land and forest.
    Jews have owned properties too that they are trying to reclaim now, and yet the Polish families like mine have no right as all as the documents conveniently no longer exist.

    Regrettably, there is no country without crime as there are good and bad people everywhere.
    Bare in mind though that Poland is situated next to former USSR and the actions of pro-soviet gangs are well known of all over the Europe and America.
    Most of them are jewish gangs!
    Cowards greedy for money are everywhere too, even those, whose financial position is not so bad at all. You don’t need to look far; just look at your own politicians!!
    Look at the European Union! Isn’t it a crime syndicate?

    Crime deserves punishment and I have no sympathy for any criminals no matter what nationality they are, as unfortunately, they often target those naive and innocent victims of their own country.
    Some do get punished and some manage to get away with it.
    Simple crooks do get caught and usually are the scapegoats of the their own bosses anyway.
    Those who organize them and the crime sometimes manage to escape justice.
    Wonder why?

    Yes. Polish people are White and mostly Christians, but have certain percentage of ethnic jews, which call themselves Polish jews.


    To understand the polish resentment one would have to open up some pages of history, put themselves in the shoes of the common, oppressed, uneducated peasant’s life or the aristocracy owing money to and also being used by the unscrupulous jews .

    Somebody above had actually just provided an interesting link I’m going to use now;

    Had any revenge on the jews taken place, then what else can one expect of an unsophisticated person of that time when we, the more knowledgeable and educated people can’t handle ourselves in proper manner, almost advocating violence.

    There are German-jews, American-jews, Swedish-jews, Canadian-jews, etc….
    They infiltrate everywhere as they have a specific goal that we all now know about but they never assimilate.
    They attempt and succeed to stir and destroy any peace-loving community in order to create DISUNITY amongst others, which give them more power over us!
    So, resourcing ourselves to childish name-calling instead of a mature debate of intelligent and reasonable gentiles that we should strive to be give them a great satisfaction.

    Below is;
    “A response to outrageous anti-Polish claims of a Zionist”
    ( Please, don’t hit back at me should anyone not agree with the contents of this letter. It’s not mine. I am only providing an example of todays anti-polonism, for which there must be some ‘reasons’);

    and some more here;

    Communism in Poland

    To this days the crime of misinformation is being committed by the jewish control of the mass media in Poland.
    There are also some info circulating within the polish community of certain crime syndicates being run by the thugs of jewish sounding names or Israeli citizens under the polish surnames.

    These are the allegations, but every tale has a little truth in it.

  11. HKW says:


    For some reason my response to your question didn’t go through.
    As I wasn’t expecting this to happen I didn’t save it.

    It has either ended up in Spamblinka or perhaps Incog Man is still checking the links I provided and will allow it to be published later.

  12. HKW says:

    Oh, fairly late, but there it is!
    Thanks Incog.

  13. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:


    I did not address you. Pat did.

  14. mchawe says:

    On the massacres in the Danzig Corridor and Bromberg we are told that these were done by the Poles. I am sure the Jew was behind these, stirring up. These massacres are a very important piece of 20th Century History but the info on the Polish side is sketchy.
    They are the cause of Hitler’s attack on Poland
    This is 1939, pre communist Poland. A large number of Jews lived in Poland. I wouldn’t be surprised if these massacres were carried out entirely by Jews. Poland has always held a large Jewish population.
    There are accounts of the tribulations suffered by the ethnic Germans, but there does not seem to be much honest information relating to the Polish side.

  15. HKW says:

    Please accept my apologies.

    Pat, my response was meant for you.

    Perhaps I should start wearing reading glasses 🙂

  16. HKW says:


    I just found a Polish forum( in English) with some interesting views on Polish organized crime;

    “Why is it that you never really hear about Polish Organized crime?”

    ‘…Because it practically doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as a ‘Polish mafia’, just a bunch of opportunistic criminal gangs and elements. We used to call them ‘white *******’, since they were practically slaves to other organized crime syndicates like the Russian, Jewish, and Italian Mafia’s and could never really make it on their own, especially in the rural parts of Poland, where the peasants had their own way of dealing with these embarrassments.”

    “…the Polish government is the ‘Polish mafia’, for the very reason that they are able to work together with other nations and not against.”

    “….in communist countries you can’t really hear about the mafia for the very reason that the governments work as “legalized mafias”.”

    Jola’s comment;
    “Once coming back from work at night in Warsaw I saw a black guy walking in the city center with his head down while counting money in his wallet. Pretty stupid, but how safe he must have felt.”
    BLACK GUY?! I hope he was there just as a tourist.
    Comment by southern;
    “I think Russian mafia runs Poland in cooperation with local aid. Poles generally do not have the secrecy, style, bonds to operate mafia style and they are not ruthless like Russians.”

    Even Wikipedia admits to the infamous gangster Meyer Lansky, one of the leaders of the so-called National Crime Syndicate and associate of Lucky Luciano, who actually was a Polish Jew.

    POLISH JEW!!!!

    Polish mob

    In the decades since the collapse of communism, Central and Eastern Europe has been popularly portrayed as a cross roads for international organised crime.
    In the early 1990s, crime groups from the former Soviet Union quickly moved in to develop a formidable presence in central and Eastern Europe, and as early as 1993, Irving Soloway, a spokesman for the US State Department claimed that American and Sicilian mafias were also ‘working with their counterparts in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union…
    ….Whether they are united or not, the organized criminals of Central and Eastern Europe certainly represent a powerful force.
    Well….and who would that be?

  17. 30.06 says:

    HKW says:
    March 14, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    HKW ,
    Thank you for a very well written piece .

    I have read many diaries of German Soldiers .
    All of them speak of , the appalling ways the Jews in Poland ( who owned everything ) , mistreated the Poles . They were shocked to witness such hostile and abusive attitude towards the people of Polish Nationality . They all spoke of how the Jews had treated the poles , like they were not even considered to be Human , that the Jews felt no empathy towards them at all .

    Most of these Soldiers did not really understand the true nature of the Jew , until they went eastward into Poland and the Soviet states , then they saw the unimaginable .

    That is why the fighting in the east was so brutal , it was Aryan vs. Jew .

  18. HKW says:


    Thank you for your kind words.

  19. Pat says:


    Thank you for the response. Informative.

    On another note, here is a peek into the future of AmeriKwa. (Unless we derail the jew)

  20. Biker says:

    Jews kissed the Soviet tanks entering Poland in 1939.

    yes, again, it was the Jew pitting white against white. look at their music, their customs, religion, traditions. Germans/Poles/Russians/Ukranians have too much in common to be mortal enemies, without the jew playing one against the other. i’ve read several German soldiers diaries from ww jew. and they did look down their noses at the Russians, and Slavs in general. but the reason for this ‘arrogance’ on the part of the Germans (that they wouldnt understand until later) was that the majority of Slavs in Eastern Europe and esp. the U.S.S.R at that time were in fact a lower class of people. the jew communists had since 1917 killed or imprisoned every Slav with any form of higher education deemed a threat to their rule. older Germans that i spoke with from the former East Germany related that directly after the war, German men would soak their hands in Brine, to make them feel rough. soviet officers would always shake hands, and smooth hands = dead man.

  21. Biker says:

    … the Jewish population received the Soviet Army on its entry into the city with bread and wine, with a shower of flowers that were thrown at the soldiers, with drums and dances. … The Slonim Jews threw themselves into the arms of the Soviet soldiers, embraced them and kissed them. The festivities continued three days. Liquor flowed like water and speeches were made in the spirit of communism. Many believed that our salvation had come and the Soviet Russians were our messiah. The gentiles whispered and said: “Now the Jewish government has come”.

    In Braslaw:

    … The Jews welcomed the Red Army with great joy, with flowers, bread and salt. … the draper Aharon Zeif brought out and distributed rolls of red cloth among all who wanted to make red flags.

    In Ostrowek, a village near Iwacewicze (Polesia),

    … Large numbers greeted the Red Army with flowers (I don’t think there were any Poles there). … All the flowers from our gardens were ripped out … to meet the Russians. A well-known peddler cut off the white part of the Polish flag and the red part attached to the roof of our home.

    In Bialystok:

    … Towards evening [of September 22] the Red Army marches into a city decorated with red flags. Communal delegations greet them with flowers and speeches of welcome. Thousands of elated Bialystoker throng the streets. Jewish youths embrace Russian soldiers with great enthusiasm. On this, the holiest of nights, the culmination of the Days of Awe, orthodox Jews pack the synagogues and pray with renewed fervour

  22. Pat says:

    I wonder if one of the remaining “White” states like Montana could be convinced to start printing its own Debt Free Currency for use a legal tender for all debts within the State of Montana.

    The State could “back” the new regional currency with public works projects. So when a new public works project was started, the State would issue enough Montana Money to pay for it – and once the project was finished – the State would pull that amount of money out of circulation (to prevent inflation). Just like Hitler did.

    The effect would be instant jobs, and instant prosperity for Montana.

  23. HKW says:

    March 15, 2012 at 10:09 am

    Thank you for providing this very interesting link;

    I’m having a look at it for the first time and truly appreciate it.
    Thanks again.

  24. Biker says:

    you are more than welcome HKW. truce? peace?

  25. HKW says:

    March 16, 2012 at 2:44 am says;

    you are more than welcome HKW. truce? peace?

    YES! By all means 🙂

    United we stand, divided we fall!

  26. Biker says:

    agreed. thank you!

  27. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs – Updated 2010

    Immigration – Global humanitarian reasons for current U.S. immigration are tested in this updated version of immigration author and journalist Roy Beck’s colorful presentation of data from the World Bank and U.S. Census Bureau. The 1996 version of this immigration gumballs presentation has been one of the most viewed immigration policy presentations on the internet

  28. Americans 1st says:

    Help me engage in activism to expose their outrageous hypocrisy.

  29. sog says:

    i liked pats passive aggressive 180 so much i have put it up for more enjoyable reaing in the shitter,……………………………………………………………..
    Pat says:
    March 13, 2012 at 8:04 pm
    Hey – go commit a felony…………………tired of felonies ,,like old hat ,boring……. ……….
    Be my guest……………i dont take advice or invitations from queers …………………………….
    BTW, we all know we do get JEW infiltrators on here trying to spread shit. Like what you are doing………..funny you go right to there ,,what are you the fuckin moderator….
    Fuck off………………back at ya bath house boi……………………………………………………………..
    Die while you’re at it…… first ……………………………………………………………………………….

    Pat says:
    March 13, 2012 at 8:09 pm


    I’ll take your comment as a compliment…..your welcome ,anytime asshole

    If the fucking jew wasn’t attacking me – I know I’m doing something wrong… think that much of your mundane agenda ,,jeez all right kalki….
    i dont walk or talk like your cousins tar people but i do use the lingo for humour when i direct it at dip shits like you

    Anyway, thanks again……dont mention it hazzbaart ………………
    say hi to your boyfriend 10$ bagel and bi-kerr or is it biqueer….10$ bagel can shove his kike donut up his ass so it give you a better fit as his ass is old loose and withered ..

    Pat says:
    March 13, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    hm…sog uses the term “windbag”……its english for blohard ,bigmouth etc

    and loki uses the term “windbag”…yeah what a cohencidence that more than 1-2 people think your a windbag …

    Just a COHEN-cidence, I’m sure…….i dont give a fuck about you pat as its my study of your statements that you are not really dedicated to educating people as you are trying to lead from your egomaniacal superior knowledge …..
    no one needs you or your johnny come lately 2nd hand info and all that ,,,copy that phd man…..
    I aint sayin seriously yer a kike but you are a monumental asshole with 10$ whore and biqueer ….
    my race is white ,yours is under scrutiny as is mister 50 question man who never did answer his race origins ….hate is a non denominational opportunity event ….
    in my experience ,most whites are full of shit and there is no amount of education that will free them from their propaganda shackles , and they are just as dumb as the races they look down on etc ….

  30. sog says:

    yeah fuck me ..anyway …whatever anyone has to share is usually put through mental processor and its good- its ok -its not so good- its redundant -etc-,or someone is pissed off and not functioning well so you look at that and the overall content …its possible to be over paranoid…its possible to overreact to being called a jewvermin bug.etc……sometimes i joust with people to see which way they will go …..its not absolutely neccessary to do this but when people,call you a jew for misspelling words ,it tends to piss some people off over the pathetic pettiness ..i find that 99% of the posters here are of superior intelligence and not hasbarass…as soon as someone reads that remark someone will get suspicious and say uhmmm …ha ha it is pretty tedious…
    good to hear you are much more lucid aotp these days …seek not the comfort of the peers who are into the world and the drugs ,,,stay clean and alert my friend …the true end of the world is in our lifetyme ….ok i’ll bet ya then ha ha …..anyway an official cancel of all the spoutings from this corner is in order as it is non productive ,,,,100% agreement ,i’ll bet on that………..

  31. stevieb says:

    For ‘Pat’; I think you’re generally correct in assuming that more often than not the media is talking about Jews from Poland — who are NOT Polish. Polish are either Christians or secular- but never Jewish. Only Jews are Jewish…

  32. stevieb says:

    Actually…come to think of it…anyone who adopts Jewish ideology as their ‘ culture’ is probably Jewish, too.

    Or they may as bloody-well-be…

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