Is ZOG Lying About Bale’s Afghan Spree Killing?

I thought something smelled awful fishy. Bales is telling his lawyer he has amnesia and doesn’t remember a thing of the night ZOG media accuses him of wasting 9 little Afghani kids and another 7 adults. But the Afghanis tell a different story and they were there. Hmmm.

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales supposedly managed to get out of his base all by himself late at night in a Humvee, killing the 16 Afghani civilians at several locations described as rather far apart. He even took the time to douse some bodies with fuel and set them alight. One short sentence buried in the Reuters report said two Afghani family members saw at least two Americans involved. But nothing further was elaborated by the Zionist-owned news agency (most of what is mainstream comes from them).

Maybe it was a My Lai type incident (Vietnam) where a bunch of pissed-off US servicemen go out to get a little payback and the government is trying to cover it all up. An investigation by members of the Afghani parliament is now insisting 15-20 Americans did the crime.

But could a fire team of SOCOM operators really be responsible, as Bale’s brain quietly baked in his bunk, after a special mixture of Purple Haze and Prozac was secretly fed to him back at his Fire Base and never even in the whole bloody affair to begin with?

The possibility that it was purposeful event cannot be discounted. It may have been orchestrated to set the stage for a withdrawal en masse of our troops. In other words, give the US an excuse. But it’s also possible they want more conflagration in Afghanistan to furnish reasons to bring in more troops for later use in attacking Iran.

Either way, we’re being lied to once again. Bales is just a patsy, a designated sacrificial lamb. He probably even underwent mind-altering conditioning during all the time it took for them to release his name and fly him back over here.

Whatever the reason, America sure as hell doesn’t need to be sending our men over to these foreign shitholes time and time again.

No north-to-south oil pipeline, no protection for poppy fields to fuel secretive international Intel and Geopolitical chess games, no BS over “sacred” Israel and all those Israel-firster Neo-COHN wackjobs they have working in the pentagon or DC think tanks. The so-called Al Qaeda is gone, more or less defeated (even though I fully believe 9/11 was an Inside Job).

We need to only fight wars and put our people in harm’s way when it comes to protecting America!

–Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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376 Responses to Is ZOG Lying About Bale’s Afghan Spree Killing?

  1. Pat says:

    Karen says:
    March 22, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    I’m with HKW, you ‘Americans’ , and I italicize it because you haven’t been Americans in 70 years, merely slaves of the jew, and Canada sadly has fallen into your shit-heap, are doomed. You were given an opportunity and you blew it……


    Last I checked – Canada has been using the same kind of Debt and Interest Based Money System that the jews fucked the US with in 1913.

    Many great Americans have fought the jew and won – Andrew Jackson, for example. But, what is done by one great man …… is undone by a traitor, like Woodrow Wilson.

    Also, Karen – last I checked there are Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Killing them over there.

    So, it seems that both of our countries have the same problem – don’t we?

    This business of blaming the soldier on the ground for what happens in a conflict is rather silly. Once the real fighting starts, it simply doesn’t matter why they were sent there or any of that. The soldier on the ground has to follow orders – and he wants to survive. Very simple.

    War is very, very dirty. It’s organized murder. Sometimes disorganized murder. There are all kinds of atrocities on all sides. After all, that’s what war is: one big atrocity.

    Would the US soldiers who were responsible for murdering those Afghani kids like it if someone kicked in their family’s front door in Iowa, New Jersey, or where ever – and have their family brutally murdered and set on fire? I would say probably not. But believe me – lots of people think they surely deserve it. And if that happened – even they would understand “why”.

    The real problem we have is the kikes and the kike helpers in both of our governments. Canadians are no better than Americans. Last I heard you go to prison in Canuckistan for questioning the holocaust lie. So I’d say Canada is a bit more fucked than the US – it anything.

  2. American born says:

    JJJJJJJ says:
    March 22, 2012 at 11:56 pm

    Yeah, WOW is right. It is mind blowing what these guys go thru. So I will not tolerate fools who talk down on them.

    I just chaulk it up as ignorance and arrogance to bash combat vets and dismiss it at that. I come from a miliatry family and have sat down with them and have heard the viciousness of it. It never leaves them and if one hasn’t had to deal with it, you just don’t really know what goes thru their minds.
    I have also seen the effects of being in the position when one has to kill in terms of my father’s and nephew’s position. My uncles as well.
    No fuckin joke.

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Bales in court as massacre body count mysteriously rises to 17

    Suspected rampage shooter Sgt. Robert Bales will be charged on Friday with 17 counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder and other crimes. The news comes as Afghan villagers say they were threatened with a revenge raid by US soldiers.

    On Thursday military officials announced they had changed the number of victims to 17, although earlier Bales was previously accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians – nine children and seven adult villagers. No explanation as to how the change came about was given.

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Who Taught America to Torture?

    Found this on Incogman’s blog and felt it was related to the Bales situation.

  5. HKW says:
    Joe Cortina March 23, 2012 @ 2:53 pm

    “….. I would encourage ALL readers to become involved with the coming trial of a putrid, demonic, reptile, racist, bigot redneck war criminal named Robert Bales.

    He was the murderer of four families: 17 innocent sleeping civilians, half of whom were babies and children–all murdered in racist hate by a Jew-loving godless piece of scum whose lust and hate not satisfied by blood, felt compelled to burn the bodies of his victims.

    He will be tried for pre-meditated serial murders by a Jew-friendly government, of course and his lawyer is a demonic piece of putrid filth who made his millions by defending unrepentent serial killers like Ted Bundy.

    Here is Atty John Henry Browne’s contact information should your desire to voice your feelings about his wickedness of mocking justice and the name and world reputation of all America and Americans.

    The demeanor of this Godless lump of feces is best described by this comment by those who know him best: ” A PIT BULL ON CRACK”

    Browne’s Telephone: 206-388-0777 Fax: 206-388-0780 Office Address: 200 Delmar Building 108 South Washington Street Seattle, WA 98104

    I would take it as a personal favor for you to share your outrage in regard to his unconscionable defense of already self-confessed murderous scum whose very existence as a ’soldier’ is a personal affront to the the honor of the beret and silver wings I, and other fallen comrades, once wore with WITH HONOR.

    I have made it a personal holy grail of sorts to insure that justice is served upon this real life inhuman monster. My entire story can be read at my site for those of you who wish to learn MORE TRUTHS.


    Thank you – Joe Cortina

  6. sog says:

    shit there were people in the 70’s who would freak out here like ft bragg once when a guy came in an orderly room for his company and shot it up and a couple of incidents with apropriated wmd that some over the edge tropp would aim at at a bldng or 2 ,,,,you never heard about these actions …i did see some really fucked up kids on ward 7 at wramc a long time ago and whether it was the military that drove them nuts or tasks they were not psycologically able to handle that caused em to break ,,,but either way its why troops bond so tightly is because you have no backup or support from any other place and when that apparatus fails you are truly on your own …and when the uppers start harrassing you and encouraging others to join in you are left with few choices and often break down

  7. sog says:

    ….WOW…. ok joe ..sounds like judge jury executioner ,,,,or at least you have tried him in the media…no less ?…….the question is does zog lie or better question is does zog ever tell the truth .and this country is possesed by the devil zog ….while rumor has it that the khazars are ethnically cleansing intelligentsia in their newly brutally acuired colonial conquest with the help of the usa…in short this action has caused the deat6hs of millions of people and like my lai was phong huang op ,that shit happened everyday in that region as did killings of innocent people happen everyday at zogs behest in gaza and iraq…my suspicion is that bales was talking about exposing the murderous action of idf and their zog mercs ,and so like tillman they resorted to pregjuidicial termination or discreditization as has been seen with the incarceration of american troops in the semi secret lock up in kuwait …this wher they keep people who refuse illegal orders to kill civilians ….their is a staucnh advocate for the troops caught up in the tangled web of military shadow leaders (zog) tommy franks and gen. natonski are rabid zionists etc…..
    besides a major media dumbing down as of now there were initial witness reports of the orgy of drunken revelers /murderers to be a crowd of us soldiers but in fact could have been israeli opers since the heroin crops in afghanny are owned and operated by zog..
    there is hauige khazar kike settlement drug production and transshipment zone in myanmar where tons of meth are exported from as well as the monumental hemp production in a couple o countries being centered out of myanmar and of course the opium ,,,so dont forget that jew khazar kikes also produce 90% of extacy for the planet ,,,letd not mention the khazar rabbi stains engaging in dtolen human organs for black market profits …..if bales which i doubt did this is guilty then his doctors or handlers in the usa military are to blame for keeping this guy in a 24/7 bio/nuke genocide zone and i’ll bet he was on prozac or some such meds as 60% and more troops were put on this mind numbing suplement /.././
    blame it on bales ,,cover it up but actually hundreds of thousands of iraqis have been murdered subsequently by all the forces assembled in iraq ,,or properly : were there
    the fake hebrew khazaer kike stains now have total control of iraq and its oil as the trans arabian oil pipeline has a new additional pipe that comes from that pipelines hub and 2 pipes go to #1 across lebanon and #2 right across israel to coast ship loading areas ………………pretty conclusive ….after seeing what they did to ranger needham i wasnt surprised but it is pretty awakening material…thats why there are activist advocates for he soldiers ,,they arent there for no reason …

  8. HKW says:

    ‘Foon Rhee: Afghan massacre raises broader questions’;

    Afghan massacre suspect’s memory loss!
    So, he also may not remember what kind of ‘hidden’ weapons these kids had under their blankets….

    Suspect in Afghan massacre: Friends knew gung-ho `good guy,’ others see `Sergeant Psycho’;

    No more comments.

  9. t bone says:

    Could this be where it all started for modern day jewry?

    Alexander Hamilton a jew?

    Found this earlier:

    and kikapedia’s sugarcoat

  10. ProtocolsR True says:

    The latest report from ZOG (associated press/A.P.) is that Bales left for the first village and shot some, went back to base for a while then left again for the second village. Huh? Unless he used a silencer and left no living witnesses I think the gunshots and commotion fromthe first village should have caused someone on the base to come to alert. Something smells funny about that report. Just like the Justin Bales case, the ZOG news reports cannot be trusted.

  11. Born Again Southerner says:

    What next?

    Well, we have piles of “nice” people who struggle (often going into much debt via the phoney bank money usury system) to get degrees, even in tough science topics. (Fewer African types go this direction for obvious reasons.) Then they seek “good” jobs. A few actually land such jobs… directly or indirectly with US military research.

    So, now they have produced the sci-fi film weapon, a powerful laser, to blow holes even thru thick steel! Yes, that is coming into play in 2012. So says an obscure website on latest technology and science research. (MIT website.) www . quantumday . com

    “Office of Naval Research: Free Electron LaserWeapon System to Debut this year.” dated 16 Marh 2012.

    So will the very non-scientist in the (former) White House do a new “shock and awe” job on some place like Iran? Don’t be surprised if this happens.

    Clearly the problem is that people (especially youths desperate to build careers) will jump at the dollars waved by the federal goons and their contractors, without looking at what this could cause in the larger view down the road. We must shock our kids out of such obedience to the “normal” and get them really thinking. Do such research if you must, but don’t let it actually advance for the state or its military contractors. Learn as much as possible, learn how to actually do “military” stuff, but for yourself and your cause, not to be just a cog in the stinking status quo. Then bail out of that system (or get expelled). If you actually have a great idea to advance such projects, keep it to yourself and do not spout off, or seek any patent. (It will be the employer’s property, but with you listed as the man who KNOWS this stuff, and so you will be watched).

  12. HKW says:

    Just google;

    ‘Bales -frauds elderly couple’

  13. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Toulouse gunman was informant of French intelligence?

    Mohamed Merah, the notorious killer shot in a stand-off with police a week ago in Toulouse, is still stirring controversy in France. An ex-chief of the French spy agency says Merah might have acted as an informant to the local equivalent of the FBI.

    ­The speculation comes as Yves Bonnet, a former intelligence chief, says Merah might have passed information onto the DCRI, a French domestic intelligence agency.

    “He was known to the DCRI, not especially because he was an Islamist, but because he had a correspondent in domestic intelligence,” Bonnet told La Dépêce newspaper on Monday.

  14. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Robert Bales – Lone Nut or Scapegoat?
    The murder of 17 Afghan civilians – most of them children – by staff sergeant Robert Bales may be far worse than we think at present. The semi-official story, as related by our compliant news media, is that a formerly model soldier went bananas under the pressure of war-related injuries, financial problems at home, and the all-purpose PTSD explanation for military misbehavior, whereupon he decided – at 3 am in the morning, after drinking with his army buddies – to walk the couple of miles to an Afghan village, shoot 16 people sleeping in their beds, pile the bodies atop a funeral pyre and set the whole thing alight.

    How did he get out of the base at 3 am unchallenged and without anyone’s knowledge? How did he manage to do so much damage alone? These questions automatically register in the minimally critical mind – unless, of course, you’re an American reporter, who is quite used to accepting what our government tells us without question. On the other hand, without clear evidence of another – darker – scenario, all one can do is engage in problematic speculation. That problem has been solved, however, because evidence of an alternative explanation is now coming to light which throws the whole “lone nut” theory into question.
    A few days before Bales went postal, there was a bomb attack on a US convoy in which a friend of Bales’s lost a leg: Bales’s lawyer has been detailing his client’s anger at this incident, implying it precipitated the murder spree. There are indications, however, that this is not the whole story. One local resident relates how the Americans paid a visit to the village where the killings took place and threatened residents with retaliation:

    “Ghulam Rasool, a tribal elder from Panjwai district, gave an account of the bombing at a March 16 meeting in Kabul with Mr Karzai in the wake of the shootings. ‘After the incident, they took the wreckage of their destroyed tank and their wounded people from the area,” Mr Rasool said. ‘After that, they came back to the village nearby the explosion site. The soldiers called all the people to come out of their houses and from the mosque,’ he said. ‘The Americans told the villagers ‘A bomb exploded on our vehicle. … We will get revenge for this incident by killing at least 20 of your people,’ Mr Rasool said.”

    So there was a direct threat, and not specifically from Bales but from an organized group of American soldiers presumably under the command of US army officers. Even more sinister is this report from the Christian Science Monitor:

    “Several Afghans near the villages where an American soldier is alleged to have killed 16 civilians say U.S. troops lined them up against a wall after a roadside bombing and told them that they, and even their children, would pay a price for the attack.

    “…One Mokhoyan resident, Ahmad Shah Khan, told The Associated Press that after the bombing, U.S. soldiers and their Afghan army counterparts arrived in his village and made many of the male villagers stand against a wall.

    “’It looked like they were going to shoot us, and I was very afraid,’ Khan said. ‘Then a NATO soldier said through his translator that even our children will pay for this. Now they have done it and taken their revenge.’”

    Another resident of Mokhoyan, Naek Mohammad, says that on the day of the IED attack he heard a loud explosion, went outside to investigate, and spoke with a neighbor. As they spoke, a group of Afghan army soldiers rounded them up and stood them against a wall. Mohammad says:

    “’One of the villagers asked what was happening. The Afghan army soldier told him, ‘Shut up and stand there.’ Mohammad said a U.S. soldier, speaking through a translator, then said: ‘I know you are all involved and you support the insurgents. So now, you will pay for it — you and your children will pay for this.’”


  15. HKW says:

    ‘Nothing more than Propaganda’ NBC/Pentagon Jim Miklaszewski on Duty’!


  16. sog says:

    hkw google peeniz

  17. sog says:

    hey karen howz ol kalki dooin ..
    how can someone throw in the whole usa country as fat ignorant doomkoffs ….i’ll throw 50% in there ….where yoo from …another jew infested fetid above ground kike shithole ,,,allright …but anit no one blamin you ….you and kaklik engaged yet …

  18. sog says:

    MOSHE yuou hollywood and kike doctors aer all dooomed in the eyes of GOD ..I PLACE AN OFFICIAL CURSE ON YOUR HEAD ..DIE AND SOON

  19. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    VIDEO Bales’ lawyer: Tough case to prove

    Added on March 28, 2012The attorney for Robert Bales, the soldier accused of killing 17 Afghan civilians, says it will be a tough case to prove.
    (Expand for better viewing)

  20. HKW says:

    sog at 5:59 am says:

    “hkw google peeniz”
    Being in a happy relationship I don’t need to 🙂
    Never complained.

    Do you, for some reasons? lol

  21. HKW says:

    Here is something for you to take your mind off other ‘frustrating’ matters in your life.
    Hopefully you will enjoy some of the humor in this link;

  22. HKW says:

    “A Final Comment

    Charging Robert Bales alone for 16 Afghan murders replicates how convicted Operation Iron Triangle soldiers paid for their superiors’ crimes up the chain of command to the top.

    Military disciple is strict, especially in war theaters. Disobey and pay dearly even if follow US Army Field Manual (FM) 27-10 provisions. They incorporate Nuremberg Principles, Judgment and the Charter and The Law of Land Warfare (1956).

    It states that military or civilian personnel who commit crimes under international law bear responsibility and may be punished. It denies the defense of superior orders in committing them. It mandates disobeying lawless orders.

    The code applies up the chain of command to the highest military and civilian levels. Yet low-level troops pay dearly for their superiors’ crimes.

    It defiles Justice Jackson wanting top officials punished most of all: “men who possess themselves of great power and make deliberative and concerted use of it to set in motion evils which leave no home in the world untouched.”

    Perhaps one day American war criminals will face their Nuremberg moment. It won’t compensate for decades of war, mass killing and destruction, torture as official policy, every other imaginable barbarity, and human suffering beyond comprehension.

    Perhaps, however, it’s the only possible way to save humanity before calamitous war destroys it.”

  23. Julia M Janus says:

    Dr David Kenneth Cochrane Registered Sex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts of indecent assault all involving patients dating back to the early millennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation, including 6 month license suspension. North Bay Canada Ontario and now re-employed for the regional health centre.

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