Media Working Overtime to Keep Whites Stupid

EVEN I CAN’T believe the complete and utter BS now going down about all this Trayvon Martin “unjustly killed” business. They are showing nothing but old shots of him when he was about 13, looking like a cute little chimp when he was really just another vile gangsta wannabee (above). Plus, the media purposefully lightened his face (see below).

The militant “New Black Panthers” are openly calling for vigilante justice on the poor sap, George Zimmerman, for shooting the “innocent” hoodie-wearing gangsta boy (poor Trayvon had just been suspended from school for ten days over reasons kept hidden from the public). The Black Panthers have a $10,000 bounty if a brother whacks Zimmerman, or if they take him alive — imagine that. Not surprisingly, the Jew-owned media hasn’t reported on any of this either, since braindead Whites might start to figure out the whole rotten deal with these violent “people of color” and the insane hypocrisy of Jewmerika today.

Just stop and think what the media would do if any White political group acted like this? You know, us “White Supremacists” and all. They would have a field day. As it is, the Jew media lies about pro-Whites all the time. The stinking Jews are chomping at the bit to find a way to turn all us Whites into “Neo-Nazi Terrorists” (see photo at the end). Think that’s nothing but “conspiracy theory?” You too might be a giant Jew brainwashed idiot!

This Jew-owned media selectively edits left and right — often purposefully lying their asses off. Always have been. But it’s starting to get much worse, believe it or not. They are now even substituting photos of criminal blacks with generic shots of Whites, when they can get away with it. Say what? Yep. Read on.

Two juvenile Negroes in an elementary school in Texas were caught performing oral sex down under their desks (probably male chimps practicing the “down low” for later prison life). But the traitorous media had the nerve to show a generic stock photo of a White kid sitting at a desk in class — who had absolutely nothing to do with the affair — to illustrate the article.

I didn't even hear a thing about this crime until the conviction!

David Jassey, a hip-hop “star” from Sweden (notice I didn’t call him Swedish) was visiting LA (probably recording street gibberish for the Jew music industry), when he ran over a White “pedestrian activist,” killing him. The White guy slapped the hood of the gangsta’s rented car while crossing the street, so the angry Ape jumps out, punches him to the ground and kicks his head before getting back behind the wheel and running over his body at least once.

Hell, think it out, if this had been a White “entertainer” don’t you think national news might have mentioned the case? What don’t you get?

When finally convicted last week in a LA court, Jew media in Sweden did NOT show a photo of the murdering rapper, only a purposefully blurred out image using a peach color palette in Photoshop. Can you believe that bullshit?

What kills me is this “rap star” was already a public figure in Sweden. Amazing the lengths Jew media will go in the attempt to protect their little pet apes.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, a frail, elderly White couple in Tulsa, Oklahoma, suffered a home invasion by 4 or 5 wild apes, where both were savagely beaten. The 85 year-old wife was gang-raped and later died at the hospital. Imagine feral apes climbing aboard your granny? Unbelievable!

A pack of wild apes broke in the back door of Bob and Nancy Strait’s home, beat the living daylights out of both, raped the wife to the point where she later died. The filthy animals did all this for a lousy TV, $200 and a BB gun!

In another case of black on White crime, two apes chased down a 13 year-old White kid in Missouri and doused him with gasoline before setting him on fire. All the while they were saying “This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.” One of them was wearing a black hoodie.

You think they’ll charge them with “hate crimes?” Don’t hold your breath. That only applies to us Whites.

In Tennessee, two White kids were abducted by African immigrants, taken to an ATM, forced to give out pin numbers, then beaten and stabbed. One came close to dying. WTF do we have to have AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS in the US? Think of all the special privileges they received getting and living here. Now we have to pay upkeep for them in prison. Sure beats mudhuts and eating bushmeat in Africa, huh?

This murderous ape beat and shot a Tallahassee Florida White women multiple times in the back of the head, after leaving a party with him, possibly to score dope. This is often the end result of White women’s brainwashing by Jewy media — feeling safe around these feral apes. If the child was there, the ape might have “put a cap” in her head too.

Had a GD ’nuff yet?

If the races had been reversed in any of these cases, the traitorous media would be all over it like stink on turds. And there were several other horrible cases of Black on White crime just over the past week or two, that I didn’t even mention. I’m only one guy, you know.

You know it’s kind of sad, actually. The Jew media and the militant big mouth blacks are going on and on about Whites being racist about them wearing hoodies. I can’t tell you all the black crime stories I’ve heard about where the perp is described wearing one. Like my latest weekly (March 25, 2012) wanted poster I have down in the bottom left hand corner where a Afro-Ape raped a teenager in a park using a gun (possibly a White girl, but there’s no telling since they censor the victim’s race, too).

I’m telling you, these “African-Americans” are out and out animals. If we had a problem with wild primates escaping from a zoo or science lab and attacking humans, we’d be out putting them down right then and there. Anybody with the least sanity would agree.

Tricky Dick Jews specifically targeted the takeover of the media so they could put our race into a coma and at each other’s throats, as they slowly strangle the life out of us while they create their Jew World Order.

Think that’s bull? Just go HERE and see all the Jews who own and staff the media across the board. You can research it all yourself. Hell, the arrogant Jews brag all the time how much they control the media and pretty much everything else. Your personal labors actually pay for it all, once you stand back and look at it.

Why the hell do you think the countries of the Western world are being inundated with the jetsam and flotsam of the Third World?

Our race in America (and every White nation) is now becoming victimized on a daily basis. This thing has been happening to the Whites in South Africa since the end of “apartheid,” where entire families sometimes get wiped-out by violent African apes, just for being White. I’m talking innocent people just like you and me –women, children, old people — getting raped, beaten, stabbed, shot, burned to death — often right in their own homes by screaming Ape men who hate them for being White. You call yourself “anti-racist” when all this is going on to your own kind and you stay silent?

Every day it gets closer to the time we have to do something serious about these lousy Jews and their pet apes.

— Phillip Marlowe

Note how the media manipulates the photo to lighten the Hispanic guy to look White and the chimp’s face. Look closely and you can see how they washed out the midtone levels in Photoshop. The shot of Trayvon in a hoodie has obvious Photoshop masking going on around his face (look at the edges). Folks, this is all on purpose by the stinking Jewish-owned media!

From Council of Concerned Citizens

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Bailey says:
    March 28, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    T Bone @ 1:26 pm,

    Well said, my friend!

    Sazzy, If we took the time and did some digging, i think we’de find many white “stars” who have ended up on skid row, we should know more about them already but we have better things to do but i’d venture to say that not many jews would end up on a list of one time millionaires turned to bums, seeing how they take care of their own.
    You may be right Bailey. I honestly don’t know because my head isn’t in the “stars” anymore. lol I do notice they all seem to swap wives and husbands. Lotsa sex in Hollywood.

  2. sam petrov says:

    Say “no” to bloodthirsty parasites, inbred choldren of devil – the jews. No to jew world order. Occupy jew street.

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Off topic here but still important to American taxpayers:

    US to grant more funds to Israel’s Iron Dome missile system
    The United States is planning to grant more money to Israel’s Iron Dome missile system designed to intercept short-range rockets and mortars.

    “Supporting the security of Israel is a top priority of President Obama and Secretary (Leon) Panetta… [The Department of Defense] intends to request an appropriate level of funding from Congress to support such acquisitions based on Israeli requirements and production capacity,” Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said in a statement on Tuesday.

    The Obama administration and the US Congress allocated $205 million to Israel’s Iron Dome system in the 2011 budget. The budget for next year demands $3.1 billion in military aid to Israel, which is more than the current level and the highest for any foreign country.

    Although the Pentagon statement provided no specific numbers, congressional sources said the purchase of 10 battery systems at a cost of $50 million each is likely to be requested.
    Security Industry
    Congress seeks more U.S. aid for Iron Dome

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    We’re already in deep debt and the JEWS are bleeding us dry. Israel doesn’t deserve to exist.

  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    … and neither do American jews!

  6. alert('you are ignorant') says:

    alert(‘you are ignorant’)you are ignorant

  7. sam petrov says:

    The masters of discourse:
    Those who agree, say israHell, please.

  8. Sabine Centurion says:

    The niggers and jews can dish it out but they can’t take it.
    Some proof of this is that, thanks to my comments on JewTube (owned by Joogle) that countered and derisively insulted Da Niggah Puppets and their jew puppeteers and herders over the great steaming mounds of BS that they’re manufacturing over Da L’il Skittles RIGHTEOUS shooting in Florida…I’m now terminated off of JewTube for “hate speech”.
    The black, and other Muds like La Raza and Aztlan, Ookers, Eekers and Hooters are welcome to spew ALL of their deranged crap on JewTube UNRESTRAINED; but, GAWD FAHBID that White expressed resistance to their JOG protected toxic misbehavior and corrosive existence EVER gets a forum or consideration.
    Is there a non-Hebe / non-Boog-centric competitor to Jewtube that, with human support, could provide an alternative…and decrease JewTube’s market share and ad revenue?
    I’m now terminating Joogle; closing the g-mail account, removing them as a browser, not using it anymore for search…NOTHING.
    I’m DONE with the jew bastards. Wouldn’t it be special if a few million other humans followed my example. It’d hit the creeps right where it hurts…their wallets.
    It’s already happened with their Joozpapers and it seems that JewTV is only all about sexual deviants, niggers, other muds and jews anyway.
    Don’t believe me? Channel surf and call out what’s featured.
    It’ll sound like ” Happy Managed Nooz, niggers, niggers, niggers on shows run by jews, jews yapping at other jews, crap animation, infomercials, niggers, white skin colored dumbass twats yapping at each other or ready to bang a nigger or beaner, niggers, “Serious” Managed Nooz, white skin colored nerds, fags or assholes, beaner soap operas, crap animation, niggers, movies for niggers, beaner and nigger “comedy”, movies for jews etc. ad nauseum.
    Most humans I know only watch TV for Natural History shows, weather and older non-jew / non-nigger movies. Even The Military Channel is run by jews that can’t hammer Germans enough, when they’re not praising and publicizing Israeli military capability or technology.
    Let the scum have their obsolete, corrupted medium; they’ll soon just have each other to throw their turds at…or kvetch at.
    Remember, Boys and Girls…
    Jew Hollyweird and JewYork media vampires want to get their filthy, controlling hands on the Internet as well. Let the scums have their way, at your peril.

  9. 30.06 says:

    Here’s the search engine you need . They do not record your Ip address .

  10. rewoped iceburg says:

    ahhh, wave that ‘turrible towel and glory in the immaculate deception reception …..
    who dat owner and what field was this DEEVINE event worshipped at by da shilrens ???? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ –> takes them to your LEADERS…… watch BRIAN’s SONG…… care to do a LIL deeeyyyy-o.? or MATHILDA ?? FAT-IMA answers PREYERS……fo’ boney knozes……….alhambra…..

  11. 30.06 says:

    The following is a reminder/warning that has been sent around prepping blogs to remind everyone of the reality of our country today .

    A lot has been written warning us of what will happen when the City Dwellers find their homes are untenable and vacate [en masse as The Golden Horde] for “the country”, but I haven’t seen anything on what the make-up of these hordes will be. The generic term “city dwellers” encompasses a lot of territory. Who will they be,what kind of shape will they be in, how will they be armed…all of these need to be examined.

    One category needs to be examined, I feel, more closely than others. Since I have seen posts on your site lately dealing with the nitty-gritty, unpleasant aspects of prepping, I think this is a needed look into what’s out there. I’ve been a cop over 20 years, my last uniform assignment before moving to Investigator being a two year stretch of Anti-Crime patrols in the Section 8 Housing projects of my city. This put me into contact with some of the “Worst of the Worst” that will be fleeing the cities in time of trouble.
    Gang-bangers, common street thugs, dope dealers and users, all have a place in the hierarchy of the streets. And they will certainly be part of what preppers will be facing in times of troubles. Here’s some of what I have learned:

    The bottom rung is occupied by the drug addicts and users. They exist, not live as we understand the word. They have no assets, no goals, no drive. But they do have an almost animal instinct to continue living. They will be armed with anything they can steal or lay hands on. Most will have a knife or a razor box cutter, and some sort of cheap pistol, or they will not live to get out of the city. Since they have no resources or assets, they will be on the edge of starvation and desperation almost within a day of an event. With no fixed residence or place to defend, they will be hitting the road and coming towards us. They will become violent without any provocation and there will be no negotiating or bargaining with them. They don’t want to hear your story or excuses. All they want is what you have. And have no doubts: They will do anything to get what they want. And this does include catering to their most base instincts of rape, murder and mutilation. Letting someone like this even close to you and what you have is flirting with death.

    The next and most numerous will be the drones who make up the majority of the project dwellers. They live on Government Entitlement checks, have no assets and, on any given day will have no more than 3 or 4 days supply of food in their apartments,most of this being refrigerated. There will be a high percentage of females without male companions,will have a large number of children and will be absolutely vicious and violently inclined. Their day to day existence within the defined society they live in demands they be aggressive and violent.They fight more, and are arrested more,than the males they live around. The males will have more serious charges, but the females will have more of them. They too cannot be trusted. If they are drug users, they will, and have, traded their children for drugs, and, based on this proven behavior, will most certainly abandon them or trade them if the situation calls for it. Seeing that you are supplied, they will leave their children in your yard and walk away, counting on your liberal Good Samaritan instinct that has always bailed them out in the past to care for their offspring and justify that to themselves as “doing what they have to do”. Knowing that they will do something as low as this,be assured they will do much worse. They habitually carry razor knives and small pistols such as .25 ACPs and .380 ACPs.
    They are very dangerous and unstable folks to be around. These females may or may not be accompanied by men. The males may be linked biologically to one or more of the children but will abandon them as easily as the females. These males come from the lower order of males (see next classification) and will be armed as described next.
    The next order of classification will be unattached or drone males. These males tend to be convicted of felonies before they are 21 and who hang around the other, more productive males who deal drugs and have money. They will also be the so-called “foot soldiers” of the drug and street gangs. They exhibit sociopathic behavior and have no allegiance to anyone except maybe a family member, usually referred to as a “cousin” or a gang. They live off the female drones by paying cash rent, gained by low level drug dealing and petty crimes, to a female who has Section 8 housing, for a room that they sleep in and usually have no other attachment such as taking meals there.They live off fast food,carry guns of dubious origin and consume massive amounts of drugs and alcohol, mostly beer and cheap brandy and marijuana. They will not have any assets to defend, may accompany the female who rents them a room and will hang around the cities and projects only as long as their cohorts do.
    They will leave in junky vehicles,steal what they need along the way and kill,rob,rape and pillage their way across the countryside. Their weapons tend to be of the pistol variety although they may have access to shortened, easily concealable shotguns or rifles. Their lifestyle doesn’t give them a secure place to hide or keep long guns,but they will steal and use them if given a chance. They will also have some type of blade weapon and be proficient with the use of them. They are very dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with them.

    The last and highest order will be the moneyed drug dealer.He will have a flashy vehicle such as an Escalade or Lexus variety. He will have quality firearms, preferring Glock handguns and SKS or AK type rifles and will have ammunition for them in quanity.He will be arrogant and a definite killer. He will have assets to defend and may not leave his comfort zone until forced by authorities or circumstances. He will have “foot soldiers” and a woman traveling with him, but probably not children. He will travel well and be charming when trying to gain confidence or talk himself out of a jam.

    He will also be vicious and hateful, full of spite at those he sees as having taken away his lifestyle and means of making a living. He most probably will not have a lot in the way of supplies such as food and medical equipment, tending to live in the moment and not for the future. He will be one of the opportunistic “I’ll just take what I need” types. He will be very cunning, having risen to the top of the street hierarchy,and all the more dangerous because of this.

    When dealing with all of the above types, caution is the word. Never let them get even a glimpse of what you have. Never let them get past your outer barrier, be that a fence, abatis or boundary line. Its best to keep verbal contact to the barest minimum. A terse: “We have nothing, go away or we will shoot” is a good example. I have seen them be charming and seemingly harmless while edging into a fence gate or otherwise getting closer until they are in range to strike. You must always remember the 20 foot rule (Never let anyone get closer than 20 feet from you at any time). It is important to remember also that the longer they have been roaming and stealing,the better armed they may be, having stolen others firearms and equipment. Seeing an obvious street thug carrying an expensive scoped rifle or an engraved shotgun should be a tip off as to what they are. These type people would never spend money on a gun that may be taken by the law at anytime in their day to day existence. They do worship Glocks and the glamour they see in them. A dealer told me once, when confessing to an assault “I just outs with my Glock .40 and let it holla” as if he had done something great.
    I know that most people who read your blogs are aware enough to keep strangers away from their refuge.But if someone has never lived around these types of people,they may not be aware of just how dangerous they really are.
    As I mentioned,they can be charming,cunning and decietful.
    They have lived their entire lives off the goodwill of others and The Government and are past masters at pretending to be needy,harmless and “safe”. Guile is engrained in them.

    I leave you with one short story. In the days after Hurricane Katrina, we were reinforced with officers from other agencies, many states away, who had volunteered to help. (I was not in New Orleans, but on the edge of the hurricane strike) I was partnered with a state SWAT officer from up North.
    This man was experienced and a “steady hand”. As we walked through some of the power blacked-out , sweltering-in-the-heat projects, he turned to me and said: “This is worse than Mogadishu”. He was scared and had good reason to be. And this was after only three days of no electricity and relief was just starting to arrive. Think about those same areas after a real failure of services and food deliveries.
    Good Luck.

  12. sam petrov says:

    let’s take a look at the JS dollar. It has words “in god we trust” on it. More honest in my opinion would be “in gold we trust” or even better -“in jews we trust”.
    But let,s just assume that the phrase was put there as a reminder to use money honestly,keep in mind that the God exists.
    OK, then what kind of “god”. And what so called star of david is doing there.
    Maybe it is meant to show that spiritual and material “values” are not in contradiction.
    But the Christ said that one cannot serve the God and Mammon at the same time.
    OK, then why any christian symbols, like chirch or a cross are out of this picture? After all, at that time US was almost 100$ chiristian.
    May be it is because the Protestant Chirch long ago said that prosperity is the God’s blessing and saying this drew closer to judaism. By the way, the Catholic Chirch decided that jews don’t have to convert into christianity to be saved. (So they may continue to curse the rest of the humanity and still be saved, just because they are “chosen anyway” and the God can not change his mind).
    Jews and their judaized minions now say that the so called “star of david” (which in reality has nothing to do with any david) is not a religious symbol. The question is then what kind of symbol it is. And if one follows this logic then the cross is also not a symbol of christianity, but much more ancient sign.

    One who controls the discourse is in pover, or one who is in pover controls the discourse. Control of symbols and WORDS is a control of discourse.

    And this is why, say “no” to jew world order and to bloodthirsty israHell and the israHellis.
    And dont forget to say – JEWS ARE ANTISEMITES, jews hate semites. Everywhere.

  13. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Black Panther who posted bounty for Martin’s killer arrested;-)

    The New Black Panther Party member behind the call for vigilante justice against Trayvon Martin’s killer has been arrested.

    ­On Monday Hashim Nzinga was imprisoned for an unrelated weapons charge.

    According to a Dekalb County Sheriff’s arrest warrant, Nzinga had a FN Herstal 5.7 x 28 handgun which was pawned.

    Over the weekend Nzinga announced to the media that anyone who was able to capture Zimmerman, “dead or alive” would be handed a reward of $10,000.

    The New Black Panther Party’s campaign to track and hunt down Martin’s killer was widely promoted with flyers and press conferences all across Sanford, Florida, the location of the black teen’s death.

    The radical group’s national chief of staff was arrested during a visit to a probation office by his probation officer.

    Last month the 49-year-old New Black Party member received a felony conviction for deposit fraud and gun possession was a violation of his parole.

    On Tuesday Nzinga’s bond was ironically set at $10,000 and appeared at a hearing after his arrest by Dekalb County Sheriff’s office in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

    Nzinga’s arrest comes in the wake of comments by the lead homicide detective in charge of Trayvon Martin’s case saying he wanted to arrest Zimmerman for killing the weaponless teenager.

    Chris Serino, an investigator at Sanford Police Department, said Zimmerman should have been arrested for manslaughter, but due to the apparent lack of evidence the local state attorney overruled him. State Attorney Norman Wolfinger has refused to comment on the matter.

    In Florida manslaughter carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

    According to an ABC report, from the start Serino voiced his doubts about Zimmerman’s account of “self-defense” and wanted to see Martin’s killer detained.

    In an attempt to take matter into their own hands, The New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense called for a militia of black volunteers to help capture Zimmerman, but Martin’s relatives believe that more violence isn’t going to help and will just make matters worse.

    “We recognize that a lot of people are doing things on behalf of Trayvon Martin,” said Sybrina Fulton, the dead teen’s mother.

    “We’ve decided that we want things to be done peaceful,” she added.

  14. Pat says:

    SazzyLilSmartAzz says:
    March 28, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Black Panther who posted bounty for Martin’s killer arrested;-)

    This should help to enforce the fact that there are quite a few in Law Enforcement that are on the side of Law and Order. Not jew law – our Law.

    Lots of them are on our side.

    Problem is – the jew media decides what to report and how to report it – so you’re not getting an accurate picture of reality.

    We all know the jew is doing everything they can to distort reality in their favor. Please don’t jump to conclusions too quickly based up info gained from those very same jew disinfo agents.

    That nigger is going back to prison. And he’s not the only one.

  15. MIKE says:



  16. 30.06 says:

    The real reason to have a Ruger 10/22 .

  17. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Pat says:
    March 28, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Black Panther who posted bounty for Martin’s killer arrested;-)
    That nigger is going back to prison. And he’s not the only one.

    I agree Pat and I hope they “all” get arrested. I’m sure sooner or later they will!

  18. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Public Transportation Could Work, Part II: If it wasn’t for Black-Run America (BRA)

    Public transportation could work, but The Washington Times has poignantly articulated why it doesn’t. The WMATA amounts to a job program for otherwise unemployable Black people, helping to create a faux Black middle class in the process. Auster, in his usual matter-of-fact analysis, cuts to the heart of the problem with this Black scenario in Washington D.C.:

    We already know that more than 100 bus drivers in the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) refused to work because “they were scared for their lives” after numerous attacks on the Black drivers by young Black people. Instead of driving their routes, they stayed in the Rosa Parks Transit Center (not to be confused with the Rosa Park Hempstead Transit Center in Long Island) without one employee realizing the irony of the situation.

  19. Chrisf says:

    Take a look at what else is going on in this world that this little dead blackie has taken the focus off of…..
    Oh Hutaree militia has been found “not guilty” of the trumped up charges or rather the female federal judge deemed insufficient evidence for conviction and tossed it out of court…no matter though these people’s lives are pretty much ruined and they will never be compensated for that I assure you that so ANOTHER WIN WIN FOR THE KIKES! Gun control legislation is right around the corner as these people were convicted upon arrest by the lying kike media scum as is the so called white spicjew Zimmerman,…convicted upon arrest and the brainless USSA populace buys right into it YESSIREE!

    Iran seems to be pushed into the background for a day or so, which worries the fuck out of me as I suspect a ZOG attack led by the US goonsquad is in the works.

    Sideshows should scare anyone in this country now, it was an experiment in the 80’s (Kerrigan, OJ Chimpson,Michael Jackson etc etc etc) now they have it down to a science.

  20. Annie Oakley says:

    White women need to learn martial arts and get a concealed carry permit if their state allows it. Until these crimes cease, white men and women have to be on guard and completely aware of their surroundings. And that means stop playing with your phone in public and stay aware. Always have both car doors locked when you’re driving.

    If you go to a restaurant or public venue and it’s mostly black, you leave. That dinner isn’t worth your life.

    Here’s what you can do. Until blacks stop killing white folks and mistreating us, you hit them in the pocketbook. If I’m in a store I only look for cashiers that are white. If I can’t find a white cashier I either use the self checkout line or I leave. If a manager asks me why, I tell them that they’re racist anti-whites and that I’m offended that there are no white cashiers.

    I can’t tell you how many retail establishments hire these punk ass ghetto bastards who are full of tats. Heaven forbid they hire a middle-aged white man or woman who can actually talk and count change.

    I told on Target executive that he had a shitty store. I said you go out of your way to hire ghetto bastards.

    When you see a gang of teenage blacks youth walking down the aisle or the streets, you walk to the other side.

    I do not make eye contact with niggers. Ever. They’re always looking for an excuse to be offended. Just breathing the same air as they do causes them to chimp-out. I’m aware of their presence but I treat them as a piece of furniture. Would you say hi couch? Hi Chair?

    I still see these dumb-assed whites fawning over niggers, trying to be nice and polite. That ain’t working folk. I was in a retail store today. Some older white lady was looking for an item. Of course the dumb nigger had no clue where it was. She finally found it.

    She was in front of me in line. When the nigger came by the cashier she said I found the item by the pool stuff. Just so you’ll know if someone else asks. That stupid nigger could care less. He’s probably thinking you old fat white lady, STFU.

    If it were me I wouldn’t have even looked at the black ape, much less told him where a product is.

    In essence, shun the punks. Period.

  21. Pat says:

    Annie Oakley:

    I do as you described.

    Recently, I went into a “Dicks” sporting goods store to look for an item I needed.

    First thing I noticed were the larger than life giant photos of niggers hanging from the ceiling. Mind you, this is in a White area.

    I must have looked shocked because just then a White store employee asked if they could help me.

    I pointed up at the ceiling and asked “who are you guys marketing to”? The employee glanced up and then said “I know….”. I then said – you know what – I’m not shopping here. You guys need to figure out who spends money around here.

    And I walked out.

  22. Annie Oakley says:

    30.06 – GREAT POST.

    This is why white women and men trust NO ONE. Even a family member can be a snitch, especially if a family is a brainwashed dumbass like some of my family members.

    Don’t let anyone know what you got period.

    Trust no one.

    Keep your mouth shut, act stupid, play dumb, look poor but be as smart as a whip and never ever let your guard down, especially when SHTF.

  23. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Water Purification Techniques

  24. 30.06 says:

    Uncanny….Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden reviewed ,

  25. Annie Oakley says:

    Pat – well done.

    I have to remind my husband to ignore niggers. The other night some young negress was walking in front of our house. My husband said good evening. She looked right through him. I said you have to pretend she’s a tree. Do you say hi tree? Hi cockroach? Hi birdie? HELL NO. You know they’re there, but that’s it! She’s walked in front of our house before and I give her the stink eye. She knows what I’m doing.

    Remember dirty looks and ignoring people is not illegal yet. And there is nothing they can do about it, nothing.

    Niggers hate being ignored. They know when you’re doing it and that makes it all the more satisfying.

    They’re also big tail gaters here where I live. I deliberately slow down. These little pricks won’t risk hitting my old car with their new digs so they storm off in a rush! I get great pleasure doing that.

  26. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Black Panther Leader Arrested

    The leader of the black panthers Hashim Nzinga has been arrested for an act of stupidity that surprises no one who ever listened to him before.

  27. Pat says: just blocked my ip.

    I was posting some amusing comments there.

  28. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bobby Rush Wears Hoodie’

    Bobby Rush in addressing Congress today in an attempt to make a point actually made a mockery of his position and got kicked out of Congress today.

  29. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Pat says:
    March 28, 2012 at 6:12 pm just blocked my ip.

    I was posting some amusing comments there.
    Sorry to hear that Pat.

  30. Pat @ 5:12,

    I got you. Same thing at the contrived “Dick’s” (boardroom decision) around where I live. The first and LAST time I was in there, which was about two years ago, they had these larger than life statues of arrogant- and angry-looking nigger-athletes. Of course, the store can’t actually hire many niggers because they are irresponsible and impulsive, will rob the store blind and will likely cause a major lawsuit through incomplete and incompetent work when they show up. Niggers.

  31. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    J. Christian Adams: Obama “Injected Himself Into” Trayvon Martin Case “Using Racial Code”


  32. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    (Looks like the jews are in a sympathy contest with the blacks. The jews are known to spray paint their own sin a gogs to gain sympathy and more DHS money for the Shoah business)

    Chicago – Anti-Semitic graffiti scrawled outside North Side synagogue
    A local Jewish leader calls the spray-painting of the words “Jews murder” outside a synagogue in the North Side Lakeview neighborhood overnight Tuesday “a sad reminder of the persistence of anti-Semitism.”

    Police were notified of the graffiti on the Anshe Emet synagogue in the 3700 block of North Broadway about 6 a.m. Wednesday, News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli said.

    Dan Elbaum, Chicago director of the American Jewish Committee, said in a statement Wednesday morning: “Today, we have received yet another sad reminder of the persistence of anti-Semitism.

    The words ‘Jews murder’ and ‘Jews kill’ are particularly galling given last week’s murder of four French Jews by an attacker claiming to be motivated by events in the Middle East.

  33. Denys Picard says:

    In fact with these new pictures, I can now see how he could have been Barack’s own son! That is, if Barack could conceive of anything, which we now know he can’t.

  34. Alababa Bumba says:

    30.06 –

    Outstanding post! Great breakdown of the black street hierarchy of filth. Excellent information for every one who knows how to prepare for the worst, natural or unnatural.

    Many people who prepare for this sort of thing do not understand what can happen, especially from this type of threat.

    I am going to print and save that post if and when the power goes out along with my “stash” and other books on survival.


  35. Bailey says:

    @ 30.06,

    Excellent post, Thank You.

    @ Annie and Pat,

    the last time i considered eating Burger King was about three months ago, i went in one local to where i work only because i was that hungry and running out of time before having to be there.
    All the cashiers and burger makers were nigs, the manager was a spic and most of the customers were not white, i turned around and headed out the door, Eff’ That!

  36. Bailey says:

    No moderation?


  37. HKW says:

    30.06 I appreciate your very useful and practical links you have provided as well as the great post. Well done!
    Annie had some good advise too. Thanks guys.

  38. sog says:

    another non ip recording 2 sites …. GIBURU …. and ……. PRIVATELEE ….

    you could use ” duckduckgo ” but it has too much intuitive connection ….. tor still exists as free sockz proxxy for now ,,,,…VPN’s are good ,,also to dummy up some more anonymitity …………………….the thing to do to back at khazaar networks ,servors ……………………………………………………………… ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………censored

  39. DanAgainstJewWorldOrder says:

    Regardless of the Jewish Elite’s Mainstream Media, NAACP, SPLC, Al Sharpton’s, Jesse Jackson’s, Obama’s exploiting this Negro boy’s death, the fact is that Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit, murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery. Blacks are also 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites then vice versa. When around Blacks never relax folks!

    f only the Jew’s Mainstream media photoshopped Zimmerman’s mug shot with a pair of blue eyes, the animals down in Chicago, Philly, Atlanta, Orlando would not only attack Whites, they would burn down their own homes!

  40. 30.06 says:

    For Pennsylvania’s Doctors, a Gag Order on Fracking Chemicals
    A new provision could forbid the state’s doctors from sharing information with patients exposed to toxic—and proprietary—fracking solutions.

    Under a new law, doctors in Pennsylvania can access information about chemicals used in natural gas extraction — but they won’t be able to share it with their patients. A provision buried in a law passed last month is drawing scrutiny from the public health and environmental community, who argue that it will “gag” doctors who want to raise concerns related to oil and gas extraction with the people they treat and the general public.

    Pennsylvania is at the forefront in the debate over “fracking,” the process by which a high-pressure mixture of chemicals, sand, and water are blasted into rock to tap into the gas. Recent discoveries of great reserves in the Marcellus Shale region of the state prompted a rush to development, as have advancements in fracking technologies. But with those changes have come a number of concerns from citizens about potential environmental and health impacts from natural gas drilling.

    “People are claiming that animals are dying and people are getting sick in clusters around [drilling wells], but we can’t really study it because we can’t see what’s actually in the product.”

    There is good reason to be curious about exactly what’s in those fluids. A 2010 congressional investigation revealed that Halliburton and other fracking companies had used 32 million gallons of diesel products, which include toxic chemicals like benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene, in the fluids they inject into the ground. Low levels of exposure to those chemicals can trigger acute effects like headaches, dizziness, and drowsiness, while higher levels of exposure can cause cancer.

    Pennsylvania law states that companies must disclose the identity and amount of any chemicals used in fracking fluids to any health professional that requests that information in order to diagnosis or treat a patient that may have been exposed to a hazardous chemical. But the provision in the new bill requires those health professionals to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will not disclose that information to anyone else — not even the person they’re trying to treat.

    “The whole goal of medical community is to protect public health,” said David Masur, director of PennEnvironment. He worries that the threat of a lawsuit from a big industry player like Halliburton or ExxonMobil for violating a confidentiality agreement could scare doctors away from research on potential impacts in the state. “If anything, we need more concrete information. This just stifles another way the public could have access to information from experts.”

    The provision was not in the initial versions of the law debated in the state Senate or House in February; it was added in during conference between the two chambers, said State Senator Daylin Leach (D), which meant that many lawmakers did not even notice that this “broad, very troubling provision” had been added. “The importance of keeping it as a proprietary secret seems minimal when compared to letting the public know what chemicals they and their children are being exposed to,” Leach told Mother Jones.

    The limits on what doctors can say about those chemicals makes it impossible to either assuage or affirm the public’s concerns about health impacts. “People are claiming that animals are dying and people are getting sick in clusters around [drilling wells], but we can’t really study it because we can’t see what’s actually in the product,” said Leach.

    At the federal level, natural gas developers have long been allowed to keep the mixture of chemicals they use in fracking fluid a secret from the general public, protecting it as “proprietary information.” The industry is exempt from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Toxics Release Inventory — the program that ensures that communities are given information about what companies are releasing. In 2005 the industry successfully lobbied for an exemption from EPA regulation under the Safe Drinking Water Act as well, in what is often referred to as the “Halliburton Loophole.” The Obama EPA has pressed drillers to voluntarily provide more information about fracking fluids, but the industry has largely rebuffed those appeals.

    The latest move in Pennsylvania has raised suspicions among the industry’s critics once again. As Walter Tsou, president of the Philadelphia chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, put it, “What is the big secret here that they’re unwilling to tell people, unless they know that if people found out what’s really in these chemicals, they would be outraged?”

  41. sog says:

    ALSO sodas that contain sodium benzoate and any traces of added vit c can cause the beznoate to convert to benzene ….benzene was one o the reasons they went to low lead gas …a gallon o gas had 5 grams of lead ,,then went unleaded 1st generation had 1/2 gram or so ,,then they removed the lead altogether which doomed alot of older engines …–TCsm5tgeI-72NAg&ved=0CAQQFjAA&client=internal-uds-cse&usg=AFQjCNEbV-5keGMoWKK3zQI5clBDEihqUw

    catalytic converters neutralyze benzene ..etc

    sodas also containing aspartame can convert the asp to meathanol in the can if not kept refrigged and when you drink it ,,this can convert to formaldehyde in the body..
    fun huh …well the psucos cia dooshes were in charge of a huge stockpile of diet sodas in iraq in the first theatre….they would go out and take temp in out and around pile …a stavck as big as should have been kept tin a warehouse but was kept in the direct sun of the eraq virons….these military supporters were supplying our troops internally chemically converted diet sodas to the kids in uniform ..
    will perfidy ever cease ….

  42. sog says:

    yeah 30:06 the milk deal goes with the amish thing to and the heavy jack boot kike heel smashing the raw milk ring …reeeel dangeeerus i tells ya ….pasteurized homo milk

    fats are churned to smaller broken fragments of their former selves …these incomplete fat moles enter your blood stream most riki tik without being subject to gut digestion process …what that does is a long shit storm of scientific negatives in the human biology etc….

    also bad things grow in the “clean”milk ….raw milk is actually fresh and healthy unlike 30 day old chemically stabilized past homo milk ….and they terrorize people for distributing raw milk …..what should be done to monstorsanto and perverters and adulterers of GODS food to us … post i mentioned aspartame which is made from gmo bacteria feces …uhmum good ….
    feds are seizing records from survival foods outlets and such and some o these palces are coming under heavy boot heels and hacks ..
    so use cash and wear a hoodie……cash and carry ….
    i think tropical traditions dot com sells a milk powder made from potatoes ,,spozed to be good ….homo milk is one cause of hundreds of maladies ….
    even 30 or so years ago a small town 5-0 squad kidnapped a frend o mine and took im into the woods and tortured him for 3 hours just to try to find a frend o his …
    in all likelihood a good german blood bro was offed by cops i believe for something he knew on an inside hiyt on 2 dooshes in witness protection ….he was concerned about it since there was an attempt on hids life 20 years ago …we know of a cop snoopin around for questions pertaining to gaining knowledge of his habits prior to his passing ..
    someone we proxied thru sometimes is now dead of a heart attack to and ya never know without an autopsie ,but there was specious activity near and around his house in the last year …..muthaaah efffa ..yeah the cops are no dam good ..
    dont mean to rattle on but the nicest thing i ever heard was an assoc o mine once handcuffed a cop naked to a lampost on an LA street …..the shit tried to run a britallity op on s. but his swamper was on the job and pulled his piece up by rogue cops ear ,and etc … heh heh …..yes they did take his weapon as well ,,right …
    coming soon to a vomitorium near you …..rated r for reterded ,,,the cannonization of treyvon martin …fuckalle …watch what these fucken jews do next ……

  43. LibertarianChristian says:

    Though it doesn’t take away from the fact that Trayvon was a thug (3 suspensions this year alone), the middle finger photos and others were from a Trayvon (I thought blacks made unique names???) Martin from Georgia.

  44. DanAgainstJewWorldOrder says:

    Don’t want to know what would happen to this lady if she was on any major transit system in the good ol’ US of A!

  45. 30.06 says:

    Michigan Father Killed in Marijuana Child Removal Incident

    A prosecutor in northern Michigan has cleared the police officer who shot and killed a Grayling man as police and Child Protective Services (CPS) employees attempted to seize his three-year-old. The attempted removal of the minor child came after a police officer who came to the scene on a call earlier that same day reported that he smelled marijuana and reported the incident to CPS authorities, who decided the child needed to be removed. The dead man, William Reddie, 32, becomes the 17th person killed in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

    Reddie’s killing took place on February 3, but we only became aware of it when news broke this week that prosecutors had decided that the police officer’s use of deadly force in the incident was justified.

    Michigan Father Killed in Marijuana Child Removal Incident [continued]

  46. Sabine Centurion says:

    Many thanks for posting Wagist/Dan Linehan’s brilliantly done and helpful message.
    Da Boogatrons, their enablers and apologists are shyte out of luck now.
    The timeline and route are DEFENSE GOLD!
    The OBVIOUS, albeit grainy images of, the damage on Zimmerman’s head AND the images of the chunky cop’s hand wiping of “something” that was on Z’s clothes, plus the more than unmistakeable viewing of “something” on the back of Z’s buzzcut and skin exposed head are going to be used to render Sharpton, Jackson, Crump, Trayvon’s spawners, JEWTV Jivemasters, thousands of Chittering an’ Marching Chimps, Reverse Oreo dummies AS WELL AS PREZNIT OBLAHBLAH—more ridiculous and scummy than they already are.
    If any County, State or Fed prosecutor has a Brain Fade and attempts a NiggaJoo appeasement action vs. Zimmerman, they’re going to get their shaggy butts handed to them by any minimally competent defense attorney.
    The continuing L’il Skittles Klown Show is now turning into a Comedy Telemovie.
    I’m laughing my ass off, as I prepare for The Great National Chimpout that most definitely will happen when the Homo Erectus Ookers and Eekers don’t get their way and are embarrassed, again.

  47. sog says:

    American born says:
    March 27, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    I think when this nigress is screaming “I hate White people”, I think she really means I hate being black.
    heh heh ahhhhh shit thats pretty dam funny
    i wants my weave and muh hair to look like raquels ,,uhmm hummn and bleeech my ugly black ass and face lilly white …
    by jove amborn i think you hit it on the head ..
    it must be a bitch to go to the zoo and then have the maintenence workers try to put you back in a cage thinking you escaped ,,,heh heh

  48. gene willis says:

    i was talking to an older african woman about the nbpp and said that the nbpp was no differant then the kkk,but with a black face.she got a little rattled about my comparisance of the two.the jew media is why we have the africans going off on othere races.the jew media said all othere races owe all the africans you think all the whites will wake up?well,maybe not the self hating white liberals.

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