Will The Race War Start This Weekend?

EVERY DAMN WEEK I read multiple stories about Whites getting viciously beaten, raped and murdered by crazed black apes in America and other countries used to be considered White, if it wasn’t for the backstabbing Jews. These apes go violently nuts in public all the time (TNB), organize mob attacks on stores and loot whenever they get the chance (especially if they congregate in large groups and outnumber the law).

Now the Jew media is on a big tear about some “innocent” black, 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, getting killed down in Florida by a guy named George Zimmerman, who was at least half Jew (like known Jew media reporter Geraldo Rivera; Zimmerman was also ’60’s Jew musician Bob Dylan’s real last name) and Hispanic. As usual, the traitorous media has been describing this neighborhood Barney Fife as a White guy — acting like the stupid affair was “racist,” blacks never get any justice — the usual race-baiting crap.

This is just another real-life “Bonfire of the Vanities” type circus created by the Jew-led and owned liberal media, intent on pushing more anti-White guilt down our throats. They don’t tell you the “youth” was on top of the guy and beating him (whether the idiot Zimmerman had it coming or not). They don’t tell you about all the crime the community had in the last year. Just go to this link for more on this Zimmerman business the media stays silent about. They remain mum because they want Whites to stay guilty, while they freely get blacks bunged up for political gain — even if it might kill Whites and burn down cities like they’ve done so often before, like in LA and Detroit.

Get ready, because the angry apes just might go ape this very weekend. Blacks have planned “demonstrations” in over 100 cities across the country over Zimmerman. No telling what might happen or what Zio forces will be behind them. A race war would be the perfect excuse for Obama to bring down the Commie Jewish Police State and keep his skinny, mulatto ass in office.

These spoiled brats take special pride in acting all "gangsta."

Rarely do you see one mention in the Jew-owned national media on how blacks really behave, now do you? Hell, this past weekend 49 were shot in Chicago, 10 killed (all urban Negroes, apparently). These animals will shoot each other and us Whites too, stone cold dead at the drop of a hat, a chicken bone or over-priced designer sneakers.

Look, we all know “African-Americans” are spoiled, militant brats, as well as criminal, murderous apes who can’t handle themselves one iota. Even they know it and brag about it. And not just breaking the law either, but rude, selfish behavior we have to put up with every day of the year wherever they live (which is pretty much all our cities).

Sure, there’s some decent, upstanding blacks, but far fewer these days as they slide deeper into the gutter — fostered by the gradual destruction of our morals and Christianity by Jewry. No doubt at all. Blacks also have built-in social pressures that reward degradation, helped along by greedy Jews in the media. Who do you think really owns the hip-hop music industry?

And they clearly don’t appreciate JACK. Why bother being Mr. Nice Guy any longer?

So go ahead and call me a racist, blah, blah, blah. And if you’re a liberal reading here for the first time, don’t act all shocked when I can’t even see you in the first place. You know you think the same things — don’t pretend otherwise, fool.

Christ, they get everything handed to them on on a silver platter anymore. Food stamps, Welfare, EBT cards, Affirmative Action, all kinds of special advantages in education, jobs and promotions over more qualified White people. But absolutely nothing ever satisfies these big mouthed bastards. Why? Because they’re spoiled brats, that’s why.

These apes go ape no matter where: Africa, Haiti, America, Britain, or even insane places like Ireland and Italy (above). Doesn’t matter the reasons for them acting up — they behave like this, anywhere. This is also why Africa and Haiti are always such shitholes. Now why on God’s Green Earth are blacks even allowed in White countries like Italy? Because the stinking International Jews have long worked to destroy White demographics and our racial solidarity, that’s why. It’s also why brainwashed Whites will automatically call guys like me a racist, since they are trained Jew parrots.


And Jew Hollywood is alway making them out as “heroes” and the good guys, etc., etc., all the time. Hell, if they can just manage to speak somewhat understandable English, they get pretty much anything. Even brainwashed White whores (who usually end up killed or STD ridden). Ever think that’s exactly what the stinking Jews love to see?

The Jew media never reports on Whites getting victimized, like this teen beaten to the inch of death by a pack of wild apes.

Haven’t you noticed blacks getting worse in the last few years since Obongo got elected? They literally act like they own the GD planet.

How often do you find yourself at the whim of some Negro driver? Let’s say you need to make a turn. You got your turn signals on and you know that fat mama jama over there sees it. Does she cut you some slack? Not if she sees you’re a White person. She’ll just carry on and act like you don’t exist. They love it when they can do that to an Evil Whitey — it’s a tiny bit of payback time!

You think the same damn things whenever you’re out driving, too. They don’t know you’re a liberal on the road. To them, you’re just another honkie they can cut off.

They don’t care. You hit them and they think that might make them rich. Hell, with so many stinking Jew lawyers out there, it very well could. Or at least until they blow all the settlement money on crack and ridiculously stupid consumer goods to show off to their homies.

I was going to the hardware store just the other day and witnessed several stinking Negro drivers. One pinhead was in the left lane and partially in the right. Another crazy looking black bitch, trying to make a left turn, forced her way through traffic like she was queen bee and then floored her SUV down a quiet neighborhood street, creating her own personal thoroughfare.

Looking like low-land gorillas, Afro-Ape women drivers, usually with a Zio government paid-for cell phone stuck to their angry fat faces, careen down the road looking for Baby Daddy, trying to get a little child support so they can buy chicken and beer for the night.

While trying to get into the right lane to make a turn into the hardware store, along comes a male Afro-Ape in a Toyota Corolla who sped up at just the right moment, seemingly on purpose to keep me from making my move. As he cruised on by — his seat pushed way back like a EZ boy recliner — he blithely ignored me. I know the black SOB could see my signal and saw I was a White guy earlier down the road.

But I guess we should be happy these Afro-Apes have somehow managed to drive White people’s inventions to a degree — or surprised, one.

Recently, in Huntsville, Alabama, police were given hell because 55% of the tickets went to Afro-Apes. Uh, ever think it’s because of how they drive? Oh, no, it’s because the cops are racist, they say. But of course these spoiled brats say that about EVERYTHING!

“African-Americans” are a bunch of selfish and self-absorbed apes, getting worse and worse by the day. Just go to this link to see how criminal they truly are.

I’ve had it with these GD animals. They are loud, lazy and violent. They love playing the race card every minute of the day, no matter what the deal is. Plus, their “culture” is butt ugly (literally at times), disgusting and jungle primitive. In short, they are one totally worthless race — here, Africa or wherever.

And the Jews are obviously using them to bring down Whites. Hell, with Commie Jew history, we’re in serious, serious danger as a race. You think any of these people are going to be so nice and sweet when they’re the majority? Fat chance, bozo. Your children will remember you as the biggest chump ever and spit in your face — or on your grave.

In all honesty, haven’t you just had it up to HERE with all the BS going on with these “people?” I say these worthless Afro-Apes and subversive Jews all need to be run out on a rail. Maybe even with that rail stuck right up their ass and out their big mouths — every single GD one of the bastards!

So get ready, America. The blacks might go haywire this very weekend, and the Zionist-Owned US government may well use it all to bring down the US, the Constitution and the Republic. Keep your powder dry!

–Phillip Marlowe



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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503 Responses to Will The Race War Start This Weekend?

  1. sog says:

    ………….Yeah kerdasi and the 3rd reich invested in rf/microwave device later to 100% kill all vermin pests in the clothes and whatnot .(this was a hoff intro)(prolly on hids site) …why would they bother with the extra care and expense ….we already know anyway the real truth ….its true that the camp belszac didnt even exist ?……suchenhausen was taken over by russian jew led forcs and they killed 12,000 minor male german young men there and buried them there post ww2…..hey steven spewbberg do a movie on that …ayye …spiel berg some fag they say….
    the effin story of the dangers of prussian blue is clear in the wickepedia on gas chambers and the special care and dangers of these units ,,and none of which was seen in german y or poland ….the big kike weasel imsdelf sez there were no death camps in germany ….zyklon b was impregnated into diatomacious earth for slow release and the d/e also has a stifling effect on all jew pets crawling bug critters …(inneficcient tho)
    rense has a story on these new radio soniic bug zappers that were initiated into the bug eradication plan …..of course when you bring this up the feral edomite khazzare morons say oh oi vey da microvaves ver used to melt jews …assholes
    pat is that toilet papaer one or two ply ….or we could use judenfetzen to wipe ,same difference ……o&a

  2. SBD TV says:


  3. mchawe says:

    One good Jew ? Mordechi Vanunu.
    Another Benjamin Freedman.
    Can’t think of any others
    Professor Demmergue perhaps.

  4. davillus says:

    here’s what we need to do kill 3 more so Al Shitfrobrainston & Jesse can cry like the bitches they are & get us a week off.We’ll call it MLK & the rest of them Coon crybabies week.

  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    mchawe says:
    March 31, 2012 at 4:22 am

    One good Jew ? Mordechi Vanunu.
    Another Benjamin Freedman.
    Can’t think of any others
    Professor Demmergue perhaps.

    David Cole

  6. sog says:

    proof that tax laws were never ratified by majority

    brown niggers hatin whitey

    proof that sanctuary cities are in violation of feloniues from laws that already exist on the books

    sherrif arpaio is in an imbroglio with the jew feces in the justice dept over refusing to have a court monitor his spozed racial prfiling in pulling illegal stinking spiks over in cars that are not insuerd and no licenses and drunk drivin ….
    we cant have the good sherrif claening up this jew mess can we…yall should probably prat for this man as im almost sure he aint jew wise …….

  7. sog says:

    Proof that tax laws were never ratified by majority

    brown niggers hatin whitey…………………………………
    www .newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd180.htm

    proof that sanctuary cities are in violation of federal felonies from laws that already exist on the books
    www .americanpatrol.com/REFERENCE/AidAbetUnlawfulSec8USC1324.html

    sherrif arpaio is in an imbroglio with the jew feces in the justice dept over refusing to have a court monitor his spozed racial prfiling in pulling illegal stinking spiks over in cars that are not insuerd and no licenses and drunk drivin ….
    we cant have the good sherrif claening up this jew mess can we…yall should probably prat for this man as im almost sure he aint jew wise …….

  8. gene willis says:

    this african said she was concerned.what was the girls name?and she has a bad memmorie.however if a african was killed diliberitly,this rep.african would know who the dead african was aqnd how the african was killed.the africans do not care about anyone but there own.and thats the facts.we have tax suppoerted them for decades and now we are reaping what our gov.and states have wrat us.animals in the streets hunting and killing any and all who are not africans.what happen to trayvon is a product of africans doing hateful and dirty things to otheres.and this is how people are responding to african hostilies.scream racism and anti-semetic bs all you want but thats how it is.stand you’r ground or die under the heels of africans gone wild.

  9. J.C. Rules says:

    Please….Make a distinction between Liberal/Marxist people of Jewish anscestry and God fearing religious Jews.
    It’s Marxism and Liberalism that are supported by Left-Wing people of Jewish desent that are foremost involved in destrying the europeon/north american christian democratic way of life….NOT religios Jews….Religious Jews are as national minded and freedom loving as we are.
    we need all the allies we can get to stand with us against the Marxists and Muslims that are forming a at least temporary alliance to destroy the Christian West.

  10. t bone says:

    J.C. Rules
    You have some serious homework to do ,my friend. I’m off to work soon or I would extend myself.
    Youre dealing with commenters who have researched the jew problem inside and out.

    Simply put: judaism is 100% evil at the core.

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