Is Big Jewry Trying to Spark a Race War?

EVERYDAY IT SEEMS conspicuously obvious — at least to those whose brains have not been turned into tapioca pudding by “PC” brainwashing — that the Jew-owned media is actively working against the White race across the board. Be it politics, the family, sexes, morality, Christianity or even our very race’s future in lands once considered our own White nations.

Just as obvious is the fact “african-americans” are becoming more and more violent, spoiled and militant daily. Everybody already knows deep down blacks are prone to criminality and violence (but are usually too chicken shit to say so out loud). All this is getting worse by the day. In fact, the USA is now turning into another South Africa for White people — where we suffer horribly brutal deaths at the hands of animals.

Could it be that Big Jewry is trying to instigate a race war in America, so they can roll out all the cool toys the “war on terror” has given them? And what better way to hide the inevitable collapse of the fiat money house of cards and replace the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency if everybody is so distracted?

You might just be sitting there blowing this off, like this is nothing but the ravings of an Internet loon. But here’s the thing: It is indeed a very real possibility, especially in light of all the suppressed history of the last hundred years or so. Besides sucking on our labors as wage slaves, these kind of people have absolutely zero concern about the lives of all us niggers out here in nigger land. When it comes to their Globalist shenanigans, piles of dead corpses mean nothing to these people. Never have.

These mothers have been getting rich off us killing each other for centuries!

The spoiled black race is clearly getting egged on by the mass media owned by Big, Zionist Jewry and militant, corrupt blacks themselves (look at Reverend Sharpton). And just like the liberal mainstream media, the so-called “conservative” FOX news covers the Trayvon Martin business as well as basically suppressing stories on criminal assaults on innocent White people everywhere.

Ask yourself why FOX never reports on what is truly going on in places like South Africa? Hell, all the Jew-owned mainstream media (regardless of what FOX says, they are, too) immediately drops any story should the perp be black and the victim a White person. Why do you think they spend so much time on White crime stories, some going back decades?

Big Jewry want things to start rolling soon and are now trying to speed it up without too many of us noticing “The Hidden Hand.” Why? Basically, they can’t allow us Whites (or any other race for that matter) to “get it” about them before they start the “Big Ball” on our asses.

The thing they absolutely don’t want us to get, is them. That might mean the end to their little schemes of world domination.

The more commoners out here who are Pro-White and Jew-aware, the more the proletariat could be local allies when they bring down a bona fide Police State and the real revolution starts up in earnest. Think of the hearts and minds program in Vietnam. If the people knows about “them” and are openly against them, it very well may mean a domino reaction occurs and they lose control across the board, not only in America but everywhere else as well.

These people have been playing a giant chess game against the Goyim for over a hundred years at least, and virtually all of us don’t have a clue we are pawns in a game. They’ve understood the power of the mass media and slowly worked to control it across the board while they used “egalitarian” motives to render their race invisible and keep Whites from coming together (i.e. the “PC” mindset). Should the proles get it and it spreads like a wildfire in the population, all bets are off.

Jewry has not only agents embedded in politics, finances and media, but also in our religious organizations and even within pro-White groups. Yep. Sure, these people are not getting top secret instructions from Big Jewry itself (which would be too prone to discovery), but each are working on an individual basis for Jewry over-all. Jews have always loved subversive behavior and imagine themselves as little 007’s for the Tribe.

“The Rebbe said to me, ‘I want you to know that in every battle there are certain people who have to dress up like the enemy, and they have to go into the enemy’s territory, and their own co-religionists will think that they are turncoats; that they’ve become rebels, but without those people the battle can’t be won, and you [Rabbi Shlomo Riskin] will win the war … you must produce shluchim [agents] for the entire world who are modern on the outside and Chabad on the inside.'”

— Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

Just stop and think a minute: You know how they always blow off the Jew business by calling it nothing but “conspiracy theory?” Well, there has been plenty of smart White people who have figured these people out, going way back to the earliest days.

They might not know everything, nor might they be willing to say the “J-word” openly, but they have been trying to get our attention from the beginning. And it’s not just a one or two people, like Henry Ford or Adolf Hitler, either. Lots of folks have been cued in on the real power structure — you just don’t hear about it because they don’t want you to know.

“The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as ‘international bankers.’ This little coterie… run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen, seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.”

— John F. Hylan (1868-1936) – Mayor of New York City (1918-1925)

They think God promised them this and the rest of the planet. Map created by the CIA in the 1950's.

My feeling is what’s going on now, wasn’t planned to happen for a few years. Maybe five. But they are now fast-tracking things because too many of us are waking up due to the Internet and the possibility of Iran getting the Big One. They can’t allow their precious long-term Israel project to be threatened with WMD retaliation from the Persians; especially since they also planned to increase the size of Israel during the next stage of Global domination.

This is what’s behind all the “Arab Spring” business. They wanted to stir things up and change the playing field in advance of the next stage. They believe the nation of Israel should in fact be “Eretz Israel” and stretch from the east bank of the Nile to the Euphrates river in Iraq.

They are now laying the groundwork for all this in advance of the next stage. They will utilize political unrest over Obama, economic collapse, social destruction and general “2012 End-of-the-world” stuff to mask themselves for as long as they can.

They know what they have planned for next will be impossible to hide under any normal circumstances, so they need to create bigger issues to distract the populace. The handwriting is on the wall.

I believed the targeted date for the merging of the Western world under Jewish Marxist control was planned for sometime in the 2015-2020 range, with the North American Union the first step. But now I think they’ve decided to hold back on the NAU until the bigger things, since this was alerting the masses too fast.

They’ve decided on racial unrest, probably as an excuse to dramatically censor the Internet of any Whites who get it, which will soon be followed by strict gun control — actually meant to disarm White people in America (they’ve already accomplished that in Britain, Canada and Australia). Remember, they create “the problem” and use it as an excuse to do what they want under the cover of “the solution.”

However these people do it to America, you had better prepare yourselves. And not only stockpiling food and arming up, but alerting those around you. You simply must tell people where all this is going, so they too can get ready.

Forget all the bull about “Nazis conspiricies” and end of the world stuff, like solar storms and alien invasion. The truth has always been staring us right in the face: Stinking, subversive International Jewry.

Hate to break it to you.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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292 Responses to Is Big Jewry Trying to Spark a Race War?

  1. CWD says:

    Ohhh Nine, you didn’t!

    Kwans turn Hitler into a Black Female??
    what more do u need from Kwanotopia??

  2. MJ says:

    This is the type ‘people’ ya take up for Incog crazy man:

    HUEYTOWN, Alabama – Federal authorities said they have tried to remove a Palestinian man who has been arrested 35 times in 12 years in Alabama, but said other countries have refused to take him.

    Screw the f*ckestinians. Ya all brought this sh*t here & now “karma” is present.
    Thanks a LOT jackasses.

  3. CWD says:

    April 22, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    This is the type ‘people’ ya take up for Incog crazy man:

    “HUEYTOWN, Alabama – Federal authorities said they have tried to remove a Palestinian man who has been arrested 35 times in 12 years in Alabama, but said other countries have refused to take him.

    Screw the f*ckestinians. Ya all brought this sh*t here & now “karma” is present.
    Thanks a LOT jackasses.” Moo Moo

    We brought these Third Worlders here,m or your presscuious Tribesmen in
    Congress and the Senate and their puppets who vote open borders here
    and closed ones in Israel, keep Israel a 100% cesspool of Khazara inbred

  4. Bailey says:

    That’s waht Mad Joo refuses to understand CWD, We didn’t bring these fuckers here, her tribesmen did.

    Oh, so a palestinian who’s been arrested a bunch of times is so bad?
    I have to go read that link, this is a moment in US news reporting for me, it’s the first i’ll read of a palestinian getting arrested in America.

    I’d bet the poor guy has been brain damaged back in his stolen homeland, maybe the pussy IDF launched a tear gas canister at his head.

  5. Bailey says:

    Here’s a jew whining that the paletinian criminal cannot legally be deported by ICE and had to be released, it seems like jew laws are coming back to haunt them and someone should remind this guy about Roman Polanski.

    “I understand what they’re saying, but it’s not a satisfactory answer,” Hagler said. “It doesn’t seem fair to us that if they refuse to take their problem child back, we are stuck with him. If an American gets convicted of being a serial child rapist in France, do we refuse to take him back? I doubt it. Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?”

    Kow many niggers and spics are kept in amerikwa under the same bullshit law that kept this evil paletinian here?
    Seems to me this palestinian guy has a drug problem, ultimately that’s a jewish problem.
    Poor guy just can’t escape these kike bastards.

  6. ProtocolsR True says:

    You could pull up arrest records of 25% of African Americans (PC Bailey) in America and find at least 15 arrests. That’s their adult records. Juvinile records are not available. And of course we at incog man are still right. You did not make your point. I, meaning ME; did not let that palistinian into this country. My government did. I meaning ME; wish to stop immigration, legal AND ILLEGAL, untill we can get a handle upon and solve some of the problems we already HAVE! But everyillegal will have a baby and future voter. Or knows somebody in this country that is already a voter. This is more of a problem for you niggers to think about (if possible) than me. I have my hard earned stuff but would gladly surrender it to any homeland security agent or IRS agent if they simply ask for it. Back to you dumb niggers. Thats why I use that word is to get your limited attention. You and your people have re-enslaved yourselves to our jew controlled government but most do not know or care as long as the check comes in on time. When the jews finish using you to kill me they will turn the hispanics upon you. In the end the jews will be masters of the universe and brown people will only exist because there will always be a need for some human to do labor or work. Whatever you want to call it. And you know the jews wont do it. Take that back to the hood nigger.

  7. Bailey says:

    Thanks for clearing that up PRT.

    Off topic? But pretty good stuff.

  8. Vox says:

    Nugent is asking the question you didn’t which is “Is it good for the jews?” Nugent is a hasbarat. He’s a chickenhawk calling for war against Iran when he avoided the Vietnam draft by shitting and vomiting on himself. He’s a coward. He could speak up about the nigger violence that destroyed Detroit but never mentions a word. Matter of fact, he’s completely abanddoned Detroit instead of using his position to challenge the status quo. To show his macho man status he blows up animals like the gutless douchebag he is instead of doing it as a means to feed himself. He’s an uneducated loudmouth who I wouldn’t trust to tell me the steps for pulling out my dick and taking a piss.

    ProtocolsR True says:
    April 22, 2012 at 4:03 pm
    About Ted Nugent. He never said a thing that I didn’t like. (that I know of) I like his music to this day though I started listening to it in the early 70s. I got no problem with him and don’t know why it’s the newest distraction. He has a right to speak just like anybody else. As long as you don’t shout fire in a crowded theatre when their is no fire. Even I could figure out that his statement about charging the field and cutting off their heads in november was a metaphor for winning at the polling places. But jewmedia knows that their favored nigger constituency does not even know what a metaphor is, so they trump it up as the newest proof of white radical racist rantings.

  9. ProtocolsR True says:

    I think the Nugent thing is just another distraction. Who wouldn’t move out of detroilet or cleveland or memphis or atlanta or la or the whole state of jersy or philly or any other american city if they could afford to? Did you miss the whole 70’s white flight collapse of American cities thing? Anybody with any sense or a few dollars could see what was eventually was going to happen. And guess what? They were right.

  10. HKW says:

    Thanks for mentioning the banning of Monsanto in Poland.
    Food safety and its quality has always been of great importance to the Polish nationals.
    Years ago many people used to keep bees in their backyards, had grown their own veggies, herbs and fruits.
    Food in Poland was very popular for its quality and taste to that extent that other nationals from neighbouring countries loved shopping there.

    Recently lots of new huge supermarkets have been build and the quality of food is not as good anymore unless you go shopping in a village buying food directly from a farm or know the secrets of where to shop.

    The Poles are used to their good, natural food and hate any changes taking place or any interference from companies such as Monsanto.

    I hope they manage to keep it that way.

    CWD, good comment at 3:36 pm . Totally agree with you on that.

  11. ProtocolsR True says:

    Did I just get teleported to a jewish kosher grocery food website? Has the Incogman website been cross-connected to the food channel?

  12. John says:

    Check this shit out:

    “The brothers, who are white and Jewish, have claimed self-defense, saying the teen was holding a nail-studded board. Local civil rights activists hope the Martin case will draw more attention to what they believe was racial profiling by neighborhood watch vigilantes.”

  13. CWD says:

    Vox makes an astute observation about these 60s-70s rockers all anti Vietnam
    yet many are pro attacking Iran when they haven’t done shit to merit it
    except stand up to the Jew!

    Case in point Chaim Simmons, Nugent and several other ex hippies
    what happen to their “flower power ” Vox??

    Vox, You know as far as Ted Nugent goes all he ever was to me even as a kid
    in the 70s was Tarzan with an electric guitar, a REALITY STAR two
    decades before it’s time?? I thought he sucked, and that loud BS and all
    that SCREAMING about killing your own food.

    For my my money Frank Zappa had twice his brains.

  14. CWD says:

    Yeah and “Frank Zappa and the mothers, and some stupid(Kwanandian)
    with flare gun burn the place to the ground.

  15. HKW says:

    ProtocolsR True at 6:18 pm says:

    “Did I just get teleported to a jewish kosher grocery food website? Has the Incogman website been cross-connected to the food channel?”
    Simple response is;
    Natural or chemically stuffed LOL

  16. ProtocolsR True says:

    Speaking of intentional infliction of emotional distress, Post Traumatic Distress Disorder (military connected) and lawsuits involving names, dates, and times and violations committed. Do you think there could be a good audit and paper trail for such violations of law? Maybe I should ask some secret service people. They know how to keep secrets don’t they? Possibly a good I.G. investigator or special prosecuter would be good to follow all the leads wherever they go? No government agent would ever tell a lie would they? Especially under oath. Ask Hannssen Louis shitlero or louis freeh.

  17. ProtocolsR True says:

    I misspelled shitliro.

  18. CWD says:

    I misspelled shitliro,

    Don’t sweat it Moo Moo and Louis aren’t on.

  19. ProtocolsR True says:

    About as much progress as our great senator Issa is trying to make ( and I am sincere about that) trying to get the DOJ to send over more information about fast and furious. Oh yeah, those blank pages you sent last week have no words on them.

  20. HKW says:

    7+ years of war with the American people?

    Natural health news is bringing you this NEW – updated red alert about your liberty:
    The Dept. of Homeland Security has just contracted to acquire 450 million rounds of .40 hollow point ammo.

    This ammo is illegal to use in the military because it violates the Geneva Convention.

    It’s only use is domestic use, against the American people.

    The Ranger did some research and found out that even in a full-scale war in the Middle East, the entire U.S. military only uses about 5.5 million rounds of ammunition a month, and this includes all types of ammo, including rifles which actually fire more rounds than pistols.

    If you do the math (see article for details), the 450 million rounds being acquired by DHS is enough to wage a 7+ year war against America.

    Here’s the full analysis, including testimony from a top Major General in the U.S. military, plus the hugely important list from Naomi Wolf about the “10 steps to dictatorship” that are now unfolding in America:

  21. ProtocolsR True says:

    450 million rounds does sound like a whole bunch. Do we even have 350 million people in this country including women and children? Is this a rumor or a supply specialist typo? Or does the shipment stop off in tel-aviv first?

  22. Bailey says:

    Did somebody say Frank Zappa?

  23. Bailey says:

    @ PRT,

    There’s nothing kosher about exposing Monsonto and objecting to their global grab on agriculture.


    A friend of Barney is a friend of mine.

  24. sog says:

    monsanto is a kike outfit ….elders rule poison the wells ,,become the apothecaries ..etc

    this company could cause the extinction of humanity all on their own if they were left to roam at will ,,and they have done much damage already in mexico whi is trying to stifle them …
    in india many farmers commit suicide after their crops fail from seeds that are monsanto famine protocol seeds …seeds that dont work and die …
    so if monsanto had bought up all seed companies and only allows farmers to use their gmo “intellectual property” seeds and these seeds are designed to rot on the vine ,,what do you have ..
    the 100 year old supply of heirloom wheat seeds in iraq were removed and the country is now in seminola business gmo ? but the indigenous iraqis that arent cheka’d yet dont have much food use for seminola and it is specifically exported ,thus leaving them open for potential food shortages ..
    all farmers under monsantos ass are not allowed to save anny seeds or use any seeds that reproduce more seeds that many farmers used to augment 50% of their income every year by harvesting seeds for resale ..
    sounds pretty jewish
    monsanto as a kike enterprise has done alot to make sure you eat much more toxic sprays and even plants that produce their own “pesticides” internally
    monsanto could just all of a sudden say we have no more seeds to sell and then what ..
    pests dont like soybeans but i belive that 4 million acres in argentina as gmo are sprayed anyway ..
    one of the jews biggest weapon qagainst the white and other ‘s race is alaways been blockades ,boycotts,and engineered famine ,so food is an issue that we dont like to hear condescending comments about people who are concerned about the human races survival…
    its how the ashkenazzi jews starved out 80 large cities in the sinai palestinian takeover ,,the kunts just surrounded the cities and nothing went on or out and its like a slow death like the german def’s and soldiers and civilians in eisenhauers “pow” camps (death camps)in post ww2 …
    there is so much poison in our food and water i am surprised we keep living ..
    all the prescription medicine they give to people just hastens deterioration and death ,from birth control pills to smoking cessation pills that cause suicide feelings to avodart for prostate benign hypertruphy which can cause “breast” cancer in men…
    its all a jewish pharmacological menagerie …they are in the midst of a battle they declared on us at the golgotha
    the kikes also are thru “cerebus” kike co. buying up all gun companies ,,..
    i remeberr when you could get 8-10 tokarevs off a private dealer for 70$ a pop and now they want to ,limit you to 1 gun per month ,,,what are they afraid of …the usa depression caused by filthy kikes so they buy up america for pennies on the dollar ,,
    killed 2-3 million people in america alone besides the events in holodomor and the 1921 russian famine and the irish famine that disralei of england decided not to help the irish when food was plentiful in england ..
    you see alot of companies before they all moved off shore were bought up by jews during the depression ..
    hitler govt.. made the jews return all the “fire” sale property they had aquired thru the kike plan of buying up cheap after ww1 german depression …

  25. Marshall says:

    The Monsantos are Marranos I believe. Even more GMO weirdness…they came up with a soybean-spider genetically engineered plant, because some parasite that eats soy is natural enemies with this spider. Apparently the parasite can smell the pheromone signature of the spider engineered into the soy plants and stays away from them.

    Just great…we may all turn into Spiderman down the road from eating this crap. They also cross-bred spiders with goats, so the goats’ milk has spider-web strength built into it. Then they use that to make some new form of Kevlar. Who KNOWS what kind of bizarre stuff they are doing.


  26. ProtocolsR True says:

    Hey! Where did my comment on why we invaded grenada go?

  27. HKW says:

    Thanks Bailey 🙂

  28. ProtocolsR True says:

    Spamblinka again. shucks.

  29. sog says:

    yeah pat copy that ,,good insight …i know the chinese have the dong feng missile as well that can carry any party surprise payload…it flies at 10k mph for 7k miles and under radar ,,..what do they need thet for ..or rather its a coopted missile strike program the chinese jews have developed …just what the elite kikery is going to do is not good in any event as their seditious history and present activiities show…
    this german missile sub combo has to have some takeover system that no one knows and tajke over overide system and etc as alot of these projects are never begun and finished by the same teams by design for secrecy …and hopefully there is still clandestine mystery and intrigue in theis world in some people that see the big picture and can have the courage to creatively sabotage the true weapons of mass destruction in the hands of known jewish maniacs who are of the murder the whole world agenda..
    you know,, im sure that during the many airplane hijackings in the 70,80’s the airplanes were being equiped with a takeover systems that overrode the flight deck and an remote operator could make the plane go into takeoff and flight and landing mode and the flight decjk could not do shit ..some countries didnt want them as they could be hacked and manipulated by others for other reasons ..
    that dong feng missdile is some piece of work ,,i wish i owned a couple dozen of these equalizers “peacemakers”………..
    we hope that someone has put a system override in the subs or that there is a manipulable weakness in the computers so these subs can be kept from the jews destroying the world ..
    gittar man good lines on the sociopath personality and they are as variuos in their own minds as they are of common result in their narcissicst agendas …women can recognize a male socio faster than a man and ,men can recognise women socios better than a woman or so they say
    ive known a couple real socios ,but one was th real deal,,scary in the unrepentant stage and a real asset to the criminal community …this person had unbelievan]ble predatory powers and gifts ,and stealth but he got put down eventually ..killers ive known plenty who fall into the category of extra judicial killing ,and they are all very noermal looking “charming ” always with a smile and ever once in a while you can catch the dead look in their eyes …some o these people are hard to believe they ever did some o the things they did ,includidng arson and other anti social things o these mugs enjoyed it though and toward innocent people ,,so there are boundaries even in the sociopathic community ,,heh heh

  30. Bailey says:

    @ John,

    What? The Shomrim beat a balck boy?
    Where’s the outrage?
    Where’s the 24/7 media coverage?
    Where’s Obongo stand on this?
    If he had a son, it would look like the s**t i just took.

    It’s ok folks, just a couple of jews beating a nigger,
    nothing to see here.

  31. Bailey says:

    Marshall,—–>The Monsantos are Marranos I believe. Even more GMO weirdness.…

    Speaking of Bizarre, i wonder if Monsonto had anything to do with this.

  32. Barney says:

    Better late than never – I hope!

    Bailey says:
    April 22, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    Damn Hoff,

    Jew tube, Nazis At The Center Of The Earth:

    Not available in my country?


    Bailey – If you’re using FireFox, you need the “Proxtube” add-on. When a video is blocked in a particular country, it searches for an alternative route, and usually finds it.


    Spamblinka? Hard? I thought it was all bacon sandwiches and prawn cocktails in there. 🙂

  33. MJ says:

    Incogman, all joking aside..
    This is serious:
    41 yr old man was beaten up by 15+ black bastards in his OWN residence.
    His picture is on my blog.

    Her message in regards to her brother:
    The message: Our fellow Patriot Ashley Parker needs your Prayers!! Her brother was viciously attacked by a hate filled mob….
    This is her message to all Patriots….

    ‘This is my brother. He was beaten by 20 black men last night. He is in ICU with bleeding on his brain. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. They chased him and beat him on the front porch of his residence. They hit him with brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on. We haven’t heard from the police if they have been arrested yet. The news won’t touch this story. As one of the black men left….he said “Now that’s justice for Trayvon”.

  34. rob says:

    all this talk of retirement _jeeesh! I cant WORK in my home UNION LOCAL because I named the jew and i got on the guys about the illegal permits who were given jobs instead of travelers. seems the international forced the local to take theses permits think they would get more we did was train the other guys stand in my corer now that i am proven right???NO I cant work in Protland at Intel..some clause that employer has right to “refuse to hire” without reason! how about NAMING THE JEW… cant believe construction workers would be such pussies..they actually think Obama is there to help them but their spoiled west coast asses dont know what happens when coal fire powerplants are shut down because its all water power here. Hey so I got to travel 2000 miles to work..i dont care..I got my name and they know i talk about jews… grow a pair be strong ..start a conversation about jews when your in line buying your groceries..eventually the rest will start! dont wait for retirement… i havent burnt synagogue yet but that wouldnt be fun..i rather cut their throats like they do in Kosher meat style..i really would like to see if its painless like they say 😉

  35. sog says:

    i’ll second that bailey ,,its a great site for viewing feral nigger scum that should have been shit out their mamas ass when they were concieved …
    a bullet to the back of the head for all of these miscreant apes..
    if i ran this country there would be many cleansings of filthy criminals and white haters and multicultural libtards …wouldnt need any trials for smoking gun perps ,,drt,,(dead right there)
    the only thing that would in all honesty help steer this once great country back on track would be a modern day cleansing of all political opponenets of the constitution and all paid whores of ashkenazzi parties across all lines ……”i have a dream” ……….
    zayan aipac control of white house control of states thru zio governors and then they control all the counties thru liberal and zio county supes and town mayors and brainwashed town councils etc ….never mind the medical kikw mafia or the food and chemichal industry,and colleges ,and our military……………

  36. sog says:

    ………. I’ll second that bailey ,,its a great site for viewing feral nigger scum that should have been shit out their mamas ass when they were concieved ………………..
    a bullet to the back of the head for all of these miscreant apes…………………
    if i ran this country there would be many cleansings of filthy criminals and white haters and multicultural libtards …wouldnt need any trials for smoking gun perps ,,drt,,(dead right there)ahhhh that would be very nice
    the only thing that would in all honesty help steer this once great country back on track would be a modern day cleansing of all political opponenets of the constitution and all paid whores of ashkenazzi jew parties across all lines ……”i have a dream” ……….
    zayan aipac control of white house and simian ape-ak control of the white house = control of states thru zio governors and then they control all the counties thru liberal and zio county supes and town mayors and brainwashed town councils etc ….never mind the medical kikw mafia or the food and chemichal industry,and colleges ,and our military……………

  37. ProtocolsR True says:

    I think it was Bailey who mentioned the day shift getting paid time to watch the Obama inauguration. Which jarred my memory about something. If my memory serves me correctly didn’t he take the oath of office twice? Once in public and once again in private? What was that all about? So many things have happenned so fast like TARP, Bailouts, Fanny and Freddy, fast and furious and solyndra, It’s hard to figure out what just happenned to screw us over before the newest shady deal gets revealed by some gutsy whistleblower. They are stealing money on a hyper accelerated pace and amounts unimaginable to any previous governments.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Yes, they did it a second time the next day at the supreme court. Obama screwed up, but lefties said it was the Chief Justice who misspoke. Technicly, we didn’t have a prez for a day. For that matter, Obama isn’t constitutionally qualified to begin with, so we really don’t have a prez. But then again, the office is a joke already, thanks to the Jew media.

  38. ProtocolsR True says:

    How many of you had heard about THIS one before?

    New venue sought in Md. neighborhood watch trial

    Published April 24, 2012

    Associated Press

    BALTIMORE – A Baltimore judge is expected to hear arguments on a motion to move the trial of two brothers accused of beating a black teenager while patrolling for a Jewish neighborhood watch after the case drew comparisons to the Trayvon Martin case.

    Eliyahu and Avi Werdesheim are set to return to court Tuesday, a day after their trial, which had been postponed six times, was set to begin. Their attorneys say recent stories comparing the case to the high-profile one in Florida will make finding unbiased jurors more difficult.

    The Werdesheims are accused of beating a 15-year-old boy in 2010. According to charging documents, they pulled up next to the teen, then one threw the teen to the ground and the other hit him in the head with a radio.

    Read more:

  39. ProtocolsR True says:

    Trial postponed six times already? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the protestors? Where’s jessie and sharpton and the black panthers? I demand those racist jewish thugs be brought to justice now!!!

    No Justice, No Peace!
    No justice, No Peace!
    No Justice, No Peace!

  40. Bailey says:

    The Shomrim jew boys probably received shiny little star metals for bashing a nigger boys head in with a radio.
    Are they having problems finding the right jew judge?

    Sharpton and the Black Panthers know who signs their paychecks, we will not be hearing from them or the jewsmedia.

  41. Hatchetman says:

    As we all know, the race war has already begun. Shots have been fired and the bodies
    have been piling up for decades. “Low intensity conflict” is a fact of life in many parts of the US, especially areas of high negro population and mexicans, etc. All races and cultures are on the chopping block, (aside from Jews and their treasonous “shabbos goy” ) we just happen to be first in line. The war is on. Arm thyself, shield up, fight back!

  42. ProtocolsR True says:

    They are not just shopping for the right jew judge Bailey, After 6 delays they can now use the trayvon martin case as an excuse to move the whole trial venue as far from baltimore as possible and hopefully into a white majority county. To limit the amount of blacks in the jury pool of course. The same welfare witches that the jews pick up and bus to the polls on election day and give them some smokes and a 40 ounce to vote for the democratic (jew) candidate; they definetly don’t want on a jury where a black kid gets beat up by jewish perpitrators. Then when the jews get aquitted the media will blame the mostly WHITE jury. White people always lose, you see.

    Secondly, besides the fact that jessie and crazy al and the panthers are on the jew payroll, since the jew neighborhood watch boys were patroling a jewish neighborhood, there is ZERO chance that the governor of maryland would allow a chimpout in THAT neighborhood. The governor would order every law enforcement officer in the state to drop whatever they are doing (even if in the middle of performing CPR on someone) and get their ass to that jewish neighborhood and build a human shield around the whole place. Then the governor will call up the national guard to bring the tanks and dogs and water cannons.

  43. MJ says:

    Bolshevik Jewish scumbag IS wanting a riot:

    So, my beloved Incog is right about this, of course there are just as many non Jews that are doing this as well.

    Thanks for the prayers for Donna, I know you love her 😀

  44. damn says:

    what kind of crack do you smoke? it must be some good stuff

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