Jew World Order Bankers Re-enslave Egypt


Egypt is about to become the worst nightmare in the entire Middle East.

If you think that’s hyperbole, then read the following and decide for yourself…

On 11 March 2012, Egypt’s new parliament passed a measure to expel Israel’s Ambassador, and stop selling natural gas to Israel. This was nonsense. It was mere window dressing to please the public. The SCAF military junta vetoed the measures, just as the Muslim Brotherhood knew (and hoped) it would.

Much more important is that the IMF will pound Egypt back into slavery with an initial loan of $3.2 billion conjured out of thin air. This loot will be divided among the Muslim Brotherhood and the military junta, who will pocket the cash, and dump the debt (plus interest) on the masses.

That means austerity, i.e. mass privatization, mass layoffs, higher taxes, slashed social programs, a wider gap between rich and poor, and so on.

(Hang on. It gets much worse.)

The Muslim Brotherhood says that before it can agree to the $3.2 billion loan, the IMF must provide a clear economic program. That is, the IMF must say how it will divide up the loot among politicians. Of course, bankers never need clarify that the debt will be dumped on the masses, as this is always a given. 

As always in this situation, the bankers are remaining vague as they dangle that $3.2 billion above Egypt’s politicians. It is like dangling a piece of meat over a pack of dogs who bark and snap at each other, their mouths watering. One dog after another jumps up to grab the loot, but the bankers always jerk it out of the way.

Finally when the dogs are exhausted, and driven mad with anticipation, they each accept whatever portion of meat the bankers decide to throw them. The bankers decide how big a piece each politician gets.

And as the dogs devour their respective portions, they all defecate debt on the masses.

This dangling of $3.2 billion is happening right now. Why $3.2 billion? Because that is the amount the USA has been sending to Egypt each year since 1979 as a bribe to secure Egypt’s obedience to Israel. Egypt’s politicians will continue to pocket $3.2 billion for the same purpose, but from now on that $3.2 billion will come as loans via the IMF. No longer will it be grants.

And that’s only the beginning. The World Bank has an additional $1 billion in debt ready to go. Banker shills (i.e. “economists”) say Egypt will need $12 billion in new debt over the next eighteen months alone. And since Egypt is the most populous nation in all of North Africa and the Middle East (82 million, which is 7.5 times the population of Greece), Egypt is about to become a truly spectacular debt-hell-on-earth.

Mountains of debt will pile up on the Egyptian masses, causing them to experience poverty beyond their worst nightmares. And all the while, Egyptian politicians will boast, “We are no longer America’s puppet, since we no longer accept American money.” (Even though IMF money is itself American money).

So the entire “Arab Spring” was indeed engineered. Instead of giving $3.2 billion a year to Egypt, the USA will now lend that money, plus much more.

And, just as the masses are chained by debt, so are the politicians chained by greed.  Loan money lets politicians build commercial monopolies. Hence, the more loans they get, the more they want. Loan money can also be gambled with, and in leveraged fashion. So when politicians take a $10 million loan from the bankers, and their gamble goes bad, they dump $300 million in losses on the masses. The masses scream in agony, but the police and military crush them.

If Egyptians think life was bad under Mubarak, they will soon see that it was a paradise compared to what’s coming for them.

The bankers’ tactics never change, nor does their propaganda. The media says the $3.2 billion loan money is to “fund development” (i.e. development of crippling debt).

As always, the initial $3.2 billion will have reasonable conditions with a modest interest rate, like a dope pusher giving his first “fix” for free. This causes the recipient nation to become an instant debt addict, a debt junkie, desperate for more.

As bankers conjure up more money out of thin air for repeated “fixes” (i.e. “bailouts”), the cash continues to go straight into the politicians’ pockets, while the debt goes straight to the masses, who become utterly impoverished.  Another nation becomes Greece, and bankers celebrate their latest victory.

QUESTION: Why must any government take loans from outside bankers, and submit to this nightmare? Why go into catastrophic debt? Why become Greece? Why can’t Egypt have a public central bank, and just print its own money?

ANSWER: Because politicians don’t want a public central bank, as this would force politicians to be accountable. Why ELSE do you think this horror continues? If we had a public central bank that served the people, then politicians would have to show how they spend money and run the economy.  They would have to earn their pay. By contrast, with a privately owned central bank, politicians and their corporate cronies can make up any lie they wish, and get limitless money for any purpose (e.g. war, which makes the rich richer), while they dump the debt on the masses in the form of austerity (e.g. slashed social programs). This is the essence of corruption.

A private central bank is a sealed black box. No one may look inside it, and (most) politicians don’t want anyone to see inside it, since politicians can claim that the nation must have a “balanced budget” (i.e. the masses must accept more and more poverty).

Of course, the budget can never be balanced, since the debt can never be controlled. Bankers and politicians don’t want it balanced. They prefer to rule as gods, and their pleasure is enhanced by mass poverty.

Politicians and central bankers are totally in bed together. Politicians say, “Don’t blame me; blame the central bank.” Central bankers say, “Don’t blame me; blame the politicians.” Both rule with no accountability.

When the central bank is private, then politicians get the money, while the masses get the debt. This lets politicians and their banker cronies build giant monopolies, while the debt forces the masses to accept more and more theft (i.e. austerity).  Hence private central banks always create a vast and ever-widening gap between rich and poor. If politicians and speculators make bad bets with money given them by the private central bank, then again they dump all losses into the masses.

This includes Muslim Brotherhood politicians, who are whores that care nothing about Islam. (If they were true Muslims, then they would favor a public central bank, instead of taking foreign loans.) 

If, by some miracle, the masses overthrow the private central bank, then the politicians simply create another one, whereon the game resumes. When Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the bankers did not swindle the politicians. No, the bankers and politicians together swindled the public. Any politician that protested was marginalized by all the others, and was not re-elected. Any politician that protests too loudly is sent to prison, and physically tortured (e.g. Idaho Congressman George V. Hansen).

Any government that declines to play this evil game is vilified, and targeted for regime change. The bankers first weaken it with sanctions, and then launch a military attack (e.g. Iraq, Iran, Nazi Germany, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, etc).

The only way this could ever end is if the masses stopped bickering long enough to wake up and face reality.

Will that ever happen?


P.S. — Naturally the private bankers spend oceans of money (which they create out of thin air) to convince the masses that public banking cannot work. The bankers’ biggest lie is the easiest to dismiss, namely that public central banking will cause inflation. This is the opposite of the truth. Public banking is anti-inflationary, since the money supply can be regulated to match money demand. What’s inflationary is private central banking, since it entails infinitely compounding debt. The currency itself becomes debt, such that the more money we have, the more in debt we are. This devalues money. THAT is inflationary.

One other thing: Debt is a form of pollution. Private banks create endlessly compounding debt pollution, whereas public banks mean sustainable development.

If central banking is privately owned, then credit and fiat currency accumulate debt pollution until we can no longer live in our environment.

Debt is killing us faster than all other forms of pollution combined. Indeed, debt drives all other forms. Debt drives the mad quest to “grow,” which means nuclear power and the consumption of forests, fossil fuels, and other resources. Debt is also a force multiplier for human greed.

Debt is the deadliest form of pollution – yet it is also the easiest and quickest of all forms to cure. We only need to get rid of private ownership of central banks. This will eliminate debt-based currency and fractional reserve banking.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Mike, Israel has nuclear power in Dimona and last I heard, Israelis were Jews.

  2. CWD says:

    “Mike says:
    April 18, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    Jew Nukes? roflmao! And to think some people claim they are Jew Wise? roflmao!”

    Mike, David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister had JFK shot,
    because he opposed the young Zionist state from having Nukes.

    They acquired them not long after.

  3. CWD says:

    Mossad And The JFK Assassination,

    “Israel need not apologize for the assassination
    or destruction of those who seek to destroy it.
    The first order of business for any country
    is the protection of its people.”
    Washington Jewish Week, October 9, 1997

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    New Clothes for Old Naked Lies
    April 18, 2012

    Elements in Israel and the West intent on attacking the Islamic Republic of Iran are creating the appearance that war is inevitable.

    Since the turn of the year, anti-Iran propaganda has intensified into a storm of hysterical nonsense. The media tells us that the Israelis are no longer the only ones facing an Iranian “existential threat.” Any day now, Iran will be able to bomb the United States with new ICBMs that can travel 10,000 kilometers. In Venezuela, Iran installs missile bases, builds Hezbollah training camps, and organizes cadres of young thugs to kill Americans. The Iranians probably already have terrorists in the U.S.

    The threat is so dire that “the NYPD has stepped up security at the Israeli consulate, landmarks, subways, and dozens and dozens of potential targets in the Jewish community, not only synagogues but any place Jews live, work, or congregate.”

    For over a decade, the U.S. has tightened an iron noose around Iran with military forces massed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq and bases or facilities in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and the Gulf states. The U.S. and Europe are imposing “crippling sanctions” on the Iranian economy, inflicting misery on tens of millions of ordinary people. The Fifth Fleet is in striking distance of the Strait of Hormuz, daring Iran to make a false move. MEK terrorists under contract with Israel, some of them trained by U.S. “special operations forces” in the Nevada desert, are murdering Iranian civilian scientists on the streets of Tehran.

    But never mind all that. Based on the latest “news” from the Ministry of Make-Believe, Iran has the homeland virtually under siege.

    It’s a cowardly new world. But these stories are not primarily meant to frighten us, at least not about Iran. For all their faults, most American have too much common sense to fall for the idea that Shia death squads will soon rampage through the shopping malls of Shaker Heights, or that Iran will be lobbing warheads across two oceans and three continents to take out New York City.

    Most of the war-makers are indifferent about whether Americans believe their hallucinatory horror stories. Nor are they seriously expecting to generate widespread popular buy-in for another war.

    Their objective is less ambitious but far more likely to succeed.

    All they want is for you to keep your mouth shut and stay out of their way.

  5. zona guy says:

    Vox, I am standing with you on this one. I too am sick of one person dominating an entire article. He or she dominates and 2 or 3 others think they are going to get some internet sex with her or him. Just remember this is the same person who gets offended when you use the word nigger. Maybe that tells you something. Hang in there Vox and CWD. Whiteman start posting again. Screw the jew, fuck the nigger and spic.

  6. CWD says:

    I like it:

    911 ? ? ??

  7. CWD says:

    zona guy says:
    zona guy
    “April 18, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Vox, I am standing with you on this one. I too am sick of one person dominating an entire article. He or she dominates and 2 or 3 others think they are going to get some internet sex with her or him. Just remember this is the same person who gets offended when you use the word nigger. Maybe that tells you something. Hang in there Vox and CWD. Whiteman start posting again. Screw the jew, fuck the nigger and spic.”- zona guy

    Thanx my man, that is it exactly, the young White man still thinks with that
    head in his pants and let’s the Jew think for him on everything else.

    I lost countless personal things over 20 years, all i asked is to show some
    courtesy, let other have a chance, I want to hear their thoughts: John,
    Southern Daughter, Barney, you, A.B., Biker…

    But others still come here for some kind of cyber dating it seems like??

  8. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Choosing a Handgun for Everyday Carry

    By Ron Fontaine

    When I was searching for an every day carry handgun that I would also take on extended overnight hikes in the mountains of the Great North Woods, the handgun I chose would have to satisfy several very important criteria. After all, one of the main uses for a handgun is for self defense, which I take very seriously.

    Before we begin, let us first note that this article highlights what I consider to be an everyday carry firearm, one that I keep strapped to my waist belt wherever I go, whenever I go. The selection of a handgun for defensive use inside my home – a handgun that I would keep on the nightstand beside my bed, for example – would probably be different. After all, I wouldn’t be carrying that firearm on my side all day long and so considerations of size and weight would be different.
    Let me also note that in the Great North Woods there is but a small threat from animals of the four legged type, in spite of any tall tales you may have heard to contrary. True, moose are a dangerous animal indeed (the most dangerous wild mammal hereabouts), and black bears do abound, but anyone with half a brain can avoid direct confrontation with these animals if they only use common sense and a little awareness.

    Two legged animals are another story. Fact is, Man is by far the most dangerous animal of all. And mans best friend, the dog, can be a frequently dangerous foe when met on the trail or even while walking the neighborhood. Enough said.

    Because handguns function as self defense tools, the selection of the proper handgun is an important task. For me, my handgun had to be:

    An Easy to Carry Handgun

    The smaller and lighter your handgun, the more likely you are to develop the most important habit of always carrying it. Wherever you go, no matter what. Ideally a handgun is so light and compact you hardly notice when it is holstered to your belt, which means you are likely to always keep it holstered to your belt.

    Lets face hard facts – if you are prone to leaving your handgun at home because it is too bulky or too heavy to comfortably carry at all times, then your handgun is useless. Many people make the error of purchasing a large, very powerful handgun but then find it problematic to carry it wherever they go.

    For example, during an emergency I’d rather have on my person a small handgun that fires the diminutive .22 long rifle round than no handgun at all because I left my big uncomfortable to carry .45 ACP handgun at home. For this reason, I would rather err on the side of choosing a handgun that is lighter and smaller than ideal than choose a larger more powerful gun.
    An Easy to Conceal Handgun

    The right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Ring a bell? Yes, the liberty bell, the Bill of Rights.

    But try telling that to about half the US Population, also known as “the sheeple”. Walk into a local store with a handgun openly visible on your belt and you may as well sit down and wait for half a dozen 911 calls that bring in police officers to investigate. Never-mind that in my state you do not need a permit for open handgun carry (only for concealed carry).

    When I am downtown in public or inside a building, I tend to try and carry my handgun concealed. On the belt of my pants, underneath a jacket or sweater works well during cooler weather. On hot days I place my handgun in my pants pocket or untuck my t-shirt so that it covers the handgun completely. This keeps hassles to a minimum while still protecting myself and others.

    While in the woods, hiking, fishing, berry picking, etc, in my vehicle, or walking down a street other than downtown, I prefer to carry my handgun openly attached to my belt. This makes a statement to casual passerby – and may even serve to inform them for the first time that the right to bear arms is real.

    A piece of advice to all freedom lovers: if your state does not allow the open carry of firearms without having to jump through permit hoops, then get out of that state. Vote with your feet. States such as New Jersey and California are no longer free. By living in firearm adverse states you are tacitly agreeing to and supporting government subjugation of your natural born rights. Get out. Move your family, your home, your business, your skills to a state that supports your rights. Pay your taxes elsewhere. Strengthen communities that value true freedom. Otherwise, you cannot complain that you are becoming a serf to the powers that be because you are continuing to support these powers that be.

    A Reliable Handgun

    If your handgun is not reliable, you are risking your life by carrying it. One problem with always carrying a handgun is that it will likely be subject to hard use and weather extremes, especially if you are frequently outdoors hiking as I am. Banging it accidentally against furniture and doorways while in town or around the home are also quite frequently occurrences.

    A Common Caliber Handgun

    Choose a handgun that fires commonly available ammunition. As I wrote in the Survival Topic List of Ammunition Vendors, “Firearms are the right arm of the Free world. Ammunition is the fuel of the firearm.” Without ammunition, your firearm is next to useless.This means that whatever events come to pass, my chances of obtaining fresh supplies of handgun ammunition are better than obtaining less commonly available rounds. Local sources of ammunition can include private stocks, police and military, as well as ammunition vendors.

    In my area of the United States, most handguns that I am familiar with fire 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45ACP.

    Proven Handgun Caliber

    There are probably hundreds of different kinds of handgun ammunition on the market today, and it seems every type has its advocates as to its “stopping power”, reliability, and other factors. But rather than wade through all the reams and reams of information out there, though it can be intresting reading, there are only a half dozen handgun ammo’s I really bother considering:those that have been around for quite some time and tried and true.

    Generally speaking, handgun ammunition is that is in frequent use by the military or police has stood the test of time through use in thousands or even millions of real world situations. Ammunition that does not meet requirements is filtered out over time, improvements.

    My Everyday Carry Handgun

    The handgun I finally settled on for my everyday carry is the Kahr P9. Weighing in at under 1-pound (a little over a pound when fully loaded), the Kahr P9 fits my hand very well, is easy to carry, and fires the very common 9mm round. Though there are many other handgun makes and models that would also fit my needs, the Kahr P has been a good choice for what I use it for: a small, lightweight, reliable handgun that I can easily and confortably take with me anytime, anywhere.

  9. CWD says:

    zona guy, bid u goodnight U too Vox, when ya get back on.

  10. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Selecting a Gun for Home Defense
    Many people purchase their first gun for home defense, and the question of which type of gun to pick is a common one. The three basic choices are a handgun, shotgun, or rifle. Of the three, I would recommend a shotgun for most situations, with handguns being recommended for people who lack the physical ability to handle a shotgun. My recommendation for the “ideal” home defense shotgun, and the pros and cons of each of these firearm types, in the order which I recommend them, are discussed below.

    My ideal home defense firearm is a 12 gauge pump action shotgun with an 18? barrel and a magazine capacity of 6 shells or more, such as the Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum. 12 gauge is the most common shotgun gauge these days, and 12 gauge shells are amazingly effective when loaded with 00 buckshot (pronounced “double ought buckshot”). The 18? barrel is the minimum length generally allowed by law, and does not make the gun too cumbersome inside a home. The pump action is the pinnacle of reliability, and makes it easy to keep the gun stored safely but ready to use at a moment’s notice. The gun will be amazingly effective at close range, and the risk of over penetration through exterior walls and subsequent injury to neighbors is lower than with a rifle or handgun.
    The gun I listed as my 1st choice, a Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum, costs about $900, which is nearly three times as much as as basic pump action shotgun such as the Remington 870 Express. The benefit of paying for this more expensive gun comes in the form of better build quality, a corrosion resistant coating, a nice recoil reducing pad on the stock, and the ability of the gun to easily accept magazine extensions. If you feel like spending more on the Remington 870 XCS Marine Magnum go for it, and if not the standard Remington 870 will still provide excellent protection for your home and loved ones.

    1st Choice: A Shotgun:
    Pros: Incredibly effective. Less risk of injury to neighbors due to over penetration of walls.
    Cons: Harder to maneuver with in tight spaces due to larger size than handguns.
    I would generally recommend a shotgun for home defense, because shotguns are (rightfully so) generally considered to be the most effective short ranged firearm. Rather than shooting a single bullet with each pull of the trigger as a rifle or handgun would do, shotguns shoot multiple pellets. These multiple pellets are more likely to stop an attacker but less likely to pass through the exterior walls of your home and injure your neighbors (note that I say *less* likely, as there is always a risk to bystanders). The recoil from firing a shotgun is heavier than a handgun, but this heavier recoil is more than worth the increase in effectiveness (although there is more to the effectiveness of a firearm than the kinetic energy of its projectiles, you can compare the 500 ft-lbs of energy from a .45 caliber bullet to the 2000+ ft-lbs from a shotgun firing 00 buckshot). For those who are new to guns and not accustomed to recoil, let me assure you that you will quickly get used to it after a few trips to your local range. For those who have a physical condition that does not allow them to tolerate heavier recoil, I would suggest acquiring a gas operated semi-automatic shogun (such as the Remington 11-87) which will be more gentle than a pump action or double barreled shotgun. Another option is to use low recoil shotgun shells, which as the name suggests, will be more gentle than standard shells. Such low recoil shells are going to be slightly less effective than standard shells, but this difference is trivial in the home defense scenario, and some experts recommend low recoil shells for home defense over standard shells.
    Another consideration that applies to shotguns and rifles is the length of the firearm. In smaller homes with narrower hallways, a barrel that is too long would make the firearm difficult to maneuver with. For this reason I would suggest a barrel length of 18?, rather than the 30? barrel which might be more appropriate for hunting or trapshooting purposes.
    There are also some accessories you may want to consider for your home defense shotgun.
    2nd Choice: a Handgun:
    Pros: Easier to maneuver with in tight spaces do to its small size. Lower recoil than most shotguns and rifles.
    Cons: Less effective than a shotgun or rifle.
    A handgun, such as one from the Springfield XD line of pistols, would be my 2nd choice recommendation for home defense.
    Handguns are generally less effective than shotguns or rifles, as their projectiles have less energy, but they do have the benefit of being easier to maneuver with in cramped quarters, such as smaller houses and apartments. Handgun bullets will generally penetrate exterior walls more than shotguns, but less than rifles, meaning that the hypothetical danger to your neighbors is lower than with a rifle but higher than with a shotgun. My recommendations for the proper pistol self defense calibers are here. Those who are unsure whether they should select a pistol or revolver will find this article helpful.
    Another benefit of handguns is that they often have less recoil and can be less intimidating to some people. Indeed my girlfriend is more comfortable with handguns than with rifles or shotguns, as discussed here. You may also wish to consider certain accessories for your home defense handgun.
    3rd Choice: a Rifle:
    Pros: Generally much more effective than a handgun.
    Cons: Rifle bullets have a tendency to over penetrate walls, increasing the danger to your neighbors.
    A rifle would be my last choice for a home defense firearm, although it would certainly be preferable over throwing sticks and stones at a home invader.

    Rifles are generally more effective than handguns, however rifle bullets are able to penetrate much further than the shot from a shotgun or the bullets from a handgun. This creates a much greater risk to your neighbors, without much benefit to you. Rifles are generally designed for longer range shooting (e.g. 100 yards, and much further +) so there is no appreciable benefit in a rifle designed for long range shooting within your house, since if you are ever forced to shoot a home invader it will be at very close range. Indeed, shooting at someone who is 100 yards away is rather difficult to justify as self defense. Although rifles are great for many purposes, home defense is not usually one of them, since rifles possess the drawbacks of shotguns (heavier recoil, more physically bulky and difficult to maneuver with in close quarters) while having almost none of the advantages (such as less of a risk of over penetration). That said, pistol caliber carbines can be a viable self defense option.

    Now that you have selected a gun for home defense, pick the proper ammunition.


    When discussing the risk of overpenetration, I assumed that the shotgun ammunition being used was 00 buckshot from a 2.75? shotgun shell, that the handgun ammunition being used was somewhere between 9mm and .45 caliber, and that the rifle ammunition being used was somewhere between .243 and .30-06. Although the danger of over penetration may be lower with shotguns than with handguns or rifles, the projectile(s) from any gun can over penetrate and pose a danger to innocent bystanders. Even if you are forced to fire your gun in self defense or defense of your family, you should not endanger the lives of your neighbors or other innocent bystanders.

    Also, it should go without saying that firing at a human being is the absolute last resort and is only justified to prevent death or grievous bodily harm from being inflicted on yourself or a loved one. The decision to possess a gun carries with it the moral responsibly to use the utmost care and good judgment. Similarly, it is the responsibility of the gun owner to ensure the gun is not stolen by criminals or misused by children, and to comply with any applicable laws on the storage of the firearm.

  11. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    zona guy says:
    April 18, 2012 at 9:29 pm

    Vox, I am standing with you on this one. I too am sick of one person dominating an entire article. He or she dominates and 2 or 3 others think they are going to get some internet sex with her or him. Just remember this is the same person who gets offended when you use the word nigger. Maybe that tells you something. Hang in there Vox and CWD. Whiteman start posting again. Screw the jew, fuck the nigger and spic.
    Nice strawman argument batman but if you had done your homework you would see no one in particular is dominating any specific article. People simply post and there’s not a thing wrong with that. Oddly, I can’t recall any major contribution of “yours.” It appears you just came here to stir the fire. Furthermore, you insinuate that Incogman’s website is a porn site. How disgusting! Shame on you; especially if you are White! And shame on anyone who falls into your “stirring of the kettle.”

  12. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    How to be a Crook

    The natural progression from the unsophisticated thug to the modern day Super Crooks that are bringing down the world economy – and making you poor and enslaved.

  13. Vox says:

    CWD & Zona

    Thanks for the reps.

    There’s good people on here but some are just wasting theirs and everyone elses time but not being active. Someone coming to a site like this IS already jew wise and doesn’t need training wheels. What’s needed is some kind of activism. Sticks and stones will break their bones but words will never hurt them.


    I need to somehow get your email address.

  14. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn identified as owners of property that killed 2 firemen

    PHILADELPHIA – The wife of one of the property owners of the Kensington warehouse that burned Monday, killing two Philadelphia firefighters, says now is not the time to discuss the tragedy.

    She was not happy to see the CBS 3 I-Team at her Brooklyn doorstep on Wednesday afternoon.

    “I cannot answer you any questions,” Ruth Lichtenstein said to I-Team reporter Ben Simmoneau. “I don’t think this is the time nor the place to speak about this terrible tragedy.”

    Ruth Lichtenstein identified herself as “with the Lichtensteins” when asked by the I-Team, and a worker identified her as Ruth, the wife of Nahman Lichtenstein. Nahman Lichtenstein was identified by the city as one of the owners of the old Thomas Buck Hosiery factory which burned to the ground Monday, along with Yechiel and Michael Lichtenstein.

    The three Lichtensteins own 30 properties across Philadelphia under various names like “YML Realty” or “YML Housing LP.” The properties are in various states of repair – and range from boarded up row homes to an unfinished and blighted high-end condo conversion on Market Street in Center City.

    The city on Wednesday released a lengthy list of citations against the Lichtensteins’ properties. Officials say they were cited three times prior to Monday’s fire for “unsafe” conditions at the Kensington property, yet the city says they took no action to seal the building.

    The Lichtensteins also owe the city $385,000 in back-due property taxes for their properties.

    “Can you explain how you owe the city $385,000 in back due property taxes?” I-Team reporter Ben Simmoneau asked Ruth Lichtenstein.

    “If you want to know anything, we have a lawyer, and you can talk to him,” she said. A spokesman for the Lichtensteins’ law firm, Herrick, Feinstein in New York, declined comment for the second day in a row on Wednesday.

    Ruth Lichtenstein also refused to answer our questions about why her husband’s company ignored the city’s citations at the Kensington property.

    “Stop walking after me,” she told Simmoneau.


  15. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    April 18, 2012

    JEW Yaron Segal, MIT Researcher Facing Sex Charges kills himself in Jail

    Yaron Segal tried to set up a sexual tryst with a woman and her two daughters, one of whom was 12

    The FBI is investigating the death of Yaron Segal, the MIT researcher who was found dead in jail while awaiting federal charges of traveling to engage with sex with minors.

    Segal’s death is being investigated as an apparent suicide after he was found in hanging in his cell, according to John Sell, executive assistant of the Federal Correctional Institution Englewood.

    Segal, 30, had been facing federal charges stemming from his alleged attempt to have sex with a mother and her two young daughters in Colorado. Segal had actually been conversing with an undercover federal agent and was arrested when he arrived in Colorado.

    Segal, who was an Israeli citizen, was arrested by by U.S. Immigration and Customs agents and charged with aggravated sexual abuse of children, travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct and attempted coercion and enticement. If convicted Segal faces a potential prison term of 30 years to life.

  16. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    White man in Sanford, FL arrested for self defense despite ‘stand your ground’ laws
    Move over Zimmerman, there is a new ‘racist’ in Sanford who the Jewish-controlled media can more easily portray as a Klansman. These Marxist gun-grabbing liberals are going to do everything possible to eliminate the pro-gun ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in Florida and arrest anyone who tries to protect themselves using lethal force against black violence.

    On April 16, 2012, White man, Corey Michael Rose was defending himself from Black racist, Brandon Long at the Cedar Creek apartments in Sanford.

    Witnesses said Long, who is African-American, according to police reports, called Rose, who is white, a racial slur before hitting Rose in the face with his .40 caliber Glock.

    “He came from behind the guy and pistol-whipped him and the man was bloody,” said witness Browdy Smith.

    Police said Long pointed the gun at Rose. Rose pulled out a gun from his pants and the two men hid behind cars. Rose then sought out Long and shot him multiple times, according to the police report.

    Long was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center with multiple gunshot wounds.

    Rose (the white man) been charged with attempted first degree murder, criminal attempt to solicit conspire and carrying a concealed weapon.

    Read the rest of the story and watch the video by clicking on link below.

  17. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    White girl piñata being struck by black boys at the University of Memphis created controversy and intense discussion about what people see in the picture. The picture was shot on 4/12/2012 by a journalism student at an annual Luau party sponsored by the Residence Hall Council and supported by the University.

  18. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

  19. t bone says:

    To Whom it may concern @ Incogland

    I saw the Zona Guy comment. I think that at least 1 commenter misunderstood it. I thought that ZG was referring to Lauren Carson’s monopolyzation of the judaic virus thread.
    He pointed out the persons sensetivities to the word ‘nigger’ and I deduced who he was talking about from that. I could be wrong, but I dont think so.

    Zona Guy has been around a while and although he doesnt post too often, he is a good commenter. He’s not a shit stirrer either.
    Next time you get in a discussion with him, you’ll think the same, as long as it doesnt start out as a pissing match.

    Trust me, he’s a good guy.

  20. 30.06 says:

    No T-bone , he was referring to me and Sazzy .

  21. American born says:

    For anyone who has Netflix, check out, Mugabe and the White African.

    3006, so what if he was referring to you and Sassy, does that make him a jew in your mind?
    He is another guy who has been here for some time.

  22. 30.06 says:

    American born says:
    April 19, 2012 at 1:18 am

    I’ve said all I need to say on the matter .

    If no one here wants to observe what I have had to point out , then I don’t know what to say . If you think that spreading never ending defeatism and pornographic attacks on others here , is the way to go , then I will be more than content to leave all the posting up to the porno peddlers .

    Maybe I was mistaken , but I thought the idea here , was to try to spread knowledge and encouragement to Whites , to motivate them to become a responsible activist on behalf of their racial family .

  23. American born says:

    I have never seen Zona Guy post anything you refer to above. In fact, the guy hardly even posts.

  24. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    t bone says:
    April 18, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    I saw the Zona Guy comment. I think that at least 1 commenter misunderstood it. I thought that ZG was referring to Lauren Carson’s monopolyzation of the judaic virus thread.
    He pointed out the persons sensetivities to the word ‘nigger’ and I deduced who he was talking about from that. I could be wrong, but I dont think so.
    “If” I was mistaken, then I apologize.

    Zona Guy has been around a while and although he doesnt post too often, he is a good commenter. He’s not a shit stirrer either.
    Next time you get in a discussion with him, you’ll think the same, as long as it doesnt start out as a pissing match.

    Trust me, he’s a good guy.

  25. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    30.06 says:

    April 19, 2012 at 1:28 am

    Maybe I was mistaken , but I thought the idea here , was to try to spread knowledge and encouragement to Whites , to motivate them to become a responsible activist on behalf of their racial family .
    No, you were not mistaken and you’re doing a good job.

  26. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    t bone says:
    April 18, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    I saw the Zona Guy comment. I think that at least 1 commenter misunderstood it. I thought that ZG was referring to Lauren Carson’s monopolyzation of the judaic virus thread.
    He pointed out the persons sensetivities to the word ‘nigger’ and I deduced who he was talking about from that. I could be wrong, but I dont think so.
    I just took a look at some of Lauren Carson’s posts and wanted to puke. So, you could be right. I didn’t mind the enormity of the posts but the content and “it” (not sure of the sex) uses some sources I’d never use in a million years.

  27. Bailey says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Whenever this place aquires regular posters for a given time it seems like the usual suspects show up just to rattle the cage.

    What does it mean to “get active” anyway?

    Never mind, you guys that think we’re not doing anything can go out and kill some kikes, maybe drag a nigger from a rope tied to the back of your truck.
    We’ll read about it and post jew news links here at incogman.

    Barneys right, the time will come but until it does there’s not much we can do.

    Insulting people is kind of jewy.

  28. Bailey says:

    This is why i don’t eat at McJew or any other fake burger joint that hires niggers.

  29. t bone says:

    You are both justified in having abeef with someone taking a shot at you. I’ve read most comments posted here today (any of the threads) and its just my strong felt opinion that Zona Guy was referring to someone else.

    I’ve never known Sazzy to get upset when the word ‘nigger’ was brought up. It is LC who doesnt like that word.
    It is LC who talks about sexual encounters with all sorts of riff-raff, hence the ‘porn’ angle.
    And it is LC who spammed up Incogs other thread.

    Again, I’m just telling you what I see.

    (Zona, you there? Help me out ,my friend. My foots too big for my mouth ;))

  30. MIKE says:

    when you multiply out by the amount of cities, it has gotten pretty bad

  31. ihatekikes says:

    incog you need to reign in this banter. its no good. anyway did anyone read the ron paul news article regarding jerusalem? go ron paul (note sarcasim)

  32. ihatekikes says:

    @cwd zona vox, since i was called a jew (damn look at my nic phuleez) i just come here to read incog(you really are a master) articles or inputs. 30.06 did you not ask sazzy for her skype?(correct me if im wrong) youngman when you see puss, you shouldnt drop your guard and fall for this shite.(@sazzy im just trying to explain to the youngun about life dont get offended) and this shit about calling everyone kikes is lame. no one can prove they are or arent here. people call themselves joowise, haha its like astart up businessman calling himself an entrueprener. blowing your own horn. if one is jewwise one would be able to sift the shit out. yes now and then we will have to call out hasbarats, because they get paid to visit here. I personally dont get paid so i dont comment all the time. Just where i can give advise i do, funnily its free. like when incog was raving about ron saul(yes saul), hes proved himself to be a shabbos goy. if noone can see that they are either judenrats, or brain dead goy masqurading as joowise goy. i have noticed when any forum or board has continous reat posters then there is something rotten in the state of denmark.
    Now to 30.06 and sazzy, please dont call people jews. you will never know. it hurts the person(we talking about real people here not kikes) feelings. I know AB called me one. but then i wont get into a fight with him. (still will prove to you americans that your entire system including ron saul is fixed). when you peoples country fall i think that will be sweet, cos theres no point blaming the past generations (every generation blames the one before, who sang that?) the time is here and NOW!!!! Or you guys gonna wait? The rats nest is in america, shouldnt the cleaning start there?

    Now before anyone here says im calling for killing or war or something, understand that there are bloodless coups in the world. what happens after……hehehe

    Forgive me if i have hurt anyones feelings, cos i think oneday we will be next to each other in the frontlines. And i would be proud to fight next you some of you. Oath.

  33. HKW says:

    Every Generation Blames The One Before

  34. Ritchard says:

    Barney says:
    April 18, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    Ritchard (April 18, 2012 at 1:42 pm) – A lot of people blame the real victims (us) for having “allowed” the jews to take over and destroy our countries, but it happened long before any of us were born.
    There’s no point blaming people for the mess the jew has created. It’s NOT our fault. What matters is that we’re the ones who’ve got to sort things out.
    One person is powerless. That’s why zog likes to isolate us.

    @ Barney One person isn’t powerless and things will not be turned around over night. One has to set the stage as a prelude to change. Just as with a child you lead with example. How many times have you heard a speaker during his talk on whatever promote Israel or start fawning over blacks? How many white people will stand up and walk out? How many white people will ask the speaker where his or her loyalties lie? We sit there and listen politely afraid to disrupt things. Walking out or speaking up is only some examples of what one person can do when it comes to taking a stand and being a leader to give others courage. In life you pick and choose your battles by not being foolish when out numbered. If you are going to do battle a leader must rally the troops by example with brave acts. For some a brave act is just a couple of words, leaving the room, a bumper sticker, buying someone a book, gifting someone a subscription, displaying a flag, putting a sign for a political candidate on your lawn, contributing to a white cause, doing some one a favor and adding whites have to stick together, and the list goes on, but you get the idea. We have got to STOP being so nice and looking for approval from those who are out to destroy us and it does not mean you have to physically attack anyone, for now anyway.

  35. sog says:

    I salute you alabama bubba …god bless
    bailey how do you put 50 jews in a VW ………4 in the seats and 46 in the ash tray …

    http://www.morebans dot org/home.html

    http://whatbubbaknows dot info/

    http://www.nocrimeline dot com/

  36. Barney says:

    The real purpose of sites like this, as I see it, is to educate newly-awakening White People.

    People find their way here, having recently started to see though some of the more obvious jew lies, and they want to know more. They still can’t quite believe they’ve been lied to their whole lives, and need to be convinced that the revelations are true, and not just the rantings of “haters”, people who hate everybody who’s in any way “different”.

    If “haters” as described in the propaganda really do exist, they’re sick, but that’s what the jew-media calls us, and the newly-awakening haven’t yet had time to learn the truth, which is that we only hate people (things in the case of the jew) that hate us and want us dead.

    I don’t see anything wrong in people of opposite sex meeting up to see how things develop. I’m not looking for sex, but I’ve made some real friends on here, and have actually met two of them.

    Sorry GTRman and Cannibal Rabbi. You’re Good White Men, but I just don’t fancy you in that way. 😉

    Sorry, couldn’t resist that, but in case anyone’s wondering, I’m not a queer.

    Some people do post a lot, post after post after post, but it’s not for me to say they shouldn’t do it. We all want to get the information out, and some of us have a lot of information we want to share.

    The thing new visitors don’t want is to see us all squabbling among ourselves and playing the pointless game of “hoosajoo”. Except in a very few cases, none of us can know whether another poster is “of the tribe”, and there will always be a few trolls who may be jews or merely screwed-up whiggers, probably those sick “haters” I’ve already mentioned.

    Try to keep it civil for the sake of those newcomers who are genuinely seeking enlightenment.

    Some people say we should be “doing something”, what Harold Covington refers to as the “fun stuff”, but it’s not time yet. We’ll know when it is. Until then, we are doing something of value by discussing the problem for the benefit of ourselves and new visitors, people who need to understand what’s wrong with the world and the identity of the creatures responsible.

    I’ve got to leave it there. I’m having my main hard drive changed today, which will mean reinstalling everything on a blank drive. I may be back tomorrow, but these jobs nearly always seem to take longer than we hope they will.

    Keep spreading the word, and try not to get involved in flame wars. I’ll get back as soon as I can.

  37. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “In life you pick and choose your battles by not being foolish when out numbered. ”

    They are the best bits! Though it’s best to be clever when outnumbered.

    You don’t always get to pick your battles.

  38. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “If “haters” as described in the propaganda really do exist, they’re sick, ”

    They do as you know. Colloquially known as “kikes” so i’m reliably informed.

    “Sorry GTRman and Cannibal Rabbi. You’re Good White Men, but I just don’t fancy you in that way. ;-)”

    I can’t try any harder! I even had a shave!


    And thanks again for the pi/pint combo.
    There wasn’t enough time to return the courtesy, but next time.

  39. HKW says:

    @ Barney,

    Yours is “The Comment of The Week!!” 🙂

  40. Obadiah 1:18 says:

    I would have liked the image a whole lot better if you’d used “Jew” instead of the euphemism “Zionist”, which implies that there are good Jews.

    For everyone here who believes in the mythical creature called the good Jew, please show me one white nation — just one — that has benefited from the presence of Jews.
    There are only two kinds of Jews, people: bad Jews and worse Jews.

  41. Obadiah 1:18 says:

    Looks as if I posted my comment in the wrong thread.

    Ah well. Should give folks some amusement with their puzzlement.

  42. GTRman says:

    Obadiah : Its a poster series intended to be printed and put up in shop windows , etc .to reach out to the unaware .

    Nobodys going to display a poster like that with ” JEW ” all over it . Besides , its probably illegal .

  43. Obadiah 1:18 says:

    Oh. Missed that bit.

    In that case, disregard previous comments. Everything except the bit about there being no good Jews.

  44. Dear incog I would like to tell my detractors=30.60, Sazzy not so smart Azz. John and others that I am not Jewish and that goes for my forebears. I would like also to tell those mental deficients mentioned that my forebears were on the ship Ann one of the pilgrim ships, were your forebears in America before mine.
    It is trait of the chosen ones to join clubs, associations and the like and to dominate them and be the string pullers. They join these associations not because they have any particular interest in the nature of the association but to find out what is being said by the Goyim when they gather together=they become forewarned. The deficients mentioned dominate this column, they post comment after comment within minutes of each one thereby dominating and blocking out all other commenters.[sound familiar] Another ploy by these chosen ones hiding behined the facade of a Goyim is to accuse a true Goyim of being a Yid, so there you have it you above mentioned mental deficients,by the way I am a pretty big Bloke [Guy] and have two very vicious and nasty Dukes that have had plenty of use=mental and physical Dwarfs fear me not, I shall not say more again to those above mentioned simpletons, they are Yellow star.

  45. sog says:

    whutchu mean “you people” willis ….heh heh

    halina , yes post your lovely face on here …

    inquiring minds are curious …..

  46. HKW says:

    Aa, nay sog,

    I said it deliberately because things have changed drastically as soon as someone else posted a lovely photo .
    I was truly enjoying myself watching some guys reaction here.

    Very clever trick, truly Smart ass this time….and perhaps a trap for me to have my face exposed, don’t you think so?

    It was a sarcasm on my part for which thankfully no backlash occurred.

    In fact, someone have already seen my photo a long time ago when I just started commenting here, but as soon I realised how ‘dangerous’ for me it could be commenting on this forum I had it removed.

    Maybe Incog can still remember….?

    Beside, being ‘the old fag’ I’m not a match to the young beautiful females seeking attention and approval of all these men 🙂
    I already have a nice man and don’t need the attention myself so I can guarantee those women in here I have no desire for competition.
    I swear -No rivalry.

    Besides…….someone else has got my most recent photo….. 😉

    Maybe one day he’ll tell you of the “jew” he saw in it.

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