Who is the Real Enemy?

“If you come down from the cross, we will accept you as our Messiah.” — The Jewish high priests Annas and Caiphas to Jesus.

From: Lasha Darkmoon

An edited extract from Francis’s Legacy, by E. Michael Jones. 
(Pictures, captions, and Talmudic quotes supplied by Lasha Darkmoon).

If what is left of the WASP establishment wants to do something effective in the culture wars, they will have to understand just who the enemy is.

In order to understand this, they will have to go back well beyond the 1960s. In fact, they will have to go back beyond the 18th century: to be precise, 1800 years before that, right back to the opening shot in the culture wars.

This war began 2000 years ago at the foot of the cross, when the Jewish high priests, Annas and Caiphas, said to Jesus Christ, “If you come down from the cross, we will accept you as our Messiah.”

Needless to say, Jesus did not come down from the cross. And because he didn’t, the Jews rejected Him. Instead, they chose Barabbas, a bandit who had been condemned to death for his revolutionary activities.

At once, by doing this—by preferring a notorious criminal to a man of spotless innocence who had come to redeem them—the Jews became revolutionaries themselves: condemned to seek heaven on earth by following one false Messiah after another from Simon bar Kokhbar to Shabbetai Zevi, from Alex Portnoy to Paul Wolfowitz.

As my friend Sam Francis used to say, Who is the real enemy?

To answer that question, we need to turn first to Professor Kevin  MacDonald’s analysis of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples (NAACP), the premier organization of the Jewish-Black alliance.

Kevin MacDonald, America’s premier racial theorist, says pretty much the same thing as Benjamin Ginsberg in an article on the Jewish-Black alliance which appeared in Race and the American Prospect, the book my friend Sam Francis was editing before he died:

The record [MacDonald writes] shows quite clearly that Jewish organizations as well as a great number of individual Jews contributed enormously to the success of the movement to increase the power of blacks and alter the racial hierarchy of the United States. (p. 221).

Jews have played a prominent role in organizing blacks beginning with the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1909. The NAACP was founded by wealthy German Jews, non-Jewish whites and blacks led by W.E.B. Dubois. The Jewish role was predominant.

By mid-decade, the NAACP had something of the aspect of an adjunct of B’nai B’rith and the American Jewish Committee. . . . By 1920, Herbert Seligman was director of public relations and Martha Greuning served as his assistant. . . .  Small wonder that a bewildered [Black Nationalist leader] Marcus Garvey stormed out of NAACP headquarters in 1917 muttering that it was a white organization.

The NAACP, in other words, purportedly a black organization for the advancement of black civil rights, was in fact a Jewish organization.

It was a Jewish organization that mobilized America’s blacks to fight racial discrimination insofar as this was congruent with Jewish goals. Benjamin Ginsberg is remarkably frank in discussing the terms of the Jewish-Black alliance:

By speaking on behalf of blacks as well as Jews . . . Jewish groups were able to present themselves as fighting for the abstract and quintessential American principles of fair play and equal justice rather than the selfish interests of Jews alone. This would not be the last time that Jewish organizations found that helping blacks could serve their own interests as well.

[LASHA DARKMOON SAYS: A valued correspondent, Dick Chardet, has this morning sent me the following extremely apt 1912 quotation by ISRAEL COHEN which reinforces all the points made above. At his request, I add the quote here:

We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.

—  Israel Cohen, ”A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century”, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957]

It turns out, then, that there is much more to this Black/Jewish alliance than that of simply fighting discrimination.

By allying themselves with the blacks, the Jews found that they could covertly attack the people they perceived as their main political enemies and weaken if not destroy their political influence, i.e., the power and cultural values of the WASPs—an ethos based on 2000 years of Christianity.

And so the real enemy, it turns out, was the old enemy who has dogged our footsteps for the last 2000 years: The Revolutionary Jew

*    *     *

The Revolutionary Jew, it must be emphasized, is not our enemy because of some occult racial inheritance. The Revolutionary Jew is our enemy because he has rejected Logos. This means that Jews, to the extent that they honor and revere Logos, are not our enemies.

Note. “Logos” may be defined as the Christ Principle, or the rule of law in a divinely ordered universe. Thus the Logos would seem to be an intrinsic feature of all the great world religions with the notable exception of Judaism—especially in its bizarre Talmudic manifestation.  (LD)

There are Jews who accept Logos fully by sincerely accepting baptism, and there are Jews who accept it in some lesser capacity by their docility to the truth. We all know Jews like this, and they should not be excluded from our fellowship, especially since many of them have suffered at the hands of “the Jews” themselves.

As the Gospel of St. John makes clear, the Jews became “the Jews” the minute they rejected Christ. As such, their only identity is negative. The minute they rejected Logos, which means reason, order, speech, and word, they became revolutionaries, determined enemies not only of Christ and the Christian social order, but any order in any society not of their own revolutionary making.

Thirty years after rejecting Christ, the Revolutionary Jew rose in rebellion against Rome. Seventy years later they united under Simon bar Kokhbar, one of their many messiahs, and tried the same thing again. Having failed to destroy Rome, they attempted to destroy the Europe which St. Benedict created out of the ruins of the Roman Empire and to replace it with one of their many deadly Utopias.

Death is what they have in common!

What does Jerusalem under Simon bar Kokhbar—what does the Soviet Union under Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamanev, and Radek—what does the short lived Soviet Republic of Bavaria under Kurt Eisner and Eugene Levine—what does Hungary under Bela Kun—what does the racial apartheid state known as Israel under terrorists like Menachem Begin or Itzhak Shamir—what does the neocon Never-Never Land known as the “free and democratic Iraq”—what do all these miserable abortions have in common?

Death is what they have in common!

Lots of people have to die to bring about the Revolutionary Jew’s version of heaven on earth.

Key figures in the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), and the subsequent Soviet Union of the Stalinist era, which claimed the lives (according to Solzhenitsyn) of 66 million Russian Christians between 1917-1953.

“With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders.”


(Note. Churchill was unaware that even Lenin was partly Jewish).

*      *      *

The West which we seek to preserve is based on docility to Logos, the order of the universe which makes discourse possible. The essence of  Jewish Messianic politics which seeks to create heaven on earth, is rejection of Logos. It has nothing to do with DNA.

The essence of this Jewish rejection of Logos is found and known in the Talmud, which is anti-Logos in every sense of the word, from hatred of Christ all the way down to rejection of the practical logos known as morality.

We saw a good example of Talmudic thought in action during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon (2006) when Charles Krauthammer and the Jewish rabbinic council attacked the Just War theory—in particular its ban on killing noncombatants and the principle of proportionality. This was apparently a “Christian” ideal and therefore non-applicable to Jews.

Christians, if they choose, may spare the lives of civilians and kill their enemies in a restrained manner—“proportionality”—but there is no obligation on Jews to copy the compassionate Christians.

Charles Krauthammer, torture advocate, argues in the Weekly Standard (December 5, 2005) that it is not only permissible to hang a suspect up by his thumbs to extract information from him, but that it is a “moral duty” to do so, provided Israel’s security and the lives of a million imaginary people are at stake. Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor and  torture expert, would have approved. He suggests it might be a good idea to torture suspects, even the innocent ones, by sticking needles under their fingernails.

The principles of the Just War theory are of course the basic principles of civilized conduct, the bedrock of human decency. Those who refuse to abide by these basic rules are barbarians and deserved to be treated as such. No country can implement Talmudic thought—as America has—and not suffer the catastrophic consequences of Logos rejection: that is to say, the rejection of reason, human rights, and the fundamental ethical principles that are inseparable from civilized behavior.

In France, in 1890, in the wake of the one hundredth anniversary of the French Revolution, the Jesuits who wrote for Civilta Cattolica explained how widespread rejection of Logos, in the form of the French Revolution, led to bondage: in particular, bondage to Jews.

The same thing is true of our country in the wake of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s. We swallowed the bait of sexual liberation and ended up being enslaved by our enemies.

Lest anyone misunderstand me, I am saying that the Jews are our enemy insofar as we are partisans of Logos and they are not. They are the enemies of Logos, because their religion is based on hatred of Logos. And nothing makes this clearer than the Jews’  “holiest” book, the Talmud, a compendium of the most diabolical principles ever conceived by the mind of man.

Opening the Talmud at random, here are a dozen pearls of wisdom the impressionable young student is likely to encounter: (1) “It is permitted for Jews to cheat Gentiles. All lies are good.” (2) “If a Jew has stolen something from a Gentile and the Gentile discovers it and demands it back, the Jew should simply deny it all. The Jewish court will stand by the Jew.” (3) “A Jew need not pay a gentile the wages owed him for work.”  (4) “When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.”   (5) “Gentile girls are in a state of niddah (filth) from birth. Gentiles prefer sex with cows.”  (6) “Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden.”  (7) “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old … When a grown-up man has intercourse with a litte girl it is nothing.”  (8) “A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated … A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl.”  (9) “A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave.” (10) “When the Messiah comes, every Jew will have 2800 slaves.”  (11) “Jesus is in hell, being boiled in hot excrement.”  (12) “If a Jew is tempted to do evil, he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.”

(For all these quotes and more, see Elizabeth Dilling’s The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today. (Formerly titled “The Plot Against Christianity”). See also Michael Hoffman’s monumental 1100-page  Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit.)

Lytton Strachey and his friends once referred to the subversive movement we call Bloomsbury as the “higher sodomy.” Taking a page from his book, I will refer to Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular as the “higher Logos.”

Those of us who follow the higher Logos know, however, that the only proper response we can make to our enemies is to love them, and the clearest manifestation of that love is our desire to bring them to the Truth, otherwise known as the Logos.

We should therefore work for their conversion to the Higher Logos.

*      *      *

At this point, it should be obvious that I am not just talking about Jews as the enemies of Logos. I am also talking about Christians who want to live and act like Jews. And lest this statement of mine be distorted and presented as evidence of my “anti-Semitism”, let me add that I firmly believe that there are many Jews who are better Christians than quite a few Christians are!

The Puritans spring immediately to mind as “bad Christians”, thanks to the toxic Judaizing influence they had on America from the moment of its birth.

I am also thinking of the many non-Jewish character assassins and apologists for usury, pornography and other Jewish forms of social control. Their name is Legion.  They earn their money by poisoning the public mind.

I am thinking of the likes of Alfred Kinsey, a nominal Christian, who to my mind was a far more evil influence than Sigmund Freud, an atheist Jew. (See “The Case Against Kinsey”, here).

I repeat: the revolutionary Jew is our enemy because he is a rejecter of Logos, not because of his DNA.

We are not anti-Semites because we oppose the machinations of the Revolutionary Jew. No, we are true Christians because of that, as the Church from the time of St. Peter onward has proclaimed.

Like St. Peter and St. Paul, we are suffering at the hands of the Jews, “the people who put the Lord Jesus to death, and the prophets too. And now they have been persecuting us, and acting in a way that cannot please God and makes them the enemies of the whole human race”  (1 Thess 1: 15).

We are now engaged in a war which has ebbed and flowed over the centuries, but the sides in this war have not changed. What has changed are the odds. The Jews have never been stronger. The Christians, specifically the Catholics, have never been weaker.

The outcome of this particular war however—and the war for the soul of the West, as Tolkien knew, is a spiritual war—is rarely predictable, no matter what the odds are.

If St. Paul, representing the Christian position, has to say, “When I am weak, I am strong,”  (2 Corinthians 12:10) then the Revolutionary Jew, representing the opposite polarity, has to say, “When I am strong, I am weak.”

We are outgunned on every front in the culture wars, but that is no reason for despair.

If we follow the Logos that St. Paul followed, who was outgunned by the Jews too, outgunned but not undone, we can say with St Paul: “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down but not destroyed.” (2 Corinthians 4:8)

And so, as Theoden said, “We come to it in the end, the great battle of our time, in which many things will pass away. But at least there is no longer need for hiding.” (See Lord of the Rings, here.)

Nor, we might add, is there any place to hide.

Many of us are have already had our careers destroyed by the Revolutionary Jew and his goyische front men. The Jews spy on us through our computers. They suborn fellow Christians to betray us, get us fired, prevent us from speaking out.

Our backs are to the wall. We have never been weaker. And our enemies have never been stronger. But that is no reason for despair, because as Elrond says, “this quest may be attempted by the weak with as much hope as the strong.” And why is that? Because “such is the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.”  (See Lord of the Rings, here.)

We have no common past. We have no royal family waiting in the wings. We have no established religion which can act as a source of order and identity. We have no racial identity. We have no common DNA. I am almost tempted to say that we have no We. We are a nation of nations, and that is all we have ever been.

All we have is various ethnic traditions and communities, united by the frail bonds of Logos, as perceived by the human soul beset by human passions.

If our souls are weak, remember that Logos is not. Logos is the glue that binds the universe together.

And so it is strong enough to unite us as Americans—whether it be the higher Logos which acknowledges Christ as Lord of the universe, or the lower Logos which honors him by detecting order in the works of creation and beauty in the moral law.

We are the party of Logos, and it is only as such that we can think of surviving.

If we do not survive, how can we hope to prevail over our enemies?

Palestinian mother and child

“What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.”

— Friedrich Nietzsche

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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126 Responses to Who is the Real Enemy?

  1. Marshall says:

    Here’s a little Star Trek action that will give the Kwans a clue…



  2. CWD says:

    Gilad Atzman tells it like it is, Vox,HKW , Fitz I can’t believe Mitlon threw
    this courageous man under the bus, that was the biginning of the end for
    me and Milton.


  3. CWD says:

    @ Marshall ,

    Great video but they have to remove Alex Jones and the “Bilderburgs”
    reference, more Kosher boogiemen.

    Hey Marshall, they had some hunnies on that show, look at some
    of these 60s and 70s Hotties, I can’t believe Daisy Duke, how
    did she go from smokin to Moo Moo??

  4. Vox says:


    “Wrath of Kwan”. That’s a Good one. We’ll stockpile that one as a running gag. You’ve been getting them lately.

  5. Vox says:


    Speaking of the “Wrath of Kwan” read through the missives of the liberal shitbags on this forum. Guess who fought back.

    Bill Would Outlaw Homosexual Discussion in Missouri Schools


  6. Citizenfitz says:

    Marcel! Time may be running out but you always find something to lighten the mood.

  7. t bone says:

    Great stuff ,Fitz.

    Only 12 mins into the vid. Might need to watch it more than once but I’m understanding his detailed scientific explanation.

    This site has some interesting theories as well:


  8. t bone says:

    btw-I dont think that site owner is a jew.

  9. Luke says:

    I have a lot of respect and admiration for E. Michael Jones, but I think he is dead wrong on the assertion that jewish DNA is not our mortal enemy. Ted Pike pushes a similar notion, and both men seem to be afflicted with the same delusion that, somehow, if we can only persuade jews to become ‘Christians’ – then, they’ll cease and desist their evil ways and stop trying to subvert White nations and end their obsession to genocide White European people.

    Its a well documented fact of history that whenever jews have had their backs to the wall and the host population of a given White, ‘Christian’ nation has just about had their fill of jewish evil – jews will suddenly pinky-swear that they’ve ‘Seen the Light’ and decide that they are now Christians! Meanwhile, while they pretend to be Christians in order to snooker the embarrassingly gullible White Christians – in secret, they continue to worship their Talmudic bullshit and continue to try to subvert, exploit, and plunder the host populations – albeit in a slightly more subtle and clever way than they did before.

    Oh, and for anyone who still refuses to see the toxic nature of jewish DNA – allow me to offer up a couple of exhibits for the prosecution. Examples of jews who are part white, but who’s jewish DNA is so overwhelmingly powerful that it completely dominates their thinking and behavior. Tim Wise and Jon Stewart.

    These two clowns literally seethe with hatred for their White genes and for White European people in general.

  10. Vox says:

    A wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.

    Luke says:
    April 24, 2012 at 4:57 am
    I have a lot of respect and admiration for E. Michael Jones, but I think he is dead wrong on the assertion that jewish DNA is not our mortal enemy. Ted Pike pushes a similar notion, and both men seem to be afflicted with the same delusion that, somehow, if we can only persuade jews to become ‘Christians’ – then, they’ll cease and desist their evil ways and stop trying to subvert White nations and end their obsession to genocide White European people.

  11. GTRman says:

    Brighton last Sunday . Anti-fas steal the show..the actual marchers got ZERO coverage.
    There was no ” attack ” by the police , but the self-righteous dreadlocked anti-fas stole all the news -coverage . The marchers described themselves as ” non racist , with no affiliation to EDL or BNP “, but still , their right to march for England had to be prevented by the intolerant haters of intolerance …..

    Police attack anti fascists opposing EDL march Brighton April 2012


  12. Bailey says:

    T Bone,

    Of course Uncle Thom Sowell is jew approved but i do like his writings, i do believe it has value in waking up some sheep.
    It’s rare to see such truths in the jews paper, even if their really only half truths.

  13. Bailey says:

    Hiking trail in Utah boobie trapped, look at the names of the suspects.
    kind of jewy?

    Misdermeanor charges filed?

  14. Barney says:

    GTRman (April 24, 2012 at 11:02 am) – Thanks for posting that video supposedly showing zog’s enforcers “attacking” a bunch of anti-free-speech, anti-White hooligans in Brighton last Sunday.

    All I heard about it on Radio Fairyland (BBC Sussex) was the official line, of course, that zog’s vicious thugs had attacked a peaceful “anti” demo against the EDL.

    Most aware people know the EDL is nothing but a jew-front, exactly the same as the “opposition”.

    I noticed the same thing in medical “research” decades ago. If you want to PREVENT a cure, set a fake “research” organisation up to give the (false) impression that something’s being done about it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cancer or the common cold.

    Why do you want to get involved in looking for a cure? Better minds than yours have tried, and failed, so why duplicate their efforts? Leave it to the experts.

    Works every time, unfortunately.

    I don’t support the pole-lice in ANYTHING, but I wouldn’t have objected if they had attacked a few anti-White, anti-freedom, anti-English PC thugs.

  15. t bone says:

    Found this jew wise woman (politician)


  16. t bone says:

    Lee Whitnum is very good but she’s a stepping stone. She focuses more on ‘zionists’ and fails to see the jewish collective in its entirety as the problem.

    Still, I like her approach.


  17. t bone says:

    I see what your saying about Unca Thom, Bailey. If I find the right words (PC , or he might delete it) then I’ll comment/email him. The focus would be on ‘the jew’.

  18. KA Telegraph says:

    Why doth treason never prosper?

    The reason: for when it prospers none dare call it treason!

  19. KA Telegraph says:


    With the help of Representatives like Barbara Boxer of California, a bill rapidly working through Capitol Hill (passed through the Senate and is currently up for review in the House) will give the IRS power to:

    * Accuse Americans of delinquency of tax payment without due process
    * Revoke their passports and travel rights
    * Place the accused in a centralize database
    * Authorize the removal of their right to own a firearm

    No formal charges are required. Simply the accusation from the IRS is sufficed to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights.

  20. KA Telegraph says:

    That’s right you IRS goons. That is what you are to the American Republic!

    Benedict Arnolds’ one and all.

  21. t bone says:

    This ‘talmud quotes’ vid opens with how ‘jews can kill as long as it is indirectly’.
    (e.g .they had the Romans kill Christ, starvation in the bolshevik era, shabbos goy politicians wager war for israeli interests,etc…)


  22. sog says:

    some shit goin on in jew communist china…



    always the distinct parralels of france/ russia /china/palestine takeover coops /revolutions and dozens of other selfish demonic jewish campaigns against humanity and christianity ………..

  23. sog says:

    good stuff t-bone ..the jews are engaged in an indirect -direct orderly soft kill medical and food toxin and prescription medicine and sloppy hospital treatment genocides againsrt all non kike humanity …in other words ,the non humans are killing all us gentile humans ,in an indiret method like wars and starvation ,unemployment ,drugs,diseaeses ,swine jew flu etc …count the ways ,,,
    besides their intense stupification and co heelper diumbdown toxin flouride in water ,they are experts at brainwashing as they themselves are totally braiwashed and deminically secular ,using jew deism the non god religion of non human followers of the great deciever and liar ,their father satan via /marx/ engels/ hess/ etc and all the core commie devils in the ultra orthodox sect of hasidic ,lubavitchers ,,who are the political ,ideological ,propaganda masters of the jewish race’s destiny

  24. GTRman says:

    Barney’s right , visiting jew-wise websites used to take up a good few hours .

    Now it’s about 30 minutes. Im constantly looking for good audios to listen to , while I do stuff . This one was OK :

    The Friday Show: Interview with Horus the Avenger

    Mike Conner & Matt Parrott host. Horus the Avenger, the host of Follow the White Rabbit podcast, is guest in the 2nd & 3rd half hours. Topics include:

    How the mainstream media’s distortions of the Trayvon Martin case incites racially motivated Black-on-White violence while the town of Sanford prepares for prosecutor’s Zimmerman decision;
    Horus’s involvement in Bob Whitaker’s Underground Graduate Seminar (BUGS) and the power of Bob’s “mantra”;
    The new video How Whites Took Over America, created by Horus and his friends;
    Newsbag–chimpout of the week unironically erupts in Florida university evolution class [vulgar language]; Lee Whitnum, US Senate candidate from Connecticut, accurately calls her neocon opponent “a whore for AIPAC”.
    Dan from Connecticut calls in the last half hour.


    If anyone can point me to some good audios , please do . Thanks .

  25. GTRman says:

    ” Lindsey ” says that US Government recognised ” Protocols ” as authentic back in 1919 :

    @ 61 minutes :


  26. GTRman says:

    Here’s a good ” in a nutshell ” synopsis :

    ” …….You want conspiracy explanations? Here’s one for you: The Jewish Rothschilds made the largest fortune in the history of the world in the 1700s (as greedy parasites on developed Europe) and ever since they’ve been using that fortune to finance front-men (like JP Morgan, Rockefeller) and front-organizations (IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, British royal family, Karl Marx) to further enrich themselves and to social engineer a world according to their fantasies. Those two goals go hand-in-hand. Israel is merely a spearpoint of the Rothschilds. They financed its founding and manipulated the politics of Europe, including the 2 world wars, to further it. Not only is their goal to be the Jewish messiahs and establish a Jewish world power state, but to also have it serve as their private army, now with nuclear submarines that can strike anywhere in the world on their behalf (as if controlling the U.S. foreign policy weren’t enough). While that feel-good Jewish suprecism is a convenient excuse for them, their real purpose is to expand Israel’s borders to include most of the major oil-producing lands of the middle east to give the Rothschilds a near monopoly on petroleum, just as they acquired a monopoly on diamonds and a virtual monopoly on gold. But the Arabs are in the way, aren’t they? So us dumb sheep in the U.S. and Europe and conned into doing their fighting, dying, and killing for them. Jewish culture and its adherents/brainwash-victims are the most primitive & backward existing on the planet, and the most pernicious that recorded history has ever known. The Rothschilds are the apex of it and their seat of power is London. I’m sorry Englanders, but if you don’t have the intelligence or the stones to rise up and pull down your Jewish slavemasters, then someone will need to use the atom to turn “night into day” in London and rid humans of the worst plague it’s ever known.”

    from here :


  27. CWD says:

    t bone says:
    April 24, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    I am listening to that excellent video he posted and the guy’s argument is the
    same old tired lieS: “oooh Israel is the only democracy there, Israel is our
    only friend” he is such whore, he should of told her what his hourly charge is
    for being the AIPAC whore that he is!

    I had a guy a work , said all the same tired shit like that, I have heard it my
    whole life, I can’t believe anyone under 40 years old still buys it???

    Anyway, the dude was crying to me about their Holocaust treatment, “they are
    God’s people, our only friend in the world, the only Middle East democracy,” I
    ripped him a new one.

    I said, you ever heard of the King David Hotel, Levon Affair, USS Liberty??

    Which he shook his head, that no, he had not. This was a guy with a masters
    degree, and yet HE HASN’T A FUCKIN CLUE ABOUT REALITY???

    I told em to go research and Google them, and in true KWAN fashion,
    the next time I saw him, he AVOIDED me, hasn’t talked to me to this

    That’s how it is! You show them REALITY, then they hate you for busting
    their bullshit belief system!

    Same thing with this dude from Poland, I told him the soap myth and lampshade
    myth which they forced me to learn in high school in the 70s is/was all BS lies and
    concocted fairy tales.

    Man, he was getting real loud, and almost SCREAMING, and the guy wasn’t
    even Jewish, he was a gentile Pole. Again I left the Wikipedia article
    for him to read, he didn’t talk to me for like a month, he did finally come
    around and he speaks to me, but NEVER APOLOGIZED.


  28. CWD says:

    Next time the History Channel has on a marathon about Martin Luther Fraud,
    remember, who manufactured him, and propped up this “Plastic God” as
    Dr. William Pierce use to say.

    BBC specials , you English cats remember it also.


    King, like all frauds your end is approaching
    In November of 1964, fearful of his connection to the Communist Party through Stanley Levison, the FBI anonymously sent Martin Luther King the following threatening letter, along with a cassette that contained the fruits of a 9 month surveillance project — allegedly incriminating audio recordings of King with women in various hotel rooms — headed by William C. Sullivan.

    A decade later, Sullivan told investigators that they had simply wanted King to resign from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. King, on the other hand, had seen the letter as an invitation to take his own life.

    Transcript follows

    (Source: David J. Garrow, ‘The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr.’ (New York, 1981), pp. 125?126); Image courtesy of Paul Wolf.)

    Image: Paul Wolf



    In view of your low grade… I will not dignify your name with either a Mr. or a Reverend or a Dr. And, your last name calls to mind only the type of King such as King Henry the VIII…

    King, look into your heart. You know you are a complete fraud and a great liability to all of us Negroes. White people in this country have enough frauds of their own but I am sure they don’t have one at this time anywhere near your equal. You are no clergyman and you know it. I repeat you are a colossal fraud and an evil, vicious one at that. You could not believe in God… Clearly you don’t believe in any personal moral principles.

    URL source:

  29. CWD says:

    Vox says:
    April 23, 2012 at 10:36 pm


    Speaking of the “Wrath of Kwan” read through the missives of the liberal shitbags on this forum. Guess who fought back.

    Bill Would Outlaw Homosexual Discussion in Missouri Schools


    Vox I already elaborated on this, I think, it was to GTRman.

    How can western universities teach homo rights and Evolution
    simultaneously, homosexual is a “NOT” function with evolution,
    meaning they can only go together in a FAKE Jew non reality!

    Why don’t you see open homosexuality in the animal kingdom??
    Because it’s not NATURAL in any animal group, except mankind??

    For like their HollowHoax tales, PC interjects in to keep logic and
    reason out of the scientific equations, it’s called “critical theory,”
    you simply criticize and call your opposition names, no matter how
    many facts and truths he brings to the table, it’s been the SOURCE
    of Jew power the whole 20th Century!

  30. Enlighten says:


    Yeah, the steady creation of a police state apparatus in the US is towards locking the continent down, doing a false flag dirty bomb or two, and setting us up on a bogus crusade against the Arabs. Jewmerica will bring in the draft and they’ll economically destroy or disappear anyone who doesn’t want their kids or themselves to die for their lies. They’ve got all the ingredients to shock and awe the population into jumping into the Middle East meat grinder. The only question is how long until they start things in motion.

  31. Bailey says:

    CWD Says,–>I told em to go research and Google them, and in true KWAN fashion,
    the next time I saw him, he AVOIDED me, hasn’t talked to me to this

    That reminds me of the first time i wore my Free Edgar Steele shirt to work.
    A nigger asked me who Edgar Steele was, i told him he was an attorney who was framed by the FBI and he should check out the website.

    About a week later he saw me with that shirt on and said, Oh you’re still wearin’ dat white supremesist shirt, yea i checked out who he is.

    I said, That’s great, you read some jew lies about him now go and check out his wifes web site.
    He said, i’m really not that interested and never talked to me again.
    No problem, one less nigger in work that i had to pretend to like.

  32. mchawe says:

    My only beef with the article is the idea that there may be some “good jews” out there… I have long come to the conclusion that there are NO good Jews out there at all, due to their fanatical brainwashing from birth into the false belief that they are superior over all of us and that we are to be their slaves…..

    I think Mordechi Vanunu is a good Jew.

  33. Barney says:

    I’m hardly the first to say this, but watch out for a major false flag during the London (ZION) Olympics.

    Whatever it turns out to be, they won’t damage “The City” because that’s the “independent state” (like the Vatican) where the wrath-child (also known as the devil) has it’s base of operations, but it will probably be something pretty devastating, on the scale of 9-11 or greater, somewhere in “Greater London”.

    Thanks to one of my on-line friends for the term wrath-child. I’d like to take the credit, but that would be dishonest, and I don’t want to behave like a jew.

    9-11 was carried out early in the day in the US so that people in Europe could watch the demolition live on the electric jew, and then it was repeated ad-nauseum, with the demolition of building 7 reported before it happened (and never mentioned again). Most Brits don’t even know about that third demolition.

    “Watch the BBC and get tomorrow’s news today!” Presumably the Olympic false-flag will be more carefully controlled to ensure that the BBC waits for the atrocity to actually happen this time before reporting on it.

    I’d imagine they’ll do this one during the afternoon, so people in the US will be able to watch it live.

  34. Lauren Carson says:

    Jewish corruption in the vaccines.
    Massive Whooping Cough Vaccine Failure: Are The Vaccinated at Higher Risk?

  35. HKW says:

    These scientific ‘superheroes’ promote today’s most fraudulent scientific myths: Vaccines, fluoride, the “safety” of nuclear power, biotechnology (genetic engineering of food), the use of chemical sweeteners such as aspartame, and even the “scientific” belief that human beings have no souls and are mindless automatons who lack free will.

    Together, they wage war against herbal medicine, fresh milk and other “dangerous” natural substances while making the world a safer place for chemical pesticides, chemotherapy, seizure-inducing vaccines and all the amazing wonders of modern science!

    In the spirit of making fun of really bad science — and these days there’s plenty of bad science to go around — the Health Ranger has just released a video parody called the “S-Men.”
    It features a collection of scientific ‘superheroes’ who help protect the world from the terrible dangers of organic foods, herbal medicine, dietary supplements and raw (fresh) milk.

    Enjoy it! 🙂

  36. HKW says:

    Another funny video on a rather serious issue.

    TSA Help Wanted – hilarious satire animation about TSA perverts, Janet Napolitano and the Bill of Rights;


  37. HKW says:

    General Mills Total Mind Games – comedy skit about Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal


    ha ha ha 🙂

  38. sog says:

    http:/ /www.raymondibrahim.com/10912/iraq-christians-near-extinction
    http:/ /mailstar.net/kaganovich.html
    http:/ /www.jewwatch.com/jew-leaders-kaganovich.html
    http:/ /www.gatestoneinstitute.org/2733/muslim-persecution-of-christians-december-2011
    http:/ /stenchofzion.blogspot.com/
    http:/ /library.flawlesslogic.com/vinnitsa.htm

  39. Barney says:

    Some good stuff there, HKW. I’m downloading the “S-Men” video now.

    I assume most people on here are aware that NO vaccine is safe, and NO vaccine has EVER prevented ANY disease. The whole thing has been a scam from the start, and with vaccines containing the KNOWN brain poisons mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde, plus whatever else the murderers choose to include, it’s not surprising that we’ve got an “epidemic” of things like autism and premature senility.

    If I had a time machine, I’d go back and inject Edward Jenner with Gardasil.

    As a condition of employment, a relative of mine was forced to take a vaccine that was supposed to “protect” against a disease he would never have been at risk of contracting. Now he’s confined to a wheelchair and needs 24-hour care.

    Here’s a useful link. It’s an enormous site, but well worth exploring.


  40. Bailey says:

    That’s funny Barney, Currently the jews are trying to blame autism on Obesity.
    I’ve known a few autistic people and nobody in their family was overweight.

    I don’t even take my dogs for their shots and without their shots i can’t get dog licenses for them, i gues that makes me a criminal and my dogs fugitives from justice.

    Why don’t the jews worry more about niggers and spics who take dogs of excellent breeds and turn them into attack monsters?

    My dogs don’t go anywhere and they bother nobody, except for T Bone-heh,heh!
    My dogs haven’t had dog food since around 2006, who are these jews to say that science project slop out of a can is healthier for dogs than what i eat?
    I think those guys are healthier and more active since i stopped feeding them jewish poison.

    I also find it less expensive to feed them human food, the kike scams even have to include our family pets.

  41. Bailey says:

    Thanks for the links Barney and HKW.

    And please, Don’t drink the water.

    “Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual`s power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. [A convenient light lobotomy] ”

    Lithium does the same shit, only on a much larger scale, it’s what they give “dangerous” mental patients to turn them into vegetables.

  42. Barney says:

    Bailey – You’re right not to have your dogs vaccinated. Vets like to panic people into having a flea shot, claiming that they’ll be over-run with fleas if they don’t have it done.

    A friend’s cat reacted badly to this poison, so I did some research (Google mainly) and the general opinion seems to be that fleas won’t infest a healthy animal.

    That makes sense. It’s the same with plants. Healthy plants resist “pests”. It’s only the weak ones that get attacked.

    The cat has never had another flea shot, and neither have we ever seen a flea on her. She stays healthy and flea-free.

    Unfortunately she is fed on jew-muck due to the practical problems (no freezer) of stocking up with real carnivore food, but she stays healthy despite it.

    I once gave another cat a portion of boiled cod as a special treat. From that day on, he demanded four portions every day. He had his dry food, but insisted on having his cod as well. The house smelled of fish, but he was worth it.

    I wouldn’t have thought a cat could eat four human-sized portions of fish, but his weight stayed at twelve pounds and he lived for twenty years.

  43. Bailey says:


    When i was a kid my grandma had 3 dogs, 5 or six cats and a bunch of hens and roosters.
    Thay all ate the same slop which more or less was the leftovers from the day before, nothing got thrown out, not even the egg shells.
    Everything went into a big pot and was divied up for the animals and they all lived long healthy jew poison free lives, the dogs and cats were never to a vet.

    My dogs never had fleas until we moved into a mutli-family home, it was hard to get rid of them after we moved but we’ve been flea free nearly six years now.

    Fleas are like lice, only attracted to un-clean, unhealthy humans.
    That’s why we see them on jews, spics and niggers.
    White kids only have lice if they bring them home from school or from some filthy jewish movie theatre.

    It’s time to bring back segragation for health reasons.

  44. t bone says:

    Flea shots?

    I hear the vets are bangin the pooches with zyklon B these days.LOL

  45. GTRman says:

    To anyone with a dog or cat : what did dogs and cats eat for a million years before “dogfood ” ? Raw meat and bones . The vet who wrote this book claims that processed pet-food basically keeps vets in business .

    I feel sad when I hear about some poor dog that is only ever fed biscuits ( cereal and rusk )

    Raw meaty bones :

    ” How to feed RAW, MEATY BONES – the best food and medicine for dogs, cats and ferrets?

    Why pets fed from the can or packet suffer every day of their lives?

    Why there is an alliance between junk pet food makers (‘barfers’ included), many veterinarians and fake animal welfare groups designed to keep pet owners confused and in the dark?

    Why there are massive pet health, human health, scientific, economic and environmental benefits to be gained by listening to nature’s teachings?

    What needs to be done to empower ourselves, safeguard our pets’ health and fix the system?

    The sooner we share the answers the sooner we can make a difference for our pets, the community and the wider environment. Let’s get started.”

  46. t bone says:

    Funny what comes up with a couple key words.


  47. Tony says:


    Please turn volume off or it will make your ears bleed.

  48. AKIRA says:

    If one wishes to appear to be a Christian, and engage in a discussion of the Gospels, it might be a good idea to actually read them before one writes.

    Re: ” Jesus did not come down from the cross. And because he didn’t, the Jews rejected Him. Instead, they chose Barabbas.”

    The chronology is backwards.

    The Gospel According to Saint Matthew:


    Now upon the solemn day the governor [Pilate] was accustomed to release to the people one prisoner, whom they would.

    And he had then a notorious prisoner, that was called Barabbas. They therefore being gathered together, Pilate said: Whom will you that I release to you, Barabbas, or Jesus that is called Christ? For he knew that for envy they had delivered him. And as he was sitting in the place of judgment, his wife sent to him, saying: Have thou nothing to do with that just man; for I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him. But the chief priests and ancients persuaded the people, that they should ask for Barabbas, and take Jesus away.

    And the governor answering, said to them: Whether will you of the two to be released unto you? But they said, Barabbas. Pilate saith to them: What shall I do then with Jesus that is called Christ? They say all: Let him be crucified.


    Then he released to them Barabbas, and having scourged Jesus, delivered him unto them to be crucified.


    And they came to the place that is called Golgotha, which is the place of Calvary.


    And they that passed by, blasphemed him, wagging their heads, And saying: Vah, thou that destroyest the temple of God, and in three days dost rebuild it: save thy own self: if thou be the Son of God, come down from the cross.

    In like manner also the chief priests, with the scribes and ancients, mocking, said: He saved others; himself he cannot save. If he be the king of Israel, let him now come down from the cross, and we will believe him. He trusted in God; let him now deliver him if he will have him; for he said: I am the Son of God.


  49. OpenYourEyes says:

    Miscegenation (race-mixing) is against the 10 commandments. “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” Look up the definition of what it means to adulterate.

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